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CopTtltht, 1908. by n» Mo> Qown Publnhlni Csmpnj (Limited). 

Founded by 


VOLUME LIV.-No. 37. 
Price, 10 C«nti. 



November 3. 

^55 CIipper'5 

Anecdotes, Persialite and Comments, 


STIGE FOLK and Some times ONERS 


H. E. (Punch) Wheeler, the clever ud 
Indefatigable publicity promoter, Identified 
In the near paat with the spread of news 
of Lew Dockstader's Minstrels, writes from 
Mexico. He li there en route (also os root 
for the Great Seils-noto Shows, Consoli- 
dated) to Yucatan, Panama, Guatemala and 
South America. With his usual facile pen, 
Mr. Wheeler at stated Intervals Is furnish- 
ing 1,500 United State* dallies with news 
from the tropics. He la also becoming very 
proficient In the Spanish language, his start 
In tbe same having been made with the aid 
of a patent medicine Spanish dictionary 
which he acquired from an El Paso druggist, 
who furnishes a copy with every box of pills. 
Although there la nothing tbe matter with 
Wheeler's health, he says that all be could 
order In Spanish, for a while, was medicine, 
and bis conversation was* limited to things 
concerning It 

As an Instance, he relates meeting with a 
Chicago drummer for a XX brand of bev- 
erage, on arriving at Tlaxtptoxco. Tbe trav- 
eler, who was not so well equipped with 
linguistic knowledge as Wheeler, told tbe 
show representative that he bad passed 
through the town seven times because be 
did not recognise the pronunciation of It 
according to the way It was spelled. They 
went up to tbe hotel together, and Wheeler, 
wbo was supposed to speak some Spanish, ad- 
vanced to the clerk at tbe little desk, after 
a hurried glance Into the patent medicine 

"Tlene Vd„" he began, "habltaclooes que 
alqullar?" which, translated according to 
"Punch's" rules, was supposed to mean, 
"Good morning, have yon taken your cough 
medicine?" (It was eight In tbe evening at 
the time). 

"That sounds fine," Interrupted the drum- 
mer, taking the booklet from Wheeler and con- 
sulting one of the pages for a sentence. "I'll 
have a try at It Here," he exclaimed, turn- 
ing to tbe clerk, "Hay una barra 'e bebldas, 
t-n el hostellerlor ("Is there a bar In this 
joint?" Wheeler asserts. Is tbe translation, 
which the writer Is obliged to accept). 

"You gentlemen can both have good rooms," 
exclaimed the clerk, In their own tongue, "If 
that's what you're trying to talk about. 
Can't either of you talk American?" 

Aa soon as Wheelers new acquaintance 
could catch bis breath, be exclaimed : 

"Gee! that sounds like borne. What'II you 

"As there Is only one pill guide In the 
lurry." facetiously continues Wheeler, "the 
traveler for tbe XX brand (samples of which 
he Is full of much of the time) has decided 
to accompany me to Guadalajara, where, the 
clerk Informs us, a new lottery opens with 
free tickets with every street car ride, 

"The traveler, on being asked what was to 
be done with the drawer-full of lottery tickets 
be had already accumulated within tbe past 
five days, exclaimed, 'Paper the bath room 
with 'em F " 


Wheeler writes that while in and about 
Mexico City he was obliged to use bis patent 
medicine lexicon In tbe suburbs only, as on San 
Francisco Street there Is spoken more English 
than Spanish. 

After duo Investigation, the owners of the 
Sells-FIoto Shows have decided to build there 
a bandsome Hippodrome. This will enable 
the show to exhibit the year 'round, and 
make a saving of over thirty thousand dollars 
"wintering," from which no revenue has 
heretofore been derived, for each elephant on 
their bands consumes the same number of 
bales of bay whether you are paying to see 
him or not 

At present the whole country seems to be 
transported with delight at the prospect of 
the great Yankee show coming into its midst, 
touring tbe laud of the MontexumaB, pre- 
ceded by the flaring posters with which 
seventy-two advance men bill tbe country. 
"El Grandloso Ctrco Sells-Floto, Museo y 
Zoologlco, Espcctnculo," is the alluring an- 


"Punch" Bays that money seems Immensely 
plentiful down there, and that it goeB much 
farther there than at home — In fact twice 
lis far, adding that he sent a postal order 
for |20 to his wlfo In Now York, a few days 
ago, with the message that If she bad been 
down In Mexico It would have been MO. A 
telegram reached him shortly afterward, 
loading, "Send nic the other $20, and 'phone 
long distance why you nro hiding money on 


Wheelor In bewailing the loss of n twenty 
dollar hill, Mexican money, lie says It looked 
mi much like a label that be pasted one, by 
mistake, on his t unk. 


Wheeler, when with Lew Dockstsder, en- 
Ifi-etl his drawing room one afternoon, shortly 
before the rise of tbe curtain. Ho found the 
clover minstrel man Impatiently awaiting the 
urrh'al of his colored ralet. It was late, so 
the represents tU'e undertook the office of 
mnke-up mixer to Mr. Dockstador. 

After the performance, ns word bad been 
cent to the theatre of the valet's Illness, 
Dockslnder went around to Tony's lodgings, 
who, With his wife, had been long In the 
comedian's employ. 

"What's the natter with Tony?" asked he 
of the buxom wife, who was busy tlelog a 
bandage over the man's mouth. 

"Ob, Mr. Dockstader." exclaimed she, "be 
dona eat a piece o' brown eonp 'stead of a 
cbocllt car'mel, an' now ebry bref he breves 
he blows a bubble I" 

Herbert, the frog man, does wonderful 

acrobatic stunts In a costume of green, shaped 
to resemble that aquatic betraehltn. known as 
the bull frog. While touring In Texas with 
one of the Bells-Floto aggregations, recently, 
he overheard a discussion of Ms set between 
two natives, that went far to satisfy hlo as 
to the realistic effect of his make-up. 

"Why," exclaimed one to tbe other, who 
had not seen tbe show, "yon reely orto spend 
fifty cents for that show. If s the durndest 
finest that ever came to these parts. They've 
got every animal yon ever heard of, and a big 
trained bull frog that acts almost human." 

Howard R. Brandos, while with one of his 
companies, "A Thoroughbred Swede," playing 
one-ulgbts In North Dakota, recently, came 
across what to him was s new Idea la the 
theatrical business. It was the advance work 
done by tbe 'general agent" of an. attraction 
— the ordinary "ten-twent-and thlrt" — which 
he encountered at different points along the 

"The gentlemanly Tender of heated atmos- 
phere," writes Brandon, " 'salved' the un- 
sophisticated rnralltles In a manner truly 
wonderful In Its big financial results — at 
least prosperity was very evident st the time. 

"This clever general agent unflinchingly 
stated In bis advertising that the large Arm 
be represented, having made millions In the 
commercial world, bad been Impelled by gen- 
erosity to do something for the general public. 
To that end they bad sent out thirty dra- 
matic companies, which would present the 
same productions playing on Broadway at 
the same Identical time, and would follow 
their usual custom of giving tbe people some- 
thing for practically nothing — hence tbe cut 
rates of admission (reminiscent of the de- 
partment store), 8, is and t8 cents." 

The established success of "'Way Down 
East," now la Its tenth season, recently en- 
couraged another attempt at a "steal" on Its 
popular title. The managers of tbe play, 
Woo. A. Brady and Joseph Grlsmer, however, 
heard of the proposed production, and put a 
legal stop to It. A permanent Injunction ob- 
tained by them from the United State Court, 
puts a quietus upon " 'Way Back East." 

There is a new attraction behind the 
scenes at Brady's Manhattan Theatre, where 
Grace George Is nightly winning laurels, In 
"Clothes." "So soon aa the curtain Is rung 
up on Act 8," says J. D. Lefflngwell, repre- 
sentative, "all hands crowd to the wings, 
line tbe staircases, and haunt the 'prop' 
room. For, be It known, that tbe realism 
of the Ices, cakes and bon-bons appeal strong- 
ly to tbe gustatory regions of these very 
human men. Tbe lucky Individual wbo re- 
ceives the tray containing the goodies from 
the hands of tbe stage manager proceeds at 
once to put It out of commission. This per- 
formance usually takes place In the sub- 
terranean depths of tbe Manhattan cellar, 
and the contentment of the satisfied ones Is 
no doubt augmented by the spectacle of a 
long line of drooling, disappointed mouths." 
1 1 » 


Denver. — At tbe Broadway (Mrs. E. F. 
McCourt, manager) "Tbe Girl and the Ban- 
dit" played to crowded bouses laat week. 
Oct. 9 and week, "Coming Thro' tbe Bye," 
•Seven nights and two matinees la tbe new 
rule at this house. 

Tabob Grand (Mrs. E. F. McCourt mana- 
ger). — "Tbe Royal Chef," laat week, filled 
the house. Week of S8, Nell Burgess, In "Tbe 
County Fair." 

Orphei'h {Martin Beck, general manager). 
— The following bill, which proved of un- 
usual merit, filled tbU bouse last week: B. 
G. Knowles, tbe Italian Trio, Chlnko, Leo 
Arlboa, Georgia Gardner and Joseph Mad- 
dern, Minnie Kaufmann, (Catherine Nugent, 
a favorite with Denver theatregoers, ana tbe 

Tiyoli (Frank W, Healy. manager). — "Tbe 
Nightingale" drew large houses last week. 
Week of 20, "The Fortune Teller." 

Curtis (A. It. Pelton, manager). — "A Man 
of Mystery" proved a good business getter 
last week. Week of £8. "Tbe Midnight 

Cbtntal (Q. I. Adams, manager). — Busi- 
ness was good last week, with : PhroBO, Ed- 
ward La Zelle, Lew Hamilton and pictures. 

Noyblty (Henry Lubelsk), manager). — Six 
rood vaudeville acta, with pictures and il- 
lustrated songs, pleased big bouaes last week. 

Notb. — George M. Cohan announces that 
he will contribute (0,000 toward the estab- 
lishment of an actors' sanitarium for tbe 
treatment of pulmonary diseases. More than 
that, Mr. Cohan will donate tbe receipts of 
one performance each week of his own com- 
pany to swell tbe fund. Mr. Cohan's an- 
nouncement In the press dispatches states 
that Peter F. McCourt, of this city, has been 
requested to select a Bite for the Institution, 
to be known aa tbe Players* Camp. 

«■ i 


Manchester. — At Keith's New Theatre 
(Frank G. Mack, manager) crowded houaeB 
continue In evidence here. Week of Oct 20: 
Harrows-Lancaster Co., In "Thanksgiving 
Day ;" Hoyal Mualcal Five, George Holden, 
Wentwortb and Vesta, Milt Wood. Boranl and 
Nevarro, and James Richmond Qlenroy. 

Park Theatre (John Stiles, manager). — 
Lovers of tho melodrama were out In full 
force, ami were pleased with (ho bill offered. 
'■Hilly tho Kid" 22-24, followed by "Nettle, 
(he News Girl," 25-27. Coming: "David lia- 
lum" 21), Lome EEwyu Co. SO-Nov. 3. 

Note. — Owing to the sickness of Mr. Low- 
ell, of Lowell and Lowell, their place were 
taken at Keith's, week of 22, by C. Freder- 
icks and pony, "Don." 

4 i a 

Temple i 

Morton, Belle VeoTa.'spd Btata Mitchell. 
GAoBiLQwiiBCU appear! at .City Hall Nov, 5. 

HALFTONE PICTIRtlS in t*ft reta- 
in* panes «f TUB CLIPPER veils be 

Seattle. — At the Grsnd Opera House 
(John Cort, manager) Louis James and com- 

«any. Oct 16, 17, in "The Merry Wives of 
Windsor," had good attendance. Gorgoza, bari- 
tone, 17, had a capacity house. Jans Cor 
coran, 18-20, In "The Freedom of Suzanne," 
did well. "In the Bishop's Carriage" 21-24. 
"The Devils Auction" 26-27, "The Lion and 
the Mouse" 28-31, "Under Southern Skies" 
Nov. 1-8. 

Seattle (Bussell A Drew, managers). — 
Capacity bouses ruled with "The Mlilloaalre 
Tramp. For 21 and week, "Pete Peterson." 
"Aa Told In tbe Hills" 28 and week. "Dora 
Tborne" follows. 

TniBD Avbnci (Russell it Drew, mana- 
gers). — The Taylor Company demonstrated 
Its continued popularity 14 and week, In "The 
Lighthouse by the Sen," drawing big bouses. 
For 21 and week, "Tbe White Caps." "Held 
for Bansom" 28 sod week. 

Lois (Alex. Pantages, manager). — Busi- 
ness continues st tbe top notch, with the 
Pantages' Stock Co., la "An Arabian Night" 
and "The Charms of Music," 14 and week. 
"How Baxter Butted In" 21 and week. "Men 
and Women" 28 and week. 

Stab (E. J, Doncllan, manager) . — New 
people 22 end week: Howard Truesdale Co., 
Jerome. Fremont and Jerome, Three Banta 
Bros., Three Zoellers, Morris and Kramer, Ed- 
die Roescb and moving pictures. 

Obphbl'ic (T. J. Consldlne, manager). — 
New people 22 and week: Everett Sisters, 
Ssutdfng and West, Harrison Bros., Billy 
Clark, Kmll Cheverlel, Geo. F. Keane and 
moving pictures. 

Pamtagxs' ( Alex. Pantages. manager). — 
New people 22 and week : Gaan HumanlB, 
Leslie Sisters, Irwin and Emery, Drew and 
Wright, Arthur Etwe ll and moving pictures. 

Spokane. — At the Spokane Theatre (Dan 
L. Weaver, manager) "The Devil's Auction," 
Oct 14, 15, bad big business. George M. 
Topak, as Tobey; Flora Browning, as Janet, 
nnd Steven Leando, aa Chaos, scored. "The 
College Widow," with Louise Butter, played 
to capacity 17, 18. "The Education of Mr. 
Plop, with Dlghy Bell and the Gibson 
Girls, had an enthusiastic reception 10, 20. 

Columbia (Geo. M. Dreher, manager). — 
"A Royal Slave," week of 14, with Frank 
De Camp ns Ed. Agulla. and Eunice Murdock 
as Countess Inez De Ore. Crowded houses 

AunrroBiuM (Harry Hayward, manager). 

Who are represented above, are presenting a 
new act entitled "The Piker and the Sport." 
It Is a clever and Interesting offering lu vaude- 
ville, and affords both performers an oppor- 
tunity to display their abilities as enter- 
tainers. Tbe songs Introduced are new. and 
the cross fire talk Is bright and entertaining. 
A Bpectal drop which Is introduced, showing 
a race track, adds Interest to their specialty. 
Tbev are rilling an engagement this week at 
Tony Pastor's Theatre, appearing twice dally. 

Portland— At the Jefferson (Cahn & 
Grant, managers) tbe Black Dike Band was 

§ reetod by a very appreciative audience Oct. 
2. "The Daughters of Men" was much en- 
joyed by fair sized bouses 28. 24, with mati- 
nee. "Human Hearts" came 25. Frttxl 
Seheff, in "Mile. Modiste," bad an extremely 
largo advance sale, opening to big business 
20, continuing 27, with matinee. James 
Kennedy and company are booked 2tVKov. 3. 
Portland (j, E. Moore, mansetr).— The 
bill for week of Oct 22 drew good business. 
Booked week of 29! The Four Fords, Red- 
round and Haypet, Bedford and Winchester, 
Murphy and Francis, Morton, Temple god 

inserted at these prices i 
single Column. , . . 
Double Colonm. ... 

• 15.00 

Oklahoma Cltr— At the OverhoIser(Ed. 

Overholser. manager), on account of the can- 
celing of the Woodward Stock Co., the Cans- 
Nelson fight was booked Oct, 1-0. Black 
Pact!. 21, had S. R. O. Guilbert and Cheva- 
lier 20, ,"D. T. C." SO. "Wonderland" 31, 
'The County Chairman" Nov. 1, "Simple 
Simon Simple" 2. "Ton Yflnaon" 3, 

Bijou. —-Business is Improving. Bill for 
Oct. 21 and week ; Oxvllle Sputrler, Prof. 
Warner, the Le Motti, Bavlge Delmas, and 
motion pictures. 

Empire (A, Felstenstlea, manage.*), — For 
week of 21: Reoubftl 81ms, Stella Stewart. 
Friedlander Bros., Doyle and Granger, and 

Forbtacgh-Sbllb' Cxkcds Oct 81. 


Beatrice HMnAWh wrltt»t "I was granted 

an shROIute ditgHblroinX fffick Faust, la 
the Court of Cook CrtmrT 111. t bite re- 
sumed my maiden oafco'e." 


Indianapolis. — At English's Opera House 
(Ad. F. Miller, manager) William H. Crane 
and Kills Jeffreys, In "She Stoops to Con- 
quer," Oct. 10. 20. gave a finished perform- 
ance, to very Mg bualnese. Robert Lorslne. 
In "Man and Superman," 22, 23, did a fair 
business, lime. Gadski, assisted by Frank 
La Forge, pianist, drew a large and fashion- 
able audience, nnd was given numerous en- 
cores Otis Skinner, In "The Duel," filled 
the bouse for one performance 20, and Bcored 
bis urail success. " 'Way Down East" 26, 
27. Wilton Lackaye, In "The Law and tbe 
Man," 20, 81. 

Paek Thbatbb (Dickson A Talbott, mana- 
gers). — "The Curse of Drink" filled the house 
twice a day 22-24. 'Queen of tbe Circus" 
25-27. Harry Clay Blaney, In "Tho Boy Be- 
hind the Gun," 26-31. 

GniND OrBBA. Housr (Sharer Zlegier, man- 
ager). — Anna Eva Fay and the Eight Vassar 
Gil r Is broke all previous records for busi- 
ness at this house week 22. The house was 
packed to the doors st every performance, 
and hundreds were turned away that could 
not get even standing room. Week 20 : Cor- 
man, Lorlmer Johnstone sod Carolina Cooke, 
Mac.irt's dors and monkeys, Charles Seamon, 
Belleclnlre Bros., Manning's Entertainers, 
Mimic Four Gartelle Bros and the bioscope. 

Empire) Theatre (Chas. Zimmerman, man- 
ager). — Reilly & Wood's Big Show furnished 
a pleasing performance week of 22, to good 
business. Cherry Blossoms and Nelson-Cans 
tight pictures week of 20. 

Gaiety. ( Edward Bhayne, manager) . — 
Bob Manchester's Vanity Fair Co., 18-20, 
gave a clean, well dressed performance that 
evoked much applause. Good business ruled, 
Fred Irwin's Big Show, 22-24, wsb the best 
singing company Been here for some time. 
The show was well put on, and a strong olio 
was a feature. Tbe Behman Show 25-27, 
Jersey Lilies 20-31, Blue Ribbon Girls Nov. 
1-3, Rose Hill English Folty Nov. 4-6, Paris- 
ian Widows 7-0. 


Tueid-iv, Nov. $ (Election Day), being a 
holiday, our ccrr tip ondent t are requested to 
have all matter intended for publication in 
The Clippcb, dated Nov. 10, reach thi» office 
not later than Saturday morning, Nov, 3. 

—"One of Eve's Daughters," one of the 
various versions of Wilkle Collins' story, 
with Jessie Shirley as Mercy Myrlck, and 
Geo. D. McQuarrle as Julian Grey, week of 
14. Specialties by Pauline Sain, Jack Amory 
and C. F. Ralston. Big bouses ruled. 

Washington (C. C. Blakesley, manager). 
— Week of 14 : The Truesdell Co., In "Aunt 
Louisa's Advice ;" tho Three Zoellers, Bantu 
Brothers, Jerome, Fremone and Jerome, 
Morus und Kramer, Charles Allman and tbe 
blograpb. B. It. O. the first three nights, 
and big business the rest of tbe week. 

Tncoma. — At the Taconm Theatre iChae. 
H. Herald, manager), "A Royal Slave" Oct. 
22. LouIb James, In "Tbe Merry Wives of 
Windsor," 23. 24, with Nellie McHenry and 
Norman Hnckett also In the cast ; "The 
Devil's Auction" 26, "In the Bishop's Car- 
riage," Jessie BiBley leading, 26; "A Mil- 
lionaire Tramp" 27. matinee and night. On 
21 "The College Widow" packed the house, 
and a return engagement will be played 28, 

Grand TnttATRn (Dean B. Worley, man- 
ager). — Week beginning 22 : J, C. Nugent 
and company, in n comedy sketch, "The 
Rounders ;" Riva Brothers, Blcbard Barry 
and Virginia Johnson, in "Held for Ransom , 
Summer* nnd Mullally, Josephine Summers, 
Master Elliott, James Burke, In Illustrated 
song, and motion pictures. 

Star Tiibatbk (Dean B. Worley, mana- 
ger). — Week beginning Oct 22, Allen Stock 
Co. presents "Crimes of a Greet City." 

Cbthtal Thkatub (W. J. TimmouH, man- 
ager). — Week beginning 22: Arbuckles and 
Ftlalne, Cook and Neat, O'Dell and Hart, 
Variety Qnartctte, Tom La Bosc, In lllus- 
Btratea song, and biugraph. 

Angf.;.a Mat has been engaged by the Th- 
ooma Hotel to give nightly concert * from 
until 11 In tho Mermaid Inn. for the enter- 
tainment of their guests. Her engagement 
begins 21, and continues one week. The or- 
chestra has been Increased for this occasion. 

1 1 1 


Evnnnvllie. — At the Grand (Pedley A 
Burch, managers) there have been some 
changes In the stock company, Robert Wayne 
having resigned. Hereafter the company will 
be known as the Grand Stock Co. Attend- 
ance continues to be good, and the new addi- 
tions to the company make It stronger than 
ever. "The Prince of Pllsen" comes 24. 

People's (Pedley St Burch, managers). — 
"Tbe Bronco Buster" had two packed houses 
21, and gave general satisfaction, The vaude- 
ville Hat for week of 21 Includes: Hera 
Schmidt, Love and Bollas, Brandes Sisters, 
Bush Family, John Wise and tbe bioscope. 

Wklls Bijou (Allen Jenkins, manager). — 
Phenomenal business and good attractions. 
Tim Murphy and Dorothy Sberrod, In "Old 
Innocence," drew a good house, and Mr. 
Murphy was called before the curtain twice. 
"The Heir to tbe Hoorah," with Guy Bates 
Pont, called out a big house 20. Wm. Faver- 
sham, In "Tbe Squaw Man," attracted S. B. 
O. Wm. H. Crane and Ellis Jeffrey drew a 
parked bouse 23. The first of the popular 
priced shows came 21, and at both matinee 
and nlgbt, S. R. O. was sold. "A Wife's 
Secret" was the play. 

Bijou (Geo. Bellinger, manager). — BUI 
week of 21 : Marco Twins, Jlmmle Lucas, 
the RlnoldaB, Martial and Sylvester, Howley 
and Leslie, Bud Farnum and tbe bioscope. 

Norn. — Col. Jack Ropke, of tbe Bijou, made 
another big hit at the local entertainment 
given for a political candidate, with one of 
the cleverest and most humorous speeches of 
the season. 

Lafayette, — At the Grand (Geo. Mander- 
back, manager) "The FUmlng Arrow," Oct 

10, pleaeed a fair house. Lawrence D'Orsay 

fnve a fine performance of "Tbe Embassy 
Sail," 20. ''The Governor's Pardon" 23, 
Robert Fltislmmons 31, the Lafayette Dra- 
matic Club Nov. 2, Thomas Jefferson 3, 
"Buster Brown" 5. 

Family (D. W. Maurice, manager). — Bill 
for week of Oct. 22: McGee and Collins, Ed. 
Moon, the Coltons, Laura McDowell, Felix 
Bice, and the klnodrome. Week of 20 : Mar- 
tlnettl and Sylvester, Pauline De Vere, and 
the SlcCarvers. 

Notbs.— The Bteady good business at the 
Family has bad tbe usual result — opposi- 
tion. Since tbe management announced their 
Intention of remodeling the house and put- 
ting In a stronger show, two a day, at higher 
prices, it is certain that a new ten cent the- 
atre Ube BIJon) will be opened shortly. In 
sddition to this, B. D. Sewall and J. A. 
Elme. of Marlon, have secured a lease on a 
new building for the purpose of opening a 
five cent electric theatre. The new place will 
be ready about Oct. 27. and will have moving 
pictures, Edison exhibition machines, and 
other features. The seating capacity will be 
one hundred, and the performance continu- 


Peoria. — At the Grand (Cbamberlln, Har- 
rington A Co, managers) "At Cripple Creek " 
Oct. 18, bad good business. 8. Sillier Kent 
In "Baffles," pleased a large audience It)' 
Charles B. Hanford, In "Cymbellne" and 
"Julius Caesar," matinee and night, respect- 
ively, 20, played to good business. "Hans 
nnd Nix," 21, bad a crowded bouse. The 
Four Huntings, In "The Fool House," 22 
had fair business. "Little Johnny Jones " 
23, bad 8. B. O. "A Sister's Sacrifice," 24, 
bad light bnslnesB, owing to stormy weather 
Maxine Elliott 25. Gnus-Nelson fight pic- 
tures 26, "Windy San from Amsterdam" 27 
"The Shoplifter' 1 28, "McFadden's Flats" 30* 
"Tbe Land of Nod' 31, "Tbe Heir to the 
Hoorah" Nov. 1. 

Main Street (Frank B. Weston, resident 
manager). — Excellent houses have been the 
rule. Tennis Trio, Russell and Held, Hsrrv 
nnd Kate Jackson, Mabel CaBsldy, Hlckey 
and Nelson, Samson and Zaccbo, Four Emper- 
ors of Music, and tbe klnodrome composed 
the bill last week. 

Weast's (Charles F. Bart son, manager) 
—Week of Oct. 22: Dan and Bessie Kelly 
Lizzie Weller, Merrltt Sisters, Gene Rogers] 
Mell Brothers and moving pictures. 

Jacobs* (A. F. Jacobs, manager). — Lewis 
and Leasington, Musical Smiths, Zat Zam and 
Morra, Mamie Mldgley, Joe Simmons and 
moving pictures held tbe boards last week 

Stons Hill Gaboen (Frank Grave, man- 
ager). — The stock company, In "Her Only 
Sin.' 1 was tbe bill last week. 

Notes. — Boiler skating rink at the Coli- 
seum opened season 26 The penny 

arcades arc doing a good business Pro- 

feasor Herbert S. and Mrs. Flint were the 
guests of Manager Harrington, of the Grand, 

21 George Gillian and Alma Dahlgrei, 

'of the Dahlgren Sisters, were married In 
Chicago last week. Mr. Gillian was for- 
merly day clerk at the Niagara Hotel In tbla 
city, and is now connectecT with tbe Coatee. 

in Kansas City. Mo J. Y. Lewis, of 

Lewis and Leasington, takes out tbe Lewis 
A Jackson Comedy Co, opening at Blooming- 
ton, 111., Dec. 4 booked for five weeks in 
Illinois, after which they tour tbe South 
. ...Lizzie Weller, trick pianist, seen here 
earlier In the season at the Star, repeated 
ber success at Weast's last week. Her set 
is a great hit with the local theatregoers. 

Bloomlngioa. — At the Grand Opera 

House (Frank Raleigh, manager) "At Cripple 
Creek" gave a good performance and had 
good business Oct. 17. Stetson's "U. T. C," 
matinee and night bad 8. B. O. 18. "The 
House that Jack Built" (home talent) had 
S. R. O. for three performances 10, 20. Week 
of 21 North Bros/ Comedians had good busi- 
ness and gave good performances Thos. 
Jefferson, in "Rip Van Winkle," 20; Guy 
Bates Post, In "The Heir to the Hoorah," 31 ; 
"The Broncho Busier" Nov. 1, Cbas. B. Han- 
ford, in "Julius Cesar," 2; "Nobody's Claim" 
3, matinee of 5, Arthur Prior's Band ; "Land 
of Nod," evening of 5. 

Castle (Wm. Avery, manager). — Week of 
22 : Dubec's animal actors, Le Page Sisters, 
Bingham and Thornton, La Adella, Marline 
and Marline, Lula CambeU, and the vita- 

-■< i 

Rock lalnmd.— At tbe Illinois, good at- 
tendance Is the rule. "Nobody's Claim" ap- 
peared Oct. 14. West's Minstrels 20, "At 
Cripple Creek" 21, "The Arrival of Kitty" 
22, the Four Huntings 26, "Little Johnny 
Jones" 27, "A Bister's Sacrifice'* 28, "At 
Cozy Corners" 30. 

Mollae. — At the Moline, Smith's Specialty 
Co. Oct. 14, "Bames" 20, West's MlnsEreli 
21, ChuB. B. Hanford 22, "The Arrival of 
Kitty" 23, "Little Johnny Jones" 26, "A 
Sister's Sacrifice" 27, the Four Huntings 
26. "At Coxy Corners" 81. 

Canton.— At tbe Grand (F. B. Powelaon, 
manager) Smith Bros.' Specialty Co., Oct 17, 
drew a fair house. "At Cozy Corners," 18. 
pleased a good house. The Flints drew good 
attendance week of 22. "Tbe Shoplifters^ 20. 

■»« » 


Frank fort—At tbe Blinn (Langebrake 
A Hufford, managers), "Piff ! Paff ! ! Pouf I ! !" 
25, "Little Alabama" (local) 26, Victor's 
Band 80, "Buster's Holiday" Nov. 2, "Gen- 
tleman by Day, Burglar by Night, 5 ; "Fan- 
tana" 10. 

Crystal (Chis. Welch, manager}.— The 
Elastic Trio, Arthur and Bessie Krone, Ethel 
Young, the Bison City Trio, Chas. and Jen- 
nie Welch and the klnodrome. 


Providence.— At tbe Providence Opera 
nouse (Feiix B. Wendelscbaefer, manager). 
■ — Bostock's Arena had fair business week of 
Oct. 22. The bouse was sold in advance for 
"The Music Master," 29-31. "The Social 
Whirl" Nov. 1-3, "Mrs. Temple's Telegram" 

Bmpjbb Thbatbd (Spits A Nathanson. 
marngers). — "Ruled Off the Turf," Oct 22, 
proved an exciting atory of the race track, 
with an appeal to the people. The Four 
Morton a, In "Breaking Into Society," week 
of 29 : "The Girl Raffles" Nov. 5 and week. 

KniTii's Thbatbr (Charles Lovenbeie, 
manager).— On the bill week of Oct. 20 are: 
Valeria Bcrgere and company, In "His Japan- 
ese wife." and a new playlet, "A Bowery 
( amino :" Col. Gnston Bordeverrv, Rnra Klton, 
I he OMcera Sinters, Lester and Acker, the 
Village Obolr. Monroe and Wesley, the Ar- 
ilncloii Comedy Four, Cnvsnn. Will Mead 
untl his Asm the Burkes and Viola and Kngel, 

Westmixst-eb Tueatrb (George H. Bnt- 
; holler, nmnngcr).— The Vanity Fair Ex- 
Irovrtgnnza Co. entertained 22, followed 20 
by tbe Transatlantics. 

lureniAT. Trbatbe (Leon H. Curtln, man- 
?£? n -~rJ he Jo,, r GraS8 Widows plenaed 22. 
Wine. Women and Song 29. The New Cen- 
tury Girls are booked for week of Nov. 6. 

„ Woo »«>cJ**t.— At the Woousccket Opera 

House (F. W. Barry, resident manager) tbe 
?2£ s £? ck P Ia 3" 9 0ct - 2 °. 80 and Nov. 1-3. 
T Tt l e ^^ ^ n,eer Organist" will be seen 31. 
In "The Daughters of Men," Oct. 20, Woon- 
eockot received a great treat. Dorothy 
Donnellv. as Louise Stolbeck, and Orrln John- 
son, ns John StedmaD, were the favorites. The 
performance was witnessed by I large and ap- 
preciative bouse, Paula Edwardes and com- 
pany in "The Princess Beggar," gave a 
highly corawendnblo performance, to dTk busi- 
ness, 25. Elmer Stock Co, offered an attrac- 
MIh-i! 18 ^' p,fljB 22 - 2 *, a Qd 26-27. the ape- 
SSrSLfc'P' exceptionally good and buslueVs 
King" S-t > tKiorj ' B(M > krt - "The Shepherd 
ifcb JraraATiui (Jas. W. Conklln, mana- 
ger) —Programme week of Oct. 29 Includes : 
Uanetta^kria Lyman, Franks and FrAnka 

sits, and Lyoan, rrenks ahd'FrAnU Fa- 



Wfll „„ ,VVU H| 

good drntrlDg eird. 

Knmvllle. — At Staub', TlMtre (Kriti 
Staub, manager) Blanch, Walsh, in "The 
woman In tho Case," came, Oct. 18, to good 
business. "On Parole," 19, 20, played to fair 
houses. The play and the company were ei- 
cellent. and gave- flne satisfaction. Kennedys 
Players opened 22, for a week, to a packed 
house. Business remains first class. "Her 
Own Way" 28, Amelia Bingham 81. "In New 
lork Town" Sot. 3, "By Bight of Sword" 6- 
7, "Prince Otto" 810. 

Item. — "On rarote" closed Its road season 
here, and the company left for New York. 
wbere tney reopen under new management. 

xn.hillle — At the Theatre Vendome (W. 
A. Sheet2, manager) "Simple Simon Simple" 
had fair business Oct 21. Blanche Walsh, 
2J, bad large audiences. William Fayer- 
sham, 24, 25, In "The Squaw Man," at ad- 
!,nn«d prices. Otis Skinner 29, "Her Own 
Way" 31, Mildred Holland Not. 2, 3. 

Bijod (Geo. Hickman, manager). — "How 
Baiter Butted In" drew big crowds 22-27. 
"Not Yet, But Soon." 29 and week. 

Chattanooga — At tl» Albert Opera 

House (Paul H. Albert, manager) "The Girl 
I'ntsy •' Oct 15, "Human Hearts" 16, and 
On Parole," 18, all played to fair sized 
houses. "Tbe Woman In the Case" played to 
a (all house 19. "Flnnegan's Ball'' Not. 6. 
Jos. and Wm. Jefferson 8, 


,„ Ch ,"d <,< **— At «!"> Academy of Mmlc 
( P* 7: KeaBlei *. manager) "The One Woman" 
ployed to packed houses, both matinee ami 
night, Oct 20. Tbos, J. Dlion, the author, 
made a speech. North Carolina Is his native 
Slate. Primrose's Minstrels Nor. I. 
Noth. — Barnum & Bailey's Circus comes 

Notss raoii Kent's Ml'sical Cohbdt Co. 
— On Saturday evening, Oct. 20, 1006, at the 
Opera House, in Eldred, III., a very Interest- 
ing event occurred for a small town. On thlt 
date Kent's Musical Comedy Co. presented 
the farce comedy, "A Runaway Match," and 
between the first and second acts a marrlsre 
was solemnized by Justice of the Peace 8. II- 
Wlnchell, tbe contracting parties being Peter 
J. Strand and Cleo Grasemuck (profession 
ally known aa Cleo De Vail). A packed house 
witnessed the ceremony, and the young couple 
were further complimented by the rendering 
of a musical programme during the per- 
(ormance given by the Eldred band of 
eighteen members: they also received many 
handsome presents. After the perform- 
ance a bounteous spread was served to the 
couple and friends by Manager Prank M 
Kent, and an enjoyable time spent by HI 
until the wee small hours, when all Joined in 
wishing the happy couple success, prosperity 
and happiness. 

T. H. wisottt Is making a specialty of 
routing and booking attractions, and havlnr: 
had a practical experience with bis own com- 
panies. Is thoroughly onallfied in that line- 
Mr. wlnnett has added a press bureau to 
his exchange, and a special advihce coilrltr 

?pHen v ot and Wflttei up for M«4 tours. 
!h TVInnett la foriu% a circuit M one 
ulghl stands Is the South. 

N°75. F€atur6£> of me weeitLY snow cmiammeD by f Richards 

" 'WWfiWD. * 



November 3 

$6.00 Per 1,000, 

New York Music Pub. House, 
1433 Broadway, 


Write Cor Samples and I'rJcr*. 


HEWPonr, ky. 


Sketches, or written to order. 

MUSICAL BUREAU: Voice, Piano, Band, 
or urchcHira Arranging; prompt service, ac- 
curate work. 

I'opult.rJz.rig ail Uoiirh of airhibilBhcrs. Pro- 
fessionals cordially welcome. 

BOOB INO AGENCY: Providing Talent in 
all linos. Vamlcvllle, Minstrel, or Dramatic 
Music furnished for all occailom. 

LR.1*. SPBNCEH, 43 West 98th Street, 

Hot. Broadway and Sixth Avenue, N. Y. 
'I'lionc ;.3f>fl Madison. 


Ban for Heavies; Ian for General 

Biz, with Specialties; 
Woman for Characters and Sen. Biz. 

(Willi Special!!.. If |io».lbl<>) 

Kan with flood ffl. P. Machines, 

Capable or operating Fame, with ntt loss than 
1,000 feetol Films (short subjects}. Must do lilts 
and props. Wire lowest, l'ay own hotel, w^r, 
GLOBE STOCK CO. Week or October 29th, LuU- 
Itigton, Mich, Week of November fith, Tort Waal-.. 
lngton, Wis. . 

For Lease 
Handsome, New 


Suitable for High Class Vaudeville 
Finest Location In Baltimore 

Kqulpm.nt Comnle'e 



afn-ift tow miig.. Hauimore. M<| 


I Leads anil Character*;, Aft. loin., 

J wulght, 140; A No. 1 wardrobe, Ono piece 

preferred. Regards to Arthur 0. Sunders. 

I For Sale, "The Judge Beyond," "The Man 

I and t be Hour," "tin the shore* of Danger, " 

"The Fatal Code." Swell Hnoof paper for 

"The Fatal Code." Addreiw t'ltus. K. (Jtian- 

I nlng, No. 07 Elm Street, liangur, Maine. 



IIi.udmin.Or.iiil rcllned; seats GOO; larre stage, good 

(lrenwliig rooms, uliirr\ HO an evening, $50 a day. 

< iiksi Kit C. iikmiy. Summit, N. J. 

Magical Apparatus 


Ho- aft Lafayette Bt., - Worwlgh. Conn . 

"Tell It To Me" 


For sale on All trtilnn tind n«wa "tanua, or by 
mail, lino. Addrou K/.RA KKJDll,r., 
a (indwell Ave., Mavfli'lil «1dIkIiia. (llevflanil . n 


One of i In: funniest Mntutlojis ever writ- 
ten, $10o. Send fur it ii'iirk. more 
good xtmr. ParlleiHar.* tvrsu. Hliunp. 

International Yuudf-ville Supply Co., 

1 College I'ltu .-, IliiiTulo, N, Y. 



TAL,r 6<!S:W.-6l>''1'l. CHICAGO. 


Womiiii for light leads, M'i-t be young and attract- 
ive. Man for lien. It. MHin.tfcn.eiit pays alt. I-ong 
season. Ad., wllli f ull imrt ti, VUl.tniiiruw, N'.Y 

M. 8TRA88MAN, 

aTTORNIir. 853 lllondwilj, Now York City. 


Tbe treatment of superfluous hair Is something thst requires the greatest 
nicety and care. X. BAZIN'S DEI'ILATOBV f'OWDUR Is tbe result of 
much study of the cause of and problem of destroying these growths with- 
out Injury to the surrounding skin or leavL g a scar or the slightest deform- 
ation. X. BAZIN'S DEPILATORY POWDER Is absolutely safe and de- 
stroys the hair without pain, a simple, dainty way of effecting a cure. 
Bend to Department "C" for our little pamphlet on the subject, "FOit 

HA.I.L A BVCKEL, Proprietors and Manufacturers of SOZODONT, 
21D Washington Street, New York. 
For aale at all first clasn drag Htores or sent by mall In Healed 
packages for HOc. 


Biogrnph — KdlBon— Mellcs. a comblnntlor 
unapproachable for live, tip-to-dnle nod origi- 
nal' subjects, and we arc their Qgcnts. 

Power's Cnmcrflgrnph, No. 5. with Power's 
ohh.inal. Fireproof. Magazines and a 
Tnkeup device that never falls, Is bere at all 
times for your Inspection. We are Bole 
Agents here- Beware of those who claim the 
Agency for "POWER'S" goods here—they are 
not authorized to do so. , 

We are "Power's" Bole Asents tn 

Edison's Exhibition and Universal ModelB 
always In stock. Call and see the largest 
Htock of Machines and accessories only to he 
found In Philadelphia's EXCLUSIVE Film 

"Power's" New York Stereoptlcon, a thor- 
oughly professional Instrument, made by one 
"who knows how," with Calcium Lamp, 
$24.(10 ; with Electric Lamp and Rheostat, 
$30.00 ; or fitted with both Electric and Cal- 
cium equipment, $33.50. We are "POWER'S" 
soie agents here. 


nnd charming ballad, by Chas. K. Bluska, 
Sandusky, Ohio ; slides ready, niiteen beau- 
tifully colored slides and title, all original, 
?>er set, with music, $5.00, can only be had 
rom this house. 


Model B Oiylitbe Outfit $26.00 

Model A Oxyllthe Outfit 12.00 

New Set Mcintosh Gas BsgB 1O.00 

Heard's Regulators Q.00 

Acetylene .Outfit, with Lamp, Mode! A 11.60 

Acetylene Outfit, with Lamp, Model B 17.60 

Enterprise Rheostats, each 2.60 

Professional Stereoptlcon 17.50 

Power's Krupp Wire Rheostats $10.00 

Power's Calcium Regulators, per pair 6.00 
Power's Calcium Lamp 6.00 

Film Cusps, Slide Cases, Condensers, Limes, 
Carlwns, Cement, Oiylithe, Ozone. Ether, 
Slides and Supplies. 

Power and Edison Machines, Rheostats 
nnd Lamps repaired, and general repairs at 
short notice. ■ 


8S8 Spruoe Street, 
JJoIl Tlione. 





Spangles, 11.00 Per Pout 

Cotton Tlinta, pair. 11.00 

Worsted lighta, pair J.oo 

Plaited Silt Tla-Ma, p»lr_ no 

Best Silk TlBlus,! . „ 

o lnoli cotton fopa.t *" 

QUI, TUgll aldlp Paadlsgl. 

Gold and surer rrtmrcmia. 

Bond Deposit with order. 

AST Washington St., Boaton. Maw. 


DESCRIPTION. From Qovornmont Auction. 
Mo matter what you want in that line I can 
supply it. New or second hand. Bead for 
catalogue. II. B ABRAHAMS, 

222 South St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


J What's the ueo of covering up defect* 
wlih cosmetics, when you can get rid 
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ing an "AMKllIUAS BBUTY" 

mask— the only natural and harmless 
_ beantlfler. iteault* magical. Send 4 
com* 111 HiainiK for pamphlet, 


liurlosqito, Oomlo Opera. Oporatta, Repertoire, 
oto. Address u. It. FIS11ER, Prop. Lyceum Thea- 
iro, Sprlngilold. O. 

AHllJSKllKnfT »'» Ptoflta. Dealers and 

sale catalog of the latest Puixles, Novelties and 
Pocket Tricks. UNIVERSAL SUPPLY CO., 123 La 
Sane Ht„ (ihloft tro. FjifAhllHh'"* ItWO 


CATAI.OUUB. 20c: BUI'. CATAI.., Be. None 
free. Only N. R Agent for Alabama. 10c. 
IV. I), l.nftov. 103 Court St.. Boiton, Mbbi. 


Model StudlcB. Stereos, Beauties, etc., 100 small 
Photos and two large ones. * I note. 
B. Heeknagal, Narlif. Mwmtch, (Ocrroi.ny) II 

VFNTRIini1IIIXM TA0GHT - Personal let, 

1 Ell 1 niaUU UIO>ni terof Instruction by mal 1 
$1. rror.Llngerman,r04N.«liBt. 1 I'hlladeiphla,Pa 

After Shaving 




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ose It also, it la Anil- 
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Nnrark, N. J. *• 





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l i l l HI 



The best satin made for wear and appearance. 
Also a full line of lower priced SATIN 8 In all 

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14111 Street, near Bnatmjr, 

ST9 BroaSsay, near Chamtora, 

47 Oortlaadt St, Bear Oraanwlek, 

1251k St., corner Third A?e., 



u77fL, "The Cruise of the Gladys;" 641ft., 
"Kir Jones Looking for Join Smith;" 538ft., 
t'No Wedding Holts for Urn;" 570ft., 'The 
Mnsqucradcrs ;" 480ft. "Sklddoo Bros. ;" 
403ft, "The NIfflit of the Party;" R08ft„ 
''And Her Nome Was Maud ;" 581ft., "Village 
Cut-Up :" 005ft., "The Subpmsa Server ;" 
008ft., 'The raymaater." 
L. LIEl'Z, Maiiiifncturer of fitereoptlcons, 
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ratnre Bash, or Wlf o Photos for Palmists, Fairs, 

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KDENA BT0D1O, 3813 N. Broad St., Phlla., v%. 

UPllll IVL' Tli 'C W « B «"» -o handle a Blood, 
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For samples and particulars, Address P. 0. H Eu- 
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St. Loals — At the Olympic (P. Short. 

t week "The Man From Now," 

with Harry Dnlger. Betides the star, Wal 

manager) last 

will, narry uuiger. neuiuoe lub blui, nm- 
ter Lawrence, Pnll Branson, E. H. O'Conner 
and a host of pretty girls contribute to the 
merry making. Miss Demorest succeeded Sal* 
He Fisher In the role of Dora, and pleased. 
Btbel Barrymore, In "Alice 8ftby.the-Flre," 
Oct. 20 and week. 

CwrrCftr (P. Short, manager). — Guy Bates 
Post repeated hie former success In "The 
Heir to tbe Hoorah" last week. A warm 
welcome was extended to Mr, Post and bis 
supporting company. Janet Beecher plays 
Mrs. Joe l*acy this season, and Ernest Lam- 
son Is Dave Lacey again. Mr. Lamson di- 
vides honors with Mr. Post, too, for his Dave 
Is a fine bit of naturalness. Helen Lackaye, 
the beautiful sister of Wilton Lacksye, played 
Mrs. Kate Brandon. Miss Lackaye was seen 
bere la support Of Melbourne McDowell last 
year, at the Suburban Garden. Mary Fran- 
ces Boyce, well known In St. Louis social 
circles, nnd but recently a recruit to the 
stage, appeared ae the maid — a small role — 
but she played It satisfactorily. Lew Dock- 
stnder -20 and week. 

Gaiuuck (Daniel Flahell, manager).— 
"Vcronlque" last week. It was a splendid 
musical comedy, with Louise Gunning and 
Louis Harrison In the leading roles. Miss 
Gunning was most charming as tbe flower 
girl. She has a wonderfully sweet voice. 
Mr. Harrison proved most comical, and his 
singing of "My Military Style" brings the 
first net to a rousing close. Others were : 
Edmec De Preuz, Gladys Ure, Edith Berwn, 
Harry Kalrlelgh, F. Harrington Foote, Vir- 
ginia Cameron, Harry RiiBsell and others. 
r 'Tbe Stolen Story," with Jameson Lee Fin- 
ney and Edwin Holt, 28 and week. 

Ghand. — "Sunday" lSBt week, with Nora 
O'Brien In the title role. Miss O'Brien Is 
very sweet and girlish as Sunday, and played 
the part with a distinct Individuality. The 
supporting company was one of unuBual 
merit and included such well known players 
as Bflta Germon, Ere Mont ford, Frank Gheen, 
Elmer K. Grandln, Joseph Whiting. H. Og- 
den Crane. Thomas Kendrlek and others. The 
stage settings are pretty. S. Miller Kent, In 
"Raffles," 2tT and week. 

IUvlin'b (William Garen, manager). — 
The biggest adlences of the season were al- 
most fighting for seats to see Bob Pltzslm- 
mons, Tn "Fighting for Love," Isst week. 
Julia May Gilford, Mr. Bob's pretty wife, 
was In the supporting compnny. "A Fight for 
Love" gives Mr. Fitzslrumons a chance to shoe 
a horse, punch tbe bag, and win a boxing 
bout, and several other little pastimes of 
his comes his way. The cast Includes: Ed. 
Peck, Frank Holland Charles Greene. Harry 
Knight, Amelia Mayborn, Kitty Irwin Grif- 
fith and others. Flske O'Hara, In "Mr. Blar- 
ney from Ireland," thia week. 

lMrEBML <D. B. Russell, manager). — "A 
nace for Life," with several real horses, last 
week. It waB exciting throughout and 

B leased large crowds twice daily. Charles 
artllng, Alice Clifton. Nell Qulnland and 
Arthur Sullivan were the principals of the 
large cast that Included May H. Thurston, 
Marie Falls, John Wood, Maude Hopkins, 
Charles Hubbell and others. "A Desperate 
Chance" this week. 

Standard (Leo Relcbenbach, manager). — 
The Cherry Blossoms appeared last week in 
a farce, entitled "The Wrong Count Ta- 
basco." John Perry, the author, plays Coakey 
Corker, the wrong count, and Is funny at all 
times. His assistant fun-makers were: Tom 
Nolan, Lillian Walsh and Cora White. The 
olio consisted of new specialties by Frank 
Ross, Hebrew impersonator ; Lora and Payne, 
bell-boy and tumbling Sam ; Lillian Perry, tbe 
kodak girl : the Original Manhassett Comedy 
Four, and Nolan and White, In a sketch, en- 
titled: "Looking for a Record," Dreamland 
Burlesnuers, with Battling Nelson, this week. 

Gaykty (O. T. Crawford, manager). — Rose 
Sydell and her London Belles pleased large 
crowds all last week, In a two act comedy, 
."The Prince of Petticoats," Gay Coney Is the 
scene of both acts. W. 8. Campbell, a favorite 
at this playhouse, was seen to advantage as 
I. Sharks m. The olio Included- acts by the 
Wen ton Sisters, singers; Campbell and Mack, 
In "The Inspector ;" Harry Marks Stewart, 
Hebrew Impersonator; Relyea and a quartet 
completed the bill. Tho Bachelor's Club Bur- 
lcsquers this week. 

Odbon. — "Spottvoegel" (Mocking Birds), a 
farce, was the offering of the German Stock 
Company, 21. It was well handled, and at- 
tracted a large crowd. George Helneman 
was well cast as Lobedanz, and the others of 
tbe cast. Including Victoria Welb-Markham, 
Louise Pellman. Jeanette Dupont. Ferdinand 
Welb, Paula Jagemann, appeared to advan- 
tage In their respective roles. 

Colump.ia. (Mlddleton & Tate, managers). 
— An exceptionally fine bill was presented 
Inst week, and the novelty act of Coran, the 
new ventriloquist, made everybody sit up and 
notice. He has the faculty of endowing his 
wax figures with a personality as distinct as 
his own, and besides be Is an actor as well 
ns ventriloquist Billy Van, with his own 
funny falling inflection and brand of humor, 
was also a big attraction. Others Included 
the Great Medley Octette, Carlln and Otto, 
the Seventeen Pekln Zouaves, Mazuz and Ma- 
zette, Argyro Kastron, Lorlmer Johnstone and 
company, in "A Shave for a Wife;" Tyce and 
Jermon, and new pictures on the klnodrome. 

Gi.oiii: (II, E. Ulce, manager). — Manager 
Rice's cosy little playhouse had tbe best 
hind of business the past week, the bill offered 
being a good one. Lulu Bessellman, In songs, 
with Illustrations, are a chief feature of each 
week's bill. She 1b maintained permanently at 
the house, and Is a great favorite. Besides 
this feature there Is a good vaudeville bill 
and new moving pictures. 

Notes, — St. Louisiana are looking forws'd 
with pleasure to the coming of Arthur Pryor 
and his famous fifty, booked at the Odeon 
at an early date. Mr. Pryor is well known 
here, being a favorite In tbe old exposition 

days, when he was with Sousa's Band 

Maud Moore-Clement, who made her debut 
with tbe late Lawrence Ilanley, and who ap- 
peared with Mr. Ilanley during his last en- 
gagement In St. Louis, will reappear profes- 
sionally with the Emerald Stock Co., which 
opens 28. 



niittc. -At the Broadway Theatre (J. K. 
Heslet. manager) "In the Bishop's Carriage" 
came to excellent business Oct. 16, 10. "Un- 
der Southern Skies" 10, 20, "The Lion and 
the MottBe" 21. 

Grand Oi'era IIoubb (Dick P. Sutton, 
manflger).— Week of 21, "The Girl I Left 
Behind Me' played to n large week. Quite 
tho best piece tola company has put on at 
the Grand thus far. The staging was per- 
fect nnd vaudeville specialties good. 

F.UIII.T (P. Nelsonla, manager).— The fol- 
lowing bill week of 21 : Teggo and Daniels, 
the Hilton Troupe, Maddox nnd Melvin, Jas. 
and Kitty Brady. Frank M. Kelly and E. H. 
Calvert, Joe Belmont, Roy McBraln, and the 
motion pictures. 

4 '» 


Whose picture appears on the front page of 
this Issue, Is a remarkably clever young Hog- 
llsh girl, who has rapidly won an enviable 
position In the profession. Her flrst New 
\ork success wbb with "The Maid and the 
Mummy," following which she appeared In a 
number of the better class of musical come- 
dies, Including "The Rollicking Girl." At 
present Miss Conrad Is appearing In vaude- 
ville with Wlllard Slmms, and the act is con- 
sidered one of the best laughing sensations 
of the season. Miss Conrad 1b attractive 
nnd dignified, and has a host of admirers 
amongst tbe amusement loving people. 







-3*3 The Nairn It 
stamped on every 
loop — 




Sample ptlr, PUkWc, Cotton Me, 
.....Ih don receipt uf price. 

OE0.710BTCO.,]bk S ri 



Tl-tt THom I ,f y° u cnu't bny Cblc- 
irj A1AOU11 letsln yoor neighbor- 
hood send ns ten cents for a sample 
packet. Any Jobber will supply store- 
keepers with Onleleta. 
Philadelphia, U.S.A.,and ( Toronto.;Osnada. 


Moat Americans are connoisseurs in Cock- 
tails — and a connoisseur's taste demands 
uniformity in the flavor, strength and mix* 
ing of his favorite drink. There's only 
one kind of uniformly good cocktail— 
CLUB COCKTAILS. Bar cocktails are 
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to a cultivated taste. CLUB COCKTAILS 
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flavor and aroma. Insist on CLUB. 

Seven varieties— each one perfect. 
Of all Good Grooers and Beaters. 

G. F. BEUBLBIN A BR0., Sole Props. 
Hartford New York London 

ffrwffSMtfFffff/rs, - 


$7/°£ff ^ 




I'lyiTiikl.t V...ucM,iiwiii.Ui»""- ,nil 
equal ill brIIKaucr tu auy t«nuln* 
Stone at one-thli-Uetb Ilia «•••. 


■tend ru-.l U»t end m>»it e«n>ln«- 
tlon. Weiu»r«nte«.l.ein. Beon""' 

flrat, tb«n v*$. cauien* pj* 
Patent Itlnfl Beuare Included SM 
11VE lw.-(*m. etamp*, 

Ppt.4. B10 Berth BUIeBUOMm* 

Largo List of New PW*W- 

slonnl nnd Amateur, Plays. 
MoooIooum. MlnatrelMaterl.l. 

Jo..-, Urn J..I Pl«f» «««•■ 

T. B. nuriajorj. Putt., Oapt. 17, effioaao- 









148*1 B'wtisr, 7*ew York City 

FILMS WANTED- Good Film* In any (mar. 
,! fci f|U pay Hood prices for good stuff". AUEftJ< 
OjH FlLMEXOHXyOE,630gBl»tyat, Bklyn- 

'WANTED, for theT. 1. Madden 8! ow.ptaro 
Ttajer, lady or gent, Winter'.j.eDg«»((eMn» WMK 
atinda. Performers tliat playpiano t wntr>. Always 
*i>nd ticket* If required. State all, aui he- ready 
MJym on wire. Add. T. J. Madden, BollTBr, N. T. 



?lll«ank*e,--Thc local -theatrical «ea- 
HM Is proving unusually interesting. Toe 
past week found two of the most satisfac- 
tory offerings : of tlie senscn at the David- 
son Theatre, Mailne Elliott. Oct. 22-2.-1, 

. and ..Wilton Lack-aye, l!o-27, both drew full 
Httondance, and scored heavily. Mahnger 

- Sherman Biot.ii offers "Tbe VanckTrjilt 
<W* 29-31, "The Free .lance" No£; 1-3, 
•,'L.ittle Johnny -Tones" 4-10. . 

■ ;5HUBEirr (Edwin Tnanhouser. manager). 
.— Higo class, vaudeville, with. Virginia Karl 
lending, drew well last week. Vaudeville 
««k of Oct. 28" also. Fred Lennox and 

• company, ! and Nlta Allen and company arc 
the principal performers. 
: AtiiAMBtiA, ■ — *A Message from Mars" 
opened Oct 21. to capacity, anil held up 

-wgll: all .week. ""The Black Politician" Is an- 
nounced by Manager Jas. A. lllgltr for Week 
of :28, with .a: week of vaudeville to follow. 

Bijou (John IE. Fierce, resident mana- 
gfcr>;-?r'"On: Dangerous Ground" -drew the 
uHiiat well ailed bouses last week. Chan. T. 

■ Mdrkb; lu:'-Seorot ..Service SanV'-ZS alid 

H'CWk ■ ■ — . - \ * > 

. - HjtoAfi : (Frank It. Trottman, manager). — : 
.Pe»pJe : wee turned away, at almost every 
|iei-roraiance week of 2t. tbe- Tiger Lilies, 
\v3th .Joe Cans, being tlie attraction. The 
Xlrhtlogalcs week of 28. -- 1 • ■ , ■ 

.': Crystal. (l<\ h: Winter, manager).— flu si- 
ij ens good. People week of 29 Include: l-'our 
BfMWMM of Music, Ilobert YVlilttler" and 
company. Brooks Eltrym, De Graw Trio; and 
the- Auto Quartette. - . i 

^Uwahd". <W. W. Gregg, mnnajer)'. — Era 
'I'tjatcher, Harry ft-relofe. Hale and Wayne, 
.]odeB:-and. Raymond. Nonna Gregg. Jack 
IHugherty and Maurice Sayers .for tbe bill 
iil). Business Is satisfactory. ' ■ * .: 

'. JTdTEs.-^-Leoa ■ vVachsner la 'having a suc- 
cessful, season at tlie Pahst with his German 
Dramatic ■ Stock Co... . . .-.Geo. Foster Plntt 

and Cbas. lv. Harris were both In the city, 

visiting frlendB. last week.-. .. Florence 

Ilobertg was .taken lit. at Sueuovgqn, Tu«s- 
day, 23, 'abd Is at present confined 'to the 
Hotel Pf later, this city. She Is expected to 
refume ber tbur 20. 

-.:^j • i . ■ tii . i 

;Km CIntre.- At tbe Grand (CD. MoOQ. 
manager) Ferris' Comedians cloned a. week's 
eugagefrient here . Oct. 21, to good, business. 
Rosenthal 2G.. Rose Melville 27. Alberta Gal- 
latin SI, flobert ; Edeson "Nov. '4, "The Triumph 
of"Betty"10. ■ - . ■ , .,'.". .,!;... 
'1,.UvicjuB (Wm. Armond, resident manager). 
~$lll for Oct. 22 u ud -week- :. Olga. Goonaulst, 
Wertana Cole, ' Tourist Trio, Wm. Armond. 
m ,11, '\yindom, Mills and Beecher; : and 
Tphfa 'Harrington, iilnylriff lo> capacity n't each 
performance; Too week ending 21 broke all 
records, at. this house. BUI week of 29 in- 
cludes : Kljjpy und Klppy. Geo. V, Armstrong, 
■M Gordon, Vldocrj and 'Kluw, . 

- -Barbara .Douglas, of "A Million- 

"" "" Co., was called- home ZX, 

sudden death of her mother, 

>.; ... <mi:<;<>\. i 

Portland. -At the h«IUk OV..T. T'unglc. 
manager) EtalTlo" do Gogorstu, uaritono, , was 
hearu in a recital Oct. 13; under tbe direc- 
tion of Lois Steor6-\Vynn Coman. by a large 
audience gig,- Gugorzn waif assisted at the 
jjlano by Edgar 13. -Courseu, and won a veri- 
table ti'lumpn, being repeatedly recalled: HI 
lldury's'Mlniitrely old good business -16.' 17., 
"'ParBlfal," described as n sacred festival 
play, presented by-Martin tic Emeiy, did' good 
business 1P-21. ""Tbe College widow"' 22- 
24;: Louis James '.15-27, "n the Bishop's Car- 
vldae" 2H.- ■ 

. BAUER (Geo. L. Balier, manager). — "l>n 
"i'ark r Stote," by the Baker Theatre Co., ha.d 
th-bblg houses 21.' "Lady Huutworth's Ex- 
IHirlolent" produced fair business week of 14. 
A spectacular production of "The Sorccresa" 
will be given week of 2& " 

' HImi»jiu: -(Milton W, aeaman, manager.).— 
'Tlie Holy City" turned people away at both 
l^rJornmneesiOct 21. "Pete PeterM9n"'d!d 
good business weekof 14. "Dora Thornc*'28 r 
"Peck's Bad Boy" Nov. 4.- 
' ;Lyh*c (ICeatlng & Plood,. managers).— rTbe 
Lj-ile- Stock" Co.- week of 'Oct. 22, 1b present- 
ing >'Tbe New rartner.'* - . ■ ■ . ' 

: STA'n (James IL Errickson. manager.).— 
TbuAllea Stock Co., week -of 22, Is present- 
log. "The Man from Mestco." , ', 

'Gkand (James II. Errlckson, managcrl. — 
Tbe Tldbeaux Zouaves. Caeey and LcQlalr, 
("barles A. Loder, Cliff Dean aud company, 
-tbe Tuscano Brothers, JInster Harold Iloff 
and Gfandlscope. : ' '. 

• 1'ANTAOiT-s (Jolitr A. Johnson, manager).— 
S*roud and -Thatcher. Beatrice Lome, O'Neal 
nod Bennett. Leo WbHe, Baymoud Merritt. 
tbe Unbleached American Quartet aad ,blo- 

grhpb. - ' 

.' ■'FTUT'z'a (Thomas Uooney, miuager).— Lll- 
!|ao Black, Bbnvle Bonnie, Richard Maurct- 
tus; Mgncrlef and Smith, flooney aud Koircs- 
t?f. Marie Dllllard, M«e K. Vernon, Virginia 
\ ernori, • Jones aba Bavelle, Frances Eitocr. 
!tflc Stanley, Jessie Steivart and Flora. St. 

•^Nqtc.— Uale's Bcenlc Tour of the World 
(Ft-ed Fritz, manager) continues to do good 
UosIdubs. ' ■ ■-- 

. — • ■ ' . » . . ■ , 

■Sue Dale was. tendered a banquet Sunday 
evening, Oct. 21, at ber borne in Syracuse, 
X; y!7by the Haram Four (OUIe Marten, 
Gertrude Potter,- Alice .Palmer aad (Ilss 
Pale). Among those present- were : Jaa. U. 
Rrnps, Thoa- Hollhau, MurKarct Ott. Mr.-uud 
-Mrs. . Tbc-B. Irving, Gertie Waodu. Rulpb 
Uavla. L«lia Yertou, Ada W1)*M), Olive Clay- 
tou, (ivacu .Walters. Wm. Kurtz, Ollle Nubu. 
Geo." Stone 'and Jack Woods, liocb one.rou- 
Ulbutcd to tbe enterlalmneut, and tlie affalr 
was voted a success, 



0. 0. Vaaghan, Prop: • Strtuttj' 
.... j American Plan. $5-l« amglo; 
MS double. Vandevtlle patronage Invited. 

T±tAKAl.UAlt t 1 16-11T K. II. K.Y.. HI. ReiU's, 

load, of Manic, Bewer. Rooms Mo., Tfto- $1. 

II*) -lay; lawtoaa week. W.D.HANKIOAN.i^njp. 



■Newly furnished. Sleam heat; Gas; up to date. 
Electric can pass door. Rates, f 1.50, $1.74 per 
day. Special rates to profession. 

WJM. TELL HOUSE, Howard and Somerset 
Sts,, Boston. Vicinity of All vaudeville theatres 
Aboutaawcek. EMILY DANNWABT, Prop, 

palace HOTKii, 101 N. Clark St., Chicago. 
Eoropean, per week: wlih private balb.iT. 
Turkish BUli, too. II. B. UUM.'-U KEY, Prop. 

lLl.t'STHA llill SOMO SLIDES— We have 

tbe largest collection of Song Sets la the 
world. Prlcen from S2 u Bet und up. Over. 
5.0W otld Blldwi. Stcnea of Travel, Soldier 
Pictures, Moonlights, &c, In lots of CO or 
riiure, 10c; smaller lota, 15c. ; an"flnely col-' 
ofed. No orders tilled for less than 10 slides. 
"Cash wltb brdhrs." iti< bargains In stereop- 
tlc'ons. Send permanent address for our big 
bargain llstB. KLITE LANTERN SLIDE CO., 
2tirWest 34th St., New York City. 


Violin, Viola, Cello. Bass, Guitar and Harp. Con- 
cert Violin R Strings (gut or Bilk), 90 cents each, fi 
69 JJearborn St., Chicago. Ill- • ■ ' " 


most and flneat work Is aoue by tbo HAYMARK KT 

- Send for special price list. Pictures copied at 
low rates, ■-- - , - 


falns, allfihtiy used. Write for reduced list. 
AS. McOCSKER, 212 N. KlghlbSt. Plilla 


tor' any Uutnuaent or number of instrument!. 
Konga. words and innate, sketches, etc. Send stamp. 
OHAS. L. LEWIS, 4M BlohmondBt., Qlnobanatl, 6 . 

NOTICE— Special inducement. Onallordersof 
$10 and up we will allow one-half oxp. or all 
fretglit within SOD miles. One-half cash . must ac- 
company C. o. I), orders. Elec. BcltB, $1 doz.; 
E[ec. IuBoles, $1 doz. ; Inhalers, "6c. doz. ; Soup, 
18c. doz. cakes. NoeJip. or frt. allowed on soap 
and inlinlera. Write for price list und souvenir, 
free. ELEC. APPL. CO., Ruriington, Kims., 
Ine- 18ul. ' ■ 

and. Al references for Dtamp. Samples (No. 2) 
Parody and 5 Gags, 10e.; SParodlep, l&GagH.'-^c. 
MARYE. 1*. TllAYEB,2lOO Broad St.. Pror.. R. I. 

-' FILMS TO RENT— HI BQUJeula, «ll inskes. 
allhL'rc, all gooii. AMERICAN FILM EXOltANCE, 
oso HalwftT St.". llr^okiyn. 

HOW TO BJ'Ati'l EH BMVW ni/BJ^nno, 

footurighted), a different books, ioc. All kinds act. 
MORPHET'S SCHOOL. 831 K. iah St., Phlla., Pa. 

. FULL SIZE Professional Stereo pi I conn. 
$l2>ft>. Acetylene Caa Outfit and burner, ts'.so pre* 
pa,(d— C. 0. li. Allow examination. Scud for 
cuts. Gronljerg Storo. Mfg. Co.. itlioxl. Ml^a, . 

FOR SALE— Big Monkey, trained and la Due 
shape, oueyoarold. I*a4 Bog Fox Terrier (male)," 
a beauty, will sell cheap. Want Novelty touslcal 
Instrument*, aaytlilng that 1h dldurcpt .from the 
" ". JAWES, Bluck. River Falls, 

mlii., mono.ogue l>y Bernard Kllng. To road mana- 
gers: -Why is yeiir tiUBincaa bud in u great many 
obu-nlglitersr If tuilf jour paper lu-s in hill room, 
It's bad. Many times yon play a town with 4 or a 
shows the same week wtieu 2 should lie tlie limit. 
Manv times people wanted to see your show, bat 
get the date* mixed, aud miss yours. Overcome 
this by getting Mack, lliat adverlUfug ■•Cum" 
who -lets 'cut' all know jou'ro iu town. Cp;n for 
the. best ou'er »'ter Nov. 17. 

JOIINIE MACK. Uulon Oily, lad, 

Advance Man w Lo SdoTB the Mississippi River 
and hor trtbutaricfl. a Comedy Musical Act, Man 
and' Wife, double and Btngle. double od tiluuo. 

.FOR SALE '-Handcuff Act, Trunk -Myatery, 
Second Sight Act, Spirit Cobiuet. Black Art Out- 
flt, Leg Irons, Galatea, Aga. Candy Floes Huehiue 
abd loootlier barnalnB. Circulars forSTAMP. 
' ' 'OKO.'A. RIOT- 4 TJiiiieiwooil ftt., Aulmrn. N, Y. 

ful Rep. Men. Thuae dolug specialties' pre- 
ferred. Must have wardrobe aud ability. Join 
ou wire. Sand full partlonlars. Doa't misrep- 
resent. Management f&vb all. 


-WANTED, for Brevcus & Momrmau's Co., 
Juvenile Man, Piano Player, to double blUt: Juvc- 
ufle Woman, vrltli specialties; Actor thai Uoublts 
brass, Musicians for B. andO. Nanic!o^e«tstttttry. 
Ticket? No. Add. MT. GROVE. Mo. 

First time lu years. Gbarauter Comedian. Feature 
Musical Acl, Pam aud specialties- Wife. Small 
Part* and HUH. Salary, your limit, but uiuet be 
sure, prefer Soutbern ougafement. lien. Must 
have tickets. Regards to-friends. Address W. 
0. R02BLL, Clearfield, Pa., care of AtUngton 
Stock Co. ■ • - - " ._ ' ' 

if either n ay nlauo or u*e. Hoozers, please don't 
write. Kindly read thla last line over again. 
Will advance money ou arrival, bat no ticket*. 

Ceo. P. Wood, Afgr., U. C. Ad Co., liatiCelona, Ah 

Irlnii'ik. Ml.'li. 

R, II. BBATTIE. lawyer. Ooufidentlal cases 
a apeciaUy. Jndguaiiui- aud -decreea- ohtalued 
promptly. No notoriety Counsel free. i\& Clark 
St.; Chicago. 



Oar new UHIO-OT CATALOOl.'IC Is contntetetl, wlih fall dttttcrlultnn <>f, and uluiwlng roethmt of opsratlan of f v«ry- 
ihlng pert a tiling to electrlonl stage crnft and purls niuuieinvnts, Ps-Iee of Catalogue, 45 cants, which amount will us 
deduetMl from Arat 910.00 purchase. Sont to regular cuiionivra fret*. 



354 WEST 50th STREET. N. Y. CITY. 


Front and Back Bending, each trick Illustrated. 
Wo. Morphet'B Sohool, 887 N. 12th St., Phlta., Pa. 

Coincdv Juggling. Ring Coniortlona, Hoop 
Koilinc, Wlro Act, club Juggling, Sliilo Trom- 
bone iu hand. Work in all acts. 

JAMESTOWN , K. Y . General l)ellvcr.y, 

FILM BAMG4INH I ttH to 5 ClB. » font. 

Summer boarders; Wanted it Dog: Chicken Thief; 
Rube in Stibwav; Now York City Fire Ilept.. etc.. 
St., Brooklyn. __^_^_ 

Face Singing and Pnnclng t'omcdtau; nplunci-i 
and ctiauu'o for week. I pav all urter joining. 
Mouey sure. DR. F. U. MILLAR, Modern Remedy 
Co., Fleetwood, Rerks County, Pa. 


a comedy treat— a writable avaiHiieliL-; 
bright, useful stsgc mat -rial If von've _, 
scntyctfor MAIIS60N*S BCDCltCT tio. 
io, whl -it couTsina ;;i great parodies, v \ 
really funny moiiologucs, a line sketches j 
forziualea, and! for male ami remslc, 3, 
swell coinedius and burlesiiucs rutJiiiiiK.J 
uesrly an hour each, besides atreracndouH'j 
lot of new minstrel uiaLerial, comic. 
ooenis. sidewalk patter, etc. Price only 
•1 PER COPY. Money Murnca ij voa I 
naueo. Hack issues out of urtut except',! 
UUDuETS 3, 1 aud a. Will send any if 
for ll-M, a for fZ. or KCDQKT6 a. T, a utul 

KilW *::„'■.'. .IAiUICN UAOISON. 1101 



Tromboue in Baud. My wife bits and cornet In 
Orchestra. Will need ticket for bit,' Jump. Itc- 
apDnnlblG managers only. At'.ilrcHS nfiCHtSTRA 
LKAURR. WL*jj So. MtliSt.. Uiiinlnt, Ncl>. 


Sober man, wife and child- Single acts. Chango 
for week. Uidlea, all style.- of hinging and dan- 
cing acts. A|an, fentupj juggling, hike good 
organ. 8 wonderful dog«, Salary iinwt na sure. 
Yotijuiy nil. Can join on telCKniiii. 

HARRY OK FOREST, Mtiunnn. I'a. 


The Salisbury-Murray Stock Co., 

comedian with Kpecinltles, Character Man, Sou- 
bret'e aud lien, bus. Wunuiii oapsiiie of p'sving 
some- Leads. All particulars hi iirst letter. Jolu 
on wire. Answer iiulok to .. 

S. M.. LA PORTR. nur-rt N. V. 

Managers «f Kcp. t'u's, .li'lJIIKIl'l'l. 

Juggling Hoop Roller. cloHug In one, i mitmtt-*. 
Club Juggling and Uoublc Iiaton Act in one 
Chungs during the week. Just closed io weeks 
witu Muy LcliMarksUu. AdnreSH 

M NAIIS TBIWAM AVB.. New York <'lty. 


Preforoncc for tlioao that play Piano und Organ. 
Comedy Musical Act, write. Salary wliatyvti'ure 
worth. Rcforencu any one that knuwa me. i:Mi 
scasou. TlcketBrno. Must be ludluBaU'igeutk'- 
men aud. attend stilcdv t<> yonr own bmine«H. 
Address HARRY A- WOODWARD. Atnticrsi, Me. 

Learned ot any uau ur uoy; •mmi uusi. bend 
to-day 2c. itamp for partlcnurs and proof. O. A. 
Smith, Room loo. 20io Knntviiie avq., Feorla, 111. 



One piece or pennauent snek. only... Strong diu- 
leet partfl. Shows in Botilh nreferred.. Write ur 
wire CASEY' RANSOM, Ceo. Pol, Corning, la. 

WANTfQD i:iMi;l)llTi:i.Y. 


Lode. l& weelciy, guHraotce. wire 

1. LBVIN, nalcldi. K. C. 

Versatile Young Actor, A I Pianist and 

Vocalist (own vaudeville sketches). Good oder 
0rd*«1rHiii«- pur'iicr. 
KKEDKRIC FRAjtgR, IlftX 772. CJiatlotU). N. C. 

The Natural System of Transposing From 

the A to tbo It Flat Comet. Price For 
sate by JOSEPH P. TCLLY, ws Frankfort Street 

W€>r 9«il4» Choap 

Two Pertormlng Lions, threo Cross Cages and oue 
Ticket Wagon, Aildresa 

AUAU rirr/.FR. Hoaweil. Ind. 


Songf, Sketches, Monologues aud parodies. 


Actors, Musicians, and 
Advance Agent, 

Repertoire people nil hues, elnrlunct, sildo trouiimite, violin, leader orehusira, with music; pianist 
(male), trap drummer, vaudeville artists, and useful people, all kinds, who duuhlr itntitt anil alafiv; 
reliable ageut, coutractnr. and hill poster. .1 d;iy -mmix townni tlie I'ltctiir Uuiiht and return. Long 
season. O tod. sure unlnrles. Cointeous lieaimetil. I pay ail after |.>liilug. Kleyaiit car; all Mate- 
roums. Slum starts Nov. ir>. Ridiear^als io days curlier. M. 1). Col ilu», 'write. 




Only the beat mwrleiioed renortolrepeopt'.iMlJSTi-»Mml.lor ibl« when wrttng. first ftiNSlDBHA 

TluN.Al NOYKLTY THAT CAS COMMAND AI'I'I.NtlON NhillTLY, Kmolloaal Lending Lady with 
ability, nppearaliio and \vanli'»»>o: Heavy Mini, iiiiihi t>n llin loalime, no otliurs ciittsldnred: Leading 
Hag HiBt can lead ilium all. iJoinedlait and soiitiriMlc with clever Hpoclullle*, Honhielte must have 
abllltv to plat* second Iead4. Comedian iiium Ito rapahlu uf ilirnrtlng jititiio of ialost- Melu-limtnatte 
lucresaes; Culou Pro|ierty Mmi that ran pluy hits, dcuuiul KtisltiesH Man und Pluiilst that can 
arrange and transpose. RtiMKMIIIiR nil Hitlnrlu^ iiiiii-I be %vhhln rensuti and B'nii-d In l[rst letter If you 
want an engagement livru. Join Nov. U ffivrehi'*i'*iiln. 1 wlllli^m Altiniiy. N. Y " 
Atiaresn mil u. mm Kin it; i/niv, (. 


entn-al IJellrery* 

E>OT I£ 


niii on wire. Munt have irocil volue, aiiliity mid wardrcihe. Kehponalhli) Rep. 1'onple, write, l'ay 
uwu. J, C. WELSH, Now London, Oomi., week ur. -Hi] Norwirti, wuek Nov. .*, 



Th« ArUlociiita or Ilni'i-rioi ,, , t en i m In u 

. I Kiipurinirc Leading Man. Must hiive ittdllty, appt'itnun'o ami warilrolii 1 


. Other n'ofiil Itep 
People whii do Specialties answer, Only iiiewe who «tiiii|~ photo* und prugratus wtllbe'eohsldrrotl. No 
hold hack und no nights out. If van eannol shuid ]tr<iMii-ilty. Mis wIiimh von ure, Addresa 

WALLACK R- CUTTKK, lluy UHy, Mllh.. mild Nov.'U; WaiTtJO, Ohio, U'eeVN'ov.i. 


Hy S'llil'HEN AOAMS, eomiwuur nf the famous Holy UHy. Oreh'.HtmtlHi and ArUsts' Cop\ luc. 


Ity LI/A LK1IMANN, composer uf Sergeant Krue. Oreliestralluli lynd Artists' MH .I'K, 

These arc excellent ilttliads for lllich oi««« Vandckiiie. Heiidhiauiim to 

UiiONUY A( CO., No. 'j K|tHl HDV.aiiliioutli Street. Now York Cliv. 


I MFOiniS OF All 




1827 H. 10th tl . PblUd.lphl., Pa. 




Other good Repertoire Peiple, write, 

v" KOM'AHR UOYLK. Mnr„'Ji pton. Hid. 



A new Invention which prevent* films from curl- 
log or Lecornlng horny and i: racking out sprocket 
holes. So trnijhic t. r i keep Ulm In good working 
condition with this box. Kirc proiif and air 'Iglit. 
Price, ja.OU, IvLMjRIOK ASU KIDtl 

4-17 fi. a Hi Ht- K euh e nvi'l e. Olilo._ 


f AS (or Juveniles and Gen. Bob. 

W01AI for Juveniles and Gen, Bu«. 

IEADEB, Violin and cornet. 

OIKNIVAK MILLS CO., lludaon, Mlcll., Oct. w to 
Hov. .It Adilan. Mich.. Sov. t> io 10. 

Wanted, tidy Cornet, Trombone and Violin 

KOLOIttTN tor Lrcnuin Buret, nrolmtra woik. 

in:uuEiii.'s oih;iii»tiu iioheau, 

Vi>. 2111 Putnnm St., Toledo, Ohio, 


Complete Cast for 


Ufjt.'iiiDK N'iv. i.i.' Hehd pholofi, progrania. Mm 
tluuliuiKlii, age, lull parliciilur- Urst letter. Pay 
own. (inod vrardroiiu essential., lioukud aoiid 
furrieasou. Addi'vsa 


lluoni .1. Hinlvtk ICI.Ig,, anilunsll. l). 



lor winter Heaaou: 20 per bent, and expcrtHiis. 
Vim know toy rep. na money gutter, nfllue also; 
enough said, i'ltn furolxh Pianiste, road, aud rako 
II'iim. HohUrt IjIIm. jlCMiu and all. Addroa^K. 1). 

(llti;ilH, H. H, ._ iv.". Nuoaliu m.. KttiporK. Kaiuja*^ 


1 Barlloun or Teuor. Musi ne Al. No nth era J 

Flderod. Mali photo. Wo rurnlnii Hlldns.i 
f«, o:c. Blato lowest Kilary. Steady en •> 
•incut to a rdlaMo uau. Wantod, also, a ) 
1 Pianist. Addrais 
2tfU Willi St.', UulTato, " 

, N. Y. j 

1 f'.ri 

^S 51 A'f E Dll. 
Wo iQfttniot and prop.rc you for tlio nueo . 
mhiLacd iQcuro .fiyafroinunt.. fleod.tumti 
• * pirllciiuiw. rjuDliANlI'SBOUUOLa.Box 
i. hiiihii Hencl. Iml. 



Want High Tenor, Musical "Act, Specialties. 




THE NEW YORE CLIPPER -- ;• fp*& Eg^* tt Wi 

Xiiil Alii." 1W """*~**T . ,«,„- J ,~,«m mntim™!-' ' MIMM-ln 


raost-oca -oirs coacsaroxnx-cT. ' 

1HE FRUNK OUKNMBtlWIIMfl».(llmlMll.) Clipper B^iJ^ g . 



VWtc4'j*)(K much! enthusiasm In VopenUi*rii 
ttuyfgm -Mji trRnflnrM Into Jlnrllsh hy an 

i»ftr- in- the ^Bictidm^ nary,-. Hid there is 
n : project on-'lnclncilt fit a I/m- 
den'lnentren, ft.Chrlstinis piece. 

,.j v 


i^iiiiittfc.'d^' time nod-tune again. £ 1! -||fl REST 
Hawthorne, charmlns in. figjirc^atL.TfllC^-JMI — Bt»l 
- "to -the appr-ecnttloa ol 
Sh» recelred lei-crn-l en 

sang*' three 'sojags. 

London, W. C. 

Oct.* 20.: 

1*,*. ; CKOMlvc. a, . W _.nn)|.fllrD0x,. |KJ epw tMr.Mrt In n to? thnt «^oalo,oo no 

, B ATURrMY, laOVEalBBB 3. 1W 


AoT#r»i60itnt«— »2.80 per Inch, ilogle cot- 
10 prt 

emitted frr<ra-the.rcprose.ntat''6a.. A-drmna, - 
L.;.™ i. by.,ihe late Wilson iluvfrott, .called —The aapred..(r*,nonor; of 
A rerylraiy London theatrical season- Is <.^h». .Hamrncr." vlli •diortlv be produced 
now.oo. : Hourthe rest-Jar bows and. tin, gSJRfflRgSp^R^S S.SlmSK 


\*"llh Irflthtlnjt Sfein ilamor -» flnlr 
' 'lirtani |<..*«lL0«--jr<Jo4efrtii:B,t- 
11 ;. unit trbmCnticnrft ltcmedlca. 

"About the Utter part of July my whole 
^Sfi^J^SSS^Wg b-ady began to itch.- I did ; n« : tt** *„ch 


_. .Mom"' the regular houses and the 
htaii are icrowoM- to ..their doors nightly, 
the "house ;ftuT' sign bejnit, brouzht Into u*e 
nt every, perforraance,' oven .the matinees. 
All My. it fa toe best-rail opening (or jurat* 
ment placei London has had la yean. - 
1 The Criterion was reopened a week ago 
to-night, under the management of Jerrard 
Grant Allen, son of a well knovn novelist, 
ribd the youngest theatrical manager in Lon- 
don--"Thc -.Amateur gccialist," by Kings- 
ley Tarpey, which was done at the Comedy 
wine fire . yen rs ago, by the Stage Society, 
under the title ot "windmills," was Mr. 
Allen** opening play. The snot and sqb- 

tncUlil weroVcicranrr. n ■•vcntrlldnu^tVtjf notice- Of. it at. first; bltt-it Jfc«KUl.t0.get 
mnffr. ability with- no. -el M^JgSgffi worse all the tirrlcvan^thcn I *gatl,to-gct 
..ylbeway.Js tbc.o<lUor,of JT/ir fn^ifflU - . . . - ft « . uinH^ of- hath* nn.l 

Adnrtlaementa let with bntdar, 
c*n.t»t». gcBSCBIPTlOIfp- 

One year, to ad«nce, $4; rtx months, *2i 

three montha, -fl. Foreign iMfcf g Allen's opening , 

Shwle copies will fc* nut, postpaid, on re- 9tfcnce of (be fa ? . slr Hubert p e nnefeatn*r 

^nt nf 10 cents. Is a fine swjcinien. of the loud mouthed. 

jelpt 01 Wifast s-a, world regenerator. He Is at 

Oar Term, arc «»■• wlr gQ himself and his order, And, he find, 

THE CLIPPER Is Issued erery w«dD«aay diversion In the. park. - , 

^Ts»V The last four (adTertisIng) pages brother 8*»lallW-_and 

ihe otb«r pages on MoNDAi: ana "»nU!' ' more than hu kuah;. ou_ _ 

„^ r- . rin.lnir ProraPtlT. Toea- diet wllh the nolloe. He la rescued by the 

1 be rorma C">"»» * r "™ p '" ' Ml> 1B U heir or a peer whom he Wkei for 

. any, »« lf» »'clocK *. ™. f( , llo „. nt |j. „, m op „ whom 'he Intltes 

pi»u remit M tiprese, nloney order, check, home to dine nDd-aleoO. Sir Hubert hat- n 
7?2SZaaZiZ Allcaih.ll- cheerful l,«Mt or corryinc home with bin 

tttO'OT tbK**- -, brother«' every evenlnrr. much 
to the dlaU'ens of hi* family, who arc dis- 
tinctly tired of entertain I Oft- the -people from 
Wuhechapi'l m-dluner. A couple of pollf'e- 
men, dimtitlvl as "gentR," appear for din- 
ner. 'The '•B*nt«" carry Sir Hubert rtnd hlR 
youngest guest away to pri^o, and the oext 
day, much to the baronet's dl*gtist, they nrn 
r-elcQsed by n fnendlv maRlntrato, ]n the 
uienntime the bated young aristocrat hat 
token urivantnge of a abeofnl license, which 
he has carried about with htm for a we^k, 
nnd married Sir Hubert's, ward, ■while- Sir 
1°. awaiting serience. -Those- seen, .In 
the . principal parts at^: Eric. Lewis.-. Car- 
lot ta.AddlKon, l-ouls fJoodrlch. IJllan,iiralth- 
v.-alte. Ktl»el Matthews and K. Pagrm.1, 
wltoiA'flrtUtlo.n'o'rk. bv tlw.'way.-ls' the best 
ihnt has been ween lit r,ondon In mnhy 
inOnlhs. "The Amfltenr' Socialist" .is pre- 

by n Onf net '>invli^t nntiilnJ "'Din 

^ffl'SKraSS^SStv^fflB «nca S y.a n dtricti fc al!:kit.a,ofb. 1 tru n,l 
diaioiruc-. Llillnu Warren, picture soncatress: other, remedies that were rceommended 
.Hand Hon. comedienne : wm.itatcham. ma- r^ r s fa n humors, but I T)ecainc worie all 
tfcal comeUlan. and "cascys to«rt, mtro- "r . \W v^ir bc«an to fall ckit and 
^^fSSAS^S^kJm rty sSlp itched all tn^tinie E^ifaj 
Ebortly I 
titled '"1 
Zeno are Jus, 

of OcbKe"Hoflerv. Seymour t licks, who- an- 
uodtftrd "-the ■■■play he' has been writing ni 
"KVTTDOdv'a barJInj;." ha»\cbangcd the title 
to ">ti*s llolik of Kngfahd." The sixtieth 
dinner" of the Eccentric Club will take place 
at the Hotel" Cecil on Sunday . Nov. 2T>. 

As One method of meeting the sharp compe- 
tition of the music hnlJi, which enccmpas-i 
his theatre on everyialde, Samuel .lame?, 
the managing director of the Grand. Isling- 
ton, Is. borrowing from his enemy the sys- 
tem" of "two-houses-a-nlght. ; -Two- r"' 
rorffiarices of n full play ah) dq* l 

I^MofEnH^^^ ■r-^^-'^S^'w ^^^^^r^^i 

A aeau'tloa was cauwj one. day this week • Sfome^ l^forldtaj ;«J« „» ,^ r S'V.rletV me wondetf ully. For about four weeks I 


full per- they' have been ploying for the poit nine keep it irritated, and it was not long befofe 
f given at -noaths. -After J »>»"■. ay • In this city j couId not rKt night Or day. A friend 
' mS-£ "sito Vim «««•».." ^S,," 10 - «ked me to try the Cnticura Remedies 

p Ol order or letter. Alt calh .n- 
cl'oied with letter l» at th« risk of deader. 
Addreaa All Co»m«Blc»Uo«ia *• 

4T Went 2«th. Street, New York. 
flrnl.ferrd CaUeAiUntt, ''AnrtoititT." 

THB WB8TERH "«»■*" 

of -Tim Cmitek la, located at. Boom 601, 
A.hlanfl Bloek, Cnlcngo.-WllUani P.. Bryan, 
"anacernnd corre.r^ndeo. where »d«rtl«- f^g 
ments and mhscrtptlona ore rertlved It onr tl 
regular rates. 


located at 48 Cranboiirne 8t.. t*^g2L2 - 

John II Carney, manager and corresponaent, < ^ ea |,y n on* 1 net playlet. eotltlM ."The 

lt.«M BilirertlRcments and subscrlptlona are linonortp. Itoy." "by flladya-i L'n/er.- ,lt h« 

vben aaveruscmeuii "»» » Vim Jlttle unconveplloriDftl drnron.or the 

f*relysd.nt our regular- rates. _*i _ —■ u -- 


BiiJi awi betail, at 'our agents, P.renrjinoa 
news depot. 37 ■ Avenue .ue. TOpera, rorla, 
LSmT^W :HlUnthal. £**#* «WE 

joi-(Ter-mlnus HoteD^BerllhrN. W., Ofer- 
/_-_. ,.i-^«^ -tftU T*«1'.-9T Prado, Ha- 

dppnty chief nonstable wnlk6d 
rhlle slmnJtaneo.iRly a small hody of police- 
men tool: possession of tliPtheairo- The deputy 
rhlef eohs!nblonhnouni*ed that hewn* armed 
with n warrant to clear the theatre' at Once, 
'lie further stated that the management had 
noikense with which to eondtwt a music hall. 
und It was his driiy toremove everdybodr nt 
once. He wnmM all prrHeni thnt they were 
under a pchallvof twopouDdn forbelntr there, 
arid if theydld not. leave instantly force 
would be used; Meanwhile the performers were 

apprised -of the ponltion of affairs, and they hoy." Mr, Godfrey and his assistants to; 
were also warned they would not be allowed tne hill. , the Johostons bottoming It - 
to nppenr. : The lessee of tho theatre ls l Ba^ speak* well for the American acts. - 
ney Armstrong, a comedlau. who Is appearing Johnstons have only two more weeks in Eng 
.thls'wrck at the Lyric. 'Liverpool. For some jfjfi They'sair for Hamburg on Oct. ,29, 

Frank- and Jen Lntona. ore also contributors 
to the Hlppodcomn show, and vnluablo ones, 
too. 31 W Utana Is a very versatile, young 
lady, and Mr. Lntona a musician as well o* 
a comedian, - 

The Musical Johnstons played the nipfJc- 

drome." Itrlghton, last week, it being their 

•pcond visit to that hou>e Inside of aw 

months 'Hielr act was. greatly appreciate*). 

on 'the- m roe bill was Hal .Godfrey nnd com- 

mov, vho made a big hit In "A \ery Bar! 

-... %r . r.,-,-.-frPv firi.-i bis nsslstan :s tODDed 



1 was entirely cured and my hair stopped 
. falling 6Utr D. , E'"BIaHkeririiir;.3& N. 
'De l. St. Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 27, 1905." 


. tUK 


owning at the Ilansa Theatre Nov,, l; :for 
the month. After the engagement they 
on Pee. 1,'for 2<ew -Yorfe.-on the Hamoilrg- 
Amerlean "ner. -Blucher." Do Witt, Buras 
nnd Torrance have been ca emphatic hit' on 
the continent.. After sis weeks at the Win- 
lersarrten. Berlin, they, went to Ilnnovfr 
.\i' present ih>v . are •- at the Circus Carfe. 
Arnsieidam, where, they ' will remain .until 
Armstrong, ifor £120, his salary the .end- of. the month, nnd then to Paris 10 

time hoilng contests have been one of '.the 
■leadlns attractions at -the theatre, but they 
did not meet with favor with the local au- 
thnrltle?. vho Piirnmnrllj ordered their srop- 
parte; -The'boTing "oontfSU cominuM. how- 
ever, until Monday last, when.ibe thentrlcnl 
lleeiise for the theatre wns withdrawn. -\n- 
tonjo Pierri,. the "Terrible Greek" wrestler, 
obtained ■ 'judgment this EdiDbiirgh. 
ntmlnst »rT 


for-a;wrck'» engncenietit: 

■ 'ffaAtram.-;'in: 7W 1 Jfcftwe. snys: "Oswald 

Slpll, v ii(wly -returned irpm America, Is. I 

Stefnno tinttl,. the 'dean of •- London ■ Ibe- nnd.'iidsv Joa' nrrhncVmehts concern I nc.'ih^ mniiaiMVi illiul In tKbTa^nliiV fawim ,Mn.C.._' 1 ...I it. n Al-j. X. Qlwll -l-'jitnlrij 

y; niamond "rail ».. 
" a; Mrrnlla; Tlooli fthd tfUtloncry .Co 

Af-ieTt (i'Son. 1J7- 


Kscolta, Manila* P. 

139 -King. St. Sydney, Au«trfll!a. 

iitat «*• eflfM*".' «*** * b * t u *»*•* 
U mm Wi w&teihlL 

ntrlcal moiiflgnw. -died In this -city, from 
•..-incer. one -day laal week. Born- at Ponjeo, 
Swltaerland.oa Christmas n*.v.-lR44, hfcaftie 
!'j . l,ontV.!i with hi.-* brother AkohUdo,: .to 
assist their uncle,- Carlo flnttl. who was- the 
pioneer of ihfi ]iaUnn,reit.anrunt in London. 
,\rter the ,«nclc'ii ', death tho two nephews 
ctirried on tnejhaslne^s, huL-traasferrert-lt 
from- a email ahop In. the ojrl, -lluiigerford 
Market, to the old Itoynl Adelaide. Qhllery, 
where Its prosperity ■ grew . by - leaps ; and 
ItQiinrtV. Their theatrical; roanagfemenf com- 
irtoDC«l j in ■. the , early ■ -seventies,-' when ^ tboy 
took^.Covent.ORrden-.ior a-herien of, promenade 
corieerfrj, «*tBMMf ■ (lie ..illreciion jot ,'Arttin>& 

Coliseum" and- the Moss A Stoll ; L/mplro* 
generally. •' For the .present the chief out- 
come of Mr. : Stbll-s recent somewhat -seeret 
minion, to • the ; States is an Anglo- Americnn 
arrttnaemeht, whereby on exchange of stars 
Is to bo worked: fly : virtue? of ,ua entente 
rot'itlate 'I'ngllsh'performersi.. working ihe 
Mow k S».o)l -tojir of. say/- thirty j odd weeks. 

0UUB«S ANSWiatgD. 

.k, '3,', ~J*.'.^. —■■'■■ ■■-• • T**V ' 

No Bepilea toir.JWBlI-n r Teleajrai*. 

; : .' A-- ■-('-.." .....J - "j^ -j*L «o^.w '^hH-rhri: tiic ■■;-fooerusio'u.;ofiTom', Thormi>'{i 
1 ■Mll gprf l mi -"^f^ ™~T ~T j "YTl ntcapQAlori>iPrettiirt(fiaittalrtoviWoTrr s tl» 
,u,» is-iQULSi'vO^Hten '«» nCLT LJ^iT?p.?S rcWoiinr^lr^tl^nf.tho^VaadovilJe- ' 

11 1 vlere, , and \ Ihey , nlw> ,• prodilced -. 1 h rt-ot very 

Min-ensfiil .Aixtf. >hmt«e:v, Invtbe 

"hwv.deriide;-- the.v v urtyntedAi,tl.e. i AtleipW. 

ileli'. -jt tinder*-; 1 heir- tnaJIflremeni.v snw,j;lt3 

wleMbVaSN an, 'Lhp^.lmJneNot;.. melodrama, 

wJll.(lf-Aft',dinrK)B€(i) beiablcto-erigagcfor f Pom . circus Va rf etc, - tVipennagea :.,** Just a 

crrlftla furtbe'r weeks in the • States, nod ■■ 

American nerfprroerH >i working;, the .elrcims 

concrrhed^ lu-'.thK comlJnatlon, will '.he -en- 

tltlert;dltto ou- trUs-,alde/' ,- • ' •,--'<. 

r ■'"At v the /age., of slxty-fou r;^ Harry y Hunter, 

the well: known .founder. of the%M6h«wk^Mih- 

mm or AST xucAiRicAt. cowwrtB 


,^VhiimimaJH-;»trp;lux,^;.lnM^th*atricol jft fit tlie;-worrls-- 1 »£f,c'omic;:son 
vArld^fAoKl-fdft^na>'%irn]a>^la>i.^ni^ tifnier. :• «UewC'"iaie"*iIflhawkB 1 . : 

<^J- 4 «as v inaugnraied' a^'uetr - -Kbd . cornpfP- vm i,xt[ ,hp conniry wlih'a.tro 


C., Kansas Clty.- 

■Wc have no 

iicnslvc (.chernc for-mnklag-irettcr provlPlon 
for the various theatrical fund* and chnr> 
tiefl. Brlcflx. it Ih Inlendcxl that every year 
the third Thursday la October shall he re- 
tarded au "artflrr*' day," the ordinary por- 
tormnuccri .la .nil -.the. theatres .whig ilevnted 
to tho cHtabthilimcnL of a fund. for the benefit 



FjrancLs; «hd-. Day, -it ltd ^forwTtJijny. years 1 he 
brightened' ib'O'eniertalnmenUi.ivllh 1)1*. inlpn 
t>hd,\]f»kf!'.- ,Mr.„H«nler;'i\;Ai,:a"Tuftir:.of' ; fi[i^ 
pliVsliiufer; ftiid .iiihilW.iiuv'uoposIrig..1iiffrlo'i'H- 
lor. v.^H^-rttQiKVwan'he was.cleverfnDw>lt- 
- - *~1unB Hod v .wan ■ n 
. „.troiinc,<but'#it>wa* ^ 
at the ball at Islington- llint tils fame reached Austral 

"WcitcTir Bareaa , 

of the Metr York Clipper. 
Hnom ."Uit. Asblond Blocks Chlcmgo. 
' Without bringing many changealnthedown 
town theatre.. next week, will, however, be 
ijjrfe of no- little interest Blcbard Mans- 
Tteld'a production. -"Peer Gynt," will be the 
most Jmporthnt' event, if the result at all 
measures up to ; the promise. Mr. Matȣeld 
will appear at .the Grand Opera House, The 
other chief ehanges are. "Little Johnny 
Jones," at McVickcr's; De Wolf Hopper. 
In -Happvland," at the Garrlek, and 
•■Texas," nc -the Great. Northern.- -\ 
.... Illinois Tnt^nin'. (Will- J. Pavls. mann* 
gpr;; — "TheiKogers-Brotiiers In. -Ireland*! ban 
proven-; to 00 very popular.i and will remain 
for one -week ithore. The theatre Is crowded 
niafitlv. -Anna' Held- will follow Nov.* 4, for 
iwon'eeksi ■ ,„ ..■*»" 

Powerr' Tiifiatbb (Harry J. Towers, mnn- 
nger). — i*|ara v Bloodgood will continue* at 
this 'house In "The .Truth." The acting of 
Misn Bloodgood and J.E. Hodsoa is a ucrong 
feai tire . . ,- ■ . -- 

■ -OABiiiCK- TnEATBB (Herbert C "Duce, man- 
njjer).--^-i»e' Wolf Hopper- will appear> s»n- 
ilay. Oct. 28. la "llappyland-'', With- him 
will '"*• M*rouerlte -Clark.- Lena Asliwell, 
In, "ThC'Shulamlte," -scored w prononnced 
mmetm at,.ints auuue, cl'-sfc 27 

Cntoj-Lij. .TiiRATrJ: (George ,*V,; Ledercr, 
manager). — V^corge Washington ;Jr. ,^- 
unMHg to crowd rtiis'>b6iis*e,Tabd-:wlll'doiibt- 
lAsi-contlnue^fo do,, end .of. the en- 
gaircment.' .•.'.The'.tirent.Mopil''. follftw's..";. -,v: 
>%i,'i't'n':;iiAKEni 1 T;iEATBi: -(IS, E. llarmever, 
manpge"rK- i — AuhreV.v;fB6uttic:iiilt, " :rri-*,v The 
<«r>aiT>r-lv6vV.Vrrmnlns here '-indeftnitoty; ^-. 
w .\ew Tit«ATn»:t?\l?nni.P.' Option-, 'Atam6 1. . 

the 'OTympla -until H.v.,1. At the end or. 4ho 
Paris engasemenfthey. will -come-lo- Loudon 
to play Ih^-'Alhanibra for six weeka. 
'« leaser and T eager are Just back from the 
rnntlnent. where, they tell me; their sing- 
ing and dnnelnc act mot with much favor. 
They bejttn oh Monday Just on the flnrrasfort, 
totir.' Thnnks t;: 'Jobnny. Mack,; the .nero- 
hant, for *ibst card sent me from America. 
Xlr. Mack Informs that" be is .'coming to this 
eoiuiiry , next ..Spring. ._■_. *.,--■ r 
Jack- Asbby.'Qf Kelly. and Astiby*. writes 

line to let. you. know, ihac.we. are -here, and 
that thing* are going 1' fine •-.with 11a -Other 
Arherlehn acts h«.re arc, -Hooker- nnd Davis, 
CaHWfll and -Arnold,^ and Arnold . and >Wil- 
tou.^aad -all doing . v weH. .Wc- arc having ;:t 
g'reni tiraflr: the --weather iljolng,- df'llghifol. 
"" and i, ^whoiie act Is-one 

/'-•erhrilfully. costumed. In i valid 

PcIh.- illcjl; atk,HU home'.ln ihMciriV.'on'iKj;i- frt<*;' , jl , lerce 

iy.of Jasc . wrek.^Jt-.-wp J^lwhn orptaliWl (t^hiT^Kk.'J 

iCivtrttrpe^nty.thev.VgrhHTltttWil-TUAll^whh vjlh,. lvrVt^i.^o,.lh^^'ft-ncxl v ^vecfc;■-nfter^a•16ug 

'" prnvInL-laha'iiii-.';f;-i!'ic i /lifHi^'in%hlM'l]t>li;^y 

Hie Alosti KairSir«.' .-*. "Willi." ,i|T-t nhr;i Wy"; difpll- 

.-"-.r.-.l sthrf c-iviiI.-inin-'riiBiiriinilii' I .finrtiSn ■. "i.^'i.. 

^^^S^oS^Sm^ 2«ffi,* 91 »" »«ve «.n,en,e, l to net ., 

jl. H , Eureka, 

■AV. S., FaribMlt. 

m. 3, Jl.," 'Cambridge, • • 
* J. J. D., Haaleton, .* 

D. R. A., New York, 
li E„ Now York, 

El 8"! Philadelphia. 

M. it, Baltimore, . 

L. S. * T., New ^ortc, and 

MtRS M .J. C, Trenton.— See . answer to 

*W*tiSfim n'WerlUemant wouhl east 
« 80 for one laserUon; $174)2., net. for 
.•ach elcht insertions. .... , «r nn r. 
c It E. Plttnburg. — -Wilress J. w. nor- 
MB. Cploalal Theatre Btilldlng. Boston, 

^A. H. u Bald W ln.-.\adr f sa T. H. Win- 

n«t; 1402 Broadway. New jork.CltJ. 

jVfl. W.. AlIeghenv.^AVe can not aid ye a, 

OP II., Boston.— "The Cnwe «J rt P" nL . 

played PhiiadelpMn, Dec 25-30. luOT.. and 

Th ^& ^Ka C Kil4NeUie McHenr, 
toSretl the country in •■M'll»" ■ tor several 

**C W D., noltalo-^Afldrew' Dick & Flttger- 
aid. IS Ann Street. New IforkClty. 

..The play, to skilfully .fashioned by .Oo- 
nlyns Cutr b'bf of' "Oliver Twist," and which 
qhd such a tuirceasliit production at 'His 
Maje8tv;a. Sas just- been produced in a Op'r- 
man veralon at ^enna,. where lfc' Is said to 
have^fttihlpvod-a marked sueeeap. The piece 
hns'.-nlao- oficJt-.trtnslated'lnlb. several, other 
foreign lanpuagest and baa already been Reeu 
in/ Cope.nhligen, and will shortly be glvbn 

Its height. He wrote many of the roost 
popular Hongs of his -day, aweh as, "t Saw 
J'.san Kissing Kate" and "Over the Garden 
Wall." ' • •-. - 

■The plans for Walter Gibbons' latest en- 
terprise, having been passed by the Middle- 
sex County Council, the building of. tba nnv 
music ball has now< been started- by the ... 
contractors. Tlte ' WJUesdcn. rlroplre.wlll-be sha.ll be sailarled to live n atatJopory life fee 

ihost isutressful i torir-i of fthpiMojig >&f yi,"ftii 
clrculU ; *SrrtBh'g/fiVTn] :'London»Oc r t,>.^ff;-*ffor 
Australia, to^fill a sis months* engfiKomeDt 
tmder the direction of Harrv 11 lckanls. 'after 
which i I tour Tudia, China aud Japan, 
returning to BrtRlnud next Jtily, with con- 
tracts far nri -exclusive London engagement. 
Am offered return coutructs ou this ionr, 
but -hereafter my English engflgements will 
be coBuaeil to exclusively I/iudou nppear- 
nnccs. After my trip 'round the globe I 

In Stockholm, 
The Vaudeville's troubles havft not atopped 

opeiifMl oji Wltit-Uonday, .-1907. ■ The phrpH 
for'Alr. Glbbobs' other'noW ba'll/-tbo Tooting 
lTftjpoiUome, are practically completed. 1 Tbl« 
linn willy It fa. sa/d, be one of the largest in 
Grttat -IJrltMn, The Brlxtpn- Hippodrome 
will be opened on Monday next, under Mr. 
Gibbons' management', . • ,-..;, 

Sydney Lrun, a son of the late Dan Leno. 
Intends, to. follotf. bis father** -cawer. and 
will shortly make his debut as a professlooal 
■llaVls aixr 

A /while." 

hi so given" The cast : Includes: Jns..iXtrkir. 
N> Sheldon .I^wl*. :Mnr5-^Laiightoa,-,..\l*arr,ie 
lIow , owav,. : Ger*Id->GHffiDVxHirtN , *.^Qrm^>y. 
George Lo** Solr. .-Mr^lhald/ Tmvcrs, SGfy 
Stuart Ballev, and oth'ers." 

. CaiCAOO . tnu BOCM (D. Hunt, mana- 
gerj. — nenry Artlnir Jones' play, "The l-anc- 
lng Girl." will be revived by the Chicago 
Drastic Stock Co., for one: week commenc- 
ing Sunday, 2i*. "The Banker's Daughter" 
will follow. 

U*u:.n Ot-eea. IIot'Bn (Harrv Aakln, man- 
ager).— Richard Mansfleld presents "Peer 
(3ynt,"" for the first time on any stage. .Man- 
" rise puncttt- 

tliiy nlght^20.„ The cairtain 



Johnson and Wells opened, nt tho Apollo ally, at 7.45. ' Audirnrs not in their seats at 
Itreatra, VIcrina, October 1, and scored hear- tn at time will .not ba seated until. after the 

at tho rpsighailon of Bdna May. 
I'hvllls Dare was engaged to take Miss May's 
meant part.' Ethel Nswnian. iindersmdy-for 
tiie original ■•■'Belie of Mayfair.' felt she bad 
leen alighted because tbc 'part was not 
offered, to her; She has taken the unprec^ 
dented MUtt for an understudy of InBtroe't. 
lag her soilcltara to serve writ of Injunetlbn 

laugli maker. IlaVlji sixteen years old, aud 
Is- bow arranging to alcnollce. 'his •Mrewell 
10 n mat cm- theatricals by giving a eIx act 
version of ''Cinderella,*', written AT himhelf. 
The White Rata' pJntin(So,.will be held at 
the Hlnnoilrome, Brighton, on Tuesday, next. 
The foliowinc artists will take, part: Little 
Tleh, mkn Brothers, Michael- Nolan; Burt 
SUeppitrxl. Mc*?onnelL Trio, ■ Clltf Uylaud, \\\ 

conflnw-to olay the nnrl araq . .!»■ MIM _,; rl |i|,r,; -ana Brilliant. Asms Hazel, Cbarlee 

feactMllle ZrZSg?ff&^& .^"art*"" 6 1 * UrM "- L " . n » W "">"«.« M 

M»y-for the run of the play, and on Miss "ntivei' mid fioiMes the wkii soueht at 

m. rertgnau.n,,he .houUl!h.T«:..,c^ed t^fSfi? SS^Si^^*SSSpm 

hrr. Mib» Maya roappearnnce In Lohtloa na ¥n j,rif.ot i Ju'lBmeni debt due trom : an 

ha, beer! postponed until Christmas. When fffj?,, in. trnrn niSiel Inn-e TYenlaXtlrS 

mmrws^^ ^^^^<^m KHBraF 

firms who advertise in ^ Q4r««- ^^%kSK^£lttsSSm\ ^St&SSSnw are W we« in band for 

; - •: CA1IOS. nK^SiJiS?*^^ -.^ JirSwifffiS ^ 6 -romplltnentary dinner to be given to T 

J. II., Syracuse.-Yos. the second forty St^S^fm^St'. JPd£%X^ '*& F 
trumps can be melded for the reason thai 
neither .of the cards, to the other MM 
* nnd In making the second 

il'y. In their trtnsfonnatlon singing and dnnc- 
li'g-.ict. - Tl'.ev ask- to be remembe'red to all 
friends. Calcedo has made a big hit at the 
Palace, Carlisle, Compllpents from tho 
manager and laudatory notices In tho oewn- 

Bapera were his lot. William K. Burke, ^>f 
lurke., Andnin and Frisco, died recently at 
his home. In thin city. :Mr. Burke, who' was 
iii 'his .sixty-third year, succumbed to an 
attack nf gaatrltls. tit nuddersfleld, where 
he Had been .performing ot the -Hippodrome. 
lie wis lj.-j.rn In Waterford, Ohio. .and- was 
appreotleed to 1 druggist. Thence be ran 
away .aotl enlisted, ■fighting for the North 
during the Civil War. 'He then Jolacd n 
clrctts." lie came, to- London some eight years 
since, In fulhumcnt of n fortolcbt'a engage- 
ment, hnd stayed at the Palace for six months. 
HInce then he hne- performed, at' hundreds of 
halls Inr London end -t be provinces. He-Was 
the father of Millie Burke, who bos-made a 
name for herself In. musical comedy in-t-hla 
elty. The funeraj took- place nt Hampstefl.d 
Ceraeterr. Mrs. -Burke has received- from 
America the newa of the death of ber mother. 
Mrs.- Cecilia Catherine Beatty, who, at --tie 
age of eighty-eight, expired on Oct. 11. At 

» "rS! °5 e *l ,m V Ml ' 3 v.^£ at r,^' rfl5 ft «P^e9pond«nt remain in th 
**£•»£** Otj'hth fir Tort Tfihunc. • ^V^a>jVr ' 

of-£6>a * The Putbey 'Empire will be opened on a ™ r ).^'4hV 

forty are used; 

the' following 

la ; the nnran 

bv practicailr the same ean 

■'Colonel- Neweome' 
Monday, Mi*. Tree appearing lathenntUn 
port,, .siipportea ' 

opmpllrnt'htnry dinner 
I'Connoft HaiP.. e*o No' 

™iri.Kl P T,in^\flkjr. i'hA V-nVriTrom his bnnd "iw 'he badwlth h'lm when the plnyi-wan Brat 
meld the plajer takes^tho 1 nm mmSf last May. : . The next Voourtloh .at 

to complete the marriage. 

A. B. C.—No, as It is n mlsdenl the points 
do not count. 


J. 3., Newburg. — Writ* again and slate in 
your Qitery to what sort of n coutest you 


(11. W. Itflpley. 
• Mam'w-lle Halite. 

Yttnriiirbllt Ctin,* 1 „ 

•The ik'lle of Mayfair" next. 

Ai Iho National Tlienlrn 

mnnngert this week. 

. KMn Janls. In "The 

had packed houses Oct. 

ills Majesty's ta -follow "Colonel '.Neweome/ 
will Mte Shnketipi'ftre'd "Antony aud Cleo- 
patiTi." wllh Mr. Tree and ConRtiWce Collier 
In ihe namo paiia..- 

fioorgo Ildwardea -wUl 'reopen Dalys onf> 
week from to-tlay, with the prodnetiori of the 
iVew '■ light rtptna of Vlctorlen Sarnou and 
lir.-Hiba- relit, adapted by Capialn Basil 
II dad, nnd at present entitled "Les Mer- 
vollli'iiWM-." As evidence of the wale oh 
which this .OperA -Will he pntdticed. It Is 
stated there will he no orchestra of fori y- 
flvo Inririiraontallattt, and the largest chorus 
erer'yei etnplnyed at Daly's. 

Hon Greet nnd his company have left theso 
j-hores Tor America. Tlielr opening date will 
l«o In New York. As on previous tours. .Mr. 

_ _ or. is, by the music 
wnrlrl 10 celebrore the nuceesst'nl passing of 
the Music Copyright Act of 1'irwi. ■ A' pow'er- 
■ fiilinreiLnliiiarv conjmliiee.bas been fotiuMl. 
*mc- Three Merrill* arc how In lftahce, 
nw thflr 'cyt-Uiig net has -.been much ad- 
mired. They remrnjio London, on Dec 114. 
cripntng M the Hipped i-ome, Btlxtou, wlrh.n 
" wJllfh.tney declare jto be full of 

N<ov,- 5. -The iaoonglhg director, ■•W. J. 
Grimes, will run the house on the old plan 
of one house nlghtly/J Sydner M. Ilymnh, 
who has bren combining business with pleas- 
ure during bib- trip over tbo other side, ; has 
secured several big turns for the Ityman 
Company's hnlls In South Africa. He baa 
visited Chicago, and Is now in San Fraa- 
eisco. He expects to re.tnrn to this city by 
the nrst week In November. Mr. Hymin 
has arranged to opah a permanent branch 
ofHci! in-New York City, which will bounder 
the management of Robert D. Glrard, who 

first act, as the re Is darkened thrnngh- 
out the action. "Peer Gynt" is a poetic drama, 
by.liendrleb Ibsen. Mr. . Mansfield will ap- 
pear ih the -title role: Tad first three acts 
show Peer- Gynt a roving, careless, dissi- 
pated,- brfiirgliJg- young Norwegian mountain 
peasant, drunk with ambition aa well as 
liquor, find finally yielding, to the circum- 
stances of hit life, leaving on .bis world 
Bcareh for success and fame.. 3Jr.'Mnasi'elti 
Will remain here three weeks, then: will, give 
way for "The Triumph. of Old Glory." 

ArniTonTUN Thkatm .(Millard. Aanms, 
manager).— "Ben Ilur" la being presented 
before thonsarrds of people. The public in- 
terest in this' greet ploy never .has been 
greater ihnn It Is at present. The interest 
is not confined to Chicago ntid its suburbs, 
for neaiby cltlea in lUInoTs, Indiana. Wiscon- 
sin and Michigan are sending large parties 
to see the play. The engagement is Indefi- 
nite.- - - 

McVickeb's TnxATBc.(GeorgeC. Warren, 
manager). — "Little Johnny Jones" comes to 
this house Sunday, 28, with Bobby Barry 
In the role formerlv jlayed by the author. 
Tom ..Lewis, ' Adelie JTafter and 8am Pyan 
he cast. 

TrtEATnc (Mort H. Singer, man- 
agrsr)"^— "The Time, the Place and the Girl, 
Is the musical marvel of tho season. It la 
estimated, and with reason, that half as 
many people have been turned ; away from 
the Tin Salle' as have gained entrance since 
Its -first performance. 

Gbeat Nobtiikbm TitKATBir (Fred C..Eb«rt3. 
manager). — "Texas" will return to. tbinliouse 
Burulay, 38, for ope week. "The Mayor of 
Tokio' r closed, lit, a week of excellent bitsl- 
UK . - ' 

.BCsii Tbmpt.h TnRATBn -.IBUUUptt Seho- 
eer,- manageress). — "The Belle ot Klchrcond. 
deacribed as a romantic Sontbera love »lory. 


Coi.cMniA (Lttekett & Dwyrr, iimnagersl. 

— Thisweek, Kdriimnrt IHiehenrk, In "Tho ore-t will rclv upon Shakesneareah comofllea turned from America, hat*. been leccpted ns a 

tialloper" LiM '" w*k IHimlu Fnrnum. In nnfl "Rverymau. ' Ilia', company Includes: -ttiemlwi' d[. the-Wfltel- . HatK. Ills Instnlhtlou 


■'The' Vlrclnlah," had large hiialneaK, 
Student King" follow*. 

llGLAKCu U* Sloiblnnl Taylor, mauagcrj. 

-Thin wt'fk, Hilda npouff, it) "Jt'htt HtldsouN 
Wife." I*"c IVIirlebntclu, lu • , lKf.>ro aud 
After," played to giNid IntsluL-sa 22-1:". 

'CiiAtnTH (Miss II, Winifred IV Witt, uinn- 
nger).— Thin weak : Hntdnuu's llBllvt. Irea 
lliiv and ' eompuuy, Mr. nud Mfh. AUIKvii. 
iieo. W. Day.. the Joaslyu Trio. DolphlnO and 
IVImora, faaoa, aud the vltagraph. The 

I'hays were the leadert, Inst week, drawlug Cjrll Mauda lit tho lendlug part, will abortly 
itill honaev ' " k-. jooc by Mr. Krohtuau, In Now York.- t 

ACAprmv IJ. W. Lmim mnunger).— 
'ihla week. "Bight lleUc." Loal w««fc "The 
ihn-f,iop'y. r- 

1 company ._ 
Olive Noble. Thorndlke, Frederic Sar* 
gnnl. Milton KtHimer. JIushcII Tltofndlke awl 
Percy Wnrnni, 

1)1: or hiKUit. Nov. 10 lb*! fiircleal comody, 
bv CUarb-a HdUtiau. cutlthwl "'ITiU Bleel'rle 
plah." will In- priHlueed at the New .loyalty. 
Msiilu lltirvey liSs ucoulred u uew play 
u.uudtMl mi Uti* story vt ''The .Flying .Dutch* 
liinu," lu wltich ho tvill apiiear as Vaudel 1 - 
dockcu. "Toddles." which let having. a. pron- 
liorous run nt the Duke of York-a, -with 

|RyQg*lesS*iinE &5se£SSB&*£^ m * W^^F^S^W^ 
^^fi^Ap^x^ a&g&isfi&^vtt B$&£F$^?k^ 

hllnent or an ■encasement on the Himan opera meihort.. has been Rolne (treat s"m» to V'nes" taVCSS . "n".^"™" 

1,n " 8 - " at Ihe Kmnlre, where It Is now one of tho Muewic Tiifatrp (Lvmnn n. (llovcr. 

tictt Tli,irsil».r tlio llldillewi. one ot tho most arauslira foalnrM ot the hill. At tho ranuneor) —hubert wllko inil company am 
nldost UallR In London. . n-lll have, an annl- same liolise the nrlltom occupy a star place billed oa the star* of the lilll for week of 
MM,. James (Hover. He music director Orl -the bill, and ore mablnc their usual hit. 29. Tho bill «l.o lneludeH: '.Mennekel.' 
nt:Drurj-.IJttle, Has been elected mayor of which Is now an old story. Joe Brlttou Ned Wnvburn's llnln Pe«r» ,lll'Ne« Ay- 

- caa.cerinlnlr dhnee. mar, Walter c. Kolly, Ed. F. Beaard, nil- 

„ ■*.,**■» „ 1 S?rit.«ecrf.t . ij, at last dlTOlaefi. - 

Pnuilllc Clifford, tbo "(llbsou Clltl" In "Tlio 

Hello. of Sfayfalr." who was the caueo of Iho 

retlreiueot ,of Ednn May from the cast of 

that I'lay, anil Ihe rellremcnt of Chnrlcn 

reroliuian from the IU-ui of A. 1 S. f Jattl Jt 

CliarlcA Froltuian. 

ilexhlli "for the .romlhit year. .Law Ifarvec, 
of Jordan and llari-ey, ttie well liked .yid- 
dlHh croMs .talk rotnedlriuH, who letci. 

soh - s monkey*, amnio and Fannie iw;.. 
Kelly and Kent, Work nud Orer, Travcll; 
nnd Landers, Lena Dnreniwrl-. Harris «ua 
Oakley, Leslie r. t'olllnx. and the Great Kr'- 
lua. . 

OlYJiric Tiiwtiib (Abe Jacobs, mann- 

wlll. occur to-morrow-. 

'lUr ivtcldni,' Urothere Intended to return 

in ,tli.. Sioli-3 nt tlie iMUcliialon of their Cliai'lra Froltuian, mnnaucrs of lu'o VauiU'- mr)~^ulTua"A't'cKer'^inil^mpaoT~li I* tli<» 

lenattiy ami eucceasfill uniagnuieut at . Iho vllle. Is marrleil lo lli.u. HeniT Lvnilhurat head of the bill fur week of £l». Ilvnuis and 

Al Immura. lul ut t He Inst moment they can- Uruco, the Uelr of [j>r>l Ahenlare.' It was n alclutvce. Felli. Ilurrv and Harry, Itlllv 

iplfcith.-lr liuHMnec and km uecepteil bomo secret wrdClna;, ami tho secret has Ux.u well van. Ktclnr and Clifton, Araym Kaalnim. 

rriitlMtal tlum. . Thov M nt Iho. Jbtusa WK Tor- the murrftgc took place teu dava the Two Ylvliins. Lillian Aelifcv. Harrr nnd 

Itoutre. llaiuliuiK, ou I\or. 1 tor Ihe u»Ulh. aau. >m Oil It. .-by siieclil license, of 8t May llnwanl. CaHp-'llut nml Hull, tUe DnlyK 

■ tleorire-a Hall, which Utlio BKjl«trnr-« orjco Bhila' ami noncKiit, Frank Q. IWle, and 

r SV- ?.■ <>>'«'*>■«■ Hanoter txptare. ai«a Toths Quartette urc hlso ou thoulll. J „ ' 
aiffonl Mill reniatns a .member of '^Thc HaT>t*iiKi» TuaiTUi (William- Nwklrfc. 
Utile of Mayfair" «»t 

itnralar'a- Panitbler" had full houue.. "fbo 
(lombler ot tbo Weal." uuditrltnod. 

Muta-rte (Ophlr Leigh illsor, uauun'rl. 
—Tills wook. "Tho Arrival of. Kilty." Last 
Mai "Tho Hlaek tlrook" had eseollonl bu.l- 

ncss. • ' ■ y 

Lvctl-K (Euueno Kcrnsn, manalterV:— 
riil. w.ek, tlie American Uurlesoiierse Ijtst 
awt Williams- ImperlnlN liad a bin. well de- 
serted homo, f he .Merry Mnkcrs follow. 


After a provincial lour of .kuauy .wcks, 
lloriou mid Ashley aru ouee more lu.toan. 
Neltiwoek the. playeoer. of the Uollowav 
district will have tbo opportunity of ' wit- 
noniuy l!f [uunj- neople . lu '^annl float 
It Is rumored born that the uuxt productlou ttuit"- In. the near falure It. and A. aaUci- 
at lac Waldorf*, the HUtlborls'. house, iiale A Irlfi loAdli'tlca. *• • y '- "*.-.. 

-XUo Social Whlrll" Tie piece., which will The liujilrc, Nov Cross. oSerod aiich a 
haw lis orlclual-:Aui<-rlcau .■.«!, may. be ot- nood:hli| tills week thot.i ilocldcd.oo Truirs- 
lidiitod, aa -Tali IbMruied, Kouto tluic to No- <i,i'.lo tsake . tho • ttlw which, If one does 
velSuor', " Ou Weducaday, a cjiiueu;v,-- lu four -dot know isactly hbvv .to «ot :tll.crnJ I. a ,. 

nets, cntule.1 ''A:.Mlil,uiuuiec'> bW .wis jouriioy of:>ouic,uh-|tli. • Tho Harmony four i-epl 20, dld^Woli. "Olrts Will Uo fliria' 1 "il 
iirbUnrtK) nt ibe Wolddrt for the puruoso of tOMnw the kill, ■nidtliey weht airoiuter than Booked: Hauco O'Kell. lu ''The awSta* " 
aeeuriuj: the »t«ae rlkllt. , "....- :-, ■. ■VwtWittt, seen. them, nndl have, s« | ''iviieii the. Harfent naya AM Over" Hi 
•'l-be' romvillc play, "Ouce.tpon n.Tittav lu Ihe pflat two.orainre ■ye4M..viewoo tho "A Messafie rram" Nov. 1 ...'.. .'Maulo 

l>rfe.Hm.n„..lhe (L.tORtlflL r^n, n i.r.^1 ntnllr tlnl.w The fllllllr rnll.-a rlllltn.n Pn h^*a Miu.^ a. »».-.< R..-I 

1 ■ ti :. 


llarlliiKlnai— ■Atther1tl'0:i l tThrOtti.'(CaJio 
i fjrnut, niauaaertil-'ISilUk' Itaruor," OCI. Hi, 
plulunjd. M4U.V iflllt-iUt" -C". week ot 


Mi. Vau Stuikllford ami com- 

a* lihlpaf Araebinahii. the I>iiieb ilramstlsl, four a ,r<Hl ilMrlr times. ,The tiuiny anllcs lllllmin C 

vhnm ..Irtleni hlrlndny was recently .cele- of V*nftppr": rlHKllc, ami- Ike others hroilabt oral times diirlftp their. stay hero. 

i Co. ware guests Of the Enelc. „v- 

fahy are billed aa ihe heudllueta of the hill Xbe .bill also lneludoa: Me- 
Watera aud Tyson company, Ucry LatT, 
Husnjle Quartette. Violet Dole. I.uconla irle, 
KWU-abd Kluu. Uaymuuil'iind C.ood. La Toy 
Brritlierf-, 'tAdolle and- . nuUerw-orrb, robw 
and dog. Katie Molrose and BrrithOl-3 Dlril. 
- ;lNt«nKAT10!tAL ntai-rB, (OhaS. OllCk- 
man, ulaiiiccrl. — Chtla. Ollckniau and hla 
eoaliianr ot Vlriilleh players bam plural g 
capacity hodsee all last week. Ills company 
la » TeryktronK one, and lias. Met-with ■•» 
ca« at tht, -nonse.. - -- -, ' 

1 ;- 





CltlTtBlON- TKK*T»«.- r - c A MftO'H -Broken 

1 You I'm" will f* the nufiottou for week of 
•fl* "St'C tot 'Service Sam" closed a week of 
5cH)d buslnftia 27. , „ 

Bjioi: TSEatrf. ( Iloclie. mane* 
„fP], — "On Dnngeriim Urmnid" rill serve 
S4*tbci«ttnu:tiga.nt this bouse -week at 2S. 
* rhfc J)en*cr EJt$reBs'' Hosed -2IV 

ACAijtMi' TtttAmr. f William Roclio, mnn- 
a««TJ*"l'lieiiCu«<' of Drink*' will' be the 
aHfsVtion hw-fwi or 29. "At tho World's 
Sew" closed.- a - weelt of good b'islua«s 27. 
. At^MBlt.4 TfifcATfil. (Jamea H. Brown. 
Li8EEf*i).*-''i\t : 4be World's Mercy" will 
3J$i as tlic-.nttpafttoii here., fur -one w*««k 
cOMencIng 28; "A Man's Broken Promise" 
dolled' -7. "Sow Hearts Arc Broken" Col- 

CptVMBiiS -TncXTitK (Weber Brothers, 
wB&ktny — ''Queen •-' tue Circus,? a tnn- 
•.ll*al> comedy, will be brenMed at tbla bouse 
week' -of 20,, "The Beauty.- Doctor" closed 
2t.' -yMcFadaon's flat!*" follow** 

JPBkis Tbeawe ( It. T. Motts, manager), 
—"A' -Trip -to. Chtnatewh" ■ will be presented 
]jtfre> Xor ajulnduflnHe). stay. . "The Mayor of 
Dixie" closed 27. Tiieaths (John A. Feanessy, man* 
nger). — The Broadway Gaiety QlrU Bur- 
l&que. Company-: Is tbe attraction billed 
week of 28. There are two burlesques, "Tbo 
hand M Promise" ntid "The Way to Heaven." 
The XIgh till gn lea closed 27 r a week of excel- 
lent bimlneusC 

TltOCADEBO TllEATOR ( I. . M. Welngarten, 
■uQiiujCHP). — Hoble'a Knickerbockers will be 
bore week of 2*. Tho Night .Owls closed a 
week of good busthess 27. . Roue Hydefl's 
Loidon Belles Burlesquera next ■ - - ... 
-EfsoN'a Theatre (Hid- J'. Busou,' mana- 
ger).—- The Lohdon Belles ■ Burlesqued* Co. 
will be ween here wep* of 28.- Koble's Knick- 
erbockers closed 27. The Jolly Grass Widows 
follows. ->■ ■• 

. ■.■CUBIC HTJ.EET MfcstCM (Louis M.. Hedges, 
iiiknagerJ.-*-At. this house theru will be au 
tiotlreiv new:, bill la the vaudeville theatre, 
Bad complete new carlo attractions will also 
it 'seen.' ' 

London Dime Mi:beum (Wm. J. Sweeney, 
manager).— The following are In tbe curio 
IiaJU Elsie Gray, lung haired woman ; Roxic, 
lady hag puncher: Shale Calseldo, one wo- 
mau baud: Eliza T>i vis, spotted woman, and 
Ktlicl Hfluer. snake charuier. A new bill will 
also be -In tbe vaudeville theatre. 

ArTFQM.vnt. — Pauline Domn. Lllteral hiis 
made a decided bit with Roble's Knicker- 
bockers- Chas. finch's new comedy 

drama, "The Bank Wrecker," Is billed to ap- 
pear at one of tbe local playhouses very 
won.. The story of tho play Is strong-, und 
deals with Hie characters In the now famous 

Inink wrecking; einbruglio John Driscull 

will shortly Appear lu "The Isle of Spice." 

.Ethel Gilkey will play thi- Dominion 

Theatre. Winnipeg, Can., week of Nov. 4. 

The- Everett Sisters will play tiie Or- 

uueum Theatre,. Seattle Wash., week of Oct. 
5*» . .Kdwnrd Wnldmanu ban Jusl re- 
turned from the I'jicitlc const to organize 
n new. contpauv for" his rc-iulur Winter sen 
son.. Ills -prlpclpiil "DivJekytl 
vm\ Mr. Hyde" and "The Merchant of Vuii- 
li-u.". . .... Sutton and ISuiruu called en runtv 

Id Ohio from Canada. Thrv will short I;' 
play forty weeks oVer the Western Vaude- 
ville Circuit.,.-. . . -Among tlitr Cui-Veu Bu- 
reau callers lust week were: F. II, Btich, w, 
V. Pcrrv, Mr. Young. Mr. .Hugers,* of the 
Wtuhtimtuh .Po«e> A'anhuiKtou, 'D. C. ; Sut* 
tdh and Sutton. Kdnnr ltuff and Dorotliy 
llnynul. Eileen McNulty. Miss McDoniild, tho 
Five'- Magical' Irfivelands,' lithel tHIKev. Mr. 
:nd Mra Brnec Blnaldo. Erward Waldniann, 
Paullof; Devere Litteral and Amells Barleou. 
.r. ...Henry Woodruff, tbe star of "Brown 

or.Hnrtfird," laid oft la tbls city last week 
oa' account of :tbt:oat .tcQuble.*. .. .■ 

■ ■■■ " m* » 


Kolhrop fltock forces this week. During tbo (Jitwont IV. f. sHiea, manager).— "From tie Altgella 8. "Mrs. Wlggs, ot Iho Cabbagb 

past wee*, the. patrons turned gut In goodly Trarop to Millionaire,"- ]8>ao,-to the usual Patch/' 8. ^ Mm * 

numbers:,tg:.n-iuim8.V\Vlnebeaitfr." An un.* houses, and leemed to satisfy. -Trocadero „K«f IM . Cf- F ; , JrSHMa SftSSPsSZ 

named drama »ni lie presented next week. BurlesijueM, 2S3£ were accorded a royal '^fltle. thoJNewiglrl/' Oct. 22*24, and tun 

Itn-lttlp will ho decided by popular vole of welcome Anna Hill 

the audiences. mented upon, "nuiy 

•tUiiHH iB. 1*. Keith, manager).— Last notton Belles 20-Sl 
wpek Amors Onval Hussar Hand George 
Gvnns and the Ceasema weyc three features, 
und will lioln ever fur this Week. New cards 
are: Will Hogem, L>im, Fayc and^Voung, 
Violet Plsi-k »n1 roinpiin. jtweohlne Osss- Vlvss & Bioll circuit 

wbi farorahly coin* 
the KliV' 23-27. tho 
,V Trip Jo Egypt" v - 

A Barlmi's Show, . 
2ft-nJ;-81ierMo!)'« t 0lty 4 

COlnmbtts^-At the arcW *outii*rn (Wte. 
Sanderi, manager) Otis Skinner, in "The 
Dull pleftsid largo house* Oet. 28.. 2-U. 

■I. fti[ veil, by 

- Tu 

'Way TKiwu Cakt" *ns well WW 

w. 23-27. came" To 'first cla«* good louMs. 24, 2ft., LiwNttCf D Ofiflyji 

ted- "Hulcd Off tbe Tnrf" The Embawy Bull, did wolU.6, 3t. Thi 

-Last no*ton utiles •», - a Trip to tgypi .w. gr «, w^tt+A%!^W-*'t^ S iiS5? r aV EHT x&d!?f- nTv'* I RtuJ 

ieorge |S Vanity Pair BvfMtMS-T. ' Shadow Behind the Tlirone" 5-7, tho Golden rOgfLi V; ..-rhf. t^ am the Man " 2 k 

ilu'rel Witii'Tih; pR-^aVtON.— Arthur. Prion Btfg B»rlea»»eii» S^Ul. Lt {SR?«E!w ll ! o llfuer inahaiurl.^tho 

.carda with his wtfe. Ida Itehe. are w ■ ■ • m M M wfiffi E ?? or ',** V W'« Hf' v***WOwI«S 

ioum, Hngand to All n rontract Torn toor of Iho. , jfow Medfomi— At the New Bedford S'f,*4uo, n S'« ^^ 

man and her, "Picks," Dave >'owlln. Chewy dMsa&TiintnvSS* It" ttw- hallooo) rnw of the 

Aero Club, wan lo Plttsfteld last week 

nud bates, three Mitchells, tbe Uotait*. 
De . Chunt and bla fox terriers, nnd the kl- 
netograph views. 

Onrnci'M (Percy Williams, manager).— 
Fred Karno's Keeund London company, In- 
"A Night in the Slujps of -London/': and 
Delia Foi are t«6 underlined features for 
week of 20. Other sterling acts are: Fred 
Hslteii and Molllc Fuller. Pagan aud Byron, 
Oeo. Thatcher and Chas. Ernest. Tasmta's 
Jnpanene Troupe.. Metropolis Quartette. Hen- 
man Trio, Jus. P. McDonald, and the vitu- 

Tile SlcboVs- Twlm. fanoy and tclck roller. 
Kkaters, gave exhibitions at the Lvmin Street 
(tlnk laot week. A Carnival of Nations will 

be th* feature 30 Ovorgc Crawford, of 

the team of Crawford and Ford, appearing 
lit Poll's lust wet-k. had the nitsfortuns to. 
fracture his leg In, Tour Mkcsa Tuesday 
night. Dr. Maer, manager of- Mabtd McKIn- 
lev, reduced the fracture. He .wo* inter re- 
mored to the Merer ttospllfel, whero be will. 
probsulv be eonthird «lg or seven weeks.- 
Scott and- Wheeler, ertored entrHalners. took 

.» .Urdticy Uvseufvld, ( Wm It. Cross, maiiagor) Thus. IC. Shea, week 

"" of Oiit. 22, played lo ihi- usual lurgv ajud, well 

idlences. "Under Solithern Skies" 

llowAnn (Jay Hunt, business manager).— their place ou the bill Ueorgi* K. Stan* 

Tbls Is the third week of the Gans-Nelson ton. assistant treasurer of the Ncjsan Tbea- 
fight pictures, which are attracting enormous- ti-e. has reaamed his duties after being cun- 
crowat*. A neiv vauderllle olleriug mention*! Qned tu his- home- with ptomaine -polHonlng. 

T^ewls Mi Cord nnd company. Adorns and Louis Farina, who'rnn u hotel ut 

Drew, Milton and May, Bryant and Carter. Atlantic fit)'. N J., last Summer, baa re- 
Three Claeres, Anna. Chandler. Le Clair and turned to hH home In this city. 
West. Adams aud Mack, Crlumilus and Doyle. , 

Butler HavllanJ. tbe Howardscrope and the 
popular, house burlcsuuers, in the new song- 
lest. "Win Out." 

PaiAck <C. II. Waldron, manager). — Rice 
Si Burton's Big Gaiety Co.. -headed by Ch«s. 
Barton, this 'week, In "Two Married Bachel- 
lors." intervening vaudeville offcra: bert 
Baker, Wazly .Allen and Edyth Ilamllton, 
e-.i Mfwi Jatp-s ond' Kate Prior. A), 
Beeves' Beauty Show .won deserved success 
last week. 

: «.o,, l ,.„ lt T,\ (II, N. Farreu, manager). — 
Feature aria with the Jolly Gruss. widows 
Show. this week itro: The Zarrow Trio, Ruth 
h?verPtt, Gruet and Gruet, Maida Dupree, and 

Garden and Soaiera. During Ibe past week a. t a- t --'-----r', l <r; H iTYTi fTfiii 
W. B. Wtt.son's Burlesipiers gave one of the }}j[9 lit '*° r "."• '" , VS fc 5W ft K1 " 8 ' 
boat dnM seen- here th's sesson. and dc- **&&3L ^» S*& ^SK *2*__i. 
served nil the good luck tbev enjoyed. . . 

LvcelM 10. H. nai.chei.ei 1 . uiniiager). — 
Bob Manchester's Cracker Jacks uru back 
for th.»lr second visit of the season. Bob 
Van Ostcn head the fun brigade lu two 
snappy burli>sqnes. and the olio will engage: 
Eckel und Werner, Dora. Denton, Anderson 
aud Curtis, Ruby. I*eonl, nnd, as a special 
feature, th:: Gnnu-NMsun fight pit-tares, Tbe 
new Boston Belles Co. scored a big hit lust 

Atjstis & Stone's Mcsccif (A. B. White, 
ii'anugiM*). — Manuser White offers this week 
"Little Coucy iHluud." In which arc featured: 
Two of tbe larzest oxen in the world, Louis 
De&uvals, comedy one arm athlete: Frank 
lenjini tlirep lp"ged Adonis : Mutbllde, gro- 
testjtie Indy Juggler: James Mandy. Iron hkuII 
ruii.i ; Juis maiioaettcs. Trlxte, snake t|ueeu, 
and the big . uytliuu. In tiie tlieutrc ure : 
Mlnstref Maids. Inrrotlnclwic Violet Dule. Ida 
Cwiii|ibi.'II. Grace Toledo, .lode Sitxluti, <'lnnt 
Steele. Viola, t.'niwfwrd. Mlldn(l Kls«, Cusfle 
Fiench. Kvla Mnsrite. -Mice .Berwick, little 
HlaiH-hurd, Frank Took. Hurry Foster, Henry 
Mvers, Elimr Itewl. and extra vaudeville by 
Cashing and Merrill. Dllks snd Dllks Alien 
mi i Keelev.- Win. Boldip*. USj moving pic- 
lures. Buu>liic«i Is always big, 
. Walker's Museum (L. B. walker, muuu- 
get). — Mile.. Beatrice Olga. the reptile con- 
queror, who handles alligators, .crocodiles uud 
f ; nkes. Is the lending curio hall feature 

this week. Others arc: Greut Balbroina, king .,.; 

of wngic; Montuna Joe, who .claims to have 'Ttfcgdatf, .Vor. fi. (Election Day), buug a 
wheeled a whoelbarrow ucrosa the wnUneut, fci A*;.«*sf correapopdintu are restarted to 

^^^^^^S£Si ^S£ K- S -«*■ S53 ^ p***** *. 

Will Beverly and Nellie Ilartrerd's .Burlesque The CLtPl'Eit, dated h'ov. to, reach this officii 
Cp'il-.-r" ■ .... -.. "„;_;„i ••■_!„_:.. c not Inter than Saturday M<irniny, \or. it. 

pleaeed nudlemes. "Under Southern, 
yn, Qbos*N>I«uu tight pictures 31. "The Mayor 
of Laugltland" Xov. 1, "The \olunteer Or- 
ganist" JL Hessi'S- •' the Unru Baud S. 

-IIaiHawas'm (Tlieo. B. Baylies, manuger). 
—An extcllwrit hill, headed by Harry Coras* 
Clarke and his clever company, pleased large 
audlencvs. week of Oct. 22. BUI for week 
of U!i : Adgle nnd her lions, Harry Le Claire, 
St. On go Brollieri. the Olympln Quartet. Ed- 
die Mark, the Savndos, Mabel Slmpaon aud 

Savoy. (Wm. it. Slnuc. manager).— Dynea 
nnd Dvnes uud pictures played to capacity 
husliiea'a Inst week. Week of 21): Master Gra- 
ter Ltif, boy touor, aud picture*. 
... i .. » 

Lawrence — At the Opera House (Orant 
A fahn. mapngers) iU« Clara Turner Co. 
fT»'»i the hffr,ls week or Oct. 

Eph. Thomps(.« » 

m lied.llliU'H. and Vred Karnos Lohflon 
Cotuody Paototuiiue Co., Urate CamoroO. Wi- 
dav and Fox, Al. Linvreuce, SlntMllie*, htnt 
Banks and Urefticlle, was well received by 
large tiousea week o[ 2*'. The bill Is : Ciiarrotou. 
VUilo Dnlyli Uic DlXlu Scrciiadom. Helen 01- 
nird, O'Dcll and. Klnley, Tom Nawn and 

... 22, ro good 
Booked : The Beuuetl-Moulton Co. 

Fall River. — At- the Academy, of Music 
( w. F. .Meeout resident niaqager) the bcu- 
nett A Moultou Co., with Charles A. McGrutb 
and C'l-ua Klchardson In tho leads, came 
week of Oct 22. to good business, with the 
exception of 23, which date whs rilled by a 
political meeting. "A Trip to Egypt" 29-31, 
'Ruled Off the Turf" Nov. 1-3. 

Savov(W. P. Mason, resident manager). — 
"PrlueeHs Beggar." with Paula Edward*.-*. 
was enjoyed 22 by a i;ood sUed holiee. Gans- 
Nelson fight pictures drew two. large audi- 
ences 23. llessvs o' the Bam Band greatly 
pleased 24, Bennett A Moulton Co. pioscnt- 
(Hi "The LUo Havers" 23, to fair business. 

Sheedy's (Chas/ id. Cook, manager).— 
Tbls week's hill Includes Brlndamour, who 
has been retained . for. another week. Ho 
packed the. theutrc at every performance 
last n-eek. and popular demand held hlui 
over unother week. Charlie Macks new 
IHku success, "Come Buck to Erin," also 
moral an emphatic hit. Others are: Twelvii 
Xavnjo Girls. Johnson ftiul tlartv. Florence 
Snumlers. Pallls and Cuslck, lioliuen Bros., 
Beded and Hadley, and couieragraph. 

Boston (Cha*. SchlcF-luger. manager ).-^- 
Sstlsfartury hnsliiPss and a good show last 
week. Bill tor week of 2» : Morris and Blaln, 
Mooer, Nelson's dogs and monkeys, Mile. 
Anita. Jim Duly. Mue Waldron. Bostouscope, 
nnd Dollv Clifford's Itnrlewiuers. 

NicKEUdtEOS. — Week of 21) : Mason und 
Mason. Bona Barry, Meebau aud Meehuti, 
Utith Clarke, uitd optlscope. Himlness Is good. 

Niitkh. — The nieiiibet-H of tin* Bemielt und 
Moulton Co. presented lru E. Newhall, .their 
uiur-ui-er,' wlih a costly gold headed um- 
hrelln last week. If being his lifty-llnt hlrth- 
dav. Mr. Nuwhall entertained the company 

ut'dluner after the perforniuucf Harry 

S. Haihk-ld. late of the J. Frank Burke 
Stock Co.. has Joined Mary Manucrlog Co., 
as stage manuger, oneulug ut Nlagura Fulls, 
Oct, 25. 


bualucss. _ 

v*-e«vi W exeeiiting :il 

King" will be seen. 

Colosial (J. Fred Um, monoger).— This 
popular playhouse did exceptlouHlIy good 
unslnesK week or 22, Bookfd week of *Ji> : 
CharleB Mack und company, Emerson and 
Baldwin, Scott and Wllsuu, Elmer Tsniey. 
i.i>l" Ijelgli and company, Itay Cox, World 
and Kingst on, und moving pictur es. 

. Taniiton—At the Taunton Thcatro (Cahn 
A Cross., managers) Prcsci'lle, the hypnotist, 
did well week of Oct. 2a, except 24. ".lust 
Out of College" had good returns 24. The 
Karl Burgess Co. comes week of 21), except 
31. '.'Under Soi*thflrn »Vles" at. 
♦ ■ • 

company, Joe Welch, aud the American vita- 

8r ilwH HTiiEatr iCIiaa. w. Harper. tp»n«- 
gor). — Beatrice Vahoa, In "Ouefln ofjtho 
t'lrceav" drow -ioihI houses fflMi *'J»n. 
tusma" ciitortilbed crowded DOOM £M?- 
■•atereta of the- Follce'* 29-31,' "Actott the 

Notx.— l.wunVailo and his La Beaia Or- 
chestrn will appear ut Memorial Hall, under 
the auipk'wrt of-thc Columbus Symphony Or- 
chestra, Oct. 3D. 

■ II ■'■ ' ' '■■ 

Cleveland.— At the Opera rfomje (Harry 
Ti. Kllno, iiiaiuigcr) l-ny Tumpleton. lu 
" weak 

as^ffsaja ^s Srwr«B?f»"^B 

Clnrlnnnll.— The musical Reason ts now 
In fuB swiug, br.V Ihu irenuudous Impetus 
given affairs harmonious aud melodious has 
no effect upon .tin* Thespian situation, which 
continue* to be roseate. At Music Unll 

tu jammed boil,,.. 

Ai.osi.m. (Oi™ & caluutell. lufiwmrt) 
— Hcuty U. Dlior. I" " l11c *'" n 0L PS " ox l . 
Ii»»Iii.m ffirtk o( 2i. "Tho ITIoco CM» 
'"-'LictlV (Qoo. M. Todd, mannier),.— Kjl : 

rrowJ, uf colored people week uf JJ. 1500- 
ford's Ilojw" next. . _ . , 

Cutnum lone. M. Todd, »»J*C»Ui- 
"Thr Eye Wltnei." we.k of to. , 'Toe Ml'; 
llonalrr-Detoetlm" lmJ Kood receipt. -week or 
SS. -The Clinic of Drink" nett w«,k. , 

Keitii'k <ll. A, Umil»l«, niauauor).— DIH 
neck of »j'K Military octal. ,* 
Dti Mont. Jean .Ardellc ond plekinlMUa. 
Rli-o and L'otiwi, Wee and B Inter.- t;"«P''JW 
nml flllila,, Seymour aud Hill, and Werdcn 

I.tmi- IC. II. PocklMm, ntanaier).— Bl|l 
week of 21): taluoa Bin ,1-ondon Panlotnlue 
Co.. Ikinnrnn and Arnold, Hark «"? J* 
llnii 1)0 Wilt. AtHlaUall lien Ilotundo Tlotll*. 

:iiestru were given an ova 
J'i Rugftleni r.-uui-iiviitlu l_ w 
<)rclie«ra t»f .Ixry-tlvc player, made 

■ Dohtou.^Wltli norelty provided at three 
of the down town titeatrea, uud an attractive 
Ihtt.of offerings at the ..other, hoaaea, tile 
week beforc ; election tn-omlwa' to he one or 
iiuusual Interest. "Matloni Ituttertly," ut 
Hie Treniout: FrunelK Wllnon, lu 'The Mouo- 
Idiu: Climber." at the Pork, uud ."My Lady's 
Maid," at the Mojcstlc'ore f eon for the tlrst 
tliBC! locally, uiid A'udrcyr Mack. In "Arrnli- 
nu-1'ouitc," at: tlu Doston;' "Wlntlug the 
ToWu,*' at the. Globe, and "Queen of tho 
lllSlihluders;'! at- flu; Grand Opera IJouar. 
ire other elianges. Continued attractions 
are:. Maude .Adanis'. In "Peter Pan," nt the 
llollls. Street, und Mnrle Cuhlll, In "Marry- 
ln«- Mary." at -the Colonial. Owing to Ill- 
ness, Camilla Salnt-Sueaa, the French com- 
poaer, will tjo unable to make his Americuit 
debut In -this city ou Tuesday evening, Oct. 
30. ns acbednled. -. - ■ ■ - 

TnfltONl (Jhoi B. Sekotta, monaeer).— 
The first Boston . production of "Maduai 
PutterBy" will he made: by Savage's Grand 
Opera Co:.* in EnglUh, Oct. 21). . Elm Sza- 
■K L^nlae Jotnwtn-.and llena Mvleune 
will hllemate in the title role, unil.the others 
of the conipany ure : uarriet Behnee. Lsteile 
Uloouiileld. Jouenhl-', Shtelian,.i''raui-lB Mac- 
lennnn, WlrflCretl- Ooff, 'ITiomoa •».. Bkhards 
:,nd llonert K. Parker. Tbo eiiKugeinent w 
for-two wecka "The Student King" closed 
a month of. excellent business last Saturday 
night. , ' : . j ' '.I." . ' 

PAntt -' (Chfie, Froliinan. ItlcU 4 Harris, 
iiiunnKira). — Prauels Wilson g.lvea us "Tho 
Mountain Climber" 20, keglnnlog u fort- 
nlghl'a eugugemeJit. Prominent In support 
arc: May Hohsou, Ellen Mortimer. Joseph 
lireminu. George Irving nnd I-^lnn liurns. 
Duflug- the past eight weeks "TheLloa and 
the Moutc:' playwT lo -the cupnolty. 

JUjtSTlcr <A. L. Wilbur, mauagerl.— Ou 
20 occur* Uie first locul hearing ot Jiy 
Udy's Maid," with Madge Orlchton nnd Jo- 
sepli\Coyno [coturcd. booked to remain two 
weeks. David WnruVid. in "The Music Mas- 
ter, - ended' four weeks of lainien«a huKluma 
last Saturday uigbt "The Koae- of the 
Kancho".wlli. have Its mmtm here Nor. IB. 

Boaion (Dawrotico McCaity. . mauaijcr).— 
l-pllowiug-twxj weeks of "The Social Whirl, 
which enjoyed good average buwlucas, Au- 
drew Mack. Qet. 21), begins a week a enajagi- 
oicnt )n "Arrah-Ka-Pogue." "Manisclle hjil- 
114," In which Katie Harry aud John C. Sla- 
vic ure prominent, iiexl week. , 

Hntus Stuixt tlsnac 1). Klcb, muuager). 
—Mande Adams, in "Peter Pun," la now In 
her second Week, and a favorable Critical ver- 
dict was backed by canaclty business. 

CoLorflAi. (Chas. Froliinan. lllch * Harris, 
mahng'era).— In "Mnrrylng Mary," last week. 
Marie . Canlll won the merltisl approval ot 
l.lg alldloncfS. She will remnln during: the 
■'ilrient week, nod will he followed by E. fa. 
YVIIIard, '!& "Colonel Ncweome." 

OtOBE < Stair. Wilbur 4: Mcolal, mnna ; 
geral.— This wcok. "Painting the Town, 
followlnf "Cnder Southern.. Skle,," which 
attracted nine givd aixed otidlences. .Too 
Rfca, t«,"Down thui Pike," next week, 

BBSr OKeba' Hoist: (Ceo. W. Magee, 
tnauucorl.— "Oueett of tho Highbinder, Iho 
current' "week. Copt. Kalley'a Zouaves Is a. 
oiieclul- /eatuw. "*10,uDO. Kcward" tlirllleil 
I lie big houses last week. The work of 
Hoyden Stevenson. E, L. Snader, Bohert 
Galllard and Lillian Khodes wins, eapfclolly 
well received. "Wheu tho World Weeps 

t'A.ijtb-; (Iloston Stirge- socle >-. 
nianagersl. — "Julias .Cieaur" thi* week,Jhy 
tho r stock' rolupuliv. riowcll Uauscl.: .Ben 
JohUEOO,. Charles Miller, John Waldtoa and 
Tbats Lawtob bare, the prldclrlal roles Sor- 
dou'r -Tlrtoiiora'' was capably presented last 
week. "Trilby" next. '-£. _ . 

Shop (John Craig, managerl.— The stock 
cvmptny. headed by John Craig and Mar; 
Ytiuhg. ihlo weok, In "A 'trip to.Clilnatown. 
i:trelIcot hur-lnesi ond plenaed autllcncos rp-. 
fultt.1 frnnl last week's nrcscutjltlrtu of In- 
.•oar.* "The Man from Mexico" next. 

JlOFpotx Horas* 10. E. Ijithrop. rnnnn 
r<r> ^"TUc Wtu That Kills ". )l 111 engage the 

.' Ni<-kklooi:o.v (W. II. Wolffo, manujrer)..— 
The ZelleB, marvels of strenKtli ; Protl Hall, 
tr.aglclnn, and Hunter,, "the sketch king." ure 
curio hall lenders for week of 2P. bertha 
Cnrev's Prettv l'nnle.; llurleyttuers tefflh 
the stage elilertnluuionl. lu the olio are : 
(lone iTussell, Cora Kills. Florence Steele. 
Phelie Cook. Ulllan Learned, D'Anllle aud 
moving picture,. ■. , 

CoMt'oj'K (W. 3: Allen, .manager).— This 
resort liasj caught the puhllc fancy in good 
s,lia|H'. and la continually crowded. The 
moving cloture feature this week .Is "A Itace 
for a Wife." Several new illustrated songs 
will be rendered by Thomas Bullock,.- Frank 
Cohan, Charles Armstrong, Herbert Clinton, 
Fred Towle. Lllllou Clieeiej, Grace Mor- 
daunt and Edith Sluelalr. ■ .■ 

Notes.— .Sunday eooeert .bills 28: AcW/i s 
-r-Alucr's Baud, peorge. Evans. Herr Gra s 
baboons, Lui'y and Lucler. Lverhart. Mitt 
Wood," Muruhv and Frances, and lTiomas 
Keough and com|iany. Oi-ptiCHnl^-Wia. II. 
Tlioiiijisoti and cumpauy, "That Quartette, 
Fourteen Black Hussars, the Icedero. Hoey 
uud Lee, Leo Carlllo. Prof. Bratz, Edwin 
KeougU and company, und Irene Lee and her 
"Kuudy Kids." Uoinfoln f f ln'r e M f. aud 
Mrs. Mark Murpby, Piccolo Midgets, Harry 
Le Clair. Al. l.'arteton. Lillian Shaw. Allen 
nnd Keeley. Zarrels. Dilks and DUks, und 
Butler Iluvllaud. Ololo und JW Je. Ho J H . 
win Stevens and conipany, Mr. and Mrs. 
liene tliighcs, Mile: Martha. Irving Jones, 
MHUird Uro«„ the Klnsous. rred und Pauly, 
und Ualbawuy and Selgcl. JJoafon— B-eoo. 
Wnlsh 'ami Slcli'Ose. Emmons, Emerson and 
Kininous. Sllllersbin Slaters, 1, aiding and 
Davis, Teiloseo-Kudedsy Trio, Maxwell and 
Ford, Thompson and Curler, aud lleury I. 

WhIIc The Boalou Symphony Qunr- 

lutle (Messrs Hess, Both, Ferlr, Wurnke) 
lieglna a aerlea of llx eoucerl. at Chlckcrlng 

Hall on Oct. 20 "Barabbaa,' which 

was to bate had Its pruitlire at the llostou 
Thetltre, 3, 'will not be. produced, ■ owlog to 
the failure of tbe E. A. Ilraden Amusement 
Co. ... 


llrst- Clncllinnll appearaiice. Two concerts 
were given under tin* local direction of II. 
K Kail. McHilnnica Klxxlnl, Cairo uud nt 
rablnl, ami Messrs, UuibiiDt, Ilellatl, De lor 
run nlKl Miic'.'lil were si-eu und heard 111 eonv 
iiushluni of the umestro. "Vive 1'Aniovlcn. 
n inarch, tledicaled tj President Koosevelt, 
mill "Ave Maria." dedlcnted to Ills Holiness, 
Pope- 1'Iim X, were pluyed for tbe lirst time 
her... The audiences were, large, 

ilUANit OI'KUA llof'sil (Hurry Knlnforth * 
John... II. Ilavlln, uianBgers). — Lawrnice 
U'UfBU will moke bis Initial Clnclnnilt 
bow Oi:t. 21), In "The Embassy Ball: Last 
week- lhat slerllng "favorlle. Klhel Barry- 
more, plnyed lo great aiulleiiecs. presenting 
"Alice gltliv-thoPlro." Wlllon Luckuye, lu 
"The Ijiw anil tlm Mun^"nelt. 

Itopiaso.v's oren.HI»i.'»u (Gcorgu I'. I'lsh 
A Luella . Foreuaugli Fish, managers). — The 
lorepaugh Stock' Co.. Ill "Old lloldelberg. 
2M. Autllenisis of splendid proportions were 
more than pinned last week with the way 

me stock Interpreted "Leah hleschuu. Ida |„ vn i B00l | patronage. Coming: "David 
Adair did superbly In the difficult role of ■ • „ 2 " ; w ' Mk ot J|,.,cLlcOgo Stock Co,. 
Leah. Wilson llumlnel scored heavllj aa n ■ , - M wllU ,,, (ll1(() Wm . H. Crane and, Bllt. 
liaouel.:aud the Hcliraluin of "alter Gilbert j t ,|r reva „.||| n u |,, "Sho Stoop, to-CdnduOrj" 
wns.a. capital bit ot noting. , Herschel Ma}- m, tes . _x. K. Albllllgh; le«ae«. Of tie 
all carried his role with furcuful iWU Griiad. logetller ivltli his brother, W. "A. - 1 

urd Kane,' and lSiigono OTlourke nud fom- 

''"sta» (Drew i <;n"'P"ell. inauamrjI^Tllo 
Wise lluy week ol 2li. The BrfgidletB Co. 
had Kuod houses week of 22. Mlneta uo- 
honllans uext wiwk. , . ■ " . 

IDtnin; (L'lins. W. Den.tngcr, tnanagor). 
— Freil Irwlli's Ulg Show week of 21). fhl; 
Golden Crook Co. nrciv well last week. Jer- 
sey Lilies next weak. 

Tuuniiatawn.— At the Park Theatre (M. 
t*. (luggeahelui. uiiltuiver), week of Oct,. Jll. 
I he ThndllliM Gray Stock Co. appo»red In 
repertory, except 2», when "Mrs, 'reluplos 
■I'l-lwraiu" drew well. Coming attract MM: 
F.llerv's llnnd 2». Jolin K. Ili'luhna;. In/'CtP: 
lalu Varelea.." »<); Malestlc Vuuilevlllo .Co. 
Nov. 1-3, "Tho Virginian" U, "fhe Stolen 
Story" V. , w . 

llii.iNii (Joe Hehogrln. niauuger).— Moving 
pictures Ot'i. 21. "Busier Brown s .liolb 
dov" drew well 22. Paul Ollmot'e, In "At 
Yu'le," highly pleased 01, "Lena Blver./' 
and "Desertetl nt tho Altar." 20.. both 

"David cor. 


The-scenlc nfraHgemeuts were superb. 
Dane's 'Defence" next. ' ' ' ' „' Brnasi IM C. Anderson & Henry 
M. /.legler. malingersi .— (ieorgo Sidney, » 
"Biisyjxa)'," 2H. Last week, fjavld llgglii", 
lu "fils. last Dollar," uiiliealnd to big aijdl- 
ence's. -W. R Cullen's do.. In "The T coder- 
foot,".; liexl week. ■- . ,, ., 

lowjmuia (AL C. Anderson it Henry M. 
Zlegle'r, mnnuKers). — Anna Lvu Luy, the 
nim of mystery. 2», with "The Futurity 
Winner." .-Ms-lea. Sli-Carthy aii^J eonilinn^.^ n«_ 

Lynn, — At the Lynn . Theatre ' (frank G. 
Hari-lson, munngcr) Sheiiard'B inuring pie- 
lures opened week. of Oct. 22 to fnlr busi- 
ness and Frltal Schelf played to a line house 
211. "Daughters of Men" came 23, lo fair 
business, and "'the Llou uud the Mouse" 
drew well 90. 27! "Tho Student King" ap- 
iieured ill, and on "ll Elmer Stock Co. played 
m return date. Other otlraetlonH : "Humun 
iicar.H" aiaod'^l'lio Mayor of Ijutgliloud" 
Nov. 1, 2. Beunett uud Moulton ri-lll. 

AtplTonlliSt (Iluriy Katxea, manager). — 
Last w-eek'e business wus big, and Froalnl, 
with his uccurdlou, luade a big hit. This 
week's programme is: Chartea llicbarda. rom 
ond Edith Almond, Mite and Morris. Germi- 
nal, Kcuo, Welsh and Meiroau, -tho Great 

Bu|ila, t'.ruclc Enunett and company and the Tfc llo\ise was Juuirued. ■ ■ : t .„„_,.„v 
vltugruih. -■■ ' Hhuck'.h UHMH Housj , (lleuclt, fenneiw 

OEM (Charlea W. Sheafe, manager).— • i : ,«tnlr, uianngers).— ■•'"'""..Mortlmer^.b, 
Crowded houses witnessed the performances. | n ,"Nc,,»lotbef lo l»ulde Iler. • ■ llarry Liny 
here last week. The currant bill la: The Bhniej', In "The- Iloy-Bi'ilnil Iho Gun. en- 
Hall Trio. Jim. Dun nnd Lillian t.Dlotto and- th, W ed,ittrgi'_ audiences Oil last week. Kittle 
Morlu. -tbe-KilefdlerB. JIUo. Pastlllo and Wolf ' Shared In the honors. 'Secrets, of 
tli, moving picture., showing "The Terrible To^ncat. . ^ M(lCoy ;, mllD , 

nawimvii (T^ird * Downing, mauagera). mieviilll ' Is the boadllnor 26, with '- - 
—Tile moving picture abow and Illustrated .lokusdii. Thome aialCarloton. Miiudo Bock 
song" had good houaea dally. The .per- x*..W. WJ 'rf3 ffllffl 
formaucc-ia contnuooa. ■; : •Ulrls.'n "rbo Sexton a Drean . jvillliina 

ftSS TltCAta™ Salein (George H. Cbcct, ' and Tocker. In "»nlnu»;a„l'\nl»li:' MAttlo 
w 1 '™? .—■g.—a--!: hrt „.„. ,_ u ^ u . u .i, „ prn . icnXunil cotunauv. am Cliuliea tveuuu, in 

buuKh. aniouneo Hint three new 'th.atrjn* 
now lu proeeas of cotiatrbellon, w|lrsdonT» 
addeil lo ilielr circuit, vlx.: one each »i Tit- 
llll, ('. ; Maaslllnii nnd Akron. rho Au- 
ditorium lllnk la open. for the mtugin, nnd 

nit. i-l 



_ open 

_ under the uinnagutneiit of John 
who will have luiiny good ottractloha. 

Dii, ton.— At the Nntlotial Theatre (.0111 

Burrows, niuiiager) "HustHr' Brown played 

— 20. "Kllh- 



very good hualhiaiH bet, IS*. 

Ived by a 
ce of PI'- 
"Tlio din- 

,. Ola- 
wuh Carroll 

Mm. innnnser).— The.hoosea last week .were- Ke,»euud compan). am! Churns 
sood. The Elmer Stock Co. opened 2ft for "The liklr," aa ciMntertalnere. 
II," week" going to the Lynn Theatre 30 to . CvctUJl (Keilck. Stulr 4 lennc 

the week, going to the Lynn 
give "The Student King." 


Xirrcs.— William J. Shceban. a resident 

of this city, uud a well known minstrel per- 

former and eiog dancer, died In his borne 

Oct. 20, after u brief 1 lineal. ■ , ■ . ■■ 

. . . 

-At the Worcester Theatre 

r"vT& A re,lue„t V Sn. &"%£ ^^oi^ JS? ..If -V $1% R? 

(Alt, - 

Maun «-- .1. ~, r— - -^.-z—ah 

L-iiif fluent, by bpeclnl request. Ott ail), 
•Mulle ban iBon," "Th« Soi-lal Whir dp, 
SI. David Warfleld Nor. 1, L', Leo Delirlch- 

'— : •■- stein. In "Before and After," 3. "The Oath 

SpMnBfleld — At the Court Snuare The- «t the Altar." Oct. 112, hod fair- returns. The 
litre (D. 0. Olln-oie, niuuiiger. the new mu- n«yal Besses o* the ItHrn lluiid, 23, drew Loiwe.K 
slcal euuit-dv, "Maui'selle Sullle." Oct. 1«, uccllcnt business. Rothern and Marlowe, 

In "Joanne D'Ate," 7. 

Fbajcklix (Jqcahb (J. K Hurke, resident 
ninuoKer).—Frlt/l Schcff. In "Mile. Mudlate,' 
Oct. fl-i "t'he Student King" Nov. % i. ''Just 
Out of CoUefft." to good roturns. Oct. 22. 
"l'rlucess UchKar" (with 1'ahla.Ji.dwardes) 
drew un enthdalnatle audlencu 23. "Tho 
Old Iloloes'.end'' had excellent returns. 24. 

nncssy. mann- 
ceral.— "How' Hearts Are Ilrokcu." 28. after 
■ utrenuoufi , week of "Bhr Hearted . Jim. 
which pleased. Charles Gardner took the 
role of the Montana sheriff. Al. ". Mar- 
tin's "Uncle Turn's Cubiti" nett. 

Peoh.k'h < Hubert Hcuck. manager).— 
l'oui Jlliicr's lUihemluu UtirtesquerB, rem- 

w*ro the _.. 

which drew well lust week. 
Ulir Hliow next. 
Hiam-aru (Charles 

„, produced only four duys ago. uertnluly 
showed ItK merits. The music Is catchy, uud 
the costumes und scenery ure tasty und 
pleasing; the cborus Is young, comely and 
slugs wctL John Hlavlu and Kutlo Burn' 
head thy cast, and were warmly received. 
Business was fair. "The Volunteer Or- 
agnist" enjoyed Its usual business 20. Music 

Rellly A WOO«fl 

., B. Arnold,, manager). 
,Tlm Bohemian Show und Frank nryan a 
v.ougresrt of Atacrlaiu Olils Oct. 28. "Bobby 
MBHidicHter'a Vunlty Fnlr mit on u pjtf otl«; 
(.pec (side, "*" 

The "Hi rib of Ine United Rttin 1 
und It went well last week. Business was 
big. Ilvdu's Blue ICIbbnn Girls next. 

AUnfi*: Hai.l.— The Hvinpoony Orchestru 
season will eomineuco Nov. ao, with Alcls 
Burgstaller us the soloist. Couilile Halnt 
Kttens will bo here for the second concert. 
Josef Lhevlntie. Maud I'owoll and Dnnlel 

K(hkI Uouw. .Booked: "Tint Prince 
son" 2H, "'Way Down Kast" HO, "Tt. .. 
uerbrcml Mun" Wov. 2, Kara KuudiU, B. 

HHV thump Tu bathe (01«k Trney, oiuci- 
nger). — The Two Closes, Andrews und Fields, 
Vluln Knsjjit, and the Stanleys, showed, ts> 

SooA lutslneitn week of Oct, 22. Dill week or 
id. 20 liicliidcs: Herr fichmldt, "thcIIuuiBn 
rillm;" Mnlln and Mnlln, Hunry nnd MjiImI 
Mnrtlur, TUannctto IlUe, nbd the GrantuV 
scoi«!. f _ ■ • • ' 

Toledo.— At the Volontlne' Theatre (Otip 

Kllvei, manager) the -bill for Oct. W md 
weak Includes: Clayton White end Mare 
Btuarr, "The Globe. of Death," BiickeyeBlftto 

^tiartettv\ 'Teter (lie Greut," Klnjalcy and 
nvrlt, MnJ^Mi: Trio. lid. Grey, Braell and 
Brazil, nnd klnetogrnnh. *7 

LvcBL'ii (E. B. Kolscy, mannger).— -"we 
Are KIor," 1S-20, and the Kinurt Net. 21-24. 
drew splendid Inmlnews. "Tbe Mummy and 
the Humming Bird" 25-2T, "His U»t Dot 
lar" 26-81. . _. „ 

Akcapb (II. U. Latukln, manager). —"Tbe 
Blue Mow. 2'J, 23, wltb James T. Powers, 
scored a lilg suc«ss. "Fantuna" 28-80. 

FJupiHC (Abe Biuplro, manager).— -Tbo 
Jcrnev I.IHes 21 and week, to good mmlneis. 
Uose Hill's Kngllib Kolly Co. 28 and wcok. 

BtJtti's (Joe l'eailslluc. manager).— Old 
fwii the Bowery.' 1 18-20, and "Tbo 

Bye Willi w.'.' 21-24, were two tbrllturij thstf 
— ty houses. "Across tbo riclfle" 

tir.'w ciinacL. 

26-2T, "A CrowD of ITiorns 


lovers euthercd 22, to lieur the Lu Heala 
Oneru Co.. lu a tlnely selectPd ond urtlstlc- 

ulty. rendered pi-ograuime. "The Old Home- 
stead," .aa, wltb William Luwreuce In the 
role made famous .by Deumun Thompson, 
tilled every seat In the house. Mr. Luwreuce 
rave general satisfaction, and. backed by a 
cood couiduut, left nothlnc to-be desired. 
Uowe'tf moving pictures, 24. proved a good 
uttructlen. "The OlnserbmnJ Man.' 2d. can- 
celed. Andrew Mack 2T, Frltzl Hcheft JO. 
H, Mine. Motljeska Nov. 1, "The Olrl and 
the Governor*' 2. "The Student King, after- 
noon and evening, d. ■ 

Nelson (Blwliurt Theatrical Co., menu- 
cera; dec ll. Mills, resident mauagerl.— 
The second week of wuicltvllle i»con;d u 
Ci-e'at success. 'i:hose on the hill were: Iho* 
Q.-tieabrouko and i'uullne Hall. Ld. wpnucll 
aud coiaiiany, Vlnlo Daly, Billy Clifford, 
iK'iitanh- Trio. Chris. Klchnrds, George 
Thutcher and Cbue. Krncst. Valoni. und the 
vitua-aph. Booked: "The Social Whirl'' j 20, 
"Before and Atier" 31. Nov. 1^ Louis Mann 
uud. Clara Mpmaa 2, 3. tie B*sse« o* the 
Bum Bind 3. Sotht-ro and Marlowe 0. 

Poll's (Gordon Wright er, resident mauft- 
ger). — Mabel .McKinley und the. l'owell-Cot- 

Mlle Anna llellstrom, Sfl. did good business. 

I'oli's (J. C. Crlddle, resident mannger). 
—Week of 20 : Ye Colonial Septette, In "An 
Old Time Hollew'cn :" Frenechcfl Redding 
Co.. In.'*lhr Friend from Texas;" Luwreneo 
and Harrington, BLadO and Ilerininn, lu "Tbe 
New Girl;" Irving Jones, Lillian Bbaw, Three 
Abdclolf Bros. Aud tbe elect rograph. Buil- 
tit»* t*ontlnue» heavy. 

PAnK (Ml. T. Wilton. manuRcr).— Week of 
2». WO ' U. Watson's Show, Including "The 
Mormons" nnd "The Bashful Venus., Last 
WK the Blnlto Uoimders played to big busi- 
ness. Th>j dmateur night. Friday, draws 
S, It. o. 

— ■ ■ I ■ ' 

lloiyssks*.— Al ihr Opera' House (James 
ll. O'Counell. mannger* "Msm'sello Ssllle," 
which had Its "Brsi ulgbt" In Waterbury. 
CI.. Oct. .13, came here 20, lo good bfanaw, 
und scored a hrllllsnt succees : lu fact. It 
was tbe best mimical' >*omedy seen In this 
t'lty In years. The musical numbers ure all 
attractive, and the dialogue, especial.* the 
comedr, Is bright. The piece Is (heir staged 
and the company In a large aud highly com- 
;H)ttnt r.uc. l"he honors are easily woo by 

*i.rhinrn«ld.— At the Grand Opera Ilouab 
th. J. Dalle, manuger) "Big Ik-urted JIuiV 
came to good buslneja Oct. ill. 20. ""u-'i-r 

> ■ ■■»• ««•!, well patronized 22. "Happy* 

Bcddoc art ainuu^ other eoIolsU nnhounced. land" filled the house 28. UJ«ck ^renv K 
.. .On Ncv. 10 Miae. Bchumanii-rJeink q:hi futi- business 2.V "The Warning Bell" 
will come with the llttsbnrg Orchestra, con- iwsssm "0. "A Foxy Trump" 2T, "Feck'a Bad 
iiucted by Kmll 1'aur. bis llrst Cincinnati Dov" 31. "Prince Karl'- Nov, 1. --;' 

aiiiicarance. m S'ew Lycedm (C. U. Flaher. manager).— 

■TK -... ,.™ t a -..« — kf. nA «» Sum flllfIlntT , ' domes Oct. 20-3.T 

(fOsjsir or xttt Lomtv. — Manager Bom 
Brady is Ia advance of "Bussy lazy."...... 

Mrs. Stuart Robuon was slightly Injured In 
n wreck en route to All her eugsgemint at 

the Olympic. Many of the dm guHrd op- 

ldnuded Mangle t.'llno nt the Olympic last 

n-eek.'. At tho Odeon, Nov. 8. Jennie 

Muunlielmer la lo stive, an Interpretation of 

•Ikigllot." . . Gil liobhison. tbe elrcus 

man. come on from Jersey to attend a board 
meeting ot the big 

he U Intereittcd. 

wa«> heard In concert at> tho Odeon Oct. 
....Max It'jsenberg. ouo of the Ludlow Ltv* 
gfioo, li«s settled down to the life of a farmer, 
and with his wife I* now living ut tb*h- 
new (Muntry place lu Kentucky., eight miles 

back of Covington The Orpbcus Club, 

under ■.-Edwin W. Glover, glvei.the tirst con- 
cert of their ttfteanth neason. nt th" Audi* 
torlupi, Dec. 6, wltb Cortnne utdur-KelBoy ae 

soloiet^ Work on the Lyric Theatre, tbo 

new Hchobert house, Is being pushed, und all 

"lliimpty Bumptr" 
Out'HiuJt 1 'flue Sun. mflnager).- 
* and I 

i Jersey to attend a board Town" plnyed to good business uet 21. 
printing vompiuiy la which i-.||tu 0P ii. in "At Xnlr," hud a capacity 1 
. ..Mnry nissetn De Mom sffi "Tho Wurnlng BcU" 27, tho, 

onm.a Oat. ii)-3i. 

. '.—BUI for 
w«k of 2fl will include : Mr. anil Mrs. Jolm 
T. l*owera. IJdvt .art Rail... -John Ko.ler, 
limicv and FVIfttl, Harry Haley and tate.t 
motion pictures. > 

■ I al i ' ■ 
ammiiiskj.—At lb. Grand Onera Honu 
lllolurt .1. nielli, nlnna.ei) "A Btraonor In 

1. Paul 


. Or.y 
..f 2«. V»ii.|m Olater. In 
"1'rlnen Karl." Not. 7; Florence Hamilton 
0, Henry Ii. Ditty IS. 

a. i, . i.i ir-. i . . , . 

Nfi-rea riioM "Tnt iUTitn nr L4iicui,iNn." 
under the ni.nairemaBt of Niiou ft Zltnucr. 
nun.-- Ttii. .bow ll ono of the big ran'tca- 
.tcces.e. ot the season. Tb. attraoManrl. 
now in it. t.ntb w«k, and tboi fat la. not 
.reoolved ouo uiliot.u ,*.«m ■ ■ . ,,-V 
iilaees relliru dales uavo beau offered nn 
uiiataateos. '1'oin watnra, Ibc nonular cfni- 
eillan. Is fralnrefl wltli tlio cciu|iauy, nml Is, 
certainly team* lirnrlly, llll own wnH, 
are- liooominir very jiopiilar. J, '.V^raolil If 
nlii-nd of lilt' .■'iliiliauy. wlileli uu'Oiuii. t(>t 

•louslduuUu ill tlio. liuuil Im.lnos., , . J 




I It* Y O XJ A R E> 'in* o rr ^•Sl^G" 

Yon Are O^rerlOQlsijag the Bls«est Ballad Hit in t1x& Country. 



[OUSE» 1433 Broadway, New York Olty. 

St.. weal c,f Bro«rt«Rj. RI.AW * ERLAhOER, 
Manager,. Eves.,. Man. Weil, and Sal. ai 
2.K. VedneidavMat., be-tfleata Jlfio. Bcgln- 
nln* Tnes. Oct. to. ''Kir* Mat. Electlnn Day, Klaw 
AErlanser fill present Mil. FonBKS-KOBF.IlT- 
SON, MIssllF.RTUL'mi ELLIOTT and their Lon- 
don cornpativ In IIAEKtK »N1) CLEOPATRA. A 
llUtorv, I)? P. nCRHAim HHAW 


Uvea., Si Mat.,. Wed. and Sat LITT * niNOWALL. 
Mgrre. Extra mat. Election Day. We*, mat.. Best 
aeata, Sil 60. Se.ta 4 win. In advance. Klaw i ET- 
laneer'a mactiitlrent production or (ten. Lew wal- 
Ince'aTHK PH1NCK OP INDIA, deplcllnRthe 
Fall of Constantinople Dram., .1. 1. Clarhe. 
Mualc, rtn f. 11. farfctr. 6Acta.ll Iteenoa, BOO people. 


BLAW A ERI.ANOER ...... MMlB«eni 



(LlEBLEIt & CO., Managera) 

Ai "Nurso M.rjorlo." 

llj 1BRA F.L ZASHW11 .L. 

NKWTOKK Tacatro, irway, A If.thSt. Klaw 
ft Erlamcr, URM. Prices *"-, too.. 76c, »1. So 
Mtrtirir. lAitnert. I.n-raata.we'1 A Sat., 2.16. 
Xuamm Plton pre.eutK chaiinn Olcott In a new 
r'lij elitltlcuV'HlVen AHHoi c" IBllcn My Treasure) 
t.vlhfodoteBiirrBajie. Hoar Oloolt anew n(ing«, 
"Bay Drenmi." "Wearura of Hie lireon^'"Jor live 
ot Thtn," and 'Klleeo Aatlwrc." rajTctniileton 
In la Mlnotcn from Hroadway. Extra mat HIM • 
tlon Day. Sen Monday. BentaaleThnr.. 


Kvenlnia at 6:16. Matinee Saturday at 2. LAST 


ID "Tim Olrl nr Uu> Uolden West." A Jilej lit* acts, 

or '». scene*. In • alirnrntn. By Davul MM 

heatafor rent of MMMMI **'?■„.„ 


. went ot Broadway. 

» .tone 11 Bryant.. 

MR. I1A0KETT Bnlo Loiaeo ami Manner. 

l.venmira., «:M. Mala. Thura. and sat., .'rjo. 


R\iYA Mntlhf(> KUrlloii nn y. 


Fllzqlbuon McCoy Trio, 
Stlna and Evans, Cook and Sylvia, 

Cotbloy and Conlty, Don Darks Dogs, 

Nllibe and Bordeaux, At Carleton, 
John F. Clark, Harry Mllo, 
Ivy, Delmar and Ivy. Mi" ■***, 

Martin and Rldgeway, Will and May Rono, 

Murphy and Palmer, 




cohi. mviij. lAiliPrt'MHi.TH-iiiiy 


Ftes'il Seati g.r. 8— Bntli'l iM— i. 
KaffllTllittU UillCB'Mnt.TiMiay 



Mirth. amfcjda* 


I K.iastliSt. Uilioa'Mal To-daj 


U V, I .HfUll | a- Knma U-llrlell 

Huber's « Museum 



Address J. II. ANDBRSON, BUT., aa above 

Of lllifli Cln.a Vnndfvlllc ruwHirra, 

M. MBYEHKELD JR., TOES. 1 ,„.„_„ 
All Armllcntlona [or Time Muat Be AcldrtiBfd 
to C. K. I11IAY, Rooklne Manager. 

Majeatle Theatr e HullUlny. I'lilcimu. 111. 

IS I1KRRAKI1 ST., Um ON, V. _ 


Artlitii wantloB Knrepoan iltno write, autiaatnaa 









Th» CNKNOWN. ••flfot Sow, but Watt. 1 * 

8Uir Theatre, n, 1'a, 






• IN THE BWINEiiS; Alao '•* V 


(PIANIST) Experienced. : .tv 

Glad to hear tram lira! data Rap. People. 

JVl>. A. I1I3IMF.I.EI.V. "The Ideals," 

-PonxHiitairaey, ra., M-Nov. 3;^„ 


SISTER TEAM ' SlnSe^Speillallioa. 


HP17P A TflU ^i' 1 ' VR.'Hlne. V..m«. <iirtt - 
UidQnA IVBftf ihus. Songa an*1 Wmm 
liancfl. SiiHCRftlaryinall r.*BO'. Pay your own. 
H-tuna npenH Not. 12. J)R 11 AP.TI.Ki SN'UU, 
NADUfT, 21.'.4 f;. £2D<1 s l. tievemnrl. 0. 

~ dpKir .iie—iksi Tawa u l. h. 


WK*T »KRRV, -V. H. 

Ha- npco 1imo fnr GOOD a(iractlon!>, either nnr 
'night or rttpertnlro. Popalation, 6.fioo, with rft.(wo 
more tn draw from. Largest show town In State, 
Mith weekly pnyroil of S-25 ooo Hon=enp to-d-.t'.-. 
CaracilT. i.eno, ALbK« O.KELLBY, Manog pr'.' 


a Also ChorDB ladies lor Burlesque. s- Cll AHI.KS '8CHLBHINOKR, 

Porloii Thruire, 1'nll Klv>>r, Ma>-. 



8TAOE iaO.N'Ml. 

OU'ID mtTTIKOS. A. HK1TT, Ma natltr. 


Wants People In All Lines for Repertoire; 

Leading Man, Sonhroltp. ortn with spoclBltlcs 
Iireftrred; two flood Men for limemi Hasinas 
latino Hmr. Car ahow. We Haf all. Krtclc, 
lvrlf-c. Toll all In Drat letter. So time for cor- 
rrsponrttjnco. Oth-w writ*. 

Bl'Rr IMBiiN, Scott City. Kanaln. " 


Stetson's Uncle Tom's Cabin Co., 


mat cii'n." pin f 'fliftll ' jiavin Ot her muslelHrirt, Wtm • 
Atldrcsa «» por nuitf .1. W. BKftWNI.RR.Unn^efr. 


At I^iberty. . 



i!0, Ttep.orSWrCfe. Pcr.aitrt. 

MlAMlSl'.ri.Q. o. 


HimiBelriiK Imperial St«*rk Cuiupany 

Bxperlenrfd Rcport-lre 1IBAVY man Hustle 
aMe to DKR8S mid PLAY-lloc Of i-tro^n litfivlPH. 
Stihrtotv altwriiitrij e-stjlitlftt. Ad«lre9n K. F, 
UIMMBLK1N, M*dlM>ll Wis., Woek Oet 2fttH; 
Kcl.ilt, Wis.. Wrck Nov. l«lh- 


WANTKD-Tlie following artl'tH, aMe to ilo 
npeclnliv: Conti'dlaw*, irfadtnBWt.monChHrarier 
Wotuiin" Slnnln" un>i Uawug Sout-rotre, sltier 
Art. • Aliw Tenor uud lurltoue ntid Kami llnuttlnp 
AKcnl. etair Itiwr-Ht wlarv. tud pdttli'ulwia.- 

PABCfi COM Kit V. caw nf Ciil^PKR 

Kov IInfjiiiMin's liiir Speriiillv lumnanv 

WrviitH |i"Oil Comrdlau who Lra prod 'err, 1 Ylnllu 
whodoulilM l»rns«s: alutiCtarioui'tnnrt Has*. Can 
mc 4 Rood, kLtractlve litdies for chonts.. .All muat 
he Torwitl to. Willi ngand healthy. Name loWem in 
fli-st, Uauk ■ rof«n*nco«. Artdrew ROY ROBiN* 
HON, Whiierpori, JWe., Oct. i»-». FranWort, Niu, 
:tfrSov. H. • : - 

\V A * 1 K 1 1 FOR 


Man and Woiihu lor Jnvtmllra, Leada ami Qpo- 
rral DitMitrnn, Skrtcli and Kovettr Tettro, Nan 
and W\u> who can plar parin, Han tttt PmpR., 
miHt ham nnrrlitliy and play porta Ropcwrc 
reopio, »'l It en. write. ■ ii* 

niTTKR A FAN9HAWK. Atbotff.Wnn. 




Ain't You Coming Back to Old New damp- 

st Ire, Moll»? 

Daddy's Little Girl. Clever Blossoms, 
Deep Blue Sea. Dear Old Dad. 
Not Because Yoir Hair Is Carlr. 

When The Whlppaorwill Sings Marguerite. 
Someone Thinks ol Someone. 

And 10(1 ot her sets : Beaut Ifnl I j- Colared 

BllAea, from $11.00 per set 

and up. 





BAROA1N 1-1ST OP ALL OI 11 I'.lltlDS, 



138 EAST 14th STREET, 

Tel. 38 1 2 Bramerey. NEW YORK, H. Y- 


Ittsc ued from fiypnie-'. 30on. - 
Vepuman Bank Robber, on reel, fc',o ft. - 

*3I 'f> 
61 00 

•J. ' 00 

Highway Rolipery, on reel, fttofi 
Her Only Sin, on reel, soof t. 
The Unriuri'es»fiii ChB"»e, 19ft, 

Tho Foacl.L-r,;«»ft. v. on 

Life of a !t-.«'e H<>r«o, new, itmrt. - 1: :•> 

f'hirken Thief, on reel, ttmt, - dj oo 

That Kuhurhan Friend, t^ofr.' ■ 4300 

Moonnhlncn, on r-pi, tctOft. ... ;•, r-i 

Pon*h C ilmbera Eneape, *_'«>rt. ... ir .10 

A Xtpht of Tnrror, 2fon j; 00 

Cmight and Hang, 2-.Wt. - - ■- - 1200 

Life of a Whaler, new. WW. ... ia 00 

Mroancre In Kii»»ia, r,:ft ., .... '_<■.,-, 
and (hint thousand feet of niher feature and 
phort antijccta too numeroa* to mention. 
C. L. HULL .& CO , 

■401* IB Mil. St.. Chicago, HI. 


Poor years In ndTnnr^ 1 KlnR Dramatic On. Lvt 
'•■:.-!'ii KtH. Ufpr. Grand O^ra HorirW, Hcatling, 
l':i tvoiird coufider reliable lK>usn (-ojiriyn bent 
of rercrvm-e Aildrev" 

. AUTimt MORLKY, caronf C.tpper Ofllco. 



Old Men. Charr-rtera, Dialect. Oomedr, Singe 
Director, Ya*v Tromb ,iie la Banrl. 


Leadi, Jnveniles.OharacUni, Slnprlag Specialty. 
Jtilir engatRemea' only. 

W. K. MAX AM, 

Cltametera, ncavlea, Juvenlloe, Adrattcn, Hlnelnc 


Senbrrttes, ln?c-iie?. Juvenile", singinj f*pe- 
olalty. J-dnt or Btngio cpgaecnienu Mitnagera 
of repertoire, s"ocit orone pie'eo iillracilona that 
can pay a reason able, sa.ary ior rctlnMc pennle. 
lnakc iiaanotfr-r. Can j'»in on rct:»Jpt of ticket?. 
Address ASIIH* D. WIS , care of Odd, Del. 


•ar,W3J3naK3HHeT ac 

■I A In the latest. The brightest and beat 
HA K vau'.levllle ninterlal ever put up at 
■1WI V ANY PRICE. MohotORues.akewhes, 
Parodies, End Oags, Cross Fire Gaggins, etc, 
prick, noc. Ideas Nos.i, «.7, LjES Any a 
booka for tl . any 2 for sue. OUS BANKS. 

WP Pine St,. Providence. R. I. 

er AfiERT, 


eowniTTIFR CLACK, lirJlanapolK, fncl. 


QoDd Allracllom lor SUTO^'S OPERA HOUSE 
Onod nDcnfnii far companies with from Ho to 
4H pontile. Seating rnpficltj", nott. l'onnlfltion, 
4,00t>; aim. T. X.. Stolon, JacbaonTlUe, Texaa. 

Half Sheets 



fla ^ifat& b 

We will make one thousand Half Sheet Shadow 
Pictures —like this— an exact likeness of any 
photo, for $ 15. Send us your photo and we will 
do the rest. CASH WITH ORDER. 



Show Printing of all Kinds. 

Messrs. Richard Warner 
& Co., Ltd. 

Of 20 Wellington St., Strand, London, W.C. and 45 Bne Richer, Paris 


Will be pleased to receive proposals 

From American gentlemen with a view to acting as their representative 
in the United States of Am*rica. Such applicantfl must have Influential 
connection among managers and artists, and" a thorough "knowledge of the 

vaudeville business. .....' .-- - - 

IIEO, PflOOIM 168' WILD M »S. 

MiiBicianMo increase mir-bnnd to tretity pteces; A Kent, singing: Clown, Girls to rifle In paraiie . 
Oowijofs.lDdlRTis, Rope Spinners, WoTkiDgFertpio. Ve oro gruwiug, and have a noMRfors-ilvr. 
rella'ile workers. Tlinaewho sacked elrr.n>* milk preferred— koow their * irk— do It— and apj reflate 
Iiay day every week. People In every liranMiof VUlrt West or opra arena work, write a*. tmntHf 
wcight,h"lsht, lowest sum salary, all joa can and will do. Two more ei foot Carr» wanted. Loiter 
or telegrams asking for ilckeis rlropiieil into the wa-tn hasitei. and are never answered. 





Witli machine, etc, Vandevllle Acts, PlanlM. 

f.KOKGE DUFnEE, if sj; Itth St. 1 hcaire, Cleveland, Ohio. 


OWING TO .SUBBaw oosiKisr, — 





One nlfrlit or rep. Addron 

HOWARD l,.i!A-E, Bristow, Ind. T<T. 

AT 1 I K It It 1 V 

After Nov. 10, account ot w. c:o Jnar, for one piece, 
stocn or rvpennirp, 


Strong Leiidn or heavir>B. Age, Wj tiei^ht. crt.; 
w«rdroKi> Al. 


Al i'if.iii-1, sifrhi reader, overtures, r*cii (classic 
or ragt<me), or Gtmcral Biihiocss Woman. 1v.11 
NOT 1.011 tun stagcand piano Artdresa* 


("j lianda for Roller Sfcatln* Rinks, Wm opnra- 
ilng (4) of the larpci-i Ritika tbrnuirht (be country. 
A dre-?L.J CMAMBF.Rl.AIN, Tre,-.. 
Pcnn. Awnsemeiit Co.. Lebaaon, Pa. ' 


PEOPLE that Ploy Organ. Change for one week 
11 Hizera closed witlino notire. stnte jour lowect 
Address KM. HKNDBRftOg, NdK Relraont Co,, O. 


in.onofeot for sale. it n sacrifice. 
Bowery. tTtmey Island, V. Y. 



ThoronRhlj experienced fa rauderllle, »mr!e?n oe 
»ml coocott wort. Beli> and irapa. CLAKKNcR 
HILLXAN, No. 11 CraifOnn fi., BiDgtiamtm, H. v. 






Cutout IhlB ad, Inclose ScitampB, and 

Slve u» the iddraas of «our nearest music 
eater., and you wlU receive complete 
CDpy tor piano. 

Alto pubtlabci] s« piano cui't \>r.:ig-\:t ~ 
voire, Mint— low voice, band, orebcitra, 
laaadollit and guitar. 

tallteCraak,.MIdi. " 

OPEN i I.Mfe. 


Saturday!. Matinee and ' UK Nov.:M. We. 
1 .■«, ,n Alan Nov. a, 12, la, 10, so, 23, HI. - 1 * 
ffllle t* wire • 


A 1 Cornet 


Thentre onlr. Address n. n. TPRN*EB,-eare ot 
Carl lUaenbeck Shows, New Orleans, La. 

^^s^aSE memsmm 

Queries Answered-. 
yur'i^oAo'a Letter. ..': , 
W Chicago Letter- ... 
out the Soul ... ....... 

Latest »»y; Ttijiiih . . . 
VaVlovQIe ttnbte Llat. 

Xetv York City, 

MoMfcj. Picture*. . .'. 

Clipper Post Office ,-....'...;„., 

JUsceUanechS. ; ;. .. . . .. , 

rtMif'rtof Teat*. ... ..:'. . . . ; ..... 

Deaths. in Ibel'rflfCMluu ..„.,. .-.: . . . . . .. 


OduKi :...; .-.- ....... .;.. ..v. .v. .-. . 

Ne'w'/BsrtBpsblrei... ..".. ..".'... .■'.,. V. :.. ." 

MilnV..-.. ..." ...........!...*.. 

Wrthlogton.'.. .'J,.', *.-.:.; .-..■.*..'.'. ;'.•..-..■ 
OkUbWav.. *..>-. .*.....:...... .u, 

Indiana. ;..'.i... '..'.. .i. ..!,; .... 

Bead* (sJand. ..... ... .....> ;;•-..« 

Illinois-;;.... ....;.. .....'..-....; 

TaoncsRcj!..' :«i;;;. 

North Carolina.. 1 .; . .. ..... .; ...' .;, 

jtaW'M.V..--...;.,. ..'.-;..■..;.•;■ 

Montane.. •••• „',,, 11.....,', 

wJtoBosinV. ■..;..*.....■ ......v.'....' 

W^cr"of V CoWbliVV'.V! /.*./* '.*.!'*. 

•fUSnCtfiir V.' " "*.'." : .".'•» .' Cv".'.* 

Ohio, ...,, 

idwa... ...•.....:...; :, 

Virginia... ...:......... .;,......:., 

»oib 'Carolina ".....v.... .'..■..'..•..■.■ 

Pennsylvania i ,....;.. 

ouBnccticot. ',;*..". .."..'...:...;.;... 
New 'JerMj. . .-.. ... ...... .-. .',.-.,,; 

wturti&ai -..'..'.*. «;; 

SUcLIgon.. *-..-. - 

SH'.. ■,.*-»• .;...., 

Minnesota. ..7: 

Alabama;..*.. ..".-." ...'... .: 

Texas. . ...... T. '..;..'... ....... ,". 

Ketltuclif. .:.*..■.."....;......... ."..- 

QM la . .......: .■-...„ 

Nebraato;.;... ....... ...... ;-...; 

MlssiMlppl .-.. ' ■.. 

New York Slate. ..'...;..'..'..;...„ 

- MflMffc 


««■ th« -WorM S«tcn>, HnflS,_ 
tfnrw c™<to. . .... At ■ ibc People's TSialrc 


■ 931. 91*2, BHH 

.'.<.. ota,'«n 


...:....-... M:i 

......... M3 

.'• ...two 

. U74 
.... 8JI 




•74, D81 
t*7li. us. 


.... 1)77 


.... 978 
919, 0S4 



. 9^4 

. 551 


. 'JS7 


8 . ' GOLDEN CATt; CLEAM\Gfl. 

j &kN; PaufCiaco, Oct. 30.— At the Ihivl-t 
Theatre,' Momluy, Oct. 29, marked the open - 
ingXo?: the 'second' week of .narry James' 
Travesty Start". In "Barbara Fidgety." ■ 
V.CEtfTiiAi;.— hTolb and Dill and cotnpanv, 
in- '"I/O. Ot" : .... ^; ' 

CoLONUt.-^-':My Friend from India" this 

•Oonkuk: (at the Chutes).— Bill opening 

Sunday.' Oct 2S (Matinee) : Rafayotte'a 
dogs; Burton and Brooks; the GllnseretUe. 
Collins - and 'Hart. Mix Mllllan. -Augusta 
Ota"?..: Empire City Quartette, Hansen 'and 
Ncjj:iu. and -the Orpheum motion pictures. 
'fN0TB.^L, R. Stocbwell, one of the oldest 
a^d' teat known actors- in Californhi. has 
umcrod a.strolte of pamlj-sla, and Is now\at 
^W&Ir Uospila), In Oakland.. In a pre- 
cHpldus'cOttdltlon. It Is doubtful If he--fvjll 
cf;cr again r appe:i: before -the footlights. 


Richard Mfanalflcid OlVca "Peer (-> at" 
;1lU-' Preiiler at the titand Opern. 
; Hooic, Cnfeaifo— BnaJaeaa Report- 

,. fd (iood BTfcrywhert, ■■ 

'PniLJCDEbPHii, CKt. 30.— II. E. Irving and 
Uofotbca'BAitd, An.-iw.o and Francesco," 
uit^c theli; local bow, to capacity, at the 
OUcMQut -HLreet: Opera House. .,. ..Plbe ai> 
Oiftb(;ea .wltn^sBwl the opening of "The Ifaii 
Oi/th'c Ilour.Vla't- the Walnut; "Brewster's 
>Utl|ans;'' parrlck. and Annie Russell, 
in fWS Midsummer eight's Dream,** at., the 
HMlad'. '. . , .'ydtbei'a iinq Marlowe,' In "Jeanne 
UJA r c»l' - tfgaa their final -week, to a packed 
IbuBC,- at tie Lyric,, while -**The College 
"tTldBtctV^wftlcli laalso la its -final /week, at 

tict'hqsitut.-had a, blg.crowO .1?he bill 

alJiRertk*.s;sl.ei.dedby Mr=. Langtrv. attract- 
crt-.cfcs-Ji afternoon aud night. ....'. .*1hc 
uomcalog ■Girl' 1 held o?er, to good business, 
Kt^fncParkv.-. . ..-The otber new attrdctiotja 
lii-rbwo; VTJic nall:R&cfin, Boya." at tbeOl- 
rftfd,Vand "'A- Millionaire's Revenge." at. the 
"— ^nal-Ba'd ■ big : audiences , . . /. .The other 
'nation and burlesque boUses bad big 
wifja*-, 1 "■ -;•:": . i. - ■■" *i 

^Iftaoa, Oet,— V Happy Iknil.* the 
Oj|iWcaV:-" a £4lt'tln .tobniiy.Jofles 1 , *'"flt McVlek- 
cjfej'... ,, *rhc- Djnclng Olrl.". at- the Cblcago 
Owra'.House: ' ''Teias," at : tbe ' Great -Kottp- 
cj-Ji: were .tbe -bundav -openings,' 'aJI bouses 

ana packed. -Jftkhard IDtrisfield, ut tlje 

■fJjr«Mi-Op?r.a. House. ,ln I'Peet; Clynt." la .the 
uqfy'Mondaj- opHulng. The boldorer attrac- 
««s.aTc:i';Thc-Cn'cat«r-EoVe;*"atthe 8tuae- 
I'Mcr : "Ben ■ Hur." at .lie Audltorlam ; 
"OeorffoN*A'a"5blrigten Jr.;"'attho Colonial: 

tp Rogers Bro.. In Ireland.'jiCtUe Illinois : 
to 'TfirtuV*- at Powers', and "The Sbadea 
""iht'.'.and-'Tbe'Oreat Oaileoto,** at-the 
Pheatf e, ' play to capacity -bouses, j • 
•BbtftdN, -Oct;- 30?-tII.-. W- SiTaga's Grand 
OBM ,C6.,-..In. ' Madnuic : Bdtterfly.*' seoted. 
u -decided puccess, .before ■ a Dig 'audience,, at 
ibfe-'TfemoDtvL ... .Francis Wilson; 'ln f "Tbo 
Myuntaln CHmher,? at. the. Pork, aad "ily 
tady'fi ■ Mtfld," at the . Majestic, were two 
otner> novelties, -openla^ Hb-'flde bouses. . ... 
■A*ldrcwv i*ia-;k, la "Jirrah-mi-Pogue." started 
well, at the Boaloo.. ..Maude Adams, la 
•tiytcrrPaht'- attaellolHs,' and MarJe Ca- 
WLt in -'.'Marrying Maty;" at the .'Colonial.' 
iiegan-.tlie-lr-eeKJoniJ week, to -good business..' .;. 
''Pain.tlqg the Vow a" and /.'Queen of tuc 
llMtolrfders" drew- well, at toe Globe and 
Grand Opera -Ilonae, respectively. : . .-. . Tbe 
slock, .vaucevUlc. burlesque and other re* 
*p.rfs rcpo'rted. capacity buelne-ls. 

.'*fl**striSOTO^. Oct. ao.-—"iIum "sella Saltlc" 
lifld'"a -Qae opcnlnp at tbc National... .'. . 
Uiypond - lIHebL-ock. • In "The Gallopers:" 

croiroad.' tbc.Coluabla .Hilda. Spong,.la 

"Joau' 1 TIudHoh's Wife,"' IRled . the Bclaseo. 
•A good bill ■ at Chase's crowded the 
lailiTi? " "Tniltl Bells" tumed neo- 

rv-^T, 7321 IC" \. L "*. r «opie a ioeairc. 

Beat- sWe, ; the . Uayirood -Stock Co. give 

■.'Orausto.rk'.to a good bouae .'TheTm- 

plre' opens af tbo \rilltn Wood Thu radar. 

vVrctte Qullbert and AUtHt Chevalier 

appear at Couventlon Hall Tuesday, night 

■ '•^ajteaiiuR. Oct. M.— *-flia Pli" opened at 
thfl Mnaonlc. befcre a loraeandleacc. 
"Illg -Hearted Jito," at the Avcbtie: R^lliv 
* r »voods Show.' at the Hucklogbam, ■ anil 
vaudeville, nt Ktipklim*. dinned to blg''Hnn- 
day. eEowiM.....,..Mftcaul t 'y'a:ls dark until 
»f. -■■...•...• 

I ■ , —; ^-** , 

- : -'"- J - '■ ■■ "".H 1 ^**' ' '•-'• ■■ ' 

,■»»■ a l a i aj a a. . 'iA t the- Slwibert ( J. I B. 
Reeve. uiantf»ri -J-:ddU l'oy t In "The Karl 
and t lie Girl." played Oct; -JMt to crowd- 
ed huuaw. -"Browu of Harvard" ihowed t>» 
bjfc nualneu •2•. , ,- 2J, pleairng-evorybody. Mr. 
WqodruiT was .nut in the cast, being ill In 
RwuCnr. tils role was UMed by Wil- 
liam . Roaelle. . wbo gave a very crcilltabte 
Cerformonce. and .bl« efforts were ptuMn 
T everybody. I>. W, Robertson's Moving 
Picture Co.- 2fl. 

■ FpsTBa'B OitBA Hucsk (Wm. 'Foster, man- 
ager). — Docks tnder'* Minstrels attracted a 
well ailed house It). '.'Cowing Thro' the 
Rye" pleased a good elzed audience '0. "The 
Wizard of Oz 1 * played. to good builneaa ^4. 
Mailne Elliott, la "Her Great Match," 2tt: 
"The ' Umntre" 27, Max Flgnian. In "The 
Man on the .Box." 20; 'Dim •Murpby Nov. '2. 

• AuottoKicu (Win, Foster, manager). — 
Kilties Scotch Band 28, Albert Chevalier 
and Yvette Qullbert 30. 

. Oban's, Opska Uoi'sie (Wm. Foster, mana- 
jrerj.— ^Large crowds enjoyed "Mr. Blarncv 
from Ireland" 'i% £3. Gertrude Bonbill. 
In. "At Cozy Corners," gave a creditable per- 
formance, to gwod houses. *J3, 24. "Mi-Fad- 
den'B Plats", iQ-^7, "Vonug Buffalo" lf8, 2», 
"The House at Mystery" 80, 31. 

Kmpiw ; (M. J. Karger.' manager). -<*Blll 
week of 29: Mr. and Mrs, Danny Mann, 
Amy /and Pearl, Ann Hamilton- and com- 
pany. Ctalre Maynnrd, Ed. Kellic, and Orln 
McKnlght. - .. ■ s, ■ ,;- . 

•■• * ■ — a. ■ ! -»-■ — ■ — m* 

■ Cedar Rapida.~At Greene's Opera House 

• Will --a; Collier, manager) William Collier. 
In "On the Quiet, '* Oct. 'JO. pleased' a good 
.louse. Th*' I'oranany closed here, and re- 
turned to New Vorfc City, where Mr. Col- 
lier's new play will soon be presented. W. 
aV Vatton, 18, In "The Slow. Poke,'*" had 
good business- :Chns. B., Hanford, 24, 1n 
^Julius Ciesar." bad an appreciative audi- 
cHce "Tho Umpire,'-* 25. with '.Fred Mace, 
fharmed n big boas... Chicago Madilgal 
Cln|i 2U, Tim Murpby 2T. "Tu-'CooTlct'a 
Dagghter" 28 "Windy Sam from .Amster- 
dam' Nov. 1, Robert Bdeson 3, "A Sister** 
Sacrifice" 4. "The Hdr to the Itoorab" -5. 
"The Mayor-of Tokto" 0, "Human" Hearts" 
7. "Dad's Side Partner" 8, "Bunday" 0, 
Howe's moving pictures 10, 11. 

* Pkople's (Vic Hugo, manager).— Big busi- 
ness week of. Oct. £2. with Marlon and 
Pearl, -Itoblscli. and Childress, La Verne anil 
Slawden. . Will Sheridan. Ray' W. Fay, and 
the klnetoscope. ■ • ■ ! 

.Notbs. — Tbe thirteenth annual meeting of 
tbc Iowa State Dairyman's Asaoclatlod will 
be held Nov. .30-80. in the Abdltorluui. . . . . 
The Western Poultry Fancier's Exblbitlon 

xbv. 20-no; 

: . ' a ' — "\ 

Dnbufjne.— At - the Grand Opera House 
f-Wai. b. Bradley, tuauager) "Our amfi-W* 
later", had. a. fair herowOct; 13. *'A;oam- 
bler'p daughter", had. a- top heavy house To. 
''A ■' Mfld ' LoVc," two perform ancea, to Ja'rge 
aheuJauce, 17. West's Mlngtrela ■ did, well 
1.8." ''Our New Minister" (return), had. good 
business 10, -20: ."Nobody's- Claim" Ttwo 
performances) drew rood buslnesa 21. 8mlth'« 
Specialty Co. 2'J.' Wmnloger Bros., ln-reper- 
tory-j liO-Nov. 3. .. • ■ 

Blitiii; (Jdke Roseatbal. m-juag-ri. — Thfl 
usual,, large Monday house greeted Clever 
L'onkey. GroCe Armond, La Vellc and Grant, 
luneas and Ryan. F.arl Wilson and .company, 

afld the. klnodfome. ".''-■ 

- Notes: — A recital was -given at tbe HeuH- Studio.- .10, by. Wendell. Hclghton, 'celUst. 
of.Des Moines, assisted by Maud 1 Marshall, 
Mr?.' Healy, Ma:e T.*gen aad Mr, Culbcrtrion. 
....Tbe Cblcugo Madrigal Club appeared .21. 
.-::.•. -Marc Lagen,, tenor. -left' 25 tdjdln tbc 
Four. Stars company, under the management 
of ;thcSityton Bureau. ..■'.' .\ ' . ■ 

^«'*6 twlco.'v 

Eight Bells" turned pee- 

tfk « the Academy ;.VThc Arrival 

ui'K-Uiy** waa a' good drawing card at'tbc 
MrfiesUc: v. .'.Tbe Americans, / at the -Ly- 
ceums had- crowded bouBCB *fternoon' and 
Hr.- : : ,-■,.-.--.;. 
■ "BradiifXATT, Oct. 30.— Lawrence D'Orsay 
ui*0&;hl8' first Clnclnnatr appearance at the 
GrspTd. presenting "The Embassy Ball," -to- 
i.'deHgutca 'a.nllcQcc.. ;..'.Ali local records 
fori theatrical -ntteudauce wore; broken Sun- 
day, -for :every house, luraed. people away.... 

The Fbrepaugh Stock Co. played "Old 
llaMcrherg.'* at BoblnsOn'a, stdendldly. .". 
'rep/ Sidney.* la: *;Buay- Uzfn . A'aeatlop." 
ir leased tbc -Walnut Street'a clientele. .... . 

LJlfiao' Mortimer mode "No' Mother to GtHtJe 
His" <a-crest. card at Heuck's.... ....Vaude- 

vlifejammtd both the Columbia' and Oljm- 
WmL . „ i.'ttMr Hearts Arc Broken'.* was 

the Lyceum's magnet ...Joe Gnna and 

" tbc JBoUealau Unileaiuers, at- , the People's. 

Jnd the Bebntau Shov and Frank Bryant's 
.fHbrrcan.OtrU. .a: tbe Standard,' played 'to 

'TKa)»BAs Citt. Oct. UO. — Mrs. FIske. opened 
4'.'*cckrs- cngaaeacDt at ■ the Sbobert The- 
a'trB.Mondav t&Bh presenting. her Jlew pUj. 
"Tae K«w Yori Idea;"' to a capaolliy audi- 

tv-vMca. Fldice atd -the play, were cof- 
rrexelfed. .At tbe W|ftte-.r7ftod,-Snn- 
nfgbt, p'ft- Iuirn«n*rt ;-ho*is« greetM'Harry 
pVla -Tbe Man from Mow.'.*.. '■. .A gtfod 
ma<snee'-add : aold out night house thof&ugbly 
, **iJMftdr "Sunday/' .by a auleudld company. 
at;flfe Grand...-.;. Two Wg'b'ouaea at the 
tmmam s*# a g«od bill. In which Long apd 

Cotton '-"were' beadllntrs At- tho"GlllIs 

"AJBace- for "Life" tbrlKcd' two", enthusiastic 

WU '.'.' . i '-.' -•" . 

Davenport. — At'thc-Burtls.-Dockstadei'R 
Minstrels appeared Oct. 141. Wm.'Collter, Id 
"Ob tlio Quiet," 1*:' "Tbe Arrival of Kitty" 
20, "Rafllea" 21, Clias. B. Hanford, .In 
"Julius X'casar," -2a: "Little Johnny Jones" 
25.- "A Sister's Sacrifice" 26. tbe Four. Hunt- 
Ings-J?: "At Coiy CbrneriT^o; :■■-' ' 
■ I'aiielt. — For week, of .22: Brandt -BDd 
Laraiio; Emily ' Walt, ' Leonard, and Lonls. 
Katbryo Martya., KobertNomc-GeorgeAua- 
t!u, ami moving pictures. . . . .".-* ' 

Elitk. — Tbc fol}oiwlng< for week- of 22: 
Gi^at (,'tesar and cbuipa'ny. Lena Kline, Car- 
borry- and^Stanton.'-Verdanian; Sprlngold and 
company, and pictures. .....:"' ■ .. . 

',. ( . ■ ' ■....■■» . 

Fort nodge.-A; the Midland Theatre 
(W. i P..Dornieiv manager) ."The. Umpire' 
pleased a packed house Oct. 23. "Tbe Con - 
vli'f s' D.inghtei'," 2uy bad two 'crowded bouse*. 
"Tbe aiow Pofce.'lO. did ulco bUBlflesa. "Tke 
Little- PrOeocctor"' 20,- : "Tho • Hidden Hand" 
31. '.'TheGfrl and. tbo Bandit" Nov, l. ; 

'AnjjixomTjjr %k. 'C. Smith,'' manager); — 
Fifty-sixth •" Regiment Baud did well 2tf. • 
■ i. • ' , . ' ■*.» 

Horlluctun — : At'tto Grubd (Chambcrlln. 
Hur-rlngtou & Co..- managern) "Tbe Arrival 
of Kilty" pleased a good bouse -Oct.' 18. .A 
ij.ambler'8 Daujrhfer** drew a- fair. crowd 20. 
lira .Murphy oeUguted His' olil'frleads. aad 
nMdu.U'lot u: -uow ones, 21. Tbc Gaoa- 
Nelson-tlgUt plclures drew well 23.' Coming: 
"Rafica". 25.,"At Cozy Corners" 20, Wests 
Minstrels. 1 27.'. llobertsou's pictures 2«. Cba«. 
B i TIanford;30,: M A;SlBter , a'Sa«iacc M Nor; 7. 

mooiBg Picttircs. 

■TdE-BrpOBApif Compani's uew headquar- 
ters oa the Pacluc coast, at HON. .Broad- 
way, La; Angeles lu rapidly becoming a cen- 
ter. for. the Western Sim trade: 411 the new 
productions are . forwarded to. the Los An- 
geles boose sons to lie available at the same 
time' thev are put out la- the. East. Me&ai.i, 
Gove and Vau Guyallog are In charge of -tbe 
wetitern business. "Dr. DIppy's Sanitarium" 
la: tbe title' of the latest .Blograpb comady 
production, bated on tbe popular. pictures by 
upper, : lu' tbo; comic section of the Henint 
papers. Dr. Dippy hires n new attendant, 
ana.tbe gentle maulaca cat him tip. In tbe 
Blogrjpb pictures tbe attendant Is put Into 
a Ixirrci, and rolled .down hill over a barbed 
wire fence Ipto u.noad. That aours htm on 
his lob. but wlien toey fasten side 
of: a buildluir and nsa him as a target (or a 
er,s#y knife luggler. ho decides to throw-up 
t^ Job. The demand for. tbc "Dost Child' 
aad ibe "Mocnsbiocrs", Is ««. great aa cvor. 
"Wanted— A Nurse" la proving, a flttlog sue- 
dwnr'ta ihe Hlograpn'c "Personal." 

Tin: Bin c DewttTEn 1» the ldtaat-LuMn 

flfm.- ■ : • ■ ' " •-■..•.■ ; 

'.rMivrttkiu-ix.LAR"" and "Itacc:for a 'Wife" 

are popular. vitigrJp!. I»uta. ..,."; 

a ■> ' i .- 
• Tub - Two ' KAcitu havo ' booked . their new 
act. "What's >tho. Odda,"'on-tbe -Gus- Suu 
circuit - for flftecn weeks, ' and eipcct a One' 
aucccia.'.aa 'the- act' Is -.all comedy. 

■ Tkla Hat la mtidv mp aajaearlr «- 
«« rate aa ill* p«aalb|te to iakeaiiit 
o( vacdrrlllr boOklaKa. To laaarr In- 
aertloo la thla dt-nartcif-ai the nam i- 
of tae tbeatre of-rarit* aa well a* ill* 
oily or Iowa. MBavr.aiecamvaar *■«■» 
booking aent ■■. 

AMallali Hi.-h" nametll Ti-lrt,' l.yric. Clereliml, 20- 

S»i. 3t nh-iiii.ic, Cliiclnnad. Mo. 
Aural Si CfWbjai Limn; O., 'MS»\. n. 
Atk>;ruiuu. .Mr. ^ Mr-,. H- *k l|„ I'ltUhiii-g, 20- 
' Nov. 3; K«UU'ri, CUvelaBd*, J-IO.- 
Ail»>Lvu. Ht:ir, Hannibal. Mo,, 20-Nov. 3; Kmiilre, 

■ I)« Motrfe#, ' la., *i-M», 

A.bllr * IMliti, K. k IV L'nloii Sq.,' N. V. -&, 8». 

Xpv. :i; KuiVirv, Puiif^n. .V. J.. 310, 
A.brlla, !,■!.. La Salle. Kwkrta,' lal.-ilS-Nwr. *.' 
AJaftn X Mnek: Iluward. Hwloii. 2u-S<.v, 3, 
Ait.iti.iiii A "Auk*. Orpbeuoi, Halt Lake, 1/., 2ft- 

Not: 10'. ' 
AiliHnon 'A. MiiiigHtofi, Star, Allnuta. (in., so- 
- .\ot. ... , ' - * 

Ah'erni). Tbe, I'tyraet. Bajsaa, Ciilia. Nnv. Kin. 
Aheurn. Clm*. * Jac. Fauillj, Hltauokln, I'm., 

xor i-a.. - 

Aliialey. 'Jo^tblne, Proct«r*», Alliaoy, N, Y. 2!t- 

J*ot.- 3 - - . 

Alltaon, Mr. k Mm., Cbate'a, Wnihlngti.n. 1). C., 

M-Nor. :i. j, Cryital. Detroit, 3»-Nar. 3. 
Albloii*. Tlh'.-Rljon. I'iqua, 0.. 2»-Nov. 3. 
AJvlnon (-5*. -Rpiplfe '-Tunr, Kng.. 2«-N*ov. 10. 
Alva, Alloc, l'eo|-le*«t. Ltnreunorth, Kan.. 2U- 
. Nor. 3.- .... 

Alburttiw A Millar. Raiplre Tunr,.Kng.. S9-Kov, 30. 
Allen, Vlole*. Oruheuw. t'ttet, N. Y., 2U- 

S'ov, 3. 
A.liuoml. Tow k * EJUii, Andltorlnm, Lyuu, Ma»a., 
. Stt-Nuv. :>. • . . ■ - 

Alien A Kceley, A. is., Rfinlon, 20-Nov. 3; rat* 

tor's. NV. Y. 0.. 3-10. 
Allen * Rulton. <;n!eij. -Bklii., 20-Nov. 3: u. A 

#:.N..Y..0..3W. . 
AltliofTs. Tbo. lilpiMtdroiue, N. Y, C, 20-Xov. 0.. 
Allaire- A Lin;], OrDbeum, Seattle, Waali.. 20- 

|wr>.L ■ . 

AliiHiQt A Dununt. Gotham. Ilklu.. 2^-Nor. '■]. 
All*i!e k. La Uraut. Olympic. Ko. Bend, lad., 20- 

NOT. 3; Crystal. Detroit, Mluli.. 'Wft • 
AtiierV Band. A. & »., Boston. 2»-Nov. S. 
Amerlciin Newauoys'. Quartette, ' Acuitemy, Iluffalv, 

N-vY.. 3it-\»v, 3: Rlaiwy'a. Balto., &-10. . 
Auies A Feather*. Blloii. Muacutlne. In., 2«Nov. 
. ft:. Star. Moilne. til., ."-10. 
Autriui A Peter-. Majestic, Little Bock, Ark.. 20- 

.Nvt*. :'., Majmtlc. nulla-. T«.. B-10. 
And>r«on. Clan., Acme, Norfolk, Va., 20- Nov, S. 
Andre, Prof., Ulitpodrorae. N. Y. C 2'j-Nov. .".. 
Apollo Qnartct, Ditllai. Tex., 20-N'ot. 3; Hom-iou. 

Arhwun, Abe.'HIjjpoilroBie. N. Y. C, 29 -Not. H, 
Ardelle A Unlle, Oruid, Fludloy, O.. 30-N*ov, ;t. 
Ariln/toii C'rtoedy Four, Keltb'*, iToTldertcc, 20- 
' Nov. 3; Hoont'fl, PoHlatul. Mc. 3-10, 
AnhiM'ong A Bavl»» Alhiimbra, Mllwutikce, Vta. 
••£»'Ngv. 3;" Hi. ]'aut.-C-10. 
ArdcUe, Jcsune, A Plcka, Keith's, Cleveland, 20 

Archer A Cirtell, I»ewcy, Ufa., N. Y„ Sft-Nor. 8. 

Arlnond,: Grace. Dominion) Wlnulw*g, Can.. a> 
■ N6t. -3. ,-r.r.r 

MNr' A Ciiwkor. .Temple Detroit. MleU.. 20- 
. Nov. 8; -Praetor's, Troy.-N. Y., 3-10. ■ 
Aftot:( Bros.j Victoria, N. Y*. C. 28-Not. 3; Poll'ii. 
. Vfjiiterliury, Conn.. 3-10. 
Arcliltf. Will, Anuory,' Blugbuaiton, N. Y.. -20- 

NOv. 3. 
Armful a A Burlc*. Mldilleboro, SCub^.. 29-Xot. 3. 
AHkdanJ. Cry.tul, St. Joacpb. ilo., 20-Nov. 3. 
AabTon A Mirltiio. titiu Vavledjides, Haiana, 
- Cuba. SB-Nov.' 10. 
A,ber.A Patertyou, Temiile. TJetrott. Sllcb., S!»- 

kw, 3: Koi'bealer, N. Y., 3-10. 
Aahtcy. Lillian. Olympic. ClilcaKO. 20-Nov. 3. 
AtlAliu. Cloiitk, Star. Hannibal, Mo:, . 20-Nov. 3; 
. Family, flloiix City, la., 0-10. 
Auilli.1.. -ToiiBlup. K, A 1*. UdIod Sq...N. T. C.. 

29- Nov. 3; Tranf- Trcutoii. N. J., j-ltj. 
Atcry A Pearl, Empire, Des Molnen,. la., 29- 

.Nor. 3.. ' . 

Avolos. Mnvlcul (4). Coloinbin. Cincinnati, 20- 

.N&T. li t, HortlwlUH' . MeiupIUa. Teuii.. 0-10. 
Bar<ls. I'our, Uujroiurhet. Clilcaao. 20-Nov. 3. 
Baker Troupe, Poll'f).. New Ravcu Conn., 20- 

.-\ov.3.; Poll's. Wprlngilold. .Mai-a.. MO.. . 
Bullcy A Austin, HT.'A B.. Bklu., 20-Noy. 3. 
B«!!i-y-.A ncitett.: Orpbcuni, Uprlngfleld, U., 20- 
1 Nov. 0, ' ' 

P*hsm..TLe. H. i B., Bklu.. 29-Nov. 3. . - 
Barlow, Ham. Mancbeaterfl N. II., 20-Nov. 3. 
Barrett. VItIiu; Orptoenm, f Ht. Paul. Minn., "20- 
Nov. JL 
Batea. Louie W.. Bljon. Kvimba. Wl*„ 20*31; 

Bljoo. Iiacinc. Nov. 1-3] Knhjue, Sbeborgin, 

8*7;- Ides, fond da Lac- 8-10.- 
Raider-La 'Velio Tflii.'Sh'uucrt. Milwaukee. Wis., 
'-•MfKiw. -3.- ■ 
hnattt'l Cock'utoca. bliou'a. Buffalo, 20-Nor. 3 ; 

?liea'a,' Toronto 3*10. 

I;»!Ic-v. Johu L liar, tiotiiuui, Bklu.. 29-Nov. 3. 
Basque Ognrutm Hayuiariiet. Cbleaso, 29'Nov. 3. 
BatrOiTH-Lancirtter -Co,,. Kolth's, -Mancbeater, N. 

8.. 29-Nov. 3. ■ 

Ban? A-, Ilalrera.- K..-A P. Stb Ave.'. N.;T. C 

2d-Nov. 3. ., . . " . ' . ' 

BsjaU'Breqeesle Duo: Ljrlc. Erie, Pa.. 20-Nuv.'3. 
PaluwbiM. -Tbe.;.Novelty. Bkla.. 28.Nov. -3. . • - 
Berol.Wm.. Malestlc, Chicago, 20-Nov. 3; Olym- 
.rjio, CliIcas-j.-3-lO. 
Bei.iui. Doiiat,' Orpbeum, Ht. Taul, .Mlqn.,' 20- 

*pn 3. • * 'i '-,'' .t-' * 

Bcerlt-v, Kruuk A Louise, Alvarey, ■■ Bay City. 
■■ Mich.,- ,29-Nov/ 9L ■ ■•■ — -. - . - 

Beebe. tllmletb, i.ium. 0.', 29-Nov, 3i Newark, 

210. . i - . • ■ ■ 

Bell" Trio, Slngera,' Orvbeuw, Utlca, N. V,. 20- 

■ Nov.:4: Mohawk. KcMofBtadr. C-10.-, 
Kenl-Keuorali, Sag,', Majestic, . Obfcoifo, 2D-Nov. 

3^ Olympic. Chicago. 0-10. ■ ' •„ a -„ 

BcOlui' A. -Arthur, K. A p.-ath-Ave./.N, Y. C, 20- 

Nov.;:l. . ■ - ■„•> ..'":'»,..--,./■.'. '._ 
Ucaall .Rroa.., Family, IMngbbecpalc. N- Tm 2»- 

■ Stir. 3. '■' ''.-.'• - ■ 
Belfotd; Al.'O: A ' Nasle. CaallC.. Blooinlugton. 

.1 L„ 'Sll.Kw. 3; Bijou. JaclojoavUle, D-IO. 
Berry A Berry. Lyric; Daovllle. Ill, 20-Nov. 3; 

BIJiJu.': Deeatur, -9-10.. -' • - ■ vl--;'v- J. 
Bejimt^. . ArtUuv. A . Co,, Family, 'BaalatbB.' Pa.. 

Nov. 3-10. ' '' ' : 

B*i'«r, Bo.i..-At!uritlc Ourdep, N.».Y..O.. 80'Nov. 3. 
BeJoulu Arabs (St, Majestic. Blrdilnglau.'-AlB., 

.XOV.C.IO.. ;.*. , - ' :■ •" ' - * • 

Kellclslre Brort., G. O. H.. ludluiiupoll*. 29-Nov. 

U Hopklna'. Loul-JVillo. Kv.-Bio; • '. " = 
BCTnlucton.-Blllr * Dalay, Empire. Okie- City, 0-, 

.T/;;29-*'OT. 3. . .<- ' ts -A ■ ■ ■' ** 

Bcaii ft Hamilton, ttceuey'n. Hkln.. 20-Nov. 3. 
Berrllce A-'.Slwcui. JetTer'H,- Sugluaw. Mich-, -29- 

Not; :i.:.Mariou. l-ijidUr.- U,. 5-10. 
Bercere. Volcrlv, A Co., Keltb's. Fro*idevw. 20- 

.Xbv. .*»„• ■.*.* • •.'"■.' .'!-.. | \ ■ 
Beu-AII'a. Haaaan. Arab-*. K. A F. VBlon H-t., S. 

j, .0.',:2«.Nov, 3. ' ■ 
Beftae's Clrens. .0. O. B. 20-Nov. 3. 
BicoBjr ft Ckapmiu,..Bijou. Mubkegob. kick., 20- 
.' .Nov, ».- ..■-■' 
Blwn -City Trio, Fraukford, lad.. 30-Kov. 3; .El- 
Wood 0-JO. ..•■•- 
BIbkbi Bomu. B-r-r-r, Malextle, Llt||e Rock, Ark., 

».TCdv; a: Majeitlc DMUa. -Tej.. "6-10, ■ • 
Bloom A Cooper. Buea'i, .Toronto, 29-Nov.a. _ 
BltHJng.':Mr; a : Mrs., - Bijou, .Cantpa,- 13.. 20- 

t N0». 3. .-V ■ 

BlimirlirtTABettr. Btar, Muncle,-Iud.. 20-Nav.'3: 

OrpbooBB. Lima.- 0-. 0-tO. . ■ .« --•.. 
Black.. violet. Keltb>. Boaloo. 29-Nov. -3. 
Black -A 3oi»«.' NajMtle. Cblcago, 19-Nov. 3: 

Haytaatket. Chicago, 3-JO. ■ 
Black Hussars (14), Colonial. N. Y. CSa-Nov. 

8 ; i Alhamhra, X. .Y. O., ' 3-10. ■ ■ 
Bofaeverry. Gaatou, Col., Keltb'a, frOTlaobM, 20- 

Bolter.. Hirry A Co.. Doric. . Yonkera, N. *L. 20- 

Nof ■ 3. 
BjiVft*;, Walter* A Civokcr, Keency'a, Bkla.. 20- 

Nov. .1. 
BDT,:Ted.B..'.TlT0li. Cap* Town. 8/ A.. Nov, fi-10. 
Bora ill A NVtro. Keith'-. M anub fitter. N. B-. 
TaGKBT. 3i ;.Keltk*i. Pblle., 0-10." 
"an, ArlLor A kf"" 

.-.."Y... Not.. 5-10. 
Booth. Lanoe, Dewey. .L'tlca. N. Y.. 20-Nu'. 3. 
BrdWb.' Oil.- : BIJdnj HTaasvUte, lad,. 29-Nov. 3; 
■ Bfjoo. Marion. 3-10. - • „ 

Btraot A-Kavilie. J'araUr. Chaster, Pa-. S9^ov. 

:•■ : ramiir. Plt'stou. 3-10. 
Brf'tbt Bra).. Emi>.; Bnmley. Eag,. 39-Nov, ;t: 

Knip.. Dndlcy. 3-10: Pal.. Northampton, 12-17 . 

Bin.. Boicombe. 19-24. 
Bttadanaoar',' Gtvat, Sheedy'a, Kail RV»er. Mm , 

afhifafj «.-. ,-.:.• . . ■ • - j ,.■ V' 

Bwmb, Tj*-nry, VOrlglaal." KellU'a, Boaloo. Nov. 

.-c-io. . . ■-■ ;.■•■■ .- . 

ntaau'a Doir*. Victoria.' N. Y. 0., 20-Nov. ;i. 
Bwots A Vender,- K. * P. 3Ui Av«...N. Y. 0- 2U-. 

,JSi*. 3:. Ptocior'a. Albany, C-10. - : * 
rndford". TLe. 0. IL. PonxaBtawBe/, Pa., 20- 
Not. 3; "0. 0, rjbaron, 5-10. 

Brtttons, The. Kaoplre. London. Gag.. 39-Nov. 23. 
■raflle; A -Daila.- Crystal.' Htjoo. Danville. HI., 
-20-Nov. 3; Marion. lud.. 3-10.. 
Brawn. HatrU' A OTonu, K. A P. 33d St.. N. Y. 

C-. 20-N«v. 3, 
Brewer, Oxcar. Arhie. Norfolk. Va., 20-Not. 3. 
Brobat Trio. Family, pottarillc. Pa., 20-Nov. 3. 
Bruril'io, Le«. Oriiheiiui, Alltiitowu, Pa., 2t*-Nov. 

•3: Onj<hennt. iteadlng. 3-10, . 
Brook*, .irviiiuc, Majo-tle, l.lltle Rock. Ark., 2n- 

Nw. 3:,-, Dallaa, Tnt.. A-tO. 
Brown. Jack. A Llllluu Wrluiit, Knmllv. Cheiter, 

l*a.. 20-Nov. 3, 
l*tirke A Itempwy. Shm'n. Iinffrtlo, 2J>-N«v. 11. 
Itnrton A H^^rka. tirnlieum. H«n Fran., Oat., 2!i- 

■ Not. Rl lirphenm.-I^M' Anaelra. 3-10. 

Bmb,, K. A 1'. 3ttt Ave., N. Y. C, 20- 
Nov. 8, 
rbtrkf A 1'rlliif , Nvrelly, Stockton, Oil.. 20- 

Noy. 3. * ' 

Parke*. Tlie. Kelt UN.. Ppivldence. 29 Not. 3. 
Bm-keyc Crl.i. HJJon. La t'twe. Wla.. Not. Bin. 
fBtm A IllnneU, ■ I'rjhUal. m-lrolt, Ut*-Nov. tt| 

<»l.rai|.!i-. Ho. H*fld. Iliil,, 3-llt. 
Bri-oit A Lauiclirti. K. A P. 23d 31., N. Y, C; 

-uO-Not. 9l Umpire, PaterH-m, N. J.. B-lf, 
Byrne-KMiyoH (■'uiir, Indiimrlal. Mollne, 111., 20- 

Nov. 3. 
CiniiiW'll*. The. BIJoa. Ardmore, I. T., 20 Sov. 

«: Mr(J^.|l«-. (ialiK-irilk-. Ti"C.. 3-10. 
t.'srlln A trito. Glympk. OMram 20-Nov. 3; 

llijiuarkft. CLilcaifO. 3-10. 
Cawajll A De Verne, family. I^ifuyette. lad., Nov. 

4^HVan». tvcltlt't, iTovIilemv, 2lt-N«iv. 3. 
Cirl Bros., tleand. Kenltle. Wiwli., 20-Sot. 8; 

-B'way. Hutte. Moat.. 3-10. 
Carani, 0. li. II.. ludtnuipidla. 20-Not, .1. 
Unlownle Slater, ttnlliaway'i*. New Bftlfonl. 

-Maaa.. 29-Nov. ;i: HMtbawuyV Lowell. 3-10. 
Caaad, 8*4. Karl. I'ncblo. Col.. 'JO-Nov. ± 
rates. 'SliMleal it). Novelty. Han Prau., CaL, 20- 

"Suv. 3: Novelty. Stockton, "'-to. 
t:araieron A Fluiiigun, (I. 0. II, , PIltHlmrg, 20- 
- Not. 3. 
Carleton A Torre, Family. lMTen|«>rl, In.. Not. 


Cirleti*. Thr. Bljon. Apbtatan, WK, 20-Not. 3; 
Bijou, Marinette. 3 10. . 

Carter. - K. B., ■ Manhailan, Norfolk, \a.. 20- 
Nov. 3. . . 

(Tafferv A Grant. Garden, Lima, <»., So-Nov. 3. 

Ciirllalc'i doga A i»mk-«. BU-uilngkam. Ala., un- 

> Nov. 3. 

CaconA Herbert, G. 0. II., PltUbnrg. 2»Nov. 

" a- Kni'iU-e. I'atenani, N. J.. 3-l». 

Cirsoti A Wlllitrd, Columbia, tiliiclmiall. 21}\.>t. 3. 

Caatellm tt Hull, ulyiunle. Cbkaau.2li-.Nov. .1. 

CWapbell & Braily. Hopkins', liunTavllic. ky.< 2i>- 
Nov. 3; IHJoii,' llvuiiBTlllf, lud.. 3- 10. 

Carroll ft Porte. Grand, WW. 111., 2»-N«t. 3: 
Sioux nty, la., 3-10. 

Cark-tou. Al.. I'aslor**. N. \. C 20-Nov. .1; 
Prooror-f. ■ Newark, N. 3.. 3-10. 

Obrutouber. Chris.. «tar. Mone«aon, Pa.. 2tt- 
Ntfv. ■»'■"* 

Cberrv A lltite*. K*>UhV. Boston. 20-Nov. 3; l-aiu- 

II*. raaaare, N. J.. 3-lo. , , , iiB _ _ 
OhrUiopber. urpblom, Cuinmlmn, hid., 211-Nut. .1; 

Bijou. DatiTlMe, 111.. f-IO. - 
fflswinrt .iiiun. Howard. Boaaoa, 20->ot. :i. 
(niflriiilftli. »JbUb*>rt, ColBmbil". O.. 29-Nov. ». 
Olaiinevalll. Paul, Olympic. Cincinnati, 20-Nov. n. 
tllinde, Toby, Temple, IMiolt, 20-Nov. 3. 
Gliwres (3), Howunl. Boston. 2»-Nov. fc 
Orafata A Burke, assssnt, Toronto, 2»Not. s; 
"Kelth'u. Ryracaw. 3-10.- ■ 

Cllffor.1 A Ortb. Denwr, Col., 20-Nov. 3; Crjetal, 

8|. Joseph. Mo.. 5-10. 
Clark. Kddle. Atlantic Garden, N. Y. C. BO* 
i Nov. 3. - • 

Cltn*ord,Blly. Ori»beum. Bklu.. 20-Nor, 3. 
Clarke. Joliu V.. Pastor's, tl, C-. 20-Not. 3. 
Clarke A Tciuplo, Omul. .Juliet, III.. 20-Nov, 3. 

Custle, Btoouilugtoii.'5-lO. 
CJa,r. Oeo.. BlJov. Lincolli. Nab.. 20-Nov. l^t. 
SZlUcy A Coiilcr. rWl, N. Y. C. 20-Nov. H. 
Oottoo. Lola. Bljon. Wlwclldg. W. \u., 20-Nov. 8; 

Oi-pbluui. Mau.Qelil. U.. 3-10. 
Conroy, Jubw A ilamle. B'way. Middletowu. Couu,, 

29-Nov. a: Ctaud. Uayton. O.. 3-1W. 
Coakley * MoBrlde, II. A B.. BkliiM "-O-Nov. 0. 
Cowptr. Jluualc.: Buugor. Me., 29-Nov. 3; taW 
-son, Portlmid, G-10. 
Colmulilo' Four. Poll's. Waleibury. Conn., 20-N«t. 

3 i Kelth'a. Boston. 310. 
Pouuelly. Huab. Aeaiiemy. Nenlmrg. N. Y„ 20- 

C'olo° A "Coloiiiaa, Cryslul. Audvrsoo. lud.. 20- 
Nov. 3: Gryjlal, Kokoaw. Ml- 

Colby' Fumll?, Voll'a. HurtfuriL Coun.. 21l-Nor. 
lii Poll's, lhaWnsfil Mass.. a-l«. 

(^jaiwotlri. Cjcllag, -Tourlna Mexico. . 

t^o*' Family uimrtotte. Howllng'a._ Logauapori. 
lad.. -Ja-Nov. 3; Slpe's, Kokortio. Mfi 

CViitpi-e A Gillette. HbeaV. ?" Bo '*- v w V* u V»vi. 

Coarad, iCdltb. Kmiilre. Hohokeu, N. J., J9-Nov. 

rVi K. a? P. 3Stb 8t.. N- Y. C. 3-10. 

Co)M,Ui.& Hart, - 0.-|.houui, Ban Iran., CaL. ."- 

Collt**: <Joie. Cristat, Ht. Joseph. Slo.. 20-Nov. 3. 
CooV. Frank, A. A H., Boatua. 20-Nov. 3. 
CJOMu.' Jort|tfiliie. "A.Co.. Alhunibra, N. ». C. 

CoA\e.°Carl B,. Pasaalc. N. *»»•*»*: * J - -lk 

Oolllne. U-slle P. A Co.. Majestic. Chlcaito. 20- 

Cole,' HaiB, -.Dewey. QtiH, ?-JC»Ar C *!i 1 lf . » 

Courteuoy.'MuuiIe, Alhawbra, K, r, : . -«-n«v. •>• 

Corjm, «L u. 11., lad auaiaMla. 20-Nov, 3. 
BSE A ! fiayii. Poll's, Wrlngtluld. Mask, 20- 

Craatl'Mr. A Mrs. aorduer. fl. A B.. BWit-, at- 

Canaaaaa'sk Doyle. Howard, Boatoo. 20-Nov, U. 

Cmttlu. Morvl*. Kelth'a. Phlla.. 29-Nov. 3. 
Cralile: tme A ! Cr'aJue, O. H,. Madison. Wla.. 20- 

Nr.v. 3: YVINou'M. BCloll, MO. , „ „ „ n 
CutlyM, liuateoi (tl). K. A P. m St.. N. Y. 0., 

Cnileu, 4us, U.. Proidor's, Newark, S. J.. J»- 

iV-ffig A' Merrill. A. A H.. Boston. 20'Nov. 3. 
UbIf. A O'Brien. -Htar, Toronto, Can., 20-Nov. ... 

Lafayette. BurTufo. 5-10. 
DiiteuuiKt. l*W. MnJ**ttk. Chlcugo. 20-Nov. 3. 
Mavle'A' Wulhor. Cumberland.. Md., 20-Not. .1; 
."klcKeeHporl. Va.. 310, 

Davit,. Murk ALoUru, Bostoa, Lowell. Mass., Wh 
>"it. A. 
a via, To 

DalyaV The. Otyr.iple, -Cbleago 20-Nor. 3. 
par, ueo. V„ Cliuaoa, \Vaanlugton. 0. c. 2n 

Daly, 'A'raohl, A Co.." li. * P. 3lb Are., N. T. C, 

■ UO-Nor. ■ -J. 

Daere, Louhe. Blloa. KvaiiaiHIe. lud., 20-Nov. 3: 

Majemle.- Bli'inftiKbarfl. Ala.. 3-1", 
Daly, Vlulo. Hlnibcit. Coliiiul-us. 0,. IfO-No*. .!. 
DaTlr., T. HIcusM.'MsiicttfWttr. N. II.. 29-Nov, ». 
ValvA OevtrL-. BuiHt'ili'iriib'i".. l'iillu.. 20-Nov. 0. 
D'ArtlH*' eta rt s*B. CbtL-ugo. 20-Nov 10. 
Daiwvu*. LmTWJoo. Gulesbniir. 111.. 29-Nov. 3. 
Dale, Violet. llaviiiiirWel, CWeugo, 29-Nov. .1. 
StfBJkk Waltt-r., « -shleu, Biiirak*. 3U-N0T. 3. 
llatrweli: Anljt. Pf"**- '"*'**' Rw Conn.. 20- 
-Nov. 4 ■Pol's, Hirtfonl, 3-10. 
iwljednuud A Cu„.K. A V. Udlou Hquarc, N. l. 

Daiikufar,* nibiwlraiae. N. t.' C. 20-Nov/ 3. 
mi/.-B.P. A Bertha. Olympic. Chicago. 29-Nov, ... 
Doll A Foods , Novell)'; Onialia, Neb., 2B-Nov. .1; 

ino i lif r""rT ft" i Tl MO. ' ' „ 

V'v'WiUi Bornrf A TorrBOce. Olyuipla. Paris. Nov. 

'i-30. ' - - • ■ 

DaltonM {31, Trent. 'Jrenloti. N. J., 20-Nov, ,3. 
De.'Vare'*'«3artb, I'irrfant. Vallejo, Oat, 30- 

. Not. 8. 
Be SI out. Rob?:t, Jvffers. flaglaaw, Mich,. 20- 

■ . JCc-T.. d. 

Lie Witt. Hb'ortT A Lllllio. L^rlc. Cleveland. 20- 

He Vcldu A Zclda. Family. 8.' 8t. Loulf, HI., 

.39-Nov. 3; -. - * 
Dclmo. BIJuu. Wliwltug, W. Va., 20-Nov. »: 

Omblunj. .Mausfljjd, Q-. MO, _„ 

Pe'lteorw A Indue. Mabauoy City, Pa.. 20-Sot. 

a'l' Family. Blades. N-' Y., 0-to. 
De 'Veto. Paullnt, PsaW. Ijafayotte. lad.. 29- 

NOT. B: .Lyrlcj.Tcrn* Hauto, 3-10, 
Df " Cbunt'f D0H-, Keith's. Boalon. 39-Nav, 3. 
De'KoT.'Lrcerifti- *A-tlw«. N. C 20-Nov, 3; 

Academy, Wholpaton. «-lO. , - , ,. „ 
nwaflug. Artuur.. Orpbeum. Omaha. Nab.. 29- 

Not. 3: On.Utam. Kuiikss City. Slo.. 3-10. 
Ds-ldiore Blsura, • Empire . Psursea, N. J.. 20- 

De'*i'yc Mattinv Jarile, Kaaaton. t*«.. 20**^0*- **, 

IHvere. LltUBB, De« ey . uitea, N. Y.. 20-Nov. 3. 
De Cos*. Honry. MaJ^tlo. Houstan, Tex.. 3B->ov, . 

3 : Majestic, Sao Antonio.- 3-tp. 
DatpBlxio A Delisi/ra, Qiw'l, vTaihltiirUjU. D. C. 
■ 2P-Nov. JL 

IkeVBarr. Ifotvey, Perln'a. Patermn. X. J.. 29 
T .N(.v. 3.- „ . 

De Bali. Const A Bro„ Altoooa, Pa.. 20-Nov. 3: 

■Ketth'a. .fsraeyOltr, N. J., D-IO. f 
iHtnoiiioA l*e|I«, K.'A a*.jHh Ave., at, Y. C, 29- 
Nov. 3. . . 
Ue'Voj, Emmet A Co., Poll'*, Urldgop'ri. Own., 
■JH'Nov. 8. 

Uf Maths. The. Toimg's Pier. Atlantic City, N. 

J., 29-Nov. B. ■ 

IMHe' Serenade rs. The, r*hubcr:. Cclambui. O.. 29- 

No*, a. 
Dillon Rim. - ColaraMn: Cincinnati. 29-Nov. 3. 
Dlvoa Brow.. Orpbeum. Kansas City. Mo.. 20-Nur. 

3: Ot-.ticnni. New Urieuii", La., 3-10. 
Dlette A Mu.-nn, Ocni, LjUit, Mas*.. 29-Nov. 3. 
nilk* A P I Iks, A. A S.. Ho. ton. 29-Nov. 3.' 
ru«rii,iiiii rvnuciv l-'.,ur. Nntli'nid. tfan Fran.. Cnl.. 

UD-Nuv. 8: Norcltr, San Pruu., 3-10. 
hlamotiit ft smith, iMtJra, Plilla.. 20-Not. 3. 
IHatnuoil A- Mack. Urund, Carson, llo., 29-Nnv. 10. 
Hon. Rtimia. IiiTliy, Kuu- - . 20-Not. :i; Pal.. Sun- 

lierlnnd, Matt I'al.. Aler,ter», 1317; Finp., 

(Hvenwlch.- 10JI. 
DaiialB f3), K. A- P. 23.1 SI.. N. V. 0." 2»-NOf. 3. 
l»ir*ch * KniMplI, 1'ftU'n. 'Hprlnaflelil. Msaa., 20- 

Nov. il: Pidl'v. Worts-sler. ftiio, 
l»M<lu*. Mile., IWnti'llo. Iml., 20 Sim. 

3;.Kiuplrv. ll.ii> r'lii. 3 10, 
Donuiiix ft lMii;l,it, Pwii'.o'm, Cedar Kuplds, la., 

■SBfNVA. :i. - 

1'ovl.' A- Unuici-r, I'uwliusku. Okla.. 20-Nov. 3. 
|fnhert.r'a IvmJi.ih, n. o. |1. , Plttslnirit, 20-Nov. 3. 
Htm Carliw, Pnali-iV N. V. P.. 20-Nov. 3. 
Ihannvitti A Arnold, Lyrli'.' Cleveluiid, 20-Not, 3. 
iMyle. Fruit l},, tUtniplc. Cbii'..t;o. 2n-N»v. :i. 
Ikiyle, I'atcv. Keeiiey'a, Hkln., 20 Not. 3. 
Itrew, Ihrrothy. llsrBSa. Tlauibiirg. 2n-Nov. 3U. 
Drew, Mr. A- Mrs. Sldni-y. K. A P., 2:kl Htrcet, N. 

Y. C. 29-NoV. 3. 
1<iHlley, Chealni A Elnwvri. 0. II.. Grand Rsplds, 

Mtvli;, 20-Nov. ;i. 
liniaoiit. DnUy. Kelilt'n, •Clevebiml. 29- Nov. 3. 
I'liiUrvlli', l.ou, li. O. II., linilid ItUpldS, Mlcb-. 

29-Nov. 3.. 
Dnpirtit, Mary. A Co.. II. ft -A.. Hkln., 39-Nov. 3. 
lm Hols. Prut.. I'rmtiir'H. AHwny. It Y.. 29- 
Nnv. :t. 
Iiiiiilur's r.ipi-jnc raradni'. Hrndenhtirab's, Pblla., 

ao-Nov. 3. - . 

l-Iiirl A Wilson. Oonilulnn, Wlunlpcs, Can., 2'»- 

Nov, 3. 
Curl A Hurtlcll. K. A 1*. I'libm S.|.. N. 1. C. 

•ail-NoT, 3;KvllH's. BohIoh. 3-1U. 
l-.ln.-rl. I-'TdUS, Oollium. Bklu.. 30-Not. 3. 
Ki'Wu.ff ft Gonlrtil. Oiphenni: IVlivir, Cnl., fSti- 

Nov. 3, 
l-Mwrtrini., The. Orphettni. Clleu. N, Y.. 21,-N«v. a. 
IMwatd.-. klatide A Toiti. Urphciiiu. HiMtoa, 20- 

Nnv. a: victoria. N. V., 3-io. 
Kdnlila. Novelty. Hkln- 20-Nov. H. 
i:d«.tiln sVKstwamij SIk-h'*. ItiilTulo. 20-Not. II. 
KIlBuce Sisters, K. ft. P. BW St.. N. *•• C, 20- 

Ndt. 3: Krilli's. I'levrlmid. 3- 10. 
Pildoru, Family. PoMavlllc, Pa.. 20-Nov. II; 

Fdinlly. I'liMler. B-lH. 
13100. Sailt. Uritli'a. Piovi.bwo. 20-Nnv. Mf 

'KeMh's.'ltoa|olh^iVlll. ■ ' ■ 

Mlknt. Belulr ft'lilllolt. Timide, Ft. rt'ayue, Ind., 

21). Nov. 3: LyTle, TVno Hanlt*. 3-10. 
Fills. Mt-lvlHv, VleUla, N- V. 0.. 39-N«v. 3. 
|.;miu«|t. Cracle. A Co.. Aitdltorlmu. Lynn, Mass., 

29-Nov. 11 1/iWfll. MUH-.. M* 
F.-jitaelt, Kiigene. I'liinlly. l-lhulrn, .N. i ., 2t>- 

RsswMv'avf Miislo 1 1). .Crystal. Mllwaniee, Wis,. 

Ult-NfV. 8. ., 

Fraphe City Quartet tivOrphenui. San Trrnii.. CsL, 

Kmpl'rV Cotutily F«mr. -Maryluud. Bullo.. 2n-Ni«. 

3: li. A li.. Hktu.. n-io. . 
Fnittelon, Nan k Co., Proctor's. Nesark. N. I., 

29-NuV, ,1. 
F.v-jiia, deo., Keith's,' BbsImi. SfrXiiT. 11. . 
Fvcrs. Ckm. IV., t.frif, TVnv Iluute. Ind.. J9->ov. 

II Lrrfc Danville, .mo, 
Kviuis Trio. Umpire, Mllfunl, Musa.. 20-Nov. .1; 

shwly.'s. Fall ttlvev. 3;I0. 
Lsi-osltton four, Proctor's. Newark. N, J-. 20- 

NoV, U, * - 
KterlurL Keith's. Providence, 20 -Nov. 3; 0. O. 

IL. ■ W ractwe, •% Y-. 3- to. - 

Fmjat I-'OBilly. I'wclor's, Newark, N. J., -0- 

lav, Auna Eva, Colombia, ciueluuatl. ao-Nov. a. 
Fiuletti' Orclivitru, I'ollV. N«w Haven. Couu., -9- 

■NuT. 3; Poli'Si HurllOid. 3;10. 
Fay*, Man-vlou-i. Alliainhru. H.JT. C-t 20-Nov. .1. 
IVniuiu. Bud, HIJoii. Quhicy. III., 20-NpT. 3. 
Farley. Jua. A Bonnie, Keaufcy'a. BWn.. 20'Nof. »■ 
Kohiande May lino. Lyric, Tarw .ram lad.. 

■**Nor, 3: Marvin, Klndfay. 0.. .1-19. 
Fells A: Barry Co.. Ol»i»ldo. Cubar, 29-Nov. ,\ 
Ferguson .*■ Mack. Or'nliomii, llendlug, Pa.. 20- 

Nov. 3; •HrouttUiu, Alleittown. 3-10. 
iVgUJwa A Possinore, Academy, Wsahlogton, V. 

C..'2lt-N«v. 3, ■ . , - 

I'cri-y. Uiplienm. Mlimeauolis. 2U-,Nov. .1; ur- 

idieiiin. Ht. Paul. 3-10. " 

Fcrreru uud D«Af. OiT»lwiim. Hkln.. -9-Nav. .1. 
Fl-'icr. Mr. jH Slrn. Porklna, Family. Bntle, 

-altar,. Nov, 0-10.- ■ ■ ' 

l-'Nk-o ft Mulloii'iuiili. Ornbenm. Kansua City, Mo.. 

liU'V.iv. .1; iiniheiini. Saw Urleans, L«.,.^-lu. 
FIU«ci-uM ft Hart. VUvtr, Amlm-suu, lud.. 19- 

Sov.- H. ■ 
First Buniey. Bowery. N. Y.'C.. Nov. BdO. 
FilraemM A Tniloor, Poll's- New Haven, Conn.. 

20-NfiT. 3. ' „ ^ _ „„ 

l-'ltaglhbni-MeCoy Trio. Pastor'*. N. Y. 0.. 20- 

Field/, A Wind.. K. ft .'.. Unluii H'Piai't'. N. Y.,0., 

Flub,' Hc'iirv', KIJiiii. Jackson. Midi.. 30- Nov. 3; 

FrGSnM •V'oRiliJ, • Kvltli'a.' Clovclaml. 2H-N«v, 
3: ViilnilHw, TalotW. 3-10. 

' ITfliing.". Colonial, N. ^. C., 20-Nor. .1, 

1-l-dJti' A- kSSSm Bliou. 'Murinetle, Wis.. 20- 
Nov. 3; t>rplMMiiU. IliKkford, TIL. Mo. 

1'b.reiice -Hlttovs (■*). Cryatul ' I'ulace, Himi", 
rtirtshi, 20-Nov. 13, Aaalle. Ht. Potarabiirg, IT- 

llciiit-n A Miller. Keith's, Pblla.. Nov- B-10. 
Mood Bros., Pi.|t's.. Hrldueport. Conn.. M-Kov. «- 
Fot-Miip A - liariM, Orpiioum. Daavar. 29-Nov. .i. 
Fort] Mater* A Bwlhors, Moore s. Portland, Me., 

I ijiiiMinc. View., OlzaUtlL'. Cliiolnnatl. 29-Nov. li, 
F«. fflll IL. MuJeJtk-. IT. Wash..'l'«.. 20-Nov. 

3; Ultou. KvaiarffHle. I»d.. 1«*»>-- „ 
Fin., Dellu, OrpbeiVw, Boston. 20-Not. -H. 
For A Chirk. Alkaqihra. N. J- ,9",. «r.°«' . -i 
I'csUT. John, (Irijliluui. Sinlngtk-Id, O.. -'B-Nov. .i. 
Furiwt. rrauk. Partn's. Putoraoo, N. J., 20- 
Furrester' ft Floyd. Blloii, Calumet, Mlcb.,'2U- 

Fo'rber, ti; IL.-Kawport. IL L. I«B* W* ., 
Foster, Harry, A. £ H.. ««l«i. TO-Nor. .*■ , 
Ford. DfO'ft OoL'Coloimudc. Balls.. ao-Nov. 10. 
Foreiuali, IMuJr. A Co.. lonag'n pier. Atlantic 
Clly \. J,, il9%or. '.i: Uarrlek; Wlltnloglou, 
Del., 3- 10. . M v „ 

Vox A ■Wsho. II tb Bl„ Pblla.. 'JO-Nov. .». 

2tf-Nov. J j * Taaairfft ' Vt'.'-VrifJX. JSaW. MO. 

Ftirrrsu. Wuatonl,. Haufclua'. Mtfaiplils. Tcnu.. 23- 

Fas A Uu Bull. U. 0. IL. Graail itaplda. Sllcb 

Fraui.'lK A aogvN. AllflBih- tiurdea, N. V. C„ 29- 

Fruull A hob, BHou. Kvnusvllle. lud.. 29-Nov. ». 

Fr.i-lni, Nvlsnli, l-JalUway'a. New Uedrord. Mass... 

■20-Nov. '3,- 

:t: orobmiui.'Bi 

, B-10. 

malts BTaXms, teadjftoTaVi., Philn.. 39-Nov. u, 
raiiks A Frank*, Ifllb, Woonaocljat. B. I., 29- 

Fi-oderliik. (Wcnii, Ornhsi'm. Mluwauolls, 20.Nov. 

■ ■ ami, m.-puuj. ■■ " 
ters,. " 

Frt'spA Pauly. VollV. Waterbury. Coan.. 20-Nov. 

Fnller; «*«■ A Co.. Lvrie, Clove laiul. 30-Nov. 3. 
"1'niiirity wiuuvr, The," Colunilln, Cincinnati, 

(lar.lncr A'Madderj), .Orphootu, Kaasaa City. Mm., 

Oardner A Itevere,. l|ouklus', Loulivllle, Ky., ,29- 

HaVdiiL't'.^ Happy J***. Hheo'a, Buffalo, 20-Nov. 3: 

Shea's. Toroiita. 310, • 

(larihjvr A Vlncuiit, Jlajostle. Chicago, 20-Nov. ill. 
ilas.-iuja. JosephlHC. lUlth'j. Boston, 90-Nov. 8. 
ilarber. Oroee. GraoJ, Jollct, 1IL. 2ll-N«v. .1; 

Custle. Blooinluawb. 3-10. _^_ 

Hartelh' Bros., li. 0. H , Indianapolis, 20-Nov. J; 

Oolumblu. Cincinnati. Mil, _. „ _ 

Gaylord, -Bouula, KeHh a, Phllu., 29-Nov. 3; 

Keith's. Provldanw, 3-10, M 

(iBiiuour. Tbc, Kelru^a, Jeraev City. N. J., 2ft- 

Not. 3; K.-A B Olh Ave., N- Y. C. P-10. 
liaylor ft Graff,- Orl-Ofum, Newark. O., 20-Nov, 

3; Bijou. .WL.clinu. W. Va., MO.. 
Ouihindo. K. A l». fflU'Avc., N. Y, C. HNff. B. 
Oersnloal. Uoua... Auditorium. L>uu, Mass., *s> 

Oatarp A Tlieul. II|pnt>Jrome. N. Y. C 29-Nov. 3. 

(iordiiias. The, lr*|t). Goshcu. lud.. 39-Nov. 3; 
Crystal. AnOerSuo. tVli. ' «»„■» 

Creorge. -IWOId; r}lpe'n, Kokotao. lud.. 29-Nov, J. 

dillUiuD.A Parry. Qn.Uuui. Salt Lake, C. 29- 
-Nov. !ii Orpbenrn, Denver. CoL. MO. 

i.tlaana A Naalj. DfiU. M-rtjipbls. TeliU., 39-Nov. . I. 

uiicuuie A Oarrufi. pojiiiiiJon. winalprg. (Jan.. 20- 
Nov. 3! Cr/slat. MlfKailkee, Wla„ MO. 

CI Mr. MM A Maolianiaty. Wft MMI. 
Minn,, ffftrr. -i ■ IP&h Superior. AVla.. 9-10. 

iniroil. fjsrry.* K.'AlvDnlon'Mti.. K. \. C, 20- 

UiItuTVaieot! AGIIch-ManafloW, U.. 20-Nov. 3. 
GllrWctll", The, Orpaenm, .Sua I-rau., CaL, *t- 
Nov, 3. 




Mm HfJen.-Brmfcm.tMnmlmi, ©.,• tO-Nor. 8. 
Glearry, James R'cltmond, Kr-lth'a, Manchester, 

■ x..u.,.jo.Not. n. 

Glow*,-. Aujrosta, Orpneiun, Sao Fran., Cll., 29- 
NOT. 3. 

O.oldon.Gste Quintette, 7 Victoria, N. Y. C, 29- 

Qoftlob, llr. ft .Mrs.. Rl'ou, Kslamaiw. lllcb.. 

29-Nor. :t: pyfli; m»b6 fi-10; , . 

aQrWH, Cliff, Empire. Hobokrtn, N. J., 20-Not. 3. 
Gof*flh,A Doylty We*rmln«tef,' rrotlrtenco, B. I.. 

20-Not. 3: Lyeenia, BMol G-IOV 
Oodlrey AHertdrrwin, QrphCntn, Allentowft, Pa., 

29-Nov. 3 ; Armory, Bln-hamton, N. Y.; MO. 
CoMo.i, Con ft Moo, Bowline, Lofrn.n«port, Ind.. 

WHR 8. 
Gordoa £ Chacon, Indianapolis, 29-Nor. 8; Km* 

plre. Cleveland, 5-10- 
Golden & Haattws, Poll's. SprinjrfleJd, Mass., 29- 

Not. 8. 
Gcylsmltb i Htf[?, AthftQiora, N. Y. C-, 29* 

Qreeoo ft W«wr, Colonial, N. Y.C.. 29-Not. 3. 
Grin 4 SiuttM,'. Lyeean, ' Wlte/m, 2f. 0., 29- 

Sot. 8. 
Grty ft Urah-tra, Mr-rcrcestal, BoRo., 29-NoT. 8; 

ItocMcro, Pluln., 8-10. 
Oral*.'. -Monkeys, K. ft P. Union So... N. Y. 0.. 
1 29-Nor. 8. ' • _ . 

Green ntaft, Brofl«ibarib'». Phlla,, 29-Not. 3, 
Grayce, Matgnrct, Olympic, 30. Bend, led., 29- 
" NOV. 8. _L ' 

Grant, Alf. 0. O. H., 'Plttsbur-*, 29-Nor. 3. 
Grncle ft Reynolds, Pork. .Worcester, Mais., 29- 

Svt: »; nJpSS. Itirlav, B-10. 
Hamilton, Ann. 4 Co., Ftonlrr. Des Moines, la., 

29-Nov. £ 
I wHMUfc 'J*M*t Temple, DHdR, 29-Not. 3. 
Hell Trio, Gem, Lynn. Mass., 20-Nov. 3. 
Halloa ft Hayes, Orpheum, ft Lea, N. Y., 20- 

WOT. o. 
HarrJgait, Frank £ Sadie, TnlliOiaswc, Fie., 29- 

BmntiL Conroy ft Haywnrd, Orphenm, Bait 
'link*, 0., 29-Snv. 3; OrnhMim, rVnrer. Col., 

Halleh ft llnyes, Orplu-am, Ftlen, N. Y„ 20- 

Not.-3. ■* t ft Johnson, K, ft r. Bftlh Street. N. Y. C 

HarcMi rt , - Frank, -Gnyety, Hrl rol t, 20-Nor, 3 ; 

Empire, Toledo, B-10. 
Haley •& nttrty, , Crystal, Loganspnrr, Ind., 20- 
Not. 3; Crystal. ■ Frankfort. B-10. 
BnasertT/ ''Happy Joe," Ernrdre, Los Anixeles, 

*JBLk 29-Nov. & -. 

Hate, Ir/Tffij.Bnw. Mlddletown, O., 20*Not. 3; 

Marion, Morion. B-10.' ■ 
Harden ft nayea, Pticptilx, Columbus, 0., 20- 
_jNot...J. r«i 

KrirribRton, Pan J., NoTrtty, Bkln., Nov. 6-1". 
llatbacti-ft.Ilacrift, Orplilnm. Portsmonth, 0-, 20- 

XfiwFtft BIJou, -Pique* R-10. v.. 
Vzinn; Nnr.'lKdtli'fl,- PhDd., 20-Not. S, 
Ha,*UoD<lt Batlcr, llOtrnrd, Rmtnli. 20-Not. 3. 
HnrlTpy.A Dnnbe, Stir,- M^wawb. Pa., 29-Nor. 3; 

> Cutie. ' WhrcUnit. W. r«., 0-10. 
llntjlw, Julia, ft Co.,. ItojiUln = , UulRTlllP, Ky., 
<HMt 3, -. '■ 

Binai (4>, Shoi>,' Toronto, Can.. SO-Nw. 3. 
Uniden, VirplnU, .Martin, CloclnnnU, 29-KoT. ::. 
HuTtIh A Ontder, Mnjcftlc, Ctilrann. 20-Nov. 3. 
J-iamllD, BMhML Jlr.iitpnliurtti'fl,' I'hlla., 20-Nov, 

p»¥ , -• '■.'.*-■■ 
llarT^n. n.irry L.. Brndtoobrirrch'f, 1'liUn., 2^t 

:Nov,- 3. ... 

Harlem Hros.. .Vtlantic Oardon, N. Y. 0., £0- 

-Not. 3. 
ilaiey, linrry. Orpiiiuro, BprtnpfleliJ, O.. 20-Kot. 3, 
iiawtliornc ft. Burt., 0. O. II., MttKhurB, 26- 

\Nqv..a.- '»- -;.' -. --. -,"■ ■• 

Mnwn AFranWlD,, Jkiront. Hnlftrrt, Knff., 20- 

■Nov. 3 1 ; .Croydvn,-' r»n«*ni...ri.'in ; II In., llrttings, 

liii: Jioflf-ibt. toMofi- tn-2*.- ■ " ■• 

llnrnflhi'it .Klpfirl^l Balifl, ' ChaAc'*, Woahlnjrloa, 
- D^Q/r2w-Nftr:-3r v.. ,. ■..,--.., -■•■ ,, 
Ha)ii>onX Nolwn,' «lrph*:iim, San Frnn.', Cat. 20- 

,iN«T. .V. . ■■^, •■■ ,.;». , ... ... 

nHT*»" Tommy. T,yrl<\ Clevul-nniJ,' fi-10. 
riaoilltnn-ft Wiley, Knrlru, fttuHfM,' I"-, 20- 

.,'KWT^.lo. - -.~-_^.( ■..•<.-.-, , 

l^r»ltaaj,.Joo.iNorolfr,' t Bl;ln., 20-N*or.',3. ■ t ' 
H*Trjwin,--a)ir)nip;,.tJothaiii, owin.,- 20-Nor,.'8. ' 

dwMMfioi ■jmi >fi <• wtKOotrfaiupj Dwntwtfa 

nPari(;rTbmt v a.n.'i l her'p*VI('nna,- flrf-.NoV.. 1-30. 
jrarw>art. -'naiM 1 , /I'oll^, ■ Wprfnaflelil, . Mibs., 20- 

■ ->Nflp. il;:p.oll f *'. l M'o'rc«trr,,r>,10.-. 

Marrl-on, Lm K. ft^P.^Wh, St., N. Y, C, 20- 
•t;»tev. ,1; Kclth'a, Jerwy Cliy. N. .1., B-10. 
liPrr'mar.n. AdHnlic, Lytic, AltODDB, Ph., 20- 
-*'f&r.,'a.. v,i.' ... . •■ - v .-.,', . ■* ... ,.- 
,l|p> &VMopl<^T,'■,8ctatLmrllln,•! Frankfort, 1 . Ocr., 
•■\NiT.l-30. '«- a ■» ■•■' •■■ "- 

ilerl^rt, Carl, Hennoit'w, fioa'toa. Can., 20-Nor. I. 
He«» llrrn. (3>, PorliiV, Patereoo, K J., 2tt- 

Not. 3. 
Haclo^, Cliw. ft Martp, BIJan, Mu»koson, Sllch,, 

!S-Vnr. 3; 'BIJou,. Bar Oily, 5-10. 
Jlcdrlx & I'reteott. Lyrtc, Aitoonn, Pn„ 20-Not. .1. 
HeDOlrun, Lc wii ft Uonulnsa, Orpbeum, « t. Paul, 

rmSr kdMM Quartette, Mohawfe Bcbeneetntly, 

'Jlt-'Y:, ■30-Nnr. 3;. rtrnheum, Urtca. 5-10, 
HA wooi, Orent, Oaatle, Wbcellnc W. Va,, S0> 

nontu," Tom, Rannctin'K, Vienna. Apt., Not. l-3o. 

Herbert ft Vance, Noiclty, Vallejo, Cal., 2ft- 
■Wot. 3. 

HttbOrt'i Doits, Troat, Trenton, K. J.. 20-Nov. 3. 

Herbert, Motta., flnlcq-, Osleibiire, III., 20-Nov. 
3[ Lyrtc, DnaTlllfc 

Hevrl«t tea. Tbc, Alcazar. JVntcr. Col., 2fl-Nov. 10. 

Karrcirt, Jules, Blloti, Dahith, Minn., 29-Nov, 3. 

Kemsan Trto. Orpheiim, Boston, . 20-Not. 3. 

iUU- vilttuUton, Eoiflre, Patoraon, N. S., 20- 
Nov, fl. ;■,... 

HlpSmaa Bros., Majestic, Clilrasn, 20-Nnr. 3. 

BdSUi Geo.; Bflob, I> Knlh, 111., 2B-Nnf. 3. 

Ulstann. Cap. Sidney, llljon. .Wlrblta, Kan., 21- 

■ Nov. 3, Okla. Clu 1 , o. '/., n-io. 

HliK Hurry K.. Wopklus', Momphln, cna., 20- 
. Nov. 3. 

Hlr*cbticrn», The, Bijou, Dubnqne, la., 20-No». 
■grJMJWL Ollntcn, 5-10. . - 

RiUbrnii-3 ft Vivian, Fmnlly, nelcna, Mnht., 20- 
Nov. 3: Bllltfies, MO, ■ ■' 

Bill. .ft Sylvlaul, Bcanett'a. London, Onn., 20- 
Nov; 3, ■ ■ 

Hilliard, Bobt., & Co.. Ke^oey'a, Bkln., 20-Nov. 3. 

Hlbbcrt ft Warrtn, Star, ChfcjMb 20-Nov. 3. 

Hlne?. BlllT. Oranrt. Mnrlon, l»a.. 20-Nov. 3. 

Holwab, Curtli ft Co.,- Trent. Trenton, N. J., 20- 
Nov. 8: Blnahamton. N. Y.. B-10. 

Holraci ft nolilsnr., Crystal, Toledo, 20-Nov. 3; 
Crestsl. F.lkliart, Iofl , 6-10. ' . 

Hoclt, Fail], & Co., Poll's, Bridgeport, Conn., 2B- 

-,>Not. 8. . 

JlolmjiD. -A). E. St Mamie. Collsrurn, Munich, Ger.. 

UolaieD Bros., -Sacrtly'fl, Fall Blvcr, Mass., 20- 

nE 5. -. . 

aorakyrBtfffere Co., Lyric, ClevelaBd, O., Nor. 

HolitawcrtbB, The,, Shea's, Toronto. 20-Not. 3. 
Balden: Geo., Kclrh'a. Boston, 20-Nov. 3. 
EoVfard, Great, Ih'llnDnf*olls, 20-NOV'; 3, 
llOWnrfl and Iln-wnrd, rnll'.t, sprlnijflrM, Mns«,, 

ai-Nnv. (I. 
nownrds, Mynterloon, Proclor's, Nownrk, vN. J., 

i 2P-Nor. E! ... J 

Unnnrdl, Dnnctne, Olyntnlc, Cblcaeo, 20-Nov. 3; 

. Haymatkot, Chb-nRo, P-10, 
ifoirard & North. Gotham, Bklo., 20-Nov. S. 
itolmcs. Taylor, Lyric. Aitoonn, Pa., 20-Nov. 3. 
Hoar. Ethel, Q. ".. II., Plttahtirc. 20-Nov. 8. 
notfilnl, Sheae, BulTaln, 20-Nov. 8. . j- "" 
ttuthea ft Lewia, Family, Hntcltnn, Pa., 20-Nov. 
. n;,Fnmlly. I'ntravllle, 0-10. 
Hurlin, Muslcnt, Marlon, 111., 20-Nov. 8; Peoria, 

5 Bio. ; 

Ititdies ft Brfiivn, (1. O. Ft., Plttalmn, 20-Nov. 3; 
Kollli'«. Pblla., 5-10. .-■ ■ - M „ , 

llvnrna ft Mclntyrc. Olympic. fSilcnpo, 20-Nov. 3. Heath ft*M'al<h, lettable, Keokuk, U„ 20- 
Nov. ;t ; Kmnlrc. lVw Molnca. B-10. 

Imnicnfiapuonu, Pioclor'n, Albany, N. Y., 20- 

laVtMfloaal itualeal.Trlo, c«tiiiau. N- Y. c, 23- 

Nov. | ; BIJou, Pater^u, N. J., 5-10. 
tribca* ft ltyaa, Domtiilnu, Wlnvlttcg. Can., S0- 

XOT- 8 : Cryatal, Milwaukee, 0-10. 
Ives h Itackard, Crynliil, MuakCEou. Mica., 3D- 

Nor. 30. .: . 

Ivy; .Dolinnr ft Ivr. Paatot'n. N. Y. a, 38-Nov. 3. 
.laiftPR' ft Dn.T|g, IX'Wi-.v, Mhme&p"lK 39-Nov. 8. 
Jaepb*' ' Voss. Blnicbkialou, N. Y., 20-Nov. 3; 

Uamlltoa. Can.. 04O, ; 

Jncawi, Albert ft Bro., Orpheum, Purtaaioutb, 0., 

ifi-Nav. 3. 
Jnuufl, Harry. Pijou. Decatur, 111., 20-Nov. 3 ; 

HjOS, B»auaTltU , ..&«l* , . _i. 

Jetttlflffa ft Jen oil, Trocmlem. Cblcaao, 29-Nov. 3; 

Haycty, Dctralt. Wtck.. B.10. - : . " -i 
Jcbp^Q. Carroll, Olympic, Oluclnnatl, 20-Nov. 8; 

ILoWatyi, Boston. 5-10. 
JobMon .ft Gram. AutHtorliuit, NotColk, Va., 29* 

Jobnson, nVfrT; B., Mftotattan. Notfolk, T»*(. *•• 

MiES&m 'ftivMU, Palais BTtc, nfn*wU, ItoK.. 

ifl-Nav. 3. . ' " 
JoSwlyu Trio, Chaw'tt, Waah>nffl«t, P. C SO- 

Nolr, 8. 
Joknftoni. Matleal, Bansa, Hamburc, Ger.. 20- 
Not. 30. 

JoteTBton ^<t -Gmti ■ O. O. ' B.; -InfllananoIlB, 20* 
^OT.^JI. . . , . 

John, JrJinny, K. ft P. SM Bt., X. Y. C. 20- 
,Nov, m ' 


Johnwn. ,0«y, O. O. XI., Grnnd Atplda, Micb., 
n*xm\ 3.. _ . -.•'- .. 

Jonea ft Fllte, Tlcrorfs, N. T. 0-. 20-Not. 3. 

Jofie* & Kayrrird, OrnnJ, MH'^pi;kr«, Wi*., 20- 

; Not- ?... -j . ■'.-. -ifl • ■ 

Jnrilprr ft HayM, W'oofiwcket, It. I... 20-Nor. 3. 
Julian, , Marvebuj.' .Ohbliloai, Newark, O., 20- 
Not. 3; BIJou, Wheeling,' W, Va.,-0-10. 
Kone-. I-eonaril. Lirle. plr«eJana. 20-Not, a, 
Kntei Bros:, • OnMa Minneapolis, . 20-Nov. 3. 
Kndcr. - Abdul. ; Oaioty, Flrubnrx. 20-Not. 3. 
Kan»U, J. P.. Aogoata. G4-, 20-Not. 3. 
lfa«ran. Arayra, Olympic. Chlcatro.' 20-Nov. 3. 
KaplMan Trour-?. i:.- ft P. btb Aye., N. Y. a, 

BO-NnV.- 3. * • 

Sarno'a Pjmtomlme Co., Orpbram, Boitoo, 20- 

f Nov. 3.i- ■ - .-*-■■*..■■ 
Kartflll, Orfeom, Badnpett, Ban., 29*Nor. 3. 
Kalro. Cbai..ft Ada, Gran. Oreo Bell, Mexico. 

20-Nov.- 10.' ' -. ■ - . 

Keen*. Manle, & Co., Olympic, Olntlnnatl, 20- 

Kelcy." Mr. a Mrs. Alfred, Majestic, Dalles, 

:■ T«ir, 29-Nov. 3; Mnjeatlo. FU Wortb r 6-10. 

Kerini, Charlei, Olympic, Cincinnati, 20-Nov. 3. 

Kelly. T-d., Rnrptre, Dee Moines. la., 20-Not. 8. 

Kcno, 'ttnlsh ft Mclrcie, AudJtorlum, Lynn, Mass., 
20-Nov. 3. 

Kernp, Mr. ft Mrs., Hopfclcs, Lonfatllle, Ky., 20- 
Nov. 15. 

Kelly ft Adams. Gotham, Bkln., 20-Nov. 3. 

Kelly A VWtie, ll. ft B.,BWn., 29-Nov. S. 

Kelly, Walter O., Majestic, CMe-ago, 20-Not. 3; 
■ OlyniBic, Chicago, B-10. 

Kelly, Bam ft Ida, Bijou, Winnipeg, Cad., 20- 
Not. S. -■ 

Kelly ft KeUy, Oem, Hatrrblll, tf«»-. t 20-Not. 8. 

Kelly. ft Ashtiy, Svea, Stockholm, Bwed., Nov. 1- 
.30. . 

Kelly ft Kent, Majmtle, Chicago, 20-Nov. S. 

Kenn-h./rhftR, J. ft Co., Troctor*)", Alliaoy, N. Y„ 

MMf ft a^unntr-ellf, Orphenm, Utlca, N. Y., 

Konaefly * Conner; - Colonial,- ItV Y. C, 20-Nov. 3. 
Kcrnpe, The, Orphenm,, Utlrfl, N. Y., 20-JNOt. 3. 
tam, Zena. Ppft'i, Worccaler, Mass., 28-Nov. 8; 
. Poll'j, Waterbiirj, Onn., 6-10. . . ■ , ; - . - 
KJrtf* A'Hallixrv nrfirtenburxbra, Pblla., 20-Not. 3. 
Kin:-; -Mr., ft iln, 3am, O. II- IWVev, N H., It- 

Klrigsley. &.a>wl?,: Vfllentiar.Toiedft, 20-Nov: 3. 
iynaons. The, PoJl'a, DMdwwt, Coon., 20-Not. 3. 
Klnp,.Jnck,' Crjatal,' flt. Joseph, MO., 20-Nov. 3. 
Klrtiball Bros./- Unique, Minoranolla, 20-Nov. 3; 

20-Nov. 3 ; 

'BUoii. Superior, S-10..- . ::•■-•:« 
Kim ft CHflon,.cDymple, , CWcago, 

■0.-0. n., mdinrfnrwGa, 5-IiV 
Klein ft' Klein, Family, fllmiT OMt.'jW 20- 
..Nmy.IO. - ..... !.. J?.* ■ < 

ICle!»t.Mn-'l"iI. .Maryland;. Palto.;.20-Nov;-8. - 
KataadlHO. 'Die/ *lcm. Lfnn. .Maan.; 20-Not.. & 
Knlchf A ThompMii.'Hopliin* 1 , LduUivllte.Ky., 20« 

KhJclit Bro* ft SaMielie -Orpbetmi"; Katiaaa City, 
,; Hav? 2»-Not. 3; Orpheum, New Orlpan?,'- La., 

KOhM-a- (SJ^'oiympIp. 8o. .Bend, Ind., 29-Nor. 5; 

.Crystal. ■ Detroit, 5-10. . 
Kolfl,' Cua ft Marlon, BIJou, Muskegon, Mica., 20- 

,Not. 3. ... - - 
Koppo, (;rystal, Amlprann, Ind., 20-Nov. 3. 
Kraft ft Myrile, Chlcatfo, 20-Nov. 3: • 
L* "Clair"*. Weal. «o#nrn, Bonton, 2ft'Nor. 3: 

Itorilnr. )^tH JtU-rr. '"' * 

Lmjky-troiW Ojttmteue. . OrpUenra, Utlcn, N. Y., 
\,3*-j\ot:. tt." •. • *"'..-"■;;,-.. \i,'.*. •' *■ ' 
t afrUa ,-, roaring «(n);-BUoa, Qniney,'',* lit,; 20- 

'M'NfiV.' Lj ,-, r ,- ■ . ,,,.-• , *.. •■! , fu. ■ 

La-iViDciClmiron Trio, ; K. ftr.' Hrirtera>Onera 
tMoiBfr; ,N>Y.'-C.. i 20.Nov.'-3.i. - -- .■(!>.-'.■■■, a 
fm/mmkr, Tom, ratoily, itabohoy City, 'Pa.; Not, 
•• f l-3; Family. .Lrna-nnter; r.-'id'.. ~ t..-*,.,'. - -"■; v 
I.n Vall*r.f.TBc .Mmplrc. Btirrtley,' Emr.,' 20-Nor. 3. 
Fowler,, r.VF/nnfe,-<UAnebc*t*r, N.jlt., 20*Nov. £ 
hH'iMntfij&tn*"., , r*lLV;*'%firliii!6e1(i ( v--Ma8P.;v-40- 
v-No^'-SrPollVIlMdirepfirlACohn.rri.I'rt:*-- , ■■ 
Larfler'.lT. Frnnk. Mancnmcr, fN..-<n., 20-Not. 3. 
Lit rrela; ^Fnnoiw, lOmplre, .Palerson, N.J., 20- 
;-HnT. Jt.'S.rt ■ ..••,;■:. ■••■>■* fn- ' ' 
r^tay liroa.. Haymnrtrt, Clilearo, SO-Nor.' 8; 
■'Majeatlc, .Cblcaaro,. :.-10.* . . ■- 
La ireA.ja:,r»t^t;><l»«r(;ri.;CIty,"ldn..,20-NoT. 3. 
Ln;DeI\& Crouch',-; Kmnire,' I'atcraon, N. J., 20- 
> Not. -'3. ■ . ■ ■ ''.— ..,. - r «■*.■■-. v : t-,,' 
LaainlonB. The, Dominion, Winnipeg, Can., 20- 

JtoT, 3 : Crystal. Milwaukee, B-fo. ■ 
Larjedon, natdje, Li Ralle, Keokuk, la., 20-Not. 

3-,. Garriek. Jtntrllnctor), C-IO.- 
Uum Orent, Orrhenm, Bkln., 20-Not. -A; ' 
Ln OML Paol. Doric, Yonkera, N. Y., 20-Not. 

.1; Gotham, nkln., B-10. 
l. a Tell; ri^nnlre, Paterson, N. J., 20- 

■Not.. ft: Kmnlro. Mnl>oken. r-10. 
Ln Jloto Gin, Tonrlog Amtralia. ' -• : 
Labaltaas, TUe, Cook's, RorJtcatef. N. Y. ( 20- 

"No.t.3; O. n. n.' Byractiae, ft-io. 
Leator ft- Aa^atBj Kfitli's, Providence, 20-Not. 3; 

Treat, Trepion, N. J- B-10, 
Lolp«c, Nate. Jotinnresburg. 29-Not. 17; Capa 

Tovtn, 31 -Bee. S« 
Lo Clair, llnrry, llatlmffay's, New Bedford, Mom.. 

^i-Nor.S.- ■ .- " • 

Leaile ft 'William*: Lyrfc, Paraona. Knn., 2B*Not. 

8; -Lyric, Muniirfcc. I, T;,\6*l«. 
Leontrd ft Phllllio, Amalcnhro. X. Y. C. 20- 

■joit. io, ■■■' 

Leonnrd ft Lwile. Main St., Pcnrlfl, III., 20-Nov. .1. 
Lefle! Trio. lUJou, Winnipeg, Onn., 20-Nbt. 3. 
Lee TiWtf F-w, Cook's, Bo.-Iie«ter. N. Y.. 20-Not. 
-sr .Temple, Detreiti two/ : •■ 

Lcflnfiar, Cbo*., M[J«tle, PallftP. Tex., 20-Nov. 
--3T'MnJc*»lev llrtwtoh, MO.' 

Ledpty, »njlte. BHon, C*a*nali t Wla„ 20-Not. 3. 

Lc ClOlr ft We**f, llbwnrrt. Ko"ton| 20-Not. 3. 

Le Boy ft Wtyvlford, Orphenm, Salt Lake, U., 20- 
Wot. 81 OrphKWt, Pentcr, Col.,- tWO. 

LeBrun Grand Or^ra Trio, K. ft P. 23d St., N. 
I.-C4,ty'20-Not..3- . . " ■' " 

Lennon. Bert, Bijou, Flint, Mich., 20-Not. 8.. 

Le«rta ft Les-Ungton, Flom'a. Madlaon, Wla., Not. 
' fi>10.' *" 

I^e, Irene, ft *Knndy Kldi," Colonial, N. Y. C. 
SO-Not. 3, 

IMS, PaVcs n. » B-, Bkln.. 20-Not. 3. 

Leslie, Pallor ft Bsrrjaretlo, Orpheum, Bkln., 29- 

■ Iter. 3. " " 

Lety, Bott, Hnymisrket, Chicago, 20-Not. 8. 

Lc«nrd ft .Bnstedo,- Linn'a, Buffalo, 20-Not, 3; 
Uaaj, Canton,- O.. MO. • ' 

Um& ft rrayt-r, Oorrlck, Wilmington, Del., 20- 
Not. 3. ■ 

Lloilct ft Bril, Crntal, Kokorao, Ind.. 20-Not. 3. 

LirT. «. ft PV 2.1.1 St., N. >'. 0.. 20-Nct. 3. 

LhidMy, Oec. A;, Trenton, N. J.; 29-NW. 3. " 

U&mt. Caroline, G. O, II.. Inr]ionapoll*. 20- 
'. riot, 3, 

Loi.-.i,-. ittiu. Atlanta, On., 20-Not. 8; Colon- 
a*le,. Baltbnoro, fi-lfl; * 

i.r.h? ft- Rolla?, nrphpam, ftpHngfleM, o., 20- 
Not. 3. ■ *• • __ .'- ' 

Loin. Bros.. Elite, Muaeatlne, In.. 20-Not. 3; 
. l'nmllyY IrCnvrnworth, Kan., ti-10. 

I*r.(lnna {*), Pmetor'a, Ncwkrk, N. J.. 20-Not. 
b; Proetor'a, Albany, N. Y„ B-10. 

Loirue, Jaraoa, Orpbtum, Ctillllcothe, 0., 20- 
flOv., 3. 

I*omlne ft . IlrtwMI, BIJou, Dnlnlh, Minn., SB- 

UpH (l>. Alhnmlira. N. Y. C, 20-Not. 8; 

flotrtini. nkln.. R-10. 
Luey ft l.nder, (i. O. II., Syracnae, N. Y.. Not. 

Lutanln TtK IlaVmarhet, Chicago. 20-Not. 3. 
LuenH. -tlinmlo, llnnklns'. Loul»tlllo. Ky., 20- 

KotvUt cmtimel. Ro. Chlcato, 111.. S-10. 
Lurwkw, The, K. ft P. SM Slvcet, X. Y. 0„ 20- 

Nor. a. 

Lylo, Happy .lack, BcmieU'a, Ixtitdou, Can., 20- 

■Nor. 8. 
LyiHille ShlcrK. lVn Ton, -leracy City, N. J., SO* 
Net. 8; lt»>.u, PliiU..:ft*lO. __ 

Lv,u-:i ft li'iurrwi.rtti, naymarkot, Chlcfijfo, 20- 
• Sin-. S, -: 

Lynn. Kayeft Yottiie,,Keltli'a, Boflton, S9-Not. 3. 
M^nrrilH. NctllL'. <-r>atal.-lH'trolt. fO-Nor. 8." ' 
Muviii, Mr; be M^. I'NUitv, Kniitlte, l)w Holncn-, 

lt..-20-xov. n. 

Mahoncy A- l«lte>. Ph1llltit<, UkhmmO, Ind., 20- 

W.v. ;»: rttar, »UBK 0-10.- 
"MaJori-. Tflp;" Utnjin Btln., 29-Nov. iit 
Mir-^'Moe. lUmtcKlmmO. N. Y. 0., 29-Nov. 8, 
Hick* (a>. Parlor. York-Pa., 20'Njjv. 8i Crys- 
. iaI, L D\>!Nlt, MWi.1 '»-l ft - iJr 

M-i*k A WML Dklpk t'tlea, X.-T„:Mvot. A 
>Jfttianl. ClalK, Em;'lrc, Bw MolfMK. la., 22- 

-' ki&il "' WaMohei^r-Salt Ukc. P., CO-Ncrt. 3. 
"" Pare ft Pcrffe, Qtabd, Bene, Nat., 20- 

NtoMrVOtf Cnlnniai; xrTTG. t tav-Kflf?*' " * 
Sl*w^T^lh-^.-BIJai-, Prtbnn,nc la., .20-Not. ■■'. » 
rSnftmaarVBlJ p*hf, .Vio,' , ■ »•;< - 
HiunNjsi.^Keraro . ft Mftrcena, - IC*1rV«, Phlla., 

^nVj«-,r i'hitil.ftt ft Co., lifTlc, . EBaton. Pa.; 

uBBSc- The,- AtuUtorlnm, s Norfolk, . Va., 20- 
hljor, ft; . . , ' , -. : , , 

!l«bp!rc.'a.nRtertftUi?r*. C 0., II., Indiana po!!t, 

wSikS T*Ib» Grto CIrea Bell. Merlco, 20- 
Not. 10.-- ... . *. •" ■ • ™ • 

Marion..-* ptmkaV Calumet, So. CplcAfn, 111., J0- 
cagBf, ?>.' *'■'.. ■ '*-*■' -■ 

Harwell, J; Howard, Cryitol, St. Joaepb, Sto.. 
20-Not; 8.'- ■ 3* ■ ■ • • ■"■ 

.Uarlrrf-tt'? & Svlreiier. Family.'- Lafayette, Ind.* 
20-Not. fl ; ririrnd, WaTion. f-10. 

Vartla ft RloTiCr-flr. pasWCa. K Y. C. 20-Not. 3. 

ttalin ft italic. Grand, Dayrtn, 'O., 20-N'ov: 8. 

Wafer 4 Harrington. Star, 'Aurora, III., 20-Nov. 3. 

llajeitt- Trto, Jefferj. SaWnhTr, Mich., 20-Not. C. 

at«ce#"'ft Fo-J, Proctor's. Albany, N. Y., W'Nov.8. 

MaMrt'B Decs ft Monkeys. Q. O. II., Indlaaepolls, 
•»-N(rf.-3; Colnrabln, Cloclanatl, HO. 

Marlon ft Pearl, Main St., Peoria, 111., 29-KoT. 
Jt'BlJod, Pecatar. B*10." ; ' 

McOratb'ft Palce, Garden, Buffalo, 20-Not. 3. 

SfcCorolay 'ft PoBOtan, People'a, Leavenworth. 
Kan.; 20*Not. 3. ' ' ■" 

Mckitiiey, Mabel. Lyric. Altoopa, Pa., 29-Not. 8 ; 
Brlds-mort, OonJ 5-10; 

McClelton, Jns.. Bijeu, Dulutb, Minn-- 20-Nov. 3. 

MoWattera A Truca, Baymatket, ■ Cbicngp, 29- 
Not. 3; Columbia, St- Loata, 6-10. - " 

M-j>oooaab, Ethel, Empire, iloboken, N. J., 29- 
Nor. 3. 

iicci-tn. Billy, ft Co., Catlno Da Paris, Paris, 
-Pr.,'Not. 1-30. 

MeName* Fnmllv, Haileton, Pn., 20-Not. 3. 

MCtVint, ijewls ft. Co.,' Floward, Boaton, 29-Nov. 3. 

McKnlRltt, Orrln, Kmplro, Pea Molnea, In., 20- 
Not. :i. 

rleKlnnori ft Reed, Hirrlrk. Burlington, la.. 2»- 
Not. 3: Crystnl, Rock Inland. 111., B-10. 

U-Gloln ft Mmlth, Onlety, Pltr«Unrg. 29-Not. 3. 

McMnlion's .Pullman Porter Maids, Orpbeiun, Den* 
'tW,- 20-Nov. 3.- " ' 

McMahon ft Chnppelle. Orpheum, Denver, 20- 
-NOV.i 8. ; . 

kfcCroa & Poole, Lyric, Altoona, Tn., 29-Not. 3. 

kleCoy, Nellie, Atlantic Garden, N. V. 0., 20- 

if Noy. 3. ' - ■••' ■■■-'■' 

McCafrthy, -My len, .Cotatnldn,' Cincinnati, O., 29- 
Not. 8 1 Hopkins',: Iotilfvllle. Ky., :B-10. 
McCnne ft Grant, People's,'- Cedar Rapid*. la.. 20- 

.,NoT. 3; Bijou,- Clinton, 6-10; 
MerWiltb*, The, Crystal; Toledo, 20-Not. 3." 
MerLel SKtew, Iirpfx-droioe. N. Y. O., 20-Nov. 3. 
Mell. Brother?, Bfjrtn', Qdiney, 111., 29-Nov. 3; 

;.GaiCty.- Sprlnc-BeM. B-10.- • ■*•' 
•■Merjetekel,", Mojestlc.' Cblcago, 20-Not. 3; 

01ympic,ChlcnRO,-.8-10.' ■ . r : 

Moecari, TImb.. A'^Co., K. ft P. Harlem O. II., 

■N.rY. C, 20-Nor. 3; K..A T. 23d St.; N. Y. C 
5-10. . 

Mrdholtr Iji.NoIo Trio. Poll's, Waterhary, Cnan., 

.20-Nov. 1. ■ ■ ■-'-■•-'._ ...■■-. ..; •-, 
Melpoae, Kate; Hormarket. Chicago, 29-Nov. 2. 
MelVln's Anlmnlsi, New Custlc, Pa., BtJXaBsasjp- 

*town.,0.,*,No*-. 1-3. '- ■ '■■• 4--Vf— " 
Meervilllli Sbtera, K. ft :'. I'n;.»n Squ-ro, N. Y. 

; V.;iSO-Nov.-.3. . : .'.' ..\ .... ; ' 

Metropolis. 0'iartetle, Orpheum. Boston, -20-Nov. 

<.:*■;; A Ilium Wn,- Si Y.": : ft; B-10. * ■••■■ •* 
Stead, Will, KoUIi'f, , Providence, 20-Not. 8. 
BllUfnan Trio, Wiatorgnrltn, Berlin, Ger., Nov. 
-.1-30. ' • ■ ■•' •." 

Mllo.Oem, Lynn. Maaa.,-. 29-Nor, ". 
MJiler ft laiwnrd*, Crynlal. Rock-laland, III., 25- 

. Nov. 3, ' ■ 
Sii'herlny, ChnJL ft - Fannie, , Jacobs', Peoria, III., 

MHtoii.Di' i.onc Bi3lora. Bijou. Pblla., 20-Not. 8; 

-*circic, -n. x. C; 0-10.2 ■• ■ " 

Simian.-- Mas, .-OrphwtmV San Fran., 20-Nor. 3. 
i*It'.*hell- -Li) , ■ KftWfi, .Boaton, ". BJMfiN 3 ; , n. 

«ft;B., Dk1n..Vf'*IO'." *>•■*•■*■-■■- ■•' '^--' v ' ' '•?- 
SflUhrd Bro:-;.- <BiIi)& B-b), Tonrlne So. Aatcr- 


OtirirTtft.*. Garten," BorTalorSS'Nbt.-E ;~THIqno, 

-ftkr-Mr, O.i Mo. .. • . 

rasrJllt', Gem, Lynn, Mass., 20-Nov. R. 
Pam'-Trartft Troape, Hippodrome, N. . Y. C-, 29* 

Nor. 'v.; .' •■'. it" V 
Pjiiiiapr. I.tpn.TotfiMTila.-Clnctnnatl, 20-Not." 3. 
pilf#*-t Cnalck,.8hndj^, Fall rUver.^Makl.,.29- 

ralrife, AlleF^Beirry, Wea.-*?. I-'.' 29-Not. 8. 

Payjin", The, Bc>-»n>n,- Lowell, Mass., 2ft.>ot. at 

'tawrrree:- 6»10.' -■■•■■■.■•■' - 
reaiArLcricrn Fonr. People'a, Cedar Rapid*. -Is.. 

•War. o-io._ ■- •-' • 

Patchln Broc., Industrial. Mollne, III., 20-Nov. S; 

BIJon. I.idcnLa. Neb.. B-10. " ." 
Pno.'ft Tqhw-n. M-tJe'tlc, Little Rock, Ark.,-20* 
* Not. 3. JlnJf-atlCv PlUa-*," Tex;, MO. 
Prttr, Frank L., XUJoa, Kalamasoo, Slick., 20- 

Petot, ' Ire-: * Annie, FamUy. Lancaster, Pa., 
zP-Not. j ; Young's Tier, Atlantic City, M. J., 
5-10. - r - - 

rendletoni. The, Lyric, Cleveland, 29-Not. 3. 

Perry Slater*. 0. O. H., Pittsburg. 29-Not. 3. 

Pbays. The, Temple. Detroit. 20-Nov. 3. 

Piccolo's Sildrets. Novelty, Bkln., 29-Not. 4; Vic- 
toria, N. Y. C, MO. 

•rjffftm riorence, Cattle, Bloomlnston, PL, 29- 
Sor. 3. - ., 

rierre ft MlUce, Metropolitan, Locdon, Eng., 

2«-r;oT. 10. 

Plbtf. Ftosco, K. ft P. Union Sq., R. J. C.,.2&- 

piwpri, Mr. ft Mrs. John T., Ornhlom, Spring- 
field, 0..' 20-Kot. 3. 

Pop*. J. C, Haytnariet, Chicfigo, 20-Not. 8. 

Polrers (3). Bijou. Dnluth. Minn., 29-Nov. 3; 
BIJou, .' Superior, Wis., MO. 

Power* L Freed, Garrick, Burlington, la., 29- 
' Not. "6. 

Ptlr-f ft SocriBj Conilqne, Spokane, Wosh., 20- 
Not. r>. 

Triee, Ilarry U., Academy, Fall River, Mass., 
29-Not. 8. 

Fr-impin Trio, K. * P. 125th St., K Y. O., 28* 
Nav. 3-: KWfii'?. Boatoo, 6-10. 

Pryar?. Cam, ltoetor'a. Newark, N. J., 20-Not, 
a; K. ft r. 12JtJi ar., N. Y. C., Hft 

Pofi-Ha ft Orban, KWth'a, rawrncket, B. I., 20* 
Her*-. 3. 

IjulAB. rialiy Loella. PJttflton. Pa., 29-Nov. 3. 

PnTIey'.a Dlnck Airerlcah3 (5), Gaiety, St. Lonlt, 
CS-Not. T»; Trocorlero. Chicago, B-10. 

Ouaker CHy Quartet, Colombia, St. Lonlo, 20- 
Net. 3. -.-.-:- 

Qiiftgv Btnckey ft Nlckerwin, K. ft P. EM Street, 
N- T.C., 20-Not. JV- 

Rny; Fred, A. Co., Chase's, Washington, D. C, 29* 
Not. -3;' Keith's. Phltn.. 5-10. 

lUymon'l ft Caverry, Novelty, Bkln.. 20-Nnr. 3. 

Bay- ft Taylor. New, Pnwtucket. Pawtncfcet, B, 
f., 20-Not. 3. 

Se* E= Mnr rsfiierV,* Family, Mnbanor Ctly, Ta., ai. 

rarj.ooar A mil, Kel1h>, Cleveland, 20-Nor. 3. 
Bcoiar.^MiiilcaJ, BIJon, - AlpRia/Mfen., 20*Nov.- ?.. 
l*CKlUe. XUy, Jlerjoetfa, -l^inrtOn.' ran., 20-Not. ?. • 

" OpaV JU. Bji'm mn. N. Y„- fl-io.- . - 

9-pfion.ft. Dmm Comlque, Spofcane, Wash,, £0- 

.Not. Jp_.: ". :'.- . ■• , 

Semeo. .Cba*.. F„ 0. .0.. H., .Indluap^lts, rs- 

«E 3;:HoakIna'. - LouUvUle, .6-10. ■ ■ 
Sclblhl ft;.Gti>tta1, .Em.qlrs, Iloboken, X.J.. *». 

..^Ot. 3. '..,._.-... - - : 

Scyrcrmr,. Blnache ft Co,, Young's, JUtanfta Ci:r 

' K J.. 29-NOT..3. ■ .-. , '* 

Sfco/t.,4 :8&orty,.,BUoti,. JaeksaiTUle, 111., 3ft. 

Nut. $ : k. ft p;. BS st.. nvy. c.; b-io. 

S!-nor v -aardrier,Co,, Te'miila, Detroit. 20-Nov. 3 
Simpson. S. Fdwaro, Lyric. Pocatello, Ida., an- 

NoV. 8 ; ErcpTre. BoLie Ida.. MO, 
Slacfsflrv Malnel, ' WOrwiter, Maaa., 29-Not. I: 

- N-Jrth Adaros, 5-10. ' ' wrw - ' 
Singer; H. ft Ferd., BIJou, Lincoln, "Neb., Mot 


oat' ■ 

Nor. _. 

SUtar ■ a Finch, Orpbeom, Patenpcrt, is.. 

- Nov.' 3. T ^\ 

Sleedes, The. Orphenm, Bkln., 29-Nov. 3. 
Smith*, Musical, Coliseum, Sheldon, Ind., 29. 

Not.' 8. *' 

Rmrth, Peter }., Lyric, St. Joseph, Mo., 20. 

'- Nor. 10. — ...... n 

Smtth, J. W. 4 slattle. LorBj-sport, lad, 29- 
Nor. 3. ' "• T " 

Smythe, W.- Henry, BIJoo, ■ Lincoln, Neb., 29- 
Nof. 10." • 

Enydnr ft Bnckley, Hathnwar'a, New Bedford 
Mass., 29'Not. 8r HathawayV, Loirell, 5-10. 

Spn-.;lfilng * 'Durme*, Orpheum, AllentotrD, Ti, 
29-Not.- 3.- ■ 

Spiller Mwrcil BnmpeTs, Bennett's. London, Can 
20-Not. S-- • ' •- • --- - ■ ■ 

BtfBiaasjj ft-nord, Ilaymnrket, Chicago, 20-Not. 3. 
namoey.-.SNtera, it. ft «.. N. Y. ft; 20-Nor. 3. 
Rand, JW, Pawhicket; R. I., 20-Not. 3. 
It.iinyetie*a Doct, Orpbeum, Lou Ancele?, Cal., 

SO-Nov. ,10.; .- ... 
Riaftit A'Bapk«. Pal., nallfnx. Fj-z., 20-Nov. It; 
.-Pal.;i.tneA)n,-'MO; Pal.. Carlisle, 12-17; Royal, 

Alt-eri,'. Jarrow, • 19-21. -v.. . 

naBn'j* M^otikej-p, Shecdy'.-;, Fall Hirer, Mia*., 29- 

'Nnv. 3V'- .-..-• "^ ' - 
Rrver? croft. Charlotte, K. ft P. fills Ate.. N. Y. 

C-,. 20-Nov. .1 ;■ Moore's, Portland. Mel, MO. 
ItBUdWl, Bro'ltbourcb's. . Pblla., 20-Nor. 3. 
lla<|o A Rertman, PaasPa, WorcePier, Masa.. 29- 

- 'Jiov. 3; Poll'n; Waterhury.. Conn..- B-10. 
RaTdfortl. ft. Valentine, Tlvoll, London, F*n., 20- 

•■Nov. 2*1. . * 

Racr.. Clffude, BIJou. Lincoln, Neb., 20-Not. 3; 

Elite, - Davenport*' In.. B-in; 
"Rain- near.*.-* Maje*tle. I'hff-Jigo, 20-Nov. 3. 
P.lfTls--'*V Von Terro llnulo, Ind., 

-Js-Novc::; CI. o. II., Grand Rnphl*. Mich., r,-)0. 
fr^-lhfrfnURIJpn; Uhalng,- Sflcl... 20-Nor. 3: 

..nijni.^Hc.'.-'Clfv.r-r.-lO.i-y.- :-;. . -.---•. 
Beg*! I ft.fiadley, r^wlyX- Fall • Alter, Mass., 

■SC :«:«t'crs! ■ Tomnv'-, Detroit. '29-Xov. '*£; • : ■ ' 
IteJwhnK. Ber[f-I>(mlflrori-,'.?WJnriIpor.'iCin., 20- 
rNAr. 3; lVtatle'ri,; Cedar-RnoWa.-.lB., 1 - S-lil, ■ -. ' 
KenftrPemoy "ft Dotty, n: H.; TnjIorVllIc, 111., 29- 
■: Jt'ov. ■;-. ,. ■-■• '-. .- - T ;. - -. --.---.' 1*1,1 
Baaaasl ■ Jf ill -ft ■Mar.'Taslor'i.'-X. Y.'C, 29-Xot. 3: 

KeJth'8,. l Man-fttPWrrr,-NAII.,. 0-19.-. --1 •**• - 
Item .ft Aroni; Girtlck. Burlington, la.'; 29-Nor. 

3:,T*a.SAIle. Keokofe, T-10. 
Recti, Elmer,- A - , ft S;. Boaion; 20-Xor. 

St^lnert * Thomac,' Family, Pnaaal<",' N. J., "0- 
Not. 3 ; Doric, Yonkera, N. Y., MO. 

Stntiman ft Crawford, T'nlqne, Shehoyiran, Wis.. 
20-Not. 3-: BIJou, O-hkosh, -5-10; ■ - 

Stnnlev ft Leonard.' K. ft Pi 6th Ate., N. Y. C, 
29-Nov. 3. 

Stanton A Modena, Kroplre, Patersoo, N. J„ 29. 

Not. 3 

Steveoj, Kitty. K. ft P. Union So,., N. Y. C, 29- 
Nor.- 8 - 

Stanley ft- Le Roy, Family. C-olumtinii, O.. 20- 

-■Notv B-. -.••. -'■• --. ■■■*' - 

fite»jer. Julius, ft Co., Olympic, CItlcagp, 29-Nor. 
3;'G.:0:^I., Infllajnapolis; B-lOi- Tf ., 

Srtne-ft-'Etirna, Pastor's; N.'Y. '0;.' 20-Not.' 8. 

Stuart •' A "Keeley fthttcr-s. Majestic, Shrevepcrt, 
La.,' 29-Xqt.. 8 : Lyric. Terre Hautfc Ind.. B-10. 

Stlth ft Sflfli, CryPinl, Ttlnldrd, Col., 20-.W. 3; 
Karl. PaeMo. 5-10. " - . 

■IbMM 'Alice, Orpheum, St. Paul, Minn., 29- 
-Not;-' 3.1- -/-..-.-■- .- '- 

asY-^nBKft McCuatrk, Alcasau, Denw-r, CoL, 20- 
Not:. ' 10, - ■ --- <:*, 

St. Kirn", Leo, FHmlly, Rernnton, Pa.. 20-Nor. 3. 

St.'-On'rt-.Bro*..- Hat hn way's. Now Bedford, Ua*<«., 
20-Nov; t\ Kcerey'a. Bkln.. B-10.- 

Sullt ft I'helpp.'u. II., Turner's Fall*. Mas*., 20- 
Xot,.m: O.. II., -Alhol. S-M 

Sully. -L*w\'K. ft P. Cnioo Square, X, Y. C 
20-Nov. ::.' 

"Sunny South," Il.:th«Wfty*.«. New TJedfoDl,'iia;K., 
29-Nor. 3; Victoria. N. Y.;C.,r.-IO. 

Surarct ft Rat-ell, Gaiety. Sprlngflold, III., 20-Nov. 
■.:r:.Cryniil, -Rottk island, B-10. . . • 

SilDiroci-vlllf-, Attielln. Sbea'f. Buftaln, 20-Nov. 3. 

-tilljon, IvirrrK.; Novi-lly; PiwWn, Col., 20-Nov. :i. 

Sittion ft Suuon, Markham, FIndlay, O., 2n- 
■V-t. 3.' ,'.'- , '• - • • ■■ . 1 • 

P>-mi»m!--.-.LollIo West, Crynlal, Klwood, Ind., 29- 

• f-Novl 3. -•- * • ■--. 

Sylv«o ft .n', K.'ft P. Union Square, N. Y. 

TanjjecpJiiniifcvVi'clnrJa. .N. ft C-20-Nor. ?.. 

Millershlp. Rtfltera,- Tark.-i Worcealor, Slaas., 
Nrf^.8;:inipetlnlMlkln?. B-IO.-.. , ,-. • • 
MUlav-ft.MorrlF, Auditorium; .Lynn, Mjus., 39- 

Mljnic.Tour./fl, H., IudttnapoHs, 29-Not. 3. MSf& Carl l^i. Co - Maje-Ttie; Pallas, Tax., 

MoorcnCAd- ft 1 VBIMml PcWey. Utlca.: N, ,Y., 20- ;t*-g*>"-, i: 3: Ofpbrwm.'.NC-v ..nrleantv-fja.| MO. 
•■Kor.'C^ ' tT-'^ t -^'-""- i%tS -t-i 4 '--.* .. Mcdrord'- ft-i Winchester, ■ .Moore'*', ,1'ortlaWl, Mc, 

MouJIcr Slatera, shea's, ButTalo, ' 20-Nov. S; 
Shea's, Toronto. 5-10. * -■■ 

Mortoft, Fred W., Brndcnbnrgh'a, Pblla., 29- 
Not; B. 

Bfotton, Temple ft Morton, Mooro's. Porthnd, 
Me., 29-Xov. 3. 

Motion, Jos. J., Proctor's, Albany, N. X.. 29- 
Nov. ■,-,. -.,-... ^-... 

Mooney ft Holbein. O. O. R, Syraciiee, N. Y., 20- 

iir.vr .v Gilbert, a'oll'p. SpringOcM, Ma*a., 20- 
vNov. ■;:*.:■ IIo)*aril,-.lloritbn t .■.-in.-; - -, ■ 
ral^iRavaJc-.d. AlrtJeflirtv.mrrnJnghBm, Ala.. 20- 
-;Nov rf .l.'>MaJestlc,.I.U!!c,Roc!j. Ttrt.. 5-10. . 
Teriay. iVjiSeiim, St. PaUl r . Sltnh '- 20-Sot. 3: 
■.Memnhlv.Tfftn.,' B>ip. - '. -r« -; -j'-- 
U».arkinn.ft Wain--,' K. ft P. ' Ilark-r-rh Opera lTon*o, 
. N.VY..C,; 20-Nor. 8"; Proctor'F. Troy.rN. Y., 

Tern-li- Trio,- Lyric.. P'nntille. - III., 
Cryjlnl. Mrtwauknc, W,a., 3-*ML- 

29-Not. a ; 

*Ntit; ,. 

Moiarts- The. Kelth'!«, Boston, 20-Nov. 3. 
Mrvaliere fllsfcr*. .ftbea'* u Bilff.-iK 20-Not, 3. 
Motojtfrl, La, Rlckarda' Tftitr, AnjttraUa. ■'• 
MOflra * MorrlF,- Garden';- Buffalo;; 29-Not. a 
MprrlB ft. Kramer, Qrtun, Tacona/ Wash.. 29- 

MaVrow'"* Shellbnra, Ptoctor't, KoWatkV N. J.. 

■ BO-Nov. 3. -' ■ - " '- _■ ■■• ; 

Vwk. f IiTatnn Q. O.- H.. WAFblafitoo Court 

Uotiw. 0.. 20.N0T. 3 j-ClrelcvlIle, MO. 
Storm. El., Temple. Ft; Wn/ne, Ind;, W-Nor. 3. 
Monroe, WWley. Kelth-'a,' prothlonco. 29-Not. 3. 
Mrirphy ft NlcholaVVIctorla, N. Y. C;, -29-Nor. 3. 
Sltirjias. .Mr., .ft MM. Stark, Jersey City, N. J., 

-Sal-Ntit. -IT N. Y. 0., B-10. -••■ - ' _ 

Murray ^ft L$tw, Beonctrt, T*aiytoo, Can., .29- 

BsaSSf * Wlllard. Poll'9, New Bavea, Conn., 
2o*Nt.v..a.-- ■■-■■ ••■ _;■■•-• 

Muryh>- A Talmer, Tastor'a, N. Y, C, 29-Not. 3. 

.Muirer.'CuiiriD ft Mrtller,' Mexico, Met., 20-Nov. 8, 

Slnrpriy ft Mn-me, Uonumentnl, Salto., 29>-Not. 3. 

Murphy ft Francis, -Sloorc'a, Portland, Me., 20- 
Not. 3... ' - '■•) '-■ '■•' :'■ 

Musk-teem <4). Gaiety, Albany, N. T., -29-Nor. 3. 

MiiBketeers (3). Corinthian, Rochester,- N. Y., 29- 
Nov. 3 : Empire, Alb-anr, 5-1 ;- Empire, nolroke. 
MO. - " .' 

Srndgc, Evn, Orphenm, Bkln,, 29-Not. 3. 

Mullen ft'Corelit. Emrdro, Pntorspo, N. J., 29- 
No-K ^ ; Rniplre, Hoboken, 6-10. 

Henry, A. ft S., Boston, 29-Not. 8. 
GlrU, Shecdy**, Fall Elver, Mass., 29- 

Sbnbert, Oolumbaa, O., 29- 

Natl*/!, Mile. K. ft P. Bth Ate, N. Y. 0-, 29- 

lapr.'Violar Empire, Snlcm, O., 29-«ot; M 8. 
NABnyth, Billy; acme, Norlolk, Va„ 29-Not. 3. 
Nesaen, Hunter ft Neascn, Temple, Detroit, 29* 

Nerrtsiiiler, BIJoti. Qnlncy, III., 29-Not. 8. 
Ncwfnnti. Itatry, Grand, I/i-rananort, Ind., 20- 

YJot, 3. . - .;-■.- 

NewMl ft Nlblo. Tlvoll. Cbpo Town, S. A., 29- 

Neoln.'oroheum, Pt. Pntl, Minn., 20-Nov. 6. 

HnaBftj (4j;'reoplc,' Detroit, 29*Ndv.-S. 

Nibto, Frrd, Alhamtira, N. Y. C„ 22-27. 

Nitilw-ft Bordeaux, Pnstot's, N. Y. C, 29-Nov. 3. 

NiphMn Slarets, nr|.itr*»im. nkln.; 20-Noy. 3, 

Nam ft NIrholann, O. G. II., Plttabars, 20-Nor. 
nrCrphettm, HaaasH City, 6-10. 

Ncrwljft. PhVo, Kelth>,j Bcwton, 20-Not, 3; 
Keith's, 1'rotldence, ri-io. 

Nome. Rol-ert, People's, Cedar Rapids. la., 20- 
Not. 3. 

Not-Worth, Jaek, Colonial, X. Y. C. 29-Not. 3. 

Norioio, Family, Cheater, Pa.; ■ 20-Nov. .3. 

Noblrti, Milton ft Dolly; Shca'a, Bdfralo, 29- 
Not; 3; Bennett's, London, Can.,- MO, - 

Xiirtoi, Famous (3), Grand, Uamlltou, O,, 29- 
- Nuv. 3. :.-.-■ 

Nro'.'Nfrd. Temple, Dotroit, 20-Nor. *. 

O'Btten ft Hav.l, K. ft V. 20.1 St., K. Y. 0„ 20- 
Nbt. 3. 

O'DUl A Klnlpy,- Sbubcrt, 0*>lnmbu?, 0,, 23- 
Not, «. - ■ . 

Itlen. Sir. ft Mrs,, Garden, Buffnlo, N. T„ 29- 

Tom, ft Co 


Roklaw, - Reekie-*, Ruik, sbretenort, La„ 29- 
Xov. 3. 

Bcdnwnd.ft; Haynes, Moore's, Portland, Me., 29- 

Remloclon, Marine, Orphenm. Omaha, 29-Xor. 3: 

Otluteiun. Kacias'Clty. 8-10. 
lem Bd: F\, Majeatlc, Cblcseo, 29-Xor. ll 
■Jlajmarket. Chlcairo. 0-to. 
rwn ft- Kdwsrn, Auditorium, Norfolk, Va., 29* 

por. 3. : - ■ • -^^ - 

KaJaaSp (3) Proctor**; Newark, N.- J., 20-Nov. 9. 
Rliiwiea ft CQ»ter, . Bennett 1 *!, London, Can/, 20- 
Nov. 8. ' ' ■ -•-.,-•■. . " 
P,iea.A Cohen, Keitlt'e, Cletelnndi, 29-Xov. 3; 

C-olurabns, ''»10.- 
RI«. ft Rimer, Kciih'a, Clevelnad. 29-Kor. 3; 
-' 0-fJ. H..' flrnnd RaphlB, Mich., '6*10.' " 
Rthrr A William.-., 'Star, nq-inlho!, Mft., 20-Not. .1. 
Hirtir-rts. Great, Bljfli], Pontine, .MTcIl., 20-Not. 3. 
Btlhos (4fi LyflC.- Altdnuft,' Ta.. 20-Not. 3. 
lliertords, Cliria., Andltorlnm, Lvun, Mass., 29- 

Not. «; Sbeedy'a. Fall Riter, 5-lfli 
KUna-OjHlrteUc, K. A P. BRth St.. N, Y. 0., 20- 

Nor. 3; Keltb'n. Providence, MO. 
Rlsalflo? i2). Mdj Rock IslnadL 1U-, 29-Nov. 

3; BIJou, Qnlncy. S-10. 
RL-h, Jack ft Betlbn, &nplre, notokeiL N. J„ 

29-Nat. 3." , .:': ■--■' -* ■' ■ ■• '■ - : " 
Rirhftcfl-son, Larenrler, ft Co., Idea, Fend da Lac, 

VIA., SO-Not.' 3. - - .-: 3-1 - . - • - 

Rosde, Uai-vetoqa. 0- 0. B., Grand Unhid*, Mich., 

39-Not. 3: SaTaln St., reorin, 1IL, 0-10, 
RoM-ib, -Wra.. A- ft*** Boston. 20-Not. 8. 
Roekwrtl, Maude. Olympic, Olnclnnatl, 20-Noti 3. 
Hoyal Musical Tlvo, Keith's. Manchester, N.^.. 
' ip'-Nnt. 6. - ■ ' , 

Rraa IMHL TJIIop, Jackson, Mich., 20-Not. 8. 
Ron.ilcJis fSl; B1J011, Kenosha. Wis., 29-Npt. 3, 

'Bijou; Kalamazoo., Mich., MO.-' ■■ 
R&rfc. :1Tb., 4 -Co., Poll's, Brldseport, Conn., 29- 

Norr. "3. . 
Roberts. Hayes ft Roberts, Empire Tour, Enc., 28- 

nor. 3o. 
Rcifilrti, The, Bl'ou, Evamvllle. Ind., 29-Nov. 

"3; Stain St., Peoria, 111., 5*10. 
Re-pa. Mayo ft Juliet. .Bljon. Rockfnrd, 111., 20- 

RcMSitwV-ig, S-tdle, Bijoo, Duluth, Minn., 20- 
Nor. 3. - 

Rabin,- Great, Auditorium, Lynu. Mass., 29-Nor. 3 

l;cl>hi«n, ■ Blonaopi, BUou, Qulncy, 111., 20-Nov. 
3 ! LvcuJle, Keokuk, in., 5-10. 

ROfiCrS, Win, Kelth'a, Bo^wn. 20-Not. 3. 

"Royal FltlHh, The." Empire, llohokea. N. J.. 

" 2t5-Nur. 3. ■ 

Rc?Mi' A Bent. Gotham, Bkln., 29-Nov. 3. 

Re-Mr-., ,Gftno, Weaifs, reorin, HI.. 29-Not. 8. 

Rvrfson, Marie, G. O. 11., Grind Rnnlrts, Mich.. 

pntttl 3. 

Cr*tsley ft Hestello. Cryatal, St. Jr-scnh, 20-Nor. 3. 
Bci-e, .luiiruii HJw-a'a, Toronto. .Can., 20.N'ot, 3. 
RSta««km' ."(211. Orpheiim, S.tlt Lake, 1*., Nov. B-10. 

lt(«trs ,A Dcelejr, Poli's. Brldstport, Conn.. 20- 

Not. 3, IVdl'M Srirln-nleld, MasK., rr-10. 
Rohy, Dan. Ktaplrc, " FreeMrt."- 111., 20-Nov. 3: 

Flom's.MadUon, WIr., 5-10: .-...• 

Un'dwll, SJarvc-hua.. BUou, Battle Creek, Sllcb.. 

29-Nbt. .",; IIIjoii, Kiilamatoo, B-10. AUeld. Gaiety, Kprlogfield, 111, 20-Not. 

fc'ti-yrle, Dnavltle, 5-10. . 

Itiiawll, Muaifcnl. Euiplrc, Salem, 0., 29 -Nor. 3. 
MM Cilelck; GnleLy. GaleebutK, lit., 29-Not. :;. 
Hiiaaell ft Pari*, Lyric. EnBto-i, Ta., 20-Not, H; 

t'dmlly, 8bau*tl-io. n: * ft 

,Noy. 3. 
ollvolt! " 

SiflNlo" Ji'e-8. Pftttlrteket. R. tt M W Mfa ** ' 
StK+r ft Kthrm, Yotliiit-a, Allaftttd City, S, J., 

Xiititiint/Twln fU}ter>, nay>trttet, JM-Not; S. 
Mi'MMl * .Cwbley, O. O. H.. Grabd Rapidi, 

Troubfldoara, Koltli's, Pblln., 29-Ncv. "■ 
Oiiltfl, Holeu, (Itloty, iMMMsi III., 29-Nor. 3. 
(.tUvrlra Trk-i OritUoum. Otniiba. Net*., 29-Nov. 3; 
"Orpwtnn. Mlnnaap.ilia,' Minn.. 5-lt). - - - 
MMH Qnncloiti*. Il-ituawny'a, New Bc-lford, 

t-uSa., 20-Not. a. . 

iiltfcrt i-11. -Gn.'.-i'ik. WllffilLFrtou; Pel.. 30-Nar. n. 
.1'HL.rt BlittM.'.ItcIth'd, Pn<ttdenc«; 29*Not. 8. 
,, J<s -Mlijoptic WlDStrolP, Ca-'tle, lVTioeliOf. W. 
t...20-Kov. S. ' . .:- 

Wi Gwrcia; Lyric, Alto-inn, Pa., St-Nat. 8.- 
" - Enatw, ft Co.r.Lyrl-', OietiUM. 29- 

lfl-,^N..Y. C.,:0*».ivi :r 
1 DnlUUi, m C^Npir, 8. 

pinnae, Mich., 29-Nct. 3; 

'a, Patem. N. J.. 20- 

San'k<l«H, The, Hatha way 'a, Now Betlfo-d, Mass.. ^iT 
■l5B-Nov: »..-- ' - ■ V/Q\ 

Salta-cu lc 'cacrho, Dijon, Pecalur, IIL, 29-Not. 3: 
Uric. DBhvIlIe, 6-W, . . . 

FafaL 0. K., Fullea Bortcrc, Pari*. Fc. Nov, 1-80. 

SandiTtv- Denn i Hiiiih-rw. Ekt-'trlc,. Waterloo, la,. 
-29'Nuv, 8: Family, Sioux City. 3-10,' * 

f*aii)t-ll, Ureal,. UnliniL', LiiinvUle, 111.. 29-Kdr; 3. 

HdMa, cuafw'H. Wanuincton. D. C. 29-lCot;S. 

tfafctajcififi ft Bowatau. People's. OMnr RapUs, 
■InV 29-Nov. a; Outrlck, liurliuH-lQD. M».'- - 

S.daiU 1 Josephine; Olvmpla.. 'Parle, n» 31 ; Hait^s, 
naiolmrg, Get., Nov.-i.JO. - - ^TT^ 

S-iiimler*;. tObrtncv, Sbeedy'a, Fall Rlter, Mass., 

aii- Not. 0. ■. -'-.- - •-■ • • 

Schiller Ttouco. :Hi*.po-lroroc. N. V>'C- 20-Nor, 8. 
PtnK 'B«r ( - Otacjetih-tr-rti'a. Pblla., 20-Not, 3. 
scWpp'a l fMg ft ■ Pnoy Clrcns, Panla»*a, port- 

HBI Ote., 29-Not. 3. - . tl -- 

SeUlrLnrt. Aftooti. Cre*»1. Detroit, »Net: fl. 
Mg nTtlley, if. % p. ptiion fttutV.V. ¥. QL, 

BMnfi ''* aJJ*TO t hr, * t Cborcb, N. 4.. Not. 

« ..Jir-ift'-Mk-»:,lIart-y.MliniUy,-Pittetoo; To., 

■29Aot. 3; Ptmlly. C^rbonrtdle/ B-IO.""- ; • 
Tborce ft Carlcton. olyniplc, Cthclnnati.' 20-Nov. 8, 
Thflmpsan, B'm. n., Victoria. X. Y. C, 29- 
Not. 3.-- ■ 

Toys, Mimical. SprlnmTeld, III.. 29-Xot. 3; Fam- 

D>..B. St, Louis, cut. 
To-rsj- Tiirty Trio, -Parlor, Pt. Anpele?, Wash., 29- 

Tolado ft Prltt/>,. Prnjnte. . Ger., Nor. 1*18." ' 

TravtUo AXOUdcr*, Mnjestlc, Chlrajto. 29-Nor. 3. 

Trttwa * .ftAjaod. Btjoii, IJ> Crosw, Wl>.'. 29- 
" Nc-r. 3: tnrQae.Eau Claire, B-10. 

Tr», nelMI, -fAency'si-BklD.,' 29-Nct.'3. 

Tmmsn, WaUnee, natiioway'i. New Bedford. 
Mais., SO-Noy. 1 ?. - • - ' -- - 

Tra*k-i Ginddeu, BtJ-on, People's,, teareaworta. 
Kan-.-. 20-Nor.- S. .-.-.■ 

Trmiktdoui-3':(3), BLJou, Kalflmatoo, Mick., 20- 
Hft. 3; BtJort. Lanslbf, MO. 

TjwMnick, II. W.. ft Co.. Kccney'i. Bkln.. 20- 
Not. X- ■■• -* --■ . 

Tt--loir,- Gflthna. Bkln., 20-Not. -J. 

i.V*«m*. The;- Keith's,' Bostep, fiO-Not.- 3; 

Usher, Claude- 4 Fannie, Majestic,- Chlcatn. -S9* 

■ ■ pot. -3i - . .* ■:.:*■; — • '• 

Vance. cUriee, Proctot's. Newark, N. J., 29*Nov. 
o-i.KtlthN. Phils., B-10.--' - - ' • 

Vaiadrjfls, The, FaraRy, Mohonoy Clty^ Pa,* 29- 

Vnjrtoo, ^erry ft wnbnr, Yc«n-e*a Pier. Atlantic 

Vdfois.' narry E., Grand, Milwaukee, 28-Nor.'3; 
BIJou.' La' Crosse, 8-10; ••---■■-- ■ - 

Varoo ft Valdare, Crystal. Detroit, 29'Not. 8. 

Van. Billy, .Olympic, Chicago, 29-Nov. 3; .Hay* 
rcarkfit.- Chlca--o, 5-10. 

van studdKord. Grace, Haymarket, Chicago, 29- 
Not. 3. ' 

Tagafr Glrlc Hopkins*. LoulsTlUe, By., 29*Not. 
' ?: .Colutobla, Clncltnatl, MO. 

VfiMittion. BIJou. Lincoln. Neb.i 29-Not. 8. 

Variety Trio. Grnnrl, BeUlngham, Wash- £3- 
Nov. 8. . . 1 ■ 

Van, Caas. ft Fannie, IT., ft P. Union Square, N. 
T-.C, 29-Nov. 3; Poll's, Ma*»., 6*10. 

VcRta, Nettle* IUthaway'a, Lowell, Maaa., 29- 
Not. 3.' - 

Veatc, Belle,, Moore'.*, Portland, Me., 29-Nor. 3. 

Vortton, Majestic. Chtehco, Not. 5-10. 

Veolctte ft Old; Majestic, riodston, Ta.. 20- 
Nov. 3: Mnjestlc, San Antonio, 5-10. 

Vitiahs (2); Olympic, CnIe«*o, 20 Nor; 3. 

V Ilia go Cho|r. Keith's,, 20-Not. 3. 

Mnlo-ft Kujcl, Keith's, Providence, 29-Nov. 3. 

Warner, Gw.. BIJou. Anlmore, 1. T.. 20-Not, 3; 
Majestic, Gtcontllle, Tot., B-10.. .-. 

Waller ft -Mdirlll. Orphlum, Cbillieotlie, 0., 29- 
Nov. ,1 ; Orphlum, Portamontb. S-10. 

Wctrton'-. Farmyrinl, Keith'a, Altoona. Pa-, 29* 

W4>Mn*;rMi Bros., Ctratal, Marlon, ltd., 20- 
Nor.- 3. 

Waknileld,' Wllln Holt, Colnmliln, CinclnnaH, 29* 
-Nbr. .1.' . ; 

Waltcra, Graee. Dewey. Utlea, N. Y., 29-Nor. 3. 

Wjitjouro ft Whitney, Cornui. N. Y-, J29-Nor. 3. 

VMS A Cortan. Novelty. Bkln.. 20-Not:- 8. 

Walton.' Prod, Phea'n, Toronto. Cah„ 20-Not. 3. 

Wttd BroB.,' K; ft P. 5th Ate.. N. Y. C, 29* 
Nat- V, ■ - - . -- 1 .--■■•" 

WsjtAraft prouty. Keeney's, Bkln.; 29-Not. 3. 

Wirtflwann.-Edilard, ft Co., Btar. Cripple. Crtek. 
Oil;. 29-Nov. 3. . - 

Writtdrll, Fred 'ft Mae.:G«!ety. Sptlngfleld, IIL. 
-'2fi- Not. 'S j. Bijou,, Decatur, C-1Q. 

Walsh, John. Pastor's. N. Y. 0.. 20-Nor. 3, 

WajuwrlJIht, Mile, Perut's, Paterwu, N. J., 29- 
Nor. S. • 

ML Roland, ft Co., Poll's, Springflcld. Ma ffi -- 
29-Not. SV' - - - '- •-•-■' m 

W«cb, Jntnes ft Cella, Family, Salem, 0., 29- 

_.?V> V * ■ _l . "" _L .' : _. 

at Wj Moaly ft Montros*?, K. ft P. Ctb Ate.. Na 

■Y.- C.^ao-Vov. s. - - _ 

Wiiutwbrtb ft Vista, 'Keith's, Manchester.' N. B., 
■*"rS«t. ». - -^.-. -:.fc.'. - 

ItaV Llonr... Hippodrome, N. Y.C., 29-Not. K. 
jr, LIiilc; lilJon, Rockford, 111., ■¥■« 3; 
Jbh, Cllatoti; 6-10. ; - - ^ '••-■ " ' •" " ... 
gfrottb, Bos*, Blpnodrome, . N. Jt C-, 29* 

I^^A.CohnbiLt, Pdrtlflnd,- M>.,-'29-N6t.-'il. 

Wfleo, -Ltej-RIctaraW Tour. Fronw, Not. 1-SO. 
"""-* A OMiaa. Keith's, Olevelfind^ tt*Nov; s, 

jit, ' lialKrt' CtfMat, HnWiakCT, tfl,.. 2* 




'"•'"•'""'ii- — 


whittle, KJis'.P/cUi a«-., s. y. u.. i»-N«¥. y, 

While, **» Orplteuui, Butter, Col., UH-Nov. 3. 
WM&lc, Walou.O. ,x ** N«w Loedon, CoDti., 29- 

Nrf. 3: 0.' H\. Norwich. fr-tO... 
Wfasleu ;* Wrtt, Knplrt. PitlBfield, Mm,, 29- 

S'n&h qcbvHopldnV. ifluiBjiltp, Ky„ sp-Not. a. 
llton Hm«.. Orplmiu?, Sin Fran., l»L. No*. 5. 
WHke. ■ flttbcrt . A Co., Majestic, Chicago, S9- 

W'UllI'ru'tnlU airlrai tf. .11., N. V. C., 2a-,Nor. 
. 3t-k; Af. 3*1 flU, N.Y. C, &I0. 
mlnRtfif *" T&Caer, Olympic ClDcl&nall, 29- 

n&|ttfm Alltainttta . N. V. c, tl— e . s. 

Williams 4 - Pulimtu, Ha -market. Cbleago, 2D* 

■ 'Nosy 3; QlFniul«, Chicago, r.-iii. 

William* Brio, Eastoq, Pa., 2tf-ttov. .1; potersoa, 

WtiiJom. O'U-stancp. cbii<ttt'f, Wasblugion, D. C, 

29-Not. 3; Kuttli't. Pblla., ft-io. 
ggK Bert. H.4'4.. N- V. C. SV-Not. 0. 
■S3 A' Katun, Uulrty. Ul:lu.. UO-Ncr. 3; H. & 

8..-K/-T. 0;, C-10. ■ . 
World ft Klagstun, Colonial, Lawrence, Maw., 2ft- 

■t&*. 3: K. fc P. "-'3(J 8t.. N. V. C. 6-10. 
Woodward's Jucgltug Sea Mutu, Colonial, N, V. 

C. IMhff.dE 
Wood, Mril O. 0. H.. Pittsburg. 2P-Nov. 3. 
Wood. Mill, Kflth's. St&neb*st«r, K BJ 20-Not. 8. 
W<d' Hru-t.. ClTfio Bell. Mes.'oo, 29-Not. 10. 

?'ylie*n OltcU., Keith's. PLilu., St-Not. 3. 
aciley & Bunnell. O. II., 'Coming, N. Y., 29- 

39 -Not. 
SSaboras. 'Crcllmr. flalety. Pklti.. 29-N'uv. 3; 11. & 

3;. N. T. «.. r.-io. 

Zara & bsbsMKK K. * P., 23d St., N. Y. C 2ft- 

Nov. 3.- ifcV" ; 
Zlntarn -Troaw. fi. f>. H., Pittsburg. 29-Nor. »; 

Columbia. CinclanatL &-10. 
Zlmraermau. AI, a; Pearl, llqber's, N. V. C., 29- 

jEr.% •--■ 

Zimmerman. 'Willy, Keith's. Columbus. 0-, 29-Not, 
'■ S; Vftleofirie; Toledo, 6-10). 
Z'.sfca & King, Hnvmarkct. Chlcaco, 29-Not. 3. 
ZlDt Adolnli. -Colonial. H, Y. C.. 29-Nov. 3. 
fc'oyboulakls, The. Novell;, Omeba, M, 23-N«r. 

Clipper Post Office. tt.*vgi 

lh uriler |« uvuld nil.-toU.i-* nuj to 
inporr ihr iiroium delivery of the 
letter* ailvcrilNcd In IliU lUt, nn 
ftUVrlufiC! i-lnlnly ndiln'Wfd muNt be 
■cut for coiti IiMIit, nml a wrlttvn 
nrtlrr for u.r letter. nlKiied tvIIIi t lie 
Cull nnuie ini'l uiMirc-ni nud (he llnv 
ur'liiiNliieNR follmvi-il Itj Hit* aieuder, 
lunul alw» lie uiu-lici a. 

Pleutfe luenllon ttic date (or Data- 
ller) nf the tl.U'l'KIt In wl.lih ihn 
fitters aout fur were advertlaed. 

Aodetnou. Fay Ororllln.. Marilarc. Laura 
Allen, l.lillsn Oormnu Mn.MJ iink-r. May 
AnJoncu. Helen Oonlait, Mnc Marse, Mrt>. M. 
Arraln. GW-Rg. Tc-Hy Nurmy, Allllh* 

Mm. Waller tonl rtaanf -Miller. Erelyu 
Alleu, Mn OnhitrJUi i;i»nn<i Miller, llelle 

Adaras Minute Cllnoie, flladjB Mad«i<n Xhtlma 

fltfdner. Ji»bn 


.J. & tv-iha 

irlfllii. wn.iu 

ira'.f , Bert 

ifllden Uw. F. 

Irtrd, Ir'Mnk 
Jetinl. Ifllilie 
e4rouK>. T. U. 

■Mciv Alfred 1M Tiank 

, J..Frad ptiU.aUrtft-r. 
ilirb*, Mack w'» liatty 

LaKrenef Raytooril. b'red 

JOT10! 10 COBrnjOfDElT.'. 

Tuitiltiit, Scv. $ (Election Day), bcl»j/ * MXii'% Wild West 

tl»fl Soutlr Amcrtmn OVcll9itra,,Her 

vniAn HUtcM nnJ Knniei KM anrt.gkn- 

Miller Harry E. HlioUrf, Ueu.iP, 
MuOrc U.raimrr HecM'. Il.itvey 

Mcfuii. Lent* .Itotj . Uaii 


SniJptcmental a-latt— Itvcelvcd Too Lnte 
"if;- 1 ' for Claaslflcatlon. 

"At 'the Old Cross Bo«<l4" (Arluur C. Alstuti. 

mgrii— 1'ItlBbnrjt. Pu., Nor. fl-IO. 
"Eronto Buster" (-Fred Schwartz, war.) — Altou. 
'111.. 31, . Kloutnlii^tuii NWi 1, Sjirlntfrld 2. Dan- 

■Vfi 3. Danvllk* (Sold!*r»^ Hodw) r.. Bock 1»- 

hDd 0, Iftttennort, la., 7, Ottawa, HI., 8. jolk-t 

&. Khjla 10. 
f:uloiitQl Sto<:k— Bumford Kalis. Me., 29-Nuv. 3. 
Cooke CouievJy — MonuwutU Junction, >*. J., Not. 

"Ctehtry Jay" (J. II. Batiman, mi:r.> — Nortimui- 

bcrlflud. 1'a;. Nov. J. Montgomery 2, Bellcfonte 

.1. Tymtiu .1,. WitnlU'L- 0, Portage 7, South 

Cork 8 _. . . . 

"Carw; of.Drluk" (Cliaf. E. Blaiiey ajaaam Cu., 

>vn.)— Oiluaeo. UK. '-'3-Not. 3. 
••thjrcn Bast" (Ow. >'. Clark, ingr.)— Swutli Me- 

Alextvr, hid. Trc. >"»r. 3, (.Uitrvmore 5. Cbelaca 

(V ■ Vltiltit 7, Wdili City. Me., 8, Aurora U, far* 

Uaw 1U. 
Euvry, K*lwlri T. — Sun Kratidjuv, C'ul., 20, lit* 

"l r t:ty Fells'* 10. J«y Sinllli. uicr.) — Harriston. 

C-ii.. Nov- 1. Orumri-VlMe 2. SUvUkti-ik' S, Murk- 

tliile 9, llekltfv iJ.-i'lsMitsworlli 7, CfU'ii Sound 8, 

MenfTorxl «, Collvuffoinl 111. - 
aa»'Btoei AUtol. Mass., 29-Nov. 3, ■ FltcLburu 

Held, Anna (Flireira Zle^fuld, lutfr.) — Cblcugo, 

1U., Not, J-J7. 
iTaMi !■■!!. Mnude. No. 2 IN. f. Prbvcnm uigr.) 

?%eM L'dlty. p., i;y-Nov. 3, Striker 5-10. 
•TJtfw lleaebJ Are Brok*n" (Mlttenthal Bru-.' 

OHK Co.. lugrs,)— Chl«!HKo. HI.. Nov. 4-19. 
Juliy Staii*' Comedy (TIk*. Alton, bus. uigr.j — 

Uleiiruefc. l*o„ SjL New Freedom Nov. 1, Stew* 

arjbiloivii 2, Marietta ". yunrrrvllle . r ', Slount 

Joy -0. ■Mwhuhtebbui-'* 7. Stecltou ». Huiiiiik'N- 

ti-mttl.Paliiiy/i-'lu.. . . 
KvrkliuiMlillDMU (Ivan Ki'rkliuff.-mKr.) — Ki-uslug- 

tou. Kan.. Not. 3-7,..ScbimIIu S-10. 
KlMi'k-t.'rbuil ( XT: ' 1.. Kirk, uigr.j— Oanlhier, Me., 

29-Nov.. 3. .... 
"Kit Cafioo" 'Toio WtwHiiauu, m-jr.) — Anlinore, 

hul. Ter-, Nov. o. ' MaOiU C. 
"I.SttLtbuuH.vltublwry" (Ubaii. T. Tales, rugr.)— • 

Vttti, N. Y.. Nov. 1, CbuJsy 2, CUnrupluln 3, 

- BMbb rV>lac 3. Aibury «. Swiiuton, Vt., 7. 
"looking tiir a Wife" (Wni. J. Winters, iagr.1 — 

Coimeinvlllo. I'a.. 31, Morgautown, W. Va., 

Nov. 1. Monynciti 2. 
"My WlfuV I'uniMv," l\i;lml (Frank Cooke, nitfr.) 

---Si»tbliilK-'Pu.. Nov. B, ' tirtK-iialiurg 0, lrwia 

?;: Brwklock -». llMllmiu It, UluirnTllle 10. 
"MitfaddtVti Hat*." tint UUl's— Cnlcago, 111.. 

Nov: 4-10; •- 

"On. Daiigerons Grounds" (Vninw i: Sulllruu, 

okk:)— ciiieam.,' 111.. 5»0»rr. 3. 

fflWn,. i\ J. (J. C. Ktiai. ingr.)— MouUrzuiOti. 
Inil.. 20-31, Wavcland Kor. 1-3. 

"tjiweu : o( ' toe CIrvns" (Cuae. IK. Btaney Atuuse. 
Co.. msre.)— ClUCAjp.. III.. 2tt*Ncv. 3: 

Kecorl Stock— Aleiaudcla, Ind., 2U*N«v. 3, Le- 
banon 5-10 — -. 

Rb&'e, J. 0.— Burr Onk, Nov. 1-3, Mankutu 

. C-10. > .: . 

"Ued Fealher"— Pilt*borg. I*a.. Nor. C-10. 

"ileilrtHoDi* from the llrarih" (E. P. Corrigun. 
' mfct.)— Olrurdvllle. Pu., 31, Ilazk-iuu Nov. L 

"Thonia and Orange Illi-fsoma," Rowland & i'iit- 
f<.rd'*VA' (Kred Wnltuti, Uiar.) — Sowervllle, 
Term.. Nov. C, Jackxxi U, Hiiuibvldt 7, Clarkh- 
vllUi S. UiisitwllTlI.e. Ky.. u; Owwikboro It'. 

"Upcle Tviu'm CabUt," Mi.tivu i. Dhuu'tt tJoe C. 
nBallli aigr. )— iitraug. Nebr, Nov. ti. Oblowa 
8. TobJua 1, Wtfllern S, Swiititun-ti, Wilder 10. 

"UuclQ ■ SI llaaUluK." 0. 8: Primrose**. A— Man- 

- kato. »1ud.. Nov. S, Nv'.v Cliu 4, Ma<>lclou 0, 
Well* ft - ' " '" ' > 

-'Tndf Hi lludklim," C. S. I-rluiroae's, B— Hoih;, 

Ark.. Nov. 1. 
WHoeler'e.- AI. 1"., Circus— Havre de Grace. Mil.. 

3o t Pott DejKrilt 31, fii&lug Sun Nov. 1. bea- 

soo enda. 

frown, Mrs. _ 
jros, Helen 
Burg:. Babot.u 
Bl?ard, Grace 
nitatd, Grace 
Dowrnnti, lty 
rinrmr.!, Maude 
nutniildo iHabcle 
Jtrdwa, ir-rlc 
Bnfley:, Maude 

Butdell Lillian 
ronn. Lulu 
Iffll.. Mrs. A. B 
bender, Mrs. 
Bennett Slute» 
Burnett, K.lrtt 

Brown LUlonW 
Bristol, J«iaIo 

bi-iiji.tll, l.iu r. 

BarMa, JPtuito- 
Uin^liairi Ilatvl 
Barr, Florence 
Blhter, Blanche 
!,..'.] .-v. Mabel 
'-. Oeorfle 

CoDner airs. J. C 
C.ok. L. 
Clark, Helen 
Collins JJorothy 
Clifton, Jessie 
Clark, Marie 
Clark. Grace 
Courtney, Maotl 
Cnt-tinliati, Ida 
C'oinatock, Laura 
Clarence Sinter. 
Carlisle. Fay 
Cayne, Lillian 
Carr, FIomIo 
CliBthani SUtrtr 
(Mb Gertie 
I'lar.i. Mra.S.D. 
Ifi'lnmr, Mao 
De Viirney, 

' ' Louise 

l>e Fcraat, 

-Mm. ltnrr> 
Pelle. Knld 
I.m ltny. Miss 
i>xlf>un, Klcanoi 
Daseth, Violet 

Mrs. Mnry 15. 
Desmond, Ferol 
liavte,- Jessie 
itavU, May 
IJHton Mutlclln 

ix- vw. mm 

iJtauuiiU Mrs. II 
Uurand, Je3bic 



Kltoi), Ci.i. : 
Kills, K^liin 
>*ar)e, Tn.l;. 
Betas, May 
I:j;i:,j..i. f o::.'j 
Katu, Aboa 
Edmonda, Josle 
Kd wards, 

.1 .■.-...: _■ McCain 
HT, Dfltla 
]*aln.-i!i'u'j Doll 
I'owler, Eninut 
1'V.rbe?. Alarlon 
Flower, lllnncb 
Fcniu.ii. Cyral 
F«, Btbel 
ForreU. I'.dttli 
JTancte. Klla 
iirc'.ii'.on, Ha 
Gale. Eva 
Glaler,. It. 
Goadu, Lena 

Golden. B. Nevuw, Anule 

Gaskinaii, iMekcrton. 

Jr-sc;>lil'if; Mlas I,. M. 
Gitxun, Uttic Norwood llnudv 

Ganett, Louis 

Cordon. Eylalc 

Gordon. Ato 

Mce. Kittle 

Ifclsou, Iceac 

■Noble. Te-nsle 

Noble, Nelon 

Mrs. Ilaymutid tl'Nell, Maude 
Griffin, 10'lUuiey, 

Mra. Octarln 1 Georgia 

GrlVtold Je.-aie [*oinerlng. Itosu 

GrlOti, Kalpb 
flotllel). Hatty 
novea, Joe 
Ollfljtrcty Jean 
'loldea. Mat-k 
tiernltj, Mimical 
Gktilwr, Dick 
Cobaalei, A. 
UUk*. J. 
!!•;'■ J*r. A. 
liflnwf. AVm. 
Hr-Vci. Geo. 

*£*% A. 

Huatler. J. H- 
ttrnsa, Ned J. 

■Uatriian,' H. C, 
Hall. U. D. • 
nc.T«rd & Alton 
HoTard. Ged, 
llaaiiiioau. O. N 

.. In'n.o tlifntre arc": Daly 
5IU. Clayton U hayaioud. Milca *jollifov» our cmvtpmilmti o« HM*M ■« fM'IHHra, Hftrry L. HkM fltcoft fllttm, 
Mohtrwe. Frank Rooi & Jack . ,:, ,„„.-,. ,ui,ud,4 h* m Mir-finn m ptehai'd llomtlti. KtlK ud Hailoojt, VvHiVf. 

Tnt. ci.irrtk, inivd »Yo«. iw; rtuk »« oipco . Nprna.— Julln MaHuva aua«rid lust, wprit 

urt Itita then Satunlav-niumiflii, Sui. .!. with nn oitnck of utoumtbu polbmtlng, but 

rvrneered nuiUclenUy to gv o» wltli th,i uar* 

fontinncea II, II. IrnM flint DontMl 

lialnl will be tentloi-Pd a Ijommn at the Ma- 
jralic Hotel ti/tcr Hid ilerfottrinljcft ,ou Oct. 
5l), Ly ft mtmrt«r of theatrical rtutl ocwuftahflr 

men Mitunger timllh, of tin; People'^ 

Theatre. rt>kbmio<l his btrthdny fttt wltk, 
una wah the rcolnlcnt of mimuroua in-eicon, 
......Mmc. OaUnkl will b» the uolutat iiMbu 

rhltnuVlphtA OrclifHirn i-ntiecrla At tin; Aefttl- 
liuv of MiHfc. Nov. 2. ;i. 

Gertiov. t. Li Hatoa, loiiu itwby. Daii 
Orlffeu. Will K.'.Manu. Wui. J. lKg;n ft Bjlaan 
<*eirej, H. H, IMametla. Hurtjr RnviiK.M |HR 




ESflC (Mr.) 

nayea, Floaale 

Mm. H. II. 

>!■■■- Wiley 
Jail. Lulu A. 

leyilon. Mm. r 
lolmno. Stella 
laydvn . 

.adloH'. Wanda' 
loward. Kena 

fiJrc W. J. 
fownrd. Mrs. 
Intltaway. it. 
lawea Siaur- 
.lall LUUe May 

res*. Utnncb 

■ ii:: : i -. f . i- 

■ ertiiua, Irene 
lackaon. MXsa 

H. (2c.) 
.tippling. . . . 
.<lug. Ida 
-\cocb, M. 

vautnntn,' Marv 
.Ginmei. Fay 

Mrs. M. A! B. 
■'irrnliic Plilllls 
ixon, Delia 
vjrons. W. J. 
Lee, Steels 

Lillbin M. 
lien-Is, Aiiebcll 

.iiiiK- Mrs. ll. D 

.::''!■:, Ceella 
!«g-in, .'Irs.S. A 
'.m Vure. Etbel 

>wls, Mrit.J.C. 
fxKan, Helen 
Lynnc Florence 
Lewis, Lillian 
Loralue, Annie 
l*alle, Alllv 

'aJuier. Melba 
.•rice, ftndle 
''rescott. Hazel 

t'linsey. Mine. 
Phase, Crystal 
t'irks. Kftty 
Itensbaw, Rile 
:tobctta, Pearl 
IndHiim, Grace 
Richmond Violet 
Klccn, Frledai 
Iteddlng, F. 
itltchle. Mrs. M 
[tnsaell, Nell 
ili'-?. A:.r.l .- 

riohiiiiuLi. May 




Sluw, Gti-lvH 

Mrs. Geo. A. 
Show lea, Hilda 
.Hitarmw, Marie 
t. Jolin. 

Starr, Elsie 
Mtnart, Dalsv 
^■"■rurr.i, Ctaru 
thfwttl Leatrlce 

Stanley. Mnttie 

Seltx, Carrie 
Rr>arllnc CIr...M. 
Smllb. Dellc 
Shay, Viola 
Stebbhif. Mne 
Seott. PcaeJ 

bLJuhn Frauklt- 

Tiiiiper, paarj 
The'jaild rstello 

rnreraj Utile 

Tnpley Alrs.Gua 
TOwi'jtclid, . , 

ThoaiaM Ucorglu 
Vide," I-ottn 
Victoria, Etta 
Mrs. Loii he VeMprr.ian, Mme 
Lawrence. iVeluro, Fdilli 

Mm. L.Vfti-11, 

Mack. wilUamA 
Unyiw, Froult 
.trirke*. Trunk 
.Mnr>!i. Byran 
.Moore, Turn 
McUonnM Walph 
McCanliy Ctiatt. 
Mltcliell. Win. 
XArkaii, w. r. 
II 111 l ken. Wni. 
M«jn, Win. 
Mason. i>. J. 

dorga intern. 

Conn. S. 

" TT. (Iiuul 

Ullu.n, Harry 

Illter. CLrus. A. 

Jltcbell, Harry 

illles & 


fesber, L. 


dcaney ft 

.llaraui, Walt.K 

Alarbm, II. 

'!. Mr. 

ilorrls-y, T. 
loya. 1'bo-i. 

ttewbtm Harry 

•Icfiey, S- 

Joltc;, llearr 

AleArtnii., C. B 

Hack. Robt. H 


I- rank 

vlerti-r, Geo. 

.Illler, C.Rtewrt 

Mclroy, Ned 

3iili<ir, r; L 

.\londcrnn Harvy 
.Ulto. Vic 
iljrea, H 
tlcDmwld Rulpb 
Jdtrtyr. J. V. 
«elro«e. Horry 
vfoure, Austin 
ilat.kinns. The 
Ulteliell, Saia 
UcBrlde. J. 
UcElvoy, .las. 
Mrletto. Gco.K, 
Mcirrell Clmrley 
itelfityre. W. J 
Alayo, Alfred 

DangiiliV Oi 
MHIl'jr, Hurt C 

VlBCk, J r ■-■■: 

Mock fc Ellltitt 

I'liiluiieliihin — l'luvgoi'r* will lij on tha 

UriiH-atino Jump the current wrck, with flvj utw fit* 

ttoM. R. u. traetlooa to M uutolded nt Uie -down town 

lllltoh. Win. 
Hoit. Bdwlu 
HoilanO. Geo. 
Herk. 1. H 
Hyde, Bob I 

He:amer, E. 
Hwid. Frank 
Hud -ona B&Geo. 
HertMrt, Omer 

I lardy. Jack 
luntlug l^wla 
Hearta, Musical 
Harris Rayooond 
Hardy, lueb 
llart. Billy 
Ualgb. Albert 
Hctrwn, nn 
Hawley, Sam 
Huat, win. 
llarwood .Francs 
HtHluway, Toio 
nail. Ben]. It 
Hui.-ii .. Frank 
Hall. Lou 
ilardlag. F.dwln 
Uajra. Harvey 
lUrdmau. Jw 
llalscy. B. W. 
Howard. Jack 
Howard. H. B. 
Harrlgaii, Jas. 
Heater, Btn 
Harvey, KellK 
Hastings. Ben 
Harris. Alt. 
lrlr. Mr. 

Iretaud, Fwl MaiMaoii, T. II- 
Jaaieion. DaveJ 
Joaiifion, T. V. ftewion. l\ ; 
Jatrettc. Harry iMthMa, Clin 
JugOF. Tlic Two Mnaffj, Ned 
James. Cbarlie NVvltn. Dai 
Jotinnon.- CairotrNann. W. P. 

ptaybotisca. Tbev arc: Suthern ahd Matlowu, 
ni "John the Kiipllitt," it tha L*Hi". Annlo 
Itucsell. in ".MlfliimiunT Nlqht'n Oii'ltul." nt 
the Hroad : II. ll. Irrtaar bjM Dorothea llalrd. 
tn "Paoln mid Krauceant,'' i\t the Chestnut 
>?lreot Upera UmMe; "Urewater'a Million*,"* 
nt the Uftrrlrk, and "The Mttn of t|io Hour," 
M the Wat mil. Other new MMrJ In town 
nn.- "Tbe Moll Uooni ito.vit," At the (leranl, 
ami "A Millionaire's Itr-vense," tit the Rt* 

.Chkstnut HtaaWt Ol-HU House (Nil on at 
dimmer mnn, niantKerai. — Philadelphia audi- 
ences will witness, fur tin- lint time. 20, 
ll. It. Irving Ltorothen Halvd, In "1'nola 
and li'ronresca." Other pliiya tn ho plvai 
arc: "Maurlcuttc." "Marhaolm," "The Ljons 
, Mali*' nud "King Rccc'a Daughter.'* The en- 
oBJfwuar.irtA "aaavinm U for two weeks. Audloneci Inat 
Bass' *n% 1 vvcek placed the stamp of nunroval on Jef- 
fcrsoti IV Ajiki'IIs, In Ihe (lirl und too Qov- 
ei-uor." The oltendaneo ira bte 

Lvitic i Messrs. HUutu-n . iiintiaKero). — I'- 
ll. HuilK'i-u Mild -Julia Marlowe bogln their 
final week 2D, when "Jeunno I)' Are" will 
Lt> -seen far Ihu lust time On the following 
erenluff will un pruditreil. for tho llrot ilmo 
on the A luc rl o.iii atago, Uenniiu Sudurnmtni a 
"Jolin tho UantiHr." In which Mlaa Mwrlawe 
Stanley ftH iimii w ^| he mi ns Halouie. while Mr. Sothorn 
«^V; I,B TiT*! u Ve will vnart Johniines. Crowded liouiea Hit 
win, Dan_'v. WNk w ) tm , Me q "jounno D'Arc" and •■Ilia 
Sunken Hell." hi thu hitter pluy bmlintBra 
were thu m-lplt-uh) of much npplAtisi\ Dnvld 
War field, In "The Music Matjier," Nov. B. 
' -Chmstni't (Niton A ZhnmennnD, mnna- 
j-ci-n^.— ."I'hu CvHckk Widow" drew crowded 
noUKea last w.Vk, und Mill rumaln until Nov. 
ft.. "The DuuglitL'i-ii of Men" Nov, D, for 
two wceKt*- 
UnoAti (Nixon St Zltnuierinnn, nianigois) . 
'A Mldatitamer Nlght'r 

Kandoa, Paul 
Ihandcll. J. J- 
.Sully ft Pkelua 
Sella, Chaa. . 

Scott, u. n. 

Uinltlt, Altrr.l 
J?>moiiJa, Jack 
Stdllvau, II. 
Stewart, Cat* 
starkey, Wm. 
SvlUvan, Jolm 
Stove, J. B. 
j<hle)dj, li'rank 
banders. Harry 
3le»art * 

Stall, Walter II. 
deeley, Cbaa. 
jjwor, J. A Bert 
Sotners Uaran a 

PtraiMun, Ovrat 
8trlae. C. w. 
Bbaw. Jay 
PUtkley. W. II. 
8b«a, W B. 
SplcllPinn. J. 
Staodaneld Fred 
Shonk. H. U. 
Swtacman - 

Wilt la P 

JcCoy Mrs. F, 
■leeker, Mrs. W 
•filler. Aiwa 
laynit't Lilian 
.ralor, Florence 
.iontrtitiit. Grace 
lurll'.u, Lillian 
llcOurmlcl: Kdna 
Aferrltt SUtera 
Morrla, Clara 

MUs Frank 
Mclntyre. Llla 

'■'.'!;■;.., 1 "..- i V " 

Walker. Alibi 
Wilcox. Mrs WW 

WomI, Bugeuin 
VVehtoii. Kmtna 
Woolbtou. ftJUn 
Woudti, Funny 
Weber. Kyet-n 
Winter Mrs.J.O 
Wayne, Qfaea 

Joes, Morrti 
Jaioi, ,Tbe 2 
J doles & Darta 

■ Mpmplils 
Keller, Frank 
Kemp. B. 
Kbbn, Koat. 
Klein ftClirton 
Kr.ul. N. J. 
Karland. Greft 
Ivnurinan. Ji-«? 
h>i>dcll Herbert 

KiJltotto, '1. 
King. Fred F 
Kendall, Rd. 

N'qwli, 'jVimftCo, 
Nankevllle. 8. I 
Netfr John 
Nevlna & Arn-'td 
N-C-l. Geo. 
Newtou, At. 
Naufk Bobbr 
Neville. Geo. 
Kello, Great 
Neabltl, Jut 

Wulter tluip.J 
Osuorn. ChM 
Outmau Tln.s.J. 
Osuian, Julm 
Odell ac Kloley 
Osborn. F. ■ H. 
Oatmon. l'rof. 
•On Parolu"Co 
OHdiI. Gen. 
Owen. Garry 
MkaiiMg R. A. 

\lortun Gertrude! ■ Mm. C. l\ 
llorrltoa, Ihiel -Voting. Grayce 
Motrun. iZellnian VLrylnla 

. Mrs. Win. K.l 


■ ■«. • . > 

. / 

AlHU, MA. 

Artiat, Dart 
Alburty Harry 
Addois, G. 
Arcuerft Crocker 
A Wallah Jlrnmle 
Attierlcus Com.4 
Archie, Willie 
Alblul. Herbrrt 
Allen,' W. M. 
Al'gv'.t. i- s- 
Ainoe, Wilbur 
A|leo. Uurry 
Ayrei. waiter 
Aekertnnn, B.C. 
Atubos. Frank C 
All. 0e*>. 
Avolo, II. 
Allen, CbuR. l> 
AU«n. bid 
A ll I IT'*— Geo- 
Aubrey Com Co 
Ainerlcni Cuba 1 
Brutt, Fotry L. 
liallty & Auatllt 
Block. Elton - *' 


Brok, Jua 
Bifiiir IM 

Korfdlk. — At the Academy of Music (Utro 
Welts, lochl mvUtogBf) Mav Irwin, In "Mrs. 
Wilson. TLat'-i All,'' delighted au audlouce, 
Oct. 22, .that tftied the Y-unuelty. "The. \au- 
derbllt Cu'd" Nov. 1-3, "Tho lisle of aplco" 
5. doe Weber'a Stock Co. 7, Ben Grwt'8 
Loridou Players 13. 14. 

Giunby -<Otto " Wclla, locrtl manager). — 
"Thu Black Crook" week of 20. "A Square 
Deal" played to a packed Iiuuhu 22-27. 

'Majkstic (Chufi. Itex. inuuuger). — Bust* 
neas continues of a most satisfactory ualure. -™ 

Isltoo (Abb amitb, mouaKer).— There will HJMFT 
be uo cbann for week of 2U. Softe'cuu. H 

Brain,' Ed. A, 
Brljilitou. Albert 
Brautlty. : 

Brothers. Jim 
Pent 1 .;:*-, MhjIcoI 
HrVjiKinBli. Kd. 
Bender, H. 1'. 

Acme (wllkeraon & Mnnzle, mau&gera). 
roople-for week of 2» . Chun. Anderson, wilt 
Nafltayti.' Alice. Loruns, Judd Fierce. Oscar 
Brewer, Edna May Sebuor. Helen Ixivette. 
BessU HoKiaund and Marie Bell. Business 
la good. 

AUDiTOiiiuar (J. M. Barton, manager),— 
People (or Week of 2d : The MHdena, Johnson 
and Grunt. Kent nod Edwards, Demur 81s- 
tere. and Sullivan nud Fattersoa Busiuess 
la good. . • 

Makiiattan (CrlnnUu Bros., maoagers).--- 
People billed for week of 21) : Hazel Pierce. 
Arthur Lune Florence. Otlbert Vox, Leah Ab- 
bott, May Lnev, Hurry D. Joiinson und h. B. 
Carter. "'Neighborly NclKhbort.." by the regu- 
lar stock comimny. BusIocsh is good. 

Stftnntoii-r— At tlic Beverley Thcatro 
fBarkmaa & ahtiltz, manngei-a) Mary Etntniir- 
»on, Oct- t7,'-hh'd good business. May Ulll* 
muti Utock Cu.'-unened for week of 22, In 
•'Flood 'Tide," t6 & tt: O. Henrietta Cruainnn 
Not'. 3, Hen Greet. Plnyer* 3, Ruymond Hitth- 
eock'tt. Vork and Adams 0, Puul Oilmore, 14. 

Note.— r Ed.- llulchtnEon, the 'aeronaut, 
Joined May Blltman bere. us advance agent, 

■. » ■ !»' 

SOL Til CA.R0I.nrA. 

Charleston — ; A: the Academy Of Music 
'Cbas. It. Matthew, monager) "It Uapponed 
In .Noi-dland" drew a good house Oet. 22. 
"The Ct-anty Chairman" dreiv fairly well 24. 
•■nrtrothf Vernon of Eladdon Hall" -pleased 
Io-27. May li-wla ilO, "Banltera and Drob 

^*ifivHS.-*-PAnTiPC mil's Wild West Show 
<lr«w well 5.2 Biroum ft Bailey Nov. *>■ 


Bed! nl; Mr. 
Baker & 8bl»W 
BlndtirDiaan Gt. 

Fyrna ft 
- • i lAugdoi 
Ballr. Frfed" 
Bdrke. J. 1*. 
Baker. Myron 
Brock, J- V. 
Barklitirst Chan 
Baldwin. B. 3- 
Bowen. G. . 
Uoawortb. Kent 
Btena^c, G. H. 
Burt. . Ca« lc . 

• DOugla* 
Brewer, Cbas. 

. Franklin ft. 
Bakvr, E. U. 
B^nwa, titea-ati 
botLper. K, 
Hrouniah. Co. 
Banku Bteatvale 

. willlard 
Bnlla. -f red ' 
BroKulng. Will 
BattJ. Tom D; 
Bash, Win. i . 
Burch. Chas. D 
Blonchlu lUv- 
ViraJv, L- 

Barnes. Harry 

Barrett, ti. 
Buyer, Dave II. 
linrr-nii-ij-i, Jo^- 
Beaulug.ofi. Ed. 
Ilantioti', Jagg. 
Bnntv,., Ceo. W 
£er-itm-dt. H. 
l-ij-li. FraQL-lB 

Hnrry S. 
Boeviiko. Dick 
Bcdlnl. Dmiat 
lturfter. Uoy 
Breomtm; Jehu 

Mr. A: Mrs 
Buvd, Kobt. C. 
UelfraBu Giv.F 
Bvatun, llovrard 
Beall, JbS. A 

Balko, w. ri. 
PI Fred IW 
Basse, 0eo. 
Cagcet, Geo. 
Buckntr Artbui 
Baldwin Tho»> 
Brlgh: Fruu. II 
twiner. W. 8. 
Colton, Th<]S. J. 

. St. Olaln 
Collins, Oleo 
Jroucher WMF 
:ooke, Wallace 
.arluK. I. 
^anihbcll. Hal 
SBny. w. 11. 

Tuoiime, Francit 

:&lbouu ft 


'hapwan ft 


'iinnlogucni. J. 

dauber la In. 


tiurcb. F. A. 

::t: .:.. II. U- 

■ole, T. H." 

'arl Bros. 

-illlna. Frank 

Tortoi H. 

Juabuiann Fran),. W. 

vast. Clarene* 

tavtsrJL C, 

\-.'.i'. x-"' W'tn. 1. 

Tarinod*. Jcs.l 

\;U.r.. ■■.,-•.. GN) 

naaj, L. C 
Mterft Vtneea 
Ib-rk. Harry 
'ro>s, Gnv E. 

Wtmt, ii. 

n.niivU.-i. Lm'JS 
Dllua Bros. 
i u.l.t . Aoy ■ 
Daly. A. II. 
Oouglna ft .Fortl 
Dlccotirt, Alex. 
Dc Monde, 

Chestur D. 
Delton Bros. 
Davla. Billy 
Darr, J. Ll. 
De Lisle, ■ J. C. 
Dnubnm, Jack 

Du Boss, Harry 
Dellbant. T. II. 
Dougutrty Jastr 
Davldtitm Taylor 
Douglas Br ron 
DavTa. G. W. G 

Datton. Wm. 
Dlrou. A. J. 
Dillon. Ed. 
Dunbar, Geo. 
Drake, E. T. 
Do Bar. Harry 
Diamond, Jlax 
Dill, Chaa. 
Diamond, II. 
Dale. II. 
Derenda. Mr. 
Blesy, Kd. 

gjucian Jas. B 
uucau. A. K. 
Davis. Luuford 
De Man, 
- Ed. ft Madwe 
Emerson. Jas.E. 
rrfterbrook. F. 
Edtvardi, . 

Ebbecke, Theo. 
Edwards BoMW 
Early. Walter 
Kls*n. J. a*. 

' FHbers, Kn 
Terns. Eddie W. 
Freukfoid, Jos. 

WBK w. e. 

Flint. II. Doug. 
Faum. Julert 
Francisco WmD 
Folattia, Frank 
Foster, I<ew 
Flilley. MM 
Fani; Hkrry 

I'o'l-m. Ton 

KMey.Ollic P. 
Kelly, Cttoa. J. 
Kane, Joe. - 
KUnball/W. F, 
Kirmoat ChiiNlt 
Kane. Norman Opet, Harry 
Kiralfy Vict- P. OaH. lh-iiry 
Kaufman. W.B. nllviv II. 
Kbcbn. IrtHib, Kre.1 
Kuhc, KL Pick. t;,o. 

King. C.ftFraak PTlee* II. u. 
"Korrera" l Pearl. Wm. 

Lyhne. C. Philips, ta. I 

Lowe. Chis. P. Petchlng, Pan! 
Leonard. PrludeH Herb.W 

' Parker V. Purcella 4 A'. ■ Orben 

Lee, Albert J. Pant. Wort; 
Ubor.-Fratlk* Powera, HoirnM 

Phnunona. Tarn 
dloan, Wm. H. 
Sharpley Artd.J, 
Bonier* & Ward 
flbeldtm, Jntie 
Bhaununs, L'uur 
Sadler, J as. 11. 
Sauilern, 0- 

RtBttD. I'lil! 
Smfih. Chaa. 

Slddle. Kobi. 
St rut tun. 

Spcddeu ft 


Slierldaii. J. J. 
SaU-ra. Emlle 
Hlegrlsl. F. 
Sniiui. Paul 
tScatt. C. M. 
Shaw Kdinuml T. 
Turnln. Henry 
Tnruer. Fred 0. 
Tlirioiuson ft 

Tbonipaon ft 



Taylor, C. C. 
Trip. L. 

Thar her. Philip 

■ 1W. Owing* 
Tucker, N. i:. 
Turner, t-'raiik J 
Tesslvr, Wm.. 
Trapper t Harry 
UaaS, Mr. 
UnUyele ft Hoy 
Valtuora, Louln 
Verro. Mr. 
Veronu, Eddtu 
Verde, Carl 
Vice it Vlolu' 
Vlllm. Frank 
Van Horn W.C. 
Vulkinann. wm. 

(J ugter I 
Van Obion, . 

Mat, . L. 
Vising. D. M; 
Wart. Wm. . 

-Atinli' Ituisell, 111 
Jircnui." this week, llenrletin CrtiBmnn, In 
"All-of-a-Mnddan 'Peggy" hud (wo flitccow- 
fnl weeks, ending 27. Mnry Mnnnarlug ha- 
grlDs a fortnight's amy Nov. ft, In "UlorlOns 
lie lay." 

Oaiiiuck (I'rnnk llowo Jr., manager). — 
:Kdwitrd Afeobsj tiinkea his local bow 20. In 
"HtewsliM'M Millions." Kyrltr Ilollow, In 
"BrlgiLdlt-r ■ 0«rnrd." voncliided, 27, two 
protitable weaka. Klsie Junta, In "The Van* 
derblll Cup."- Nov. r.. 

Wai.nly iFruuk Itonn Jr.. ntnuugerl. — Bo 
bini'lt disorder wun croajed on 22, ut th»|ier- 
fornnuii-e of "Tho t!lntiauiuii," that Mayor 
Weaver decided to eomrnd thu innuagomcut 
to rl'.'!".- tho limine. An Injunction was up- 
pllrj fur Hie folluwlng ilnv. hut thu eoutta 
Farrvll tioatflliird tho mayor's nctlou, tvltli Ihe re- 

sult that Ihe hous*) wuh cloned for the rest 
nt-the reek. The play araa originally bookiMl 
for two weeks, and t« till In ttio time "'Ihn 
Mnti of the llutir" will he put on for week 
of 20. Andrew .Mnck, In "Arruh-iia-l'oguo," 
Nov. 5. 

SANK (F. 0. N'tr.on-Ntrdllngor, innuager). 
amey neinard. in "The Itollleklng Girl." 
n'L'i i uii Ida second und tllial week 211. Loat 

«n ten _ 

Y"('s-K b:« cl-OWds wllri'Saod 

riliowered polity of uuplauai 
Cre«tou Clarke, In "The " 

Hliow, und 

... upon tlie Hlitr. 

Bugged Mcsmiugut," 

gjiami oi-r,it.i Hortii- (G. A. 
niannger). — "Voi-k Slute Folki" 

i hi a week. 

Lirk(n ft Daly 

Perry, J. H. 
Potts. Cbaa,- 
Pemchl. 1 C. r>. 
Powers, Eddie 

Wltllams. Joe, 
WhaJen A West 
Walla, Jas. J. 
Walsh, J. 0. . 
Wilsou. Jack 
Wolfe. Walter 
Wilcox.. W. W- 
Wctert . J. B. 
Wlaeaian; F. 
Ward," Harry 
William, L.B. 

West. Tnnifiijv, In "A flood Fellow.*' did ulculy 
lnafc week. The Four Mortons next. 

GiiiAiui (Miller ft Kuufnmii, munageri).— 
".Tun Hull Boom Hush" this week. "Tho 
Gambler of ilit'.Wenl drew tt KuceoMlun vt 
-ftuwded hoiibt-H. "Tho Ninety und Nhie" 

PC0k-LS*l (K, C: Nixon-NU'dllnger, niuua- 
Ki*r>. — "liet'llin. tli'- Sewing Mnchluu Girl." 
h current. "The Wuy of lh« Trniisgresaor" 
vat liked by the pacroua. who itlteiidcd la 
lurgu sniubortt. "A Mululght Escape" nuxt, 
• 'fJi — 

Pllsaburir.— At the Nixon (Thus. RUirk, 
mfturtgvr) Jummi K Hnckett presents tula 
weea "The \VaU$ of Jericho." . Laat. week 
Kratn'ta Wljsoti, m "Thd Moiintntu Ctltubfr,'' 
iilsyetl to largo Ititslnet*. Wm. 11. Cruna ana 
Kills .lelTreya next week. . . . . ■ - i 

McLAaro (J. A. Iteud, mnnaaor).— Mn 
Wuodruff. in "In-own of. Harvard." -thUweisk. 
Lahc week Cyril Hruit, lb "The Prince Chap." 

Blayed to Very natiifaclory buslncM. Hilda 
pang. In ".lolui Jutlton'a wife," next. 
.V la in tit. M. Oullct \ CO., iugrs.1— "A* 
Ve Sow" Oils week. Laat week "Tun \aukea 
c'onsul" pr.vkoi the bourn "Bed Kuatner" 

Licit, i - 

Guam (Harry Uatla, manager).— Thla 
week a hill Includes : Herlac's ponluii, Fhk&ccn 
W-joiIh, Alf Utah! auO KUiel llOUg. ZIGgarl 
Troupe. Ucllontf Bros., ilughes and Drown. 
Nortou and Nhriiolton, Hawthorne and Hilri. 
enrou und Herbert. CariolOD and Flaungau, 
Tlirca tarry Dlatera, Boberty's uoodlei, and 

Boot; (It. M. titillck ft Co.. mnimgei-st).-— 
"Old lsancH from the Bowery" this week. 
Ust wick "THo Knur Cdrnors of the Earth" 
pluycd to tho tmiinl large hutttut-es. ."fun- 
UiHiua" next, 

Blama-'h UMriitE (X. C. Wagiier, mntia- 
ccr).— Ttie HtiuelJ liroa., Id ( *Tho Qraat 
Jewell Mysturjv' tills tt-eek. Luat week "Tho 
rtiatitou. Boiecilvu" played to tlic tiMual gpod 
tuiHlness, mid pleiutd. "At Ulfl Old Croia 
Bunds" next. 

O.wkty (Jab. I). Orr. manager),— -Tli« 
I'arl-lrn Wklows this Week. Abdul Kader 
and Ills Llii-co wivec alto flppeur. Last Week 
■thn Bhiu Bihbou OlrlH guve a good shot, and 

Rlnyocl lo vury Mntlsfaclory business. Oreater 
lew York Stars twit, 

AcauKMr or Mgik' (If. W, Wllllana Jr., 
innrmKrr) —Tho Ilrlgfldlora. wit Ii Tom ilcaly, 
tfcla worn: Ltit v#tk-Ib« Oans-Neinon ulc- 
Uirei packed the bonne. The Jolly (Ilrla 
uext week, 

ii- a " ■ — ■ '■ " 

HtirrlnlMirW- — At thl) LyCrlllD TlKfitrr 

lM. Itels, mniiiiQer) Mnm. Hchumiinn-noliik 
sung to uuo of thu largest ttudluiicos of (ho 
neaaou Oct. 23, "The Bqimw Muti," wIlli 
Hetirv Jow-Mt, 2-1, wild a big KUrceSs. "Blifi- 
lor Hrowu" closed the WHek. 117, to good 
huhhiesK. Frank Daulels 2H, Ben Oroet 
Majors 30, "Tho Temk-r/ool" ill* l>U(stlU 
Fuiniint, hi "Tho Vlrglnlnii." Nov. l,;«lid 
Crouton Clurke, in "Tho Bugged Measeuier.'' 

Ot'CllA llotmn (M. ..- 
Karl BnrB^si Co. ilniw big lioutL r- . 
Oct. 22. "The L'fiulr Hlbgor" 2ll-3l. 
Way of taw TraiiajireMof" Nov. l-ll. ... i- 

No-IBS.— Thu StMf Merrltt Co. bid ' 00 

ban Oct. 2U Akjlo Pewer*. uafte htin 

algued wllh Ihf Ml Cflrltja Bliuy- Ca-'U 

1» New York CUj Mtt^or B. Z. Omu, 

of this city, hue ismiutl nn order pruhlljlttug 
the performance, ft of "Tlio Claiisuittij," .In 
Hnninhnrg 1'laris for the now .vaude- 
ville theatre hero have bceu noinhlolud ' by 
and coutruct awarded to C. C. flora and 
Coaipany. of Now York, >; 

Itiils, uuuiagor), — The 
'^MaA^wcek ■'of 


Altiximi,— At the KleViinth Avuuui.' Oarers 
Il.jiiH.i |I. C. MlHhier, manager) tho Kulck,- 
uiporker Hlock Co.. Oct, 22-24, iIit* 

MUllTer, manager) tha Kbit 
• I 112-24. MT 
Tho nn i 

At .Am 

hous-.-H, In rewifi'tdry 

"" and John IS. Kcuahaw, In ""Cuntalu 

Ii'hh," 2fl, holli had full houses. 
Old Ciohs Bonds" 2" 
at tlip Altar" 2I», 
Makers Ilurti-ffoiiii i 


it tlic 
27. Comlot: "Dosirlbd 
'Uaat janmr no, kwn 

*o, Nov, 1. Duqtla bar- 

••fiLAKBY'r (J 1* I Si mrl- «««• , » "Tl'« Virginian," 2; Paul orimor.0, 

>ttU. N this we^k. "At Ctlpnle Creek" uroffd* ft™ ^ V £ l \,W}TJl£uZ rt\" l nm 
fAtipM buutiw ."Bight Bellb* next. . ■ ^ * *„* ,. f fciWStfSlL KS&JFk, 

ijke. MarTr 
Llbbty ft 

Powel, V»*. B. . 

Powers, W. W. 

Tnyera I'lankett Ealelle 

Luoy ft Luder ntft Mr. 

r.iro. >'.c. . Caters Viieo. K. 
r«es, H.-ftJoale Price, Obns. . . 
Lee, Ed. I'osl. Two K. 

lemming. H. 0. Clean. Al. 
Lamence, Jack 1'ittleraoii tiam 
Llewellyn Ueo.A Vbjfcr.t, sr.n 
Lre, Kd. 1'erklus, Harry 

Ix-avy, Jos. QiitRlty, Kul>t. 

IX'Wls, Harry ■ gulnu. .Charley 
Loos, Wm. Rosskoin. Clias. 

Lai;e. Clause lint ft Cu'lik 
lawiuu. A, Rico, A. 

Ij-on. Geo. \V. Balaton, Billy 
Lu Clair. UOyce, Geo. 

Harvey Belli*', Jonnla 
Lonipe. Jolm Ro»eoe. Ham 
IaIioIu, Harrv Jan, J. 
Laoihaea V. M. Bunp. Richard 
Llvsiellyu, Oeo. Rolland. Arihur 
1a*. Sam Eeno ft - 

I*e. Ed. ' Abbicco 

la Roue. TV. E. Rooney, Pat 
Lake, Claule Rot*. Chaa. 
Ltunl. Artti. E. Ileedl. Hurry r. 

SCi: MiTM'K at hi; vd of list, 

.. "Klgh 

National (J. M. 
Millionaires Itevengu 

of Fire" fiimlslied thrills to big ciowils last 
'weelt. "Kroiii Tminp to Mltllonalfo" next 

n.uiT'8 (John \V. Hart. managur).-~"TliB 

:iivl- fllrl 1 * 

Kelly, nmuBEer).— "A 
* this w.t*ek. "A Woitian 

Oypay (Sirl Hi Is week, 
■'A I" ' 

Frod D. 

TV&l.e'ft Laljont 

Webb, Walter'ynuo 


Wilson, II. C. 

WatHOiiVF*. ii, 

'iVilnuu. L.-hfl'i. - 

Winks. John 

Well; E. II. 

Welsh-- J. A. 

: > Marry It. 
wild. Wm. C. 
Winnie,, j.- -p. 
Whttra, Tom 
Wills. John. 0. 
WurtblnKton. - 

. Chns. P. 
Wheeler, Bert 
Walsh. T. 
Wesly narry 
Weldmun W, J, 
West. Harry ' 
York. Ohas. 
Young. C. C. 
Young, Tr*t 
Young .UWIlmot 

_ JcsrIo Mae Hall, la 
SoutbL-ru Vuiidettti," nttrnctcd blgcrowda 
Hat week. The -Forepaugli Mtoek Co., lo 
"l'UHu Ticket 210," next week, ' 

f*ntui'Ai'.;i['s (Miller A Kaufman, matm- 
L'prsi.-^Atiuu Dny, la "When Knighthood 
\Vj;ii lu. Flower,'; Inaugurate!*, 2lf, the iihw 
policy of tho lioifiiP, which will hereafter play 
coiiibItii*Lluns only. The liiHt week of the 
slock watt dtivotrd to "The Boss of the IiOhQ 
mar," a new meloilrumn, which nn*ord«d ox- 
t-flleiit opnortiinltluH lu Kdwln Mlddlctoo, 
Arthur Mnltluml und llecthu Crelftliton. "Thu 

Lvbic (L. Ii. Cool, nikhRjei').— *Wock '0- 
20: Adelaide ' Herrmann, Mn1i«l McKlnlov, 
the Four Blanos, Mr. and Mrs. Mnvk Miu- 
phy, McCrco and Poolo, ; Ilddvlx mid Prel- 
■Mft, Oeorgla O'Baltiey, Tdylnr Holrois, alM 
ihe vttngrMph. Mnnngar Cool saya tJm s*w« 
methods that aro luvogue lit (be Keith the 
ntriM, la the larger mm, will be followed 
here. ■' • ■ ■ 

KflTXS. — Manager I. C. Mlahlor anya that 
ha will not rehrtlld tho Mlshlar ThMtr-), Hn* Buffered a gnmt iiunnclai ths 
(Ire. and doba not-feol Justified In uador- 
tnklng tho tusk of recount ruction, His loasu'eii 
tho Elevenrh Avoinje Opera House will net 
explro lor four years jet. nud bu will c»u* 
timie to run that houae with tho snino llyia 
of flftracllona lie. had booked for' tho Miihlpr. 
To Mr. Mlahler tie housa was a tnattor r.f 

AC HrA U suAm> (IXrtiFi Speck, managera),— P*""! 6, for S "*iip& ""aa"ln«" raailtBtlbnor Ws 
Tho block, which la now tue ouly remaining' &«■ ff^j^MHVK''^- W 

tlH-iitrc It to be aroctod In JohrtatowQ,- «n 
sin in Btreet. at a unit of $loo.oiio, and wilt 
he on the Ke)th ft 1'roetor circuit, 0»roU9d 

U lo It broken In a few day*. Ifuuty 

[yordeniaii, win. has for niapy yntars playM 
♦iiij buns viol In thn un/iwra of tliu tlevtath 
Avouuo OiietB IIoiiw, and roceilMy lu tl(e 
now Mlshier Then t it. recovered ills lustrtl- 
inent In good condition Just before tho as- 
bestos curtain full at tho lire. TbU- Is the 
third fire It lias passed through— -fl nt ttbfb 
the old Mouittnlt) City Thoutre was dsstfdyen, 
and aecoodly at the East side 'rhea ire lire. ■ 

York.— At the 

iVnt/. miinAgcn 

YOfk Optra House B. C. 

Barney oil more, . la *'A 


!i tttmn l» Doc Croon. In foal, ttockr ttiw! to Dublin," *nvo a epod «H6* .Jo 

. Tito Fay' Poller Ci>. rwoewsd unod blinlnt,. Oct. 13, ''Th, I.lfl « Wlci 

tunc lust week. William*' ll- "fl' tUoroittbljr mSmAJg p KM biul, 

T 10, ' "Tlio Ninety and Nn," wlfl BI1o«b 

iituu', v u ! Malum 

BraUfed Ge&W (jreo. ->- 

hallh-e. Jo". TIFOWler, Louis 
^orbett, Jolm J i Foreman. Win, 
Totiuii-*. Frunk Piualmaionii, 

''i.r!-:-, OllBS. J. ■' 

Carrott ft iriooil. K. A. 

Doyle. Fuller. Wm. 
Cooke. Walla-* ; rioods. Tlw 
Cavaliicugti. Jo.,Tay, John 
Caney, CUM. iFlenian, Billy 
CataCAin. : Portle, Jas. 

* Frank P. Folaom; P. P. 
Oerrtere,-A. H. Praslo, Chas. 
rbaraller Uinls| Flyoa. 

sBtwofi Tha' 
Boet.titr. Ed. 
Beaeaiit, W. J. 
nintr, H. 
Baatr, Ool- 
BebuOtt Robt- A 
*»>irjM. ">fr 
Biucofi. Carl 
IW.'tj. Eddk- 


.... Uaatai 
Cai*. HowurdL 

Deenlr, Few 

Da<vMn, Btn 
Dehiiore Charlie 
Uelflicw. Tour 

Fcankllo, Clvde 
For bea, Frank 
fields, w. c. 

GurtUicr ft Man 

J ,>«•■»■ i»*-— ;---- * .■■#*.■ -■----,..*.--.— . . 


—We opehed our- hall ieusou Oct. 0. and 
are doing n greHt boalnc°.M, pur roster re- 
malu's the odine ui; laat 8uuimer: A. II. Mur- 
dock, tnauai'er : B. B. 3In.rduek, atage nana- 
r,t-"r : CK-i-fie: KeV.'ie. musical act; Albert 
1't-rry, who la still shaking bia feet und 
tlotag isoine. funny fulla ; Prllif and .Carl bare 
opened u con of fujK for this season ; Bertha 
Iieno. wlrv act; Jessio llewett. eoubrette. 
t'l-ira Bert-re. is loiked lu the pillory «verv 
flight, acd-geia onflntiftyiecoude. Will 
rim tin U bond lender; Harold J". Cbantf, or- 
cht+tra Isatler. 

Dit, IlABTbuv-ffNow writes: "I Iifire Just 
rOiupi-'ied ari-aiisemciit-; lo munagu the Great 
Likpnl UitnlV Big Oriental Co, (eight Ktrong 
tuudavlllc nets), featuring 'The Flying Ludy. 
which ana tho biggest drawing attraction ut 
Luna 1V.L-, Cluveiund, during the past sea* 
»oit. The show Ik booked through Ohio for 
!e» weeks (as u starter),, ihroiign the West- 
(>iu Beservu Booking Agcucy. of Cleveland. 
We carry .many new udvertislng MUggestloua, 
iimotig thebn a '.acred cow' of inula, we ha*ro 
special paper .ant' 
for a 6oeclal,car." 

Waitei 'C, Mack, taapager of the Orrg*- 
Inal Sveiieall Co.. writes; **W have broken 
all records fdr week utn rids through Cnundu. 
Ihe' bllntfold dive by Sfaflgkl*. fa an autc- 
moblle; la caualQg the biggest kind of a sen* 
sation. Wo are booked solid until June, 

Mas. On Vaccb**. the aitrploglst and 
pnimist. lias just eldacd a cuccesifijl season 
with the Hoosltr Amus-j-tjcn*. Co.. nt Bljelby- 
Tilie.'InO', and retancl to her houie ot fort 
Wayne, Iud. 

unr In the cily. will bo seen, week of 20, la 

"Tim 1,1 trie Church Around the Corner," 

lid lowing tt weejeof. big, returns done by 
-■■Honest Hearts. "Ou flit* Huwaiioo- Biter 


.- Keith's (H T. Jordan, manager). — Mr*. 

Lang try, In "Between' tho Ntglitfnll and tho 

Light, wceh of 2P. Olhurs are : Nat Haines, 

Matthews and Ashley, olwotle Troubadovira, 

Martena, NeTarro mid Mareeuu. Din mood 

and Smith. Hhurp Brothors, tJutcllffe Hla> 

rei-B. Morris Croulu, WylLe's dugd, aud the 

Bijou (George W. Blfc, munagcr)-— Tho 

Colonial Belles week of 2f), lu 'Tho Ilahy 

F;irnj" and "Called, tho Count." In the 

olio an added ' 

of strength 

old itcqUaln 

perlals next. 
LixniJM (John O. .Termdn, manager).— 

The Oay Morning GlorleB Week of 20,, The 

olio numbers Include : The Olockerji. Jwe 
.Clark, Etta Cooper,' the Boblnsons, Phillips 

Btebfln, Kleie Harvey, John C. Hanson, Oiis 

Ne-LT and Harry Wise. , T|io .Lid LKtera 

proopered latt week, frdcadero Uurlsaquera 

next. * . 

CiSiNo (Rllaa ft Koenlg, manageri).-r- 

Harry Bryant'i Co, 2i> andweek. Tho lift 

of DOtertalnera are : Lo« RuMlimols, BUturs 

Albert, Bush and Klltott. Edna Herri, George 

Wllaotj. Darmofly, Marlon and Thornpsop,fliid »;'• •■*-. •'"-.«-. *-i.^»»j»y-„ ■ ■■ ■ ■ n 

Bank and Newton. Last week 8am Bcrlp- PAOLrtu TiUA-rttc (W:re. B pyp., tniiiinger)- 
u meritorious — An exceptionally atroug bill was prcsentoa 
tn lurge liolisea ut thlR snow house lM. 'Si- 
27. The Mstiml Tito ijieased nil 'who beurd 
tlvra. ' The rest nt' Ihe bill was niudo tiu bt 
thu (oltowlitff: . 1J. V. Fitzgerald, wroreatj 
nt'lnr ; Kliu, the child pysdlilc ; It. Them* a 
Miller, lllifatrntrd longs: Manny I'emsrd- 
Ilebrow couted'an: the Ozuys, juggltn, ftn-l 

O'MallcT in the titio role, plaaied a good 
house, 17. "Kast Lyulie" had UW buifneiu 
18, '■Iluster Brown" bad good boUsei. n&fl- 
nee and nlrh'. 20. "Tha BUadow PehlDl 
the Turoue'', 22. "The 8fluaw Man" »«• 
pi#aeuted. In a very siillifactory tnaut-(>r, (o 
a good house, a. ."The k Bcatity and tbe 
Beast" bad n fair houaa 24, "Mpf ' 
Cniulngi "York Htaie Polka" 2d, _ 
Edtrhcoek. lu "Tha onllopcr" 27: flhepard'a 
illnvlng pbitdre* 2D, iiO. Kdward llfirtl«an, la 

"Old L'-Veriiter." Si ; "»ed ^»- , k*- M >"». \, 
'For Her Hdnoi"' C, "The Cfaolf ftm" B. 1 

Mon trm?." 21). 

li.vmnncT "Bolt, of this city., wne ItU 
b<M *»Av50.lH Cohsi* , i s^TopuJarlty, M bia 

nsv'tj (Jay Masguerodort gare _ 

snow, which drew crowded houses. Al 

Iteevei' Beauty Hhow next, 

TanrAwtHo (Frtfd Wlllson. maniger). -p 
Tbtj TwentK'th Century Maids week of 2D. 
Tb,flr fun producing vehicle la "Tho Up* 
end Downs of tho Hnef Trust," with vuudV 
Title duinhArs by Joe Wnlsop, Touia TInntod, 
Motion und Diamond. Billy S'ohle, und Cor- Ihe klneiograpli 
nalk.t and BddU. Tho Now Coutury Qlrti at- 
*r*:--t*-i1 tha usual big crowils lc«r week. 

WUKrwrm rtinai't' oi-roA tloota iFr^nk joined "My T,ady'i ,>JaId", Co. , 
Tlurooat, niiinaaer) — "The Great Will Con* 
tinC a 'now bUrlf-tfVlue. Week Of 20. Tho 
ottur skits, "The Broad Btreet Ohost" and 
"The Mounted -Cops." continue big drawing 
card*, and are continued. New features In 
tho first part Include: Jos. r, notttz. In a 
new picture eong, and Vie Richards and 
T «w D.iugberty. Tn mirth provoking special- 
ties. Big i-rowdo last week. 

HoitkltiH, manner i.-— llnndlon, the tcglcks 
and nrmlcsi man, In n renlly remnrkubio act, 
attracted Immense crowd* last week, break- 
tiic nil prei -lata records .of tbo houae. De 
•■■.i; 1 'k contlaucd lu tUo ciUo ball sTOtkraf 

Ksiton. — At ilin Able Onera Hduaa (rV*. 
JC. DetwilleV. mflnnfcer) "Ths euisW- Man" 
did excel inn t business Oct. 18, .Which, wee 
well nierlt«d. Prlraro*»v Minstrels pl*v*»d m 
large btislnese jn J-fferson Da, A6MU, in 
"Tfie Girl and tbeOoverrior," tuniwk'n* 
the hduio was sold out. "Tbe HarTarfl Olrt" 
camo 22, *' *Way-DoWti Eaet." 28,-aad "Tua 
Islo of Hplee" on 24, both eold out. tho latter 
at both performances. Pus : Kcr!-> P*llaH*. In 
"Urlcnuier Gerord." 81 : "Hwl Feat Mr" Hm, 
5, ">Iuutaaa" tL "The Clanstnan 1 *?, **3lt*. 

ULlTU't L«k* (0. 1..' 8tvwn,--itvrta6«t>'«- 



; : ^6yEMBER:3 

Last wee's Mil proved Tory ontertfllnloff. 
livery number vrim 11 .peelnl trent In Its line, 
pdrTl'ciilnrJy Tboinns ■ anfl Poyne, Ihe lively 
c61ored enterlnlnp-rs, nn-d ChMTy nnd Bute* 
cofnetfy ,'oyciiAtR. iioib. awrrtl rounds or Ap- 
plause, nil well merited. The current week's 
hill :ineluriw : Mnrlone. flunUett Ce.. C'nldern. 
Russell nnd Dnvi.. tirnrr Whllebouse And 
Tom Mark, 
i • l 

Scrnnton.— Al. ihe T.rronnV (A. .1. Dnffr, 
reahrtcer) ' Dustln Pnrnnm,' In "The Vir- 
ginian." Oet. T.o ; l.'rsnk DnnlM.v In "Her- 
sefltit Drue." .11: "The Pnviptoterfi of Men 
Not.' 2. ". "The Temlerrool, ' Oet. M, was 
Tell received. - . „ ' 

ACa:'::-:v (A. J. nurTv.- mnnnser).— -"The 
mrilai i DMwfttw" SMI, "Kerrv Giw 
NotV )■». Ilnrnejr Ollmnre, In "A Jloeky 
Rend in Dublin:" 2.--2I1. hsrl KWul house. 

'st'AR '0. Nelson Tents, oinnflfcer). — Merry 
Bnrlesqners u-eoji of 211. Wllllnms' Ideal lux- 
trav/ifrnnzn Co., to ponil Mud, week ftf -Z. 

Famiit (W. Vf. Klj. manager). —Week of 
2D- John. T. Ivellv end company, Field* nnd 
Hansen, Anna I'rnnosrh nnd company, Leo 
Sthlmo. Pe firaff Sisters, and Franklin Bn'ln. 
Business continues goad. 

i t 

n<?artinK. — At Ale ■Academy of Music 
(John D. Mlshler, mutineer) Minn. Srhumarra- 
Helnk Oct. 22, "The JInrvnrd Olrls" 23, 
•■Haiel Kirkc" .local) 25. "The Choir Ringer 
2fl. F.dwiudHarrtsa)i -2T. 
.nitrimi-M (Winner Sc Vincent, managers!. 

The lollowlnc bill was presented Inst wocl;. 

Iff soon house*: Howard and SJrth. Inm 
SMrrj and compnny, Almont nnd IMroont, 
Carol] nnd rnrmim, JW-lic Heron, Arlington 
arid Helston, nnd the Bell Trio. 

Quakd OrratA House cNathnn Appell, man- 
ager).— The Myrltle-Hnrdnr Co.,ln repertory, 
hnd sond business 22-27. 

Bijou (itiulpurnff A BrOTCell, managers). 
— Irwin's Majesties 22-24. Scrlbncr's Store- 
MB '{florin 2S-2T. Both attractions drew 
well. ' 

. — V . 

Lnnenaler.— At the Fnlion Opero House 
tChns. A. Veelcer, mnnngcrl "Ine Srmaiv 
Vlun" drew n largo house Oct.. 22. The lialnry 
nucV» lid "nil 24. "The Galloper" wan 
"ell received h. "Th" Sleeping Beauty nnd 
the Beast" hnd voiy good boslness M. 
•York K>me Folks" hnd a large audience W. 
"Kvorvmnn" 20- 114. Ilarrigan. In "Old Lav- 
ender," ;1D : "Bnl Feather" Nov. 2. ■ 

Kamii.v ,F,d. manager).— Current 
nttrndlonr. Include : John T. folly nnd coo- 
nanv. In "A -Unine of Con:" blvla Crox Sen- 
hroqko anfl eompnny. npd, Ave other nets. 
. . i i 

JohiiKln-wn,— "At the < 9»'"f.' l " rl T „' , \Vln' , 
(II W. Scheret. mMttgitrJ vognla city ottn- 
strela Old a wWrtM h>islro,3. ,n>t»llT>r.e rinrt 
nl»ht. Oct. ?». Ortee Meruit , In .»"en 
Knighthood Win. In Flower," bod god busi- 
ness 24. -Cnptnln Cnreless" treliirnl had 
Immense business, mntlnee and night. , -.. 
"The fhinntt- Mnn," mat ine nnd night. BtaM 
to earvtriiy 2H. "The Wntnlng Bel did ci- 
eellen't Imslncss. mntlnne and night, -7- 
Booked: The Merry Makers Burloeoue 31. 
"Ttldrns, and Orange Blossoms gjli 
Paul Olltnorc. nl Vnle," 2: Pos tin hi mm. 
In "The Virginian." .1 : "Thf f'nllexe Vtldow 
6, -"Lean Rorors" 8. 

. « . « >.. 


SI. Joseph.— At Tootle's (C. U. Phllloy. ■ 
mnnnger) ."The. M'lznrd of.t)z".had good, 
tmstlriestr Get." 20/ I>«r IKickstnder drew a 
large and well. pleased ninllsnce 22. "Corn- 
log Thro' the Bve" pleased a crowded house, 
i.vinnn H. Howe did well 24. Wnlker While-, 
sfoo Si. Williams and Walter 2P. :iO. "The 
Cmr.ire" .11, "The Man from Now" Nov.- 1. 
llnherl. Kilrsan '.. Matlne -Riiiott 8, 

lAvr.rsr. ( C. 1.'. Phlltey. mnnager). — ^Flske 
O'Hara drew well Oet. 1R-20. "McFndden's 
Flats" had fair business 21, 22. "Gay New 
York" 2.V27, "The House of .Mystery" 'US, 
2f>. "Youbar nutTalo" Xov. 1-3. Cole and 
Johnson 4, e.'"The Mttle. Homestead" 6, 7. 

CltTHTAt, (tfred Cosnian. mnnager). — Bill 
for week of. 2R: ■ VCIIHams, Thompson and 


VMtStjfoi J» T or. r « (Tltctton fltm),' hrlnf) n 
JifiUfajr; pur rf/rrripntHlcnt* t>'rr> rrt[\MtrA to 
havt'ttil m/tjtrr /ffirirrfwi for puttUcatlan in 
Tub Ct-irttgVlta/wJ A'or. A reach this 6$cc 
mt later than FtatiSnlaj/ mwnlnfl, IVor. S, 

■jyRvr jEft«KV. 


N^Trnrtt^- At tUP.NflPark Theatre (Le* 

Oltolcogul, ttrt'Bnjtor) "I'hn Old Hom^slfatl 

Is thn atfrnctlon t»ie current w«»k. "Mr. 

... Hopklnsott wn* ■ wpII recalrwl Oft. SB-fT. 

Uncy, JiiHt Kin*. Aiknlnhd. nnnfloy nnd R0»- .. chflurt^y. Ok-'.itX:lB hooltrd Nov.- MO. 

nnd Cole, 

tnllr*', J. Uo-AMril .Mnxwrl). •"ot 
nnd Cosmon's moTiiiR pictures. 

Unto, (Frnnk l>Pfltl«>j*, nann^.t). — This 
populnr Iioihh Is plnying to mpntltj-,' And 
pleaslnc the people. . 

• i *i | ». 


Bridflftprti-*.— At Wmltti'g Tliofltre (W. C. 
Smith, manngM) "lcr/irn -Trnrnp, to MI1ikid : 

sai'BPfir TitrATnn Ol. M. IKninp. mnnn- 
gorl .-«-"Mre. Temple's Tolpgrnmr with sntlii^ 
Mfflfihflt Mv\ llniTT Cnrinnr, Is cr^allns an 
nbUddftnff or goori ii^nrly. InufrMT prpfl- 
*n\t Vr*it.- Tjonli Mnnn and rinrn I.lpman. 
In "JuJIp -Bor-Bon." nrovi^diT?. on term 1 nine 
a>i'\evfir.rC)*T. -2W. "The Hoclal Whirl" 
l'ollowa. : . . . '■•■ 

•pnocTOR's (W. .T. Stuart, resident maoa- 
*er).-^-VniulPVill" continue to eDgnRo n good 

aire," Oet.. T2, 23, dirt a bif builne fl 8. "Red «horo t «C ntt/>ntlon, and another •Hra«^? 

Feather," 24, did well. "Hflm'nelle Sflllie"^ h thin we^k incudes: J^3&,P%3*£ 

iiti, did n bfi business "Kerry «ow" plnjed } son. In An^Anr^nt Rwnan. Clar c« 

To'rtne biiMnw 2R. "Thp Old Homestead." Vance, Jaraw H. Cul en, J-.xposiUon }<onr, 

27, did the. usual big bnMnejw. Booked : Jef- WyRterifttis Howarda.Jhe Pryors, an^Wor- 

fersrin. I>f AngcliR 2!>, Mme, Modjesba^ in row and Sbollbersr. 

"MachPth," :J0 : "At (."rlppl" TiTek" ;,l, Nov. week. 

Riisinpflfl was Rood last 

"MIIp. ModMe;' 

CoLrwniA (M. J. Jacobs, manager).— 

"Tho Shadow lienind the Throne" gives the 

patrons an edtfylnit nilxMir^of the heroic 

and picturesque i^iln 'week, -which nsnally 

1 iiltpshere. -Home Folks" proved to be a 

fmttt ScheK Nov. 
■■$10,000 Kewsr.1" ft, 

Pou's <¥,; B. Mitchell, manager). — Vhf- 
norticnai Inislnenfl marked the week of • Ort. 

iii', crotvdt being turnod nwny nightly. The-: .•■•-n-. . ..-.,-. -_■—••- , i -'-,„r, 

stcllnr nttrortlon on th" hill was rhp Vftdett* fine production ond wbr fairiv -woll recel™i 
Orchestra, and 1b*» lady musicians w*re/>rt- 22;2f. "The Pntighters of Men MJim. 
ThnelasticDlly received. Booked week of 20 : iBl^sut-s U. «• J} u .^ n , rcanapr).— 
The Kriesseis, /.iena Kelfe, Flmrbett flavor JhomarE. Sheas annual p ngag?mcnt, tt| 
nnd comimny, Iloger 3 Rnd Pe^ley, Iho Kin- ?^ e fe of stnmlatd plnys. ^^"Jh^^ok, 
bous,' flood Rro^., r.nd Wllllrtm Rock, an^d 

<-otnptiny. - 

Kotrs. — Blanca West, of this **ftyt -who 
starred In "Colorado." *"l'he Littk Aftjil^-. 
tor," . and played Billy Piper, in ^Tbrft 
DanitoV has been engaged 'for live yoftr3"' 
by Sweelpy, Shipman & On. She' has Joined 
"Th* 1 Duchess of Devonshire" Co., H^irch 
opened in Nfwburg. S, and is understudy to 
Boselle Knntt. She Is to be starred c next 
season by her present management. .. ..-.'Ben 
Powell, n well known attnehe of the Buffalo 
Bill Show, returned to his home In this city 
20, after being a)>rond for four year?.- IJe 
said: "\Ve always kept In touch wlth-mtr 
friends In this country by The Ci.iPPi*/'- ■ ft 
proved n (rrest companion when for nwny from 

home, In strnng* lands and strange people:' next. 

Jnd indications point to a hearty Indorse- 
ment, which ho usually ■ receives. "The 
Ninety: and Nine" proved the hfr of the sen- 
eon last weol:, drawing big houses nigbtly. 
t'Whlle 'Frisco Burnsi" follows. 
.' Waldman's (W. S. Clarkv manager).-— 
Another turn of the wheel brings us Fred 
Irwin's Majesties this week. With Larry 
McCale. Gus Faijr, Kay Wallace Anderson. 
.Teanetie Lahsfoi-d nnd Ida Stnrgls in the 
new farce, "Down the Line," and Watson. 
Slaters and Fay nnd T.trti In the olio, it 
foots up the name atrong show which always 
recelvos blfr patronago in Newark. Wltht 
their three breezy, farce?, tho Bowery Bur- 
JesqucT-; packed trie theatro every night 22- 
The Ony Mnsonernders will appear 

jjot^s.— Manager W. S. Clark wept out 
of town last week, nn n short vacation.- •- 
Clarn Upmnn. who was playing at the Rhu- 
licrr Inst week, whb iinnblo to appear 24, on 
account of Dlnc3B. . 

W r e would have been lost without it, Jfnil If 
you want to fully appreciate the value of that 
paper, gel wandering over the earth, among 
strangers, and "get n^st' to lt-overy week, -ft 

comes in you like an old friend rharjie 

Hutchinson, .lake PUttt and others reitfdTnfj — r — '~ :" ~ _ ' ■ 

in this city, returned to their homes in.thls pfltcrnoin. — At the Empire (4> M. Brug- 
city 2."». A consjdcrnble amount of the sioch geman. manager) business last week was up 
nnd pnrnphrrnnlin of the. Buffalo Bill Show-ar- to thn ninndnrrt. For week 'of Oct. 2!) tho 
rlvcd 27, nnd Is now housed in the Rarmim mnnjifrement offers the following attractive 

A* TlallaiT V'inirir msfli'im-B 'T'lio "hto> qViiIU " Kill • \(nllnn nnn /''m.nlll Stantnn nnd \tn- 

& Bailey Wlnver quartei-s. The "big show 
is expected to reach the quarters wrm. time 

about the middle or November Edwin 

J. Ilovle, the blind entertainer, well known 
to the vaudeville and legitimate *iago. np 

neaved !n this eily under the auspices of. (he flred nnd Ronclere coinpnny. under t 
Seaside Council, Boyal Arcanum, 2"»,'J and pices nt the lo-~nl lodge ot 1 Rlks, had 
proved a hlg nrawitqi card. The coDce(J > ja,ti iireakliiK hnnses 22-24. "The Confess 

K»B«a«Cit>'^-At the Willis JJJftrtJg': 

atre ( V/oodwnrrt & Burgess Amtise Co., mprs. i 
!R» r t weok Wnlker WbrreMde, .la -Tho Mnslc 
Mclod:,*' name the first four nights, to f ir 
tjualness. The ^how nas coed, and Mr. Wuiin- 
side did hla usual effective work. The H i e r 
patt of thi- week -'The hand ft Nod, with 
Wte V*J. Knnx Wilson, John R. Vrunc. n»d 
a »od ci orus. hnd good honsrs. ' -his week 
will he dtvld-d het« V: eT. llarry B. gc- In 
"The >Can fi'om Now." Oct. aS-Ki. nnd Ine 
Umpl".' ; Nov. 1H. .VInxine Klllott ami 'lim 
^OS&A W Vmnct Sanford : 
mahowrK- -linsi ivwk ' , ' 1 ! " 

aood Joe the week, and the jihiy provw in 
he hn ond^vnl.le evenlr,«-s ej.icrtalnmeiil . rjl* 
week. Mrs. niske. In -rim New York Idea, 
cneus Mnndliy evening. JfK Next week. he 
Flower t;irl."' with l.ouls Ifiirrinoii mid l/ittlse 
'.lunnhic ! ■ ■ ' - i„,i«i, 

..Grand Orrn.\. Il-M-Ht: i'* ll # n ° £,J, ,( * n I 

bis bit minstrel compuny bad good business. 
The tlrst pari, was very elaborate, and Mr. 
nocksnider, l« bis new specially. "Ihe New 
IMltor," scored Id* enstnmiiry hll. J J| * « 
week, "Sunday" opens 3R, Next week, >- 
Miller Keni, In "llJiflles." 

CmmiTW .Martin Bc«'k. (tenern? mnu «■ 
aer).— Lasi. week nn cxeepJonally good bin 
drew good bouse?. *Mar.v Norman, In her 
I'.mtioleirue, iviirf Hie heiiilllner, nnd ojhei 
iinXL \wljwrr. were: The Six Prov.-iiulc* In « 
Meat irlck Vvele nci : anilthimd Cnrophfill. 
inlkliu cnineciluui-: (illvclra Trio, mimical 
vJi-iuokoh; Uardner and Vlnceul, in n «|w«; 
inrnlnr fantasy,.- ".WhmluK » ^ XiW ^i, 
Itontino itud Steven*, Urn prlnia donim and 
duueer; llnyward. t'ouroy uud I lnywa ji,- Ui 
ihe e.Ainedi- sliefcb. "Mnrrlnge is Puldlna, 
iiud iho kiuoilronie rtinwwl netr moving pi«- 
nirffi. TIiIh week; IWIlb Helena. I,mig mid 
v-oitnn, 'KUbfi nnd Meltouotisll Rntgb Dm. 
and sav-'iclle. l>b:i.u FUw., ftoK lllldcbrnudi, 

mnnnVi'l-— Im*1 vetU "The .llousc "C Mys- 
terv" llirlllert blc audiences. 1 als weak, -A 
Un.v fo«* Life."' Nexi week', "doling UurTtitn. 

ArniTonifM (Wo-^lward & Burgess Ainiwo. 
Co., inmin«ers).-i.»si w.n-k Ihfl W«WMW 
Stock <lo. «»v.- line pcrr«»riHHineK oi By 
UIgkt of rUvonl." Till* week. "Tho Utile 
Urvy l.mly. Nesr wwk, "Bnrhnrn l-rlet- 

^i^STViiv TiiKAiitn tJos. Dnnegan, manii- 
ceri.~I.iir.i wei.'k Ihfl Uremnluiid HllrtM*lttfW, 
with IMtlllna Nelson as an cxtru toatnre, 
draw Mr al each perfornmiu'e. InU ween, 
trw MfM-rv- Miit'lf., Willi l.'niiik (ioich us. a 
I'e'iitire ! lU'iii week. Kentucky Belles. 

MAJKsTh' Tin:.\Twi: 1 10. U. DavlilMM. man- 
agon.- "U«l week, tin? Bni'helnr CUUi, with 
\1inkee Itognnt as a »|inflal fenturc drow 
big nt each pei-romiflm-e. This v«% tno 
World Ileiucr..; ItCSt week, the Dainty 

Vosvr.NT.ON ll-vi-l. il.oulse, iiiaiitt- 
Brir).— 1.DSI week, Hie .Miller Mow. nW 
West: siuiw, •■ISnnch 101," gave n clever m- 
ien.t"i:i! ..{cowboy life, to K ooil crowds. 
CMWttliRftB. — Mown*, b'rnulc 1j. Wood- 
ward mill liohl. Hiirgetts, who control ihe 
mad show ot the Vnnihvnnl Stock to., nn- 
it.Minei' nun lliey will resume ihelr sbhwij 
;il .lonlln, .ipcnlng In "Vlrglnlii oi Vlrplua. 
The enmpnnv iilnjert nuweeni Ively the Inel 
iiriv-f.Lv WflPte. liar log tnitl n pronpormm 
sumniHi' ettpnK^meiil tit 1'ueblu, t olo. iiiey 
lahl no* here IrhI tvecl; In order to won- 
stnicl. pcencry, and Miller new costumes, the 
comiMuy t 111** f-euson will Im-lude: rioreDCC 
Molvlin. Kkuwir IMerson. /.clln Ullberi. Iluth 
l.nvnor, Mr*, Bolu. Uurgew. Cordon and 
Hnyen. Unity IV ro*i, Wan. Kelluer, Mr. J. 
Bvadv, Chn<. I'attcrsou, Curl Uowltt, «0jr 
l tlii*. BtL Moahive, Vr.-iuk .Meyer. Cbus. 
Mingle. Chei Nownuiii. The Biflft' will lie: 
Crank WiuMlwnrd & Uohl. Bingess, iimpriti- 
tors : Chan. I'miers'in, Uuslnfua inniuiRer : 
.'toe Siitnhcu. Inwitircr; Hobi, Burgess, stage 
director; Motile HurRcs*. numlc director; 
f'url Hewitt. Hiiuio mnnnger; Kd. Mnnlove, 

elcctrlcinn. and Boy Bice, properties 

Yvetie Culllwrt nuil Ohcvalter come In Con- 

voiillmi Hull ;'.0 Prynr'a Hand comes 

Nov, :: '. .S. W. llnckley, for many noa- 

nonfi doorkeener of ronvenlion Hal), Iuib ac- 
• vpted a Hlihlnlr position with the new Shu- 
tieri Tlieatrt-.; . . . .Mme. Gndskl gave n con- 
vert at New Cnslno, on tlie-nlgbt of Oct. 1:8, 

to B&od nitendance Mrs. LiW Pock- 

atader joinpd her busbnnd la this city. 

which Mr. Boyle \vn^ tlie stellar card, rirn'vpft 
n dig Miceess, nnd iliere Is talk of having 
him return to this city nnd appear for- the 

benoflt of ihc lOnglea roll's, under ilie 

judicious mnnncoment of K. B. Mitchell, In 
making a Me record In ihe circuit of the 
I'd! houses. lie hns secured for week or\ovf 
B, Mabel McKlnley, na a hendllnei, nnd from 
Indication*-; another big week is predicted. 
■i.....i. i ■« ■■ i. . - 

HorUortl.— .At furson's Theatre (II, .*,'.'. 
Pnrsons, nroprlotor nnd mnnnger V "Ma: 
Siillie." Cm. --, was finely preseniei: 
drew heavily. "Tlie flinger Brend 
pleased a large niifllrnce Si. . "Tilt 
Homestead," -'."»,-' was acceniuhle to ;i 
slied tJildtmce.'-ttTie.TiKWeiiTOlIn Orel 
21, wn« ihorougblv enjoyed oy a good nudi> 
once, rrli/.l HchefV, In "Mile. Modiste." Jiov. 
t ; Mme. Modjeaka. - 
"Mnehetb." . Nai 
tilii^j" t. 
..Itiniroito firi:n.\ lloisi; (II. II. .leanings, 
mnnnger).— Fair huMlness !■? reported for' the 
past week. "Why (ilrls Leave Homo" Oct. 
Lift 110, *■*! 0.000 Beward" 31, Ihe Itnv?. In 
•Down Hie. 1'ike" .Nov. 1; Ihivid Wartleld, 
In "The Music Masiei*," 8, 

INii.t'R UionU R. Kllhy, 
excellent bill tilled |,hc house ench evening 
[•nf.t week. Coming: l-idna Aug. Kvitrharat, 
thn Dufltn- lie deny Tmnpe, Bohhy North, t;i- 
rnrd and (lardnor, Dorsnh and RiimsoII, Law- 
rence nud Kiln, and 1»h nnd l>s. % 

bill : Mullen and CorcllI, Stanton and Mo- 
dena, Ifatnllton III11, the Mauri Delmore, 
Knmans . La 'fels, T-a lie! arid Crouch, and the 

IjVt->itiM i'F. .1. Gilbert, manager).— MH- 
thc aus- 
. d record 
.. _!onfesslons of 
.. Wife" old well 25-27. .tames J. Oorbett, 
fa "The nurclnr nnd ihe Lady," 20-JH. "ITie 
Cattle King'' Nov. 1-3. 

Jacobs' (Maurice Jacobs, mnnnger).— 
Washington Society Olrls wan the attraction 
ii f. tbif» house week nil Oet. i:2. Oood.nized 
liniM rirernllcd. Avenue ftlrls week of 20. 
Williams' Jdeal.4 week of Nov. 5. 

Pubis js (John* A. Mack, manager). — 
Business continues to Improve. Bill for 
week of Oct. 20: Throe ilesse Bros., Prank 
Porrest, Owpn.nnrl Dp Vernon, Harry Do 
Barr. Mile. . Wnlmvrigbt, and "the" comedy- 

Rlvefe"'2P-IH, '"nie Ninety and Nino" •' Nov, - 

T ri'r.Toc~(CIaude" Nolion.TmaniiBer).-^- Peo- 
ple for week of 20: Onr.dner, ■jWsU;nmt Siin- 
shlne, Dftlmo, theCotLons.'PntehIh MB C1IC- 
len; Imwiraied songs and moving. pictures. 

CfcffKJl.U); W. rtbge W . ronnnffer),— Peo- 
ple for Week of 20 ! ' Httttwn. and tb* Castle 
Coined v Co. *j *■■ . . -• . .-, ■■,_ 

No Tfta:— Wheeling Lodge. No. T»l, T. .JIL,- 
A,, held " their ' nntiunl meeting -21, and On- 
iabei with n >-jbcInrsewton. it WO* a *renr 
siicce.w, ohd wiis well attended by tbe the- 
ntrlrrtl ptofes'lOD. '.-... .Florence J. Murray, 
ihe leading htSy of the Miitray.Jt Mackey Co... 
who was phosen an honorary member o[ 
Wheeling Lodge, No. fil. T.M.A.. presented, 
ihe lodg" wlth'n hpaiUiful silver wntor *M 
for tholr lodge, room; ••.. ''■ -. . . -- 

"'. — . ■ ' ■ • « ' «» ' 
' MICHinAN.' 

ii.'troli .— Ac tho retr'olt Opera House 
(B..C. Whitney, ' mnnager) Tny Te'mpleton, 
in "Forty-live Minutes from Broadway,' en- 
tertain^ large nnd appreciative. -audiences 
week of Oct- 22. Anna 1 Held, in "The 
Parisian Model," weekof 20. • 

Lyceum (r: JO. Stair, mahnger).^ — "Bahei 
la Toylaod" plensfd crowded houses 21-27. 

LaPavettr (E» .Campbell, manager).— 
Paniel Hyan and comiMiny presented "Vlr- 
plnlus" to good houses 2|-27. On Fridav 
evening the company was seen In "Othello, 
to a pa.cir.pd house. The satne company, in 
"The Vajotbond King," week of 28. 

Vnnmr • (R. 'K Stair, manager).— 
Hnrry First, In "Old Isaacs of the. Bowery, 
did eanacltv husiness 21-27. "The Million- 
aire. f>eteetive" week of 28. 
• TF.MPt.Fi (J. IL Mnore, manager).— Attrac- 
tions for week of 20 : The Phays, Simon and 
Gardner. Toby Claude, Ned Nye nnd Girls, 
the Four Nightong-, Nessen, Hunter nnd Nes- 
wi», A^her anfl Patterson, James , Harrlgai 

nnd the klne.togr.inb . ■,,, ... - 

■ ivfJltli tHrew & CampbeUV managers).— 
Snto Pevere's Own Co. gore & good enter- 
tainment and drew well 21-27. Miss New 
York Jr. nnd fians-Nelfion fight pictures 28, 
and weok. ; fc ,' 

avety ( II. H. Hedges, manager) . — Rica 
& Barton's Rose Hill Folly Co. was received 
by large nnd enthmiautie :aufllence3 21-27. 
The attendance roatlnaM to Ipcrease, each 
week. The Night Owls week of 28. 

Cutstai. (J. J. Nnsb, manager).— At trac- 
tloas for- week of 2 n : Tie, Great Albini, 
Va'rno nnd Vnldare, Nellie Maguire, Byroa 
aqd Blanch. Anson Schirhnrt, nnd the kino 
droriie. I ■ . * ' 

i n '■• ' ■ 

Grand Hnnlili.— At the New Powers 
(Harry G. Sorpracrs & Co., roanngerfi) "Tbe> 
Vnnderbllt Cop," Oct. 25, 20, played to mod- 
erate lnmlness. Coming: Wm. H. Crane and 
Ellis Jeffreys 27, "Man and Superman" 2!l, 
The Squaw Man" Nov. «, Adelaide Thurs- 
ton 0. 

. MAJF.STin (Orrin Stair, manager). — "Tct- 
as,' r ..Oct. 21-24. plnyi'd to excclleot patrOD- 
ngo. as did "The Black politician," 25-27- 
eomlnc : "A Wife's Secret" 28-31, "The 
Ynrtke Consul" Nov. 1-R, Bavld Hlgglns 4-7. 

GiANr llorsn (('hurcidll & I>avl*. 
mnnager 1 .). — Vnodevllle attractions for week 
of 28 Include: Hiidlev, Choaiyn and Burns, 
Loa Durhyeile, Vox. and Do Ball. Guy John- 
son, Ma Hell andCnrhley, Marie fiolfroti and 
llnrTelou^ Hoods. 

The Scarlet Jlysterlea ytM . an »BngliBh \tscu\ 
piny of vocaJlst.vlaatrumentAlists and com- 
edians: .Thoy. arc jnatdhff a tbUr-of Canitda, 
New Zealand. Australia; and Sonth Africa, 
nrider the m"nTMgemefir^oT - -p!rrWard . Brans- 
ootiihe. ■.-■■•' ■" ■.■ ■- 
■ ". i- 'p i. • i in! i a ." . ■?' . '■■■'.. ' -;* *■ 

Xottdon^Atffie"Orajtia""(7riL Stewart) 

manager). ■ "The pine Modri," OctJi 24, had 
n/lnrgo-iioii8e;-rtnd,,»aa i 1 thoronBbly enloyeii 
The piny H well ' sinned mm henutlffllly \alA- 
tilmeu. Ida- ftoWnN u ".member of -the rn)m- 
pany, nnd a'Toronto gfrl. Is weir known, irf 
ihH city, and. her friend-* gnve her n good 
^ecptlon. The White "Stock Co.'20. 27:' 

iBcuNBTT's tf!eo.; V. DrlscoH.-. manager).— 
Rusinesr Increnjwd 'consfrternbly 1 week of 22, 
owing to- the. excellent bin. .Week' of 'Oct. 
01): -Tthodcs and :0nrtrr.' Musical SpHlers, 
J'Jlly Seville, Murray n«d Lane.'Car] '.Herhcrr, 
Happy Jnekrr.y|e,;nnd Illlland'SIIvafny. 

. >' ■ ' » , •■ ■ '__ ^^ 

" '-'■ StfcftHjOjTA.' 

Battle Crook, — At tho 1 1'orft Tlientre 
IE. ft. Smith, manager) "A Man's Broken 
lToratse" came Oci. 2M. "Tho Other Woman" 
23, "A Jolly Amorlcnn Tramp" 24, "Our 
N'ew Minister" JIO, "Man nn<l Sunermaa" 
Nov. 1, X>avld Hlgglns. in -'nk La« Onllav," 
n : Howe's moving pictures' 3, 4; "Wo Are 
King" (J. 

Biioi: . (\V. S. Rnllerflnld, . manager). — 
Hill for week of 22: lfevlne and Kelley.-Le 
I'ompt (ihe fire klngl. M. 4^ Bijrrett, "lyler 
nnd Janies. the Musical Beedc.'.and moving 
ptfrttm*, ■;■-■* 

" « i > 

FilEmlietflt At the Lyceum iT.lrny A 

Hrnke. managers) "The Oypay Girl," Oct. 
22. -2". • drew fair Imslness. "The Shadow 

7 , Behind tho Tlirono," 25 27, had large re- 
in -Mrtiy Stunrl-iiiHd, mrns. "The Mnety, nnd Nine" *B»-3T, "A 
lioodwln... In • Woman of l''lre" Xov. 1, "At Cripple rivek" 
2. 3, "A filr! of the. Sunny Hnntb" 5-7. 
i -Jjc-obs'. — '• 'U'ay Itown i^iisl." Oct. 27, 
Trncudeio Unrlescinors 20. 
i Note— Leon \V. w.nnhburn wan innri'led 20. 
by .liJNtlee Kelly, to Ada Croix, who claimed 
Xovfi Scoiln nn lief hlrth plnce. The gi'oo'm 
raid he was flftv-ilvo years of age, bad been 
manager).— An marrli'd.„roiir. times Before, and lived in 

■"- Bound Bionl;. ■ Ttie bride declared thai, flho 
had hneu nt the mntrlmonlal altar three 
tltne? before. Mr. Washburn has purchased 
hri eritaie !«' the N'ew Jersey town and will 
haiim* <h!.4 ponies nnd other paraphernalia of 
his "V. T, .IV* f*o. the coining HeaHon, If ho 
doos'.ii6t go imdfr tents again for the spin* 
mcr^enfoa .with a pony uhow. Mr. Wash- 
ivtim ibtes not show his age., and has. been 
ioio of (lie, aucci'sml'iit'sliow men of 'the paRt. 
nro iVnidrs ■ ■ • ■ ; 

Vow l.omloii. — At (lie -Lyceum Theatre 
(Irn W. Jackson, mnnnger) Hanlnl Sully, In 
"The Match Maker." played lo a good hn.ntw 
Oct. 22. 1'auln RdffnrdeM, (n "Princess Beg- 
gar," 2.1. Hoi: Kflrroll Co., In repertory, 
week of 2H. - 

N'iitk. — At Ihe Armory, tlib> week, the lo- lodge of Kikft Is linvlng a ciii'iilval and 
unite it little carloty nhow, which Includes 
the Ladlen' Orchestra from Borioh. 




I.OMclI.^Ar the Iiowcll Opera IlcATbV \\f2P. TJv 
:Cnhn & Orant, mauagi^ral last week, exeetit- ■ 
liig'Oi-i. 2d. the I-'enberg Stock Co. plnyed to 
inpiiuHv. The. coinpan.v is always -n hjj 
1'iivorlii; lnTc. ;imi all did work. Helen 
Biirton Joined the company here as lending 
lady, iiml wen InimedJnte fnvor. ..MMter 
Muihew Iliinlon ioliii'd here, The lihreo 
KentoiiH 'deserved rhft numerniw encores *i bey 
received. '•JVlURliterM-of Men" was presented 
mi by an aide compltny, including: Orrln 
■MlDMn, llcibiTl. Koleey, Itarolhy I'wptioiiy 
and Kllle Shnnnon, lo n dellghled iiinitence, 
lUie: *ians-Nol-ion plelurcs 2». Jhinlel Sully 
::i), 31. "The Kindcnt King" Nov. I. "Lnder 
Sonllierii Skies" 2. It. 

ACADfiMC iKirii.iui P. Murphy, mnni 
■— The Severla Be Beyn Stock Co. coailnnes 
to please.- Matinees are to he given every 
dav excepting Monday, to iiccojuuiodnXe the 
lucrensltm nntinniige, -Tbe Uara," lainl 
week, lecf the usual apprnvnl. This .-week, 
"ItOKednle." with Mnlielle Kstelle Intf "tho. 
lending Wile. % * " 

1Iatii,\ w.%v's - (.Inhu I. Shannon, I'c.sldcnt 
niniuiLMM), -Keno, Walsli and Mvh'ose, Jtiihes 
F. McDmrnltl, » Lowell hoy ; White and Him- 
Won*, Wnlliice II. Truemoii ami 'The Slinny 
Houtb" wine big lilN Ins) we«'k, to ciliiiiclty. 
Current: Sn Horn. Ilmiy Ouhoii t'lm-kc jnd 
nnupany. 1'mninns, Umerson and ljnfitaqA9» L 
the l'onlzer Trio, Krmlnl, Kennedy unci Wtl- 
kins and il.c vltagrapb. 

Kortun \J. 11. 'I'chheii^, mamiger.. — The 
tdll hifil week suited nil tnstcs. The ama- 
teur Ntock company made n big lilt lu "Ten 
Night* In n Bar Room." nud for the cufreat 

week will offer "ArrtiMi the I'aeltlc. Che 

fnimtry Store" Is jmpulnr ns ever. • BiisJ- 
iicss to eapiu-iiy. Current: T'odlseu-Rnrnhiy 
Trio, Mark ami Laura Davis, the Pnytons, 
Frank Kenney, Master Flaherty nnd Ihe bio- 

Assori.VTj:H*t.i,.— TlieBenseso n' tbe Barns 
Hand delighted two large audiences -%« u*. f 
Ousey, TBrflc I ■ 

Jersey oily. — Sat Wills, iu. "A Lucky 
nog," closed u capacity week nt the Acad- 
emy, Oct. '27. (farr'a Thoroughbreds had 

. uiiii'f Mug in iliiji .-in.' also at tin; Bon Ton. 
■DMi nttructlon wah a good -one. 

■ Ac".uu:.«v (Frank ,F3. Henderson, maua- 
fcerL— "From Trauip.lo Millionaire" week 
"Sf*. Thus. V,. Sbcn wwk to follow. .» 

. BfCC Ton iT. W. IHnklus, uiauager). — 
Week of yfl, Washington Sm-letv Olrls. A\'e- 
nuo t*!(rlj* lo follow,- 

^m>;a. — Keltli $r. Froctor's new theatre U 
pchcfliilcd to open Nov. 3. ..;.. .Work ,1s 
nroarcfwliic. nt a rapid pace for tho new 
Mnlcjiilc. . . , . .Henry V. Wagner, 'l'nvaierjy 
Under at the Aondemy; aud now. connected 
Willi the Arls f.'luh Orchestra, will give the 
first concert ot ihat club, at the People's 
Falflff. :Nov. -7. The l^jtiis Male Qnnriette. 
from Newiirlc,. N. J., will assist. 

Noti:, — Fiiiniyland, Oeo. W 

ager, nneneil Its doorn last week, and'has 
»ipen tilled to nverllowlnjj. Thn deenratloua 
and lighting etTecis are (Ine. The attrac- 
tions In live slot machines nfo chanced weekly. 

Jlobuken.-— At the Lyric, (II. I 1 . Mi.ii . i r, 

-tunnnLirer) -huslneos Is imlfarniiv pnod. Tho 
nttraetion -for Oct.. 2S-II1, "Cuhter's 'Iiiflt 
flglit:" Xov. 1. 2, mast* incetiagii: ;t "Bo- 
manor of t'oon Ifollow:" -1-7. Barney fitl- 

RMfittlV (A, M. Bi'ugccmann. proprietor). 
---Fltie br.sluesa cmitinues wIMiiut any 
chnage. I'"er week of Oct. 20: Cliff Gordon, 
Hoyiil Flush Family. Wlllard isiuiluh and 
i-n'mp^nv. Klhel Mirl)onoui»h, fonnorlv with 
the llnston Fadetles, a drummer of much 
mnrit: Soltilnl nnd Grovlnl, nnd John and 
Berllui ICIeh. 

— i i i ■ • i 

. At Ian lie City. — At the tjnvoy (Fred F. 
Moore, niiinagerl IMward FTarrlgon, In "Old 
I jrt vernier," ' did well Oet. 23, 24, an did 
"The Harvard filrlsV' 2.1-27. Kyrle Beliew 
2tt. "Bed Kontlur'* 31 Mildred and Itou- 
clere Nov. 2. JI. '•The College Widow*' 8. 
VOltNCl'H P1W TlIKATltll |\V. B. Sbac!(el- 

fonl. manager i — Kxccllent business. Bill for 
week of 2h: tidgar Foreman and eorniiaty, 
Baloche Seymour and company, IJio Do 
MulliM. Aiin Yidii. Mnrr and Kvmiis. Ilrown 
UN Be Loris, Manny Bernard, and bineto- 
gtiipli. ,' 

-i < ■» '-> 


W'UccHiitt. — Ai the Court Theatre (E. 
It. Frniizholm, manager) "'Way Down 
Kast." Oct. 211. had good roturna, followed 
liv Fllery's Bund 21. "Captain Careless." 
Jfr, did well. Fnul Ollmnre 2D, Crano and 
Jeffries 31, "The Mummy and the FTuramlna- 
blnl" Nov. 2, "The Berlemptton. of David 
Corson" rt. 

fln\Ni> Orr.HA Hon3B-(Cl»as. A. Felnler, 
The act rtiado a decided hit w|tfa rU^WHtl* .mnhflger). — The Miirrny-Macbny. .Co.. In 
."more audiences. , • > • 'repertoire, Oct. 2i-2i, bad capacity. "Lena 

THE tnwiN'-Lt-'Efiriircit Am. Star Sketch. 
1'iAVV.ns. of Alhnneh's Theatre, Baltimore, 
put on week of 22. 1.'hnrlos W. Tiiruor'n popu- 
Inr one-net comedv, entitled "Who's Safe?" 


Mon.trenL_Atiris ,Majw'l,v*-K . -fH.. Q. 
Brooks, mnnnger) Nance 'O'Neill scored a 
big hit.'. In. "Tbe Soreeress," week. of Oct. 32. 
"Jjist Oat of College" 20, "I^lnepss Beggar" 
Nov. 3. ». - ;,..'- 

. ArA|>RM'i\0E Mti.srr .( Walter. Orenves, man- 
a gar I. —-Billy Van, In 'Palsy la Politics," M'ct 
crowded bonMn Oct. 22r27. : ''The «lrl and 
(he Oamblor" 2ft, "Fainilng the Town" fol- 

-KkASCAiH (F. W. I*c OJnlr. manager). — 
"The Man of Her Ohoh-6'' drew fair attend- 
nnce hipt. week. ''Nettle, the NeWssirl," 2I>- 
Nov. 3 : "The Foil r Camera or the Knrth" 


ItoyAr, (1L : C. Egorlnn. manuger).-r-Ooo<i 
houses arreted (lie 1'nrlsinn Belies Oct*." ^2- 
L*?. The' Bnlrlmnrn BcHiiiies^O-Nav. ii, tbe 
Star SIiow Olrla B-Jfl." ■ ■ 

Nationai, i''«AsrAiN i Paul fiiKcneuve, 
manageri. — .Thn pernmncat. French- stock 
compuny, -In .''ha BlulatpeaseV* had fair ut- 
icndHnci last week. Npxr week,' "Ijn Tesea." 

IIes N'oi-vf..\i;tf:s (Jt- Buveux, manager). 
—The permanent French stuck eorapanv, In 
•'Lea Trols Anab.iplt.tca.'* drew fair hon«es 
22-27.!,. "L'llonticur" next .week. 
■ ■ i ■■ 

Tornnto.— At the Princess' (O. B. Rhep- 
l)Qrd,7nanftger)' E.;a. Wlllard and company 
drew big husmees Oct. 22-27, . Robert B. 

.Mnotoll 20 Nov $. . j 

' GrXnd (A. J. Small, maniigcr).— Eugefile ' 
Bjair, In "The Woman in the.ifnse,"bnd good 
huslnesa Oct. U2-27. BUIy Van, In "PoIlticB." 
week of 20. .... 

• Minamc (A. J. Small, manager).— "The 
Cowboy Glri" hnd good business 22-27, "The 
FnUr Corue.ra.oC tUeKartb" Ji eurrerrt. 

..Sura's LL Mhca, manager). — Big Inmlnesa 
ruled last week. Card for week, of 2t> in- 
diirtes: Fro** Wal.on, Bloom nnd Cooper, 
1'Oiir JIarveys, Julian Rose, Clifford and 
Burke, the lloldsrworths, Contnrc mid Oil- 
lettc, mid tbe lilncrograph. i - , * - 

Staii (F. \V. BUfr. manager).-— The Innb- 
cpnl ifjiidrf did a bin hnalnenf' 222-7.- Tha 
I'nrtsiau Belles 20 and week.: .; .' 

Masscy Misic Ham, '.Stewart Huston, 
mnnnger),— Waller Damrosch and his famous 
orehoarrn ahow a large advance Mia for 25. . 

H ■ ' - i ' ■ ' *• 

AViiintp.H. — At , tbe Autlltorluni (C; V. 
Wnlker, mimucei-j Maud Fenlv, in "The Ilia- 
wlon of Bent rice," drew big hoiisen Oct. 22, 
2H, giving a splendid, production. The nd- 
VAWa sale for 24 is large,' Jas. O'Neill 25- 
27. in "Monte Crlsto" and "The Voice of the 

WivKit'BO (W. B. Lnurenre, roahnger). — 
Business week of iH was large. "The 
Charity Ball" 22-27, 

Bominion (n. Douglas, maooger). — The S. 
11. O. stgu was nut, at*, usual, week of IB. 
Following for week of 22 : Howard and Bland, 
Carter and Bluford, W. J. MeDeraott. Oill- 
iiore-iind Carroll, the Gardinor Children, tho 
Anhtons and klnodrome. 

Buou (Nash & Burrows/ proprietors).— 
(load crowda ruled week of l£ Tbe follow* 
lug. for week of 22 :' Kurtla and Busse with 
their dogs. Little Buoch, TtilBa, Fto Hugh 
nnd Bessie Lee, Renfrew and janscn, Neola 
nnd moving pictures, ■ j - 

■ Fsiqpr {NaBh & Burrows, prnprlotors), — 
The U4uat good iiimlnoBa, with Illustrated 
songs and moving pictures. 

. '■ ■ . ■ | ■ ! ' ■ ■ -, , 

St. Jniin.— .\t tho Opera House (A. O, 
Skinner, manager) the Kllla Stoek Co. pre- 
sentetl "Bown nn the Farm," Oct. 22-24, to 
fair business, "in American Cltlaea" 25-27. 
"Zlrn" 211-31, ■ 

T«K TheatbH (It. J. Armstrong. mftDn- 
«er).— Tho Scarlet Mysteries Co: 2f-27, Pol- 
lard Tuvcnllo Opera Co. (rptarn date) 20- 

* Norxs.-^Dr. B. C. Elllff. of the Dills Stock 
Co., Itx In New York on a'btislnp?3 trip. . .. ;\ 

• St. Panl. — At the Metrrjpolltnn Opera 

House (L.N. PcoU; manager) Alberta Oal- 
latln, la "Dorothy Vernon, of H&ddo'n nail." 
had fair to' good hnslrie<s Oct. 21-24. "The 
Free Lance", had very good husiness 25-27. 
Marine Elliott, In' "Her Great Match," 28- 
Rj;'-"The ^WfifiM of Oz" . Nov. 1-3. "The 
Vanderbllt Cup" 4-7. Pigby.^Bell, In "The 
Education of Mr. Flpp," 8-10:-: 

Oeahd (Theo. L. Hays, rtiarwger). — "Re- 
hind the Mnsk" had fair _biislness week of 
Ocf. 21. Rosa Melville, as m* Hopkins, week 
of -2ft, and "Secret Service Sam" next week. 
. Njtw Onpminit .(JnWa P. Btstes, resident 
manager^.— The initial performance was given 
at this theatre evening of 'Oct.- 20, promptlr 
on schedule time, and the bill went through 
without n hitch. The house was pae&pii 
from pit to dome, notwithstanding the ver? 
inclement weather, and hundreds were turned 
away. t'Apaclty business has' been the rule 
nt«*Ach- evening'* performance- ever since 
Tbe galleries ate" closed at matinee per- 
formances/which am ■ given ''r? afternoon 
at two o'clock. The T*He^s* evenings are ifi 
25 and 50 cents.' and at mathWs 25' cents 
The opening bill was presented by Margaret 
WreherJy and company, -Ons Edward*' 
School Boys and -Girls, Albert Bellman, 
Lottie Moore, the Snlvhggl Troupe of five 
performers, MViyme rtemiiigtonand compans 
Ida.OTiay, Disort- -Brothers,. 'and the klno- 
drome, Martin Beck, general manager, wa3 
on the- ground to witness i be opening, per- 
formance. . The hens* starts out under the 
most favorable auspices, an,d big .business 
can confidently be predicted.- • 

Stab (J. C Van Rno, manager). — Biusi- 
nes.s waa big. week of 21, with the Hlch 
rtcbool Girls. 'W.eek nt 2S, the Tiger uiln ■ 
Carophell's NIshtlnealcs ncjt week. 

OftPifBUM (Charles Frerck, mnnager) 

New people for week of .20: Ne.ola, the -jug- 
gler.;. Vivian Barrett, . Sloan and Carter 
Alice Stoddnrd. Those who will hold over - 
Grace Nelson, Chas. Fnunee, Mildred Bar-. 
rott, Grace- Matthews, Jeannette Fauare, " 
Harvey Hines, ■ Kmlly Forrester, concluding 
with the musical burlettn, "The Girl In 

Ei'tpjRE (Sflm Fink, manager). — Business 
held gond week of 22. 

Windsor Sovr.utx. (Smith B. Ball, mana- 
ger).— Business was very heavy week of 22. 

MEWTtoH:— Wnilnm 7. .Wells and Nellie 
Bndwonh, known lo tho vaudeville profes- 
r.lon as Budworth nnd Wells, a clever Hiar- 
acier sketch team, who moke this city their 
home, will start their Fall and Winter work 
Nov. lt>. . They ore booked for twenty-two 
weeks ahead In the family vnodwllle nonSM 
of the .Middle West. 

- ' ." '.. ' * " t; - ' ■ '' ■ • ; • - "••• ■ - 

Minneapolis.— At the Metropolitan Opera 
House (I,. N, -Scoit, manager) "Tho Whard 
of Ox" Oct. 28-ai, Maxlne Elliott Nov. 1-X 
Joseph Cnwllinrne. in "The - Free lance," 
Oct. 21-2-t, and Alberta Caliatin, in "Oorn-. 
thy Vernon, of ■ Hoddnn HalU" 20-27. had 
good business. "The Education of Mr. Flop"- 
Sow 4-7, "Tlie .Vandeihllt Cup" S-10. 
.iJurui. (Tbcodorfl- U. Hays/ -manager).— 
''Behind Hie Maal;"- 28 and. week. 'Tounr. 
BnfTAlo, King of ibe Wild West," had large 
audiences .21 and week. '-Sia^aopklnfi" toxt. 
-. OsniRVM (Martin Bark-,, tfeheral raflna 
gar)- — BUI for -:-R nnd weak: .Margniei 
Wcherly naA company,' *|S ".In Self De- 
fense,' Miss Wyeheriy playing six of tbe 
nine cliarnclers'; "Motoring," by Harry 
Tate's EaglUh- CAluedlaas; Helena Fred- 
erh:k,. Flvo - Sfllvaggis,' Brothers JCoeblv, 
Katn Brofi., and l-'erry, -a "F«rrvlnnd." Floe 
husiness 21 and week. . 

.Iaokitm (I, c. Spect's, manager). — "North- 
ern Lights" SIT and weak. "The Crisis" 
had good notifies 21 and'week. "Bine. Jenrts" 
underline*!.-. *•-?-. - 1 • : 

. SftffWfi (Mil FIlloll. manager). — BUI 
for. 20 rind week: The Urent Marlynne, Wil- 
fan) Wlndoro, KlmbaiJ Brothers, Mills nad 
Beoeher, Bert Colo and [rrue Little. BusI 
uesa; was 'good iaat. week. 

WGWRif (W/ A. Singer,- manager).— The 
)nnl;ee Bowllo Clris ^S- and week. Tbe 
Kentucky Belles .wnj'e- well i*cclvc,l 21-27. 
The TUph ftc.liool (ilrls. next -week. 
... <i » 


Wccninr.— At..tbc,Lyeauni'.TIieftlre (TIiop, 
2".k Lllilejohn, manager). -Toresa U'allen. 
Wie child: pianist of Now ■ Decatur. Ah.. Oct. 
-rprr.rrrrr) ro-Atiiih'nc-Cijy" .ii, -fhe Little 
IJutheai". 1 Noiv.«.."yiun!gnn , ».iiall" 7;- ' 

l>,l'iTl.K.roji,v - i'Ailii: (Thoianti' Folk I.Ittre- 
.iotju, manager). — Kohinsoii'SiAinusemom Co. 
came to line businessweek.otOct. ,22. The 
electrical <ountnJp,ar!racribn,.xJllb .this com 
pany Is Hie bosi^ot. .All 'the showf; arc good, 
and worth the- .money. **^ca»iv 

. . t* 1 a ." ' ■ *; ' ■ ■ 

MolMle.— At the, Mobllo-iThcntrc' (J. Tan- 
ueiiiraum A ,L Welln, managersi . 'Thorort 
una. Orange BIobwius" camo Oc|. iu, malinee 
and high!, to. fair returns. ; "The Sultan of 
Siiiu'.^ain- IB, (o gfiml Ituslneii;; Florence 
Davis, In "The.riPyer Mnl*L" apnenred, ipatl- 
neo .and nlghi, 2:|. i^mlng: "Flnnlgn^ 
Ball' 2d. Helen Byron. In "ftergeani. Kliiy." 
27:; '"khe Bin , Fr.isy" ; 2u, "The LBtle- 
Diichws" M, "Duma u. Hearts" Xov. 2, B. 

'lfVjiic ((Jnston Neubrilc. mauageri. — TuJ* 
Iiouflo threw ooen Bk doors Moodav night. 
Oct: . 22, in capacity. ' TWly two thousand 
could not ho ai'comniodntftrt, and the openlnK 
waa a gain event. .Manyispeeclieswere made 
nnd the Lyric (.tarts under: meht: favorable 
.•ulHpJe.cs.' The'followlng is'the hill for this 
week: CnUaRhau and'-St:. Ceorge. Fhylls -V" 
lcin, -Al, J^eonhnriH. Carlisle's dogs and ponlc.6. 
tlardner and Itever*, . the Bacons. Mr. nod 
an. William Rohyus qnd tbe ktuoilrome, The 
b\U for week Of 29 : Kight, Bedouin Ai'nhs. 
SMelds nod RogeM, Charles R. ■ Ward -and 
otliers.' ' . . . 

Notji. — Thri "'following la tJio force ofthe 
Lyric: Bnsluesu mopager, Raatoa Neuhrllc 
assistant husiness mauaccr;. Sitfney P. Levy: 
orchestra leoder. Daniel H.' 1J(-a«o : general 
ptnge director; Wlllloni Vnugtian: electrical 
engineer. If. A. Cotton: cblef ushers. Oeo. 0. 
Leldy and J. 9. Weiss: chief door keeper. 
W. W. Mlcbae], assistants, F.JSenhrlk nnd 
Lindney Fry; advertising department, I.d- 
word -ftroglej-.' 

- I ■ ■, ' M H +.^ ftH . , 1 ■ ii 

flelmn.-r-At.t1io Aeadfimv of Music (Lone 
<k Keen, managers) Jewel Kelly Co., Oct.- In 
20, came to good htiriincw. ' "The MIMioDQlrr 
Tramp". 1ft. Doneltv & Hatfield's Mlnstreh;. 
22. had ft foil hotisn. ■ Coming : "Just Struck 
Town" 24. "Hrimnn Hearts' 1 2(i, "it Hap; 
pened In Nordlaiid" . ;i J ,- ■■ Finn lean's ■ Ball 
Nov. U Otis Skinner. 2...... The Central 

Alabama- Fair will -throw open the'-mitM- 
Monday, Oct. 2t», and pmmjtta tc< ho- the 
largest and be^t ever held here. The Parker 
Amusement Co. will hold the Midways; ana 
promises a leader for the fair. 



•<;>■■• t 

^£>mk *3e;tppeb> 

ARE Y 00 USING "™~ 



lt'» Juu * qhfttlon 
T10\, bnt one Chat 
mid I* onvliKt-r), 

of YES or NO, 

mf»ni a 


»• ■■ '• » ne»p wUrpmoon. Junk, and q, unlit y ortly rnM» a trill* innrr. TIUVK IT ilVflR., P 


IT'R UK ilJ*1 l'l' Tl» 

,YOt>.; Mend i«r *ur Hit 

jB^TRi^AtT iiAratt»g. toursi £gi2£g: 

m . High frad* pletnrc mnrhlnef, «pppli>i, m»«a*inrF, rhenitnti >n.i ■crcstorles of all kind*, 

;New Detiktnr.— At -the Priync Theatre 

(I).. M. Harrison, manager* Ilort'a BIr 
Comply Co.; at i popular prices, Oct.' lfi-pn, 
jjacktd the non'ae, and pleased, Specialties 
were, ail- good. Baby Irene Spooner, nged 
six, delighted the audiences nlghtlv In ber 
songs and dnnces. She. also played nerval 
r-htld purls Id tno ploys, and did unusually 
welt.. She Is a most remarkable child for 
her- ago. The . ivnmhl-ojpaene Co. was 
billed' for 2'J-JT, Inn failed to appear, on 
account of their bnggnge • having Ven sent 
to the wrong place. 

o -r . «'» 

OPT «fc O0 M *?n OlarH St., Ohiea«o # KUL 



Honiton.-— The Houston Theatre (M. Cl 
Michaels, mrfnngtT) the Dandy DItie Min- 
strels, Oct. 19, -0, had three fair honsos. 
Gilbert and CbetfifUor, 22, '•arae to Advanced ad mission. "Poxy Grandpa-," ilS, had 
two fair houses,, the nndlenee being composed 
mainly of children, who were delighted with 
Oraudpn. I "Porty-ilve Minuter from Broad - 
c-av." 2i,' hnd twohlj; houses. Vloletta 2ft, 
Murray hnd Mack 1M, "it^t In S*fr York" 
27. ' 

MA.Tr.strc THRvrnr. (Prank Sturgls, mnna- 
gerl.J— Tlie capacity of the house has been 
fnsiiflWent. to accommodate the> Immense 
crowds abiee tho : opening, though two per- 
fonfian'dos ore given dally, people are being 
turned away-; for want of standing room. 
Vaudeville, though received In a lukewarm 
manner at first, nan warmed the pntronfl In 
a frenzy of enthusiasm, on<| tickets are 
bought now weeks ahead to get Rents. Pro- 
gramme, 22-27, was well received, and was 
composed of the following people, the pro- 
grnraiae opening with ''Pais; l-cw Welts, 
monologiilst. : Vfolot.te and Old, mind read- 
ing; De Coo, sllence-and fna: )..e Ule.l, BoJIe. 
tj'jrdoh, Howard Morris and the mojosro- 
granb. ' " ' ' - 

Texas AvENrn Tiicatfe, with moving pic- 
tures continues to draw big houses. 

Bjngmno Brothers' Crnci-n has billed 
the town, thoroughly for Nov. ft". 
—■■■■■■ 9 ; . . i 

An •tin— At the Hancock Opera House 
{George Walker, mnnager) '"wonderland" 
playen to good house Oct. 35. "The County 
Chairman'' .din' good hiislness IS. Joseph 

Hnfiut — At the Grand i P. 0. PhJ|Np«!, 
man«ger r -The Mtrle l>iK.he..*- <>rew a- Inre^ 
te". ^* 1S J ^V* ''^^ n - r « "Her Own 
S r , n f»„ n,Pa9Ml ' mmlnee nnd nlghr, 2. 1 !. -The 
■ '.ru P r ft .VT Pi "Rnbkors and B^oke^'! , • M, 
Th« Utile Joker" 27, -Tho Cfltitrty Chnlr- 
Tll'-.Vf'' " " Mr7 - ^''^.-Thnr's 

N'orr^nftmiim ft-Bnlloy'" Clwtw exhibit- 
ed to lar^e <;rOwdsi2. 


-- -At the Ynldnsto Theatre (W. 
\'r fS"i niannger) "FlttnUan** Ball." Oct. 
10. had fair return?. -Her Own Wnv," JO, 
plenapa a pood honor. Ftorcnep Davis; , In 
^Tho pJnyer Mnld," :il ; "A Boynl Prisoner" 
Nov. 8, "The One Wnmnn" X«. 

Motes.— Pawnee Bllfs Wild West Octi 20. 
. . Biirnnm k. Itnltey Clreu? Nov. K 

■ ' .• , ■ ... ■- .. ...! ■*• 
Anicustn.— At the Opera' Bouae <Km.E. 
sehweifert. mann*er) the following aitrne- 
(Icms havn nppe.tied this week: Arthur ijunn, 
In "The Little .k.her." lo big hoiifie. nfghr of 
Oct, 22: "It Happened In Nonliand." mnrirjec 
nnd night, '>U. to Ah" nt(.ejidanire : -'Ifer Own 
Way," matinee nnd night of '24, in fair busi- 
ness. "Zazn" *omes, matinee riDd night, 2»I: 
"Dorothy Vernon, of Haddon. Htlfi," 2:>: 
i'orke and Adams, In '•Bankern nnd Brokers," 
31 ; Mny Irwin, in "Mrs. Wilson,. Thar* AH." 

Nov. 1 Pete Piros. Circus had their t^nts 

full twW,"'_'2, find gavogood sarhfnciion. 

.. . »» .». . ■ ' 


and William \V. .Tefferwn, In "Plnylne the to mn nnv neiimin 

Game." ■ 19 ; "Hnppy Hooligan" 22, Yvctte gSSSS Mavme 

Gullbert and Albert Chovalier 24, Al. H. ] nL ^ P oTlvelA 'fSS 

WIlMh 27, "A Boynl Traran" SO. "The Bnl- dr ome Tmrap' 
iu-n oi Zulu" Noy. i, "Violet. -, - 
Minstrels fi. 
RiNot.iNn Raon.' CiRcrn comes Not. 2. 

Gainesville. — At the. Opera House (Paul 
Gallirt, manager) A I. If. Wilson, In "Met* In 
the Alpa," Oct. 10, drew a lor^e and appre- 
ciative audience. Hnveriy's Minstrels drew 
a fair house 17. "The Sweetest Girl In Plile" 
IS- Black Patti Troubadours hnd a. top heavy 
house Ifl. "My Wife's Family" pleased n. 
lair audience 20. "The Hoosler Girl" 22, 
■The WIznrd of Wall Street" S3. Kersnnd*!' 
Mln?trels 21. .\'eJl BurRess. In "'Phe County 
Kalr." 2fi ; "Happy Hooltgnn" 27, '.'Papri's 
Boy" 20, Maelyn Arhueltle, In "The County 
Chairman," 30. 

' . ' <*» 

Omalm.— At Itoyd'^ Theafro (W. ,T. Bur- 
fioss, manager) -'The I'mph-n" openwin three 
r.Ights" ensaKemeot Oct 2S. "The Man on 
tbe Box" comeg 31, xov. ], "The Man from 
Kow" 2, 3, Tim Murphy 4-6. "The Wizard 
of Ok" did fair tv.inlness Oct. 21-211. "Coming 
Thro' the Rye" had good bmtaefl 2r.-27." ' ' 

Bt'Rwctnn (W. J. Bnrgns, maDRger).-^- 
The Wofiriwnrd Stwk Co. -conllnucs -to ' fflftf 
to capacity each pprformance. "Mr. Smooth 1 ' 
was Uie Mil Inst w#efc 'Alice of old Vln- 
cennes" Sfl nnd week, : 

ORDiri'U (Martin Beck, general ■ mana- 
ger). — The bill last week drew- large ! aud!- 
■ ■■" Work of r>.\ 28: Roeo Ooghlnn and 
and Moure, Smith and 
Remington, Arthur Dcm- 
, Mary Xormoo, nnd kjno- 

Krco ("Dor" Bree<l,.^lflnBger).~' , Human 
Hearts" 2P. Sfc "Yoting Buffalo. King of the 
Wild West," .10,;;i ; "The Arrlv»l of Kitty" 
.Nov. l-;t. ''AieKadden'ri Finis" Oct. 23, 24, 
William* and Wnlker 2.V27. ■ ■ 

AtiniTO.uii.iM (J. M. OHlnn. manager). — 
Miller Tirof..' 101 RatKh Witil West open* a 
week's engagement .10. The third annual 
hor'e <=hov.' drew laTH crowds last week, 
» . «♦ . — -rrr 

W AVTHi), onracemeni hr good eleVftf joung 
lady. f*iogs and dsn-'er.. ?«omr finiek, study. 
Very neat in dreg* an<r appearand*. Goort :tq> 
llnhle-drumaflr mgrji. Baniinjr clever tarty. Can 
*ntl<ftftni1lle.ktf to join Chicago, tfffrt. MdAim* 
V era llolmea, 12 Wo. Centre Ave.. Chicago. ■ 

frO iKXTS for a Rook of lo Sketches, fi Art, 
for) Male.l Feionlejf.Acti for l*Mhlea. Money 
order nr J cent stampa. Adrife^s 

. . HC1DMBP lil.INfi. Plavwrlglil. 

_ _ . J4_^J^ JAy St.. Sow-Vork City. 

FOR RAliK- An etcepttODftf Ote t : .Vcl Helo- 
dnmA, entttled "ilONKV iRTHKrtnOTOPHVIL" 
Sketches and plays written to ofder.' Art.irnaa 
nRt{\ T AP.i>.Kr.rsi:,.piayw right. 

3d: -loy St. . Jirobkjfn, N. v. 

FOR.l'lALV-^-Somrraault OoCT,ln»n>e RMBM 
Dovns,' ututiiing IJnltery. Win f.n:han«e 1m 
Films, Magic. Uarlneitea, Wanted, Small Trl''k 
Potflei. PROP. IIARRV SMITH, ftrat/, Pi. . 

WAMIEO^M, l>. Hint can (mmhc in'S. 
Dtkota. Strong owM worker, »od yon. rnual 
he goad at that, ns that Is all yon dn here. Good 
opportunity ro right, party. Be<>i nesaonln hl.*tpri 
of the Strntc IfyMtnanM mik^- n r^ood thioit ot 
It'for hotn parties, don'i' write, mw is no client. 
<"how. Salary on percentage.'.: 

I/lt; KOSTlCi.1,0, M«r. Kaat Indian Med. Co. 

' , . ■; i .RooktiAm. R. BakotA. 

WAViKO- pevrrni all 'round l'orformersioi 
Br* 0. o. spangler's Show, tils own private ear* 
For Hale, Tews, Wsgumi Performing Hordes, 
Pand .HarncAw, all new, Hand Sulta; alio -t Vr.i- 
rormJOgPoga- Write particulars. Coraberland, Md 

DATKS, 0n ; ' mtinth $1.M, 140 lon-fhtfi-i, oi 

env. I'ic., poi>r»eft 8c., MA* aoc, ifltha noe., ate, 
aamples 4 e. cO tipiBrt no , Morrlce, Rich. 

LADY MlVtmAEI at llhertv' ttonhM IlMt. 
and Tut-a. Oare of BRTTS *"P0WI.RR, Room 
an.lir.iBroadwav.S*. Y. 

liOUUvllle. — At Macanley's. Theatre (John 
T. Macau icy, manager) Lawrence H'Orsay 
came Oct. 22-24, presenting "The Binmanr 
Ball," to good houses '-The Prince of Pil- 
sen," 2B-27, plnved to exceiiont huslnesH. Mc- 
Intyre and Heath, In 'The Hnm Tree," Nov. 
2. H. 

Maaokic TrtEATnn (Chas.A. Shaw, man- 
aceri, — "Biisy lastv's vacarion." with George 
Sidney and «,!nrrle Webher on the rtrfef fMH 
makers, atiraeted crowded .houses wenk of 
Oct. -22. Tho performance was clever In 
action and catchy in music, nnd was satis- 
factory to LhOOQ who nltenderi. For week of 
20; "The PH." '■ 

Avflvun 'Phgatrk «ttss. A. «hfl.w, man- 
nger).- : -"iNo Mother to Guide Ber" was ina 
aiu-acilon week ot 21. Lillian 'Mortimer, 
in the, was effective, and was suppori- 
"d by a protlclent company.. For week of 2S, 
"Rig Hearted .Hm." 

Bt'CEiNiiKAM TniUTBB (Whallon Bro.".. 
managers). — Tom Miner's Bohemian Bur- 
Ipsqlters, vHfh the Nelson-Ciann tlgbi ph-ltir''*. 
Httrncted • otvenlowlng houfes week of 21. 
The biirlcwjuo jferionnance wn.i n Ilrst elaiw 
one, 'and was given ivlfli a spb-e nnd vim that 
met the approval oi'tbe nndienrev The in ter- 
es* of the house was centred on the Netson- 
0*1W Ilgut n|i*tnrwt, and when' they wehe 
stnwn the crowd dimply vtnnt wild-.' The ex- 
preSKioaK'mnde'nfter tbe shon* seemed jo he 
nit In ■ favor of .Nelson. For week of 28. 
Rellly &'.Wood'R Show. ■ 

IhTpiciNB* TiiEATttrt (Wm. Hichmnn. mah- 
aftei , >.— LBrgft niidtenees nssemided week of 
21, 6ft witness ni; line 'n |irogramme as has 
twen clven hv the .management this Rcnaon. 
Several of the uninherR could hr; claused as 
ItradHnei-s. Xew fa'ccBweek of 2S : Mr. and 
Mrs,- Kemp. Tllglir Vassar Girls, .llmia.v 
Micas; naftm** and- Itcvere. .Iitlla Harlow 
and rompahy. Kulifbt nod 'I'hoinpson. George 
Wilion, and t he k InOfironie. 

, ■!> . ■■ i ' ■ >■ ' ' ■ 
'iKvciishora. --At the Grand (Pedleyft 
Rureli. ruanager?) "The Prlnre of . PUsen, ' 
with-' Jess Hamly. came fict-20. giving an 
^Tcellebt perfornmnre to cnnaelty. Hhea 
Aetori, in "Netl Gwynne,"' 27 : t>epew-Bitr- 
tlcvtto 'ntoeli Co. week of 20, "The Beauly 
Ooctor" Nov. 8, "Plfft Paff!! PoufU!" tl. 
Kennedv'R Playern week .of 12. "A Girl V 
the' SCrenta" 20.- "Brown of Harvard* 2,:. 
Ut^rd Havward Co. week of 2.1, Eddie Toy, 
hi '-.'The mn and the Olrl," 28. 

Sotc— There la talk ft the amotion of a 
now thenlre herp, nudcr. the Wells manage- 
ment. Kppre'Kenlallvcs.Uave been In the city 
tdoking over the prancou, aod wBI on- 

uOniit'p rhrtlr deelalon'latcr The Temple 

Then tire will remain In darkness the rest of 
the season, Ino Amnions circuit of vaude- 
ville having given It up.. Katie Wil- 
liams, of the William* Comedy Co., waa mar- 
ried- to Hi C. Newcomb, a prominent young 
busjocaa man of thla city, Oct. 22. Mrs. 
Newcomh has jtlven up tbe stage, and her 
nen'horoe will be. In this city. 
■*« » 

Meridian. — At the Crnnd Opern House 
(L. Kothenherg. proprietor) "The Sultan of 
Sulu" appeared Oct. 18. to a large audience. 
Pjorernw DaTls, 10, pleased n fair houw, "A 
Millionaire 'J'rnin.p" 20. drew well. "Bntnan 
Hearts" 23, "fforeennt Kitty" 20, "Tlie Royal 
Princess" .1(1, "The Utile Biiehess'" Nov. .), 
"It Unopened In Nordlnnd" 2, "An Aristo- 
cratic -Trnmp" .1, Shepnrd's moving picture* 
\ "The County Chairman" 8, "Ran" 0. 

NoTE,--Sanmcl Joseph, general mannger 
nf ttio.Roliln.^oa Amusement Co.. has been 
Buffering from n stroke of partial facial 
pnraly,.lfi, but Is rapidly recovering. 

aider tbe |emi . 

A; ]?t'mT.t.o\'rFi arrived at Flnvnna Oct. 22. 
John Harrison sailed. 27, for Havnnfl.. -Krank 
Longlwthntn will rertinlu In New York aa.rep- 
resentHtive, lo look Hfter-ihe hiiKJness oftho 
company and shipment of all' ttuttV engaged. 
Some n tie :tcis who are engaged for ihl« 
season at tli^ Nailonal Thcaire are: The 
t'tiii'lionIans,:aer!nt net: Ba"rlow.'fl elephant!, 
three hv number ; . Ht, Ijeons • Knmlly. equ^- 
li'lnttHeronats ; (he Bertoulf, high wirciact; 
the- Mnglnleys. gymnast*;, rbo- (iriff Bros., 
herculetin act: I bo Lonoley,; bars; FfndkCHV- 
tine, wiuofttrlnn and' mule 'netT' 'Mr. Ijloyd. 
English joirkey: Pauline- ¥1018*,' trained- rteg 
ncL: Three OlifnuR, clowns -and ^trlfik/hoUKe; 

Willi.- nnta.Rxtctna AympAthy. 

The following resolutions of -condolence 
and. fcytnpnihy were: adopted by unanimous 
vote at n regulnr meetloj: oT UlA White Jlei> 
of America : « 

The White Hftti -of. America, In loving 
menjorv to lleary William Rehman. 

Wliwr.iA, II has pleaded th*» Almlglity 
Ruler of rI| In Ills Blvlne Wlsdoro, to r>*- 
moye from nur inkisi Ilepry William Reh- 

Wirnw, Henry Wttlinm Rehman .haa, by 
his many aerH of charity and by the evi- 
dence nf his many noble qnnlltles of mind 
and. character, commanded, our respect and 
earned our highest enteem. .and 

H'nvroM, We deeply regret the loss of 
po true a friend and deplore the untlmejv 
endlac of a career just beqnn and >o mil of 
brilliant promises, he It 

Itf*t)Urd. ThnLwe. the vnudevllle nrtlats, 
members of .(be White -lints of America, t>%- 
i*-nd to iheherenved family our most heart- 
felt aympathy nnd wln-vrewt '-ondnlenee. and 
expre^B to them our appreciation of nls 
many acta of kindness to our profession, lie 
It further 

HmofvH, That the foreffeing .memorial be 
adopted nrt-n. trlhvite to i he memory of Henry 
WHlloin Rehmnn^aDd'thiH lli<> memorial anil 
resolution he spread upon, the minutes, and 
a .copy thereof, miltnhly engrossed, bo pre- 
Femed to the herenvert" .fninlly. Signed : 
K.,i'. Nfudge, president; John R- Burk. sec- 
relary; Rlohord !•'. Staiey,- John P. mil, 
rormnltteo, ■ 

tw - .* i» .. . ... 

Korna p mow thr Ono.- PniMnosa MtN- 
nTHPi.s. — Beaplte the extremely , warm weath- 
er, this orgnpl nation hns.lwm doing an. Im- 
mense bujuhpfli, and is now headed South. 
Mr. Primrose han. not vhdwd the South for 
several sea^uns, nnd' we are advl^rt froui 
lionso manners Hint wo will do r^'nrd hupl- 
nesfi. Roster/of ihe.nhow: Oeo; Prlmrow, 
hole owner :and proprietor. BuslneMs Hlnff ; — 
Advnipre and geDcrnigeni. .|ohn Coats ; p. J, 
l)ujinc, manager; Henry Aekecman. carpen- 
ter;. Jas. - Ha,s«. ■swranl carpenter: peier 
Winn, electrician : Oca. trasinlnne. assistant ; 
l(epojit Fiejnlng, ily man,; Will Oakland, stage 
raamJftcr ; f.iin*. I'rokon. mijslcnt and vocal 
dlrrctor, and -tho followlna -members — irhns. 
Relnhrtrt Kdwncd ; l!|]apelJ.i»nyld Irwin,. Kntll 
^ulierj/Ziao. fJOrmRu,.Jijddle. JlOfirti, ClftraM 
MarJtK # .:Sntti. .M.Ht'lo.W0 1 .l'ugene-Selly. StepherL 
<;r.i(i,v. .J'>i]a:-ttnii(iv,..^iam,^ ,Ma)ruuu..Puinu- 

SKSJO.YOHR sovr. POKM-J Ttl (j». 
iVe compose and arrange music to ronr poetns 
*nrt "eciire your convrlnnt at a verr'low flRire, 
#rhe Wh WttH*. STOt'K A CASI'KR, 3140 N. 
Hotverd St..Phlla.. Pa. Not<\ - Words and muftfn 
ATtu«n to orderfor iiny kind of aeu. 

IjADY will sell handnome nros»ei fa fofi.i, 
Ankle nrosw, Persian Uimh and Coat, ISL ,\w< 
^C(UV BKSSAP. '-!!.: V. HHb 8l„ 1 r.lBhr. 

WAXTFO Q.rirK, t)un.i BirtighT man or 
cemeihnn who ran fake piano and organ, and tin 
*po<i»trin?:nmnwifn picture rnncitiue preferred. 
VI skrich teaniR and others, write, hnnp. en- 
g.igomem. nnd sura, salury,. Si«te loweat. 

_T. II. Co.te ( Ijtnip, 1,02. Co., p p. 

\VAVTKI»— Pinoo riaver. can two rottr. 
8*Inry, S/. and rM*^' 1 */ Young manor tioy pro- 
farted. Urn.* Ronton. MOR. -NKW YORl^ COM-. 
W)Y COMPANY, Mr.NofrlRlX. V., ffov. 1; N'unda 
3 ; Wftylnnd :;. Honcioyo Palls ri. 

W\QA<JBMKNr WA\TKW-it once DV 

good, elerer yonnK lady Ptanht ; SJogs nnd HAnc«'n 
mme; itnnr. in dreaa nnd appparancfts; inlaid*- - 
■kanmiic jii B n«. Add, MIPS Cl'RLPV, care Itay. 
uns School, -j h \rm Ohio al, iudUnitwih. inil. 

ftR* JC W, WITT MAN wanti si;ei--h Tenia 
4M8 Single". Alwi M. P. Mou with evrrvthlnB 
jomplefe. nnd I'l^n" I'lajer. Mustniiang-'fur rwo 
Teets. X.W. HI'XrMAN, K. II., lftS.ClnrlC Si.. 
(JJdeago. III. 

M'AKTKD-llifir.l: Fuca Comefilan and Jove- 
nll« Women. Both mutt sing and dance. Oroor 
•oner, nieful people, write. Salarr mn-f he low, 
i'i.v own. Join on wire. Tickets, no. llalsny. 
mte. Il.T. OLIOK.Mgr., "Thorn in Herlleaii'' 
Co. .. Ot'umwa. loivn, Nav. n 

AT MJ1KHT Y-PltUn |tAJU,tl\V.A No. I III*, k 
FncR Comedian: hot comedy hi acm; silence ant 
fin, oez-nntrio tarns. Chmigo for one or two 
T.-eks. Sober, roitahlc. Ticket for bffl jump. 
JI WAbNIT STREET. Nnntlcolier.V». 

Mr.. ManTJle. .grotp.sqno psntomhitiai ; Mr'. f^^^S^SSSSt^rW} V^iWll 1 * 
Ladon. . <*oraed.v act: Paul ..Brftoebam. -eon- HBS*5JS? 8K^*«£5?WM««i™Sfi* 

tor.tloplst; Cat Magnus, dying d^npAe.-'Aad 


JnefcanHvllle. — At the Ornnd OneM 
House (0. W. Clmtterion. mannccri "Little 
Johttiiy \lofleR.'' Oct. 2L'. had good business. 
"The Goyemor'ft Pardon." 2d, gave a good 
tJerformanee.' "The Land of Nod" 29, Thos. 
ten>rspn 180, "HenRgan In New York" iNov. 
I. Stetson's "fnclo Tom's Cabin"' 2. Wholan 
Opera Co. "3. North Bros, u-7, Arthur Pryor's 
Band 9, "Ole Oleson" 10. 

his, dogs : a Japanese t roupe, a- Hod 1 act,- and 
troupfl of seals. : • ,,■■'■■•' \ ;■ 

Oko.- \V. LoN'noN writes ;■ 'Thought .the 
right and title to (he. name-of- TutU'', .on 
Jirnn 2. r », 100B, and afrcr a- very wtcco^Btul 
«ensonof llfteen' wcekr,- tbe show Is neatlv 
packed. awnv In hM new WJoter .(pinners nt 
tiieenvlllo, Pn.. where - , everything- will- lie 
ovcrbauted. I will open the Miumg w-ason 
of 100; early In May, with everything. n<*w 
but the numo." > ■-* ■ ' ' V; „, V 

T-iir PonF.rAi.imr-SKiJ.s ^-how will , close 
at Water VnHervMlSK,-, N'ov.. 17. . 

TlIH finE.W 1-H'ROfB'AS TAAINK.n WlbO AM- 

mal Aiiksa ;rlo»edt Ha Snmnjoc toiir at 
Minerva. o:,Oer. (1. and will opeh Its .Winter 
four Oct. 20, 1i» play indoor earolvals, "Man- 
ager llari^r id-onily.tiddml a number of new 
nuJmnls. and C»pt. Clarke lp husy breaking 
them to new acts. Wnt. ■P..-H»rhnr, general 
mnnncor; -Capl. Alfred fJInrke, Uohs anlmnl 
miiu and irnlner.; Andy White, -iissiMaiit 
tr»lurr; Jan. Kvan. general announcer. '.The 
best or hitslnCKH Ik looked for at the-lbdoor 
curnivnlff. ' ... 

Jonx 'PoNSot, n' well known elreue per- 
forrat-r, with the Korepaugh &. Sells Biob.' 
(Irani .Wholes!. Ida leg iwo Vears ago last 
July, writ*--*:'" I have been In. the preneh 
Hotpltnt. KowVcrk, since last -August; un- 
■doTzoing operatlonM of the- stump. ' r was 
getiing along nil right, hut tbtfsrtnmp don't 
hoal, and the doctors say that I munt go 
uQder nuntlicr opr.ratlon,' when I will be nil 
tight again and able to ^vear an artificial 
legi"' ... 

iln. and Was. to Vnas! are r» rorif* trith 
tbe Oreat Cooper Show. 
■ < i* 

L. It. STOCivWcrt, a veteran actor nrfd 
rtiHOBger, who "has been Identified durtug bin 
long career with some nf the triumphs of the 
American ntagc. who has pnrtlclpotcd In the 
making of dritmallc history of some Import- 
ance, and wbose neblcvemcnts-are recalled 
with pleasure by theatrejioers of rooro than 
one jieDorntM. lies stricken with Illness In an 
Oakland. cnL, hosplial. A benefit perform- 
ance will be given on Friday niternooo, 
Nov. 2, at Ye Liberty Playhoooe. Onklrmd, 
which has Iwen generouniy donated byH. 
W. Blihop. Donatlona will be received af 
Ye Lflwrty riayhouae by the committee. 

(Slim Hm); Nhofiy Jtoge IT'od ycJfllllrit 
Arthnr-Wnlker, ^JhiJ,;^j)p-Hl)v', .Jan. WllsolJ. 
T.-.ltnrinle, ike Ooodmna. rr^d Brown.iKdgnr 
l-.'orr-tir, Marx. Farh nnd ttollin Huh". 

• A; 'Teuton am from Joe Ked^n" Informp 
us .HiAl the', fomlly hereafter -will be Hie 
Plro Keatons. 'thfl latent; dtiuirhter having 
arrived Oct.- ftffcj .-: ■;. - ■■ - i 

.-P.\rj,m: Bt:uhv. oC . Derfy >nd. Berry, 
mourns the low of Jier;moMiei-,'wbo dipd In 
Nnn Kranctsco. on OvMaU, •" •■ ■■ ' ■ 

Ivor ■'B|i.r*ES. ■ , pjinil'rfnh's Jfrto^V at 
IC^eDey*? 'ihestre, 'Bi-oofBvn, week of Oct 22, 
wits on.'/ot. the ftjg hlUf.Df the bill. -Mr. flfi- 
len Pinres thnt on: wiferal 'occafdons-AliIrlrip 
the week he wak rompMod to make ft apeeeh, 
befoTO the audleni-e- *-oiild *ttfnw htm to 
retire: * : ■.•'*'' ". ■' ' . . 

liru' CoiihetT.- soultreNn'ofvthe.'ifltar.PIiow 
OJrlw Co., audlrn LflKhan.n vaudeville Hlniter, 
«sre mnrrlMjit tlie.Clty iliill; .New York 
C|/y, on Oct; 23, hy. Aldermiirj: ftplllvaa. i 

' iHoh-X' Hickman and, wjfe tiistoJln v. 
WHIki ware recipient f.;ef hflntly rongnitJtlu- 
ilbn« from their many lYlend<r ultOn tho ur* 
rlvnl. Orr. Itt, of a young MnsieV Jlt.lcmnn. 
Ivv.mjst SmrJiAN, of.-the firm of Sweejy, 
Shlpmnn A C'o:, who him l*en'ili-feir ilk* |.nst 
t.wo.weekP,ort.a resultoE nvctwork, ha* «ohe 
on n brief tour of ln*pMJoD 1 .fliJd w "l visit 
two- of bis eninpnnl?H whiea nm toin-Jtig In 
Canada. He will thetj -.make ■ n trip v> Krie. 
Pit..' for a.vl^lt to his nrrtlber, who la resid- 
ing there. . 

Mas. CalviV IjwoijS, mother- of Mamie, 
Sopble nnd Hndle Unjoin, died a I Huffnlo, 
J!; Xh on Oct 24.' from, cancer, after an Ill- 
ness of several month)'. -3lnnilc .Lln.-olu 1-; 
the wl/o of. Starr u ritley,. agent of "A 
Bunaway Mateh"Cd. 

€t R ri;htirui nod Mlaft'OyPWJO^ ari'lvwJ 
In -NeV York- on their yncbt, having mud" 
the trl|i from SandusHy, O., Inside, ila tbn 
Km t.'onal and itwlma [liver, from here 
ihoy iv|ll po to Jacksonville,- Pla., by llte'out- 
sldo route. ....,,.•■ , 

Tun pnlirynt the Ccslie Theatre, Wheel- 
ing, \\. Vn., has been cbnng«d from tbre*- 
nhow«'a day- to two shows n day. flrent 
ileyivood and Ms company are engaged In- 
definitely to produce farce romMlW Mr. 
Ilevn L ood will eloje thf olios with -his spf. 
cialty Btisinesa is excellent, wc are In- 


the Business. 

Nothing givfts that delicious 
feeljiig of ahflolnte cleanliness 
to Iheinnuth like 


Why? Ueoaiiae its very niip- 
sion as an Alkaline and Anti- 
septic LVjuid Dentifrice to 
permeate the gams and month 
and penetrate the minutest, 
crevices or the teeth, neutraliz- 
ing and removing month acids, 
and aiitiseptioising and cleans- 
ing' the entire tooth structure. 

Its fragrance, too, is 
delicious and lasting 



Just elosed with the Oalnitta Mvafllleru. With 
ttiem two sps»ons In Alu-Mr*, Minn, nnd .Mntrrt. 
figotidnv^i Thi- Ihmnte'l Spirii riibtnett 'id, lim 
Ktnlltsli pueklogi:userrJ ik;/d, IiluUoifedNinhS; 
-lfi,(!laisicBlUH«tf Uallail-; Mil, Moving Pl.tortM, 
A l_ti:,T.BK ItAT.KH.lNnT M . f lrsty S'.. Piit'ndel"hi»« 

•to LlBirtf, tor idunedfato Enga^msut, 


l.I;\l»M OK HK.AVIkX. 
Add , . . NUIV SHAdtlv, IOWA. 

BTEHE0PriC0.1 ODTiiT PuH 8AM, $18, 

tfinmpinto. with- olecirlo urc, rheodat switch, 
sln<i,» C4bls. Alan has l»*rlnt Ion', Has hpen 
uaod in thnafre, nnd Is approved r-v rne Board or 
rireran>rwrii.»rii. t.'ost fan. In i-xrellent .'on 
d»U«i. tVJIUhlpiVO. !»., with privilege of ejt 
amlnatlon. Addre>4t» j-, lAVl,OK, wwutb avc 
A'tiw Vora. 


Send for Booklet. 

i. W. TRAIAJKB t'O., 

hVPRHiir. ni>„ noH'i'un'. * 





-. .. ^eueijj.1 li8llvfr>', Minneapolis, M|nn* 


llt.vnv I'. P.UIK, Comedy Ar.rohaT. Knilre 
ebniye i:tiiini..-.tfir. Aino Al <Xirnet. I'lajer. And 
STKXIjA It. HFIMV'KM.. Amorh'rt'B P.9M 

l.irl> t*orn"tt*iloMtf, Invito oner from ilrstoin«s 
.mtro.Ueit. (■<-.,. Vim. levllle, Hep. Co, Join on n- 
relp: of tl«:fcet«. llof.b piny in h.-tnd nnd orctieslro. 
Auurosx 11. f. parr. v mi;.Y id hi... \. v. (lily. 



Addro., DR. O, Q. DAWSON, 

HIM Oorngl l Av... liirtlan«[>oll.. Iml. 


ama runrr. .\lio Mdj ilolnj mw mn' otii 

AP'clnVy. mr, unil Jowi-at Hilary. Throu 
ni«m.Bwn.i.. irim if|«i..iMe. 
8. A. KHr.XBDr, (lyiln.N.T. 

ruxois.i si'ncrAr.TV. onr pircri 

I .l'l,!: AI.AIN, )'. O. linn. P H.. Ntyiirt, W. J , 

ton » a 1. E. 

compim n, nriy-ni , t i up. m tniMn. nound 

'I(ipi*|[|l l|Illll»'i;OI «KWll». l-lilfttOndKURlK. 

IIH-Mln.. Pr?«HI. VAN. NoMMIIfl, S. T. 




StrlbB, ltrnw.iVncalnnd Nnve.iiy Initrurritinti, 
for inenlrc. --luiw imd'clnuvli'Vt In nnd nrounn 
New S'urL i'lty. ^IftH Wed j |i|4|t Hr„ N. V. 


fienilenian, well dreaded, atrong on iir, tts, niar 
snuiil pai'tx. .Only reiihiiio manager* wrln- . 
*MlHI"lA \'v r ' iftiTti ird Av**.. N<*w X'iKGUr. 


JB Key Street J'lutio, mndf by Pii^ipiolo 4. tjft,, -Soil* 
don; Al c(ind|rtoTi:siiitjiiiioror duncipR or skating 
rlri x. Irlr -Ji |ioit i l, piLP<KiriTT Ib-ckiiinil. M... 


Pnwreconl my noiiraiitjft. ; 



WHlliuy wiino targets for tlin stngo. lobe nsfid 
hv rtlmrn. .(shooter. C; «. HOA'HiAND, (Wd and 
wo^dtilne Ave.. jMi tiMiii -iMtiiH. ia. >. 

i'W . Op/irti, .Vmmuui IMUMriMi, Vuunov^le 
ctjncliod, lu>rotl>iiiM. Trial tnriis. eltyapnoamncc-M 
arrtinged. piih'eHtpr.KiiHo.'Hifl, t'jfu lir'ciwuv. &,) . 


Mbm ■ MAITtK n. ADAW3, 
_____iciie(i|Kt., He lton, Mo w. 




i >iia m,\Hc ^tininr.. i pay nil, 

■' 1, Cluzy; .VCharn 


1, I-itii, 
X. , . 



stAi#irfcnecl8Uk.: Looil^: H.-avitH, Immo^laieiv, 
AUilrcni t'AIHIOI.I, Dltl'Al'. Porgnwo. Mo, 

CJarioBHtist, Experienced^ 


1'11K1> K. MAi:i IX. U. 1>„ U'-:i :ni.U)l, T- us. 


For Piano. Hand and OroheBiro. W. ll. NELSON. 
x: vmi 9m rWrejt. New Vork. 

flinclo Musical Man, Piano Plater, NovcRf Act. 
Sr»thlntrtoo good. Hao<I r-»:sry; sure. MOl'KI'.V 
llRMBhY co,. Mori h Creel:. Warren Do. 


Dogs for Sale. 1 

All ttlodsorTr'ck noiit;|own Doth fir Mile br ' 
T. J. i t A HH V. »o. yrifl Karl it.. Vnr, V. Y. 


nUj'iir. Profar iho#n tbat 

A |tfxjdort:anoi' nfn 
doo'iteatlige. C'lft 
g-jnd ■•oinlllioii. <i.n.'"W 

'(•Af-Voim ";ort,.roiind!ioii(li| 

r«arf« or llnnvlt*. Ability and. wardrobe, PJ6« 

ferebce (lernmnt-nt. «^ ( k. Hftspnil«ihleruarug«r* 
itdJ -Pus c*t" I'H'aea Hchn. tm " ' 




oiiicayo . 


tkaw. Cltanicv-for weok. DoubieitJindiiingtt'S. 
liahiiTPtr*.' ho stale**, manaokh m™ihiniv: 

CO.. Wonn Norwich, tlhniango Co.. 



Ilf Klili.rt Mrr.t, ImU km, _». _V,_ 


OI nllklBrta. Includlmr Flmrcrr.. cityflimoarABUM 
iliulirl,illuiii»iirr»'iii,-"l Aiiplvl.. fOAtW.l/f£», 
t aMPfi >»HHtf. Stiu^ .-HWillll P. M . , , . ,■' 

lillOUIllP f lintnrn iiifnffonrum. 
IlSnninUTlit' Urmljs, hail l;ifler Htor It. 


•T. II. A. 

-■November, 3 

; .. njcw YQH if cryy. 

Keith .v Prpetur'i* 1 11I011 >nuur>' 
The/ttre TlAjaHif.7ik^rlpwJ<viaaAffm^'' 

of DM. 29, sritV theWhuWirim r OTuT grout. 
That, avel* poliulof character actor,. Harry 

■ Ollfoir, presented Ills rlevcf, llttlo 
■,'Baroo Hun-da, V and- nuftln proved iiJiu^Mf 

'tlit* ciCTor UiiUucaior of olU'mt'U.., The oh 

' i«ie"ruTrvs lllrasolf Into olio's heart bv hit 

very* good heaKWlnoss, -anil his foibles and 

'■.-follies -ate -tbntjnm. Kerr c-rals* monkey* 

■ caused uii iiipraur by their » wonderful hu- 
weti-Hlte action and H.cmcil t« prove almost 
beyond a -doubt ihe Darwinian 'theory. Tlio 
•'loopdbu-loop .. euuiux wue one of tho rdevt* 
•eat tblngi ever Keen In an nullum 1 w:l. unit 

; the mubraeltig : uf*4)u,' nltulans ufoa-vuir.d.1 
wwrnnta roitnZrp- appiaiite.' JMUvnj 
Hay and company '•siruh. app-aled in" Mr. 
Imy's pleuslng nun effective comedy «>f West- 
•■ni life, "TJio Sheriff," mid ni-'t with great 
,'avflr. flflHsnn B"ti AH 1 -* Tnuzuozlu Arnto 
:uo<l«! n Hi'iis.'i I ion In tliolr ij.-ccii.iiiK u«Tub,4tle 
■jpYring: Fields mid WiirJ kept tb* people 
i a good buijiur, lu their ''talk-fcstf' 1 and Mr. 
PlelaV conception or 'the proper conduct uu 
l«Bi6Mb3-.fl 1 WMDBif , ttMM oOce wna duly fit* 
preoluted* Lev Sully made his usual bit 
Eii ("Milt nod talk, uud. scored In las own 
rttllM ;■ tin.: - Meredith £lstoiv .'won much ap- 
plnitso for .their hovel offering, and the Binge 
sellings were vury handsome. The net 
pleased III every viay. l'runoo'Plpcr jjlay*jd 
the banjo tnoH acceptably, and was - rtfcallod 
xuvural llme». *Ot|j?rM were : Chan, anil 
rniiule Vim, In I'fwiitrli: eeoiedv ; Adair arid 
Palm, iu a iln*j wire nut; Wirotl nud-'Whaiej, 
lu'nong and douce; Kitty JHeveus, character 
dancer, mid Svivuit )md O'NVid, ■ lp' ■ koub. 
dance imd tutiildlug. Tlio fcluuiOjjrupli ejdaed 
tUj bill. 

Aik|or Tlieittre (Wngmiljals 4; Kemper, 
'nHiisjcers). — Dignity and beauty marked tile 
production of ''CymU'Ilne.r'.lu whlcli. Viola 
A\\th 'uppeured th New -York for tin unt'tiuu: 
Oct. 22, 300o\ having rg"nile-li«f debut its lioo- 
ii$n'; at'.tho New XatlonarTbtativ, WffsWng- 
f«h. D. C.Oct. 1. MIsh Allen' lias JyjiK MM 
vbWMkjd trn lutypfs uf ability., lioo^i ca- 
dnnar and .rdnrakftt, nud- In tlitu, Iht intuit 
mms Jiniwrvunntloti, »lie Iluh uoilutud 1 
•ftufi ulgiier tvwunlfj tin; p«rftMjtLup ab,*.* (h 
jitrlf Ibg f'jr, Only lu b'-r n«rforuiauco<>f Per- 
'ilfu, In tlh- moyd ni' yiili-li abuuduonji>at,'liU3 
aim «jnvlled the beautiful- clmracttrlzatluu 
which i)b«, given of lmOKi-ii. -This luttvr. qt 
once ont} of the tuuKt twautfful ui l Sliuktm- 
in'oru'w luTuiiH'N, \\ ni tli'i hiiuiu time uitt! of 
iIr* niu.i illffii'iiit io uurtriiy, uwiug to iho nut- 
ruimdlui-'s af }H>riillar <'linr«';kT», Htttiutloli 
n'ml llu'ju. Tbut M'-w Allf!n wiiH In practically 
«V«iyjrafl|« -HiiccesHriH, It In a ple«»«re to 
record, tiud Her liurtruyat of lyaw. takcb 
in tyto. in oat uland ah tlK'-capHtoue of bar 
dramutk' cttrvH 1 .' am mwoally Is lUli «d. 
uIjui It U ; rumored tliat ill the eonrlWlosi ot 
itils HtHBou, hbu will rctliu \o it wL'll-uarwtd 
lirlvalu lift*. ' In Jii-r rwfptluii t»f litcbluid, 
ibnt nnli-vllliila, flu* wan hww! Ukhh ]ru:rkont- 
.'lud ;all-gru(-loiin Until life amorotiH advimcCH 
rahed deu'iievs whlirli even be udmlttod lu- 
^urmoulitiilile ; her bi'wlMrnurtjt ut the lusu 
"l" la- bravcltt uiotisi'd th>' winn; CicllugK 111 
htT.mulb'iiri': lit MUfwrd Huvi-o uhe.wa« tht 
loylng; unxitjiw \vlfu" tu iHTi'wiluti mit'H-'tbu 
fullluul Hnlio .ahuwedi lier -tjie iltud- nn 
ordcrlnit Iter murder ; tli»*u she UU-mue' Llui 
majoutle, injured .wuiiiuu. In whom Was uiln- 
;;lod grliif ut tho liiltibtlct' a donbl ail 
10'Wlint lm- belravul could ni; bast'd ulioit'; 
-\M\\ HelaMuH iiiiUln 1 !* two uuknuwn bfutmri 
v.Jicii dl^nlxed a* (be buy, iier wurk WH^moHt 
iifftVthiif. and tho 'deHimlt* 'at tlie Hiip)Kigcd 
death <j£ -lit'i: lurd wucn the baawaw body 
or <rlvt«n l» dlavuvered; wum fxcelletiUy hIiiih- 
Ulod. Kljbuy Herbert guv« uli uuiUKing In- 
te^prctallon* W tlbdeii. tlw couetjltod ' fuol, 
iUan wlilcji thuru lb iirobiihl.v no harder <eaa* 
ody.clnicauter In tlio SbakuHptcrluu repertory 
to i)QVtra5\-ron«eqi)i:iitiy ,Mv. UerBuii wtiy bt 
MnM o£ -lil« effort*. That uterlluK- at'U'r. 
PiiU'er^feillah. sjiive nu I'^eetleut iiorfortimn<n' 
oCTnsfttv. wiiifii, although a mlnur cwnu> 
tjr, Willi made to h tat id foVHi nroiuiueiitly. J. 
It. UllniMur hud a uiofJt exadlmt" conception 
oi "Iiu'tlUib,.' ohiyluK It In itiVniier rellued, 
iuivoHi and vjaleiil. With tv\y ,ewgt(Jk»« 
Ills' dvlivgrj' was Intelltct-nt mtU wliulurly. 
C, UNH Allen wiui ulobt fall-resting ua Ut. 
larlua; 'ilie btmlsJud lord. I,ic-ug!ua Gerard 
gave a ni'auly inrtunoancv or tlm'blaH-liuJred 
Oulderbis. . 1'redwlck UmmmIvKh uwen ns 
-UvU'n|iis, Myron Called la entitled tu wen* 
«K(f Ids wading' of tho part of J/bllarlo. 
Morgftrii'Mutitivae <-apeclally ^It'P«luff hi 
Itw. little- Mm ii£ ilekn. 'the i-roductlua 
wutr: qiagtillK'uut one.'aud tbe uudleuo; m- 
ui'ftshed Ita ptjpruvtil vt the beautiful hi-cuos. 
XJJiih AH*i)'« eostumes were -v try - Uaudsomu. 
and tbVo'ut the other tuemliei'A were; la good 
bine, "Tbu'cBsf: Cymbelluc Henry 3: ftad- 
fl*W; Cloto'o. "Hldutty UtTbert: rostlmcuus 
Jii-Ouatuii. Jefferfioli \yimtjr.; Ueiuriua, C. te* 
10 .Al.Uu.;.. r.uldL-rlue, ' Dv.uglua QerarU- av. 
tfni«LlB. I-rederli.-K It>»lond ; I'IkuuIo, Ifullet 
tyijflHli ; CutmilidK.' 0. t». >Vlnu ; •■BrUiuli 
wmt, Llouvl Hocuflb, T.eyjiolil Lutio; Bitthjb 
Cufilaljw, -t\ U. Itateo, lii-oi-gi- SlieldQUl -Ali 
ttiudpni. WIHIaw Phkn : A btuial. K. M. fiolll- 
ven'A rniiiliinijii. Mortnn Tboriw ; Ipeliliuu, 
.7. .It. TJllijiourj.l'bllarki.AIyi-uii t.ullco: Culua 
WfiUS, Ufirkl> Olarkf ; Uuuiau CaptaiW. WU 
\lbiu ■ Lfavls,' IV C. Mfirtlgun ; ■ ijii^-n, AHrfou 
akiliwortb: llekcu, Muvgurot Montrono; PI rat 
rutty, Ivln itcutori; lujogcu. Ml>& Alhjii: 
lixvcutlvo, atu(f ; Obm-Wfl W, AUeu, luuuugei': 
Jdlin Ji* Donnelly, noting tDUinigar;' bretl 
Ctant^'umig, hinlnf^y inunager; -L..K. Wood- 
tboriie atot£u niauufer; Leupuld Lane, uiniUt* 
ant blage loanuuov ; George 11. Wlsouiau, mn* 
eleid director: -Willlaiu 1'retbold, mauler nje- 
CtjolibV: Xcu iKMeXj tibslstaut " raechanlc : Wnl- 
tfr Abraof, cleetrli'Iuii : Tbocnns l>*iv, nmstor 
ot pvoperlkB: Horry Mm*, uHblbtunt; Sophie 
E^ucra. wajUrobe mlalvtes. Thu teeowi week 
began 2L*. 

TMlh« PIui*o Thimlre (lXclnrlcb Con- 
rled. uiROugcr ) .— "Dcr Pvlva idoxvnt" I, TW 
Oollcgu • Lecturer), a -four act play, by mnb 
Mwd wltlenbnuuf, km Veaentcd hew for tb« 
fjyat tlute, .I'ucwlay t>veuluy. 23, with lite Vol- 
lowlug I'ttfct: Huii-nth ErvCtJMtfr ||r, Alfred 
Kelepslieliii. t'rletli-Ieb UolUiaua ; Aiuelk, 
Mark) ItninlsvU (Aiuerit-un debut); Klsa. Mi- 
rlanne ifrutt . (Aiuerieun- debut] : Pfufesauc 
Dr. r.Pwt. Uol Uanweltv;' Ob''grnllt Pro- 
ttEs6r'I.t!i)ddnt>erg.'l r ruiii KU'i-schner; Ucglvr- 
ilCifsrath Prof. l>r. Gayer, .Otto. Meyer ; Vgt* 
fessor Dr. uarthaiw. Willy Prey ; Irau Pro* 
tjrnm l^n daubs rg, Marie Klerochtiur; Krua 

' »iPit:ui|-fiirt. .wvrei 
k ui jub f<Mic!nii( 

vljtp lleljllj>:0ll '" 

«r«t .(fine Mt ll)' 1 (toiiilnuou^ « 
bright one'ncF.pnty. "Ho* Ho'tltil to n 
Hnslmud." Tho rtummaM of tin line* won 
Itmtaut favor lor the little piny, and 'Me. 
Paly uctsd the pari of tb<; lowr dellfchi- 
rulli-. He Wd» -ably ■JMCd.' by- Uabello 
DnbwH and Pcrclvol T. Slobrt. Another 
Ida feaiure of tin; Mil wan the Eight Knur- 
taaii Trutipc ivUo«o wonderful rluW c«o« 
pletely, t-nptiin'd the Mtwe. The ^Ul-of-rhc- 
• irdluary and daring fent« on tlje.wbwjl j*r- 
forniijfl.ny qm of the male fti^nibflM of the 
truujK bfOMbt htm proleng.d and hjarty 
npnlaaae. waiter: M..uly aarf Monlrose, wtaeav 
nct.laaway frbhi the ti^ual run, gnt plentv uf 
iHUglis with -tlifLc-fnunv btaoball Uni»b. ";ind 
mm Uurfb fc t"ld.i>| s mfo *j only lie mb 
tell tbeai:- Mile: "Nad/l, lb an act or eqiil- 
;>o|qe that is oaaj ami umu«ua))y praiv" 
tVorlliy, traa vigoroualy apitlaii'Ied,' ■She 
u-wrkfl with grace, and-ts aapple tSM -clrvitr. 
Jobtmy Htgnler..and f*i.iftvLe«»i|rd were 
rxwllcnl. nnU Barry rind, HulT'irs atao m-ured 

street BKSitfffTO?; 

ftt- Jlfowiiiili 
Albee, generul inau- 


lentrc (K 1 
ujuJlli 'A Ilitke -crowd .wiwl (tnraeb'il after- 
nocu>bd eretrmg Uf Mendiiy.'Oet: 2», to tblit 
jioftulnr nprotrn vaad^.f l|le" Iloinc. Zum nad 
HtcpaOD opcnlbg the slow with their clever 
i> :r->r. fflflnlpiilatlomr. f.Iad, lu M- lianrlng 
ftnmle Ifttpei'Hunjrlob-t.-tviiH rumarkably gond, 
I In: getting of * lie act L«elng} etpectalJy tine; 
Lf! rMttflna aiOtiolJxuud -■fTectiTelvt BruWU, 
HarrU n.w\ Bfotvn miig^d giuch laughter ; 
f ^nlgx. Jdiickey abd Nlckerapb n-ere clever p-ir- 
forTn^rif-onrf nnmber of mu«h-al In^trutneats, 
Catherine Hayt" and Hnbej Johnson, ia,"A 
Dreaiu or Baby Dayit," vocnilzctl In a raanner 
that won thotti hearty apptaii<e; Mr., nod 
Mrs. Oenc Hugb»«.- aided be- Japii-i IE. I^ee.lTi 
their dalptv GMM)rj *'Hupprei<lng the l'rcsi," . 
ttlvu a unwind pei'tormanee, ilie audience inv 
Ii.k loib lobkrt Trltli them: the Klalto Cobi- 
tay TKftr combined MSkj »nd ea Wo of to ad* 

iirlth A prucinr** Tweutyvi'jkled ...'-Jtoer Mm0tmmm Tbeatm (Klaw &.rr. 
street Theatre — Mr. • 

Drbr, In tfielr 'chornilnglv 
"When Tt-rttfiearta Ate W.~. 

Mu-ical Cuttyb, lu their ehjoyoblo and ahowy 
fiiBirumental uunio/r-. were ' the stnr feat- 
ures of a copltal progranioie on Oct. 29. 
OthPrn mrs: O'Brien and Harel. a«il!ted 

olae'a Twenty^Tjura ...lewAnntoMjaiaxuiiairn lUawfcRi 

-Mr. and Mr«, Mldney laiiger, manugera;. — Having prodKid. irar 

nilnilv -plnyetl' little m% etllea and.hrplod,rfltna for the greater part ,,r 

AM Vfon. rf and the t^lr cnWgeLiyftt, li. p.- IrrTng awTbai* 

- thca Batrd elfered, Tlit)r*day evening o»i 
25. "Maurlcette,'.' it comedy drama, . wnlrh IJ 
a translation by Mr. Irrlngof th" three a't 

„ play. ■\huinjMc ( '* by Andre PIcatd The 

to Kfflc Lowrcwe, Ih'the ramerkHijly fnany offoting had lis Preach ; pnSMgm Dec. |5 

"TickB AM Click*;" the Kllnore Bp, 180n. «t the ObVon, "l"arlK, and In tte pt^sent 

wboau olXorlng v.epi with a roar of laogbtor foriu, nt thn Lyric, London, Esg., March :ti 

from Blurt to ilitlah on'MoHdnv afternoon; lant. At the raja uf the curtain a breath of 

the Three Dunnls, lu uome tplendld work on the most dellglitMl cutucdy imablnable HbNm 

the rings: Prank Btroh and Loulao 'Uua> ^vur thu fooltlght*. tvliUh coBtlnutt witu 

don, with tbolr exct)IIent laughl*r provdiOng out ee.-*^allon tiircugh the n+*C'nrt, but Laa 

act. "A Dude Detective ;" the Xe- Brun id t oa t loiu «U6* plainly thu teeNous domeiii.' 

Orand Opera Trio; (b'souie fpleMld, Hinging; M 

(tnd.citme in ior uu abundance. of 
Uio .Three Itcnarde, " 


iiliplrtu*'.- : Uiu-.Threc ItenardW, In a tbrllliag 
p ir eM t te turn, mfri W nndtence apellbotlnd, 
auiiutuiju-.wjjliaur.-ri ejeeei the -«ho«-. : 
AMorlcan Ttiedire {J. .\L Ward. man- 

Johnny Jofins, a clfVcr black fbee comedian, 
and the Luc^doa. The motion pictures con- 
tinue. , . v - ; .. . 

Lyric Thrntre (Kom H. & Leo Huubert 
ilncl, niaiiftgerat. — At thin -Iioiikq on floii 
tUfr erebttti.% Oer. 29, ba 
Tm ajMunce of " 

trouble.* are tu he anticipated; And the E» 
end wtt-wmmt Into- Birwng drnniallc actio- 
barely rglttjvVd by comedy, but none tba 
lea*. Intf.raatlng. The final act Is tW 
po^ed pilncipaiiy of a verlea oo( SJ0 *-. 
tlie ■"•' 

o-hlu jOtuera<ireii:: Brtilbl 'amiArthhr, lb Plft+Ttrr-'Mrvdnd ",'tbo - Clock." a nwdloy of «<ay, m 

rbelr vdrr- pleaalug act r Whittle; ventHlo- t-imedy, ■ mimic. btrkHuiic' and iiantomhoe. In Knobhn 

tralat; ■"CtiflrloUe ^Vnttwwt' vlolfnlHic"; Three' net*, tcfligtven fts jtrete Ybrk premiere", -wen lu 

Ward Ifws, "The College Da»£ <ialj«uih>. raatlncu at Oct. 20.'. The book 1« bv -Steeu aire CI 

cermons regarding tm misinterpretation ./ 

occiirr.^V tlio flrat Now home lawn uml married life, but aa it ataad* 

__ Lena Aabwell, an Enst "Mnnrleetie" Is by far the most Interesting 

Ilab nctjeea.'ili.tbe Qrit nietrolwlltan preson* [day which these stara bav^ glvt-n us. |S 

. -otlege Boys . 
;fay moneier, iipd l^inonlo.antl B*j!le,- conic- 
dlam ..'ihe motion plcturos coiilluue. 

\Uiorla Theatre ( llan)D)crBl«>lu, 
njanpgLTL— The bill Ibis neefe ut this pon'fl- 
lar boos.* will .coiupnre ken favorably -with 
any which haw preceded -It during tlie 

Caaslti.. with duialc by Lfe OrrJn . Staith and 
-J: Hlller. Tlie etory doesn't QKttre very 
much, part of the comedy- being bawd on tho 
mistaken identity Idea, and the 
met that Hank Wilson. 

rest on the 

appearuuee here uf the dlitliiguIibed:Aaii>f- 
leuti actor, .wjuiam JI. TJMMMw. whose wel- 
come was very cordial. Mr. Thoajpson .pre- 

filled hi* charming liruo playlet, entltli 
'•bur-Lovi'M Bwe<;t Sakc/Mu wldcli an hi- 
iJnly.fiit father's love' for his WMmttmm cull 
brbdonilimteK. It lit dellghtfultv boriraytil 
hy.lia; sterling aelor," add at its close tie: 
1io*jk« rang 'wllh well deserved applimuv. 
•Mie cuutraBt In playlets; as presented t in 
raiBR vaudeville.. Is shown .bare tils week. 
'' "111 ■.!(.-. Murphy mid Blanche Nichols. In 
"Kraia Zazn .to'lncio Ton." -.This Js the 
Wff.WM of absurdity, but it createi* hllarl- 
■ abOthus 'foma --w^ll Its p 
. ...-■(£ are a 1 ao two other skiitelKa on 
this vwk'a bill, and both capltallv. well.phi- 

.. tVesternet. baa the story la given. The action of the play 
fallen Iotu with -Nellie Mayfleld, - having oeuarsoh the farm of Simeon Ktlllet, a 

~ typical . Boer, who^e young wife. Deborah, Is 
on* of his chattels, und who. likd his Kaffir 
Hteeif, be rtogs oil the lea-st piovoeatloa, pro- 
testing, tlie while, that he loves her. Ills 
overseer, Robert Waring, la a young EagltHb- 
mnu, by, birth and breeding a gentle- 
nutu, who revolts at the brutality he 
Kfcey arauud lilin. The Interest Roberc and 
Deborah take In each other ripens Into 
lore, which Is finally discovered Ly mmeon, 

Ion. of .''The Shulatnlte,'' ft play- la thr»-o Irving bai dorteexcellmt work In thetmijM 

ids. Adapted by Claudo Aekcw and Edward fJon, and proved that be Is u mnie'st lonublr 

KnublsiicJi. -The. star and .-ulay n>ira llrat tlm scholar^ Maurlcette is a'n-orphan. a 

In America Oct. 14, at the Oarrlck The- eighteen, who (oiiits to the home ot M nnj 

... Chicago, while thfi play was given Its Mme. Roger Pautran. to act as companion ;,. 

original prodiietion Mac U'. last, at . the Mme. Datitnm. . Ito'ger his been considers^-. 

^nv.'.v Theatre, l^ondon, Hng.. when Hl-a n man of the worhl, and.' altbougU he h*', 

Ashwell created the Jcadtun role. Kor.tbose been martled nearly twenty years th« la bo» 

nummular with Hie Hovel, a brief outline of nboul flft;-3ve), he oatiuot tie himself dow 

s laugh tor, abd' thus >erv-s •■well Its pot- 
m. There are a 1 bo two other pfceteM ■■»< 
. ,i:ka bill, and both capitally well n 
Keuted. One by Walter Jone« and Mabel JlUe, 
aud the other by 'the talented diio*. 'IliouiaH 

ne tit. wuman fdr Bank. The latter coinde 
Eust, &*■* Nellie, learns of the trick played 
Upon M;n ;imi then gives his nephew a lea- 
rt»n in 'which. .>ellle nsKlsts. Bill Stalib. 
a- dnlnk, , W -an old friend. Of Hank's, 
mid Johnny Stack Is the bell-boy wlw keeps 
tilings conlUiituliy mixed up.. Blliv iiitehic, 
who recently made a big hit lu vaudeville 
us "the druttk" la a "music halt apt." ap- 
peared on Hill Hnittb, and was a continuous 
laugh. Though his work wus Pearly oil 
-hoi-Ht-ploy. It wan so cleverly done, and so 
genuinely To nay. that he. was applauded and 
tdtagttfU at coDilijunlly. lUti pantOmluie work 
wos ekcelleflt.also. Kick McAllister, who has 
been Mr. Ritchie's working partner fur some 
time, tmde the tipryous Jobutty an uicelleut 
loll for Bill, and shared boners ettuly with 
Mr. Ritchie. More clever work In Ibis psr- 

liuu me other by the btleated dua, Tliomas Ti^Vt n«; i. -"*. 1 1 • T *?? 1U lu i? **r- b<.uy In a cart which was struck by Hal 
rtynn and Mary klehtlcld, either one 6r wUIlu ggfe gM*JWi*?* J"W.*i nmMjfmj ulug, abd there the body 'la found by nelg 

{£$£& ^P' l J^ , ou ®h week's bill are. 
MelylUc J.nis. lu muslcat recliatlvea; Julius 
Tapuln. in lirollke ImpersouatloHH ; the 
Golden Goto Quintette. In character change. 
Jiiltoduclilg Koiiga and dances; the Artola 
I>ros.,, touiedy bhv q»/t : Braata's dogs, o well 
tralu.iil troupe of canines dl^plavlug: uarfeejl 
[»t«llcume along he* Iumh of- mage work; 
nud:tk«i vluigrnph,.wltb haw pleMrev hi life 
IllUllOII. . *.. s " 

t'taluiilal Thrntn- (Percy ik Wllllaiu*. 
ieatiui;er).— Tlm.hqstle and exelt^ticut oTan 
ibiportunt electlou hits not tended to •affect 
hunlii"ss la the Hllglitest Itpre. mill capacity 
audit ■nc.-s am 'as ir^jm'Ut.a^ when theri- litis 
beeii no political agitation tu detract the at- 
teatloii of the tlieuirettulng'putille. Tin: bill 
ihh Meek Id tun of Manager Wllllums" best 
effort*. In the Wny of el ass und 
of the Merforwara ciiipUiy'ed in 
tiu|i'. TUp Knglifh L'oniefllnn. 

vt the mttWmBn eliiplnyiMi lu Its cuuipo.-d- 

ttuii. Tlit> Knglifh comedian, Harry Tale. 
!M-nrjln pi'oinliii-iitly.plncid- here, pi-udm-lng 
tor fhf nm time hero his original Sa'firlral 

t«£.ior 1 r-.aa v,. beuehi. Hedwig v. Ostermnun ! 
ytflit Profeasot Hurtling, Murh- v. Wetreru': 
■ Vriiii ITliIV'sm-i' Passbvuder, Mim Iluu&eltr: 
?j|vat"1ozent Dr. Johuutie* Obvrmayvr, furl 
Machold : Plintdomt Dr. v. Lukuuub. Otto 
Tfeptftw (Amevlcan debut > : Kern, Mai Liublj 
Lederer. Vrmvt lirluri i Fmu Anna Derger, 
t^wrglnc Xcuenilorff ; Ka the, Trade Volgi 
("Auierlcan debuiV; Lo,uUe, - Anna Suudcr, 
The. play trews of aca>1eui!i- ■ Subject . the niu- 
Wf lan*oC the .telchcr^ tor aUvtinceiuetit. Low 
matters .uav« coiibldeniblo lutluenee, until, . 
nnnlry, m». lecturer, irhebw teen aauicveaa. 
ful, gives up Ms academic aeplruttous, uud 
leaves- tho colleBC. "Di:r Hcrr. Senator*' (The 
Senator) mM produced Monday- evening. Tfli, 
with the rollowlnif cat>t : Senator Andt'tM'u, 
Max HanM'ler ; Hi'leui-.' Ceorglne Ncitcudurn* ; 
AgstQc, Muiiuiint' Itrutt : Btefanle, Mllly ltd- 
mann; Ojdav. Willy Kaiser: Mltlelbncb, Mat 
Llebl: Dr. : Gearing. Can ■ Mocludd : Sophie 
retaold;- A^miiuda Blhni : Div Slelncr. Otto 
Mo.vcx;.Thekla. Ltnd Uanadtr; Jo»f. nej 
eueir Lnrliiii. ■ "OnkeJ Tout" WM be BveseMtn 
Xov. I,. with Willy .Ihaller In tho nrluclpnl 

role. i 

Atlnntio (Sardeii (TV, Krotuer'a Haw. , 
mfibocera).— nic' Brothers p Harleni, Europeau 
umras Kteeeui Ben JB^yer, tomady ay- 
tyeltcfi PraJtcM and ImtfiDX rdiinil and 
d:\nclur ftpecinby; Wldlo dark, cvau'dy j««- 
cler ; Stilcer and Grinder., cplored comadr 
lf»m; Nellie -McCoy, llhisi ratud ' r-oegs. and 
t-r wflTing pictures, arc hfii-e this -ffecU. 

Harry Tale, 


ii.*™*" V.T'. '".".V . , V : "-", ,ia v **"">! so'tlrlca. 
skll, I'tiLlik-d "l-'Milug." As, .iiip-rpretyd by 
Ml . Tutc'e- Kngllsh i-oaipuuy. headed, fo. Jilm- 
srlfVJt Is rccclvlug the sani" bfeartv comUica- 
nation accorded ut other el'v tlieatres this 
scttsu-n. The excellent' bill for thU woek also 
Hetd: t'tirteloii -JUdc'v und Maude ■Uall.' In 
tlit'lr phiunut coin Hllcitu. -"Tho Magpie and tbc 
Jay," wnleh Is ou-_- of ihe beutlaugh pi-oducers 
ihise laleapiti farceurs huve given lis; Wood- 
vaidV Juggling kOuIh ■ rontrlbuie greatly . to 
tlie.^iijoymcut of the bill: Adolph.XIuk is 
-nffn-trff coUiudlau. ond thutiglt' short In HtaJurc, 
Ii- long' ouri'iifirtulnliig qualltv ; Jiiiit Nor- 
rtoiih u'ns. ^veltvnied' lb now ^onjfs and 
sterlet:: Oreen and Warner, us "Babes- la the 
.ruiiL'Te," give: a bHtcr TtnrHTs'onalluu-' of two 
deul/.ius of the Juuglu with every ebguae- 
nmnl hvte : Ihe Black lUman ffrw their 
popular Ineirumcutol uimtb'T, cluslug with 
the;lM« dniui ■Hnalc. which -aeanl flnclyj 
Kcnuidy and Bouncy wing und danced us He- 
ceptuldy as ever; traia Lue and her "Kundv 
Kids ' cuiighf the fsney of the Monday audi- 
tnei;. and the .vJtugi':rph 'displayed new uiuiti 
ot IlfV) motliiu lilcturePO''.***' -"»*:• • - *'i * 

■Jienr Circle Theatre (Union Theatre 
Co.; jjiuiHiKexHi.— -Business lust week, when 
tUld iirutlicnlly-'tiew theata'. opened to" thu 
public was" fur beyond tho anticipation of the 
new tnauitgetnf-ftt.;, Itflbj .present, (vrm, tho 
Km- Circle will compare very favorably with 
utly of our uptown theatre*, not out'v lu it's 
inrxe seating Vnpuelty, but every a'ttentlou 
loutdug to tb>' comfort ot Its patrons hut> 
been 1 o,i*sci'ved lu IiK-m-onstruetlon.'- t/u>lvh' 
day, Oct, 2li. the New ■Century" tJlrls raTsw 
gai). a week's engagement, with- a ilnaly ut- 
tcuded maltave, und the company will ilkuly 
dnplleule lis BtneeaafBi eiig^gcrin.nts,at other 
ol' oar blly's theutrcs this svasuu'. Nori week, 
ihe Cvluiihil ltelU's. - . ■ 

■Muerny Hill Theatre 'Sam Deusiluer; 
lUunuBer).— Al. Beeves and his Beuutv tJbo.w. 
opentd to good bus I peas- Oct. lilt. The opi-ti- 
Ing net; cMIUea ?:T1» wmt Truat Trial,'* 
presents funnv . ineldents lu the courtroom, 
•wllll J- 't'lieodoro Murphy a v tho dudge. us* 
sis let! by Krauk Wnkeneld.Krank .Fa v. OUr- 
enco Cooler. Harry Hutvey, Bd: -Mortis, 
Alluoda I'owler. Miss. I r uy. Mao Powers. 
lCndJy- Suiigec, .l'lortiJLee 11 ayd a lively 
elio.'us. The' Ur^t)t< Alexanders Dpen tho olio 
with a mind -twufjat exhibition and handcuff 
Uurk, which was applouded; Fay, Cooley 
aud ruy. tu a minstrel act, did some clever 
(iiuidm; atul couiedy tvotk, und Kuugwell; 
Jltirohy and- Wahellold --presented ft lively 
"■■•medy ad ; the. ,^lx l'-Juropeau BIJoax. acro- 
batic iliiuci.-rs', were llbemlly applauded, und 
Ah.ltoeves rtiuie hi for hh> maTIMrtr' "»■ 
iriilion and marks of upurovat fbr his banjo 
via) tig, hie songs und his HtuMaa, ' r A 
Merry iiio-lbmiid" is the tide «r the hnr-|iic. which tuovlded plentv Of tnalerlal 
for (Jauglis. A(. -Heovcs. ua the ntnaf 
man. and J. T. Murphy, as the Hebrew, bud 
the principal roles, and were well bucked up 
by the "company. "Good Old Metr "York/* 
•■When Otttev llenrlh Crow Cold." "There's, 
a Little. Planting Blood In Me." "Seuurltit 
rrmu M Km a wldkillug chorus are aiuobg 
the successful mmteiil uuinbi-rs. 'l.*bo cos- 
ttuws. wore showy. Lowell Uleh K njusieal 
utterhfr; Harry V. UOuiaii. treuwirtr: J. A. 
Durringioii. advance. Next week, Bice & 
'Itanvti'a Gaiety Cc 

Tlitrd Ave»tte Theatre' (Martin J. 
plxuu, niuuuxcr). — *'Xew York Bay by. Day" 
U -tirjKciBed thin rook, with Hotel liyle pluy- 
rat ii qiiudvujde role as llags, Billy, Glavluo 
Nholo and ireda. aud the rest of eouumnv 
cast us follows: Jack Waters. Bcrunrd uto- 
iiuuKli ; ltlchurd Blukcly. Charles Cook; Joe 
Huri-lH. Heiiry Heinbro; Morris -WoUh, Hurry 
Leo; Dennis IVxarty. .loliu Morris ;.' Ucwes 
lopps. l.eorge W. Ititrlww; JIu.iuj, 1'outts 
'IhontpKun; Arlhur litswuter. Daniel Old- 
hum: Peg Block. Prank V. Martin; Mother 
Contrail. Mrs. Gnrta N. tlat-duer: Polly 
Horue. . Mary Mai-GivKcr. Ateble Allen la 
manager-) Uco. w, Parrcr, reproseutailvt.'. 
Nwtwaeg, "»tla Imvt HortHJ." 

Mmdna Theatre (James H. Curt Blmbd. 
:tg*ri;— V first i lass bill lb provided Ibis Sfck 
Uv'-th(« Tlauooghbredfi. It includi-k : "'A GikhI 
Run For Your Money," Mile. La Toaku, Ntblo 
and . Rtlsy. 'Blanche Wasbbum und Joale 
Flyun. the Laiirept Trio, the lAndonsenpo. 
end ''The Xntaii Men." Neat week, the M^w* 
LoiuVkfl -(in lair aim . ... 

***** Voa;k ttinpodrowr- (Shuhrrt & 
Anderson, manager^. -***A Roclotv Circus" 
fbtrti'd "J ninth' week Oct's?, 

jfae r. .iVlllant played -Hank In a most com- 
mendable manlier. .never overdoing the part, 
a ud a-slsted greatly hi th«: fun tnaklng. - Bulla 
wiembler Hnug In .excellent form, and made 
much wf the part of Nell ie. Her uongs, cspe- 
pfrfaHly ••Plityiand.*' were heart liv 'oiicumj. 
aud (*lie rull.c desi-rved tho enthUtdusm; for.slir 
wus thoroughly coiinclentlous. Her tortekahe 
ol a concert-singer hi Hie vaudeville scene «u 
very fitiipy. Same of the rOHtnnws were 
very haadsumc. and the setting of the »t«ge 
ufkn a stage In Ha* last act wis aplendldiy Ulis t«-t:uc Messrs*. Kltcblu and 
MpABlMier were positively coiivulslbg, and 
the vondevlllt acta were very good. Tlie 
P Honjr, by Jaek^Ployd arid girl rhbtvu 
wiis unite Ih'fly. The enguKvuient prumises 
IV.iV v , 4 '' , y, K *Jccossrul. .The eust : Bill Smith, 
Hilly ltltclde; Johnny Maet, Rk-h McAllis- 
ter ; Tola VUMru Ben S. Mc:ira: Hunk Wil- 
son, Joe p. Wlllard: EmlJe Midler, SM 
P-ninkBii ;- Bdwlu uptown. Jack Lloyd: JJen- 
cou Mnyiield, C. • P. Citnlbn : Mm. Mnl 
lor, lidu Marlcy; SumIc. Winifred Pran- 
i-es: XHlIc Wllwn, Salllc ytembler : Oene 
lolbrook, ■ Arthur- «|ieais : I^rof. Bonlrre Had' iieglulifi 

tu the Formalities of ho toe life. Cousequeotlv 
bkofl the arrival of Maurlcette, we find Ua 
prcLarlng to dine at-t cafe,. leaving. hU trlfe 
at' home alone. He dlaapptove-i uf tho ia*- a 
of a compaiirop for mouaine, but upon see- 
!ng the prospective Incumbent, lmuiudia'i'ii' 
^utiges his mind, and suddenly ilnds that 
he is too late for dinner at the cafe. Id tlie 
aecbnd act (six wecfts latftv- every one U 
happy. Dautran has become doinestleated (*>) 
and his .wife Is. happy In his *ita»hie "-if 
., home.. Paul Aulwrt. his profeoc, has fallen 
who tells his wife: bo will nerei* heat her hi love with MaUrfcetle, but when ho speaks 

- tu madame about taklog her away, there U a. 
doubt In bar mind as' to the advi%bi;iiv- 
"thcy are so: happy now." Chavry, a rrlcuii 
of Dantrana. knowing Mauricette to. have 
lived lu the Lutiu Quarter, Judges her by the 
grlstUes there, 16 repulsed, and severely con- 
debmedby Dautran. who overhear* his ia<* 
uroiosltloa. Mine.- Dautran thinks her hus- 
band has been unjust to Cuovrv." but Dnn- 
trau Indignantly denies it, and defend* 
Maurleutte so vehemently that ■ her ecus 
are. at last opened. Alaurhette has. mean- 
time, declined Piud'a offer Of uiarrkge 
and lu shame at Chavry's conduct, retire 
tu her room in team Xlme. Dantran u-jv 
wishes her to marry Paul, and Mourlcette 
deceives her Into the idea of complying : tfcej 
the latter meets Damran as ah* 1 is trrln- 
to- steal -away for good. During the en^i'dii" 
at cue they 'come to the actual krwwiedg" 
that their loyo hi itmtunl. Mme. Bautran 
appears, confounds tlieui, and Jlaurlcett' 
now s.'cs her only refuge Is Paul. In tin- 
last act they have been married elx mouth*, 
but she baa never -been abb- to iffi her fan* 
to ill til., who has broken down lu 
health, makes an effort to we her: I'uni 
summons him to .cubic '.hi, und tela* Mauri- 
ceLte she must choose ouce aud for all. 
After u sceim with l>autrnu. she remain* 
true to Paul, and the Inference is that 
Dautran will return to his loiuj-^itrerliu' 
wife. Admitting thai the Freheli laws of 
married lite «r« more lenient than oura, the 

uny more, as be Intends to kill hei-. He goei 
to the hoUB« for his rllte when' Robert np- 
PC'ir-, Olid, In Bpltc of Deborah's entreaties. 
he goes tu Intercept ln-r Inubauil. The loud 
report of" a title, and tts.' !e>>aer one of a pistol 
are heard off stage, and Robert enters *ylth 
revolver In haud. He tells DefcoriiU Hlmeou 
fired at him first, and was preitaring to tire 
again, when .Hubert shot hltu iu self defense. 
Realizing Hint the nnrelenLlng Boers are not 
likely to believe the truth, thsy place the 
buy tn a cart which was struck by lizht- 


unified by Deborah. Upon Iris: rccdv*rv sho 
gives him some letters, one of which he 
reads. It Is from his wife's brother, and 
Informs hint that his wife Is making a ■strong; 
ilgUl against the liquor hobll (which was 
ihe cause of their i^epnrallon). and 1b eon- 
stnotly (nilltiig for him.. The "letter so «f- 
feetir Robert tb:U he determines to go to 
hk. wife, io the utter dctfpalror Deborah. 
nan Anna Vaudcrberg, Slmeuu's Kilter, 
then naiiears nnd drays ' fmm- Debwrah tin; 
facts of her brother's death; bat naturollv 
cinierrues It to be murder, and thivat- 
cns to deaonuce Deborah and Robert to 
na Leightiors. Aunu- rf-fuse^ to accept 
fco|d ior bet -ftfeatfe iini« VM - Dvborxh swears 
never to -m-e RuhWl agafu. Tills she refuses 
to do. Jan. Abiiu'A son, appears. U« he- 
lh'vi-s Delwrah's story wheu h« hoars It aud 
takes sides "Ujcalusi his- mother. Amount 

J hWfj j M i i jL -Jw iS t I^; Hoy; Dlauu Morley. Nel- 
lie Mai«oti. laxocitHtV stuff : Walter K, West- 
«.ult, manager :.. Joseph M. Meyera. business 
launae.-r: l Albert Bivwu. uiMfcleal dlrectur ; 
Joe 1. ,WJIlar.l, staKe luHuawr; M. Heffernan, 
stsge ,curiK*nter ; ■James (?Urvln, imtster of 
properties; Cai*ollue Bjeeeher. wardrobe iiiIh- 
Irtsf; elect rlcbiii. Clarke u'odututi. Next 
VW* "A Wolnati of Plre." 

Piisfor'a Theatre (Toiy tUbtK, munu- 
yer),— I hie Popular housL- was entirely -Void 
wit Oct, 21V at. both performniiceti. 11m 
liKglbbons-MeCoy Trio, .with Bert FttxghV 
l-et«i as thu mhicLlevuiis brother, In the skit 
of that numckopt every one iu-good humor. 
as-waud, , Their- welcu.ioe must have wanned 
■their hearts. ' yook and Sylvia hod un eu- 
thiiblaatlc -reception, and Mr. Cook wus re- 
called ngalq nnd'nvaln to nhuw his iutriuite 
and clever steps. It would seem ay- though 
tu BUHart dnpciid.t^o'wjLdlfQr-ils own good, 
lor. -hi; Is eomplctely uk-d up before tho- au- 
4Vhm- wll':let him go., stlne Und Brfcaa 
apdi* presented the amusing farce,- "Wanted, 
u:, Divorce." lu which they ure well. and fa- 
yurably -kuown. Lkiu Carlos- exhibited his 
wuuUccTulljj. trained duarc The loviiatlou 
tttt ir *.T»s especially ptah-eworthy. u,«il' tho 
Hire Ih. one -of the 'neatest canine ads tu 
yuudevllUv. Curbhsy .and Conley,- "The Piker 
Mid thc-Jsiuirt;" nt laughter jfdlug on their 
i*uirunce, and by their ijulck work keot things 
* RflK 

the. letters Deborah ga\-e Bubert bo dls* hr«t two Hets .are entirely probable, but all 
covers one of later datei which announces sympathy Is lost in the teat aW for Dautran. 
Ifae deipth of his wife, aud the curulu falls and -mneh- hitherto wuii br Maurlcette for 
v Ifl the layers In caeb others arms, and the atnud they take. It ; were bud enouch 
wit h the understanding that they will -marry (or tliejn to love when; she was single, bin 
" Paluted (pr him to deliberately und persistently pur- 
sue her ufter her marriage to I'aul. also her 
constant dwelling upon her thoughts of him. 
even' though she does not love Paul, form 
two very, unpleasant phases.- Paul, lu spite 

anew iu .England. 

liCHU; IK^tuond. Bltea Jdnrble ; Viola SSB tto^ ft?.i2f^^r miftffliiS 

uTi" S "•.•wtM^to.ry setting for. a piny, of Ids love for her. sWuld never linre mar- aside from thin the characters iu this ried her until lit; knew &* loved hltu. Shf 

piav do not ■ ways hare a true rlng.u fault showeit little respect for ftej futurv husband 

which ^s- particularly pronounced in the last in making. hlnr u "last ifiort;*' roUtSS 

in so^far affthe Bobts live by "Tlie little Immediate happiness could be anaetfed 

'" As both were loving and lovuhle characters, Jn 


Boot" as they c*4l the Bible, the a'utbo 
nave been true to. nature, but alter the first 
ttvt.. nets the ejrarueters are artificial. In 
.'lis* Asbwell the American stage hu* a laost 
desirable aCiiuisjltiou. She is an etuottuuul 
rjlffiU of rare ability, und her ■ perfo'rmam-n 
.of Deborah . Is one of the 'dramatic treats at 
the present sousou. The role Is a difficult 
Ma to portray, lu so much that for the most 
part It; reyiiU'es Euppressed emotion, hut 
:rom her tint entrance' to the final curtalt) 

H?.^ «5"i2ffi?! «"«"•< "Ut like a fixed rvrlous work she" nrored- herself thorougblr 
Iu J*« .***?*** r^mi-etent, 'and .fairly .chaj-med hsr hcareri 



Bpltc of their weaknesses, It Is reasonable tu 
vt!p;.'jge they "lived bnpplly eccr aftor." Mr. 
Irving gove a delightful cotuedv perform- 
ance In the first act, .nnd was oulte. i-ou- 
vluclug In the strong sceties later on. .The 
Hltuutiun and the Huts were responsible fur 
his failure in the lust aet. Mlas Bolrd' was 
po teeny. Ingenuous and' altogether charm- 
ing iu the first net, that she wus responsible 
for- numerous curtain calls. In the more 

FCMurnt where the. rote called for expressed 
emotions. Mhs Ashwell was equal to the 
o'-esslonsj -and carried them to unquulltied 
s:|eeeM. Vp to the time that Dshorab dls- 
eOyi-rs JJobe-rt l«.veff her, tiio urtreMi was ■!- 
«num the woman who, reaiirlug 
thivubJvet slavery "of hatraair in eommon-wlth 
l*r, country wotueai and vulnlv rebels aguiuat 
It... yet ull-the while strlTlog to he content 
with her coudttlon. utd dv-hcr duty.- Later. 
'"■ she- lenrps her affeetlou Is returned. 


ill. «. uille-u-piluutc clip' tudit Ihe end. 
unrt Bordooex- gave tlieli* Italliin art 


>vluplUK, applause. Tiny -am prime. fuvoTlay 
l.ere.-- ;AL t'arleton, "The tiklnuv Ouv. ,, :was 
heant. la.' hut'rijonoleguc.' which cull* out uu- 
uieroiis-laitghs.; and bis- "get up" - Is "rt> 
aiiotislblc for more. John P. Clark sang 
a Bain la tils ontcrtululug mauuor, and won 
i.Umerons encores. Others vrw-e: . Harrv 
Ml Io, in fe^tts of. strength: Ivy, Dtiltuar nntl 
lvy.-iu'The Mnlsb of Alexander ;" Martin 
mid RMmvay. ip comedy ; Will and Hay 
Itfiio. in ^"The Yap from Oiueyyllla ;" Murnliy 
imd Palmer. In "Puuny Oddities," aud Johti 
WaMu . "Tlie Man With the Hod." The vita- 
Krapli closed the bill. Ou Oct, '2A Mr; Pastor 
celebrated tiw twehty-llfth year oi his oc- 
eiipuiiL-y- of this theatre. No i-pvclal bill was 
*;lvep. but the genial :taanager: received on. 
Kiuiit tut luns- from the entire . vaudeville 
world, and said he hoped to remain m uiun- 
peer of thLs house fur nmny years to come. 
Tils Means ure lealou. und they reciprocate 
Lis wish. •.. . 

TiiallH Theatre (SuJHvaa'4; Woods, imu> 
ngetei.— "A Mlduhght Lscape" Is thla weeks 
KtawtiML The company is cast aa follows r 
doc Msudel. Hurry K«iiiey : Daniel Davis, 
Prank T. Ohurltou: Spike Uenuusjiev, Billy 
Harlow; pinion Blootiij 
Navler PoHotl, .Clturlts- ... 
Murphy, Audrew.O'Nell; Isao'» Mendel. Arda 
l.;i i.'r.'.tx ; Jumes Meams Wbi, Jacksou - 
James Warsop. Harry Slouo : Touv, Arda La 
Urol* ; UiusMppl Mollnl, Letter TliigU ; OIo- 
vauul Pollocio. Clius. SchlMlcr: ItosaU'lle 
Bloom. Delhi Knhiht : Mallldu Moiicuu, Cu- 
nillla Criime. tteflalnei are Introduced by 
Mllly Dnrlow. Androw O'N'cIl uud Ruby IVr- 
•ooyd Next week, "Birtha, ihe Sewing Sia- 
chine flirt* 

Miner's Klfthtfc Avenue Theatre (KJ. 
win P. Miner, manager ), — The 'New Loudon 
tbtletf il'rk a nofa red IU "Casey's Vacation" 
und •'Skld-Do-De-O." matinee of Oct; 20, and 
neaaeu with the two bkltP, which were well 
lui tidied by a wood company, headed by Pat 
M'hlti and Nellie Grant. Tho olio Includes, : 
Marglu Catlln and Joe Young;, singing and 
duuelog: Wnshhiiru and Au»tlu, two of a 
hind: the Famous "L'Ublfls Down" Ifk-rnldae, 

sliobiis new strength, bom of this love, she 
bteenu-s-svlf rellaut. even thifiaut. Thus. In 
spite cd- lack of an opportunity to show 
her- best: work. Miss Ashwell made one 
ot tun most pronounced successes ever 
mm by .m LndUb actress In Amerieii. 
Beryl Mercer, who .also appeared In the 
original production of the play, and with It 
Is. trow heluy- seen for the Urst time lu Amer- 
ica, made, tbu email role of Memke Btaad 
out prominently, nnd proved to bo an ce tress 
won by of better upiwrtunitles. -Edwar*! It 
gran) covo a -capitally artistic perform- 
ttn of Simeon. Ho was tho living eifimple 
ot -tho tyrant Boer, and the mnuy outbursts 
ot approval accorded his work w«re -well ue- 

l«y ■ her excellent work.- K. Ifareburt VTil- 
llams -gave a very ■ intelligent performance of 
Mand Milton tcbred one of- the eut- 
hits as Mme. Dautran, and well d- 
K«ncd the up[duuse Itestowed liuori her. 
blalnu Jneseort was good uu the dlsugreeablf 
Uttie. Chavry. Aib» Mellon- pluretf a bit 
well. The cast; Bogtr Dauirau.'-II. B. Irv- 
ing; Paiii Aubert, T£ Ilarcourt Williams; 
Otmvry, s, A. Ceuksou; Itlvrav, Cbns. l>orau; 
Pldburt, -B. .Worrull: Crolssard,- A.' Curtis; 
Madame Dautran, MnuU'Millun; Muuilcetti, 
Dorothea Bulrd; Slmc. 'Chavry, Elaluc Birdr 
corf. Mine. Illvrav, Kai^ule Bennett; Pniu- 
rolse, Ada. Mcbon ; Hcrvaiit, 'Htuinellne Olf 
der; Marie, Eiitma UpnSL "Markhelm' 1 
pre. ceded "Maurii-ette," and this bill was re- 
pealed luutlnee of 87.' Kvealngs vf '<£$• '^". 
' the Lyons Mail" and "King Uene'u Daugh- 
ter" formed the attraction. • The house was 
dark at*, but opened 80 with I'orbes Ujbari- 
b.oa aud Gertrude Plllott, In "Cmsar end 
Cleopatra," a review of which will uppvar 
next week. 

Uewcy Theatre 
managers). —The 

(Union Theatre Co., 
Pay Foster Burlesquers, 

aerveu. WtTmmlE'mrmVm^'lBZEFSlA ttnU ? r AM maaagement of .Joe Oppenhelmer, 
good work In the first iSLa? a2rS ffi "•t ™* tlrst New York bow forthls i» 
i M .. D •...„_ 3'Sa?xB lu .iL Lt J he company found a good sized crowd la 

was too much for him to ovcrcomu. The 

ork. Tho catit lu full : 

front, who "gave T .t hem "a hearty wehxnoc 
there was luueh to applaud, aud oecasioa 

< did good 
Bubert Waring, |__ 
Bd-WMid B. Muwson 

knnn VandurbeJK" bmC ECTTS ■»"*" w»n a nmrry mirietta. ca 
Iraugcrf Memke. BMrjl BS5a%ffi25 tH t A }i- °h I" M «*r>- Old England." Tho 
Krhlvt. Leua AHiiwell "•*»! i>eborah uust :■ Claude Pural. tiloie WwCDtk Tur- 

Herkeley Tlient'ro (Geo \ lllamn. K. 11, ? larrr »Jf* Coy I ier : Sixteen Jock. Oeorge 
tlnH, manager >:-~Thls'uoub^ ^ (fomiery the K, 11 !" '*>$***& V ,taiBur - BIud «S 5*^ 
Berkeley Lyceum) was opened Wed L^dil J^l Coatile. Maxlne Lorraine; Lady Cas- 
eveulng, Oct. a*, under the inanawiiautS 

5 Guere : Taute Ana? fSKg E5£ H^°Al| *%&$?& ' «■«***.?*! 
Oraugcr:' Memke. Beryl Mercer : DeboraT. J2'AK&-&lk 

Geo. A. Blumenthal. 

ill..- Ore.t Carroll ; Ulm Jmuy. Kilty Uf- 
OUi Mils Muiu. Josle McCall: Oener»I 
o Arms. Wm. McCall : Coaclinian. Lewb A|- 
»uce. Thu rSoriiH : Etiel Dover, Lucille 
Hooper, , EcUm eaiil. Slurglc tfelreter. Kl» 
•'■■"■ Klale Meadows. Mabel Lonsdale. 


given, ntamttr to SSTmBStr'S fcftl M ';9^oe. Evi . Wbwlcr7 Uyrtle '«ecli.r. 
written since Z&Ji iJ^^JS 4SS*. JKSUE""' 

na Unucl llutttrion, was tne.lilt of Ihe ertn! 
ijg, unJ licr sltiglug a "Fascination" was fa 
l;* tnccCBa. TUt snow remulns liere uulll 

,S» •* , ,, w '.' c " " goes on to "f- I'l* lni.lne'H 
slalF: Business luunugcr, Gerald f. Baou • 
press representnllve. Ueotgc L. Mucfarlani ■■ 

gy gn^jhiSS S i -us.ui.nt t?e,V 

oner. Lester }t. Morrison; carpenter, lurry 
Hnymnid: properties aud accessories FmS 
A. .Schemer : electrician. Harry Wortblngton 

Katie Jusopp; 'Miy Mills. 
— d-, Aa olio ot excellent sets 
followed, every one. ot which were encored 
several tunes. Bes.1, Phillips. Bloglug and 
dancing sotilirette -. Aliarc and Lorrulne. niu- 
flcul teunl :-lieurJ French, mimic ttctcr and 
rajiersouator, who made one. ot tie tdmtoM 
lilts seen hero In some time; McL-all Trie, 
novelty, rope dunclut. and the Four Solson.-. 
i-oiiii-dy acrobats. A utve*y cornidy. cMlh-d 
■Kelley's Hotel." tWOtiW hr Great fnrrol!. 
nioli! llller, liarry L. Conner. »'■. McCall. 
mid u host oi others, closed the show, which 

iho Day -Baton" fulled to liud fuvor and !-" nl with stniii und ginger from the start 

ce sE '••" suit; Joe Oppeihelmer, propr i- 

tor : . Jules Meyers, business manager : the 

Great Carroll, stage manager: L. E. Johus. 

wus ullhdrnwu aftur the, performance ..„ 
111.- scc,-Ml week of "Mnmielle Cli,ini|ittgne'' 
b(Ma-m ttdth ihcrrltis an udd.-d feu mv 

V&^^^^^l^rUt^l a^SSrS^LS^Sia, ffi^fi^^SS^feff'- 1 * 

btiudnk and .talkloc eoia'edlan^ and .the V Sart gg r i^J^^ ^**lr ^ 9 ?h*-«pH-. g Chick. ^Lilil^fcrl^ <>!vy„Malda. 

— . aud the Must. 
Belle The teen included : Pat White, Sam 
• ■reeu. Oscar LeivU, Paul Bell. Att Bell, 
Vw. Edmondiou. Kd. Tbomoe,- Belle Auitlui 
Bene Washburn and Nettle Grant. 'The cos- 
turves and daueas pleased greatly. N'ext 
week, the Hiulto KoumVra. 

Bijou Theatre [Bpnry B. Biro, maun- 
tgft\**3RA C Ortrtdwiii flnterM hln llllh and 
1am week Oct. 2TJ. In "The fltyilnsJ'- "Wben 
We Were Twentt-obe" will he r^ 
special matinee Kov, T. x«l 
Icwht In "Mr?, Wi!«fta, Thal'= 

en f "..began hla fourth -week"6ct l '.""d- "? v *** ^Lyoetim Theatre (Daniel Frotiman. oan- 

Manha-.tnn Tlteatro (Wm- A* Rr.4. Jeer).— "The Lion aud the Mouao" hewn it* 

manager). — flrace fteorgo started heV?ff"S& f ort /- uint1, ^Cek.Oct. SO. The tour hundred t a 

week. Oct; at>.'ln "Clothea." . aertigkOi. performanre was remembered. 30, with «>■> 

venlrs. - * ■ 

P«»u rt?*jnth "Street Theatre (J. Wealer 
■ Botwnnheti.'toabageri.— CeelMipootier inrtefl 
her thlni nnd laat week Oct. 211, In "rue Oh* 
UntTloH." ■ Natj «odk t Nat M. Wills, la "A 
Luekv Dorr." "• 

Hudion Thbatre (Henry B. Harrta, mfln- 
t(t*rt,-^"The HypocrlceV atnrted Its tenth 
week Oct. 20. ■ "' 

Mojllaun Square Theatre (Walter R 


I!ali«>r'» Mn«c«M i Jj.I.u . U. Audernyu, 
rr,nnnp-r).-^MIC(!lll«y'Vlittt'hoa!!ie, style* pat 
•Vnmnn. jmrr. horse' nn.l*riA>rt MrrtVha* proven of ibf- bhorot. sensation* of. the sciuton, 
tlundh^TK ViMllnpt thH pnfmlnr family resort 
t£ fi*t n p vtor,<if}rf ill- Phrlo. Mtoc 
.^hell' , cfntl her- performlhf( Hon* still r^ 
ii-.DlB, aha*: continue to "lhrlu. Rich nmi his 
crae, nlflfy*. ' I» : the -I hear re -an excellent 
bib, 'Ir. *hron, '.I4*<j((l.'hi- ice- Zimmerman*. 
TwnnK HarBfttCfltod mim? -itWrv .«■■• 

toTO^ThMtrle (Franh HcKec* mann- 
rer).— WO r> ' lvI » l>epui ■ her: >»di1 and 
l»n ir#ek Oct.- '-".i; In. n'ho.IIou.v «f- Mirth. "' 
Sett 'trAV, ' Xyrlc Belle*-, la "Itrlendlcr 
i>ra^d/' , 

Miner'* Bowery Theatre < Edwin D. 
Miner, manager) .—"Tbe Champagne Girls" 

the; afEr^i.'/TroaRK'v ©ixepke:r. 

i 9S7 

tmSSk ' Ih ° ' lu ^. s -to. *>***'<» :*i-mM -. •Aj|B^AeaJgg^e*t ^«M«i! ' ' *«««—•« ,tto mm i-uyattiv trvi,. Wirt™, 

_J feunwlng .... 
RrindarHbin-; i|inntocit lllnrk. MAF. Mil 

MttajNt < Lew. marker, avmagor) .—Vir- 
ginia Batnea.-ln. -Trie W L-tter," tin 

In ".Tnlle Bon-Bin.;;n s5» ln en the Bowery Oils vrot Tho . . ^"f*" 1 -' i.Wj C. Frldley, manager).— 
prcTOtnae Includes; "Ml wife, and Mr M», Him Jrn I," 29 and w«»k. ,"Aa So 
>*eIgnbor'3 ' Wife," George B. Alexander, ° ow ., last -week. Neit, "The old Koroo- 

atead, . A. War bill was presented Sunday, 


Cirrit tLjer and Josette Webb, rilllv iiont- 
-om«T*nnd Hnrrr Canton. 'Bitty Potter and 
jffle Hartwell, the Three Moores, and "Life 
at .the Seashore." Next week, the Washing- 
ton Soefctv Girls. 

CorKVille Tlieatre(Prank aersten.mnn- 
agw).*— Too -rural -comedy, "Home Folks," 
upentd hem for the Teak Oct. 20. Next 
week. 1 "Beauty and the Benst." 

H.ici.ett 'i>*at» 'iffttm K. Hflckttt, 
maa»aer).,-r-Roi& Stabl entered her third suc- 
ceuful -ffeeit Oct. 20, In "The Chorus LaaV." 

Garden Theatre (Henry W. Imn, 
manner).— Clay Clement opened his thfra 
week 0<g. 29. in '"Sam Houston." 

Belnseo Tbrnire <p&Tld Betaara. mana- 
ger). — Blanche Botes commenced her thir- 
teenth week Oct. SO, In "Thi- CJrl nf the 
Clolden Wt«." The engagement will rlosc 
Not. 24. 

Garrlr-lr Theatre (Chas. Frnhroan, mnn- 
sger).— .William Gillette started Ms third 
week Oct; 21V In "Clarlre." 

Joe Weber'i Manic Hall (Joseph M. 
T7eber, ranniig^r).— "The MertRnre oC a Man" 
bf^n its second and la*t wefk Oct. 20, 
, Grand Opera Home i John II. Springer, 
maniieer) . — • "ifr. ltepbln?on' > started a 
weela engncement Oct. 20, tA a n-o«d houw*. 
Xext'iweete James K,. Ilackctt, In vrhe Walla 
of f J*f1ch6>' ■; ■ " . ;' ■ 
/'Criterion Theatre (CharleS Frohman, 
ni(niagpr).'f-Hat(le 'fflJliams heeah her thlr- 
tfentfi nflroac 20,in - •'The Little Chernrt.'' 
^Jr. Krchpinn hn^ derided to extend the on- 
jsg^nlent; until the mifldle f»X Dteetuwr. 
j EmpIre Theatre iChns. Prohtnan. man* 
nger). — John Drew started his ninth wees 
Oct. 20,. In "His BjoftM In OMer';*''- '■:•■'* ? 

.Letr ; Field** Herald Square> Theatre 
(5huhcrt.& I'f.cMils, rnannsersi. — Ltw Fields, 
la: "-About Town;'*, entered his tenth . week 
Oct 2tf.""; . ? '• : ' 

.Academy of .Hwalf* (Gllmorp & Tliomn- 
kins, managers!. — "fnne Cod FoltR" rooi- 
njenccdjtfl -tlilrd nnd laat week Oe|. 20. Next 
VCOc."' ■"Hubert' T!:'- MriiilHf;--trf renenoi-j-.' 

linli'Kcrhnii'ker Theatre y.\l. Dajmtl 

A- Co.. maiffigoi'a)':— Montgomery and sitone 
trarled.Tnelr sixth week Oct. 20, in "The 

Iten.Mini"! ■' :-" -...■- 

Ua|«M(l« Theatre (W. ft. Ilowland, mnn- 
sgef).— "1'lie Tourists"'"- opened its'- tenth 
wooj(Oft.,2&. - - .: ■ .,.- -j -. 

Xlherty .Theatre -(Klaw &. Erlnnaer, 
nianftCPra).— Klwufor -Itol>fthh ulrirvcd her nft'i 
.weok-Oet 20: tavNurs* Marjorta" ' ■ • . 
• Uroiidmtv -Thrnlfe" <Lh f &' ^tnfftrflU, 
mr,nftB^!>".-i-"'fh.; - r»iir\t'o - of inrtla" ' hfeenn 
Iti-aUihlweefe 0?t. 2tl; l ,- ! . . ; ::.. . -■ ... t .*fi 
/r WalUe|c> ;CGh3S;.F.nrnham. manager). 
— SanxiBArhiffd -Ojicuwl life ,-fiecpnd vtceU • 6ct. 
29-flri' "Tn^mkn i Mi-.'. IWlcephelmeT."' t ■> 
.'.'t«w-Yhrfc -Theatre .(KMn-iErlnnger, 
aina£<,'iraV.--Clift»ncp,v OlchlfflieRan- Ut*3e»- 
phULUfcailflfeti-'rcek -ftct-.'SO. in ■ "Kilcen '.«- 
thj«.:V5. Nott week, '■F.oy - Tpniploton, In 
"Frtrt.v-fiTeailniuefl from Eroatlway." .. , - . 
•'. Canftro f*e,a S. \- Lcc Shnnert, mona- 

*ea>.— 'CWs hotiHO will "he Uiirk Oct 2% 
.Vrt>.-2h opening ;■,.- with James T. Power?, In 
The Jiine Moon, *>t*.rv- . 

Harlem— At Kcilh & Proctor's Harlcni 
oneriv Hflirsn the business for the first weet 
or the new venture was beyond exneutoilon, 
and. bjAJeaUMH, arc that ii will Improve as 
time pots by. : The ofTeripga are the beat 
that rain be obtained, and that fact should 
BO.A loiw way to attract.. The bill for this 
week |sKre anioeemebt to larao crowds at 
l»tb 'perforpiattco4 -Oct 20.-. ft- Inelndei : 
Master (Jnbrlel and Geo. All. late stars. 'of 
the' ivBiwtei' Brown.*' Co.; Windsor McCor. 
Lowell and Lowell. Norn. Rave*. Hdwarns 
BjfeJFiV and" companj*, Willis Famliy. Jack 
Wilson and companr, • Coabt De Biifz and 
Brother, Ton Moore, Thomas iteepfln' and 
company j ; ■■Ma-tthleu. jtlggjPr; Dbrand- Trio, 
-vlexla and Sciiall. r,nd moving pletnres. .• 

■WEfTEypcJ. K. Ccokaon; mnnacer).— The 
Western ploy, :*The-'Odw Puncher." -to :}Ue 
la ttwB j m tot the etiprent wpek. It Is riulte 
n WpiBKl frctn .the usual rim of molodrnmap, 
nnd was well applanWd 20, being gi-eatlv en- 
.1oye,d hy a Jarge audience. Indlcatlona polht 
to a most nrosperorts- week. The play was 
mil coac: afliJ tho stag? effects true to Witt- 
em -life: -Next -week. "'AsYe Sow." "' ■' " , & Seamon, managerO. 
-j-**yie Beality mnd the Beast" opened 20. 
Next week, "Home Folks/' •: 

Stab (Wn. T. Keosh, manager). — "A Child 
of the - Regiment 1 ' this week, with Vivian, 
J'rescott anrt Walter Wilson -fn the star parts, 
and a . most capable company supporting 
teem. The 'aconle -effects are triumphs of 
stflge. reallHtn. nnd the. entire, production a 
most suitable one for this bouse. The house 
y/fla MbtOat theonehlnc. Next week, "Ten 
Thousand Dollars^Rewfitff."- ' " 

KftiTit, ft. pHOprott'a osb BUMpaV iKn 
TWEVTY-rirrn Stmet . Theatre. — ^'Mrs. 
Da'nn's. Befense** was glveh 2.9, With 'the S. 
tL'p: sign' out. In fact, capacity "ilea 
weak -after '.week, showing that -the paous 
of-Hirleai appreciate cleverness nnd pntroh- 
i?q wben ^the plays are properly presented. 
- r -adld work, 
Tbe rhay 
„..j Beatrlco 
Morsffin, as ats. Bane, and Paul McAllis- 
ter Daniel Cat-paret. Others who con- 
trlhutGd a lull, abate to the good work Wet-e: 
BiiflJny -Ilnw e>, Acnea Scott, William Nor- 
ton and Etli'el Clifton. The vaudeville of. 
leri ■■•John B. <,llbert, Ilornee WrlRht and 
PWhlpIn- Trio. - ' ■ " ■ •* ■ ' ■ "-• 

AtlTAStBJlA (Percy G. Wllliarns,' mnnnger). 
-rlt-Is ihn same old story -litre" week after 
week, 8. n. O. The attractions give unl- 
vpnah, f^tilfitctlau: ^Thls'w^ek'a ulll Is art 
excellent oHe-nhd- presents an n hendlttior 
Brant-by* WlAlnin*. the ,EngMflb--rUars 1 :ter 
netot'. ' The, in ihaumiiturfiy, are In 
ihfllr aerottd aiul last wook. Others ire: 
.Inwnbirie . Cohan and compatry, ' Fred Nlblo, 
loy. mid. Clni-k, tho Four Litkeus, ■ Maude 
•'ourtne.v-ninl GnUhmltb rind Hopper. 
■'HniT|(j.'ft'StiMf>K'H Mrsif tlAi.ii fBen 
aurtlg.- wAmger). — l'«;ter Clark's .Bnnawaj- 
t/Irls opniled'to a tfdod sln-d.-nndlrnco 21». 
ITiia h, tliolf -flrat Hnrloiu Apticarauce tills 
nianap arid' they nw-t with n warm welcmae. 
uecptuir tiii'-.ttiidlcup'! Iu -InugbtiT from start 
'v:.lnlsli. ;.. The llwt p«rt, "Tho Hultun's !.«• 
ieinjjin,*?.glv<8.olI.a chuuec lo display |iratty 
eoltnnt, ; "Tlifl ■'sllotv Ih well i»Ut .toacUier, 
iinrt- the, opening andioucf •showiid Itk'ap- 

T1.5. stock company here, by splendid work, 
has corned the favor shown It. '.The rhay 
«fis. well ■ stafted and cast, with Beatrice 


'oval -by n-Ai- tu linu jatiso. The 611u ' offcrcu : 
Rfai Pjiulf -viitt JTJJfc .Rnmtwy 

_ J m- 

js. 'tile btiwe'ry Quartntte, and Low lliiw- 
1-JtJR --- ; Tad .aho'W •ceflc!u*h.-s with thu Hecond 
ntrtof'th*' li:irt"W]Tje. ' whlclt furul^htHl mmm 
rdBlror'nll.- Next week, the ReuU-Sdntley 

. Gf>ThU# " lt (PaTC Krntiif, ,n3auagor).-^Tbe 
I4(*lVKxtrh'v«irtln7ii Co, , opened -to s. .it, 0. 
Sjfiloid- Java ^be of lb* beat shorn. «f tbe 
season. AWm hot a l>0rlM4ii* J ..lmt a. atrdght 
wftnM&SlfctVa %&*• Tho coOumea 3fe 
VeSJ fine, '1m- the ontlrn ahot^ la bum Mil 
f>i-fafigs Ann Rnod cotn^df, Tlie olio often: 
xniv International Trio. Thf sho^c rbriclndes 
with tho jpcond aflt. in which the tnlnttrela 
pdtade, - wfth "Dliic Land'" as i the opening 

JS. -inclndlng bldney Grant. PteMs and Ward, 
Hay Duryea and Chas. Beland. Stcelv, Doty 
and'Coe, Emmet t Bevor and company Lee 
Toaag Foo, and Chat, and Fannie Van. 

■ttwou ■ tlln. Spooner. managerj.— "Leah 
Eleschna, ' by the stock coopanv, fa seen 
here 29 and week. Ednn Ma-r spooner, ns 
Leah, wins applause, nnd the "others of the 
company are jjood.. ".'On Shannon's Shore" 
racked tho house. x«t. "A Voting Wife." 

Sfagt) teuton X. illddletoa, manager). — 
Barney Gllroore, In "A Kocky Road t" Bnb- 
lln," ; thl8 week. "Queen of ine-Hlghhlndw'* 
dlu the usual big Imnlness. Nest, Florence 
Bindley. .Sunday, 2S. was Irish night, and 
drew n troweled house. 

CdLtMBU ' (Chas: II. Wnerz, manngert.— 
"VThm the World Sleeps" 2» and week. ihe 
Great fowl Mystery " crowded the house. 
N'ext. "Quceu of, tbe Cnnrlets." Sunday 
nlgnTa bill ' indnded : rtrnckman. Boyle and 
Iteirpont, Five Black American^, Zlndl nnd 
I»outeiie, Cunningham nnd Hoss. 'Chas.'Mr- 
Atof, Mormy Clayton, nnd Brew, Martin and 
ltidgeway. Crowley nnd Keleen, and klneto- 

■ OaPHBCM (Percy G.- Williams, manager).— 
An excellent bill is presented here this week, 
with .the Great Lafayette ni a. headlines 
mb>r«:fire: Sleed'3 Pantomime company, la 
'^Trie .Mysterious Hotel;" Rerf Lesllf, nsslgted 
Hb Sailor and; nnrtmrelta, the Flyo Majors, 
BlUj 3; Clifford. Eva ! Madge, ''Klcttnla' Sis- 
ters, Ferreraand his musical doe. and tbe 
American rJtagraph. Ftlg ■faomps ia^t-week. 
_;Htrs & Br.HMA^'a (Nick Norton... mem- 
ecr).— The usual pood hill /s. seen .here this 
week, with Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Crane nnd 
compauyvln a faree, "Every bod v's t*p," as 
fife iiffidHnfrs. Others are: Bailey, and. Km- 
tin; Bave Lewis. Kelly -and Violate. Mary 
Brrpont-niul .company. Max Witt's Four'Hlnjt- 
Ins Colleens, the Htn!j!"V.»,- roakley nnd Mf- 
Brlde find tlte- kinetograph. Good Inislnesn 
lemt week.' ,'. ■ • . v, . ' t. ■ 

■ -KbRNKt's (Then. Wensllk. mftnaner).— 
ltoliert llllllard. 'Bean" and llnrrillton; .' JA. 
nujl Bonnie Farley, J'atsv Dpyle,' Walters nnd 
FrWity. . Helen Trlx, Itnwem, Walters and 
Urooker, U. W. Trc Ben-ick and company, and 
khiHogTnpli. » 
•■"."SrAu (Archie Ellis, manager). — The Bo*- 
erj'. Hurlew[irers have the boards this week, 
\<irht*6'\vir funny bnrlesqiw»B.'> Tbo olio 
lnchide.*:,Farrcll-Tajlor Trln.Mlills and WU- 
sou; Jleiv..l:iiisen, nhnT t^trtncllla d' Eleedere. 
a k , remarkable.. 1'arlsinri. Uafi.cV. Bxcelleni 
buslneVn la'si week. ■'■-•-■■' **-* ,,■—'■■ '» , 
ijXrpF.itiaj. (\\T-'.t'.' Gnvlor. .mahngeV.L — Tho 

'Rtalto A llnitr:<k']-H ■ 20 -> (tart- wepk.»«. Tnio bui-- 
f?>qiieq,'-uV^ nnyUr 'NWiratay'Pnrlft'vnnVI **.\ 
Bdy-ntSheephead Bay.:' arc good. ," ( The olio 
,ijM'jitats itMwmiteaaJn .aad^ittck^iiRhiry 
:tod. Wl'(.iert.'?(hw- ydrk'Harmrmy'Tdiir, Hafla 
ItciUircgrird,*nnd \"Thc Parcie.Olrl." ■Good 
hdosoJ -iest whAv ' "•" .' ' 

^'Ji'BKOAnTVAV (Leo C, Teller, lestee). 
--"HIS "Honor, the Mayor." lcclndlflp llavry 
Kelly, aa Beacon Flood, Is here:tms week. 
Claire'. Macutz Is' aim In the' cast, r/isf 
Tiiek, Jon Wcher'R Pa. .mnde the ■-%.• K...O. 
sum au>r*mahcfit*ifixinre.In' , - < tbe:frontof tho 
house/ Sett, Frltzl- Xchott,- in '"Mile. Mo- 

raKT (Bcnnet Wilson, manager). — Nat 
M. Wills bring* "A Lucky Bog" here this 
week, lllg business, last week, with iamca 
J. <"*orbfltt. Next, "Queen of the IBghblnd- 
erg. M , 

UAVfrrr Oaroos Clark, manager).— .Tho 
Renf7.-N«titley Biirleuo.uc Co. this weok-Tho 
buriesqiies are railed 'Potty Mlnfltcfv from 
the bowery" nnd "The Squaw Man's Wife/* 
Tlte olio': -Colton. and Bartow. Marshall and 
King, Allen. and Ballon, Wljon and i:nton. 
Ctarles W'e\her, the 'Crellnr' Zartorha, hnd 
the Everett Family. Clark's Runaway Girls 
bad n big* week endlns: 27. Next, the Bow- 
ery Bur.lesrjiier.v- •. - - • ' .-' ■ 

N'orctTX (Charles E. Williams, .manager). 
— Tie blll'thls week Includes: lCdwlu KeotiKh 
nnd ,■ comJMny, Ward abd Cnrran,: Tlcenlo 
Midget*. Joe 'Tnrdinan, Edeatns, the equili- 
brist; the Baldwin*, and Haymood nod Cav- 
etlv. Boalnesa week ending '27 was big. 
• BiAifK's amthio^ {mam 9ehlei;Inger. 
raana^er),— "Vr Tom-Boy Girl.." with Lottie 
\V[lllam?; Is this week's offering Large busi- 
ness laet week, with "When tho World 
Sleeps." Dolly Kemper, in "The Gypsy 
Girl," next. 

, Gotham (Edcar F- GIrard, manager). — 
The offering this, week Includes: Franz 
Ebert and company; Tteloar, Almnnt and 
Bumont, Howaro and North, Minnie Ilarrl- 
fton, Kelly and Adams, John ami Ray Boiiey, 
Pat Hooney and Marlon Bent, :- and the vjta- 
graph. Bnsiness coutlnnes large. - =. . 

GkaKd FAUiLt (Frank B. Carr, manager). 
—The Stewart Stock Co. begins the second 

Seek of Irs- stay here, with "Beware ot 
en." The company has. met with .decided 

"fSWb (5. ' R.. AUen. mahArtry.^The 
hoiise company preients "Olit of the Fold 
tKh week.' ■ Big business last wefk, w th 
">|pnte Crlstb.' 7 -Next, "Pudd'nheart Wll- 

LvciitM (Louis Phillips, manager).— With 
an etitlrelv new atage and brand new set- 
tlngv »l* house reopened night of 20, with 
"Biciw-1 Goldstein." • "N. ,._, 

JfoTEH.— Archie R Kills, manager of the 
Star Ttleatri', wns ele'dted secretflry and treas- 
urer of the Hyde and Rehman Atftuseraent 
Co,, at a -.meeting of tho board of directors, 
Friday. Oet. 2«. Mr. Ellis will continue an 
annnger of the Star, hut his headquarters 
njj he In the Temple Bar .Building, Brooklyn. 
..,i..The Majestic Tlteatm bos been sold out 
to .the Germ-flu Hospital for Nov. 12, 13, 14 
lirid'.lO. "lied Feather" will bo the attrac- 
tion: Over LOW souvenir* were given T« 

laflltfa' whrvnitended the performance at the 
Qried Omni House, 22. A salad bowl, which 
rati a vary -fine pleee of Austrian china, was 
the -adnvcnlr- of this occasion. Mnnnger 
Mlddieton, who originated tbl* novel wny of 
Hiving away Houveiilrs. 1ms resolved letter* 
from mrauairers all over the country making 
inquiries as lo U'h, HCbemc. XlitHlnvpa.nt the 
ColuUihla has 'been 'excellent, the punt two 
weftfcd: ;-....'.. .''On 8!innti«in*n fhoif," Which 
lpnrnrtwntrtl'hv thd H^ootter' Hohri Co. Irmt 
week, was very pleaalnK, nnd nut with the 
upprova; of tLe pntronrf of ih-: Wfi lhc- 
litre,... ',W( Jabli. In "The Tfliidoi-bllt 
Ciitr." will be seen at the New Montank this 
K-.uson. .."* ; , 

- sew yohivCitjt jottimjs. 

Tiub Secosd BhASlATii.* AsKtit op The 
Sfeio York CoHt'mcrcMi was fn'iQd on rtatne- 
My','(tet;.-lH. U eetitalna ttconty-'clglif Mmm 

nfmoc iulercstiuir and entcrtMnlbg 
nerMrniiJg to the athgtband Us people, and Is 
wall worth .securing. Tta actor .who Is, l*o*t- 

' W *!t 

Oct.- iC #I*"itftjV Miflp*'a Tib#er» ! TtaWtre la 
aiitohoMires. AtteT.the sudw tn clahfl(-«tn 
banqbet was oirfM *t a down' torn reittu- 

iiriiiHw ■."•«»« ;,?jmnLom nmrK, loui.i r. mu- 
|e.r;:'HenttimIrt-Frnoklln Witltlngran,. ftr.Mrr 
Mnrtlh ; .'tllliy Bt»wtiP. Boh Nolan; TttorniU 
M^rtde. Jrirne^ Burro's <; ifeftrv Matsnn, II. 
tan*-; Jlwlnia -Dlntle, iratry.r. Lrtne;. Att- 
^"tuR pte-oiliette . .fhnma»,::iwibv IttlMft; 
gwjng Rnssril, ,RnipH Wnfortv. chnne** 
Irickturav William Abbott :.BeDj6niln. ; J>tt*- 
tlfc.'SJohB .Ro«e; Map la. Cli«ie«:Br»*nwii(; 
Jjihn Murthy. i.\ Mack : -.valte^. addio^M.K-k ■ 

Aiire Seymour; MrV Wilion" Dn#. ■ Bertlrie 
H^Ioson; Snrnantha DJngle, MftiE, McKay ; 
Alice WAlton. -Alice AMU: Myrtle' S)on>, 
GMeo Smith : Mabel Keat*. Mavde Harri- 
son;, Annie Wilson, Jmn rBarnett ; Pmellni 
HndRpeth_Daw, Jn?,>phine Theresa. Thill. .The 
tain iv 1 under direeilon Of the Mittefithal 
Bros, Amine. Co. . , . - 

M*.' 6s BVAK-'a annual enteftalnrnent and 
rollitnry_aoiree occura Wetoesday nlrtt, Dec 
ft, at tar. Hall. riffyJnrntfl Street aod 
klarhth Avenue. Tbe lodge has donated the 
hall for the pnrp03e. and John g. [tonne? 
-in manage the stnge. There ~ entertain' 
nents, which are given once a yeoi by Major 
Bnrk. take tbe form of a reunion <*t f ha 
majov'3 legion ef friends in this city, nnd 
elsewhere, and are very happy fl^enslons. 

Bnffalo.— At tho Star Theatre . (P C 

CorrieIl,"maftattcr>;Maty TuTannnrlnr appear* 
In a' no(r 0l«y. 6^'IHda Johnson Young,' en- 
titled ^GinrlOQs.llctsy," Oct. 20-ai. It la 
the loVe^BtcirJr of Kilfftheth l*nttersoa, of 
Baltimore, ana the Incidents revolving about 
her courtship and mnrrtnre with Jcromn 
Bonaparte, the voting brother of Napoleon. 
Its rlrst presentation wns nt the Internation- 
al Theatre. Magnrit Fnlb, N. Y., 20, ,B, fl. 
Willnrd robes So*. 1-0. "TKe Lion- and m 
Mouse" n-io. itobert B. Mantell, In Shake*- 
■unroan rolesi^ttiade a-- profound Impression 
here last week. Business wns "tcellent. 
"King Lear" and "The Merchant of WrtMP 
were novelties with blm lo Bhffalo,'the In tier 
flrncin being, given by Mr. Mantell for the 
bv time. .. j 

..LttitiL^ ( J. - LaturMln.- manager). — Cyrl» 
Seotr. In hie dollghtfuiiv Interesting play, 
"The ill Chap," teappenrs at this house 
0.?t. aii-'ft. -. Mmr-; jKenf.y Ltpaln.' the yif- 
dtsh tfngMlenne, In tonjnnctlofi jvltli Mnur* 
ice Mosnk'owltz and.Sfltnuel i'Trrnberg, come 
In "Mli^Jle Effres" nnd "Tbe, Orphan" Not. 
1', '2.*-Kftrl: Crlennucr, Iri .'cello rmd - Mong 
reeltnl,; ij matinee. --. Host nek'* Antmni Show 
r.-io.- Jlenr* lVDIxev rlfdaMvi arid J«in.i« 
T- .I'oinie ;i|;n tlid n .iiitKtantinl liu^lnejn In 
•".Chq Blue Sloop.** . :. ■' ■■ •;-.*- 

» Kiiftjt**: — Tliia ' TPek : Hotidlnl; Amelln 
Sumra,ervllle; Bartliotdi'rt 1 eoekatoos, -Mouller 
Ulsters; Jack liiirriher, Burke nn<l pempsey. 
mid ,EdonIu-iind lilwards. Business, \h et- 
celionf/:* • : ■"; ' •*, '■ \~ " * •' *?• " 

fiihlir.s ■'. (M. Bum, • manager). — Keel: of 
20: .Ml l ton and Boll v . Nobles. Morris nnd 
Morris, Tojfarlniua na(i.\\*aitty,-.Mr.' and Mrs. 
O'Brien, Meftrathand. Fnee. Walter BnulelH 
and the OshyA.' Sunday '.eoueeris are given, 
and patrorlrtae ls.eycpilent,- •,-. . ■ -■;? 

-fiirxifrtxr/ ■(<.'. 3/. ■■■Bites, /manager). — T. 
W. .HIhfcinV:ImTnefcnr;- Maids thlK week, l'n- 
rlslftn/.BijUes- .'-I". wMlssiNew^^ld 
ri n,ie\efrlleiu/-l-yishi^:- -'ii hdq>*eaj(ddr 
-v.Air.xniiHV.H.T i- 
I'lfrintri ' 

mV .'I'./'. CorrtelL thAfiager);-- .^Thn 
.. ...i'I>ol*hctU o" i hl«»-/>pk:v.^ , »w^t\w»y 
\ .•HicWi-tb iir.crlf. ■nq'd,.h , j"'o'f , roiis;pai 4 roh<f:-. ■ .v^- 
«.T*ck * X*'. ' C. ■>Co\*r1l,*^Mnuiue* ; ri*- :5 l':rnMl 
Ilhgan thl^: week. FiWuie Hlnlr, InvTho 
Womnn Id the Case." election week. , . - 

XqKH* Many men eminent In the bnt 1 - 
Icaqne world -spent week of 22 w town, at- 
tending ih n old conspiracy trial of Rnsenau, 
.recoiver..of the Court SI reel- Theatre Co.,-)-*, 
tho. Empire Circuit, which- rpMtlted ; In it Hit- 
premc Crttrt vcf(iict..:2y,- of: ?HtWuU ; agrtlii?-t 
tho, ttusr. ..-iItHvds;firoJ*en,.iiin[.Mh'e> trust re- 
fused .to play the old Court; Street, then 
nianaged by Alphonso .1. Meyer, Iwcauso o;' 
Oils YVogcfnrMi ^former manngert going Into 
tho Washlnrtou rind I*hIlnileJpnla field, re- 
anltlnr in the eloAlng of .tbe house and lenv- 
Incr the l^ifayetlc the exclusive plneo la 
Buffalo when* the Kan I re shows could bo 
produced. The 'cime will he appe'aled. Among 
•jto,*eWh'o testified weft' Haiti Sc'rlhnor, llflrry 
11. MflrieUnnd'FrM'li-rlo. ? :'.-. . 
; f\«e> -'* / ■ - ' . r" • , . i 1 ' ■ :• ■'-■ : .* »."■ 

Albany— At HArUnnda Hleneker Hall (H. 
P.. .Jaeobs, ■tnoMger) ^Around the Clock" 
eeemfed tn..plcrtg.j ft'i*ood .ilaod- clij'Jitcl Oct- 
22*21, and Andrew -Mack,- In *'Arrah-on- 
J'oaue," turned peotde.awny at two pprffirnt- 
rto«B, r'The linn )of. lite Motir*"^. Cominp: 
•iBauthtflt-sof Men,!' with n,Btrdhg caet, SO. 
ao.; "Ilolty ToUy" KoV. 1-3, "Mrs. *WI(»» of 
the Cabbnce 'Patch" 3, .lames J: Corbett, In 
' i ThoBnigiai'andtaeT]hdy. M S-10,' ,. , * 

PsocTOir's { Howard '(irAaata. resident run n- 
ager).— rA gooa strong bill made rlnc box oillco 
returns all ihe tveeK, neoplo atandlng m the 
aisle*. i.nna,-Mr. and mm. Sidney Drew and 
May EMffitt receiving particular notice. For 
week of Oct. -20 : Lucy and Lucler,' the Irn- 
mensaphone. Four London, Macao and Cor, 
Prof.'. Da Bois, Joiophlne Ain«ey, Thoa J. 
Kemigb and company, .las. J. Morton. 

EwriflB' (Thos, R. Henry, resident mana- 
ger). — Rice h Barton'a Gaiety Co., 22-24, 
made a fine Imnresilon. The bnrlesrjue, "Two 
Married Bachelors," wns full of funny situa- 
tions And good rpuslc. Ih the olio, Bert 
Baker, James T. Prior,- and tba Ashtons 
commanded much applause. Bunlnes^ wns 
fine. ' The Tmcndoro Burlesqucrs' had efccl- 
lent business, 20-27( presenting to advanhtle, 
"The mm Farally, r ' with West and wli- 

Sm, and the Grahams, coming: The City 
potts 20-31. the Boston BellelltoV. 1-3. 

■QAierr (II. .B. Nlehftls, mannter).— The 
Baltimore Beantles. -Oel. 22*^4, l»egan tho 
week with hm biw-lnrs-., (he best In the pllo 
belbg : .Kennedy and nma Sawtello ntid 
Sears, and the f.n Itoacs. The Merry Btit- 
lesquera followed 2.i-2T. The company In- 
cluded: The Three Balales, FoM ahd Pot 
West, and Teddy Hlmond-'. , Business re- 
malted am Coming: The mat Show Hlrl* 
20-J11, tho Kmplfe Biti-lesrjuetfi Not. J.a. :; 

* NotB.— Managet Barry annniinren a cfirhl* 
vol on. All HftfU.we'en, nt tho Addltitflittn 
Hhntinc Blnk, the popularliror which worn* 
lo he on the IwreaKi', 

— — er— — — — . , t 

Bnelieater,— At (he Lvepnm Thralro (*I. 
R. Wolff, monager). .Mmlntne Idnttn nnd; ner 
TldrtlHli dompahy bad, flbnd ntf'-rirlnlKsvOi't 
22. Max Pfgrnna arid un excellent uupport 
lanfle an crrtpttntlc hit lit "Tho Man on the 
Box" 2ftV 24; The IjfloncnvaJlo ' OrcbeatCrt 
brtd a Hrgo nndlenc'.* 2R. F?rrt Kendall, In 
'■Hwell Ulegnnt Joiteit." amused - iff pally 21, 
27. Tho ll rat Aitiprlcnn OfitforniniiCR tit 
"Tho JJeilfi of Muyfulr'! 20-01, rniilu E4- 
wurdeaiKov. 1, Mary, Mrtuuefhig 2. 
.KUtOUIr (Mp.\ Iliirtig. irtiilipKOr).—Tilo 
Nnve; in a new odltlmi n£ "Howji'-tlm Pike," 
flhf K It. Q. Ifiitiluess Met. 22-2-1. lMort^iicu 
Iiludkv find large rettinw lu "The Olrl at id 
the flnmliler" C*-a7. Kutjfdile niulr «1, 
"Chlimlown Charily" Sov. IB.. i . 

Cook ■ Oi'Eti.v IRtctt (J. 11. Moorr, miuia- 
ff «r).— May BdotilU nud Kivil Kdwuidh '(Attn 
the atara oi lust week's Hue bill, ... For wtfck 
oi Oct. 20 : Hutiuaflaii IIn>y«i- Bund, OmfiT 
add UobluB'<n, Thut wkrl.-itc. Lmu Uurku 
and hlM fldiuol gills. Clare lieast-a fjltN. 
Bnnglaas and Ford, tlir Uthftkarw, .Loo Tuu'g 
Foil and t hlnelOKTniili. . • /.', : jL' 

BiKKh- (J. '-H. [Mi iiinii»gerV.*-^nK) 
Moord Htook Co. euOen'a good wwk** Wttmm 
27rjglvlnjr nn tgeeilertt nrftsnutfttion of "Tett- 
nr«*P4 , !i HtMtr.'l •TVi'AM.AgWhst, Wytnatf' 

--Tlin City Sport* Co. rntertali)eirw*eg,.b> 
22.' Attendant tvap apod. Manajtnt jaeaba' 
own coronal)*, trie HnlJlen Croof; nurleMueTt, 
will 'apppar'20 end week. 

Jenes.'i -..-"Around the Clock"' OllPd thobHUtHa 
n. fflmran <qai-ke. In "The- llneged ^le^- 
a^hni*r-, , ■ ifis well .reeeired ;'fi. MoK Man- 
ee-Jttnt (>!eaicl n large audience, in "^lorloui 
IPTH ffl ™ n*T»»Ji "Down tho PllcojT 
»: "raug^ter* of MW.'.OUNnuce O'Xell. i(i 
"The Sortsfe*-," Nov, 2; .la*. J. CntSett,- Ift 
"Tho Burglar and the r.fllv." n. 
..Onr-nnraf il.. I- KoaHE^-reddHri mana- 
wMm w^fcVblll nilod the houie. ThlH 
rook: ThQ'>>fiolfp'qitfnt*ttP. ftwirlonnd 
vloler Allen nnd company. Hnllen and Have 1 *, 
(he IC-imps, i:d=cfwn. oq (be flyluc (rape* 1 . 
iMat 'ond- niiioit. Hohiedy and QwtuU, 
and the klnctograph. 

Dtwnt -HrMc Hut (B^hr.Bartr. tu#n- 
ager).— -Thla we"U : MorchoAd nml Wlllltttns, 
Alice Cnlraer, Grace ffnlieti, r*nni rnie. til- 
line Bevere, Archer nnd Cartelle, Alice Pri- 
mer; and Mvrle Booth. "• » 

NoTX.r-^'aiter North, of the "Chatter'j 
Aunt'" Co., lo3i a whllct c6ntalnlng 1500 
during* his stav |jm The police found It 
at Bagf's Hotel, and an honest hell bo; re- 
celled a WTTlra". - '- -■-*— a-ff ---,- 

" , i — Hr-a — HHr ' 

Ttor^rXi rroctor's^ (Wm. JR. Qraham. 
residdat- manager) the hill for Oct. 20 nnd 
week : Oertrnde Mansfield nnd Cnrvl Wilbur. 
OrtU nnd Fern.. Willie .Weston. Mother, 
"longhton and. Mosher. PoUt, Koltlns ond 
"— 1 I'Hinrdo, ~ 

Ojosea Oct. ;27. Tho I,|d Mfter* 

'iiw X|nsr*ih\TAf. (Sam M. Bawsom. innfe 
flaerj.— The Impn'rlal Burlesaurr^ gawnh Oci. 
M J ihb SjrrtttlPlfl CeMry;Sldo Jlfirt.1 ho 
WUp ffflfflf float's ASerlcnfts IBf w*Tk. 
j/htaio IB. inirleh; roahnheM.^-Xhe.rwl« 
«Wphla..Orrhf4tr.A';win xr1V*\ It* 'first ro> 
c**i of tho.wflsnti :n.\with Mte>. UhMI 
fls'^oIoUl.'- T|M--lOra Oreet.blkTfrt rill fur 
**-flf •'r.vitvmaa*', Nov. i,-.-a;:n«l ihntlnee "I, 
And "The.Mrreb>nref .VeoJef" night of- 5. 
■ ■ . ' .i e)i >' ' i 7' i i 



tfoVTsf (11. C 

Angeles.— ,\t the Mmoj Opern 
ttyatt, manager) ;'Che^kers" 

•.araien Sisters, Naom 
tin*, and Troja. 

, Tossing Aus- 

jui. U'dllo KeksteJn. Knur Rnrds. the Three 
lt**r*._ Ailn ml n I and Taylor, 7.n/elle nnd Vet- 

and Parker, ami motion pic- 

UAW'B.QPttA HoflSB (II. "T. TbomMon. 
resident manager). -^- "nrew.wi-'s ' Milllofts 
deer fairly weft B, Etra KenUnll.'ln "8*eU 
i;irgnnt .lonea," drew n good house; 2.1. An- 
fipear Mack. In'Ariah-nnyfoisiie." had. I Ida 
houne S4, Mmr. Modje^bn. In "Mneleth." 
pleawd 25. "A. ■Mewag^ frnm Maw" Aid 
we L'd, Nance .O Nell, In "The SorcprosV 
30; l"anla Kdwnrdes, in "Prince^ Heggnr," 
SljlMakllNyilttn N'or.8. . i . ' jju 

bTCrrJit tit 11. KeVJor, rrjannger). — Hie 
Morry BnrleiQiiers did good -business. ITZtte. 
Hnltlmore Rrnutleo had good hmise* 2.V27. 

She Empire Show 2fr31, (he Star Minw Olrlo 
of.1-8. ■ : *' f s '• t" ":-"' ■' • - 

.... — ■ « ■" :,. ' 
Oinubnrhton. — At the Stone flrtern 
(X'l\ B Clark, manager) "Side. TraekSd." 
drew filrly scjod hiwlnes'* Oel. no, rotter 
.7. White, ;in *Tho Troud Prlnra," did well 
23. ' Afthwr TVyor'a Hand gnto e«re1]etit 
satl^faeiion, to frilrlv good business, 24. 
•Miriprsiei-^iMlinona" pleased immensely c;;. 
Pctftr,F'. Bailey. bad Ilrge basjneaa- w t > tn 
MTlie'-Prs-M Agent." '.. ; T lho ■ itrnl . fw« 
Bmvvn"'27.j KMhryn l»utn6U li( la , reperioiry, 
ertme.i'-2n.js'f>v.:Sji . ." ' ■' " 1 L. 

« .tnMonv (AVMier * Hush, manager*).— Fd. 
Ksto<u V/nlters nnd I'mmv, Mr., nr^d Km. 
.Hniiile .rton-.v, rtarMlo and Ida;, Snydr.r 
nnd Bncklry, Lemin Thurlier ami her if n-t; 
niMs.-'ainl the Three .Meci-s drew crowdctl 
hiulnc?. 1 * -L*-27. Jaeohji* doga, l'"psior and 
r/Mfer, -AVIil •Archia, (Tlinrlotte Parry and 
company, Avery and Hurt, nnd the- Ilaek^r- 
Wtcr Trio appear 20-Nov. .".. . -J 

. . . — i..- — a i ■ ■ 

Vjrmo»s*R. Af: lUe Weltintr r>pora Iloiiso 
I toafr'K' Kerr, mnnnger) ranai 'WwUi in 
i'Mfifll lilcgiint .lflJies.* 7 Oct. i*r»; Xlnty Mnn- 

nJiriiu.'. hi— t.'lorlonA Itelsy," 2ft : *'I11« 'llotit»r 
the'Mjiv'.r" ri-e(uni) l!7; "Tlie Itiigg< , i| MP«- 
^rnae'i":,'2VI,-'-The-S. 1 i- 1 Vi i M-" Hl^'h 

.,U.uiTAjn.e ' ( U tu-ry A. Hit rilg, -xquw Bft) .-— 
ih^'.B'iyp. In " B»*n tho 'Pike," -Oet.'- 2H-27 : 

■ ; .^nix^4ijb^ib |ii>VaiTv(iCbM. Plnmmfcr, , '■ • i»1:A'f)lV '^ - Ttn : I'ltulisiuiv ' ■ 

was thv opening nttrncdonf nn« Is -btlDf 
ureteated. Pet 22 and week, to «pd bnil- 

, ■ Bxlasco ( John H-.Biaekwnod, muiftger). 
*— *ITlie»B')laK0 Stock Co. pre*«nta<l "Shira 
Acres," to soo<l hnalnew, I4-20. "Mlntrea* 
rf#|l u 22, "brother Other ra" 29, 

Mriaosi?*'* BMhUSft (Olivet Moroico,"mnn- 
•fOtK-T-Xhe.alock company doled tht > fee- 
fiw 7 et ^Jf'. lts sWctMsful pTHentatlon of 
"M*«oek Holme?" 2/'. "Lady Wlnilwmtdr* 
Fan" L'5.2sT --ii l w«r« Ulng" an. ' r? 

W*% V"» Hnttsn (Clarence Drowns, 
ttftnolef).— "THe Millionaire Tramp" by tb* 
stock company, (hew well lfi-21. "9eer«it* 
of the Pol Ire,'' by the Clrlch Stork Co., 22- 
us: "The nurgloi 1 '* luughter" ^S nnd reel:. 

Oni'tirtM (Martin Beet gcnertil mnna* 

f;cr).— I-'entures 22 and week: JiUBM Thorn- 
|>*i \t- mi,. UAauhi l...... R EI IE . UK 


OAd, IV Hpi-«' 

'■■I-MOIT iltonU ft ZnllM. proprietor.). — 
KnturM ^ ami tiifk : Jolinn; Unity, 
Awn O'lk-lf. Arnwironit nml VCIMi 
Miriam. .M.irr, l' l'ln.vor,. prcsontloB 
' Tnnvjt Vn<ji(Loiu'" .nnd llw, rnlqur-o-.cop,. 
; tlittriiKira (ft ■*-. Jlnmrtton, MUUfW) 
— Tli, llonntrl-lUmflto} stork Co. mSKkM 
'"lh» M:in from MPxteS," tn flood bu.lnr,,, 
14-21, -A Crojy l<)r>n" 52 58. 
' -;i!MMit/r..(lllllj' llnnM. rinlclrnt mnnrtgctl. 
— fnlnrCA 22 onrl work : The ThrM (W 
Mtm, pijina M.riln,. Al: Prtnlt,,- nil,, 
worth nnrl Jlurkf, l.cotinnl ,nd Dtako, Em. 
lilto stew* Co.. In "Tho Clock Milker," «rid 
mo cmttmAfptplk • ■■ , 
-. FMCIIVft-ii (A.. R Plflchrr, rn,ha)torl.— "A 
riml.; nil. IVhiW-. t.,thf .tnoir cninpony; 
l will fmw now ncl... «n«l niv 
tlort plrtitr.-o rornplrtlrifl thf.hlU for iJI-CS! 
. noim.— 'I'ltf I'.mhniill 'Oiwrn (^o. UliooMil 
ror tl aM.iOO K criinU.oprrii. nt llio tirw ■AM- 
ilitnrliini, hselniilni; .Xor. .« n-ltli'. ■■Alto:" 
llii'liArd Frrrls ot MlnnoapolK. trill In.wll 
II. «i¥k'.«>rapnli>- lire. 2,%. for n Hrjiwuiof 

milrfil wok, '..WlHir.ltutlMlgtn I* Ih" 

no* hmr>' mhn nt Mmnwr.', Iliirhlaf. . .. .. 

wiiiinm lifmRtuffl hnw nJM romrno.1' initio 
Morowrl rnri'i-.. In ,I.HH ill/;. . . .'-.llporKO'W. 

I.lorniiio.'i.lnsii mnnnrtor ni Rpln.rrnS. i-lmrmiil 
Krcf nuillotiiTOi. .hi. |il„ liiiprvwn.iilou ,,r 
.NAIimnlOl Mfliry,- III "Mlmrn W",,;,,^ 
ItlctliJIilK A I'rlllKlo's MIn-lrH. nur-'nl It.the 
]'o,,p|A',; Thoniroiror A .Khoi-t on*limilioni, nt 
|iOi<iil*r pr|or», . ... . . JJO" Kolloti Ifhlllnii w». 

M(iif Ifr- .''I'll- ' 

-til.- ,\l 

timitl lljlom 

'({"I'i'-i, «""v,(<nwi"ij i* iniwjf <Jil iinin,iilH- 
MMK.K-aRMllX l-riiynr-. \\IM IM.;l|iloil 
Piny nit .it |,uj(t iinc.-isomont . |,| i|m i 1'IFWi 

H(oMk. Co.; Ill llio llL11\lll 0|>|.ni llou.o, ri». 
inrii' in vrtlftlovlflr ^linrtl.v.'lu a ,hHeH onll.O 

■.'Al-iilntlinnlj;. Xrollrilai';', : > .' ■ /.- • 

' . . » ' 

■"■; }■:.,. - «i .6VQi.tS-A ; '>; . .. \ ) 

■ \>» <irloo,ii.. — At tho Tillntip A'V 0, 

CittpiiW, nnumsceri "flu; itaui T«o. ". nlth 
lielrjtirt, artti .tletiili,', prni'M'ji, bid «r»wlu, 
ctril' la.'t T-ppk. Win.v hlMHal, prwaVlt 

St vV'fio , «<iii»»- .«4w . oi on. as i 

Ol«'8Hritior a«t.- '•>' I •' '■' * •'(■ 
OuaOUT' .(T. 0. Campholl,. mannrer). — 
Al.-O. Molrt anil hl« Morry Mlimtrolo, 21-27, 
oujnyci) cnpaellr. "la Olil Koatiliiky" tttl. 
wook, "Unman Hoart,'' tiovt. (llv. firnonwnld. tnanaeor). 

— Tho Pulniy Diirhoss i.'n. proi-,il a tilE rtrnw- 

Uh: i-ani week or 21. The lion Tad, 28 and 

we»k:' ? - ' ■ •' -- ," •' •'• "_- 

l.vruc (Davie & Vohmnn. maaareni). — Tiio 

- An.\M;M.tit,nn, "n- iV*l|..J;hnwn- linntlmji^lcr 
„it'l loiulcr of .ilitiAlfoon-ili.iiri^, dimi «|. 
l 1 iT. c .'. 1 'i. l .!!'?!l'.lWf "S*!"*' • ".' "'*■ w.lMiKo-i'lii 

Kllllllfh o(--l'hllatlol|il]|«. . r 

•iiikoh, i whr>^tt l nii i ..ln .nl. iitly...ocniii|. y.-nr, 

■ Oft, 21. 

llrqwa-Bakpr, . Dt/jck. . Co. . UMMntll ■;iftjM 
lloJkt 'ot Cllleatto," .:wrct M 2D, V> W* »l- 
tdoilhace, —Drlferj from Horan'r week of' ML 
I;t,i»|-«H (\V»ltrr 9. Il»lrtn-|n, monngM-). 
'-' -,ln-.lel- 

-i-SKi -While CHx' 1 wh» tlio 'Balilwi: 
tillo Hlftek. Co>.'h offerltifl ivool: of 21, aim 
nlc-tHfiJ :to a litt weelt'a 6ii»lne,B, "Tryclnia" 


Oailltt:.! (Mortln nock, «aerol raooaseil. 
—•till. for W9l of,2H: rionry Leo, (kw 
dor and Vincent, Eleanor Intel, ibo Hit 
rravemanoit, Ida O'Ufty and Aiwtltt wtllrii. 

N'>ti:^.— Lltriozrnphs are out announqlnr 
the; contlaa of: Forepaiiith-ftolla Utoa.' .Clt. 
eu«- week- of Nov. '1 1 . . . TBrooko', water Hall la nearlDft .complttlnn. and the 
hiistlioff lender MMttta to .open the wn,oa 
Vor. 1, with bli faraottn Chicago Jinitd ... . 

A deal la now oa ta have tho llaitetiliocl; 
IraloeJ Co. to toko charge M Ath- 
letic Park. If the dooi goes through Nev 
Qyleani Is at laat to hare a Diet chs, zoo, 
......Bob Coitlot, the. well khotvn Irhb, 

rotnedlan, la apondlhit a brief vm-ation hore 
with relatives and ftleada.,... .Itobctt Hoff- 
man, the ' well known aong' writer and or- 
ibc.tiM loailey, bua arrived here, and baa 
taken. charge. tf the D. II. Holmes Hiioli Mi- 
ilc. D,r>artrd*nt.,,. ..Oaorgo BartliiK4r, ue 
huitilhtr little aaalitdnt treasurer of tlie 
Crpaceat Theatre, hah organlzM a' crate 
bnlol'all club among tb, Credent etnploy.a. 
They . play the Vlsltlrjj Cotapanlet 11. II- 

.■•/ ■■ . '«■» :". 

MAWt-L.1o1D . 

' Daltlmorc— Thf) I.lon sad tlia llnuac" 
.to be *een, tot tho ilrat tlmo hero, at 
I'-ordta.. tChnrl.o H. ,l f oH, mnnnjtor). Oct. lip 
and weak. ."Mmlflme Jiuliotfly,'' which 
efMH u week of great hu.lncaji 27, waa the 
luoat cletlghtflll ■ lii'odiletlon of recent aiut' 
aon,. sirnr. r>, . Henrletln Croamaa, In "All- 
of-aiSnlidrn. Pet ay. ' , -' ■ „ .: i . 

■ ■Aetimat-dt. I. I^iHtnrlJfilt-, maasilorli- 
ioe. \VoiwrV Co.. proaentlng -Trlddlo- 
t>a«dl|i/- "Tho .jaya" nnrl "The rlniiaw 
Mnn'a (llrl of the Golden Weal," optna W. 
Ktdnk lianlrH had a good week, with "Par- 

r:ennt,llr»e," cloalrtg 27. "Browaier's Mil- 
lob," Nov. c, .,, ~T* 

ALiUtlrlfl'H (Ilohert'K. Irwin, rcnldcnt 
f»arjn»o».— Mill;. l)n*in. la. IBo.tdr. aitmc- 
rtoti of ( th* currant weet, this mtg $"t 
final, atineafanoo -da tbe "(llfl wlfli tho Hod 
tlajnlno,''. \Aih Himaell, Ulcn nnd l'rovi«t, 
Ilarrry Tlrcnn, Morhrto, Jnwell'i, ifnnlkliin, 
alut.tllo atilek plnycra,- In "Tho Roan," .:onv 
plolo iijo l.1 1 1. Thomas Hlator Iuih Jolat'd 
tlKTatoeb. for the «cnn/m. lluhlucaa cuhtlnite. 

3lAin!,A!o, (j.mi^'i r. rCetnaii, mattoirijr). 

■ I'ljirh'il K. Uvau, liiindu tho llHt of otHDl-- 
l«lsi'tk;2U, With H.IihIU'IU uuil IVIllur. ,Vtl. 
llalli'.'-.i'aul Klel.t, tlin Oomn, ibo fcuiiilw 
t:uuie'iy Four, and Cuiirt sud Coumd. TUo 
iiaual proaperlty coitrlhuiiii. 

Atlnri-.Illf'l (Jdliitu (., Kcr.'inn. 

wflH.-ii unlive of .Ili.uehtlii.'aiid eaun'- in' litis 
taii,uy ? hi/.iho iMto. nr^hovniiofii.' jiiH.iirat 
irtcac(uaWt kwTO''jo' avidiSifi at ilio 
H'almlf Hireot-'TfioatiT, IMillailelphla, vrhwn 
lie ipiuatncit for a number of yoara, until tlio 
1'ilrl: Theatre wnw tnillr, when ho became tlin 
leader of rlio nrcbculrn In lhal. house, IJo,ioaiipnily took ohai-go nt ilia nruhdlt'n 
at.ui.1 tiiii'i'lel.- Thontre, Lho nhoroi-lty, wboro 
he' conducted whnt waa ct,oali|p|'0il la lie tho thratr'f' orchenlra in 1-tillarlelpbln. flu 
wai nlap well known an ibe loadarpf tho 
Hand ivrilch, ployed In Falnnoiiat Pntlcriarlag 
the Hilhimor months-. Al ihe Ht. houlij Kt- 
poaltlpn, he waa oijo of lho Jury wlif ' 
the. Idu.lvnl njfrmncota on dshlW. 
waa Mao- Intareated Ih .voral intililc, _. 
the tlDK' of hla death-won leader df lho 'bdlt 
of the f-r.tiri.'ti of Our i,ndy of Mewy, Mi. 
ink<iii nfn alao an active marcher of tbo 
Jlillflilrlphin Muslonl Kpcldiy, nml Loeiil No. 
77, ot.iho Aidi'ilinn iriMorstlan of Musi. 
HfiP,! U e ' ,% 'nU'lvcd . by a an Jiidihreo 
ilAnKbtoii, Inicrmetit was ptlvnia, fitinv on 
laia taaliUnco; on Oct. as. ■ . -. '■ ; I •*• 
Mr... MaapaiiF.ii Unhm, an actroaa. was 
tnnciltrod In her nnartraonta nt the 1'alaJ!, 
Hotel. Chicago, in' an On. lr/nnd won 
than roiihed or jewel* valued at K.OOO. Mow- 
jjrd to. Nlebolas, rnanncor nf "The rVhtto 
Blnre" Co., nMaasM ola Oct, 2a that bo 
tvaa ltn)ilkati!il la the raurder. ire told how 
bo and his friend, Ijionnnl LfaiM, saMtert 
lira. I.iMt'lfa room n( tho hotel chlnrofSniied 
b«ir, and then Nnm on the gas In order to 
glvo tho appearance of auloldc hira. i.ealle 
waa anld to have been tho .wife of Theodore 
Wizard, an nctor. hhe had bfda martini! 
twice, nnd la survived by her huaband nnd 
her aon by her first marriage, Woody l«,||u. 
..h'"" & QiWioiia, a slngor ond dancer, 
dl#,t on Oct. 2d, after g Umpiring lllaeaa, at 
the Jliirae of his slaler, Nn. oWWsat IfnrtJ- 
1'ink City. a«i»l toil^ilx 
bis Wtt propiafllomlTSp. 

single. ilnalng ' 

Jijlh Rttwt, •S'jw^Wk.Ct'ty' 

(Maurice Bt Jllller'a Winlor 

ualplila, In 187u, dflh-tit n alngle ilnaloj 

^ft»twdtd«_ he iipiaino a iinrrtuM' of John T, 


Ilannom Olek Fold, who died about two 
yi'lirs njro, «i bis. mat nnrtnor. aince tho 
•ledtll of Mr. Ford, Mr. OJhhoaa had heen 
weriilag alone. i|p wua WolikaoWn on lho 
1'nPliic coast, having spent many years In 
that MPtlan of the ronatrjt. Mineral 'Birr- 
Vices p/ero.-llelil Haturdny, Oct, 27, nt Ht. 
flsiiltfipl'n Chiilcb, till, oily; • ■ ,] 

: Wtl.Main.l. HilBl'ttAK, a thlhalral perforin- 
er.'iiied Oct. 2ii. at Ilia home la l.ynii, llssa- 
Aflof ii hrler llliiea*. lie was a nallvo of 
I,ynh, nti.i wiis.f.iriy.iwo years of ogo. Ho 
r-ni^red the -iirofPHHlon at tin, ago af scron- 
teem and'ilitrliig his mroer hiV bees ■ eon- 
ssjiited Hlih llave'rlfn Mlnairels, Vb 
Ilros.' "ilumtity Pniuiiiy." miiy Jiutke'a 

<ichc«o Mn 

. A.l'tiiviililr.'t (JdhitiH L, Kcrnaii, mauu- 

Srr). — Kya 'I'liiiyiay m in,. In "A Ctwil 
Wlilf.'' "Tne.firrl from BMailway" lliil 
well il-31.- Mot week, "lie, Illni audi." 
HouinaV HttitKc- (denraii Wr lllfe, man- 
agd*).*r'"T|lrJ UUlblar Of tlin West" Isjaiha ... 
a.wMU:, sky 20. "Klitht llc.lla" bad a big Frio 
- clif— - "- ■■ ■ - ■'•"■- 

llity niuoiily," jtlllx 
. Wilson's. Ororland Co.; with 
ii en. iih Mullen nnd Hhonhan; Win- 

«l IVInsliilv & llnnkbi's Company, odd 

aihar orpBnlsatlpns, .Ilia wife, motbor alia 
mi" aon aarvlviifblin." „ ,, o- 

I'aJKK "f. Hiliuii-..s, rccMitly tnnna'ttoc of 
the opera lioimn at mswaiefc, Mtl„ iflad'at 
Ills lliiuit' tllftn uu Oi'l. 211, nsoil Hoveilty.onc 
rears, Hu mis u lhlny-»»«uiil degree Maauii, 
nu-lilk nnd H Ivlilght of I'ylhl... Ilia son. 
rraml It. Ithodes. broreasiouulU- known, a. 
Kraut AdaiJH,- survives Ma, ' 

Era Makvaixu. uf the vniiilovllio team, Mar- 
vlllti ami, livii ai his fo.iiiu In Nnw- 
•b,,\. J„ oil Oil, 21. friuii l>lil|.ild fcVnr. 
Willi.) II. tllu Original Thrte Mnrveller, 
rlosYii wiiu lliiruiiid lb llii]liiy r s Circiw 
aiohlij, Ala. Thu ri-».iiitis mare, taken to 
Krtlfin. Mii«»;, fur iuuruic-iit, ,,llla wife, 
wolbor.uad four atators survive lilni. - • < 
"llANsht:" UmmaHr. n viiiMovllle nerYoroi- 

llo avna 

tin! I'll 

or,;wbmd:n,uio w titivate life Was tmanitu 
FrdwI/.'vTas-kllM lu tlw rail'" 
IIKlf ;.*(«« f Oil*. N-. - 

lltoaii ilfiaater 
*i Oct. 

)„ on flnndir. 

29; r .tte fraa/a'/joihorr of fiam jjernatiL • .- 

i.Mac, JfUi JBhiR »• I fa of , the jSwUla 

dill JftftWfflj mad Ort.' 2t, at I tin Xabrirjit 

_ -Fork BtsUa ^ and-irja 'Vaaiar "ulfi, rui- 
nlsh tha citrrcht week's bill. Tbi Parlllth 

..,1 ... ii[l...,l'Jt, „i,u ,,,-. 

MtS, .JiCv.' lark Cliy 
rilaio Sir 


l-nilsrni » to I te*. 

(iMlwuilsy. Oci. si. st Orinirooa 

.. ..y. Mrs. Keens waa rorrjanrly on -the 

>tn»o, but ' rallied many years Jg'j, 





Published by SEXIG MUSIC PUB. CO.. 53 West 28th St., New YorH. 

SPECIAL ' NOTICE TO THE PROFE8SION.-OECOROSC J. GREEN, formerly with Wltmarks, Is now with the Hustling House of Sells, 
S3 West 28th St., H. Y. Telephone 4864 Madison. All oourteslee extended to the Profession. 






A One-Act Comedy, by OH AS. HORWITZ. '■■''' 

Aow Willi Hilllvii unci Con tl dine for iwmljf Mffki on the Northwestern Clrcalt<- Carrylnjr,-*ar iM •peetel .tcanerj", 
MR* COpMBi, the fceit known of minstrel tenors, formerly wllo n*v~<txtp** r l*«w.«Dotlnltld«r and. George frlmitt*- 



Band Leader, Cornet, B. aba 0. 


Orcbejtrn Leadrr, Vlollii sii'l a.lo. 


Bus ind Tdua. ■ 


Trombone, B. and O. 
Leaders bave up to dale Hep, or uiuaic. Write or 
Hire. M. BAKBR, 21 Ho. 18th Bt.,Teir« lUutc, loa 


Musician Attendants, 

Writ* or wire »t odco statins age and bcigbt. 
SAlirr to eminence $26 an.4 u i iuuu-J. Musi-bc 
good performer:-- . . 


xt.i. Hcpitai. norri.«. v. J. 

Gage Stock Co. 

■«ny lu, Woman , l»r ' Character! lid 
Heivles, Agoat, Pianist and 
Illnslraled Bong 

ATHOL, WaM., Oct. aweok; Htcbljiirg Nov. 3. 

AT I* I Bt EH T "V , 



.... OR, 


Al Wardrobe. Ability. KxuciScure. Wire or 
y, rite. " . Mil. LIXBSAV. 

.-....-, ..... . ..s a-Llbqt-ly Si— I^nd, Mam . 


my mm mm 

^©.••^••■pw.t. ' 

For rcMiec'eWe uilracllons and •norcttte'j in nfll- 
lUlod IIooh. Besi.)ot*tion in Jc;F«iey City, ■ Will 
rout ipkq for ovtr tlic builder season or pa vii.up- 
cntly if. dcilrod. i Apply COMMERCIAL A REALTY 
CO., It» Newark Ave. Jersey Cliy. • •■ 




A iWrosa 0. il. .WEB, .HaD.jcr, NorrtBlotlu, r» 
Nov.a: rotittowit, Pa„ pttv.t,. 

W A M T E D, 


To atrcunbicn co.; sober, reliable yeoplc, olntnge 
for week. M. T. MAN. wire. . (MM . SB*]] bul 
mire. Must rake music. . Gldiliueitcd. Worker*, 
joiu jrtjwirg. s. o.-iiALcr.Pinc . f:*hu-. >'. y. 


Cm tl.c Big Four. ' S iull09 N, E. of St. Looil. 


nov. a. a, ib. 

For concessions, addrew "? T 

MAt'RICK 8KSSKT.. Sqcrctarv. 

Good Opon Time. 

Novtnbor, DoOoinbBr aod January. 

One Highland Jlcperlolrc. Saturday nlanta o. l :tra 
sood.' 8la,c l«fi. lilRb,43 by am. Electric lljhln. 
l\>t»ulatii>n 3,6W. capacity «oo. 40 ullea from 
NcwYorls. • , • 

H. KTNGSL AND, Manager, 

' . .-. mrri»<«,.w. j. . .'.■.' - 


Addrc-a particulars to H AN AG&lt. ! Nouo but 

llitil gw Arti.ts poed apply. • .-'■ ' ' : . 


Moving Plctore Harhlues mIHi and 
without Operator*. Film . on Iteatul 
trails, Klr»t t lo.fl Ope^alot*. Ill n«tra«fril 

Song Htaf(*rf, Pluao Piaj-ot-. »i»l H».n- 
•l'iti, for tti-mit Moving Picture Tl.*»- 
li-ei. StBlO oil In li»l Uttci . ■ -. • 

JOSEPH BILL, Star Thertra. U tica, H.Y. ' 

Wanted, -•, ; 

Fordauce nail work. HadtbetlEbtrcader. JHilarr 
$17 50, board and roota. Turner Orcgff or Nelson 
lieflutr, iMtage wrllc or fllre. 

WILUAIC AKTOy, Cas per, Wye . 




Single Ladies fov tlio Week, 
• TUAYKR'S PARK. AnuM f ftlaw.N, T. 

Skotahas, MonologiHis. 

ItilM BXtljitlENliK.- "liUABONAtUB. ' 
8LAHIjES, llDsll-A-WATSftS, 
' . ■ .. ilM Slstti Avr., N.' T. 


tizu Buro-Ore Itiia. Vj cents. Colu orstauip:. 
• ai>AHLEB,BURll A VATBtfN, 
. .- • taB . M .Nfn avc.S. Y. 

Arranxed, cotnpo?ed. Lowtorma. 

A. EBERIMAft. «i R. Klh 8t., K IV 




For an v vj ufl uf Btaco drcvbluAklUK i o* u t mlc: . 
);o:l::il Av--'i»»r»M|i»t- Bfinr paalal. »lll rail . 

■ .. FOB .MM,' : ~ _ 

rate. AdlrgnBABOAVv. funotoUPPF.R. 

f uM Quick, ««H.. Terforaeis, ctiaage (ir 

tfpelr. -PKliio Plater imnwttri; in liwa. Sftlnrrmifi*. 
Ma tidreiS'i.niPiHlitinjwyoii:- jaoi; n. ri^kim;, 
cure or Clllton rtomeily-Co.^lonn, loivu. 

that »Iosb and dances, Must cbuogo for weak. 
Plaao or. Organ Player tbai Takes. Que. tbat 
dbublea' t»taao preferred. Lady or geut. Salary 
>lo and all after joining. Tivkct ir not too far 
away. CUAFFIS BROft., 

P. S.— AiiBWor qulok. Montgomery, W. Va. 


12 Clood Medicioe Perlonners. 

Bolti Laaics'uud GobtlODlep. Stalc'agc aud.what 
Tuu do lu tint letter. • All rauet us-te: ID iryuaral. 
tial.rjliullllvcN. Nt>dlou«anlh. JAllBSCABSW, 
l.celjcr. OlariouCu^.qt;, >a.. U.S. A: ■_ 



For lady uudicuces, w«ek Nov..4. and later. ' only 

too boat, wuuicd. TijoiieiTbowmtoipeTore.wrlie 
again; ulj ltlt-ur- answered. B. ulUUOBvMgr., 
ManoetoiiorTheMrc. Kr««mont.-o. 

AT LIBlilWl, .' j. 


, J" cllAltACTi:«8. And 



OS6 P160B pr»rofred, or pltco rcportolrt. au- 

tlrc^y J to) MojiltMiuury Avy. . l.llutintilil . : HI. 


on "Ain't You Coining •■& looid New ltampvblre, 

llojv'' "Wnitinjr 4j, tbu cliurcb,' 1 "YO'j'ro a 
tiraud Old Flax'.' by (oui* Mortlm'>ro^' All turc 
ere. tiend ittiiiipca eutelopo an J i.icoum to 

■MATT TAYLOR, 134 W. 9UtU fit, N. Y.U. 

uui m, n> i. 



People nioMtlu8|KioiulUefl. PHnnpUyer. SblnrleA 
■■«■• aaii Wb pay all. Three mtmiK Opon 
Nov. 9. 'K1IVT1NT. UAVUY, MOW. ■J7Ul8t.,N.Y.<:.ty ■ 



Leading Business, 

Ovingto closing of season. Ta?t three venrn 
featured witb Colonial St&oV Co. - PER. iD. 3S3 
MaciQ -M. , Brooklyn, N. Y. Week Oct. sa-o. 
Romford Falls. He'. Colonial Stocfc-Oo. 





(VEXEIU1. VMM E\<:I1.\\GE CO.. 

• ; -69 Clark Slrcct,-ChlCago, IIIIoolB. 


Wanted a^ OncO. 

PlAckFaco-Comrjdjiiniliatcau slog aud dabceand 
oilier uileful- pcrrorijicrsib&t can play organ. 
Must be able tooliHQgc often and T?ork Insets, 


tliatbAbgood appearance and U successful oflleo 
mini. No-grafter* crdrunkards need apply, biate 
salary and all ' ,• i 

' NATORK'b REKEUY CO., Plilla., Pa. 





Address HARRY UILUV, Glees VAUa, K."T,' 
tliistrecti l'oupUltecp»Je.y. Y..wcuk Sor. S. 

WANTBD,- - - 


etltst., Below viDc, puna., Pa. . 

CoscfBfcluu $10.. Habyf Caoc and Knife -Rack, 
UartGalloryKNQVcluca auld, Uiglt Claris Skaters, 
Aerial, Bloy.i-lc Arllats, .Looplox tlie. atobe and 
oiberScnsiitloiial \.U. AUdrcei MISS LILLIAN 
TYSUN; Bou Toa Tltcatrc, Silt BL, bclUr-Ylue, 
PUII»„Bai; .'. !: .■ ■ V . .-\ ■ -.-■ 


AT; TOl; BliRE. IT; 0HRA 

A First Class Repertbi re 
","'•";■ Company. ; .''■' ~ 

FDrtttevwookoMfev^lo.' uustucaa In foorilgurci 

to aur cooinauy m.kliit; Kood. .Mllro-> : 

■ ' ■ JOHN E, HOBAS, Hea. Up. 



Orcuoatra LoailorPo doabUtAlto ut Coraet, M 
tlarlouet Player and other JUQBicluoa. : . 

-.;■••'■ ■ .. jTOHWItDL'SlAliX. 

irdtiioit. lad. Ter., K0Y..3; Kadlll,. IdJ. Tar. 

yof.« :_:.;::.:: :. • ■ • ■ • 

W.A M I.IJ, 

Two Leapers 

toranUgAcilal Re'liirii Act (or ufsi. ac'aaon. or 
■wynii] uueL'pt two good Bur ' Pcrfonnersi- cood 
aaUry. .'AiiBw^r, ffivlng age, neigbt. .Wdress 

CllAHLLS LAJdUKHT, Cure Pout OrtJCC, . 
■>•;■■. ptitUdc)i»bia, l»«. 


' SI.St.KH XSO DAVCl-.It. 

...... mo qliyb 8T...lndiatiai»ll.. lad. 


LlS'Kb. PielcrtLaso wjili Speciultlc9. Bute all 
tint letter. MAI/QSi;-SA(,IS601tY 8T0CS, ;t> 
>:oatn Cltulori St., riovltoHcr. N. y. ■ ' T . 

Wanted, Bood Redlcine Perlormf rs, 

tlLIHOS RKIIF.BY CO M CarHlc. 111. 


KItS'or at! kliida. 81i.glt» and Doubles. Stato it 
lu'.i I'nke' organ. Jolnatvrice. 

i. J.HA8HIM1TON*. Mollne, HI. 


Mamie Fleming Co. 


' • • ' Iftut be good mechanic, able lo repair and balld. 




tft. Sin. tail wllh verybist wardrobe. Reason for warning these people. Inattention to bqginm 
aiid knockere. Ityoa arc one of tbcae, don't answer. Best repertoire atiractloii on the Tuad.ptirtri 
only beet Ume. .FlftbmicceMful seaaon. Addrc«s \Y. H. Gl'.ACEY. Manager, week Oct..?, Grcisij 
OPERA H0D3E, Ashland, Pa.; week Nov. 0. YORK OPERA UOTJSK, York, ra. • m» 

Grand Circos Pubillones. 

Tttrce large companies Tor this winter for tlic Island of Caba, Central America and tbcraoitiu 
canal. Tnc Ami toinpany will positively commence in the Grand TUeatreNatiousl,Uavaiw,cuLH 
ontbc Tin of -Nov., wita-a splendid ring and stage. ' 

YandcvlUc Acta wblob do not depend on aoy language, for (4-s) Trceks' engagement. Also Minitre'^ 
Musioals, Dancers. PaaiominiisU, Maglciani, European CJowdb who possess some knowledge of bk 
Bpaolsb language, Eqnestrians witb stock. Flying Acts, .Wire Acts, • Jugglers, Utrcc or four Girl 
Dancers, good looking and First Class Ventriloquist, la fact, all flrs: class Acis siiltablc for a clrcui 
and staie. Also two (rood Men who ilioroozljir understand tbc breaking or borars andarltnaL' 
Addren all cmnmunlcaiima to my New York representative, J. FHA.VR LO.YOBO>TiiAai' 
Hotel Amertcft, 102-0 E. lit b St., New York City. ' 

^tV A N T I 


Leading Woman, Juvenile Leading Jan, Man and Woman for 
Heavies, Character Man, Light Comedian, Experienced Agent, 

' . ■ . - ' - - ■ '■ ■ Address C. S. SULLIVAN, Adrian, Mich. 


Two Wlvie Showy Horses, ooe Somcrsiult Principle, one Jockey and Finish Horse. Botb'aweii for 
donblc act. Work In barnees, single or doable. Two Hiclt School -Horse:-. WAKTF.U— Al Comedy 
Mule Hordic Bidcrfof the winter or longer, wltliout stock.. Can useapoodPaozeiiiiijckCroora. 
.■■-...■■ ALKX.SKABEttT. Kioiog Academy, Ocean Parkway and Ave.' W, Brooklyn, N. Y. . 



Ilust be versatile and 'thoroughly, experienced. Preference given to tbo'se who' do SnecjaiUes. In 
competent people- wm i-e JlBiiilssed iftcr the flrat rehearsal. Addrc-s KeD5iag[on, K*8..Nov.'5tof; 
fecandia. 8 to.10; Countand 12 und 14; Falrbury, Neb.; week of Nov. u. . - ■ ■ 



Capable or doing Qouie.beavlcs. Alaoonc General- Actor. Both mjst do specialties. ■ '. - 

. JOHN QSMAy.Wtiaon.^.c., unUi.4;tiien:WlHolo6toa,-Ji.t;.^ 



t «f. T « ff . .-SiF[SS.'-S!l l ' ANIKS - Wile run oartlculare quiet. - • : ' 

HIAMAtiBU HEOORD MTOllK. Alexandria, lud„ Oct.a>-NoT.3;:Lcbauon.l6j-,>lpv,ii-l'- 



i l.iiia or SxO 

3,000 , 3.00 

10,000..... 5.0U 

nM IH ,; 10.00 

SO.OOO..... 1J.00 

8eoU loa irial order. : VlOD aave you uwnojt; 100 ProresslonatCar, 

3x9 or 1 1- : \C, 

3,000 ..* M.50 

10,000 • 3,00 

M3.000 ..;. d.OO 

00,000...... 1H.UO 

■ , Oil. or Ball • 

r,,ooo;. :..,:....,» iM :.... »i»o 

«,ooo ■-.: ,'?■»» 

00,000.'. .: .- Urf.OO 

a printed forme.-, 

RATIONAL CARD CO., sliamoLln, Fa 



Character Man.. , : , : 

' /V A. P. 11EKD, JamoWW.N.T.. 

Otocr; write. -Address 


SfiS'SSST^Si?* ■£ , '*if*' le H . mn > G.nor.1 Builnui 3Un. Woman Or OU»»a«t.« 
«HJ Orandam... Bpaclalty. wSS SOBNABKL, tlooqeld; g V»_- 


KiparlouiicU Hcpc'rlolro 1'coplc. 
gear N. V. 

yr ANTED . 

Long »easoo, Al» roaturc Vtudcv illc Act tor voct !*»'* 
JH*>. CIlANDLKlt. as; UijttlaitU *»<Wfi*£i, 

Wanted O ulek. "f'eitiiJsip man ( U iu m u> direct >uso, nM*j£ 

FIRST l.triTliR. . -.- - v- - 

• W. V. DAVIS, 1« F.'aWSt., CHlea!"- 







The M. Stein Cosmetic Co. Make Up 

Akron, o. 

D*F t»n: ff Co. 

j Altoou, Pa, 

BcceUay & Mtrcdllh 
Baltimore, Md. 

W1U|*WI01.& AMI' 
A. T. .low* ft Sods 
B.-L* JtOy Itohlntwm 
lliDiiiioa-lti'lcKmua Co. 

Bay City. Mich. 

Msioo fJeach 

Brookly n , N . V . 

P.. BQtttirdc 

Brockton , Man . 

JiJtes tdyar 4 Co. 
fcoite i , Mai i . 
Kleiii*» PHarmacr 
3d. SalUTaa * Co. 

Cincinnati. O. 
F. drttir »eWna 

. ■ Cle-velaoJ, 0. 
'W.:&Hitie A Son 
Siaodard Drag Co. 

SVsri) A Co. 

Cdunbui, 0. 

F. f . Mykr.r.t 7. 

Eattpnaan Coilum- 
..". Worai 

Chicago, lit. 

F. M. .-tu(« * Co. 

Vfm. Hefner wig Co. 
Detroit, MIcb. 

Url. C. M. Read 


flehrouder & 


Hartford, Conn. 



la. In J. 


Kalamazoo. Mich. 
J. L. Wallace, Drugi 

■ Laming, Mich. 
n pora MW Pbaraiic j 
„ Lonlavllte.Ky. 
T. p. rtvlor ft Co. 

Kntean smtn- Co. 

Lancaster, Pi. 
R. T. E. Grlnnon 
Lynn, .Han. 

P. B. MairiD o 

Merlden, Conn. 
A. 8. Thorn* i 

Mllwaakee. Wla. 

Carnival Coottime Co, 

Ntwark. N. J. 

Ft;: j » rttarmaer 

Norfolk,- Vs. 

Eemird nisi 

Pater ion. N. J. 
P*mu?I SjK#» 
.tie. smitn 
Mryw Unw. 

Poortt, in. 
F. at. Do Kroyt 

Piltiburt. Pa. 
Ma.'.* XliaUt 

PhllaMphla r Pa. 

M, sncllenoeM 4 Co. 
". A.Nofcr.lftVtfS 



75c. Pound, 40c. Half andl Jc. Jin 


25c. Stick Id Cardboard tab. 


ISc. stick. Sine u Paint Tube 


30c H.lf Pound, 20c. Quirter 


25c Glait Pot. Three 

Na. 16. 20c. Per Box 

4417 Sixth Avanue. 


A Liquid Pbwdcr. 40c Bottle or Tin 

SOc. Pound. 25c. Hall 


I5c Bottle, with Braih 



•1 Urn, SOc Medium, 25c Small 


:jc. PounJ, dOc.HalL 25c Ouarttr 


New York City! " 
KnlckerMeker Fbarmacr George Solnnliclm 

SeRiII Drug Co. ■ u. H. Mac/ 4 Cu. 

iilo'iiilDitcUIe ttrotticrs RlMon thnDruMilt 

A. Ratatr, l-rugi 

D. C. Tit Ccuna 

J. * Lf. urotta 

PortlaaJ, Me. 
A. CaMfi 

Richmond, Va. 
The Cobcn Co. 
Munjny'a Hotel Pbar. 

RoebaitfT. N.Y. 

Selioo Bartowcloagb 

St. Louia, Mo. 
Robert SetniiMt' 
Erich 'Vflitcia 
Stit, Baer £ Fuller 

San Antonio. Toi. 
' fiprlngfleM, O. 
OL W. WeitOBf eltor 
Wublngten. D. C. 


v. E. uundlacb 

WoacUnt. W- Va. 
McLaln'a tiro* Store 

Wi|k«ibarre, Pa. 
jonil* Lori g's 8oni 

WIHlEBunort, Pi. 
Prof. Cbarfca' Hair 

Wllnlriffteii. Del. 
1. JoBK* Belt ' 

Yonliora. N. Y. 
Pent Coming 

\GK\T Or M 4 \ \42KI* hopentoiinyiroiwition An wiary, or,' alary 
5:T*^"S i»i/j-.x^2m-\RTfaiJaV ana commission, from reliable nmniigers who 

hES The uttfnoloo and paper to worlc with, and will pay fair sa'ary as Inojr as results anow tiic wort 
«.nd MM (tone in a strwglit- for ward- btaoHM manner. With throe night anrt week ^rand«, I will 
personally look ■mr all diairihutjnfr utlioa., and do a wmm to bUH programmiDiT. Dave had itf en 
yeurB' eSppritnce; sobrr. rr-imbip, oloao rontrn'*tor. abl« preis worker, hf»vy Inner, ronanlenUoiia and 
atJ-aarwoTkm-; with brains and orlnlnal Mens o( my own to cope with any and all emergeni'loa, and 
can get the bnslnesn. Bank reference, m.Tra«tnnd Sftvinps. State your'Umit oodailphrficulan in 
DrttlettfT. Address BIMEO\ FOLSOM, M Wabash Are./Ohlrago, HI. 




mabel Deforest & co. 

"A Jay Circus" 

.*. C A L. L. .•. 

Alt Persona Engaged with the Above Show Please Report 

Kfti-orbnck.1. to Dan 8hnrman. 
Urlftrr*. loMflbfl De Forcl. 
Ituiii>i, to nxn NUprman, 
Cletm, in fflahol Uc For«U. 

FakPttiH, in Dnn Sherman. 

Rlt.-*v. to flliihel De Koif»t. 

rpim H<jIh. tiiShcniiHN Oe Fortil, 

Vmllenc-,', ln> ilyiir* «fc Beemaa'i, it or. 

Lemonade privilege at large. No kickerH exeept JHAt-0, BiLi.iK AKDnt : *K Ht'LK. 
BhflW Open* Monday, Sair, 5, at Hyde & flphmati** lot, bark of staffr, 

For Privileges add. PAW SHERMAN, Central Park, L. I., N.Y. 

\xr a. NT i^ r>, 





■TV he held In CONVENTION HALL for ten flay-, roitimenclng Ihe LiTfVlt PART OF 

.1 ANOAKV. Ml. Kern umber, wo want ilie real good> only, aimh a* Aerial Arts. Qronwl»Acin, 
Meuaiillniuil Acih. Animal Aels, Novelty Acr.^. Comedy Aria, em., eapci-latly \bmf aonCbM 
are not kuown to ihe Knnsas City pnblle. Wmild like lo HEAR FltOM THK HENOWNKI) 
UAMJS such in Eilcrv, Sonsa, Creatore, Rrookes Theodore Thnmaa' Ornhesira and the 
PlitPhurgOn-hestra. \Veil Known Baiiei ilastora write. BoV Intnlnd. thai. If naon U any- 
thing neu In (lie amusement line we want II, M ihls will lie Kanwis r;ity*» fl««r Hippodrome 
injtl Society Circus, nod the beat N not good enough. Slate very Jowe^i »aiatloi» In tlrat 
letter. .Ulilrcm all commiinlr-utlona fo 
' MANAGER OP HIPPI^DROMK SHOW, Convention Flail, Kawas City, MliHnnrl. 


For the following cities: Ppringdcld, Hamilton. Unia. rewark, Tiayton, MaraBrld. Clillilcothe, 
Tortsmonth. Piqu*, Marlon, Mi. Vernon, Beilalre, llldtilotim, O.: Illclimonrt, Muncie and Coliimlio^ 
Ind.; WhM»iing, w. \a.\ ikmoi'ft, MoneBsen, Wnnongnhou and Jeanene, Pa. 2iweek.* wtt Jumpa 


oritmo K. n. f4reloonio2f 

alienee a pollin necatlve. Turnl-di acM.for vamlr 
itr, fllTHRl'N, Room 13i, Itiifclinell Annex: 

n mile, (slate ml) parth'ulHra and very lowest terma flrai 
FurnlHli acM.for vanilrviiie ' lieatrea, ciiiIk, private oniertaln- 
Bonking Exchange, gprlngllcid, 0. 

W r A.^iTTBl>« J KOH THB 

r OIiD OIRIi c 

Who sloit rutnrrand play narta, Iwn vounjt men for .loveulte, one to double cornet and to double 
baritone iln tmnd. Al, » Vli,llnt« who ■(tnubtec atto. Must he good dresser, on and off. Thlalsaone 
m«lic Btaml. Pajioiiroivn. Htatclowen In first letter. All pe»p:n addie.« „ J „, ,„ 

f i. REOISALIi rooLE, Kanw,,Clt.r,»Io, tareoltltcOayOMtilrlCo, 


lanagere and all Agents, 


.AT LISEltTr met Dec. 3 and liter. Thla l» » Cjwjjr Sart V "*"' 

lotrodnclnt DlackKnce Oorocdj, Wit Class and Ecrcntrle Bitln Plajlnt. cle. Somo of the liniuoi 
ijiarcdbuMst-am: I'dslnr's, S. \., rnicior'? O c lli 81. house, Masonic livot. otilcaco. fjr.nil Orpri; 

'UdniV'S't lint-', anil mm, oinora. "-» ..«.««. .1 rs.— - 

TEK. ALKRESS ill Canlnten Si., Uornell, !f. Y. 


WOttAN FOB F.SIOTWK.A1. IT.AUS; Al*o n full AlinR Co. ComI Mm to Direct Siago. Tonrinfary fak- 
ed for wlinargely decide on ananawef. Addrew JAS. A. tlALVlN.tfgr. A. Bell Boy Co^Coelpb.Ont. 






FROM BO ota. TO 8170.00. 





cam . PHOJK. rtioiiAi'H - mnii 







»1.1. THE LATEST -I I VI. SI. 'FIE s. 

TI'MK, II EM oil V, ETC. 





FILBERT, P. llfl.,PA.' 


wai Ki:n 3 MCSECtl lioitr.ti. Mtiaa. 


take part tn a 0nt elans Vaa'derlllo Aet. Mnaf be 
able lo alntt ami talk. Addreaa orcall on nro. 
r. I'AHlliil.. ,: HI Atlantic Are., "mourn: V. 1, .' 

otttt a nun, is nm rii r. 

(Uftg ■ nun, la oeitb ru rr. 


Films and Projecting Kineloscopes 

ExNlbHfoi yodel Klaetoscoaa, Sf 1 5.Q0. Untyersal Model Klneloscopi, $75.00. 





Or, The Trials and Tribulations of a Private Detective. 

No. (i'JTO. Cod. VEDASSK. Iienulli, oaon. CTna, A, tl.1S,B0. 


No. 0»7S. Code VFDKIiAMBItE. length. 4001,. Clan A. JilO.OU. 



A Thrilling Irish Melodrama, in Seventeen Scenes. 




S*n4 for !).«. i ijitlva flvi mlav No. HA 1 ), 
No, C'ortP VRCIITAVANW. I.onglli, l.MOOit, ( l«ii A. |1.->U.U0. 

Scenes and Incidents 11. $, Military Academy, 


No. ft»:r. Code VKDDAII. I.miirtli, 343ft. (Tula A. ir.1.711. 



Semi for Illn.traUed Ileaerlpllv. < Irinlar No. HOB. 
So. 68(18. Coal. VaADOHlA. I.runlli. 7«.MI, Clara A. .117,75. 






TCP UeetlDir— The Propoaal— Vlalon el I tie llone/moon-riuodlAli'e Home— f'amilr Objection"— "If nt- 
ltl)F at the tlitirelli'-i'tlan't Cel Atyay to Marry ton Tn-dar."' 

N.. e«o.i. c«i. veciitpehk. r..ii«ti., .ton. man a. • 






Tlia "niu Horn" Salnon — M«?otln« Iwtwcon Tlcro nnd Villain — Ilntrnnm nf Kujlliti T9^]^ 
lats — loltlAtlnic the Tenilcrfpei— t;.illnctlon for HRlvntion Army LbhiI.'— Arrlrnl at cti» Itani'it 
. — C'owboT tiporla, Trick Kl-iirn;. rjiroivlna l.nrint, Wr<mLllr.f{— DcpnriurA of Ntafffi Coach from 
Ranch — Attack liy JndlnnH — Itunrtltif; mm (S mmmwj — f'npturp Htaifff Coach autl Abduction 

of Oirl— Imlinna fCscniilng nnil Covorinjr Trnl! — Arrival .Vniinilwl Nlano IJrlynr at Unticta — 
Cowlwy, In Itinalt— TtM Fliht-— Thrllllnft Itencno " ' 
Beunlon Hero and Heroine — iVnth nf villntn. 

no of Olrl from Madly Holloplug Horifr— 

Hf nd for llluairatfil IPearrlpttv** ( ircoinr Ho. 404. 
No. OSftO. Cod« VAVASHBVa. l/«n((th, I.OOOfl. Olm A. |I30.00 


Nn. IM73. Code VBDANTINAM. Len a lll, 7TOHI. Clan, A. •lltl.MI. 





So. MM. Cod. VAU I.TAOE. Lenglh, OIIQ n. Claa. A. |«0.«l, 




No, OUO. Cod. VAUDEVILLE. Length, OOft. Claaa A. I17.1U, 
■end for Latent CntnloR. nnd llloatraled Clritalmra. 


MAIN DITTCi: oml CAI. lull V. OH t Mil;, N. J, 

OlileaRi* liifli'c. :ui I Wnliii.h Areaoe, 

New York ORtcc ru Union Hiinure. Citlitc Atldrea,, ^rmottc. Nittf York. 


3n I TUa t OPHTS ■ rilH KINKTHOBAPH CO., • ll l:. :iKt St., Nor loll. 


OR S A L, £ 

nm riftM In tfm resnoct, 
— idillSt 

fioorl h— Ipir— HriitnjT copar-ifj 3w. Located in Onlra) New York. 

i 'or particulars rill at . 

TAHHER A CO., Vaudeville Agenta, 1436 Broadway, H. Y. 


e.u E r A T C . CLOG SHOE $2.'° 


: —J.. V. "mfity'sv, tndedoTto.'" -- ' : " \"'t- CtrtJix'-Ke.lllc -(A. p.^Itcril,' tn'ttr.)— jB.Die,totvii, 

AliUlcli.Chai. T.:(*. ft. .Wo*l», «j«r.)— «!«.<■ .■X..¥...3..No... .1, . Uorupllnint IftK 

i«. WE. Savior. .1, HI. Haul. Minn,, M». Crwrtunl'ii- Cuttolliini: ((UjmiiW I>. Crawfofl. 

AlibrM St.«.-k ilium C. tljllar. ■■rinjr;)— Ntr* llli ;llll(rOM-«utlirlc, Oklii.. 2S-31, Britlutr. Ind. 

.Uln. . Coitu.. lill-Xse-.S. MI,Ml<llo»-0 o-ltl. .. ' 1-«r..-.No». 1-3. ;;•',. . .'; . . x£ * 

AuMr. Coibnllan,, XoriUi-rn l>. B." .Irjlell, tn,r.) tlolilcuM-naitdivonil — Lincoln. KM.. HO-Sot. II 

—Wtibcll arotf. Klin., 2w-Xor...S. ■ '* 

AnrVll'<i c-joimllnba, (Vntrol (Jnck flnotfon, ru^r.) 

i« Mi«ll«oti, Kkn., ap-No..- ». ■ : -■ 

ADai-l)'* l)i,me,li.n«., Hnntliiero (Ed. Ci Natt, tuff.) 
aSSBmm, Km., np-Soe. s. ,.■ 
Alb«mb» itot* (rail Lorry »tr.>— NmftmW. 
;a, .....: So-awt, », . . ...., ... ... _.,- 

At-linit.rJn Stock (Jolin Adrtlr,' bo*, mir. — (.-leaf- 

tlclu. I'Q., 2v-NuT. 31, Akrun. O.,,o, indefinite. 
American.. ;(A'tliat E. UtclM, roar. )— LnnalnC, 

StlnU., 2S-Nor. 3. Soutti Beiiil, Ind., 4-10. 

"4i n So*" (TcJi. j. BniJr. uijr.)— pliiibim, 

I',.,. 2n..\'ur. 3, -V. V. CHI' CIO. ■ , 
"Ai; Told In tliv Hill.,'* \V. F. JUan'is, Eastern 

INambltl BcctIUc nigr.)?— Lnlont-jn-ii, Pa:, 31, 

Motk-aaon >'oc. l„-M6riob»-ahclu 2. Cliarl+rcl :l. 

IVitjiictiorK b, AViikhlngton II, Cationaburg T, li- 

win K, .Jeantiett.. P., Oreovsbbra; 10. -■ . . 
"An, Tiilil'lri tbr-'llllta," W. 1". MulibV. (Vmlcni 

(Don A. MiU'liilllulii.lnar.! — Henttlr. VflHb.. M- 

XOt. 3, UJymplii X>; AWro^n tV.Kltna T, Ceo- 

tratht' n. .COMiMtlk Pi A.tot-la,' Or,-.. -10. 

"a< .avid iu ",i»> wit.,:' \v. f,.m«»i'". omirii 

(C. ife. ; . Kilf.lldt, ingY-.)— tta.Hellrllfir, Ar»„ 31. 

Vju iliiren Not, 1, Mcnni", Fort.Suiltb 3. Ku. 

. JMtevllle 4, Tillile,|Uiili, Ind. Trr.. 0, Mulkocwo 

.*■ Clow-more s, Vlnlm (Vt'itubinr,. tUti;, ill. 
"A>epnd ■ the Clock," (ink llllt'a— RI V. City !!»• 

"AI!Kli« ilio I'nolft:" . [01I»». F„ Illtuey .Imbue. 
Co,, id.ih. j — l>Qjton, O... 20-31. Cololnblw Not. 

"At Crlbnlo Creek-.' 1 

ViiniT.'.HIMk (iV.. K. Cotter, irojr.)— Bit Clif. 
. Mlt-li,'. 2ll-Xo.. .1. ■ , . . 
Cttitle- Bilttipe Hindi (R." T. Kelly. ingr.J— Tlp- 
(*':iio(m) Cllr.,. y., 2fl.»l, Delpfaus Not. 1*3, 

"ColnM ,widi,w, T ' wten (ficniy: flY s»tngp, 

inif. I^PIillkdiliiUlll. Ph.. 29-No»; 3, IMlOK- 
towo-S: Xllvubn 0, lleudlnn 7. Atlimlr glfc-, 

■ a. l„ ill;-.... i •, • .,.,' .. .1 

"t^illptfq.Wtloir," ^'ckUiffl (Henry V. Surage. 
■ rlliirS— WSummt? »• -C.% -Call.. 31. Vaj- 

tnurar Nvr. l,.fi?crc((, Wuab.. 2, Vlclorln, |l. 

C..-.3,. Hcatlli;. Wmli;, 4-10. . ... f. . 

"C<illrax-VCJaW." Switlierb' (llcnrj- W. SatDgr, 
.ifcBX.-l— Nrwliiir«li. 1 S...V.. 31, niftlMk 1, 

Ituniliul ".'■P^uglikW'pale 3. (Ileus FalW f. 
. ltniuiud. ,V1.-,..(1, ynil.olllf. X. V.. 1, M»tfl- 

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"CKpr ,Cod FulUi" (Lloblcr A Co.. tngM.)— X. V.' 

Vttr 'CT-Mol.-.'I. - ■ . , . •■■ - 
"piPtrMfa Allot" (Wilfrid' Nurllj. m«r.)--Cu- 

'}■« fe iSS's 'virS '6.l5" a ' r ' "• r -'- UB1M,a ' . "JlUMM 'f Co1!o»?.";ja.«rW FloUllloo , WJ N„\rMt. Con ' 31,' Dallbof Wl '« 
f'ii &S LoSln'i.UIInn IT '*. (Jpod-ltl, rkjK)-: i ^B^£ «■•.=»"»'"•; 3. 0IWt»» B, 0.-5.1- ^P^^ftj^^sXjffli trl'll. 

'JfltT. <KM Kcttj 1 ! (Pailcfi *■ FMU4»fj 
£8M Uert,'S..«T. T., Can., S«r. !i, E 

p.,"(iWc N„r. 1. Lltua'tJ, Si" 

lltilfltllod I,' Wllniliiiftun. 5, OK-lcrfllo 0, Cblt' 
Ikulllt T.,|ahwaivr. 1, Croukaf jUc 0. ... 

"Ftoiu 1 . Ctjruork of. tie iiai'll|..' f Kllml & Qaitoli 
/IFraok llkktyltf. nilfr. J— Toronto, Oad., 211- 

', logra.l 

»]lle 2, Frtprlwro ft, Mail's, Barrio. 0,, Mam. 
muil T, 8, Brnntrunl'ti, Hi. Wmut 10. 

id Lote." Euitorrj (Covr. R. Balti-r mar.)-. 

Imltiitdio. WMl, .31. 


IhHifi. 0„ '2l|.Xv».'', n. ■ . . . ... , , 

duJsU, -Etta ^Utlilar.* Oo.,,ingr».)-7Coluiiibu», 

lioui-at, Olil.. Can.. .31. Wirfalalook Nor. l,.Hlral- 

rdw t, H|. t-ijIjiuufc rt. Brkntroni c.'.Rt. caibc- 

/IBW II, iltlt T.IHlrltill H, Hl-rllri 0. CkullUini lit. 

flcnjgiui'a liallV (liilleMnck, .rnjt.l— *cnnj»lla, Keodallj Eira (Uobloi 
IbcTTif. tiAmi Nor, l, TilUMrVS CtOar- i-o.v-Nor.- 1.: Hh '». • 

J'tw™.. U«.,: ■» CbklliintuBn, .Tiun.. .0, .fitola. K«0«1>,,JmM.(831tl.« >alli«li»Ml Aliijaf. i Q)., 
lie, Ala. U. llfoalor 7. ollcritld 8, Cghtlb, 'wnj^i-Wrt unil. Mo., ,28-Mot. 3, B«ti|0r C-lll. 
H»., I", (.'olumbti 10. ■ Karjoll,.Dot tJ..(i Melali, iiigl'.)— N«nr,lxiMon, 

tij .Jfon«:r .. (0. Jnf ismiiu, ngr.l^-lloiint ' :.cobrj;. air-Not. 3; Niir«cli;5-lo. r • . Vim— 

Kntolft.liOcker Slut'k (IViu. B: llnlullton, nr«T.)— 
. Wnamajtun. Pa^ afNW. 3. •:■■,.., ,.-.■ 

KoonedJ. Nulilc (T. II. DttatU, to|r.)— Srnltlc- 
,ooi'o~Vt.| 2B-Nor. 3. -.. ...'■„>,„..;..■ 
Kiiniiodj Flnfow (Bon. I.t*li, mgr.l— Soincrkel, 
Hy.l 2*'Not. 3. Bowling UrKOl' f-tO. . '. •■ ., ,. 
Ketl '»■ Comedy l Frank a. Hetft.-'Ullr.)— Kolbps, 

IIAIIJUB IVi . -|, -■ ,■■•_"' 

Pbuj- .Jtm:* ... (0, w ■:Sitilili, lagr-l—ilotint 

■JtWttiit. Cuti;.;^.' : -, -,, . . 

Pii..NV: 5-lU. ■ • ■ 

't*I»»mi.i|iift'' . (Om ■: It. Brolinuii. tiigr,) — EMtuji 
"■(.'O'liittj';- Cljiiinnoir* ■ |H: A. 1 Hililois 

fW'tu'. 'A. Brnily. wjr".5— \. V. 

ftiiTty.- - ' ; , - : ..-.■>. - - ■ 

pmru«\ ^WuL/(lJ.I.ll^t•^^.^ , ^hn1Jlll, «gr.)wiK. Y. 

^■tr:S9r liMttili.:- '-■■ „, t 

l»in„N.:C.— !f. If. Cilj*. 2»-N«v. a, Bflftfonl. 

"0Wjr'*29,' liuftiitifHK' 
UMtiwIn, - 

111 UIUI1I',' IHW 'l'.i»oo -iviyi Hi oiaDTj 

AfflpK-.'Co., Ifljtrii.) — 8t;,U>"urx..Ui>., M-N'or. 3 

w«iu«,*.iiLT*i«. j . * 

•iKtelfllit Vim,". • Nottliehi (Adflun Viirner. 

'MliUiljlit Flyer," Wc^twu^fEO. jUdCrtMD. msr.) 
pttiYff. Coltf.. 21i-^oT, it ■' . • ■ ' 

•aV Wile JXulty." B. :0. .ffiilliiey's, , Etstera 

■ (Vfceliiati *'Uki>. Biicr.)— -TCfttwljr.-N. t., a... 

'Stc.Wtfe's Kamlly.'-' W«»t(?ru (W. Mu«uwan. 
(fat-.) — Ri?tltiet(l. S. Dak.. ..Hi; E!iir<jii.,NcT. ], 
MltclimMl; 2. WtemK .aitnn.. 3",. ■3lout..KHl|„ 
H. U«k.. -*i OuntTh, U„. 5, Plniunmttli, Netjr, 
O.^XUfealii 7,' BwitrlM-- 3. ^Wj-more 9, Palv 

"nnff'Bee'^Ojwbpri' Backus, _p|^.)^Pmbrlck, 

Mr J-^Co- CUTlatlii, All*ft> < M^yeftli,' SUIpirrttt ,* Co.,-Ww.> ; 

h, 3t, Oell>mtbu[-Ji,.Po.. Noil, CUtolwrlUia, jff 
J.,<^:M«rtoi»nlfit,- W. , Va., 3, ProitUUrR »J|J 

i,,-G,-Jier'.wduUvPa.. tf. '.- ffi 

"M.f We't. KnMlly.":H.-B., Milton's, CeiittM- 
■Btip'ldimininiii, W, \iw. ill. Vfilonloffli, Pu., Jior 

"At Cripplf Crtfek." E. ,J. CilveBttrX Esstctfi 
.(0. L- Crane, iiifx'r,)— .DrUgtWift, Cod% .31, 
hitXSutiitii- it/ J., t \tiv. ?, «,' UBtfe de Oftiof, 

Mi.; ^; llRkwrcitoTTii (i, MnrtioebLm, W, Va.. 
7, : Vlntliwiw, Vq., $. , , ,. , " 

—WiiioiiTi. .jDrb.. .11. Wont Point Wu»..'4". r,. 
- CuliiinbiM Q t Okuluua.7. TofK'lv.V. Biiuurlllf V, 

CMtitli ID. . . ' - ■ 

"AitItuI ut Klttr," C. a. Wllltam-t Qo:% Enatuni 

C\V. .1. B«mtJh:t, itt-ti. tuKi-.t— Wan^iuKtwu, V. 
• Ci.:2D-Nor. i. PUIIadcllilila, P».. C-lt». . 
"Arri^nl ot Klttr," 0. &. WtUUiun Cu>. AVwt- 

«ru (W.j; Bt-ncillcr, gt'b. nwr.)— Cuuncfl BlUfiri-, 

li... Ill, uiJjiiiJii, Nelu,, Not.- 1-3. i - 
"Al tile rforifln Mt!CT"'-CMei», III.* BIJ-NtoT. 3. 
"Alilt:i. flu- BlliifhlM <Jlrl" (U. D. MurrHV, tngr.) 

— Siilt UK-, L'..,Nor. 4 -IV. . . 
•*■'.•'.■ H * 

BlHi.flw Hiit*^ (Bavia Uvloiiilo. injjr: ) — N. Y. City 

3»-S6v> Wk' - 
itttrr5i»urc. Kiiu'I . (Cln.rl« , -5 Frw.iiii.iii, iH«r.> — £t. 

.JwhIh, Mu.. Hii-Hvv. :.. Un«iV1yii. % V.; frl* 
IlltwlKowl. 'Cliim (I'liiii'lcrt rrubtnuti, nigr.) — Clil- 

'l?uw Pu!n.-lii'f," W. P. Rfauirii (L. It. H.ll.,«.Bri) 

... Maui. . . 
jrX. -V. CHyint.Nor.^ EflirtbcVli, N. J 


"<lrw*rV" (£iu^ioa & Dioiuontl. uign.) 
'.(mnKjId;, S.'Y., ill.. . ..... 

"aj..*^.'<j DiluKI.V;r," -&]#. R. Multer'it, fosi- ( * ll - 
iru.cCban. Wi/Hh, -iu«r.> — Boutie, \n., ;M, H<;raii- 
lun N'jv. U-lniiii. .tuiictlou £,' jV-rry u, Oiualm 
" A«1M,.V8ltUH U.- AUilr T. Atlnittlc 8. 

GIlniDt?.- Paul: (JhIw Jioriy. tiitjrj— Batler,' Pa., 
. .'ffi; JwiifltttufrnNw*. 2; Altwt)fl' ; 3<' - ;i ■ . 
*U fjf*t*» *layebt -tlWn-Oriiet.: mgr.)— Baltltnotc, 
ird.r^o*. '■■•3. StHUpH>B.j\«... 

'CotiTk ; l> DWuBiiL<" Bdw, It. .Hhlut'i, Wwt- 
cm (jlirw.J. timort?. fiiKr.)— S,njkiue, Wntti.. 
ai;-NuP, a.' i*cmllctoii. Or*..' if La Ortna S, 
Hiik*r city 0, Wi'lrtur. I0u., 7, PocalclJi) *, 

t)i;\Jt'ii, -i;,. ;i. iit-iifiiHiii m. 
•Crjwn ot TIiih-um" (Phil Hunt, nigr.)— Toledo. 

Joliu; ,(A. .Kcnivifk • Wandern. BJgr-')— 
CaluOUrl. Sk|.V 31J ?Urqu*;tW,NoT. 1, Iron- 
tyowl:^,. .Wikiiii; Wis., a, Dututli. Mtiio-.O. 
. Utttblilu C.,«iltnTlor. Win.. 7, Brullichl, Minn., 
X. Cwtk-turi.:*. ilrftrt.) Forkii. N. Bilk., 10. . 
Ciiltriort, Bnrfn-y. Ulnvllti & Nloblot. uigr*,)'~ 
Brooklyn;- S. Y;. 2»>-Not. J. liotwkeh, N. J„ 
4r7, New HnTi-ii. CnllU.. : 8-10. 
Grflhatric-. FetrJlnah-J— -Beiifir Folh, Pn. ( 29-Kuf. 
'»,'. Alluwiti.6-10. . ^> _■ . - ■ 

- S ci uit us I. y. 

MudlMuti, 8/ Bedlunl 1>. Woahlus- " ' 

.•4IUW, lit., ^li-Kuv.. It. 
■.•".li"". Aiivllu— Knuxvlll.', IVtju., 


Bell, BJgby (Dwulvl V. Arthur, iiiKr.)— WiuitlpL'M. 

Man,, Can.. 31..KuV.l, MlimcaMlH, Mlou;. 0- 

7. Si. I'cuf-B-lU. 
Bclkyi', Kyrii: (fcli-Wcr ft T Co.. , mg™.)— l-:«»lim. 

■Vrt.; a»; ?i.:Y.L*(fr fi, Mrtlnltt'. ,.• 
]Vri^^lfch^, llnrry <J. .1. CoIwiihh, nigr.) — Fart'o, 

"N. Dab:. 31. ' . - , . 

Wliiitley. Vl(jri'ii'*v' <Ii. B- ForriwkT. ,".gfr-> — M u "' 

tmal, Cati.;- 2t)-Nov. y, Btvoklyn. S. Y.. ii-lv, 
BiMllilll. Utr.rlnl« (Juliii P. Owi'it, luKr.l—MoBut;, 

I11....JI. . ■ • ■ . 

Burt, Uauru, uuM lluiiry Stuuforil (BnitHi,.Slil|i 


■ton ii>. ■■-. .:■ 

'•t-'ofircaxlotiH vt u WJCc" (A.' II; WwOtlu, mgr.)— 

Naw-.Kfni^wlvk.'N.; J.-.:u. B<.yui.m- Nwr.- 1-3, 

WdmlHgtbii. UH, 3-7. (Jttuiilei.. N. J., U-UI.-. 
•I'tiMOr* Liim Ftulit" IJ, P.. aiffuiM. Oigiil-- 

Hi.tMkeu. N, J.. ■us-aj. MlmJilMowti. N', V,. Not. 

*Ji I'liiIiHUlU, N. J„ 3,> fi-7. Kllnlbtftb 

*}-10. f. • : ■ 

'•(.'tililittfiwif <:tiurli-y" -.<A". ' II. IrVooiR nigrA— 
I*yyin:U(n,. N. *¥,, BW1. Uuc-liwlcr Nov. t-;i. 

.TwlUIil.J, CUM,. i" I", J .. , 

"CwH'vuy , *IU'l." KUK>y 4c .Brlttoii*-. Eaulu-ni 
< Pi-uiitc Bam tiii;i J .a — Bruutfoi-d. Can.. »I% St. 
■r.iith»>'«He«.»<iv.-l, lhimlltbu B. a. LtufTnit.., .>'. 
V. 1 - 3:w,,-. . .,.■ . . , ,..,-. ;■■-■,< ■- 

"Omboy Glti," Kllr..,v &'BrIll*jit^, Wintcni ,(E4. 
II. ->V:jiv1hu. nixr... — 41r\ut ■ B*ml. Kan.. Sl.-Hulij' 
iti«tgi. Nt.i 1 . i, Mi-t'luTMin i;. iiutdiiiiMiii ;;, Si.- 
H.ih- f?.' Mhl'hni «, Wlilllvlil 7, M'tlllugton d, 
Culdwi»ll lt,.ArU[i|imi« City 10, ' - 

*;C'HtJdof.ttiL* llw(li.R'ia" ('L'haJi. J K. Blanry Amubt. 
C!w., muta.'l— V. Y. City mJ»-N«v. 3. 

of; ' 3; 

Guy Sto*'t (Cilia. W. Mwcer. ibirr, I^Blufftou. w «V, , "i i * ! n'' , u ^f 1 1 " 1 
Uoldu Stock IB. .-,it:. KlTinir, irfttr.)— LudlDBton. '-c*N .Slock- ..(W.^- 

taan, nigr.)-r-Havai*ih!iti;: Ou..'Bl, .fmikuoUVUU', "Cwiititiy .Kid" dl./B." WblHakwr." uigi".)— Owwbbo, 

X\i., Nov. ,t. ;'. .Miiwu, iiiij, :t. Atltiutu 5, »J, . Mlob:, Nor. 1, li.wlu a. Cbariotto a, Albloii 3, 

l(t)mu' 7,' Atlioint 8, <»Uu..btix », HL-bi.a.Ala.i 10. 
Bhfllflt. fillj' (W. H. JUirt.w. iiiBr.t—>t;yf(Ktrt; Vt.. 

al,' Lyudohvllle ,W. 1, HI. Jolimbilrjr 2, t*t. 

Alblnu li, riattuburg, -N. V., 0, Burllu|,lou, Vt,, 

U, Nontptfllei' .7, ■■■, , i T. .. ,...*• 

Bluk«»i.,Wati*uu «iiri Wi\Jtin> .-.A. H. iVtwln. m«r.) IM ^.. >;■.;■', irt-m.v.ii, ■>-,.(.,,,„;, ■ „;«;a_nV V 
f, -itniHOiiiii,'TcHb., : l!«i-Nb\-l a, Afbbtu-, oir., "^y;.®)!",^^^ ■ W* 8 .* ■ Ulfr '?: rff 1 *• 

KatCn lln'tUls «; Marsbull 7, Bud>tOtj 8, TeCau- 
h** B,, '' ;> --. -, '- ' 
• VMti.v .ot Bfliik' ,, 1 .|ei.a»V;E. BUt!i;'y Alhuw. Cu., 
ingr-,.) — deTelaiid, O.* N6v. 6-llt;- , . i ■, - 


Wi'own. Kirk (J.: T.. Mu?ilblfy. mgir)— -yimu, 

PI),. MT, HhullVrd No\0 I-.'l, Kt-fr U-1U. ' 
Ilniiiimi, Kliiiuii (I'tbJ (tltlL-ti. lOgi.)— AttiKltrdiiiu, 

■N. >., ^tf-Nur. a. Cwito*'i,.r»-i.o. .. "■: 

liurg*.'ts(i, Karl- (It. \V. Alwaiidcr, hJK].)— CuiuLit- 
lidld. Md.. 'Jp-S'ov. y. M«-KMii.t>ort, l'«., C-10. 

IMMtin ' Knrl- (fml A. l|Byw"«rd. ' taarr.J — Tuuu. 
(utir MaV«.'.-2.iNof. .3, jiro-'lltoii Wt). " 

D'OfBuy,' I-urt-rth^tDMiiltl Krobto'uii,' Wgr.)-^Ctu- 

crnttti.i.o.ij'aa^Nur; ^-f..,.. ,- ,- :, i-. .■■ 

IJlxey, ■ tit-nr;- -.V.. '(Wallvr N. Lumtwjoc, nigr.)— 

VU'TeHOtl, 0.; *Jlf-Nov;,a:, • Ptttfi- ,]•'. .(Hiiit.S. 1 & Iict* aiiubwt, itic, 
, Viufi*. 1 )— 'AkAnijio.,' 31.*' :'-r .- f . 

Uay, AUuu., Oiwt^ly, t*tiliiniun : &' Co.. iiigT**')-~ 

PliHuuVlplitii, Piii.lHI-Nurv.-a, Nvw. Bruu j yick, 

,N. J.i-tj/pMntli'tU 0. '"■ 

CttMi;. Stock: (B.-IU. KlTinan nfgr.),— Lndlngton. 

■Mk'b., 2P-Nov. ,n. Port WunblDirtoii,' WU-, ' 7.-10. 
"Grt'iitci- Lore", (Vfuln-r S', Lawrence, orgt.) — 

Cbk-iiKo. III.. 28-J.OT. ID.. 
"U*ii»b1fv of tbc AVirrtt" (.V;!I. .VoodH. uurr'.)— 

nuitluawro. 'MO., "W-Nov. a, \VualiW«tou, BJ c\, 

Mo. ,. »•. 
"01rt:/rroDl llbwiylriud" (W. B. Ironi,, uigr.) — 

Jlo.:kfoHI.-H»., «1." . ' ••: ' 

"(Jli-f mid- tile Oaiablcr"— Montreal. On., ,-ti- 

Wor'; .»,... .. .■ ■•; '- ' 

"Oywy *.lll-i;"V"' T; :K™,;Ii*h— Plilludvlplila, Pa., 

iJu-NOv. -3, Brookiyii,- ,N; V., 5-1U. ' 
■".'■.. ■ • *H '.'•■'■'-...■ 
IbHMt J'abica^K.— N- Vv'Clt'y Nov.-O-lw. 
intdii:wk v Hlii:i'iioint (.Meurr WW SftTage, m^r.)— 

AVuuliitigton, I)., 0., 2p->twv.,a;:cliijrloiu-»Tllle. 

-V.)., 1 .&,HtMUllUm t), lycljiijiiiid 7,- !), Norfulb t), 

UHtltetl. f viriitiiln (tjutu 3. & Loe' SbbWt, .Inc., 
mKr(j»>— Bruoklyu/ N.. Y..'- 2ll-Nor..3, Waiblog- 
ton, D.-C...C-W. ■'■ 

Vffle, !'(■))«., 2, 3,-Paduvalv Ky., 0, Blttlettoek, 

Al-k.,,10..: . ;, 

llt-rplap., Stbna. (P..I1. aiilllyan. , luar.t—PLlln- 

uHlaif.l'ti;, su-Nor.-a.iiTtroklyli.iN: Y., 0-17. 

t'.aUibui*. mj aK SprlufcflfeUt Nor.' li^Bloobi- 
ijlflyu ^ .C|Hb>Wa, ; Md,,,'3£.SedaHa :i B/ lola, ' 

Iliitl, Ut'd/Tr. (Fratik \v. 'Nhhou, uigr'.'l^-OvlUti. 
QtiL,.tJnii...::i. 1 .MtdUtuil. Nov. 1. JktrrlcS, Woui- 

Lflcknye, - AHltoti' <Wui.'A. Brady,, niir.)— In- 
dltttiuMln, lod;. Cu-81. Columbus,- 0., Not; a, 3, 

Lorliuer, Wtjglit (Wul A. J BndjV mgr.)— -^all 

>&]Ur, Mutr.'. 2l?-Nov; 3. WooBSoeltt, B. I.; 0- 

-.J.-.BprlbtfOcW, Me«».,;9-iy.-...-...;.- - ... ..- .-*-- ■ 

Luniibf. .KoWrt (C. -B. Dmi:i|.liutii, mgx.)~- Hut- 

'tli'Ctwk. Mlcbi: yet. i; fifcy Clty T 3. .,., . 
Le M<nt'<i.;Mrr'. (HPiiry MhUt, iurM—In. Y. Ci:y 

(tstiecJal'iuatltwe) y, linlt.ablt^, .' .... ,.' 
Umm J. C: .(VV. A. Junker, utgr.)— Boutb Mc- 

A'tMter.: md. .Tor.. 31, KM* ; Nur-. 1. florin-- 

borne 2,'Coallfa.e.3. Lehlfch &, Caddo 0, Dumni 

*.-Madill 8 r Mill Creek 1>, Hott-ltf. 
Lt*JI^ ■ KOMbele (Him 'Alleii, tDkr.)— PltWtomi, 

■Pu;, 2»-%\otj 3, aBliiHboiritoii. N.Y.. C-10. 
Lwaw, ,l"bc (Will ,Ii: Cocke, uigr.)— Colby. Kan., 

.!».. tiwdlati'd-.NoV. T. Hoile 2.,, Hill City a, 
" SrivimVOrovL- u, Lititolo'7, EIIh- 

JEiltDQ <t0>. 

. Slock!, (W.^ F. I>yrto. tngr.) — Oreeley, 

■ »'tir,.28-3i; Wolbbdi Nb>. 1-3. Ord 0-7. 

Lotvll. Tbe^V>m (Peltot. * «|iiut«ep. nikris.) — 

Ul-*<juiii. Mont..' 31, Moukane. Wat>b., Nuv. 3. 

I.- i.l-.ti'ii, Ida,, t^. Mom^w, VVuKb., wVPUlluiuii 

7. Oukt'Bdule.S. HiiruKUe *»<...-■■ 

"l:tUn'uu<! the Mbu^:." A ( Henry. B. Hnrrls. m^v.) 

^ .^.■■Y.;.OHy 2l,,-.jn-ktliitte : 

■I, V(tntii>llkfUI« 2* Mottflt Pleniant -a. . 
"Mitiinter'tt Son," ,M«t:aul«y:-A Pattori'a (R. r. 

KUtlt^lHf, itivtr.)— EblHia.; la.) III.. Olarloii Not. 

lj^Fort Dwlge 2. Bwiio , 3, , Morflballtowh 4. 

Newiun 5. : Grlfiutll 0: Itujetoa 7, HDo-tVllIc s. 

Otskftloosn P, Ottumtvn' 10, - ■ , • 

•bCAn'* Broken PrWalae" , (J; L. A'tit-duee Amase. 
•CoV. ttgtti:)— Chlentpi.-Ul.. 28'Nti*. 10.- 
".McFnil'lCii* FlatH" (lltiwartl Pu-^erB, mgr.)— 

;er Boy" raeo. D,' SifMt, mgr.)— Boir. 
Unk., :u. - Krhiuttro Not. 1. Vfltu | 


limey 3, Cnrrinvton 0. Ne* -Rocktortl 0, Jk- 
W*hl-y. 7, CobpcrstuitTJ; 8, Vi'IIit City 9. 
"Mhuoiirl Girl," (SiiMterii (Gtv. ; ttedee,. iugr.)— 

Ngpanri.uin. ■ wefreni (Aieric n. >orton, 
-^Slduey,- Nebr.. "-31;. Ault, Colo., N< 
(IrteleV i',.FoVt Oolllfls 3, Lait-I.qJ c. Be 
fl. , Ujngotoiit T; Itrle 8,i Ltlfnyetle 0, -I 

... .,„., U..1.V.II ivwi ■ uraix, UHJf.) — 

Rluora, Ind.. Not. 1. t^ogodlet' 1. Brxlfunl I 
West Bn-kn 4. Mltclim.ll % Ellettiivtltt. ij 
Hvi-ncer 7, NoWtiiTlMe b t ■ Alrtiwitlrln 10. 
"MlMoit.-. Ulrl." IVenteru (Werle IL Norton, mirr.) 
Nov. I, 
., J.-BogMer 

"SUv Jllfn ati." I." Hurt If, & ;fc^tnob*a--Bruoli- 

IJo. N; Y.,S9NoTi a, RalUiuoh-, Md.. (5-10. 
".Mini Aniu-tt- Mail"' tLaiii'iiiiter' fe Joliiitoii 

■atfHl>^UjiraU, Mo,, at. ItlrtimSTlUe Not. 1. 

iMlloii. l*. Jiimesport 3, Prtuufiuu .". Sevmuur. 

la., tf. 

,,...■•... •■-. , . A' . . ' • ■ ■ 
Xt-tlivrwbv Olga (I^iiIn .Vi-ibcraolc, mgr.) — Brad- 

. Harris, uifn-.) 

^jS^W^^^^i&S^^R. ™SK 'Sioltu'tWuiu-r N. Lanr«.«.. mgr. 
UitltliiiLirv. Md., 2U *>or. o, Uuftulo, ^. Y., C N..y. Cl.y 2H, tiidiltnlti'. 

"Ndiety^iiid Xttu>" (J. 1>. Barluj|.& Co., lugrf.) 
—Kllfubt'tb. N. J- 2IIK1, K«w Itruiwwlck Nov. 
l,.Trt']ittm :', ;., I'hlhiiHiiIilu, I'n'., n- Ju>_ 
'■Nlu'fty. and Mill**" (KU.vhi T. (JllHifaii. uigr..— 

M)|in»|iiKti..ii. W. V'ti., ill. WbovlLiK Nov. 1-3. 
'N^v-.Tiirk- U«y Liy Day" (ArcliU; Atk'U, uiKr.t — 

■N; y.,-ct(y WJfcv. a. Uiwokiyn. y, y.. s-iu. 

NfiUltfi the NeSva Ulrr 1 - (Gould A Freed, mm.) 
. — ^Moiitn-jil, Can.. SS-NoV.' 3, Ottitru D-7, Klugii- 


"I.loii unil lite Mouw." C (Henry 
--Siultti, Wasl... 2831.. 

"i.ltf und itif Motim-," 1> (Uenry II. llurrlu, iugr.) 

-^-.Mutervllle, Mc> .ai. .-' ■• ..',-• 

"tuw Jloute" (F.-Iliiy Counitock,' ingr,)— V. V. 

city. 30. Iiidcflntte. -, ' , ■. :. , , . 
"Mttle . HomeHtead" .(Win. :, Matauley,' niKr.) — 

lieiitrke. Nibr.;:3;; F»ttrburj-;N6v V4 l.' Belle- 
' vllle, Han.. g.'-MurytfVine-^'.et: Jotiuph.. Mo.. 

«j,7, Watnego,; Kan., 8,* Manbiitlab H, Junellou 

toil 8. iliiuilliMii .'. Uj 

■Ijtfba BlVtrB",MNIj;on it. Co.. mgrg.)— WTieel- Oledlt. Cbauuwy (AuKuafiiB Pitou. mgr.)— N, Y. 
lri*,W.-Vn., 29.31,- JolinBtvwn;'.Pa^- Nov; «.' 

•Jitttle ProMiH'cior"' >(Utinc & Perkltis,' logw.) — 
(Joitrto. ;lu ( . .31, TtwptiojitHS Jwr,, J, Butker- „ ,..- r ..,.--., ™ ,,..- 
HH ar.PflillUiiit a, (Hotix K«|r>lil» o; storm OrVDmnrScoct: Uobn Oauiaa;'mgi'.)— VVllaoii.'Ne' 
I.*ke,O.MSiiHob 7, LoLrvllte 8, Ida ariive9, , .0'N«v..JJ v • :=.. •• _j... ■.- 
n'attlp'CteeklO. " -' 

T-ust in -Now York" (1.. N. BromnSu, uigr.) — 
Stow. tes.. 31. Jfiinlngii. Ca;, Nlrf. f, * 

^711)., -.%^(Lll...'l I," .'liu^lllll, ,tv,» ,|.n-^| ..111 

lT*«4li;:-*3. piirli'.ti. 'Gut'lptt-f;, WaodWock 7, 1: 

..■iVti^'i'.S. lt.OBelowj);b,,Cliatiiutu'; W. : '. 
HtnttliiH^a the Four.dlutnT, IJIjH. 'nigr.)— Jloope 

,-toii; lll:, j 31.;'.Jiut).iinm; 'hid., .Nov. . ly NoWetf- 
\Ule.2: A'lrlernuu .-. Hln.'lHyvlll.j.'P, i:»loii--CUy 
tl. Xpnlu,. Oa. r,;Newark'a, Wt'llston 0, JieUoli-, Deuiln«, N. Mex..«, Sllrer- City '. 
Pns'j,* Te>.,;.8 1 «*; Pettow'll). 

Hodpes- ■ MiintBeld, Klcliurd (Ben 1>. Stcvi-uti, uigr.)— 
t^leojfo. Ill,, 20.Xot. 3. ' 
Muilf'-ll, •Kobgrt -_B.__ IWiti. ^A._ Brady, 

rwice. Mass.. 2«-Nnv.'3;L.viiu 0-10. 
Beuitett-Moiiltou— Tuv-uemFaHs.'MilsB.. 29-(Nov. B, 

AUtot 5-10. ■ ■'■ ■• S-; 

Bottle Block (Ediviu Bntrlo, ingr)-— AutUouy, 

Khu.. 2H-N0V. a, Btillwuter, Okla. t 5*10; . .. 
Burpuw. Nell — Dfuvfr, Oulo- 28-Nw.v. 
■ Bf*ctir- ' 

U(i yoi.«JL\ -.Ck'vrtcr. Stoek— BelwlB. Pu., Stl-JWv. a. 
Olljiin.. -Dva nm lie* ui|d V^uduvllle (W. A. DlllOb, ■ 
^ibKr.)—P|tt«ael'lrJfntiv-,2i)->'oT. '3, .,..•- 
t>ti yoBH.LF.tur*VNortiitru,(J. B. Kotuour. iitgr.)-^- 
Beateioer, M(cb., 28-X«v. 3, Hbluelunder,. , Wlb.', 

OKy-ao-iVoy. :s, Netvurk. 1 N.,j. 1 , o-fo.:. 
O'Nell^NuDce (Ira YV. Juckaou,' aigrv)— 4jlover»- 
Vllle/NVY.i 31. „■■■■ ,.-..; . 


oiil'-rioiiieBtead'' (Frankilji Thoai»>Hoa. tac'r.)— 
Neh-ark; N.; J.,-29-Nov. a, BrooKiyn. N. Y.. G-ld. 
'•Obf Xftw* Mlnlstef" -( Joseph Conyera, uigr.)— 
Ailrlaii, ' Mictt., n, HhlsdHlu Nov. 1, ColdWubr 
2-, Beiitort ■'.' Harbor 3, MtiKketttn.4, Lanalng I; 
.lii'OK.riuii :i , ..r- J B(iti!fcX"iwb 4| 7, Osrostit, 8, Baglaatv 

^.t,B..'y yty; ia: ,; . - - .'..:- 

'Old' .Isuo'e ffout tbc' Boircry" -'(Clias. K. Btaiu-y 
Aiitii«r, Co.,. mgrs:)— Flttubiirc. Pa;. 2.t-Nuv. .". 

"On .the Brldue ut Mld,i,ghl." \wteni (1. Ktitt 
COk'eii, , .>-T-CouDcll BltiffA la.,' 30, <"jirro!l 
31. Dun Inn Nov..!, Boijae 2. Fori Dodjie 3.' Bes 
MuratM -1,. -C, Albln G. -Cresti.u.7, Clarlndu.b, 
■ |,cBventyyr|j|,-. Kaii., V- lola 10/.." ' . 

"UU| Arkai)8aw" (V. E. Luniberl. tuar.)— Ual- 
loCk.<3U,\n., z\, Draytou.. N. Dak.. Not. .2, 
PtniUiju a. ajCfltVUI- P-* Oraitoo 0, Ulato 7, 
Cowan 8, Huvunu !'.- Lnngdoii If. 

wtler' i " H tQiil/v ' it" " I \V" " J ' : Muboiiild" unit )— °^ w -' ' '' '■--* •■**» .t r '« Hlnt«iiOnlVB.Meal» (Jolm ,\. UlmiuclMu. idkc.)^- .nua.yn..,a.iu main (Kluw & Krldnger, mgw;}— 

mWliaTiSliB al bK^ DunglUmt -Block (W. Boaglan. iug-p.1-Lll»rtf. »>a t'ttU^utuWuey, i'ti. i .^0.NoV..a. SNl\m,;. CMiaHuaoogB; 'ftmi... 31, Louls^He. Ks., 2.. JJ.:. 

lW£EE&t&'A^^^ ■ *■• MMIi IMhi a\ov. 1-3. Wi1tuiiT..tO. '■■■;■■ , IHmuitlelu-mA lmi>erlnf Block (B.< P. u HltunwWn. Murpby,;Tloi (T,:K. Snuoders. mgr. >— 3W City, 

HB^^.!3™5di*%Jl^.'- «„.._. .s..J »» ,..:.. ■■DavW.CowL.n" (Harry Doe| Parker, mgr.)-^XciT ..' iiigV.)-"M«dlGoii. , WM'. 1 2l}rNoT. 3.' B^16lt'6-W. p>-. Nov.l, Bea Mclnea 2, Omubu, Nebr., 4.6, 

■ '•■■>■- hausaa- City,' Mo., 8.10. . 
MontKorot'cy and Btoue (0. 1 
' —N. Y. CltK 20, mdellulte. 

Blfj.vlth'k.KitKFct! Stuck— Willow Citj; N. ■ Dak., 
;' r i.31, Mlnot Nov. 13. Bultour o-7, Uurvey a- 
*» . - ■-.'-■ ".. 

Beecber 4 Mayp'a Cvoindlana (Will S. Bcecber, 

. rngr.l-^Cambrlilgc, Md.." 2D-Nyr. 3.- ' . . 

"Bcu tiur" (Kiinv i Erlaugcr, ingni. >— Cblcugo, 
III., 2p, ludetlgtte. 

"Brown:. of IHrvnrd" .(nepry Miller, iuitr.)r— 
- ^Htlbdh,, Pa.. DO-Nov. 3. Cblnmbus, 0., B-W. 

"Bgtlftinl'B IlOptf'! (Htalr & KlLvUU tnvrs- 1.^-1*. 
twtt. Mich., 28-Nov. 3, CnYetonA. 0-. D-10. 

"Bnitttr Bpowu/' Kii»;cru (Hustvr Umwu Alutit-r. 
Co.. nigti>.[ — PottuvlUe. .Pa., Nov. 1. Jluiiyb 
Ofiunk 5, Hamttciu a, l^rvcltina 5, Wllkcp-Bm-n: 
C, PlttRtonT, CarbOT|dulc; n. KcPaiiUib 0,' 10. 
' — ' VlllOti 


ili.VVI, v^'.* ■ ■ ■ 

Philadelphia. 0- 3.1, Cmubrldtt" Nov. LCOaboi'- Barcuurt Couirdy.(C..U. IKrflB, mgr.)— ^laTUJOiV. 
tou 2. VTbtctliig, W. V'u.. 3, .Steuben vlllc. 0.,'T- : . jtivm.. tfJ.-Xov. 3. 

D,-5I)lV J - " 

Toronto, Cin., 20-Ni.v.-3, N, Y.'CUy 5-Dec i. 
Mock, Anilrtw-> ,(J. Ii; Pucker, mgr.)— BoMton, 

■MnBB..''2tf-Not'.> 3, Philadelphia, fcu, B.17.'- 

MHiinerluir, -Maiy (J.-K, Hackutt, "Ouy Old Kentucky Home" (Win. U*ywo»d' va B r -' t 

•N.-.Y* 20-31, Hocttester Nov.- 2, PbliSiilelpklu. —Fond rtu- Luc, . Wta., 3J., Waunaca ■ Not. .2, 

Ph....i(!w.: . Gratia Biinlda 3. Wuuiiaii';-l P -.4ntua> 5, Bblpe- 

,1-iDder-tf, Ti.watawk.7, Merrill 8, MarsUfleia t>. 
NellMTllle: 10?. . -- : M-.,r. •* 
"Out In-' Idaho" (EU.r, Adaujs A Qb., mgn.)— 

HwMh ,Mau., Cod.. 31; HfbM Iw* NV- U 
"Old Huyheod" (Morris ft-Frlel, ragJS.l^Cblcago. 
HI.. 28-5y.v. 1, Belvldm" (Soma. & Leo 

-New- Haven. Cunt.. 31, 

iXiau.. 2, 3,'Brvoklyn, N. 

tyre., and BVjitb (Kla'w, & Krlaoger, iuxk;>- 

m, 2, > pundec 3. . Aurora 
7,'Cllatfiirorlh 8.". .' tlvmiodi 0, Benfer Ffllli*, 
CaaHe 8, oil Cliy 0, Warrenlu. 

7, ; Nt-n" HeiKU-rHon.' 


■ku<i* (Joseph .PiiteBl.'nigr.) 
, ■ CU-A-or; 3r Hlllidak Q-V- 


, , .-..dr.. •VllUI' .".■ HH "»»'V , - ,-- . . ., -■ 

"l>nuglitcrfl of Men'* (Henry B. Harris, mgr,)-f limirlng; 8;ock~Noro, la., 29-31, Varreu Nov. 
S.tlCbO'W... Y„ 81, Scruutoti, Pa., Not. 2, 3;: 1>3; Monroe 5-10- 

. , Melvtilei'Bow (J. u. HtirUor. mgr,) 

__ (Hlirry Kubolui, Mo.. iO-Nov, li, CcnterTlIle. III., 6-10. . ■•'Ilnii-, 2B-Nov. 3, Mlnnca^olla ' " 

J. Brydb, niKr.V--l*lyaninth, Ph., 31. Olypliunt Harrlf-Ptiritlnbod Stock (Robt. H. Burrl*, ingr-)— Merrln. One ' 

Slaj'-vBlc. Jiy„ 20-Xdv.,- 

*'liitDtt l r Brpun," Wvatern (Buster Brovia Awonc. 
Co.. uigta.Ji-lMtliiinopoltf, Bid., Nov. 1-3, Tern 
Hmtt 1. tkfkyette 0. Wubusb tl. >[nrloii 7. !<«'' 

Pbllft.Mpbla G-1T. • .. , ,■•.- 

"Poru Tbarpe." A, llowlmid ii CHiTonl'ti 
J. Brydh, niKr-Vr-plytitonth, Ph., 31, [1, .. 

Nov. $;• CiUbondulv li, Mapc-U Clmnk C, Leblgul- , 

tvu:G. ^limuiidouU .7. Mlpci><vlIIt 8. ■ ; Herald Smiore- atoek I Hitter & Fntiijliawc, t mgra.) 

■poru' ThbrflC," H. Itowland A CtllTurd'H (Hu|T.f — 'Atbeinj. .(%., 20'Nov. 3, MojitrcsW 5-10. 

Cmhqprx-11, ntgr.)— Orun, Mu.. -31. CtuirlrHtowa Hcriild 'Stiuote- Conicdy IA. A.' Wall, mar.) — At- 

Nov.'i; 8lke*Hoii 2, New Mudrld 3» Caruttii)r«r ■ . ; Junta, ,flii.;-30-Nut. -3. . . ..... '" 

vlHv;5, Kvunt-tb o. Pardjtviiki. .Ark., 7, Jopw- "HviTucrpw V (Cburlca Frobiimti, 

Dtlllus-ii'iiu, mgr.) 

Modjtaka (JuU ; h T Miir>y,"ttigr7>— \Vaterbnry. Coun., 
31, Springfield. Mh«n,. Xuv. 1 T Ilolyolie 2, tlm- 
ropi. Conn.,:;:, Xewiwrt, K. I., 0. 
flville; Bow (" ' 
.'-Tl-'i". 28-Nov 

4, Kankakee tl, Gilinau 

- - v * P 

ration. \V*. B.' (J.'M. SlOHt, nigr.) — Crestou, la., 

31. ClarlRiia Nor. 2. Atlfbtlu a, Grand Island. 

Nfcbr/. 0, Kearney 0, Holdrvgc 7, Uaatlnga 8, 

Mncolu tl, 10. 
PurlivB, Ktttbryn (W. D. Fllcgerald,: mgr.)— - 

Biiujlioinloii, N. V., 29-Nov. 3, ' Auburn 0-10. 

Mtntieu^olltj 4-iq. . 

. Paul, puyioii.SiijtVtii (C. tj. Yaytoui 
Tes-i 20- Nov. a, Bryan C-10, 

boro !k Butenvitle 0, Ppeohpnt.* to. 

City 20. tn-leUuUe. 

t 4T>riP»rt 8. CrWfordtivnie 0. Danville, 111;. IU ■ » W-V. HI) " ' ' <>nS£ l^Wrtlr (CUarlea FroUtnau. mgiO-N. 

"Blfewlte'r'a.MllIon.'^lHtiidy i 'I'bguipHon; w.niJ.1 •■ 1 >X' ite "'c ani-e" (Bert Howard' ilikr >— 3t !( CltS 20-Nor. 3 ■ , . ,^ .* * ' 

--l-hlladcU-bla, l^a., 20-Nov..a, Bul.lmore. ftld., ^E'S.VTkU. ^ " 0WHrJ ' ,Wt?Z 7- "liwtfthS &al "- (The Kirko Ik Bbollt. Co.. 

. .. punM 

PblladLlpbla, lS., 20-Nov. 3, Baltimore, Md., 

"iJnml'biis" (Edward A. Bruden, uitr.)— B^-.tou, 

Mna(., Nuv. 5- 10. ■ 
"Bt-tore and After" (DeltrlcUtdvlii ft Uliulur, 

i«grs.)— Mprlugtleld, Muse., 20-31. " VVoivi>Ht*r 

?iov. S." ' , *. 

"Bcblud the M«*k" (Stale A Huvllu, un;w.)— 

Minneapolis, Minn., 28-Xov, * 

.Jyinpla j!.. Twiluo 
slielttti lb. ■ ■ 
Mwcpiirdj. Jqmea K.— R&wla'i}fl'& CHflord'a (IJ, 

I'hfttttom Deteutlre,", Rowland k GllftordV (Puts 
Seymour, w«r. )— Bna'alo. N. Y., BO-Nov. ■ 
Baltimore, . 

"Utrtbn, the tjcwlng Machine Ulrl" (A. II. WomlN, 
mi{r.)— l'hlludelpllla, Pu., 20-Nov. ."F/N. Y. 4" 

, City 

•'Buucli u( Keys" (Oum Bethner., ».gt.) — Wiiter- 

f.oiila. Mo,. atf-Nov. 3. 
"Puvll'a Auction 1 '' (M. Wise, mgr. )— Vancouver, 

B.C.. 01. 
"tteovrr, J , ;vinw8."Nortbi i ni(Holdeu Bros., mgM.) 

-^^-Cnlcu'iio, III;, S8No w . 3. 
-.■IS". .■ 
Elliott. Mailne (C. B. DlllliiBhaiit. inkr.>~St. 

Paul. Minn., 9341, MlnucapoliH Nov, 1-3, Kuu* 

»ua City. Mv., 5-7. 3t.. JoHt-pb 8. 
F.ile»t>n. ltctivrt (Henry B. llarrlf. mgr., — Bulutii. 

Minn.. :il. Cetlar ItupldK. Ia., Nov. 3, St. 

JOHl'td). Ml>.. 0.' 



Pll.. - 

Wlllluta'Miort -3/ Milton 5, Bluvuihbnrg 
kin ». ikiouiitCfirnM)! v. AmrtilanU 10. 
"Her. .Own .V.iy" (Jutfa Muny, ' uigr.)^-NaBli' 

iW'i •>*, rori >>ovm i\uv. i. Denlaon 2, Bbuw 
nee, Oklu.. 3, Oklahoma Clly. 4, Tulsa, bid. 
I*r., -VMiiNcitfeeO. Fort Suiltli, Ark., 7, Little 
ICock 8, Hot Spriaiw 0.. Metnukls. Tean., 10. 

vllle. Tenii.. 31. Padncab. Kv., Nov. 2; ,,««-k 8, Hot Springs 0, MtHiiuUlit, Teait., 10. 

lUiiimu Heart*," Eiwlvrii, W. E. NuuktvlllC'B— JHWred (md IIotk-Ilto (John M. Hlckty, mgr.) — 
bvmv Maw,, al. . Mount Holly. N. J., 31, Bddgetou Nov. 1, At- 

towit. 3. Bui... ai, Brookltiga Nov, 1, MHdHon liuicnu'ii. Mury (N'Kon In lEIiamtruian, mgrn.) 

_. I'tiicflouc. Minn., a. Btous City, 1*., -I, Cat 
vol! 5, Jeffeison (1, Uouuu 7. Newli'li 8. Url«- 
null 0, Mulwknlltowo 10. * ■ 

"Bonnie Brier Bueb" .(Shlpnttm ft CoMu. iujtk.) 
— Klugmklou, dm.. 31, Guhaiiontio Xt>v. I, Nu|>«- 
nca 3L rtcion 3, 

Suffolk, Va.,' ai.Turboro, N. C., Nov. l.'lkcky 
Mount 2. Cliili!ht>orw 3. 
Kvaft, .Luwreiiee tA. W. Crow, nurr.)— Mount 
Vletiamit. Mlob.. 31. Port Hbroii Nov. 1, Fllnl. 
2. Muifliimv 3. Bay City -I, Knlnninaoo 5, Buttla 
Creek U. Powagtuc 7, Grand Kaptda 8-10. 

"Big Hearted Jim." Kltmt ft l7tic«b1o'a <PnnLcl twjng. OtWvwle (Wm. N. Smith, bui. mgt.V— 
Heed, mgr. )-^Lo\il» vllle. Ky.. 28-NoX-. 3, Kvuni- 
vllle, Ind., -I. Ti-rre llitnte' C. Buaviile «, La- 
fayette 7. Iiidlniiiipullr. S-10. 

I.anmr. Mo. 211-31, Galena. Kun., Nov. 1-4. 
Carthage, Slo.. 3-7. Webb City 8-10. 
Elwyn. Lunie-— Manetu-ater. N. v.. 20-Nov. 3. 
"'"i.SttH'k (K. C. Ellis, mgr.)— St. Jehu, K " 
i, I'oviiuini hiti •> wi6»i' van. " :; 

Fur*a '3, Rt. Cloud, Mini... 4, Lltlk ViilU 0, Kllef* 
Saul; Ceut.r 0\ long I'tnlrle 7. Alwundrla S, 

til,* VI W I. I ■HllllllUI'Utin O'lU, i,,nj 

"Bulk ot Japmi" to. Harris I'lder, mgr.>— Paje, Bills _. 

N. Dak., 81. Portland Nov. 1, Cnaaelton 2, Can., 2i»->"ov. ID, 

FerifUB Fatti- V, Wubpeton, X. Dak., 10. 

"Buy Behind the Ctini'' [CJjaP, JL Blnuvy Atnuae. 
Co., mgrs.r — lndliiitai>ult>. Ind.. 2H-31. 

•■Billy, the Kbt" (11. II. Hancock, aigi'.)— Balti- 
more. Md., 20-Nov. 3. 

t- Baiiker'd Chllil." Kai-teru (Harry 8liauuou. mac^ 
—Colon, ailcb., Nov. l, Cuioa Clly' 2, Homer 
3, Xttehacld-fit Hllltfdale B, lleadlug 7, Abgola 
8. Butler 0, Illcksvllle 10. 

"Huliker's Child." Western (K.JL l*crry. mgr.) 
-.Akvrty. MLtio.. .JCov- 1. Walker a, AMln S, 
CtoniK, «, 8virH-iio>'. W.. 7, Two Uufbors, Mluu., 
H. Ely 0, Virginia 10, 

.. W, A.. Dramotle (Joe Beokur, tngr,)— 
Aniarlllo. Tex., 31, Citiiyo,. City Not, 1, Hert- 
ford i. Purtali-ti. N. Mi'x.. C. Uwwl'H G. Attwla 
S, Cnrl^bud 0. Pi-cos. Tex., 10. 

Elmer Stoeli — Salvin, Mn as ., 2t'Nov. 3. 

**l5,ve Vitu^a," Lincoln J. C!artcrV — Cleveluud, 
<».. mVNev, a, Detroit. Mleb,. 4-10. ■ ; 

■'i:»st Lymir." Jobtpb King'* (W. .W- Buuttle- 
worth, mgr.) — Tarcutnm Nov, 1, tslcubt-nvllle 3. 

"En*t Lynue" (Chun. Newloi), mar.)— Neotlanba. 
Kau.. 31. Otffcyvllli- Nov. a.Arkauiub City 7. 
NcwklrV, OU3.. 8. Enid' 10. 

"l"l«bt BeM«i.".Broi". Uynie"— WuHiluitton, b. C. 
tVXov. 3, Philadelphia. Pa., MO. 


"lluinmi iTehrti/." Weitteru (H . F.KUey, mgr.) 

— MurehulUowu. I;j., 31, Dei aiolnea Not. 1-3. 

Baveniiort 4." Mtweailbe !.. Iowa CB> u. Cedar 

Itaplil-, 7. Vinton S.l.idept' 0. Diibuntic 10. 
"Human Hearts." Sonlbcni (Jay almoin, uigr.) 

— IVimncoIu, Flu.. Nov. l,,»lbbllt. Ala., 2, 3. 

New Ofleaiia, Lii.. 1-10. 
"Iloiiicfcltun Heart" (King ft Perkins, mgrs.)— 

Cobl* it-town. R. Duk.. 31. Vnllcy City Nov. 

1, Eiutfrlbi S.-Huukliihou. a. iiakes 0, Asbtou 

0, Nortiiville 7. Ltdgirwood 8, Brltton, S. Dak., 

"Hoxislcr OlTl" (GUk Colnyi. Wgri)— Harthhorue, 

lml, ,Tcr.. ai. Wllburtci. Npv ' 1, South .Mc 

.Vlcritcr 2. MuitliCifiv 3. Okamlgt-c r.. TulE>k 0. 

Pavt-bmka. Okla.. 7. . llartlcavTlle, Ind. Tie, 

5), -Caney. Kufl.; 0, CoffeyrtHo 10. 
"Happy Hoollgab," Gut. Hill'*— McKeuncy, Ttx., 

"Hai'ia. Hiinfui" (Jan. T. Me.Oi'K ragr.) -trEII 

,m...»4T\ L'yil ! "11 1 f.milf»rm.m.l VA, 1 l.'' 

lantic City 2, 3. EuBton, Hht., J5.:CauiUrltlBrO, 

Sntlsbury 7. Dover, Del.,- 8, Nctfark y, Aiiuu- 

I>u|U, Md., 10. 
Moore. KugeneMF. C. Conrad. .ingr.)^-Plilniyf,. 

burg, Kan.. Nov. C, Suiltli Center 0, Lebanon 7 
. Courtland a, Jamestown o, iHucktou lu 
Moint..Wiii, V. (Rowland ft CHftonl, ui|,ra.)— Bu- 

clhc, Wis., Not. 0. Waukcgtin. Hi., l, rorkg*>. 

*%ta., B. OtthkosU a, Ocojita 7, Wuupnca 8. Atj- 

pleton &, Foiid diTLiw 10. v ' v 

Mitchell. Cora Lawton (Edgar Q. 8tepa*U, bus, 

iiwyr.)-*Lcbanon. Ind., Nov. B-10. 

•H^mtkiKSK < .) v,u n - M^™- laiT.)— JBftnejville, 
p.. 2n-Nov. a. - 

Myrklc-Uurdcr Stock, Bastera (W., It. Httrdor 

D, Prle l), Chunutc7. Iota' S.'Ottuwb 9, Lair- 
retice' 10,.- • ■ '. ■" - - - 

"Pair of Country Kids," Eastern (C- J«>" Swltb. 
nigr-it-AmltO, La.. 31, 'Mtutnolla, Miss., Nor. 
1, DtiJoV Hava-. 2. MeCoiuo 3, Lexington «, 
piirunt *l, CdtiU'ii f, V'luo'ua 8, West Point 0, 

"Puk of .Auiitrr Kids." Weatern (C. Joy Smith, 
mar.)— Civile,' Kill., 31. Abilene Nov. 1. 
.Sotooiou.2, 8ailDQ,.3. Ellsworth 5. WIIkod b. 
Russell 7. Huya 8, Ellin 0, Oakley 10. 

"Peek's End Boy," Extern (Geo. W. Heath, 
mgr.)— Springfield, o,, 31. Greenville Nor. u 
New Caatle, lud.-, 3. ._ 

"1'eck'a Bad. Boy,"- Western (Union Amuse. Co.. 
nigra.)— Salt Lake City. U.. 28-31. BiMifli" 
Not. l..Ugan 2. Pocatello, Idn., 3, Boise City 
0. ; Baker City. Ore... 7. LuGraude 8, Dayton, 
Wash,, »,. Walla Walla 10. 

"Prliu:tj Karl" (VnuKhnn Olaser. mgr.)— Spring- 
Held, 0., Nov. 1, Sandusky 7. 

^^^%I^^^!^m C^mili. t "Qulncy Adams ,SaK*V'- Western (Stoaft ft 
SIffi ■ • ■ '■ ' ,J9 ' Nov ' Jl H«frf»burg O'N.eii, iuffra.)-Wlilurir. Minn.. 31. 

I... 4|.uniu if..". «, ..iv.m.i.iiF. iu,,. ; Y-r.ii*. ,, , , ■ ,, ., „. , „ 

worth.. Kan., : SI. llollm-romHl >'or. 1. Elllmwod •"KKS'Ba Stock. SoulliDni (Lntlnwrc * 
S,. Unioil K .Ori-at »J0il..3. . Sterling 0. TurOa ESBbi ??j> ,) ~ l'0»»"loutjl, O.. SO-.Nov. 

t./VraJtlD; AntMtiy'O. KlnktMij In. 
■How, Urarli AM Broken". lUltXoqtlinl Dron.' "Wt .* Muekei-. Ea.tern (John J. MOrro 
Arooi*-. Co.. »r»;i—(5lucltinntl.'0,. -Ji-Xor. 3. inw.)— Klug,tb«. K. fc, 2iXot. 3, WuUli 

SI, Brau'Uoril [fov."°i. bl.'' > Caibcrltn'2 
llaiiilltou 8. Hi. Gjitberlnea o. 

mi,iil,.,wu d. ni. v' llllcll ^ cn m>. . - 1 

•'Unrufsf-p Dnilditcr" (Vnnr-c i Rtilllriin. uigtw.V 
— acranlon, ra;, .nwia'i Wllktti.IWtro Nov.. 1-il, 

Newark, R. J.. H-10. 
•■Bl.o» I'olltlclan"— Milwaukee. M'l(.. 2S-Xi>t, 

enuio, Wm II , iin-1 Bills J.-iiro!.« 'Cloiilr 

, to,,li»dtflalle. , 

TMBOm. Dtnln (Tbc Kltkn La Sbille Co., uurr.) 
— .Wtllnt-B-rre. fa., 31. Hlrrl.lnirg S»»i I. 
, Ali.vjnn.a. Jolinilowo 3, Vnnnsuluwii. 0., *-. 
nflBAValax (Twill Colt. mtM-^fiuiia. K.or., 
«|tt- ; ■ . . ■■.■,,.- .:., , 

tpVMalj, ■ Mantle (Jobit Cort, mgr.) — Lltln^slon, 

"Holty. Toltr"— All'nur.i X. V.. Not. 1-3. Coboeo 

It 1*0— to AJAri. tl. l-l't-Qt-jl r, (lien, Kill, 3. 

Trbj-.B. Ain&teltlaui-lO.'.. . , .. 

"Ilnll ltoolu Iloys"— rullailelfbla. f»„ 21l-)iov. 3. 
■'lll.liltli llooil" (F.'Q. Cvomd, mgr.>*Oakliin.l, 

Ntl-f.. Nov. ,-.., Lv.n, . 1'iDt.f T, I'out-.I,, llut-t. 

'","M0 .« - 1VhV.MiI Id. -,,. ■ •' i 
■■llulnplj UuiiintJ-" (A, L. b-iYll 0. ntgr.l— Spflnc. 

IllUiboro ». lireeoaalo tl, AUeat 0, C'jllllcotbe 
w^ - 

Murray | Matkej. Wmtern (John J. tlorraj. 
mp)^ei4rl(al,nri,', W, Va.,' s».Suv. - a ' E5. 
„ ,u .' ^c • -J?- 0-10. 
"ffi! USit'MSP.'P&f mgr.)— I'cmbrookc, 

y.-. 3n>oT. ji, Norwich h-io.,, and 

and Pore 

'"' • "'.Mrno-H. t-'iTUioe— Ni-ii llnuutcl*. IVj., M. Han 
• ■"- «l ■%'( ..— «.. • , .. .i -. .. 

tiilK. 1— CblUdolFl.lA. 1 

lnvln,;M>:r (Hntrr Sloan. 

A|w»*l» Nw.l. K. V. 

"Iker nnd Al»-)— (Bo*. 

, Oil., ili,'.0>Un.| Nm.'l-:!.' 

"«■ 8 ^' Ife <W&. »Wt^uio»„cod. „Jjii;li»:on£ 


.aipuinl.l /lot*, m. if. M.l)iml"'&r!?-Kew: 
ion,' icni.- sS-nV 3. Uraetl. * ' 
•Mrt 'Viaas en- the rjnbtoim.irattb'' (LieMor A 
. So-Not. n,- ai- 


Out . 

Ollt., Oh.. 30-!io». 3, Oalilwa o-ToT 
Ma«n-,»i.nM— Mineral wall,, Tax., go- 
WblorU.. ha. flrrnirllle s-i, Mfku 

"tjticen ot «« ItlgUbMiltra" (A. U. H"Od>. 
imr.l— lki.iun, sfoaa., StVJfOT. 3, Brookljo, 
N. i., J.10. 


llunaell. Annie (Waiehliklll St Kemper, mgr,.)— 
.. rbllnilelwilii. p«., 20-Sov. 3. , „ ,. 

llotwin,' Eli'nllol- (iMMaf SCO., mgt«.)— X. V. 

...ciiy.a), iinicaoitm... . .'..::., .. __ . 
llobcrrun,' Eorbea. and Oerlrttlo Klllolt (Kin" 

cc Krlanaer. rngrs.)— Ni V. Clt3-. ilO. Uiilennlte, 
Itoberlt, Florence (John Cort, tnmtr.l—Uaiicock. 

MHK, .31. Infinpililns NOT. 1. Unlutli, Nlnn.. 

2. :t. wiholpft.-, Man., can.: 5-t. Qrhni ho*, 

N. Dnk- b. Fargo ft, Junieatown lo.. —- 

- .tlil'niilnia (Stulr & Nlcolol. tDBT.,1 

Maea.. 3;. Hartford, Couu.. Mot. 1. 

. .-..,. ,..». c « 3, 3, tt08ton..Mass., H-loV. ;_. . 

Ruwell Bvt«.(Clin«. E. Blsney imulie. Cfc.. OP'-' 

_ — Plt(»b»ri(. Pa., •-•O-Xov. .3.. • 

Ron'stftrfc (17. J. (V. Roe, nnrr.)— •Woonnoekel, 

It. -U ,3Wit,T, «, ,. • T, . ; ... . ■ 

Ryan, p»nl«— Ilelrelt,- SIMi. ' SB, ioilennlte, ,-. ' 
Roue SiiK-k (Jos, S. Sklrloll. .mjr.)— 3banDhln, 

l"n . 3niN-oT, r.illnsleton S-10.- 
Ru.tcll Cootcly (NU-b UiksoU, owr.)— St. Maty*. 



'jV^-WHSl ''TJiioitaSS Sw . lfl . dearflcur --.7, 

^lOiwohlir^S'Ml..* ■ ■ - ~* -rr*~~<-~~t-~-: — ■ — 
-rem 'Scot! 11 ,(1V. 0. Uoisn-i'-..mE3-.)— WIIUUtBn, 

'iWet. -4Irc--„ la s Ireland:' taw ,& Max Itocw. 
mmj^n Koto, .■"I.,, SS-Sovl, X, JixWpMe. 
ivb..'JT, lii.clMre (UDitlutlt, Mlnh., 0, 10. 




MSft W-NotV V K*n>A> cityL'-io, 
•■RqIKcM HeiV' "Wander De Cnr* 

■-. i'iiii|in, .'linn., j, Hi. 
Brarien, rH(tr;)-^St. LonlP, 

■RBtfKM 'HetV' "M*nder Do Cordova Co'.'* (J. 

■ii. a^odA ( ^jisr.)— pwS, Ky,, fu,..-i'«dtwfth 

;..'£»rcKott S, JiwAo p ( WiiniS-10? ■ 

Holyoke, M«,»M -%* 

im-81. F(iu;mvbt xbt., 

"rTacP'ror.i.ltc'' ;. (i*> .SrililTan Atntue. Co.. 
..Bjjh-O *^-Kama» Cl.y, Mo'., BR-Nor.* .V-St, 
'jorf^ph 4,'B„ PcV Molnev In.; fi./7. I'eoria, 111 ., 

"I»itt«r-ni« ;Jtill*f '■ gharry L.' DlMoft. ; htgr.)~ 

"Itominc* or com Hollow* th. J. Slettn, mgr.)— 
Potteh»XPt, N- Y-, 31. Mount Vernon Not.' I, 
K'cw Boc^ellw.r.-IIotwkfQ 3. Worcester, Ma>., 

■ t -- . yrj r v a -- i fy "i ca f~ - ■ 

K **T^to,iifsplpfr , '(iT;:r. WHHoey. met.)— Anristvi- 

-IW-^W,, -SI. ■■CfwrloilOovUW, -Vft,. .Nn T . I, 

"tp^^pieo" HL cC.wwiwr,^m*T..— nwy. 

rrU.,.0.. 31, Mon«Aeld Nor. 1, Tlffln 5. rimt- 

?nfd«yf f.Wlo (tlrhlP^' Aj Co..\m,tKt— NVvrfelfc, m, ruiilflpiffoim pi., fcM, * 

"Litm .fflhni.Tj .Vr f^t' (Cwtiiih * H.rtrtK msr*.) 
;— <ftl«fio. til.. Xpt. n. MUw«nk(^\V^.. 4-10. 
titM '■Vnih^n- \ (Ulltfln -ft/ Sirrjwtit Ahorn. 
mera.]— Meridian. Ml**.. Net. 1. 
'•^M cffXwt"— pcdHa. 'III., T.I.' :■ '. . 

■jtc&letn, Jfyje,. Concert ^nrrly. Statptoan^A 

f^orrtK Cap > 21,-Nor. J, 9 T r B a.* '^7v.. » 
v»n, t Dyke-'t Entijn (p. M«k'. fcfcr.j-^talB*V . VWwI'ttt'^-'-I'tlnw Alhori, -na»K.. vmu ■». 

Vrtri Bflfen" [SUHt (Wm. .W.,Upoint, mit.i~- 

.AoclMBtCt. ■ jVt.i.8110;,.; " 

" r.J^SkjMotfr. 

... Ufarfy A*kln, WCM— St. Jtt- 
icnbi'Mo... ;li. Umh GM.»h L4, l^aioo- 
fnUHrJCul., -i. im<ka 5,- XtoWrlr 0, Mninlhal 

7 Qu;tc.», in., «, fortM«di»u..Ia.. f.pvorio. 

So ; 


•ad Julia Marlowe (Sam .3. £ 
... 'n*,.- tofrs.)— Philadelphia, fs., 

2>*H07. 3, ' Snr Haven, Conn.. 6, sprinffield, 
. U» i'r^ ■iBwilMUff. T,.ProT[(l«»ce, .E. I. ( ,S:10. 
$kinn*r, Otf* iCharle* Probraan, mgrO—Blt- 

ralnsham, Ala-. 31, Setma Not. 2. 
Stnhl, Rose (Henrt B- Harris, nytf-)— S. T. 

CHJ 2(», ioa«ftnite. , 

■=nou«, Hilda ( Walter N. Lawwr.W, mp:r.)-*.WRSh- 

lnKtoD, I>. C.. 26-Nor. 3. PttttfciirK. Ph., 5-10. 
Scott. Cyril (Walter N. Lnwifnw, mCT.)— Buf- 

fala N. V.. 80-81. Cletelaml. 0., fi-lff. 
Shei. Thomn* E. (Nlsnn A Zlmmcrnmn, mgrs.) 

— Nt-work. N, J-.-ie-Nov. 3. Jmwy City. r.-W. 
(MtUTi DnnM (J>lw*.L. Bloom, mir,)— Loweu, 

MflM- .*ll. rroljoKe Not. i; ' 
•5n.v>ncri Orll (Clin?. K. Blnoir Aranw. Co.. 

raptM—N'. 1 " Cl'ySO-NOT. 'A. ProTldeow, E. I., 

SW&JV tt«or|fl' (Stair & Nlcolal,' Tfljrr*.)— Cliieln. 
natl, O., 2S-Nov. '.I. 

Smnrl $et <llnrry Hill, mgr.)— Mllwniik^, Wla., 
28'N'ov. a. Rirtftp •»..,Tflne^yllle 6. Precport, III,, 
C Rcckfonl 7. Elgin 8, Ottawa fl, Jollet 10. 

SajTlllo. N. V.. 21KH, Bay Show Not7 1*3, 
pAirtwRu* 5T, Oyster Bay 8-10. 

Sam;mry-Murrsy (3. M. La Porte, mar.) — 
Cana^ota. N.,Y.,.2S;NoT. 3, Senwa Fall« .j- 

j»h*lton, lsabdle (Berf LobtfiflD, am.)— Blooo- 
iDRton, Emu, 2S-Not. -a," Franklin' tHip."- 

"Smlpn Stor> - " (J-*t- Allison. mffr.)-*St. LcnU. 
Mo,, 28-Nor. ?., BellOTllle, Ml., 4. Fort Wanw.. 
Ea, ft, Toledo, 0., 0, Canton 7, Akron B, 

'3iui(tav" llnltuii "Cnhn. mar.)— fenDMa Cltr. 

Mo,.'26-NrfT. % Cellar ttnplris. la.. It. 
'■Shadow : Behlm! the Throne," Leatiito I>e Cflr- 

ao¥A ; 'Co/a.:(J. >1I. IthMl^K, mer.) — Ken-ark, N. 

J;,'.2il-N*T.' ". Holjohp,'Mtts*., r.-7. | .- - 
"Secret* of the I'ollrt-" (A. II. Wmm, msr.) — 

Columbus, A., irft-Ul,' Pnyton vN6T. ■ l-»; -Cla- 

<-tnnntl -J-IO, _ " " ' 

"SlrmuEfc In ■ Town." ■ H. ■»,', Linton's .(T. I,. 

Litlton'. rrtifr^-^-MnJwlllon; U.. 81. Canton Ncr. 

1. ' Wiirrcn 2, Anhtabnla n. Connenufft. Cwry, 
«!*>., --tfr. iSnlasiftnca,; N. Y., 7, Jamestown S, 

Kune. -Pn., I>. TlniflTllfo: 10. ■ tA £- 
"Srtiitf HnrlNir'; (Ithlpli .<. \Vanl.mpr,)— Malrtne. 

N. Y., 31; PoLwlnra Nov.'i; Canton 2,' OtWtfp 

"SwK*iP!c't rtirl Iri mxla" AvJ P. •Ual)I#,--ri»gr.)— 
Qliftntiit, ,1'fx„ "SI, ..Verilon -Nb^M, >\>hlta 
ralfd 2.,1'llnCPolnt ri;,I>iW"i t,,. Mineral Wolls 
.0; Went her ford T; Thurbcr S. Jjatrd fi. AMle'ae 
io;- /.-"'--. . ~i.- 

'•3li<*.,r-ookfl . C.ond .to ■.Father" (3, . W. Piwcoe, 
iit(p,]— i3Qnron.'l>a,.: lit. .' / ', ' v : ■ 

■'SfMlfter'V (ihib'' ; Wrtlicr*. .mirK)— Prlneetrtn. 
HL.^ai. LnuSdile Nnv. I, ■Mernlotn.2. Mnllno 
::,; fltffk IMn.urt.-i; •l-iv,-n Cily.-In... "». (.Vvlnr 
:-](.^H^vtV..;,>in|]e PlMne. 7, MnrMlinlllown S, 

■'i.wicivfliji-^jrt. 1 '^'', ■/■■• '■■.;".>•;;-;■ .:'->'V, /..i . ; 

"HibirSj '^ , iiti; , ":"(.T;^':.^Rock'}vcU( % msr;)— K«Jt- 
TllC.X \ 1 ' i i' l l - N «.-l ^fliar^ 


'.. PoVadam-S/l/eVrltoFi A' ArtVap 15; . :-*, ( n , ri 

• • ;>*>.• A-.'-: ..■i.'-' l -;:-.-'.T ■>■■:•■'.;. .•'-v..".:--;/->.- 

>»S*CS|rtle (H. ft Bu,. tngr.l—SkJ 
Mo-. SOT Maltlnnd tO/am^fm, 

,, lKg&& '(***». Mack' A coi, niiri)- ^M^ JgHg Jgjmt » «"Mfc fcw-1- 
?U1«U, CO.tMTllI* T. C«lumS«? QuSK. ...""E -7*" »S: "?"• ■ I'*"- ">»■ 

Utati" '■ C<, "" , " , ' J, '• "I 4 *" " ".MY Dbjj I - 
"Voitatar. Or«»ni!t.» Unen alto' >«bw ■«»*'■»' 

_(9om E. Allen, nxt.)— Ne* 
«, Pi , 81. Fnokim N~ot. 1. kmfra, Gas. 
0., 3., E Sari.l,,.,, 0, rnjn, T, 

H^-B^-tss^nsi fl&%Me 


'Br towell (l, Salem 0, Taunton 7, 

"Volunt«r Ot^aaist. 

cwner, m~ ' 

Not. 1, .... 


7, Macon 8, „. 
"Villotrj rjfocet" (W. w. Lapoint?'inRr.)— Falr- 

Bra'ndfca-' ^ chmnA W' *• SSiSSn 
■ ' V 

Welsh, Blanche. <Wnwnhal8 i Kemper, rnern.1— 

EOCt Worth. Te*.. 31,. 

deoce, R. L 2», Worcester, KtH.. No». ! 1, 

2, llartfonl. Conn.,T., Phlln.lelphla. Pa., C-17. 
Mlwn, Pranci* (ChnrlfR Frohman, mitr.l— Bos- 

toh, Mam.. SP-Kov. 10. . 

Weler'n All Stars (Joseph M. Weber, mgr.)— 

Baltimore. Mrt., 2ft-Nor. X . * 

Wll*ou. Al. ll..<Sinaer It. EIllj. mat.)— BMOOB) 

ft**., flit QalTestfin Not. 1, Beaumont 2, Port 

Arthur .",, Alexandria, Ln., 4, Monroe 0, Oreen- 

yllle, .\Ilss.. 0, Qweoffood. , :,.Jackt«n 6, VWka- 
_lwirg (I, Batoa ttotttte, Ln., 10. . . . :i 
Willard. Vk.B, (Chas. A. MoorA mcr.)—.Hnnill' Oolrl, , MaV. 31., lUrtfor*)/ Conn., Now. ■ 1. 

ton,. Can., 2fl-fll; Buffalo. N. \.. Not. 1-a. £.*■ • WMee-part 2. Brooklyn. N'. V., M«. 

Mops., fl-u. ; "Slmhip 'Slmori Simple" (Nlwn 4 . KItnmernnii, 

Potinnl'a Jutenil? Optrn (C. 8, PollnH. mur.) — 
St; John-, N. ft., Can.. 2P-Not. Iff. 

"PHnN*n" I Henry W. SATaff'. racr.t — 
rohimbu*) O., 31. Lima Rmt, 1, Mwielfy ln«i,p 
2. Indlaoapolla 3. St. IttuM, Mo„ 4-10. - 

"PttT. -Parr, l»onI"-(B. c. Tymtnpr. rrt^*.l — 

, Merdthls. rtenn.. 31. Not, l, JackPOB B, Pn- 

iiwafi, Ly.; it 

"P^ixs tccm t rnrlf" (Madison Core;, max) — 
r«fa«e 4 colo., 4.|o. 

"Bolllcktnj Girl"— PhllnrtetpMa. Pa., ,2ttNot. 3, 
WlUUmwport 8. Altooha P. to. . 

"fiWnl CneC' (Harry Herbert, rnpr.)— Piirblo, 
CWo„ in. rrntchinnon. ■ lCah.. Not; l, >virhun 
2. Guthrie; Okla.. 3, OLInhomn City r>. shRwnea 
6, Oatne^Tllle. Tex., 7, Dallna 8, Htoertnaa 9. 
fifth to. 

<0.' B. Ollllnsbatn. - rppr, ) — Sptlnc- 


Walker .Whiteside (A. W.' CtosB. mcr. 1— Lineoln, 

Nebr.. ai. 
.WUK'.Nal If. (BtaadKhM .&.', Oirrle. maw.) — 

UroQlfyn. K. \„ StitH. ,3,'N. V. city MO. 
Wrllia'ois.; Lottie i|I. ' Jl.-.Winehell,' mcr.)— Brook- 

Irni N..\'. F 20-K'ot. ::, ;.> isinlr ANieolil,; mum.)— Nashville, 
Teoo;. an-NoT. •:!.. . ■ P -, ™ 

Wootls Slaiers (Otto Tl. Kraune, mar )— Pni'elte- 

Tlllc,»'i>nn.. £0-Xnv. 1 .3. 
Wlnnlneer ]lrrttllp^■■ Own (Fraak Wlnnlntrcr, 

niffr.i— Dubrtipie. la;, BDWiif, :i. '' ™ 
WffiSta, Tiie (Elba R. Wrlahl. mirr.)— Weatern 

Aefcr., ' 30-31, ordowa Not. 1*3, Belvlilere C-", 
: Alexandria S-io. > 
WtUUnra-!'' ■ Owh, (Warner. & . UMlllnntft, maw.)— 

Mndl«.>n, Wis.,, Sfl-Nov.,":a..- . . ■"■■ ■ 

W^llaVrk'H Tliemre. .VnjFUiarn-. (.Jitibirfa'lir liroi, 

nitfrw.) — iioek luinnrt, hi,. 2ft, ' Indefinite/ 
WAHicK'u .*riiaat[o^-SOiithem. l (Dtvblniiitky. ,ftro!«-, 

tnsrn,)— Novftieer..Mo,i 2ft.Nr.r. :i; IleTler ^-tfl, 
" 'Way lio«n "Kasi" (Wm. A.' Brady, mBr'tJ — 

spritigflddi rr., si. - ;; . 

" 'why ; J)r»W!i BnM" (Wm. ' A. Brady, mir.) — 

AUentOirn: pa., «I, ;' , \ " 

"Wlille^'r^i-: ■■! rsufiis," Lincoln ;J. Carlpr!*— 

\WlOiln;foit, Bel., »n;»i p Cam#len, ; N/ J.,. »t, 

Eg; yeii-ark a^lO,' ■ 

Y mfrrll. l J'-bJ(lnhoma , City, Okln...No».^. 

''.^tiident Kit*?** Utehry \V. Snrae*-. in^r.)— Latf* 
tenet, Mans.. 31. Loaell-Nor. 1. Voceealff 2, 
rlrirlaenetd 3. tfaablndont P. C, .*-10... - 

"floelfir Whirl" (Sam S. H f.rv Shutwrt, Ine.. 




Made of the best 
Oriental tobaccos 



■ Yaw cannot get them utile**, nvulo to order {or you, tha drtHtMl have lieeii *o 
ra^ichl thin reason both in material and cut. Thr atrtped, ttntV Ulu-d worslods, Math 
uro'utitt, with i-4 inch shadow stripe*) and plnidn of fine sillc matures, matte a mngtiiftcent 
Stilt, flurl cost b<it #:_- . Our Moule cloth, which t*i as soft a* vulvct. Kill; lined throughout) 
rnat half 'box. -velvet collar, plain rdgr*, i^o, litis every appearance ol the ooalllm 
Overcoat made; we jpiarantce tlm wear. 

.May wo mail samples of these materials with our iUustnttcdhooblet **TItc Voil of 
Fashion;-" Th*.* materinls will s-pcaU (or themselves. 

m«n».)'~ft'orfe*Ier, . Maw., 31. Peoi-ltlpnce, 

I;, *TfOfi- 1 -3; New'ark. N. 3„ .".10. 
'Savvr OUt'VtBI.C, Whitney, niRr.t— C^nl^Iil^}a- 

VHlle. Inrt.. 31. lnrtianhMH Nor- 1-3, BfrlnC- 

Held. 1H-' 4. TnylOrTllle •*>, pRnnO, Peeatiir 7, 

Ci^ilralla *. - Illiquid! I>. Marlon 10. ■ • 
'(•aimst Kltiy" inuiA Rlns«h1r>rf, rnfrt.')— . 

&IH0& atiap.. 31. Vlekflbilfe Not. V. Oreen- 

Tliid 2. oiflrWRiinie n, MemphU, *i>nn . . t>. utile 

llr.,-k, .\rk.. tl, 'fexarkaua 7. Shrefe|w>rr,^La., 

S., lleatinyiht, Terr. 8, Oalrei>lon in, 11. - 
SlwpiTieJteaiity «n«l the liea»t," 'W. B. Nnihe- 

>'lllJ l «i-rV' i .,V. CUY Cfl-XnV, to. 
Siilrnn nV Hulu": (4lndl*on Corey, mpr. )— Aaatin, Merry Hurley nen* (llohmt .MIIU, mar.)--Heran 

Tex,,". Nov. j 1. " l'«t I'a.. 2H-.Not. !t, ,\. V. City .t-IO. I 

■ -" -Iielioll, 



Broadway and Ninth Street, New Y«rk. , 

J flraye'lte J , tllfhreai n^n^lJMrA^'lattK)*^* 
Hf Y. City Sft-Nw. :i. 

TemrHfltrpt,' Pas' (Klair 
ClefelHinl.-a, 20'S'ov. 

N. Y-.CHy . 

"TftltetsW/iSJunH. 1 A Ia» ' Sniihert, ' Uif,, mpM.) 
■ it-Sl -ft'Cttf SA.-Ih4aflnlie. »■• ■.• i > 

' Cltf." Wlllj*', (MV H. .WlIU-, 
nHKMwIfilv -\Ih:. tsi. -Sheffleld' Sot. l, 
iUi8Wllv!lli>: 2J lloetiillle. Mi— i. .;i. CorliKh ".. 
' Jnhii '■*«>:■' I (ally spfiMs 7, QsfAnlK. Hennmhln 
ftr;.i«ftrlfe--u(/.l -yj» •-.-.k -■;*,.*.: 

Mbn Sew Yerk.Jr. M. It. iierk, ftatrj- 
Mich.. SS'Not. ::, chlrnno. 111.. -|-t7. 
UAnV Maidens (CltiiH. W. num. m W. ) — Kan- 
■Ctiy. Mn.,.-R-.N'ov. .'I, Si. LomIb 4>fn. 
Ilea (Kreil Irwin, rnur.)— Newark, K, .1., 2(1- 
....;, ,1, Hrooklvn. S. Y., fi-lT. 
Merry Alakem irt, K. I'.-itinn, mitr.) — Jnim*town. 
Hh.. :il. Altotuia .Nov. I, WiiHlilnclon, 1>. (.'.. S- 
tu. ' 


'■-■'■* TIlXT "SlKtWRV ■" 

Alton A- AnTter"'ui'» (rlnmle .indr<r«on, mcf.) — 
'Knole |*,i»w, Ti'V., 31, l.anntr.v Sot. I, Brnleit 
.U.MarfAvl, i*lrrrn lllnm-n il, IVii'-n-. .V. Mm., 
',. Ml.ilniul. .-JVv. v, 
llnriiiint A: nallt..v'r* - Tinunn*vill<\ (in., ril, Vol* 
ilit^tn Nov. I,' .li'i.-ki.HiUlli', Fin., ii. SaTatuinli, 
fin,. :\, AiiKii-L;i*r...(.'hnrl»-ioii. H. C. tl. Hiim- 
ler *. Coliliiitiiw *; h'l'ift-nci' II, rimrliiiie. K. U., 
to. :, k 

rolo llriw,"-' Vati.lnllri, fin.. N-»v, •_'. tiuMIn "., 
l''orcpiiiiff]i -ft Helti lli 1 »t"'--fihiiw>i»'e, '"Via,. Ml, 
iteAlf.HW, lii'l. T.T.. Not. I, Bonnorllle, Alii., 



Tliur*ton.»A*lrlilde-,'(Francis X.,.nopo... in?r*t r - 
•tlftw^lB!;, Sl1fl\..vXoV.''l, Kninmtiaii.)^.'- Jackson 

'I'uraer,- CJlnra (Ira W. Jackflon, mgr.)— Bnagor, 
Me., 20-Nm. 8. , , 

Tnylot Stock- (0, W. Taylor, mgr.)— Angusta, 
Me., 20-:il ; BliMefonl Nov. 1-3. 

Taylor, Albert (f)scar Xlx. mcr.)— Pilot Point, 
'fox.. 31, ^"ov. l, fialnesTlllo 2, 3. Jacksboro 5, 
(I, Anwlp 7. 8. Wichita Pall" 0. M- , ■- 

Troiisilnle Bros.' Thwute. I3a«teni (Jlerle .Tmiik« 
.(lalft jnic.)~Vlnton. la., -20-31. Toledo Xn. 
I'll} ft ate.. Center C-7, Sevaila 8-10-. ' . 

Tolwu-.S'tock (Will .F:? Cohloo, mgr.)— Toledo, 
Oi, SO. Infleflnlle. ;, ■ l i" -.■• 

*T#o Hronil lo Bec,"'T>lueoln J. Carter*a-J-Ken- 
wn.'.O.. af,.Cliieago Junction Sot, 1, Bocynu 
2,' Oarttdn 3, Akron 5, Kew Philadelphia 7, 
YoniiRKtowo 8. NlleB A.-Beawr KallB..Pa- l 10. 

"Tlidrns'and Oidniro I)16nioni>." ttowlind & Clir- 
rardX'A'tFrcd WUt«6 Mft$— < Memphis,- Tenn., 
M'SOVI' 3. .'.* ■:■'--■. . 'I. 

'•TUnrns hot.1 'Oration BloaEomK." Ithvrlaod A, CUf- 
fora'8, B (Ftnnli Winch, mgr.)— McKceApm, 
Pa*;. 20-31, JohnBtoWn Not. J, Blalwille 2. 
DatnfeKhorc 3,-Altoona C, ■ Lewlatdtvn 6, Mount 
.Cartocl- 7ji Lewls/bura; S, MHUia 0/ Wrtlianaport 

, *Tlib^a''ana'Dtaa» , 'tllonomi.'V'Boif]aad : * CW* 
" lord's, -C (A. w. Taylor, mar.)— Herrli), ! ill.. 
31, MaVlot) Nov. 1} Mount Veruoo KHwuttUl 
3, East St. ' J-oulfl 4, De Soto, .Mo.. 5, tarm- 
itigton' rt, FjoderlcWowB. t, OWtt »,; Ohatlwion 

"Tlinc, rte*-piaee and the Oirt" laf. n. Singer, 

mgr,)--Cblca», 111., a», Jmlean'te. . . .-., 
"TKW'viBroadliurj't .■& CurrlC, mgrs.)r-Chlcigo. 

111.. 28'Koin'3. •\L1 
"Thorn InKcr Heart" (H. T. - --011«hp- - rngr.Jr- 
Eelle Plalne. la.., Nov. 1, Io^OCJty 2, Otluflwa 
3. Port Midlaon- 4. Monde, III., 6,,Rock laland 
«,- Wfl»bln«ton,;In., 8,-Falrfleld 0. OakalotWa 10. 
"Ten . Thoosaud ■ Pollara- Re#ahl". -(auencer & 
^iwo, tagtV)— flartto.M, Oonn., SI, Bridgeport 

••Wo-'Joiie" (JoeMMfe, m^.J-^Lebl Ctly,.t;. 

"Tllltt 01»n,"'Fred W. : FalbHet'i-^Aabbrtl, Cal., 
■ Not. It, ■ • . • '.' L ^. ' ■ ', 

"Tracy. .tb«;-0t)Hiiv." .(Wm. C.-Wlbl. Mtt£? 
BrownavlJle. 1'rt.; Nov. 1. Meyeradnlo 8, tMttOB- 
Irtir.'Mdi, r>, tveyier, W. Vn., 0, Oakland, an.. 
7. TernAtta B.-Jiioawppd O^MonMntowi 10. 

"Trip WKaw" (l.W tfl. K: .lo^eph, turrfl.l — 
n ne. "Bluff, Ark.,: No*, 2.Ut(le Rock v «,.JoD«i- 
bom-ft. 'Cairo; III.. «, Obnnjpal«n 7, Cabery fi. 

"Trip, to Esypt"— Fall River, iliWL, 20-ai. ■ 
'■;".* ■'' ■ r 'V 

"l!no>r Bouiriern Rklefl , , ,i Eastern (Itarry Bool 
Parker; mcrJ-TftiiniOn, Mafca.. 111. Bmekron 
Mot. l,. :|rfwei» 'ii, 3 ( clonecBter r., Piitnam, 
Cailn.. il, Clinton, Maal.. '7, Worceater -S-in., 

"I'ftder.flouihi'ni Hklw," Wefltern (Ilahr/ Bofl 
i'hrkei-, rapl-.l-^EHetiahilw.YVdnh.. 31; Kenttle 
Vot. 1-3, Victoria* B. 0„ Crtn., S, VaicoiiTer 
il. New :wpH.mlr|iter.T fl Belliutthftro, V7»b.,--8, 
Kwrttt ft, -Tm-omn. tO, il, . .'■ ' In: . 

"t'nflev, Kotithern Hktee," ,€W1MI <IUtrr Boel 
Ciirker, msrr.)— Arrimore, Ind, Ter.. 31. name*- 
yIIIr, Wfc Nov. 1, Port Wortlr tf. Italian :t, 
McKliitk-v T,, Sherrhnn fl, Denlwio 7, Pirtt 8, 

"t'nrlo TamV CaMd,'* Al. W. Martin'a .{Ed, 8. 
Martin, mat.)— Lima. O.. 31,. Flndlay- Nor. .1, 
Marlon 2, l'Joda .y.CiDeJonAtl 4-lo. ■ 

"llOt'lo 'rom'K'CthlR," Mptaat'li BanwrniJ.-W. 
BiewnwN ruftr.)— Berwick. L'n.. sov.i, lilrtim^- 
hunt 2,' Lrtek. Haven 3, sunbury •", wiilimna- 

, [tort il, -mm .7, AitoonN «. ■ ■ .___ ■ 

"I'pelcltoni'fl- cabin," i.HtCifnn'p, western (Wm. 
ICH>blc,-itiSer.)-M>ei'ntni', 111., 81., 

"Code Tom's Cabin," Htotaon'ii, Sorlborn (Geo. 
l*eek, -najr.)-— cihlnboma Utoj t>nla., ai, Cofb- 
my Nor. l, ritillirator. -Hlsu., 2. Fatvntt*, 
Okla., 8. ■.«.-», 

"i;n(to Tom'a firibiuj" HtetMli'ir, Ccblral (11.1'. 
tuee, w»r. )— olnty. Ill-, 31. prlncet«'u.Sov.,i. 

"HjwS Toin'a Cabin, 1 " Terrf'a (W. 0. Wckcy. 
fajtr.)— .Marotull, Mo.. NOT. S, Od«*e C, HlaK-r 
.il. Cenittilla 7; Vaadalla-8; llltfbcc 0,,ltoou- 

"tdsle : £ro4'-Biitr»ilbr l **..xaitera; -Ha'iike k Fm- 
IrtWMfcwMllLV l'a,. Hli um <UI.v HWi b 
JilMjdtllH' 2, Blinton .'J. Youbwtuwn, Dm 

-Chnrnpnlsn. 111.. 31. Panrlllc Nov. 1, BpritiB- 
nohlO,, Wis.. 10. 

"ttjlzard.of Wall Strcoi" ihn Vlnrlen, mcr.')— 
Stcbheilvillp, Tex.; 11 J' Mab Anselo Nov. 1. 
llof linger 2, UrownwoM .'1, Lnmpaana 0, I'hm- 
:e»a 7, ItoctdUe 8.-: Taylor 0„ BrrtUhViUoIO. 

"Wrts Slio to Blaiftei" -(John Pi,Hchneh," mar.l — 
Alnla, Vttm, 31, .Ut.,-\An\* Nnt. 1, Portlonft 2, 
YflUlamntnn 3, Ovid .1.- Ht.iJobna 6, Lapeer 7, 
Imloy City S. (Mord 0, Nortbvilie 10. 

"Wlfe'p Secret.' 1 hpeneer L Ahorn'ar-Qrand Bnp- 

'■iVnn.Kriflml." Hamlin A Mltcheir«— Okljiboma 
-Clti*. Okl*. 31. ' 

Yrtlio, .Mar (Lt IS. fjnwrcnce Co., incr*.) — S. \. 

nil SO: Indcllnlie. ' * ■ 
"Yanfcen &Wp«'' Uohn I'. Clocnm, mar.)— ^Otand 
Bnpide^ Mlnb., Nov, 1-3, Bay City 5. 
Amerleartit. , flmi .D,' 'MiiWT'ii^-WiPibtnirtont -D. 
(lif-2p-Sov. il. Baltimore, Md., 5^0, 

lyn. N. Y., 20-Nov. U. S. Y. Clly R-l'T. 
Ileevcn", At — it, Y. City 20-N'ov. Ti, 1'hllnrtolplila, 

Pd.. ll.l«. 
IMp rjiii «n»iwi Folly (Med. ft Dnrtnn, met;) 

— TolwK n., 2R-Sor. it, Indiana pel in, : 'Hid., 

0-7, Coluinbnx, 0.. fl-IO. 
Ilenli.filinilcy (Atw (Jnivllt. mcr.)— Brooklyn, S/. 

Y...V0NOV. ft, N. fi City fl-10. 
"'ce U BnriMijV Hit- Ualet. * 

Ndy. JL N.Y.CIty MO. 

^'JEuR&Bk ^•ffi a %L°5 *!2r*. -——-.,.. mcr.i— cuicaao. in,. 2m-sov io. 

(eiu-Kloio'c (Gtaaf. W. ke/'lry, mar,)— Pntierann, 
l.n.. III. Hoitmii Nov.- 1, Tlii-lmdeiiii 2, l)onal|laori- 
vlltp II, Frniiklln I, u, Lntnyeltp 0, Oran&e, 
'IVv., .. Koftle l.nko ft, Wliai-ton (1, Victoria 10. 

Wnllnee'a., B., K.—Cnffeevaie, Mi««„ ill, MM 
Nnt. 1, linlivur, Tenn., 3, Jacknon :i, Oreen- 
fl^ld A, wjwn cikL'. 


Itoalock'A Areaa (.T. p. Chiircb, ncr )— N'jr 
itritnlit. Conn.. 2(IKoV. 3, BinTnbv, NT V., MO. 
'■ Nov. 1, l£a»tAo. 

Mp. MltHi,, 20-31. 
"Windy 'Mam fpoQi , 

■ Atn9tcrdam"-^cedar ttapiibs, 
■ 1»., Nov;-' I. ■'■'■ ■;... ■ ,• .: 

"When Iho HarvCfit DiyB ;Are Over" (N'ell.Tfra* 
■taey; nise.")—, .Vt., 31. 

v ""' " •■*' 

Yorke rind Adama (B. K. 'Forreiter,' taat.l— 

ArtfiURla. Oa., 31, Htnimton. Vrr., Nor, ll, 
Yothg, Edwiu— Sllddlctown. 0., 29-N6t, S. 
"York State ■Folks'* IFjM.B. Wright, -mgr.)— 

Mtltaorlpbli, Pa., 29-Not. 3. ... ._-: 
"Yobwr Bilffolo, IClfiB of the Wild Weal" (Cbia. 

F. Bi'ntK-y Amt»e.- Co., mfci-i.)-M)ma!ia, Nelr., 

31. St Joseph, Mo., Nov. 1-3, Kansas City &-10. 
"Yoo:YTaton' r — flklatoma City,- 'Okla.; Nor. 3. 

; —•;*;■■ misical. 
Bernard, 8am (Cbarlea-'Frobraan, tnfr.t— N."Y. 

'?SLT .-">. Ir.JCQHite. 

ne Ribbon 0-irl*. Jamea Ilrdc'a— Colamblia. 0.. „ aw-wov. .1, puuaaeipuia, pa., r.-io. 

mtrt Bmleadiiera (Joe tlurtlir. mar.)— Brwk- -.?L ,0 i,.._. ... _ _ . ..' .._._.... 

Bowery DmlesQitera (Yoe tlurtlE, atM— Brook- 
lrB/,V,. Y^,- w-Notj; 10.'- , ■' i- -' » 

BObetnlant .< Barney Olrard. .mrre.l— Ciaclnnttl, 
O.,. C8;Wov. 3, UlpTelntld 5-10. 

Boh Tom (ttuwh '& Weber, mgra.)— New OrleatB, 

Titer itiJH UiityQrorJa. msr. 

lt6-NoT. 8, Bulutb 4-UJ f - 

_ Sov, 3. 
tt/uSmn (Chan, 
p.a- fifrKwTi 3, 


I.)— Pttubuie, 

Brunt. Harry i Henry W. Ravage. tnKr.l^-Raniaii Baltlroorf Beaatlec MT. "W. Dlnklni, mar.)— 

City. Mo., 28-31, St. Joseph Not. 1, Omaha, Mfihtro&l, Can., 2(i>Nov. >3, Toronto 6*10. 

Kebr.. 2. 3, Dt-nv^r, Colo.. 6-10. 
Black -I'atrt. TrouMrtoHra. Voelckel A Nolan'j— 

Mwbojee, Ind. Tex., 31, Vlnlta Hot. 1,, Coffey- 

Title, Kan;, 2,- Persona m," Joplln, Mo,. 4. Spring- 

fell Jl.' Aurora 0, Eureka' Springfl, Ark., 7. Fn- 

fetiovllle 8, Fort smith o. Monroe, La., "W, 

)— St. Paul, Minn., 

Trocaderon (ChaV.~ir "Watdron, d«t.)— Reading, 
?H„ Not. 1-3. Palladilphla MO. ^T 

Twentieih Century Maid* (Maury Kram. nlrr.)— 
Pblladelplila l»o., aa-Nov, 3. N. Y. City MO. 

Ybaltr Fair (Robert Maneheater, mgr.)— Ulnnlng- 
: hAm, Ala,, E9-Nuv, 8, New Orleana,''- 



Broadway lately Oirls fJhmes.H. Curtin, mgr.) 
■^Chicago. 111..' 38-rtov. '3. W»irafl»ee, Via-. 

- $-lo; -. 

*B:lae»Don" (3attS. A 1-e* SbUnc-rt, inc-., ttigti.) cracker. Jscba (ftni 

SI K City Nor. 3. mdeonite. 
"Belie of . Maytair'^Rocbeater, k. Y.. 29-fii, 

"■-■•^•"•yin, ,D. Co Nov. MO. ., - 

rlDre" Opera {Harry teavelle; mjjr.)— 

Iwnpi, ,t>. C Nov. MO. 
''BgfcftfcPriDpe'* Opera {UflrrrtaaveH*, ._. 
TRqtt dafma, Oa„ 31, Abbeville, All. Not, l, 
HoMMTHIe. Oa.. 2, Newman 3, Corretlton n, 
Bfilioo *J. .Albanr, 7, Balnbrldge 8, PafBon », 

raiiJiti :-llaMe (Daniel V. Arthur, mgr.)— Boitan, Chi 
-Mail*., SO^N'or. 3, m ■ • 

Oawaanle, 1 Joietih (Kloir A Erlanger, rngta.)— 

Jllllrabliee. Wli- Not. 1-3. 
Carb>, Kiclyird' (Cliaa, Mnriw, ^en. itosM— N. Y, 

i!ity W, Ihilcflnlie.. I -. . 

"Condnis Tlifo' Iho Itye." Geo, W. I*derCr'l— 

Denver, Coirt..'20-Nnv. -a. ,w.i.,. 

Colnitry -QM'*.f Allen A Fremont, mcrw.)— Tu- ' FjnNra. Show ' rt. ' reanrKiy, mgr.)-^_...,. 

33-ni. AlWav Nov, 1 :;. Srranmn. Pn,. r.-io. 

iiiKiiMi, it, iii.'i i, n, ■ ruKiTiiiur^ ,i, (u. 

Denuju'a Coon Cu. (Raw, -Denton, mgr.)— -Otta- 
wa. Cai»„ 20-Nof. fi,. ; . 

rimt. Uh ami Mra, Herbert (tt, L. rilnt, rogr.) 
— stientor. It]., ,30-Not. 3. Aurora 8-10. 

Ueorgln. Tronl-idoura fWm. McCabe, Mgr.)— .*pnl> 
Innln. Wla., ai, WVyarbnuaer Nov.- 1, Lallai 
a. niikeland 3, 4j Prtlrle farm 6, Barron C, 
Turtle l.iike 7, Clayton A, Clear Laka W. Amery 

m-ia, ■ 

Orimih Bmlilty Co. -IB, B. BatM, ibgr.)— Da- 
catlir. Nebr., 20-Not. 3. 
8am Bobimou, uigr.j— nermann* (Oiiy \\, Woodford, nigr.)— Darling* 
_. J(ov. C, Brooklyn, fl" -»., ton, ft., »>Kor. 3. Ticondrroga, N. Y.. ft-lO. 
f>*ii>, Lee* ulaw Blowrra (Jack Lee, mgr.j— Li*)*'*" 

V,'drM Heaters (J. Herbert Malk, mgr.)— Kcn«ai ..Pa., 20>N'ur. 3. 
_,Clly. Mo., 28-Nov. 8, 8t. LOula 4-10. - 
Wine, vi'om»n and Hong (M. K TheUe, l 
Prnvldence, It. 1./ 23-Ncv. - 8, Bolton, 

ffi. iS^Sv. t £%^X>f,-^\ilrfft'$: «^fe" »«"'{. oiM. krf->.K »w ir ^SSiSW., 

;--Mit« ; «i.»o.-ff!V., se-Sror. B , 51. P«nl,;Min»., r.^^n. flin, vt. #. D|»kln,, Br.ix. Pr!» V n a H„. E. »t. ) 
-■'«' HI.HWH III, ■»«<«•'. lnir.)-lr}l««p- «i»<iW!»»». WlMl., M-N«. fc, 

l K-..'*..?»- | (»j.-.. 3 .' !.*|i!?'"!»^*'-.J:ffi.. HtXtVABbl. 

ttitrkw . '4 Wilfoir, a,»rtnt» a«rloW._ mar.>— 

UMhalbr, Sid,, ..11. PMndlti-W. ¥..,' Nor 

1. ■«()«, 2, 'flidniat a, lillliM r,, n»mb[ci. 

■9, rnrwill. T. 
nnrlhw'* i.f. .1. Cohiuii. WJr.I— BMNqL Ml.,., 

'Ill, Ciinjmi No.. 1, l,f\ln|tca .2. 

^1ffi®VS^Wr** mJi 

1-3, Ronton 

— Kaoaaa ,.Pa., 20-Nov. 3. 

Maru'a. Sitfrclalty Co. (Al. Marti, mjr.)— Lon- 
, mgr,)-*- . don, N. II., Nov. 1, Nonhw.^vl '4, Noitlniflnni L 
n, Una.. Mijtilock Una.' Comediana— Rutland, vt., 2V> 

E Jg'K 20-Not. 3. r*lilaTine ll J;y.. 4.W.-- 
Coloaiai '- wllaa ,(Citis." Koike. aW.F'rtlMdat' 

iilfl, -Pn„- ao-tJoT, a.-x. r. cify »-to... m 
hiwime Oirl* (Plot ruber, liJMIt.t, 

^frau'i","' ttalloo. Float t.Keoramn— Jaaper, Ind., 
- 1-3, ClirUtiwy 6-7, Jtaub- 

M Mia, G, M. 'HjH (P. W. Haxoon, 
,, Norwich, Conn.. 28-Not. 3. ^y 
Pntltfr, .0. v„ Amiiiement CA (Cramtr A Tyler. 
aignJ— Ponci, oila., 20-Nr.v. E aeaaon amU. 
■ Mr. Jq* (Mw. (Aii)tuN.«a Itiipp, oiar.)— 

Bouadi, lagr.) 

tnnii. Mr. and Mr-, ( 

Jiloominjtdale, Midi., 20-Nov. a. 

lonHrta' LadliV Orc(ifmrn {11, o. 

Itnimrt*' Lfidlrh 1 -Orellr't. 
"•BalMmarf. Md., Nni 

„ ■-■ r, i i»n?. i -it". 

rtanop'n, Frank, /'o.-r-Warien, Mlnli-, 31, Nov. I. 
D., 7, H. 

Avffyle 2,' h, 8icrilien (•, ft. Ollhy. N, 

ft." neUMMl 
kirk. N..,Y(, 

'l'Opb> ibfeh Hntdealff,'.*->Vtibinl.-UHnkit A.. 

DawMW Prank . (C. B. Dllllngnim', mpr,)— Scran- 

Be AfiKfuV, Jc'/fertwn— J*prtB*ueld, Slaw.. So*. 2, 

llciyVko .3. . ■ • ■ ";. ■ 

Kdr,'flnli.M, ; -,J , niiJ.i ■ (C. It. DtUInthao, mar,) — 

narbcater, K Y„ xov. i K . ^ . 

"Karl • MA -tha '■ OU'I" (Rnm H. & Iao Rliub«rt, 

Inc., -ni(rr»,)w Itilclfie, Win..' 3t, JaneKTlllft^.Vov. 

1,. Wanhejan. III.. 2, Klain 3, -La. Ratio 4, 

Ptrealnr K -Cbniiipnigq 0/ Fort Wayne, Ind.,' 7, 
L'.ii s. MiJi-.fie ii, HpVlngBald, 0„ 10. 
"Kor/i'llTO Mlniittt. from.- Broadway" IfEtaV ft 

l!rfafi(fer.. nigra.)— «UrtTP|Kit-t, La.. 81, . 
H FnpuiiiiV 'Snm 8. A JAfa Khhbert, inc.. mam.) 

— Adrian. MU-li.. 8i. KalamSioo Nov. i.\Jack- 

i<00 i. Fart Wn?uu, Ind., 3, 1. Kokomo a, 

I^oiawnort «. Davenport, in., 7. -tlnIcahjrK, 

III. (i^JftCrcrsfnl C'liy, ilo., 0. 8e<lalla to. 
'■llovetUIri"— IMPM* City. 5Io., Nor. KIM. 
,, Oc«r(f«-AVfliiijliJtftoit:Jr. ,, -(Cohau-A iiarrin, ingw.) 

— twaKO, ill., ao. indtfiititte. 
"rilrl trofii Jlromlway" (W. W. PotW. 'mgr.)— 

Mloliiiioii.i, V»„ 2fl-Nov. a, Norfolk B-lo. 
"<i*i- 5ei\- York'' (Jfrt. Pcitliiglll, nlar. ) — Joidtii, 

Mn.i 'il. rllfibarjt, Kou., Xor. 1, Helalla, )[..., 

a; JeHh-Miu City 8. 
"Cftrl and thu'Itawllt"— Fort Dodgfc.XjU Hot, I. 
Iloppti-, Dc.WoU inai-i d, A Bbklwrt, ■ lie, 


llllri,- AJiim 
«W:„ KH-.Vtv 


muUUn Oirl* (Pint r after, TfliM-jiSft .Y. 

Clly SwPw. 0. Alhniiy. N. y..' r,-7.Trdr »-lo. 

PTCJ-e'fi L "»a;m, OWii-4!|il i eago..llL, 28-Nof. 3. 

„ii.ri.t»li., ma., ^mw^. ? f uSaiT I VJa. ,V W !»»'■! S «■* B»r.t-(». OWMtlM. 

,.,_T(o).,:k v., -r»jrt« J. ■ Wntmllle «, .l.lwmon Poll. ». SSfc ' n ' Nl "«" m '""" ■ NoT - '-'i "■ 

_J^Il,;rtlWny NOV. l-;i. Si-»al<lA..Pn., TMO. Itumrnr.l Fnll, 111. Kwnil. 'niln- Hllhtv— Hrlirtn Al.i Q, " 

'SSffKtA'WB 9*9 ,i S^V s bbS , 0' u 1E,""'i"^"'i. u ",. ( S 1 ". tl ? D ' wllmn ' ""'•'- »<<« ■» »«i» *"""* i!i &, 

r.fty, Trey. N. V.. ft-7, AlbtlY 8-10. HI. I.nnl.. Mo., 2.-No,. .1. ■ (-onli-i- Mh-I an.Nflr '!. ', 

'-•■tet.KMi Vofk hint. IJjimM A Jrrnan, rMiinelhr k llalii.ld'^-llm.n,! Ir. Ml.,., m. riiliniton ' llii Vlrril llCiirrr ' P I 

CBi.)— Bnlllniolr. Mil., mlS, 3, PttSKt CUtk-Ulp Nov. I. ,IM««. Am.,,2, Cl,mvl.n (■S?(n.!1"i,ii,,V2Hl" Sf 

flMW .._., 
nvrr,,)— B( 
1',. 6- 10. . 

Ol.v, Mnrnlnfl fllorlr. fKflm A. fWINftr. War.) — 
i'kll<ril»lnliln. l'n.. SONor. ». NoHolk, Vn., .*,■ 

^ ,0,1 " UUMuirinVt. (.tolin R. Ratiwr. 'luar.)— 

'. HMPv K« 2l,;il - • v ,'"'» rl '. * 3 - **• 

Oohtl-ij ' Crt^l: (J,cnlio .t Jrrmrin. iOBr,,>— Bo- 
MMU£ 3. V.. Sn-Kov. .1, . Allow 5-t. iBl- 
>-,!«., ilMH..' S-IO. 

H«rt Vmjilotlllc If. w. - llrti-klioiw, mirr.l— ^11- 
Hn (up, 111., si. 

■• Do- 

T, i, ;irn-nn. ,ira,> .-, •.inniiiiuFi 

..,,. m.uu.ii .., I'ltin HI li fT il, T, - I'nrfl - 

fOiild «. I'cinlriw llhilT. Ho,, p, Newport. Ark., 10. 
Namly UKIo'a, Vo«lekel A Nolna'a— 1'arla, -Te:\,, 

aii'lloi HhHn**j,Ark„ No*, t. 2, I'lne -Jllnfr ;i. 

Marlnnun 5, HaiWvllle il, Memphla, Tenn,, 7. 

8, Utile Bock, Ark.. 0. Ilnalon, Ln., 10, 
DojIIiw BroF.' (filly I>0 Itt1&. ottCiJ— * Dilnder, 

Cllttfl, lll'll 


30- Nov. »,.. 
n»cr,)— n I )ey 

Lruna, mgr.}- 

Meimphl*.— Al the Nov,: Lmmi Tlieatrn 
(Frnuk Urny. lAMsfpr'fllutrun Ifenrta*" Oci. 

- M, - 
Blaii .Hcbaol Olrjl (31. If. Theiw. mflT.) 
' . 28-?* 
_ .... Ihirteiti,... 
ABro'n. O,. 31, • CtiMlliw! .V.r. 

imli. Minn.. 2R'Nov.-ft, Mlno»nr>, 11h -l-IO. 

ah r" 

't'orta it*h -Hptileetfi 
W^BartibgWii. Waiib.. Ill, 
Ir Ardre&Varlii -3; :HBo&5iubI] 


],. Wenutcnw. Nov. 

wjli.-l-^i.Jc'iio'.' t".. - 
ltd} Aim, fi-HNM zi«,foM, io,r.i^n.ii,u, 
(jfch,. 'IU-Kix, a, • .. . ■• ;,- ..'!• 
■■Ill, ij'.ovc, IW.lUvi.r" (\Vi». B. Mill, o«i,,)j- 

•■ dm". J»)Su i nMuMhi Aau«. 

— . irn, . ojji iu.,] , 

-.uivwipi 8. .iMnuiffiK . 

njm.tflr, : tt. C. Cnu.T 6, flMro Woolor, Wlitll., 
iVMoiliit .Ttnoaas. ;.'' • .- .. - 

"Ims.MIl Sl,fnwkr,"-So»lbr.ln, nooM'&'l'r.- 
^I«— IlitWlMrtll,; Ind. Tor., 31. l PnWirtkn 
-Vol-. I, A>killl<M-i CUV, linn.. 2, . Knld, . <ftl... 

SftllilKioWlllli WMUml T,'. WalloU • 8. KIO«- 

^i/K-OMMItitt. _ ■;...& > ...'■ 

- OrtDlB i OKtd i (WB. HMllnvxl, " 
— ibotn It, J 

Hikl* ■',,.. VHflfl( Itunl'l* .11. HpHtoo. Jlthn,. T. 
MAr*S4»t (», nr'.tfll.-, ',..... - 

Kprtifor. Minn.. V,r. l, Kattu 

lllftll FMMj lliirll^O'lv,. ( fu.,lor. lugr.1-- 
Alitoii.,0.. 31, l.'rMllnv Sot. 1, »|>rh«ll»!il '-', 
Uamlllhi II. 

lrwti'a Ilia Hliow Ipml InrJii, nitr.l-Jlltw 
i.inl, i> ( ; 2H.NM-. «, iioi-Im^i.t. n. v., fi-ro. 

Idoul, 111. VV. ft Hliu Wllll.liJ.. iu,r..)~.V. V. 

Cit, ail-Nitv. a. p.tor^.i. N, J.. 01*1. . 
luni^fnt MjiIiIn (T. IV. Ulullu,, ln-ir. |— Uilffutt, 

I.ijyrUI, (II. -»-. ii Sim mara.1— ll.|. 

,jl;V tlllrl- (flo, : Uehm: .uut.l -ClrrellUJ, V. 
. iB;Kn,;.»i,l'llulfara, Vn... LIU.. . 

rltfi ,«»., »oi> ill", . :■ . ' , 
r;n,rkftl«>tl»t' : (f/iiil< Kfllilf. mif.l<^Clilo,|n,- 111., 
»-Sn»., 3. .poiroll, JIM.. I.U- , 

t« J«a,siiT,,3, ; r«iiui»!» < . Mil., ji-iq; . ' 

1 v;. ai, w,Tun. iG.,"i MSioir mi, »! jr.""L' ffi l J:*f 1 '!,,:, 1 "";"" ' l ;"'"-',' Pi, 1 : 

JMntS Valk-y a, lllr-Timrd K Vttdrtllo IU. umlilM.., A no lllrnl unrl Ihli nennnfol .llm 

U-W«, Al. il. (Iloc Qnltlcr, nwr.l— 'lalmton. IIMraa 2'.'. "»lln|llo Wlilon Hlmplo." 211. 

■ lltaw u fall- liollrt. '-Tlln Wnninu In 1!n 
Ciiao," wltli Hlniii'iii. Wjrl.h In tint Imdlni; 
nilc, binlluK mill ufulil 34, pdrkril inn liqn»f 
l-alllljlil! Olid Hklllllill- 311, '-I'lff: Vlllff 
I'nurlri" Si, Nov- l,.hmi,U Out Wllllmi, 

Ti-K-i 31, llonaton Ait. l, 3„hitn Antnuk, a, I, 
.AhkIih r,. Wnot il, I'oVt vl-oiiu 7, fi, OuIIhh u, 
111. ■ 
norlim-a '(r. tl, I'vurl, mrr.)— Iluclialnii, illol,., 
III. .Illi'lill.n, (in.. Nov. 1, link Park, 111., 

.11, lkVlltllil 3, Ulj.n .',. 

OjiT-JlhM. (iloo. it, flnj,. m^-,l-4M.«irl|.|i, Con.. 

III. ,owr,.tw Nov. 1. Mlt.lKll a. 3, 

HI. Alar,a G. ■'% ■ 

luvt'rly'n irrtd II. Pim-liir. nutf.l— Hlitrhlnaon, 

Km. HI. tfuiimrla Nov. I. ToiwiaC. Le.vvn. 

Vprlla 3. i.. , ■ 

■ luiiiaat i Koi'a— Jlanilm, T«., 80.31. I'ntkllu 
- So 1. ML AuJirt,u H.J, auill.ou.illw b,|J: 
Bi-rntil,'. Sill/ Idao. L. llailua, mit.l-iu 

li>. Oil,., ftli mlta. la'liTtr.. SiS. Iillro 


I'tliiiroik., (JA). .(f. ■»; -tJuaild, nJir.l— tloeb- 
Bit Xk., ill), nrwii.boroi !t. ft,- Ilo, Wlliululr- 
f* ill. Cliuilotto, N«. ,li H. fl.i ,c, 
Ail(nial.i, rtiL, .1,.ClKrrtaUW, ». C. '», lla.ali! 

(ttvvv n Mil' liinirl-. ''Tlii, Woiunll. In ,tlio 

Ciibo," with Hlniii'iii. Wjil.h In tlm Imdlni- 

-' -1ljl" " ■ 

lilt' S .. 
, . iep!i nliiL William 
« . MMwai 2, ft, ■ 

lllil'KIXM' (A. II. Jl'irrlaon, mnliaci'l-).— 

ituwiIl-J nmikoa innvnllfii tlm vuiltu wivk 

«l Oct. 2'.'., Tlm Mil oirgi'od lK.-tu.Jpfl : Ufilrv 

IM, Cnl'oll illlil IKHloH, Illli™ itinl lloai- 

Ingtoli, .Viflln. V.'Hlhli. Ilcniililna, l.uivl. mi, I 

Ili'uiiln,,, 1'yillc liunc iiml tlio klinxlroliio. 

, IIUoii (lliioj. Ii. Klalnlwick, niaiioni- .— 

Ila|> IVilril. In "Kot V«l. Iltu noon. «ra,kj 

.._ "IS. playtij to' oforcroiviU-il lionaoa. Tba nar- 

... J. HMotM t. kiarii Mo- li.imniirn iiImhoiI. CMHIW: "Ttotna- inn-I 

ti, Ik tyivau, irk., 1, Nai.kiiww,, oiauiio llliMMnijV' tM /)«, 

etm 'iiiu)tMii.-sii. Qiik.vitii siiowu 


will ulililll Innil' :il 

— , ,!«» , I I 

wm iia-t n/oiauMim, ». c„ ,», na.aii. „„'"■'''■", 

ikll. ,1a.. d, Jlciwlntlllr, Pin., ',, .llbtnv, II... niltrmllijr 


a. lta^l^ Ii, riniituhq.jii, ., 
Illi-llard" * Prlnaif-'a.rHnimi'ii TlnlWlkl Tn.illltia, u-lin «aj iho PilnM 

.mrmltia-. nr "inm nnnnlj- sml tlio'JIoaat'' 

Oi.. Ijna cloM uliii Mini ciiintinny on ni'i-dtint 

VMSiftU*. p*i„la.Nor. n, .innmu, AM,., 10. medio, I iroatin'ini 

mithi,)..'. nl jlImi»^, 1 ,Ho.1 ti-turiiod I-. N'uiv yo,k Inr 




November 3, 


The Antomouiio Walt* Song Raff« of the S«a«on, by YO0NO and Do SAL. 



THE GRFAT HOME SQWG, BY HOWArtli 1>. gAMKS. Wierovrr max or . 
played. It met! .« iviih irmuijt arccKks, It inncflca n chord in ovwry limn. Once lie*rd, tt 
is never forgotten. Orcheslratlon, Willi a bcanilful 'cello, cornet or trombonesolo, 10c. 





TTninrpM««a. V«r Caleb*. On*. 5o. 


Ih« Great Morel, and Two-Step.Br ELBERT s. RIPLEY. Excellent for Acrobatic 

*" . . n.»l,ialMtlnn 111 lata.. HTld nlRDD IOC. • i 


Prof. Copies of ahove feat free upon receiptor recent program. OiUcnrigc'plcaae lend fire cents for postage. 

S C HCXJ BKR T 'atf'.u s ire 

Orchestration, 10 pts., and piano, 10c 

r» XT BI/ tiHI IV o 00., 





Keith's Theatre Boston, M&ei, 

Keith's Bijou 'i'beatro Boston, Blum. 

Keith's 'i'hent tc Providence, It, I. 

Keltb's Theatre ' Pdwtitcket, ft. I. 

Keith's New Theatre Philadelphia, Pa. 

Keith's Prospect Theatre Cleveland, O. 

Keith's Theatre Columbus, 0. 

Keith's New Theatre. ...'.Y.'.C .Portland, Me. 
Keith's New Theatre. , . ..'.Mtiiielicstor, N. II. 

Keith's New Theatre. > iDowell, Uses. 

Keith's rrlneuto Theatre, topdoo; Edjt. 
Keltn tk Troctor's Union Bq.Tbriatre.N- Y. City 
Keith ftTroctor's t!8u St. Th*atro..N. Y. City 
Keith*; Proctor's Avu. Tbeam-.N. y. city 
Kel th & I'roetor's 08th Ht. f hedtre. . N. Y. CI ty 
Kehh * Proctor's -laGta 8t.-Thcotro.N..Y. City. 
Kellh&Proctor'fj Theatre. . Jersey crtr.'N, f; 

V, F. Proctor's Theatre.. Newark, N. J. 

P. V. Proctor's "Tieatriy . ...Troy.'N, Y. 

•W, F. ProctorVTbeatre .AllmDy. N. Y. 

Hi rry Davis Orand Oporn House. pltt?"biii'?. Tn 

Chase's Thnntrc...-. Washington.' D.-C. 

Kemnn's -MuvlAnd- Theatre.. . Haltlrpore, Md. 
Qraod Tlcr.lre^. .......... ..Hyracij^e, N. t. 

Bijou Theatrei . _ 

Shea's Theatre 

tinea's Theatre 

Cook Opera House. - .. 

Temnip Theatre 

B. Z. Poll's Theatre., 
S.' Z.' Poll's Tlientre.'. 
S. Z. Foil's Theatre.., 
S. Z. Poll's Theatre.., 
a. Z. Polls Theatie.. 
S. Z. Poll's Theatre.. 
8. Z. Poll's Theatre.. 
8. Z. Poll's Thentre.. 
Colonial Theatre.. 
I'nipiifl Theatre... 
Empire Tlientre. 

Aittotu, Ft. 

ItiuTalo, NT. 

, Toronto. Can. 

Rochester, N. Y. 

Detroit, Mich. 

. . . Worcester, Mas*. 

. .Springfield, Mass. 

Hartford, Conn. 

..New Llaven, Conn. 

,1 .Bridgeport, dbn. 

...Wnterbnry, Conn. 

.. .WillcM-Barre, Pa. 

Reran ton. Pa. 

; ..Lnwrence, MAsi- 

Pater son, N- J 

. Hohokcn, Hi J. 

■Valentine Theatre: Toledo. 0. 

Trent Thcntrd........ Trenton, N. J. 

London, Ont 

Hamilton, Oat 

Ottawa, Qnt- 

Montreal, Que. 

.... ..Coney Island 

. .Jamestown, n. Y-. 

Bennett's Theatre. 
Bennett's Theatre, 

Bennett's Theatre , 

Bennett's Tbentre , 

n r-n demon*,. Musk IIoll . 
Celeron Theatre 


Aim nonUins for BO Parks) and Settthore Reaorts. 

»» will iMMlt ikemsclTes by Uecplntr ifeli 
tkelr mate sind open flkflt). 

•«!p« liftraiC •! 

B. F. KEITH'S BOOKIHQ OFFICES, St. James Building, 

M. K. HODODON, Booking; Managar, 
»»t to «B8 St. J»in«. Bulldlag, SEW YORK 1 IT V. 




2 Trombone), (one to-double. 2d violin), 1 Clarionet and one Top Notob High 
ClaanBuUad Blnger. Address per-roiite: , Oot. 25, Corelcana, T«x ; 26, Moiii; 
27, Ennlo; 28,, £nll»s; 26, Terrell; SO, areenvlllo; 91, Paris, Tex.; Nov. 1 
to 7, MomphlB, Tenii;, Church's Park Auditorium. 





IN ALL LINEN, that cnn appreciate a rcaaouable, sure salary, and are not adverso to srlvlns 
value received. Onc'nnd ttfo matihetM.ft woott. MUdr UAVt, A) WAUOROBb: AN'lt .AfilUTY. 

uiii'i.v TO HAUK. - A.inAtcilrs, ktckcru, huucktirs, <l Morgan lzer,s, trouble ninkem, and pcdpletnat are 
ivfinni t.hnv- niiiMit do too miioli'eii'VO lime aiui .iroiiblu: MiAvo had enotiKh. Mfne-i Jnlaoii-wlre.and 
llcket advanced; • ,--, ,. ..Adtl(e» NKWUKllN, n. c. 




' 'ABD ' TM EATRI ■» ■ V IKW, 

14 Leicester St., Leicester Square, London, W. C. 

trORBION HIIUSCHIl'TIONN, • '- . • '.".'.. ». M. Wit VKAH 

PIIUKKHNIUMAI, JtDVRaTIfiUnEMTS. - . «.. Od., Hln.l. DolunB lncft 


adfertlsemeatt win Do rooelvsd. OopUs on file. 

Paoifio Coast Amusemoat Co., 


■"- touatro, iwiu ot.t_aDw irni uitj; vau, niui; 

SOLE BOOKING AOENTSl AL','0NKEN, FanuiT-Thoatrc, 136th St., Now York Oltjr; CHAS. WRAY, 
308 Amertoan Bank Bntlo., SeaiUe; Waib.; onSls. * ' 
111 Eddj Ht., San Ftanouco, Oal.- ■ ' 

MOVING Picture FILM an<jl 

t doalre to call vmr attention That ire are making 
Ifoods and Sheet Metal AJllot*fl, snch ax m BOMS 
to hold fllfn reels «vnd other .aritclea (or tliu irado, 
at a- price that ron can't. duplicate. We- make 
special designs to stilt jourtnachlaes la lessurae 
tfiAtt'jott can get them layout nltr. (*e stkkn. 
LargeHt Haoufacturerfl of Bheet Metal Bpeclalttes 
for JUovlng Picture Machines, 101* a- -Oth »*• 
PliltoilflphU, Pa. 



Leads and- He'uvios, Souhreue Leads ami Ju vc- 
iiiles.btroDtc Feature apt-clalilts, Jllnsttatflii Sontt 
sliiderfl. Wardrobe,' swell. Addtegf* HARRT 
OSKAKA. atom Hill etock Co.. Peorla.III. 
P.B— Five montha here, Regardu to ft'l friennn, 


Indian lagitian, Ann Spinner, 3 Iron 
King Acts, Black Face Comedian 

Io full costomo. Wou'dHke engagement formed, 
allow or other, hows. Can double tn t,aml. Ad- 
dress' SLACK HAWK, or W. 1. CCSJOC, San. 
born, B. Y. ■ ■ . ■ . ■ ■ 


To Managers and Agents* 

Bohkot-'s Bent Zoug Zona Troupe of 9 Arab?, 
uDder the management. of Sle IIa«"i»u hen Ah, 
will be open Tor engagements Nor. la, iwo. 
Address all fcOiiimunlcinlons to »IE HASSAN BE> 
ALI . The Luna .Villa, Ooiiej Island. . 



Piano noire couip.etu, vrofilH aud UDBlc, 20c. 

Money i»aok if net rallr aatUUed.*. ■ "* ■ 

H. M. WOLFtC, Pdh., Hm-rlibarg. Pa. 


Weak of ftov. is, ■■<« 



Would like to iiekr from good Rep. Co. for week 
of i"lli, and one ulgtkl BtanUs fur other dates. 

Wire quick. - ' ' 

- V. HALbOIt.lN, Manager, Moberlr, Mo. 

W A. IM T I 


LadrorOout who can slqg'llIUBtra'ed snags and 

Elay-orfako organ; Oouiedlun, SaunreUc and 
:uploal Act. .1 ttav al' ; niiiki! It low* II you want 
work. -TH09. L. FIMN.-HoMlok Falls, New York. 

Wanted, Performers, 


Fteady cngagcnient for Single Lady and Sitter 
Teams' to work tii bnrlestjur. - Frlonfls,- wriic. 
M1HS A0NKB.ATB1CHT0>, Jluslnuss Msuager 
Fred B»rrlgon'r« ti*.rd*'a Tlleatre. Lima. Ohio. 


t* *.i THE WRH.HTS-- ff«N 

Onoliigllt stands preferred. AddroPs 
»- , • • DltllMMONI), Okjli. 


Al Heavy las, Oharacler Comedian to: Kw aid Farmer, oae with specially pro- 
(error; ; Strong Invanilo Han, Carpoator and Propsrly Han toat 

can play small pa rt8, Agent and Programsr. 

Otltcr penptu, wilto.' ' Salaries mum no luw. Bao/.ei' tave ststnps. -iddreds 

IPiTKHNATIOtVAl. AMUHEMBNT CO., lloom Wl, ua Clltstliut SI ., I'lili«iiel|iUlii, I'u. 


Oattfojrcl.) Penna. 

IKew ground door hotisr . 0.) cot rib light, iteam .heat, seatiug cap., eoo; liupulatton ot town, j,ood, with 
a drawing population of thowgolug people, liest Sat. night staini in Eastern Pcnbn. Also want 
GOOD REP. CO. tor three iilBUtscomuicuulugThanksglf lug. apen tltaelu Ueo. ami J*u. , , 

■ • AL. F» ^lIUKIiKU, M«r « 

TR AN* ACTING f a Ocimlue Tocatrleal Bunlnetw, T. II. WINNETT'S 'EUEUOKNOY- BUREAU 

■ THE ROITINU AS1> IIOOKINU DEPARTMENT Is lu ooiupotent hauds.glvlng Special atleuUon m easy 
, ; rallroadlhp;. pTonu*blfl dutes. Thoroughly aotjnaltited with Amcrlcsu and caHHdlan territory. THEA- 
TRES REPRESENTED) U'e solicit correspondence rrum locsl niauasera and ttiune dcFltxiiiP of forui- 
Inu circuits, umi plivrlng dr*umtlu Atoch companies ov«r lliolr territories. AiTKALTlONis FUK- 
NISHEI) FORllENEFU'SANI) HOLIDAY PATKS on pcrr-enUgep. certhlttllba, or guurautees v . PLAYS, 
all kluds, comodles. etu.. on royal ty and SOLD AT ruck-Bottom prices. fl» dratnatluugeoL-r do- 
.partmonHB-uppMMwUlltholioBlof tulcut. V'ANTEI), PKRMANENT Al.DKESSwilb rCCOrd of. tUe 
MjeHtdratuallt'.arUitfl. Repertoire people send programmes. T. U. WINSETT. itoaB'way, Kew York Cliy 


luvlteO to toe iMActat Miner's sin Ave. Tlteatrc mis week. "TUBUr biuk down • 


lorli week Hiu'olaUetLluro"Kow Loudon fiaioty Qiiis. 1 * i l .- 

For Sale or Exchange. A $300,00 Automatic 

Spring Motor, Selt-l'lsylng; Fluoo, 48 lianuuera, 10 
tuues.and all the lutcHt, Mado by Pomero k Co., 
and In ttrtu-olass conditiDu ; jnal the think for sbov.- 
ot any kind. Will itiohaogc for aTronpeof Gcod 
Dogs or Tontund Soois. AIro ■: Swoll illuMous lor 
sale;- lanu-br k mrai'fer. 

Ken. Delivery. Middlotowu, N. v. 


PASSES. CABD3, Btc Writ, for BtmniM. 
vt>hb Ft,. Co., SB8 Dearborn at. CUcato, UL 

CHILE M CAIWE (ca^e«) t5e., 2k 

And Spegeltt; 16u. o Oradew Elirot'n. HcUlitz aod 
Imp. De era. MTJS1C. Show Folk a Welcome. Res- 
taurant. KeaeonaMcPrlcjeet. jokl'u.^iw.m 
Sl.,'n«arB*wav, N. Y. Opp. Amsttirilam Tlieatre. 

IT I IttLVIaTV Do»«iy-aB10GOHVS-Ki*i I . 
Al IiIDdI.iI Ban. a?e I' 1 , ^liiHor mid dancer, 
B. F.. Diitob^sllly'kid. DorolliT, churuotera.Youul- 
m, .doubles imdslnglu. Both play puts, win 
cousldor Al QM Bhi>w. No te'egruim. 

029 8th St„ LonlBvtllo, Ky. Upslnlra. 




... 1440 BROADWAY (HoUr.nd B1<1 E .>, N. Y- 

' •■'•■ 167 DEARBORN STRKBT 


;'/•'. IK O K.X, A H OM A, • 

Salire mast ne ressooublc. Tticatrc In Wloter, park la Somoicr. 



C. VV. STATBR, Oklahoma City, O. T. 

mm to join i,m Vr-A\ToV« n § TO,,Ks 

Or »s holder lu balancing ant, with boy aitepnian 
hy-VOUNO MAN. modiuni height, fine bodily built 
iiud guod psniouiliutst. Write • - . 

■"HBKHKM," oaroof CLIPPEK. 

Western Dramatic Agency, 

137 LA SALLE ST., near Madison, CHICAGO, ILL. 

"' ' 'MananeHwantlDR reliable people In all branehesof tfiettieatrlcul profession, write. 


notice. -wo can furnish tie best <ir»m»t.ic people— LEADS, Heavies, Characters, Juvenile, soo 
General Business People, Soubrettes. etc. Also Vaudeville and Minstrel People, Song and Dance 
Teems, sister Acts, Singers of ait kinds, Musical Acts, Plauo Player*, etc. 


NOTldE.— Wo Invito people la all llooiol tne theatrical profession, thatwlsli Urn elms tn jsji- 
ment8,tooallor,«Tlto. • ■■ ■ p. J. ridge, Jl.n.i.r. 



ORe pleppjor reliable reiiertoirc. Atrlte or wire. 


CHAS. WIHTB1H I>M , OutTlll., Ohla. 



i-aui notaerankand do not demand Impossible thlugs; all I oak in, that you have. experience, InK' 
UpBhtie, nod wardrobe. I amltrodot trying out an,af>ur« and through with druulcartl!. rcop'x vriiu 
me now, who have been with mu throe years. Loop, pleauit engagement t j right people. 

frank J. HARVEY, Fall River, Mass., week Wov. B. 

AT i_ii3E:»=»Trv. 

CK;GILQ£N, Ollliractcrs or Comcrl.v, BPIat I 3 GILDliN SISTKICS-II . 

Cornet Hand. HAR1K GILDEN, Characters Novell; Trick Dancers, Feature ' KpeelalUcs, sou- 
of Cod'l Ulz. I bretto and Strong Patta. '"" 

KHHAf comedy, opera or one picco preferred. Hellablo ingrs. only, Frlto or wire. , 

MACK GII.DEN, Hoi »U3, VanilAllia. lUlnoia. 

SrN/ H A X 18 A SHAKE? 

"ST CATO S. KEITH, "%&ff 







TV ALL LINES, luciudluy General UuHlneis-Uan 
ah e Properly Mun for Parts uud Succlaltlei. Can' also me Single an< 
Liclobu:Pro>tratus and. state lowest salary. Feruisneut AdurcHs 
teatayls, N. V.; Nov. D, Geneva, h*. Y. Consider sllouoe polllo uogutlv-c. 

, B . Alaobohersnd Bell- 
Double HnsclftlttesstalM nil*- 

rtter ooc with Bpnulalilcs- 

icf Uoublc SpeoiaitiecHiBii - 
Permanent Address XV. A. PAKTBIfU), Ocu -» 


TtiorouBlily cKperieocod allltlods. Atldreps 
HFiLKW LpriHK baton, cars Of W.Y. OLIPPKR. 


At Mbctty irttir Nov. io. .Pleawe wrlle. giving 
-ularv, otn. U, J. EIAKTLEV, -Warren, Pounu. 


OuhM, Batons, Guuh, Rolling Ulobes, llobps, 

■jWiiOiralkci-s' AppJiiatun, Ruii.i.u AJEC3, Staiupfor 

Catalog and Itm. KUw. V«n wrtk, Clnclnnall,0 

T0UPBB8. Patnt. Powder. Stamp Tor prico list* 
O. BCOIND1IKLV. 118 V. XUi St., New York, 

AVA1VTED, „ - 


OH Oa^^ H B CS PERFORMERS m all branch.' on c- Rldar, NOTKt TL 
' - m ^" -w oblectlontoCnod Amateur PorforniiTsforTWoUrMO" 

6talc all in first letter, bh Show Opens Nov. 6, ' . .... 

KllANK A. RODBIAS, Jr., M«r.. Al.aamlrla, l» 

V'ANTEI), Two More Bill Posters. 



From MOLISB, ILL., PlttSS-tudustrlal. Tbls Week: Forty-Ivo ntlnutts on Uie stage, tor ii 
first pettorwance at the Industrial Kamtl J Teeatre last evening waetlie record for Geo. JjJSJffi 
■who appears In a cosoedj altetoli of tnono.oHue, sinning and dauclng. Bo was called back "P™ 1 ",, 
octlltne stage oaanaaer was compelled to tower the curtalu, wl'b thunderous applause cotniua'j 
trout the audience. Beinadetlio greatest li'.t of any black face artist that has appeeredon; -e>» 
{•SfSi-HriKr 8K! b S^' v8 " I w " rra 'eceput™ during the reinatodcr of UIs enfagemeiit JS "S",?Htu.. 
I.YKICjTEIlrlEHaDTE. IND.. TUIB WEEK. Regards tiall friends. BAR«V GRAY OF PW* 


Wltb Machiao 1 ■ One with some oims and so«e elides preferred, Permanently located at'Norlen, 

State lowest salary; vou pay hotel, state what you have. . , k r. 

J. D, ii Milt l -, Lovcjoy Hotel, sol E, Main, Norfolk, t >. 

November 3. 






"DR DIPPT," nude famous by 
onB ol tie popular comic supple- 
menta, tea trinslerretJ his opera- 
tion* to BI09R1PR dim*, and 
ebon whit Ma patients cUd to ■ 
new ittendaiiL They left him 
wilt Ida lile, ind that's aboat all. 
Ha trlM to escape, bat they catch 
bin, pat him In a huge hogshead, 
rail him down a steep hill Into 
a barbed win fence and finally 
Into a pond. They then tie him 
up to a wall and use nun tor 
a target while a maniac Juggler 
throws knives at Sim. The sab- 
les! la a conUnnooa succession ol 
thrills and laughs 


7 1 6ft. 


The Foi Hunt! - • 696ft. 
Btannigan, •' ... • 212ft. 
Wanted, a Nurs*. - • 796ft. 
nog Defective, - - • 592ft. 
Rescued it Mid-Air, • - 601ft. 
Trolley Hold-Up, --• - 473ft. 
Lone Highwayman, - • 736ft. 
No Wedding Bells, • -538(1. 
Night of the Party, • - 495ft. 
The Paymaster, - - - 612ft. 
Harvard-Cambridge Race, • 180ft. 




Anil make von a fortune. If 7011 uarr-n 
SD.Nii or HOOK II1.-11 In worth annulee*. 
you sliould c«i>yrlaltt II. Don't take 
cliauccn when jroa can wcure our JSftJ 
[crura small coit. Sendtor our SrCCIAl 
Mrl* 10 IWfMOBS before ain.lylnn' for 
a mwi. I' will r»» >"»■ BAkoBOOk i.a 
paltuttlfHttm. Weailvl.e It patent*, 
ble or not. FREE. Wo itii-orpome 
Cooault an. 

WORMfl 1 1 & VAN MATER, 


Colaaable CoprrlgM a Patent to. lac. 





HLEIKK UITICA1, CO., Chicago, 



110 K. BROADWAY, Lot Ang«l... Cell. 

Boston Film Rental Exchange 

la»naaagj«»ro In N, 


TTio belt Of eorvlco, and prices consistent with the times, guaranteed. 
All latent eabjeets always on hand. Operators and maohlnee, and films 
furnished for Sundays and all other osoastone. Send for list and prices. 


E.t.bu.h.d iw. 564 Washington St. opp. Adams House, Boston, Mass. 

Dazian's Theatrical Emporium 

NOW AT 142-144 W. 44th ST. (Near Broadway), NEW YORK. 



We have on hud ft largo assortment or ■lightly used kvknino OOWN8, DINNER, HKCKP- 
TIOIV mad TEA »oWNH. Tlieao Gowdb are perfect Id every respect, of the latest styles, »nd are 
especially suitable for wear In High Clam Dramatic Productions. Wo alto have a fall line of HEAL., 
HtA.illtllKi., MINK, PKHHiAN I. AMD COATS and FTJRB of all kinds, which we ben yen 
to kindly call and Inspect. We also buy your discarded apparel (both seies). fare and 

JSfVSL ML P0KT0B, 48l-6tli Ave, near 29th, CITY. 



HBO I QrucilCD Wishes to Inform tbe Profession that ebe bus In itoci 

■tlllOi Li OV/nKUtK (or the coming season a Larger and Finer Block e< 


Qentl#rr.ea's kTull Dresi and Tuxedo Rulti, Street Suits, Pcim-e Alberts, Tat! and Winti 
Overcoats, Inverness Capes, Kie. Prices "JUST RIGHT." We have suited job before, w 
••*n suit you again. MRS. a*. SUUEUCIt, OX4-U2U south Street. Pills.., Pa* 

Branch Store: 819 W. Mulberry Bt, Italtlmon, Md. __„ 


. * BiSr-nlBO w, c ia.rk M., «htr ago, ill. 

MUSICAL BELLS «d nwi«i spaciiitia* 

Used by all leading artists. 
bend for new illustrated 
catalogue. Always a row 
bargains on bund; 1 set as 
ban heavy ore hesira belli, 
chromeiic, good as now, 
81A; l*ct heary rosewood 
xjinptionefl, a octaves. 
chromatic, :tT hare, good 
as new; |ir>. a out, chro- 
msllo, limtiorn rJtro.'H 
roidlog satchel organ, itis; l act -toot, chromailo, 
steel marinilxtphont 1 , door rack and resonators, In 
one condition, *u&; 1 baritone horn, plate il. almost 
new. lift, worth $60; 8 out 37 bar In 
ca»e, $2.'i; 12 straps sleigh bolls, $IH; h musical (Hob, 
•&;2T alnmlnura chimes, chromatic, on double 
decker floor rack, |M; 20 arch bells, In Taylor 
trunk, $iw:3oot. chromatin, H7 bur Hteel marlm- 
baphone.|.iA; 9 tube aluminum harp, lie; 12 cow 
heliH. 910; 12 fancy sleigh bolls, with tnsirqctlons. 
Hi; 11 reveille tubes to play •■Dearie," lift. All tbo 
above Instruments aro almost now and in fine con- 
dition. Two pieces of MUSIO with each lustra- 
ment. All Instrument! are toned 10 high concert 
piled sanio as all theatres use. 

Apparatus. Best Quality. 

TOBT A COBPANT, 601 Filbert St.. 

(Established ibto), niladelpbia. 

New, Enlarged, Illutrated Cauioguo. 


Let DI fnnuih A BAND, ORCHESTRA or PIANIST tor roar company. Good position, tor cooo 
moilclanj. ORAHPTON'S MDSICIANS BXIKEAD, M Dearborn SL, ODlonao. UlT 



And the Lattrt and Meat Popular Stylet In Ladles Hair Ormlng. 

A. M. JBUOI & €0., 

MB B. math atraMit. « - ... WMllantolphta 


For Stock Compaalu, for Repertoire Companies, for Antviirs. 

Bmueement, Negro I'lnys, 1'aper, Scenery, Mrs. Jarley's Wa* 
Works. Catalogue f/ree! Free! Kreel 

■AhCiQL FltEDffCH, 17 W. Sag St.. Ita*w TtMPlt 



always on Hud. MaU orders oiled. Fit guaranteed. 


Tel. 668 Hadlaon Sonare. B06 Sixth Ave., near aist St. a. 1 


To apply for lowest rates at 


* v im East 14th St., New York, German Savings Bank 
PfTDaflDP BaUdlng. Telephone, 3W9 Oraraercy. Cahle ad 
CjUUUrCi dress, Slanealg. All printed matter and Id/, free 

PITMW^ffl Wig AToupea Miken 


MrVicKEiva TiiUATlin. Clilca go, III. Telephoon— Central. 80a. gjetj tor Calaloam 

CntMfa llflFBIO and rvit-isio 


UUBflaLV ' HPB_IBfleJ we write Mnslo to jotir worda, muwJnco ino 

'•'^•'■■•IW ■ WPBBUl^T DopoUrtae. 8cn0 In ilBS. 

POPULAR ElltSI'i; PUB. CO. (Inc.), Bolt. 01*. No. flu Wo.rborn nc, Cblr.go. 




for photographs of 
our export artist 


Trumpet and Duplex Modola. Also a special 
oner In roanrd to tortus. Bandmaatcrn and 
Teachers particularly requested to write. 
Old Instruments taken In exclianae. 
OesLB, LYON & HEAL V, Chloago 

i ailkoiiB. Tisbu, a, .00, w.immI 
-I.OTli ' 

I HhlrU to matcl 

I Tight., Oa.dili Cotton TlfkU, 
| (l.pOl Silk 1 1sfcta, from Vi.tE np| 

6th Ave. and 20th St., New fork. 






In all el see 
carried In stock. 

Cn Fit Oil Cm- 
pislss without 
Anv Delay. 

K atlmate>e 


Amusement Supplies 

The following ltonia iilnaye In tPnntc nn<l 

Imwaye in iTr... 
ou ruab ortiers. 

Numbered Strip Tickati 

Btaiiirin, wit, t(H T , suit, 


■ rent! vety niniiDorcd 

• IJO. I >0 111)111 tllHtll 
)»0,»4],Ul - 

In lots of 


Thftrong-hlr ifleioncfl, uponlnl 
rnftllKftbln tluliius, patent l<>rklng 
dovlro. Mil- iiorlWtly lint, Will nut 
w*rp, tniiBtrnttifortulilonnd utrnriif 
ertohalr uinln. Per deion, gU.tM). 

WO to t r.. . . 

OOlorai, ruliy, en nuttier. «hinI| 

now, yiti'i -fc.-ii ,.t IimiiI it;Hi,.il l()r. 


I |NIHk linvr. ulniir, 
iPh, 10*', Nalnrnf 
r>»<ii, Minti'T. «mi' 

non, nni hiii-iiixI llnlltl tfH toil, lO 
ffillSglWilea., Xllm Ktn. 


1 iiriiliuri>, l'lr» Il<t»»>, Kir. 
_Ar)k ftirtJiir5<X>.ii»4[i. Unta>lua No 
T. A. ITS. A.lilr«il 

Chicago Mods* Wrecking; Co. 

3Slh end Iron 9|s., CHICAGO 

end fbr raialunu* and samplas 
t tlghU froe. Pmltlvelv a de» 
*lt required. BaUafaoUon guaran 
id or money refunded. 8PIOBKBU08,, 
66 Woodbine Btieet, Brooklyn, N. T.; Now 
Tort Qffloa. Linooln Bidt.. 1 ITnlon Bg. 

Atlantic City 

a BOUBS from NEW YOBU fla 

I New Jersey Central 
Psaslai jjWjfj LahewsaC 

Solid Voitittule 1 leliie, 11 ilFri I'arlot C*il. 
Lt. W.»>dBt. A.M. dlll*(ia.]ur.H.HM.), 
V*J P.n. ei«,.t Hun. I.v, r.ll*n» Bt,«^o A.M. 
dally (i.oo r. M. !>s I.) , 3.40 r. M . r 1 (•,'! Sua. 

GOWNS r 8 °x R A^ 

hare on hand a large assortment of Hllghtly worn 
Evening Gownn, Dinner, Reception and Tea Oowdb 
These robes arc perfect In every reaped, and are 
espeotallr euitatitefor wear In IlIOU CLASS DRA- 
BATIO PROBDOriONS. Wo have a mil line of 
Seal Bkln Ooats and Furs of all kinds. 

MRS, H. STARR. M7 Booth State St.. CHICAGO 








Free Samnlea, Contracts, llokets, Knveloites, etc. 


Pig. BTAUK WONKV, 16c 


Huko Up for profes- 
sionals and amateurs, sent on 
a I,]), aoAnnBt,, New York. 


trated): Aotreas' Photon. Catalogus freo on re- 
ceipt or & cents (letter postage). 

A. UK MAILI.R. Villa Irli. 4 Rue de Beu, Paris. 


Itfr. of jmnastlo Apparatus. 886 K. «th 8L,N.Y., 
formerly of lis R. 18th 8L Hortxontal ban, leap- 
ing boarxs and bars, barrela. crotwoe, globes, etc 

The* kind that aot tli« money- Cnllor writ*. F. M. ziwwBUtfiArf. a K- I4ih«u, w\ Y. 
N*w York Agents ftr The Cnlll* Bros. Co,, ef Detroit. I 

AinAFor Least, Sale or Storage. 

I ■ !*■ BC 9k Repairs and Alteration* made. 
Villi *af 55ft. ScsnsryCar for Silt. 
B. J. CAR Uoiikm, Paasale, if, J. 


Easy to tet at everything with- 
out disturbing anything. Ho 
fa tiguo In packing and unpack- 
ing-. Light, strong, roomy 
drawer*. Ilolda as maoh ana 
ooatA no more than a good 
box trunk. Hand rlTeted; 
atrongest trauk made, in 
■mall room serrseaa otlflbnler. 
0. O. D. Willi privilege of oi- 
amlnaUon. to. stamp for nata- 
log. F. A.BTALUUN, 

a» w. nprtns *t„ noinmhne. O. 




Ami All olhent 

Stit fir HIHOO. BiallSB (HI >ul<l 

Special Alteclloo Gives lie Pnlriibn 

Western Uniform Co. 

' 214 S. ClASK ST. 






Bet. wtti and wtli B(s., 

Bast of Pood, Perfect 
Kervcfl. i'ricei rea- 
sonable. Bpeolal Din- 
ing Room for Ladles- 


Bulmtaiitlal, loud, pure 
In tone, easy to tune and 
pity, 1'lioion, references, 
calalogiit), with fall In- 
formation will be sent on 
reoelptof stamp. A, Bran- 
nslss, OUasODone Mfg., 
ttM Plntbuifi Atenue, 
Brook.yi.tjr. T. 





I'm-kcd bo It ennnot liccuine uriiHlohle, 
iinil our 5 ninl int-. (mrknire rnndlcn will 
KlTiilly liicrcnsc its vnluo, Inform ne 
n licit* yon liolil ii t'L>ncr*Mi a uitj 
wc will nend samples aot] price a 



■• MIljLiBBei nAMKvrniuri 
o f Theatrical 
B<k>U A MIi'io*. 
All work made 
on rtliort notice. 
No dlHappuiiit- 
mont; womuke 
frcrn 1 pair U) 
a apocfalty, 
Tel. loo Cheisoa. 

■Bl We Ban Bt, Now York. 


At moderate prices. Large atook. Immense 
fariety. Illustrated Catalog uo Free. Now Mam- 
moth Cauioguo Just issued, 2qc. Joat oat, list of 
new hooka on Baglo and new llat of bargains In 
tricks. A. ROTERBERO. 1TC Ontario St., OhlCAgO- 

Mtw LIm of Raportoire or Stock Co, Printing 


.-2-SIl, 1-Sh., 3-Sa. auu] IG-80. Stanfl*, 

Bend for Samples and Catalogue, 


flfl. Lou ta, Ho* 

Printing for DramaUD OomBanies, Pain. Oarnl- 
fall. Boiler Kinks, oUona, wild West; Labor Day 
OeleorAttoPA. eto. 


^P 144 LA SALLE ST: P®-- 


wawr aa u, avrmaaBT. araw veaac. 


■■"■ amms" 1 ^ 

r.-t ur C5 -v *iC5 O^ci. U_l 7~V 

,. ..orklor(htCUPP[R,rVtiv Nor roitYau' 

■ wrtinr ron r ;priic»:s- 



L E L L A, 

n.nanactnrar uf 
rlinl anil tluilom Hho.s, 

ElUbll.lteil IBM. 

lath and sotlt Hie., K. V. bio, 
and DanelnsBltoo.aSpi denurlpllons 


filled promptly. 

flu Magical Apparatus, 

Grand Knd of Oentarr, lull, 
Illustrated. IMIOK OATA. 

imuvm. BM,, free hj mall' 

Clataloauo of Parlor tricks free 

UAHTlNKi A CO., Mfrs .. 

,»« atstn a,,.. 4. t 


we hare made tho cure ol Blood Poison a 
specialty. Blood Tolaon 1'ormstictitlyCured. 
You can he treated at homo turner tarns 
guaranty. Capital |MX>,00O, We solicit the 
most obstinate cases. If ion hare ex- 
hausted tho old methods of treatment and 
still Iiavc aclici and pains, Mucus 1'atchealn 
Moulh.BoreTb.oal, Pimples, Copper-Colored 
Boots. Ulcers on any part of tbo body, Hair 
or Eyebrows falling out, write for proofs of 
cures. 100-page book Free. 


" Masonic rimpit.Cnlesao, IIL.U.S.A. 

■ 1 . 1 , »■ ' 



November 3. 









Publisher, Chicago, III. 


*21XJE" % 1 4.40 oar Gross. 

Only costs 

jou 10 cents 

per set 

The best 35 
cent seller 
that ever 

Send IB oenta for 

■Amnio Mt and our 

n.w oaUlogu* 

No. 19. 

100ER8, TIDRIAH &*C0., 

38 Michigan Ave., Chicago, U. S. A. 

Sarraawira+nui aoMg^agiCHICAOO,^ 



The average town or city will nattily Rapport u many "Antomatio Vaade-vlUei" 
ai It does theatrei. Downs of Arcades were opened last rear by men of no pretl- 
ous experience with ooln-opented machines, and all an coining money. 

Do yonknow of a goodlooattonf II so, don't hesitate. The Antomn months are 
the very best of tbe Tear. We hare a splendid new model Mnwjsoopo at $50.00, 
and bargains Id used machines m low M I3A.50, 



11 K. 1Mb ST.; »IW YORK. 


Amusement parlors and penny arcades are the greatest money makers. 
Start one now and reap a fortune. Edison Coin-Slot Machines draw the 
crowd and the pennies. Run automatically by electricity, and require prac 
ticalty no attention. Write for full particulars to 

64 Lakeside Avenue, Orange, N. J. 



P.KELLER A CO., 216 Weal B'w*y, New York, Buccewors to Btereopdooa Department of J. 3. Coll Co 


Why handle rocky roods when you can handle goods that will sell themselves- 
Klocilic Delta from |t per dos. np. Large variety to select from. Electric Jet 
75c. dot.; Electric IneulCB, 8T>io. doz. pairs. Soap $3.10 gross, Fine Medical 
Batteries. Send T5c. for Sample No. 14 K. 11., exp. pre-paid Latest out. One 
third cftHii required. Trial order will convince. Largest Man 1 fact urers of 
Electrical Belts and Appliances In 17. 8. A. Established 1818. Lecture and 
price list free. m j^cTpjOAL AFPUAHOE CO., BurUBfltOB, Kin, 


Ik lul Hi IF If 

We can make a half tone from photograph yon 
furnish; set np your name, address and act In 
type, and print 600 Letter Heads, SKzll fir $3.60, 
515 Hay It., Knoivllle, Tsnn. 




ffclMMSStaiw, SKATS; nata *•,:. 


maw, wmnagioii St., cbiqaoo, ill. 


Iter Clrcn a ea, Wild Wait Showi, Black Teats, 
Cud} Top*. Fligt, Kldd A Cater Light.. «tc 
Send for 10 ptct price list fit necood hand 
■ntta. bakeii * locewood uro. co., 
7th and Wyandotte, Kaaeaa City, Ho. 

S H C W mE". 



10(1-110 BROADWAY, BROOKLYN. Iff. Y. 
4ft PTJIiTOR ST., N. Y. CITY. 

Established 18M. Incorporated 1906. 
Largest and best equipped studios in the world for 


We do not make Awnings, TenUor Rags. Oar time 
la devo ed entirety to SIDE SHOW PAINTINGS. 

Stanton Tucker {Formerly of Tncker Bw.) De- 
signer and Manager of StndloB. Directors: E, J. 
_ 1. A. W. Mil 

Hsyden, . 

Itllard, Jr., J. J. llayden. 

United States Tent and. Awning to,, 
Randolph and Union Streets, CHICAGO, 111. 





N T 


upeoiaitles, Three night stands. Tell all, stating lowest, 
aslt'sBtiro. Othors write. Address 


atgr. Gentle Square stock Co., Princeton note], Cincinnati, 0. 




K l'APODIKS, GADS. Addreat 


1 on. to 


uuiivaiuviiivii, rnnviHavn. vimurjt nuvicti 


Large Stock eoft. and Under 4_ 
New and Second Hand. Write 

Successors to the T. W. Noble Co., Tent Dent. 
Detroit Bsg and Mfg, Co., Detroit, Mloh. 



Professional Underwear House of America. 


We are now prepared with all assortments for the 
coming season-such as Cloaks* Suits, Muslin 
Underwear, Hosiery, Tights, Cloves, Millinery. 

AIIAr* |\FP|T Originator* of oar Famona SHOUT VAMP Bnoe, for Stag 
aflLit Lf BZ B^ 1 _ and Street wear. Estimates freely gtvenon Quantity order. 
wiSl^e».*» ■•*•»■■ ■ ■ complete StooH. Up to Date Styles. 



Made from the rery best tin, are black enameled. Eer*. 
rofesslonal use, harlng a tray with com- 


clally made for profn 

partmenta for Grease Faints, Powders, 

Comb and Brush, Wigs, Etc., Etc. ~ 
doable action look, with two keys, at., 


Expreealy prepared [or tie Theatrical Proteetlon, gnarai- 
teed to be abeolately par, and never beocme rancid li 
any climate. Put np In pound Screw Ton TU Cam 
at 45e. t tall poond at SAe. 




M bCORBCSGOU hair oo. 



Omr specialty Is value for yoar money 
at one balf tbe price others ask for 
tbe same goods. Perfect satisfaction 
guaranteed er you money back. Oa 
receipt of gl.00 deposit we will send 
good. C. O.D., subject to r lamination. 

Remember the Name 
and the Place. 




0. A. TAYLOR Till UK WORKS, » E. Randolpn St., CH10AGO; ltl W. fflth St, NEW TORE. 

Write tor Hew Catalogue. 


XST. 1869. 

412 6th Ave.. Cor. 25th St., N. Y. City. 

ITo. 1 10.95 10.T5 11.39 19.H5 13.S5 14.33 15.15 

p«>r. is u a u m M « 

Above Trnnl guaranteed tor 10 year*, including 
Prof. T.50 S.00 8.50 O.OO 0.50 10.00 10.50 

»«. s a m a ■ si ■ u 

Steel S.00 5.50 S.00 6.50 T.OO 7.50 9.00 

Clad 25 so aa at se ss to 
Write for catalog B. We make over 100 different 

styles or trunks. 

teat hero id Trunks. 



Send tor New 
Theatrical oatalogno. 033 rWAT, St. T, wear gf rlwg St. 


"PATTERSON" — ™»±™ -— . "ATLAS" 

THB BBH.T1111B TBTJMB AJIP BAQ CO., 15» Cl mM » AT., PbJlAMi.lphi.. P.. 


n$$ *Blfi ^ 8 na«. , s^Sir 8 i9 n iV*,?, !0 ., S . e ^' »10N>; <0ln., ,12.00. Clren.Tmnka2dil8xls, 
Iklmd Tin itceljt'of MOO b. r'w'}? 00 L f* Tmnae, 42*128*112, InriSa, ,16.00. 

ACTORS, BEWARE (Every Dog Has His Day) 

""* " !*?■» ■ rt «" u> their day. to wen, cum oontwA 
trnnla. But their dayt are paaaed. 

B.ra.1- Q,t a BA1. it BRA: TMJIK. 
•wdrctOAtAioiMC. BILUABEAJ,f>,e.». 

now. BSt SL,lt. T.Olty. 

November 3. 









1DZ-104 WEST 3BTH ST. 








Dosrle. .:. .:. Walt. Bo, Bill. 
Warn Spot la If Heart far Yai. 
BoMawa Craiaa'a Ma. 
Ill* .:. With IpUii I'll Mm. 
Aflollu AntQBB Tlatt Swat! Ilalaa. 
*Da»» W.ara Bllj'iy Hot aw It nam. 
*kt la Wtlta What I Dara lat TaU. 
*Wa Parted is the San Went Down. 
*Ey'i Braeaa Sighing m TJjJgf** 

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ujt ^^ ^ i HB » , at»pl»rr(pii l 

Ml m •**«• aha iU H mm saTw •£ «M I ■attaatf p* •» *a 

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November a 





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-•- 1 

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H?". ■-'•' ,1 




» f-.Mgsp.' 








r ' 

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Copyright, MOO, by tie Frank Queen Publishing Company (Limited) 

Founded by 


VOLUME IUV.-No.l3*. 
Prlod, 10 Cantd. 




^55 0ipP er '5 

Motes, Personalitiss soil Cooments. 


STUB FOLK and Some times OTHEBS 


That the woman playwright la rapidly' 
coming, and In very many Instances has al- 
ready arrived, la now an established fact. 
Woman 11 splendidly represented by several 
successful productions this Benson. One 
clever writer, Mrs. Grace Livingston For- 
nla«, haa the satlsfacHoa of receiving: royal* 
ties at this time from two companies, of her 
laat season*! big success — notably. "The Man 
on the Box." "The Pride of Jennlco," which 
drew enthusiastic audiences for several sea- 
sons, and Is still drawing them, Is another 
success from the pea of this versatile wo- 
man, In collaboration with Mrs. Richardson. 

Mrs. Furnlss, having registered a vow 
to dramatise no more books, was over-per- 
suaded, recently, to change her mind. The 
result la a splendid transmutation from 
atory to play, of David Graham Phillips' 
new novel, "The Deluge." This author of 
fifteen hooka, and, what will at this time 
more quickly Identify him, that startling 
magaslne article, "The Treason of the 
Senate," la more than satisfied with, what 
the woman-ptaywrlght has done with his 
book. It might be added that Mr. Phillips 
has. the newspaper reputation Just now as 
being the "muck-rake" man, who haa dragged 
to public light some of the Iniquities of those 
in high places. 

lira. Furnlss worked eight years for noth- 
ing; then something began to come of her 
conscientious labor In the vineyard of the 
drama. This Is her lucky thirteenth year 
of writing, and she can look back upon the 
past Ave of them and see such accomplish- 
ments as "Mrs. Jack," for Alice Fischer, 
aid "The Colonial Girl," for E. H. Hotbern, 
with the above named Important successes. 

Her taut, "The Deluge," Mrs. Furnlss con- 
siders her best effort. It Is a powerfully 
dramatic story, both of lore and ambition, 
tbe latter In the domain of Wall Street 

Managers who hare produce! the work 
of the woman playwright have been obliged 
In some Instances to shot her out from re- 
hearsals—but, tben, playwrights of the other 
sux, too, have been excluded from the pro- 
cess of production. Obvious reasons — they 
cannot readily sec, like the producer, where 
practical changes must be made. They hate 
to see their best lines, from a literary view, 
cut out because of their dramatic uaelesaness. 
Women have been regarded (In the past, be 
It sdded) more unreasonable In this pruning 
process. It Is different now, for they are 
these days getting better control of their 
emotions, and more prudent Id their de- 
mands regarding the manager's changes In 
their works. 

Apropos of this may be cited tbe declara- 
tion of a certain successful manager, In New 
York, concerning tbe large amount of com- 
mon sense possessed by Mrs. Furnlss, and 
she regard* It as a great compliment. The 
manager was expressing hts regret at not 
being ablo to produce a play of tbe autbor'a, 
adding : ' 

"I wish I could have produced tbe play, 
for, really, / like to work with you," a most 
Infrequent remark. 


Whenever a big success la made by a play- 
wright, Immediately there follows many re- 
quests for collaboration. Mrs. Furnlss has 
had scores of such offers. One of the most 
preposterous of these was made, a short 
time ago, In this wise : 

With a message, requesting an Interview 
about playwrltlng, came a card to the play* 
wrlght's apartment ono day. It bore the 
name of the wife of n well known wealthy 
Chlcagoan. Mrs. Furnlss had heard the 
name, but never had Been the lady, con- 
sequently, from her knowledge of tbe social 
position occupied by ber caller, she was both 
amaaed and amused when large, fat, com- 
monplace looking woman, came upon the 
scene — one whose general appearance sug- 
gested the' wrestler with utensils connected 
with the cooking stove, rather than with tbe 
aspirant for the honors of authorship. 

The lady volubly began to make known 
the object of her visit. 

"You must know," said the rotund, red- 
fared caller, as she folded bejcweled, plump 
bands across a broad bosom, "you must first 
know that my life is that of a dreamer." 
Saving this, she looked anything but that 
which she affirmed. "My Ufa la so full of 
sweet Bentlment and wonderful dramatic ex- 
periences," she continued, "that I want you 
to write them Into a play. You do the 
writing and I will furnish all the rest," and 
then tbe dreamer paused, In fatuous com- 
placency, evidently awaiting some Inquiry 
from Mrs. FurnlBB. 

"You wish me to collaborate with you?" 
politely OBked Mrs. Furnlss. 

"No, not Just that, whatever It la," said 
the visitor, "I want you to let me furnish 
all the experiences, and you put them Into 
a play. I don't want to do any of the 
writing. Oh, they're wonderful," abo con- 
tinued, ecstatically rolling her dreamy (?) 
. eyes. 

"Oh," said Mrs. Kumiss dryly, "you want 
me to dramatize your" 

"I guess that's It," acquiesced the as- 
pirant, "but until we come to a contract, 1 
can't tell you the experiences, You see, I've 
been warned about playwright b— that they 
steal Ideas. Mine are so new and original 
that X can't tell them to you 'till I'm sure 
wo shall come to an understanding." 

"I can't really accept a proposition 'till I 
know what It Is," returned Mrs. Furnlss, 
"and If you don't feel at liberty to give me 
noino Idea of the situations and plot of the 
proposed play, I could not consider It" 

"Ob, well, then," airily tald the large 

person, as sbe rose somewhat heavily to 
depart, "If you can't take my word that my 
dramatic -life is worth working up Into a 
play without my giving away to you ex- 
actly how It Is bo, I guess I'd better bunt 
up another playwright who Is not quite bo 
particular, and one who can more readily 
appreciate tbe value of what I hare to offer." 
And bo ended one of Mrs. Famlsa' oppor- 
tunities In her advance toward! final great- 

Wlth a reminiscent smile, Mrs. Furnlss 
tecalled an incident where, In ber early 
Ignorance of the proper treatment of mana- 
gers, she airily turned down tbe advice of 
one of them, and walked off with a play ihe 
bad prevlousLy submitted to bun. 

"You have a tremendous third act," . he 
said, "but the first and second have no con- 
nection with It, though they're alright by 

"How Is that?" asked tbe new playwright, 
whose friends, as sbe now realises, had all 
then overpraised ber work. 

"Why," said the manager, "your first two 
acta are pretty parlor comedy, while your 
third Is a wonderful piece of melodrama. If 
you'll rewrite the play, taking your start 
from the third act and work tuck from It, 
I'll produce It. Don't you know that great 
playwrights often do that? Belasco fre- 
quently does, for one. He takes a certain 
big situation and works both from and to- 
ward It." 

"Oh," exclaimed the young aspirant. In 
fine scorn, "I want to write like myself— I 
don't want to copy Belasco." 

When Alice Fischer first came from oat of 
the West — Indiana, whence much great talent 
comes — she was quite unused to metropoli- 
tan life. With her Urge, breezy person- 
ality, tbe little top floor bedroom she oc- 
cupied while pursuing ber dramatic studies, 
seemed sll too small and cramped. Bat she 
had to make a beginning, and that was the 
best accommodation she could compass at 
tbe time. It was one or fire or six on tbe 
floor. The first night of her occupation of 
it she was poring over a copy of the well 
known yellow covered French edition of 
"Romeo and Juliet" Her study was sud- 
denly Interrupted by strange appealing cries 
from tbe room beneath her. After listening 
to many repetitions of the terrifying sounds, 
she came to the harrowing conclusion that 
a woman was In some terrible trouble, prob- 
ably begging some man, whose voice was also 
to be heard, not to murder her. 

AH Intent on saving a woman In dire dis- 
tress, tbe big Western girl caught up a 
kimono, and, throwing It about her shoulders, 
rushed along the hallway, knocklog loudly at 
each door aa she passed. 

"Come outl Come out I" ehe called fran- 
tically, "someone Is murdering somebody I" 
and, flying down tbe stairs, began shaking 
tbe handle of the door whence came the 
cries. It was opened by a demure looking 
young woman, who quietly asked the cause 
of Miss Fischer's sudden and noisy demands 
to be admitted. 

"Why, why " stammered tbe young 

Westerner, "1 thought you needed help here, 
nod I came to give It Weren't you being 
killed — or — something?" 

"No," was tbe laughing reply of the oc- 
cupant of the room, "I was only rehearsing 
a scene with an actor friend, who Is coach- 
ing me In a part." 

And, after apologising for her Interrup- 
tion of the melodramatic scene, Bdlsw Fischer 
ascended slowly to her own room, deciding 
to beep to It thereafter, no natter what 
might be going on outside. 



SrDHBT, Sept. ?4. 

Tbe Theatre Royal has "The Great Mil- 
lionaire." with Bland Holt's Stock Co. 

The Criterion Theatre presents "The News- 
boy's Dream," under tbe management of Ed- 
mund Tage, In tbe principal role. 

At tbe Tlvoll there Is still Brinn, In bis 
act, "Fun on a Warship ;" Howard Ball, the 
pleasing baritone; Beymour and Du pre, Nellie 
Kllburu. Brlghtie Smith, Kelly and -Agues, 
and La Mota Girl. Excellent houses rule. 

This evening Madame Blanche Arral will 
make her third appearance at the Town Hall, 
when she will sing, with costumes, scenic 
effects and a full orchestra, under the baton 
of Rivers Alpress, a number of scenes and 
airs from favorite operas. The brilliant 
French soprano will be heard In excerpts 
from "La Heine de Saba," "Les Huguenots," 
'itomeo et Juliette," "Galathee," "Perl du 
Breell," "Le Coeur et la Main," "Faust" and 

At the Palace Theatre 'Three Little 
Waifs," the new musical melodrama, by 
Phillip Lytton and J. C. Lee, was evidently 
appreciated by the audience which assembled 
nt the Palace on Saturday, and tbe play will 
uocordlngly enter upon Its second week. 
Whose picture appears on the front page of 
this Issue, mode his bow to New York audl- 
t'liiTs us a star on Sept. 3, at the Mew Am- 
sterdam Theatre, when Henry W. Savage pre- 
sented him as the central figure In the musi- 
cal tiIht. "The Man from Now," by John Ken- 
drlck Bangs, Vincent Bryan and Manuel 
Klein. From a boy with a circus, at a salary 
of six dollars each week, and sleeping in the 
"rotor bock" wagon, to stellar honors, la the 
Htory of Mr. Bulger's career Jn tbe profes- 
sion. He has for several years been one of 
the best known of American comedians, and. 
nil Sherry Matthews, under the team name 
of Matthews and Bulger, succeeded In mak- 
ing thousandB laugh In vaudeville and 
with "At Gay Cooey Island," "By the Sad 
Sea Waves" and others of their own attrac- 
tions. As the chief comedian with "The 
Beauty and tbe Beast," and later with 
"Mother Goose," Mr. Bulger became quite 
well identified with New York conditions, 
and two years ago Mr. Savage secured him 
na the principal comedian with the Pliley- 
Luders forest fantasy. "Woo Hand.'* Bl9 
success In this play was so positive that last 
season he was "featured," end this season 
Mr. Snvage advanced him to stellar honors in 
the role of Steve Waiftea, In "The Man from 
Now," which be te now playing on tour. Mr. 
Bulger Is under forty yeam of age, and Is a 
native or Zanesvllle, O., where bis family 
still Uvea. 

* <> 

Louis Mann and Clara. Lifuan will close 
thetr season Nov. 10, and sail 14, opening In 
'Julie Bon Bon" 20 at tbe Watdort Theatre, 
London, Eng. 

St. Looifl.— At the Olympic (P. Short, 
manager) Ethel Barrymore, In "Alice Slt- 
by-the-FIre," waa a big drawing card. Miss 
Barrymore Is a most pleasing actress. The 
supporting company Includes: John Barry- 
more, brother of the star, who is a capital 
actor; Bruce McRae, who Is a delightful 
Colonel Grey, and Beatrice Agnew. as tbe 
romantic Amy, who deserves special men- 
tion. Others were: Thomas Kelly, Mary 
Nash, Devenport Sermon, Florence Busby 
end Lillian Heed. The Bouse Opera Co., 
with Jos. Cawthorne, In "The Free Lance, 
thin week. 

Gabbjck (Daniel Flshell, manager). — "Tbe 
Stolen Story" fared well last week. Harry 
Stooe, aa Billy Woods, established himself 
at once. Edwin Bolt, as the city editor, 
was capital, In fact, the company was so 
evenly balanced that praise should be gen- 
eral. The Urge cast Includes : Joseph M. 
Sparks, W. H. Pendergast, John J. Parrel, 
Angostln Daly Wtlks, Alary stock well, 
Minna Phillips and others. Mrs. Flake this 

Cimtotbt (P. Short, manager). — Old relia- 
ble Lew Dockstader and Ms big minstrel 
show were here last week, and the house 
was well filled et every performance. The 
first part setting was elaborate, and was 
styled "Tbe Palace of Emeralds. There Is 
an array of black face talent, among them 
being: Nell O'Brien, John King, the Foley 
Brothers. Eddie Mumford. Manuel Bomalne, 
Beese Prosser and Barry Morse, who acts as 
Interlocutor. Mr. Dockstader sings songs 
suited particularly to himself, and the one he 
has this year, "Uncle Quit Work, Too, Since 
He Heard of Father," made a distinct hit. 
He also sang -'Good Morning. Ezra." Nell 
O'Brien bad on hand an up-to-date version 
of bis "Rapid Transit." The double sextet 
rendition of "Tbe Rosary" was a feature of 
tbe entertainment. The performance through- 
out Sound favor with the big audiences, "The 
Prince of Pllsen," with Jess Dandy, this 

Grand (J. G. Sheehey, manager). — 3. Mil- 
ler Kent dropped in on his friends last week. 
a "Baffles," and scored a big hit Mr. Kent 
Is a very careful and painstaking actor, 
Frank McCormlck played tbe detective ad- 
mirably, and the Bunny of Thomas V. Em- 
eroy was very good. Susanne Lee, a young 
lady of much beauty, assumed the role of 
Gwendolyn Conron. Other players were 
Tsugban Trevor, Elsie Ronayne, Florence 
Weston and W, J. Conatantine. Williams 
and Walker this week. 

Odeon. — "Fernande, or, tbe Bevenge of a 
Woman," was presented by the German Stock 
Co., last Sunday evening. Vilma von Ho- 
ceneu distinguished herself In the role of 
Clotllde. The gradual unfolding of the char- 
acter was a continued charm. Louis Pell- 
man was a splendid Fernando, and tbe Mar- 
quis Andrew of Aleiander Duebner was a fine 
bit of character work. The otber members 
of the cast were happily pieced. 

Xupibial (D. E. Russell, manager). — "A 
Desperate Chance/' full of sensational epi- 
sodes, was the offering last week. A company 
of merit presented the play, and Included: 
Jack Sharkey, Harold Vosburgh, Kelcey Con- 
boy, Isabel Fenton, Baby Beatrice, Blanche 
Nelpllng, ■ Ann Egleston and others. "Gay 
New York" this week. 

Havmn's (Wm. Qaren, manager) .—Flake 
O'Hara, In "Mr. Blarney from Ireland," was 
the attraction last week, and be sang himself 
Into favor. Mr. O'Hara possesses a fresh, 
sweet and young voice. He was surrounded 
by a large company that Included : J. O. Sul- 
livan, Edwin Sparks, John Martin, Howard 
Crampton, Florence Eosslanl, Nellie Collins, 
George Cooper, Sue Wahr and others. Harry 
Clay Btaney, in "Tbe Boy Behind the Gun/' 
this week. 

Columbia (Hlddleton & Tate, managers). 
—The star attraction last week was Paul 
Spadonl, "The Juggler of the Two Extremes." 
Another headline feature were Cartln and 
Otto, German comedians. In an original act. 
Other features were: Sam Watson's barn- 
yard circus, Bruno and Russell, Quaker City 
Quartet, Mile. Emilia Boss and her dogs, 
allce Lewis, Paul Barnes and the klnodrome. 

Globs (H. E. Bice, manager). — Manager 
Rice offered a bill of ten numbers laat week, 
tbe largest and finest bill he had put on 
since tbe house has been open. The second 
floor was thrown open to the public, with 
extra attractions, and the result was that 
more people attended every performance than 
could be accommodoted. The bill consisted 
of acts by the Fairbanks Trio, De Voe and 
Wilson, Katie O'Brien, Edith Shaw, German 
yodlcr; Marie Soxit, Frits Fairbanks, Frank 
Miller, Lulu Besaellman, in Illustrated songs, 
Ely G. Smith and bis trained Esquimaux 
doge, and new pictures on the klnetograph. 

Standabii (Leo RelcbenbEtcb, manager). — 
The attraction last week was the Dream- 
land Burlesquers. Tbe entire company ap- 
peared in a two act skit. Dave Marlon 
was tbe leading comedian, end Battling Nel- 
son was the extra feature. On the olio 
were: The Meinotte Sisters, Bijou Comedy 
Four and others. Merry MaldenB Co. this 

GAYrrr (0. T. Crawford, manager). — Tbe 
Bachelor Club, a new burlesque organization, 
last week attracted large crowds. The 
vaudeville features consisted of acts by 
Harry Hastings and Viola Sheldon, Coyne 
and Ardell. La Veil Sisters, Baker and war- 
dell and tbe Three Armstrongs. The World 
Renters this week. 

Notes. — "The Colleen Bawn" waa pre- 
sented by tbe Emerald Stock Co, at the Olym- 
pic Oct. 28. It was the first production of 
a series of plays which will be offered by 
this organization, and though composed of 
local talent, the manner in which the cast 
bandied their respective parts Is deserving of 
especial credit. Beulah Reseberry, a young 
woman of beauty, possessed of a charming 
voice, played Elly O'Connervery satisfactory. 
The difficult role of Mrs Cregan was played 
by Maud Moore-Clement, who scored a dis- 
tinct hit. Miss Clement possesses a rare 
voice and a fine stage presence. Especial 
mention should be made-of the work of Will 
Jones, who played Danny-Mann. That some 
enterprising manager hasn't "discovered" him 
is a surprise. Others In the cast were: 
Mamie Cunningham, Michael Cunningham, 
Charles Dwyer, Frank Mahoney, Nellie Parr, 
Marcus Patten and Theodore Mate. "The 

Ivy Leaf" next.. A dramatic recital will 

be plven by tbe pupils of Vivian Page at an 
early date. MIbs Page has been very suc- 
cessful, and aa an Instructor is In demand. 
4 1 » 


Bvaassvalle,— The Grand (Pedley k Bnrch, 
managers) has Rhea Acton as tbe star per- 
former In a good list of plays, and the attend- 
ance continues to be g?od. The week of 
Oct. 29, "Nell Gwynne" was given. 

Pbopi.iV (Pedley A Burcb, managers).— 
Vaudeville haa been discontinued, and the 
house will run as before. Tbe attraction for 
28 was "A Homespun Heart," and, at both 
matinee and night performances, good crowds 
were In attendance. Wm. H. West's Min- 
strels Nor. i. 

Wei/ls-Bijoo. — This house has done phe- 
nomenal business, and Manager Allan Jen- 
kins Is giving tis patrona an excellent list 
of attractions. Wm. Faversbam, Oct 22, 
called out S. B. 0., and presented "The Squaw 
Man" satisfactorily. Won. H. Crane and ElUs 
Jeffreys, in "She Stoops to Conquer," drew a 
big house 27, and pleased. Sidney Toler 
played "Bow Baxter Butted In," 21-24. to 
good houses. Bobert Wayne, supported by 
a new company, including Vail De Vernon, 
Florence Guise, Flossie Piatt Baker, Nora 
Brownetl, Edward Boring and Wm. Dolan, 
will giVe "Prince Otto" Nov. 1-3. 

Bijou (Geo. Bellinger, manager). — First 
class vaudeville Included during the week of 
Oct. 21 : Frank and Bob, assisted by their 
dog, Tip; Louis Dacre and boy. Rose and 
Severus, 0111 Brown, Sogers and Evans, Von- 
tello and Nina, and tbe bioscope. 

Notes. — The Theatorlnna reports god busi- 
ness, and the moving pictures continue a feat- 
ure. Changes in the programme are made 

twice weekly. The Grand Stock Co., now 

playing at the Grand, and beaded by Rhea 
Acton, has been greatly strengthened by the 
addition of Richard Saint Vraln, Raymond 
Bond, Allyn Mothes, James Donnelly, Marie 

Lee Bard, Amy Gardner and Rosa Lee 

Some controversy has arisen between tbe 
local Retail Merchants' Association and 
Harry W. Wright, over the opening night of 
the ball for a pare food exhibition or a 
skating rink. Mr. Wright has always had 
Evans Halt during the winter for a skating 
rink and vaudeville purposes, and this sea- 
son had encaged Gasktlls Circus for the at- 
traction. Mr. Wright was former manager 
of the Wright Carnival Co. 


A short time ago. one of your competitors 
(I will not name them), wrote us, encloain > 
one of our ads. dipped from Ths Ciippej 
and soliciting our business for their pace-' 
claiming that thelr'i was the best medium 
for advertising oar goods, and their di- 
lation, double that of any other dramati- 
paper, and guaranteeing us abundant re- 

In reply I wrote them that If they w,-- - 
willing to Insert our adv. In their paper to '• 
one week, on tbial, that if the answers from 
same even equalled those received from Tn 
Clipfeb, we would gladly give them a shat.> 
of our business. But they declined my propo- 
sition, still claiming, however, the super!'. 1 . 
ity of their paper over all others, f th-n 
wrote them again, and apprised them of the 
fact that, about three years ago, when 1 
was connected with tbe management of a 
certain company, we advertised for people 
In two papers. The Clippeh and their pap ■ 
From the Clipper ad. we received ovr- 
thirty answers, but from their ad. NOT ONi" 

I thought If their paper was such a rt- 
markablo advertising sheet they would n«t 
fear to come In open competition with an- 
other Bbeet which tber claimed to oyer- 
shadow In both circulation and popularity 

I have found that Tan Old Reliable wm 
many call It, being both "tried and true '" 
Is good enough for those conservative bous. : a 
who hare patronized it for years. And our 
returns so far have been ample enough to 
warrant us not to take any "desperate 
chancee," especially where we are expected 
to "risk all, ' Very truly yours, 



JUSTIN PAIGE, Manager, Buffalo, N* Y 

Lafayette.— At the Grand (Geo. Mander- 
back, manager) Bobert Loralne, In "Man 
and Superman,' pleased a fair house Oct. 
25. "Plffl PaClT Poaflll" had fine busi- 
ness 20. "Tbe Beauty Doctor," 29, had a 
small house. Coming: "Buster Brown" Nor. 
0, "The Squaw Man 1 ' 10, "Oay New Tork" 
13, "The Tenderfoot" 15, 'The Fast Mall" 

Fa hilt (D. W. Maurice, manager). — Good 
business the rule. Bill for week of Oct. 26: 
Castle und Collins, Nellie Berell. Martlnnetti 
and Sylvester, Laura McDowell, Felix Bice 
and the klnodrome. 

Noras. — The new Electric Theatre (a five 
cent house) opened 27, and reports good 
business. The programme consists of mov- 
ing pictures und illustrated songs. 

Frederick Warde lectured on Bhakespeare to 
a large body of Purdue students at Fowler 
Hall, 2B. 



Dubuque — At the Grand Opera House 
(Wm. L. Bradley, manager) Smith's Spe- 
cialty Co. canceled Oct 28. Mlnnlnger Bro> ■ 
Co., In repertory, opened to good business for 
30 and week. Laura Frankenfleld Nov. 7, "Un- 
der the Stars and Stripes" 8, "Human 
Hearts" 10, "The Shoplifter" 18, "The Mid- 
night Flyer" 14, "The Vonderbllt Cup" 15 
"The District Leader" 16. v ' 

Bijou Theatre (Jake Rosenthal, mana- 
ger).— Week of Oct. 29 S. B. 0. was the rule 
all week, with the Marco Twins as head- 
liners, aided by Eddie Lamont, the Hlrsch- 
horns, Perrin aod Crosby, Dainty Little Prim- 
rose and the klnodrome. 

Port Dodge,— At the Midland Theatre 
(W. P. Denner, manager) Tim Murphy, in 
"Old Innocence," Oct. 31, packed the house 
"The Little Prospector" did fairly well 29 
"Over Niagara Falls" drew two good bouses 
27. "The Bed School House," 24, had fair 
business. "The Minister's Son" Nov. 2, "On 
the Bridge at Midnight" 8, "Dads Side Part- 
ner" 5, "Bufus Baatus" 6. 

Additobidm (A. C. Smith, manager).— 
The Fifty-sixth Beglment Band did big busi- 
ness 26. 

Wichita.— At the Crawford Theatre (E. 
L. Martllng, manager) "The Volunteer Or- 

ginist" pleased a large bouse Oct 29. Pete 
aker. In "A Itace for a Widow," came to 
good business, SI. "The Boyal Cher* comes 
to a large advance sale Nov, 2. The Lyman 
Twins, in 'The Bustlers," matinee and even- 
ing 3. 

toleb Auditobium (E. C. Toler, manager) 
— "Tbe Merry Misses'' operetta sang to a 
large bonse Oct. 81. 

Bijou Thbatke (C. E. Olesoo, manager). — 
The people for week of 20 were : Capt Sid- 
ney Hlnman (life saving: dogs) , Vane and 
De Clalrvllle, Sell AbleTTtuth Lampard and 


Port Scott. — At the Davidson Theatre 
(H. C. Ermicb, manager) "The Woman of 
.Mystery," Oct 2d ; "The Moonshiner's 
Daughter," £6, and "Ikey and Abey," 27. 
had fair business. Coming : Woodward 
Stock Nov. 1-3, "Happy Hooligan" 8, "The 

County Chairman" 12 F. E. Lewis has 

leased a storeroom In tbe Masonic Temple, 
and will open a 10 cent vaudeville theatre, 
known as the Itemont Theatre, Nov. 12, with 
the following hill: The Marveloua De Orla, 
Granville and Seymour, Phillips and Forlar- 
deau, Lester Leigh, Madelyn Shane, Illus- 
trated songs and moving pictures. 

Leavenworth. — At the Crawford Grand 
Opera House (M. J. Cunningham, resident 
manager) Williams and Walker, Oct. 20, had 
8. B. O. "Ton Yonson" 25, Pete Baker, In 
"A Bace for a Widow," 27. The Lyman 
Twins, 28, had good business. "Gay New 
York" pleased 29. 'Coming: Cole and John- 
son Nov. 2, Horerly'e Minstrels 8, "The Um- 
pire" 4, "Tho Volunteer Organist" 5, "The 
Arrival of Kitty" 8, "On the Bridge at 
Midnight" 9, "Happy Hooligan" 10, "Ikey 
and Abey" 11, Tim Murphy 13. 

— __ **"*' 


Keokek.— At tbe La Salle (Beeves & 

Dodge, managers) business continues good, 
and the following bill pleased last week : 
Hyde, Heath and Walsh, La Adella, HowIsod, 
E. C. Ward and new olograph pictures. Bill 
week of Nov. 5 : Cora Toungblood Corson, 
In "The Bed Girl; Bud Farnum and E. C. 

■ Note. — J, Leslie Spahn, manager for Helen 
May Butler's Military Band, and Cora Youdc- 
blood Corson, In "The Bed Girl," was in 
town lost week, en route East, where bis 
attractions are booked In a number of lead- 
ing bouses. 

■ ■— ♦■ - — 

Iovra City. — At the Opera House (C. C. 
Bowley, manager) Tim Murphy, Oct 25, 
presented "Old Innocence" to a large and 
pleased audience. West Minstrels, 26, did 
fair business. Chae. B. Eanford, In "Julius 
Caesar," 27, played to a large house. On tbe 
way : "At Cosy Corners" Nov. 1, "A Thorn 
in Her Heart ,r 8, "The bhopllfter" 5, "Hu- 
man Hearts" 6. 

si > 

Batte. — At the Broadwny Theatre (J. K. 
Heslet, manager) "The Education of Mr. 
Plpp," with Dlgby Bell, made a decided bit 
with a big audience Oct. 24. 

Grand Opera Hod&b (Dick P. Sutton, man- 
ager). — Week of 28, Lulu Sutton and com- 
pany. In "Fogg's Ferry," proved really de- 
lightful. Tbe piece warranted the excellent 
attendance It received, and the vaudeville 
numbers were good. 

Family (P. Nelsonla. manager). — Week of 
28 tho following list more than pleased the 
patrons of good vaudo?U!e : Maxwell and 
Dudlpy, Frank MoBtyn and E- H. Calvert, 
C. W. Llttlefleld, Sanford and Darlington, 
Beauchamp, Boy McBraln and the motion 

« 1 » 

Johnny Carroll will be tendered a testi- 
monial benefit at the Bijou Theatre, Brook- 
lyn. Sunday evening, Nor. 11. Montgomery 
tind 8tono, Jos. J. Corbett, Charles Boss, 
Edna Aug, Emma Cams, Kittle Mitchell. Mc 
und Mrs. Gene Hughes. J. Bernard Dyllyn, 
Lew Hawkins nnd many others have volun- 
teered, and Johnny Carroll, himself, will ap- 
pear, The Elks will make It tbe occasion for 
11 gathering In large numbers. 

Chattanooga, — At the Albert Opera 

House (Paul B. Albert, manager) the Crescent 
Comedy Co. opened Monday night, Oct. 22, 
with S. B. O., for a five nights' stand. "The 
Little Duchess" pleased 28. "The Bauaw 
Man" Nov. 12, "The Little Joker" 16, Prim- 
roses Minstrels 17. 

The Bijou opened with "Bankers and 
Brokers," for a three nights' stand. S. B, 
O. all three nights. "Lovers and Lunatics" 
the rest of tbe week, with 8. B. 0. bouses 
every night 


Nashville.— At tbe Vendome Theatre (W. 
A. Sheets, manager) Otis Skinner, in "The 
Duel," Oct. 29, drew big business. "Her 
Own Way" 31, Mildred Holland Nov. 2, 8. 

Bijou (Geo. Hickman, manager). — "Hap" 
Ward'B show, "Not let, But Soon,'' week of 
Oct. 29, drew big. "Busy lesy" week of Nov 5. 

Hippodboub (W. H. Bordeleer, manager). 
—The management has Inaugurated Sunday 
ufternoon concerts, which should prove very 
popular. * 



Lincoln. — At the Oliver Theatre (P, C. 
Zehrung, munager) Lyman H. Howe's mov- 
ing pictures Oct. 20. "The Girl and tbe 
Bandit" did excellent business 30. Walker 
Whiteside, In "The Magic Melody," pleased 
n well filled house 81. "Over Niagara FallB" 
Nov. 2, 3, Cote and Johnson 0, "My Wife's 
Family" 7, "The Heir to tbe Hoorah," with 
Our Bates Post, 8; "The Slow Poke' 1 9, 10. 
Mahara's Mlmtrels 12, "Coming- Thro' the 
Bye" 18. 

LTRtc Thicatbb (H. N. Miller, manager). 
—Meek of Oct. 29: Mohler and Trainer; the 
Delks, George Austin. Isabel JanBsen, Etnil* 
«att, Jack Wilde's Illustrated song, "Boy- 
hood Days." and tbe Lyroscope. Business 
le excellent. 

Bijod Tnuna (L. U. Gorman, manager) 
— Week ot 29: Harry Sprlngold and com- 
lV!. n r' , T y a E lnman - Mlle - Brachard and Orrln, 
Will H. Smytbe and Illustrated songs, and 
the Four Dancing Harris'. Business Is One 
4 '» 

QotDcr. — At the Empire (W. L. Busby, 
manager) "Baffles'" pleased a big house Oct. 
27. "Hans and NIa B turned them away 28. 
West's Mlmtrels bad fair business 29. Van 
Dyke-Eaton Co. opened a Ave nights' engage- 
ment 30. "The Mayor of Toklo" Nov. 4, 
"Nettle, tbe Waif," 6; "Life for Life" 7, 
•The Umpire" 8, Stetson's "Uncle Tom's 
Cabin" 10, "A Slater's Sacrifice" 11, 'The 
Prince of Pilsen" 13, "Buster Brown" 17, 
"The Show Girl" 18, "The Squaw Man" 10. 

Bijod: (Patrick 4 McConnell, managers). 
— Bill week 4: The Blnaldos, Bryant and 
Lorano, Harry Boyd, Anna Mae Lleblg and 
moving pictures, 


Bloom iuttrt on. — At theGrandOpera House 
(Frank Raleigh, manager), week of Oct 21, 
Xorth Bros." Comedians had good business, 
giving a good performance. Tom Jefferson, 
29, In "Rip Van Winkle," gave a first class 
performance, to fair business, Guy Bates 
Post, in "The Heir to the Hoorah/ r gave a 
splendid performance, 31, to good returns. 
"The Broncho Buster" Nov. 1. Cbas. B. Han- 
fcrd. In "Jallus Cesar," 2; "Nobody's Claim'' 

3. Prycr's Band, matinee, 5: "The Land of 
Nod," evening, 5 : "Ole Olson" 6, Dock- 
stader's Minstrels 7, "James boys" 8. 

Alton— At the Temple Theatre (W. M. 
SauTage, manager) "Veronlque," a very ex- 
cellent production, played to good busineBs 
Oct. SO. "The Bronco Buster" 81, Ethel 
Fuller Nov. 8, Lew Dockstader'a Minstrels 

4, Arthur Pryor's Band 8, "Hooligan In New 
York" 10, "The Prince of PUsen 7 ' 11, "Tbe 
Show Girl" 12, Little Egypt 17. 



Decatur. — At the Lyceum Theatre (Thos. 
Polk Llttlejohn. manager) Teresa Wallen 
gave a farewell piano recital Oct. 29, as- 
sisted by tbe following local people: Mrs. M. 
F. Buford, elocutionist ; 8am Splelberger, 
whistler : Casson's Symphony Orchestra, and 
George B. Smith cornettlst. Miss Wslleo 
was born and raised, and resides with ber 
widowed mother, Mrs. E. M. Wallen, at Moul- 
ton Heights, a suburb of this city, and Is now 
only fourteen years of age, and la said to 
be one of tbe most remarkable of pianists for 
ber age. When twelve years old she gradu- 
ated from a music school In Cincinnati, being 
the youngeat person ever graduated from 
there. Sbe won a gold medal at tbe World s 
Fair, St. Louis, she has given a few re- 
citals In Birmingham, Huntsvllle and otber 
Southern cities* The latter part of Novem- 
ber she will go with her mother to Berlin. 
Oer., to study music. She was greeted with 
a good house at the Lyceum Theatre. 

♦*»■ — ■ ■ 


Charlotte. — At tbe Academy of Music 
(O. V. Eessler, manager) Primrose's Min- 
strels, Nov. l. lorke and Adams, In "Banker? 
and Brokers." 2; Annie Russell, In "A Mid- 
summer Night's Dream," 6. 
4 i ■ 

Clark Bbown, of tbe Nixon A Zimmerman 
forces, baa been promoted from manager of 
the "Rosalie" Co.. to be general manager of 
•The Mayor of Laugnlaud" Co., replacing 
J. F. Arnold, who severed bis connection 
with the attraction on Not. 3. "The Mayor 
of Laughlond" Las been very prosperous in 

aTtsK-SSH! t «" lt0 1 rT aOSSam, It Uypsey Day*. Eddie Cannon, Frank Stuart, 
s Mr. Brown's intention to play the company Wm GrossT Larry Hagguty, Hiss Chapman 
In week stands only, beginning Jan. 1, l^ot Harry mblBffmffmmiW 

Lvnne Havzard writes: "I am la my 
eighth week with the Ferris Comedians, and 
am having a most successful season. Tbe 
roster of the company Is aa follows: Frnck 
Dudley, manager: Carl Baura, business man 
ager; Lynne Haizard, musical director. 
Frank Stuart, electrician and props.; Frant 
Dudley, Cora Belle Bonnie, Thos. Wilson. 
Uypsey Day*. Eddie Cannon, Frank Stuart. 

Mire. PeatdRse oft™ wcckly shoe? o/micsT(msD by f. \richhrd^ 

j?t me JWNffliTfflmeame 

<Sbaety,whzc}7,2hemoreI}ft]iik afif,&sfonishea rue f/temoreja founded upon o7e?A... w -'C&7 , fyJe. 

rn College yella 

Two representatives oflhe 
Slack ffussars* BassDrumTruat 

_V*cy-2faJl&Gin 'TheMagpie&TidmeJ&y * Greene A Akr/set> Woodward* 

introducing lighl-Comedy&Jteavy Doughnuts . undtr/ht Bamboo fret". Sections. 

Modern &udevjl7e &l7he G>/oni&2 Tfie&ire • 7>om/2?e ffidkulous to ?Ite Sublime and every JasSe/s su//e<f. 



November lo. 


0U88 B riLII, 12 CUT! PEH R. 


Films and Projecting Kinetoscopes 

EiUbition Model Mnetoscopa, 5 1 1 5.00. UpIm. sal MtM Klaelouopi, (75.00. 






Or, The Trials and Tribulations of a Private Detective. 

No. 6»T0. Cod* VRDASSE. Length, tiaoft . Cla.i A. »13«.»0. 


Ho. 0378. Code VXDXQAHBRE. Lanath, 400<t. Clui A. ISO.OO. 



A Thrilling Irish Melodrama, in Seventeen Scenes. 


Send for Illustrated Descriptive Clrcalar Vo. 309. 
No. 09)00. Code VECIITVAAN. Length, 1,000ft, < l»u A. 1180.00. 

Under m Cents. 

Scenes and Incidents U. S, Military Academy, 


Xo. 0'47r. Code VBDDAII. length, 3*»f». CUn A. 11.73. 



Send for IlIo.ltra.teff Descriptive Circular No. 908. 
No. 0UO3. Code VBADORIA. Length, 785ft. Claw A. ill? .70. 



No. tUt. Cod. VECHTPBRK. Length, tXOtt. Olu. A. IT0.50. 






The "Big Dora" Saloon — Meet lag between Ren> and Villain — Entrance of Hnfllah Tour 
lata — Initiating the Tendcrfcet — Collection for Salvation Army LebbIo — Arrival at the Ranch 
— Cowboy Sports, Trick Hiding, Throwing Lariat, Wrestling — 'Departure of Stage Coach from 
Ranch — Attack by Indian,; — Utinnlug Fight (3 scenes) — Capture Stage Coach and Abduction 
of Girl — Indiana Escaping and Covering Trail — Arrival Woi " 
Cowboya la Pursuit — The Fight — Thrilling B 
Reunion Hero and Heroine — Death of Villain. 

Send for IlluBtrattM. Descriptive circular No. t»9%. 
No. flliSO, Code VAVASSKUll. Length, 1,000ft. Claw A. 1150.6)0 


No. (IMS. Code VEDANTISiAS. Length, 770fl. ( A. 1113.80. 


-Indians Escaping and Covering Troll — Arrival Wounded Slage Driver fit Buck — 
-Toe right— Thrilling Rescue of Olrl from UtdUr OslloDlhg Bon 




No. Oa.B.Code VAUI.TAUE. Length, OOOft. Cloel A. IM.OO. 




No. 6»4I>. Coda VAUDEVILLE. Length, Oufl. II... A. I1I.ID. 
load for Latoat Cataloaa and lUa.tra.frd Clreolara. 



Chlcnuco Olllce, 304 Waba.h Avenue. 

New York Oflloe, 31 Union Square. Cable AddrcBS. Zymotic, New Tor*. 


RRM.lMfl AhKHTP. • 'I'llH KINETOORAI'H CO., • ■ 41 B, 21tt Bt. New Yort 

ODlliHag flBaniO. rarrBH haCIGALUTI. 1107 Fillmore 8t, San FrsncHco, 0.1 





ftl Piinilai, Uurlcsquo People unci Producers, also 
Vniitluvllle Artists. Addreia 

1.. U. WALK Kit. 3 llowdoln Rf|., Boston. Mass. 

unn use 200 good, su'oud baud opera chain. 




P. R. ZIMMERMAN, f East 14th St , New York. 

Pawnee Bill Notes. — Pic Pawnee Bill 
Wild West Show la enjoying a very prosper- 
ous tour through the South this season. 
Through all of onr Southern tour we have 
encountered oppoiltlon. but our holiness ha* 
been uniform'./ big. We bare not mined a 
stand oor lost a she**. Our business In all 
of the larger elites has been enormous, with 
turn -a ways at Bluefleld, W. Va., Roanoke. 
Va„ Rlcbmoad, Vs.. Wilmington, N. C, 
Charleston, 8. C. and Savannah, Oa. At Sn- 
vannah, the chief of police, on account of the 
enormous crush at both ticket wagons (the 
white reserved seat wagon was being used 
for the sale of general admission tickets, as 
the reserved seats for the night house had 
been sold In the afternoon) ordered the wag- 
ons closed. 'We finally compromised with 
him by placing tickets on sale on four aide 
show boxes, and both wagons. The tent 
was quickly tilled to the limit, and many 
were turned away. The Savannah papers 
gave us credit for having drawn the largest 
crowds to any tented exhibition In Savannah. 
The show Is makings phenomenal hit through 
here, as It has been some years since a wild 
West sbow of any note has exhibited through 
this country, and both preBS and public have 

?ut their stamp of approval upon the per- 
ormance, which they pronounce the best wild 
West show ever seen. The Great Far East 
part of the programme Is proving a great 
novelty through here, being entirely different 
from any thing they have ever seen, and T. 
V. Jayamangafa, who furnishes a number of 
our Far Eaat attractions, is now negotiating 
with Tawnee BUI to furnish, for next season, 

At Llbertyp Experienced 
Lady Violinist. 


11908. 4th SU, La Crosse, Wis. 

a number of foreign people and acts that 
harenever been seen in this country. 


Far Eaat part of the show will he greatly 
enlarged next season, and we will have a 
large canvas similar to a menagerie tent. In 
which will be presented a grand ethnological 
congress of the world's nations, which will 
eclipse anything of a similar nature ever 
seen In America. The privileges are also 
having exceptional good business, and Messrs. 
Wilson end Gllbertson are wearing the smile 
that don't come off. The side sbow and con- 
cert will have the largest year of business In 
the history of the show. Mijor Burke, of the 
Buffalo Bill Show, paid us a hasty visit at 
Wilmington, N. C. The major made the trip 
from New York to Wilmington especially to 
Bee the performance, and pay his respects 
to Major Llllle, Fawnee Bill. Major Burke 
Is a life long friend of Pawnee Bill's, and. 
while tbey have not been closely associated 
for the last twenty years. Major Burke has 
always had a tender regard for Pawnee Bill's 
success. He was greatly surprised at the 
growth of the show since tie last saw It, and 
complimented Fawnee Bill very highly for 
the excellent programme we present 

The Dcnedin tboupe or 'Ctclibts bave 
been re-engaged for next season with the 
Hlngllng et Forepaogb-Sells Shows. Jaa. E. 
Donees □, teacher and manager of the Dun- 
cdln Troupe, is forming a No. 2 troupe of 
female 'cyclists. 

Keixehkh, the "Juggling Drum Major," 
Is In his twenty-eighth week with the Bar- 
num & Bailey Show, and reports meeting 
with success In hla novel offering. 

Wxohino Jack and Prairie Nell have 
Just closed a successful season with Barney 
Demerat's Hippodrome and Wild West, where 
they were featured as expert rifle shots and 
chariot driven. 

Buffalo Bill and his party arrived safely 
at the T. E. ltanch, Wyoming, from a bunt- 
ing trip In the Big Horn Mountains, on which 
tbey departed Oct 14. A big blizzard raged 
while they were away, and It waa thought 
possible tbey had been caught in it 

Frank Eluttt, of the Ellett Bros., with 
the Hagenbeck Circus, broke his ankle Oct. 
30, while turning a double somersault Into a 
net He was sent to his home In Waterbury, 

The Wondebfcl La But Informs ub that 
he bad a very successful season In New Eng- 
land parks and fairs, and that he has signed 
for next season with the Hlngllng Bros. 

John P. O'Brikn announces that he has 
just launched a bill posting and outdoor dis- 
play and advertising company,, at Saratoga 
Springs, N. Y. 

Leon W. Washburn writes : "I bave pur- 
chased from Joha D'Alma. bis Interest in 
the show known as Washburn & D'Alma'a 
Famous Trained Anlma Shows. I have pur- 
chased a large farm near Bound Brook, N. J., 
which will luakc a desirable Winter quarters. 
A trolly Hue runs by the farm to Bound 
Brook and Jersey City. I have Just com- 
pleted a large building for elephant quarters 
and training purposes. Trainers will be 
busy all Winter, breaking new acts. The 
show will be reconstructed and enlarged. 
Our season opened April 0, at Richmond, Va., 
and closed Oct 10, at Brooklyn. Nf. Y." 

Roster of Cab No. 4, Pawner Bill 
Shows. — B. M. Simons, manager : W. Winn, 
boss bill poster, Local 3; W, Holland, Local 
4; W. Granb, Alliance, C. Clark, Local 15; 
G. Gumming, Local 1G ; C. Dallas, Local IS ; 
J. Corners, Alliance; P. McCormlck, Alli- 
ance; K. McCarthy, probation; E. Arlington, 
programmer, probation ; Owen Neighbor, boss 
banner roan, Alliance; L. Eagen, Local 37; 
E. Reynolds, boss lithographer; Local 15; 
E. Murray, probation; lions. Herbert, chef; 
Millie La Tour, paste maker; Francis Mack, 

Habbt C. Merki.ey wrltea : "I have closed 
a very pleasant and profitable season with 
Hunt's Silver Plate Shows, and after a trip 
through Canada, will spend a few days with 
my family at St. Johnsvllle, N. 7." 

At. f. Wheeler's New Model Shows 
closed a highly successful season of twenty- 
six weeks at Itlalng Sun, Kd., on Nov. 1, and 
go Into Winter quarters at Oxford, Pa. This 
rbow will be nearly double In else for 1907, 
with many new and original features added. 

,*******-***+****** "rlflHUER THE HAMMER" 


(Otto Wells, local manager) Primrose's Min- 
strels played to elegant Business Oct 26, 27. 
Amelia Bingham followed 29, and was 
warmly received by a well filled house. Hen- 
rietta CroBman opened a two nights' engage- 
ment 30, to very* satisfactory returns. Ben 
Greets London Players Nov. 13. 14, Helen 
Grantly 15. "The Virginian" 17, Paul ail- 
more 19, Florence Davis 24. 

Gbanbt (Otto Wells, local manager). — 
"The Black Crook" opened for a week's en- 
gagemeDt Oct. 29, to a packed bouse. "The 
Girl from Broadway" li booked for week of 
Nov. 5. 

Majestic (Charles Hex, manager) .—Good 
business continues tbe rule. Vaudeville will 
hold the boards for week of 5. 

Acme (Wllkerson & Mamie, managers).— 
People for week of 6: Bill Nasmyth, Claude 
Randolph, Gussla La Bell, Chas. Anderson 
and Oscar Brewer. Business Is good. 

Bijou (Abb Smith, manager). — In addition 
to the regular stock, people who play this 
bour.e for week of G are: Tbe Clay Slaters, 
May Montgomery, Will lams and Williams, 
ana Ernest Seager. Business is good. 

Manhattan (Crinnlan Bros., managers). — 
People for week of G: Tom Carlton, Haiel 
Pierce, Joe Dowley, Arthur Lane, J. A. Mc- 
Sherry. Cbae. Ward and May Lemmuela. 
Business Is good. 

Petersburg:.— At the Academy of Music 
(Chas. A. Bass, manager) Primrose's Min- 
strels pleased a large house Oct. 24. Mary 
Emerson, In "Hla Majesty and the Maid, 
was well received, by a fair sited gathering, 
29. Ben Greet Nor. 8. 

Note.— Tbe Hatch Carnival Co. opened for 
a week, to good attendance, Oct 29. 

«lth(wt f«r nf rflirbanre, b**-«u»i the r-rol-er but. ■_ 
netiT fanicbe* the tiring pin. Thtf »afct> s>Hn,nil 
found enl; in the lit r Johnnnn Knfctj Aotomar u' 
vnkPT. in Hue to the fact that the ler-r wbkh tn£ 
mim tho bin* from tbe hammer to the flrina ■,-"** 
ni'ti-r is r-Teitinn tndoso eicept wbca the trl*r. . * 
tailed «irtae w.j ..«■!.. """' r "> 


It', full nf ft rearm lore; civet important facta thai > Irtl 
owner of ilrrarma afcnnlrl hDOw. and coea into 'Mali 
onl Illustrate* h> "ertinnai Tlewithe peculiar ron— pj: 
tion nt the Iter Jos&emi. ■* 

I ver Johnson Safety Ivor Johnston S&fetv 
Hemmer Revolver Hammerlssi Revolve, 
3-io. barrel, nickel-plated "w-oivsr 

finlnh. '£irim fire carl- S-lnch barrel. Bleaeteaea-a 
rtiisp,3^38ieater finish. S.-J8 center 

Are cartridge ■ - >9*O0 are cartridge - • SG 00 
For eale b; Hardwire and Srortlae Good* dealer- , . er - 
where, or el 11 be «nt prt^aJil on receipt of wSmUmm 
dealer will not soppl;. ,w " 

Ivor Johnaon*s Arms and Cycle Works 

165 River Street. Fitch burg, Mass. 

NewTorkOfflce: JlChamberaSt. Pacific Coeat Branch. 

■. B. Bekeart Co.. ZfiO Alsme-ia Are., Alemedi. c*± 

' ubeo 4, Hamburg, German;.. 


Oklahoma City. — At tbe Overholser 
(Ed. Overholser, manager) "The Sweetest 
Girl In Dixie," Oct. 22, 23, had fair patron- 
age. Black Patti (return), 24, drew well 
and pleased. "Tbe Hoosler Girl." 25, pleased. 
"Tbe County Fair" pleased, to big business, 
20. "Under Southern Skies," 27. 28, did 
well for three performances. Gilbert nnd 
Chevalier 20, "U, T. O." 30, "Wonderland" 
31, "The County Chairman" Nov. 1, "Simple 
Simon Simple" 2. "Yon yonaou" 3. Murray 
and Mack 4, 'Tbe Royal Chef" 6, "Foxy 
raudpa" 7. 

Empire (A. Felsensteln, manager). — Billy 
and Dflisy Bennington, Stella Stewart, Mas- 
rony and WIIsod. Edward De Moss and pic- 
tures opened well 28, for the week. 

Buoc. — Jastle Iiartsell, Orvllle Spurrier, 
Chaa Chester, Kelly and Bertha, and BIJou- 
groph for week of 28. 

«■ > 

Prom the Collection of Al. E. Fostelle. 

Brooklyn Concert Ball. 

Junction Fulton k Jerolemon Streets. 



Wednesday Evening, Jan. 10, 1840. 

Will be repeated by request, having been 

received Monday evening by a fashionable 

audience with great approbation, tbe 

celebrated Play of 



or Love and 1'rlde. 

Cloude Melnotte Mr. C. W. Clarke 

Colonel Dumas Mr. Macdonald 

IteauBeant Mr. Connor 

Glavls Mr. Nelaon 

Mons. DeBi'hBpelle8 Mr. Oakley 

Gaspar Mr. Jones 

Landlord.. Mr. Morton 

Captain Gervals Mr. Harding 

r.iullne Mrs. Til ton 

Madam? Descliapclles Mrs. Dyott 

Widow Melnotte Miss Plynn 

To conclude with the laughable Farce en- 
titled tbe 3 FAIR LOVERS. 

Quake Mr. Macdonald 

Simon Mr. Lansing 

Holding Mr. Connor 

Charles Mr. Nelson 

Smart, flrst appearance Mr. Addis 

Lucretli Mrs. Tilton 

Sophia Miss Flynn 

Hose Mrs. Dyott 


Friday livening, Jan. 12, 1840. 

Tickets admitting Gentleman and Lady to 

Parquette SOcta 

Single Admission 25cta 

Children not admitted unless attended by 

Doors open at 7 o'clock. Performance to 
commence at 7%. 


Theatre Itoynl. 

Coven t Garden, London. 

This present Friday, being the 6th of Decem- 
ber, will be presented the TRAGEDY of 
C A T O. 
The part of CATO to be performed 
by MR. 6 HER. I DAN, 
Portlus by MR. RYAN, 
Marcus by Mr. DYER, 
Juba by>Ir. SMITH, 
Sempronlus by Mr. SPARKS, 
Lucius by Mr, ANDERSON, 
Syphax by A»r. RIDOUT, 
Deck*, by Mr. STEVENS, 
Lucia by Mrs. Baker, 
And the_part of MARCIA to be performed 

to which will be ndded a Pantomime enter- 
tainment call'd 
Boxes 5s. Pits 3a. First Gallery 2s 
Up. Gallery Is. v 

As any Obstruction In the Movements of the 
M A C H I N K R Y will gre«tl !y prejudice the 
performance of the ENTERTAINMENT, It Is 
noted no Persons will be displeased at their 
being refused admittance behind the Scenes. 
To begin exactly at Sis o'clock Vlvat R.F.X 




Sir Barry Wldalr by Mrs. WOFFINGTON. 



*»■ » 

Tna Nichols Bhos., fancy, trick and ac- 
robatic skitters, appeared at Metropolitan 
Boiler Rink, ibis city, Oct. 20-81. On Nov. 
1-8 they gave, exhibitions at Claremont Roller 
Rink, Brooklyn. They are on their way to 
the Pacific coast 





Trw Thom I if S ott cant buy Chlc- 
iry ILitJul. latsin your neighbor- 
hood send us ten cents for a sample 
packet. Any Jobber will supply store- 
keepers with Cntcleta. 


PhiinielplilH, U.S.A., andJoronio-JCftnada. 


77-81 WOOSTER ST. 

(B.U Spring and Broom,). N.w Tork. 




The best utin nude for wear and appearance. 
Also . fall llo, of lower priced SATINS In .11 

It penetrates and cleanses [the 
minutest crevices of the teeth. It 
permeates the gums and the lining 
of the mouth. It is healthful. It 
is the only thing to use if you have 
a real genuine interest in your 

The friend of the teeth is 



II. Fret. Uncrmaa, iMKiii st.PTiiia/idpSia.K 




World of Players, 

votes mom Ai*. W. Uutin'a "TJnclb 
Tok'i Cabth" Co.— HL Lonls tnd Chicago 
proved to be two big weeks, and the Worlds 
Greatest did a lino office business In both 
iiiacei, and received newspaper notices that 
wade the manager happy. Everywhere we go 
rfae rerdlct la the same — "Beat ever aeen 
here." C. w. Langs taff replaces J, E. Kane as 
stage manager, the latter closing to Join the 
iliiaraelela'i Ideals. Under his precise meth- 
od! the production la moving with even more 

rapidity than heretofore, Grace Le Way Is 
row playing Topsy, and making a big hit. 
The Magnolia octette receive so many en- 
cores for their excellent singing that they are 
kept busy rehearsing new numbers to meet 
the demand. The band is making the same 
'''-' bit, under the efficient . leadership of 
Woody Van. A new feature Is the superb vo- 
cal solos rendered by Maude Barrlngtoa, so- 
praito. Everybody is well and happy. At 
Chicago we had for visitors: Chaa. Martin, 
lien Glroux, Geo. Florida, M. F. Wanton and 
others too numerous to mention. Manager 
Martin is already laying plans for next sea- 
son's production, which will, from present In- 
dications, eclipse anything ever before at* 
tempted by himself or any other "TJncle 
Tom's Cabin" manager. 

Vkhna Uai will open her season, Id "Bor- 
der Bess," early In December. The play waa 
written expressly for MIbb May, by William 
\\\ Lapolnt, who has been engaged by Miss 
May to direct the production and manage her 
tour. It is Miss May's Intention to purchase 
a well known Kentucky racing horse, to use 
in the great race track scene. 

I'almeh and Ddstin have been signed as a 
vaudeville feature with the Electa Page Co. 

Bunche Lowell, recently of the ••'Har- 
vard Girl" Co., haft leased "The Belle of wall 
Street" from Wo. W. Lapolnt, and will open 
In the part of Lola Logan, around the noil- 

.notks rnoM "The $10,000 Beauty Show." 
— We are in our twenty-second week, playing 
to capacity business. Marjorle Lake, the 
-beauty," Is making a big success with her 
songs. Curtis k Lewis are the proprietors; 
Harry C. Lewis, manager, and a company ot 
twenty-five.- ■ - 

Hod Weston, with "The Flaming Arrow" 
Co, writes": "We' played Frankfort, Ind,, 
Oct. 20, to a fair sized audience. We had 
to get lights. The city has a new electric 
plant; and Just about the time for the per- 
formance to begin, somebody Btepped on the 
wire and the lights went out. The old re- 
liable candles were pressed Into service, and 
with the aid of them the orchestra played a 
number of selections. The house was In total 
darkness, and the uBbers escorted the patrons 
to their seats with lighted candles. It was 
*a picture no artist could paint' Ed. S. Allen 
did a monologue and entertained- the people 
until the lights come to our rescue. It was 
'.: 15 p. M., when the curtain went up, but the 
uadlence was with us. It looked very doubt- 
ful for a while whether we would he able to 
i^ive the performance. Our manager, Charles 
A. Sellon, entertained his parents here, at 
1'rankfort. They , were en route to their' 
home In Sioux City, la." 

The Boston Ideal Co., supporting John 
K. Myers, the German comedian, are playing 
three night stands through West Virginia 
with success. Mort Franklin, manager of 
the company. Is writing a German comedy, 
to be called "The German Senator," In which 
he Is to star Mr. Myers after Christmas, 

Lthni A. Hazzaiid is still fllllng the posi- 
tion of musical director with the Ferris 
Comedians. The show, he writes, continues 
to do a big business, due to a clever company 
nod an excellent line of plays. The show 
is booked over some of the best time In the 
middle West 

Mas. Habry Hobne, of Eller's "King of 
the Cattle Ring" Co., recently entertained a 
party of friends at Wellington, Kan. Covers 
were laid for six, and all present spent a very 
enjoyable evening. The affair was in honor 
of her wedding anniversary. 

Chas, E, Pabcob Is lu his fifth season do- 
Ing the cat with the. "Show Girl" Co., also 
acting aa stage manager. 

Notes fbom "Riplections phos tkk 
Hearth" Co. — After two solid weeks of re- 
hearsing, we at last opened during terribly 
wet weather, at Boonton, N. J., Oct. 21, to a 
large house. That same old rain followed ua 
to Perth Amboy, N. J., 22, but despite the 
weather we had one of the largest crowds 
■ that waa ever In Wllder's Music Hall, and 
long before the overture we had to display 
the S. R. O. ahlngie. The performance was 
well received, and everybody was happy. We 
carry a companv of fifteen people, and every 
particle of ecenerv la fresh" from the artist b 
brush. We experience quite some trouble In 
the transportation, as when the baggage mas- 
ter views the amount of scenery and trunks, 
there la a hick, but all the "cussing" on his 
part gives way to a mild "thank you" after 
Manager E. P. has a quiet tittle talk with 
him. The people Include : Manager Edward 
V. Carrlgan, Wm. H. Conley, Wm. Bradley. 
T.vman White. Jock F. Carrigan, Samuel 
Alexander, Wm. Reagon.Geo. Hector. James 
Urant, Robert Frisk, Qfleenle Marble, Alice 
Mtuart, Baby Marble, Edith Tyler. Blanch 
Marble, and Martin J. Wlgert, In advance. 

Notes fbom the Cbas. K. Chahflin Co. 
—"The Lamb and the Brute," by Harry E. 
McKee, was produced In Red Bank, Mr. 
Champlln's home, last week, and created a 
teuaatlon. Inasmuch aa It 1b a weird play of 
the type of "Jekyll and Hyde." So Im- 
pressed was the audience that the people all 
Miy they wilt Journey to Long Branch and 
ne It again. Roster of the company: Cbas. 
K. Champlln. proprietor and manager ; Jim 
Keyer, business manager ; Dan Champtln. 
treasurer ; Barry E. McKee. comedian ; Carl 
Stockdale, Barry Star, Arthur Griffin, Hen- 
ery Oheler. WIU Lester, Joe Leeter, Chas. 
Okley. A. Peper, Orf. Peper, J. Hardy, Jack 
McKee, Lulu Morrison. Clara flyers. Alma 
Itutberford. Kate Marsdon. Marie Warfleld 
and the Three Cretghton Sisters. Business 
Ib big. 

Johh 0. vnd Alice McDowell report 
meeting with Buccesa doing their specialty 
imd playing responsible ports with Stephens 
& Linton's "My Wife's Family" Co. 

Hkbahbt Brknon and Frankie Mae Kanr 
are playing the leading roles with the Brenon 
Stock Co., at the Broadway, East St. Louis. 
111. They began their third week Oct. 29 
at this theatre. The company, we are in- 
formed, has made many friends, and business 
Is excellent. The roster of the company : 
Herbert Brenon, H. G. Lemming, Percy 
Tiarbat, Wm. Hankey, Leo Nodle, Chsndos 
ItrenoQ. Frankle Mae Kane, Helen Downing, 
Anna Kllduti and Anna Dupont, 

"La PnranMi," a three act comedy, by 
M. Dcsceves, proved pleasing upon the ©c- 
• sslon of Its premiere recently, la Paris, 
Kr. at the Odcon Theatre. 

Tat Wbber Tueatbb Co. of New York waa 
incorporated Oct. 2fl. at Albany, N. Y., with 
a capital of S10.0OO, to conduct amusement 
f-ntcrprleea The directors are: Joseph M. 
Weber, Lillian Weber and Phillip Friedman. 

JoaarH HnnnEitr Jr.. a member of "About 
Town," Co., waB secretly married about two 
weeks ago, to Viola Hopkins, of the same 

Makaow W. S. Bates writes : "The New 
England tour of Guy Bartlett, In 'A Runa- 
wsy Match,' has been most successful, and 
return dates have been asked for st nearly 
every stand. At Fltchburg. Dover, Northamp- 
ton, Haverhill, Lowell and Bangor, the busi- 
ness was capacity nt every performance. Mr. 
Bartlett will appear In 'A Ranawnv Match' 
Jhlg season only. Nert season I will present 
olm in the new musical comedy, 'That Boy 
of Onrs.' " 

Gboroj J. Lash-bet akd Etta Williams 
wish to Btate that they have signed with 
£rank B. Carrs Blackthorn Co. for twenty- 
6>e weeks. 

"Jbkix kbom Krax" Co. Notes. — We 
opened our season Aug. 6, at Ashawa, Can., 
and bars bad the biggest lualneai, np to 
date, that we ever did. Managers all along 
the line claim that we have a far superior 
band, orchestra and ahow than we ever car- 
lied before. We have had the 8. ft. O. oat 
many times this season. Our new uniforms 
for the band and orchestra are very hand- 
some. We are working on a big musical 
Lumber, an Instrumental sextette, aa a feat- 
ure, and will put It on about the middle of 
November. We are playing the Canadian 
Northwest to British Columbia, Washington, 
uregon and California, then back East, via 
Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and Illi- 
nois, which will be our second trip through 
this country. All managers who have played 
us before are sending encouraging and nat- 
tering letters, bo things look bright for ua. 

NoTRS from Edwin T. Ejieuy's Co. — The 
success of this company at the Mission The- 
atre, San Francisco, continues, despite the 
fact that several managers have tried to 
duplicate our performances at other the- 
atres. The artistic productions that we have 
nffered during the past twenty weeks, at tha 
Mission, has seen Its results in the Increased 
attendance, despite the raise In prices, which 
was inaugurated several weeks ago. This 
week we are offering our own play, K The Earl 
of Elderberry," In the title role of which Mr. 
bmery has excelled all his previous efforts. 
The play Is on for a run, bo great Is the de- 
mand for seats, and capacity nouses are 
the nightly rule. "The Wisdom of Solomon" 
Is underlined to follow. This also Is from 
Mr. Emery's pen. Several very flattering 
offers from Eastern managers hare not as 
ret been able to tempt Mr. Emery to give up 
his extended engagement at the Mission 

Notes fbom the Ebnie Makes Co., Ernie 
Marks, manager, supporting Katie and Ernie 
Marka.— We are Id our eighth week playing 
through Canada, and have bees breaking 
house records everywhere we hare played. 
At Kingston we broke all previous records 
for a repertory show, and in consequence 
Manager A. J. Small, of the Small circuit, 
has booked us for twelve weeks of the circuit, 
.which goes to show that we carry a strong 
company, composed of the following people : 
Ernie Marks, proprietor and manager; Harry 
Itooncy, treasurer ; Mack Marks, representa- 
tive : Joe N. Machan, stage manager ; 
Marry Pamplln. master of transportation ; 
Hen Howe, Fred A. Buff, Bedard and Bedard, 
Ed. La Dee, Katie Marks, Ada Rivers, Alice 
Pamplln, Baby Boale Machan, Mrs. Emma 
Machan, musical directress. We are hooked 
solid for forty-two weeks. 

William J. Kelly has Joined Clara 
Bloodgood, to become her leading man, la 

Joseph M. Weber, preparatory to his 
opening his New York season, has engaged 
James J. Morton, WIU T. Hodge and Frank 
H. Belcher. "Twiddle-Twaddle** will close 
Its road tour Dec. 8, and the new offering 
will have Its premiere 23, In Buffalo. In- 
stead of giving light opera and musical com* 
edy aod burlesque on separate dates, Mr. 
Weber has arranged to consolidate his en- 
tertainment so that Lillian Blauvelt and 
her company will appear la the second part 
of the entertainment Instead of opening the 
performance with an operetta, as first an- 
nounced. No title has Leon, chosen for the 
show, which will bo seen in New York for 
the first time New Year's Night. 

Jack C. Connolly ia playlBg the title role 
In Wild k Arnold's scenic production, "Tracy, 
the Outlaw." 

Lmbbx HAOQAnTT writes : "I am In my 
tenth week with Ferris' Comedians, doing 
characters and Irish specialties. Frank Dud- 
ley, atage director and leading man, Is pro- 
ducing a line of high class plays, which are a 
revelation to the patrons of popular priced 
repertory." _ ___ 

Tub New Oxford Opera House, at Oxford, 
Pa., has been leased for a term of years by 
Al. F. Wheeler, proprietor of Wheeler's Cir- 
cus. Mr. Wheeler will give bis personal at- 
tention to the management of this house, 
and only first class attractions will be booked. 
An up-to-date bill posting plant will be oper- 
ated In connection with the bouse. 

Sweet k Beown write: "We closed the 
*A Human Stave* Co. to reorganize, and ex- 
pect to reopen In a few weeks with a strong 
company, playing only the best WeBtern time. 
From our last -ad.' In Thjj Clippbb we re- 
reived numeroua replies." 

F. W. Sbwbll, Btage carpenter and prop- 
erty man, opens Nov. 3, with "The Clay 
Baker" Co. _ 

Sthicklin'b Doo and Tony Cibcus closed 
n circuit of (airs at Lancaster, O., after a 
auccessful season of ten weeka, and Joined 
the Myrklc-IIarder Stock Co., at Hunting- 
ton W. Va., for the rest of this season. 

Bom KBQM the Kiltibs Band. — We are 
In our twenty-fourth week of our fourteenth 
tour and have bad excellent business. Among 
some of our important Summer engagements 
were | White City, Chicago : Luna Park, Pitts- 
burg: Pair Bank, Indianapolis; Casino, To- 
ledo and Electric Park, Kansas City. We 
opened this tour at Belleville, Can., on May 
28, and will close there on May 1, making 
a tour of forty-eight weeks, which will In- 
clude old Mexico. T. P. J. Power, manager pf 
the Kilties. Is on his way to Mexico City to 
complete the arrangements for the Mexican 
tour* The Kilties are the first of the big eon- 
Icert bands to Invade Mexico, and our tour 
no doubt will be watched with much Inter- 
est, especially among the managers of musi- 
cal attractions. 

Notes from Pbrch R. Bbnton's "A Cow- 
'bot'b Qibl" Co.— This company Is In Its 
eighth week, and, with the exception of ona 
week, has played to satiafaclory business. 
The past Ave weeks' business In Texas has 
been exceptionally good. We carry all our 
own scenery and effects, and use no house 
scenery but the front drop curtain. V»o re- 
main in Texas until Thanksgiving Day, and 
then go West. Roster of company la as fol- 
lows: Perce R. Benton, sole proprietor and 
manager; L. H. Robinson, business mana- 
ger : Nick Harvey general agent ; Will Hurd, 
assistant; Jay Rav, stage manager ; Nat 
Johnson, musical director; Pete Hun, car- 
penter; Nat Johnson, Lawrence Peterson, 
Edgar Barnett, Tommy Robinson, Master 
Harold, Annette Gray, Pauline Horner, Ivy 
Stutta and Florence Humes. 

Aloebta. Gallatin, who is starring under 
the management of Sweely. Shipman ft Co., 
in "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall, re- 
ceived ao ovation at St. Paul last week. 

BtnrHA. Kalich left recently for Atlantic 
flrv. to recuperate from the recent opera- 
tion for appendicitis. Her tour will be re- 
sumed in November. 

Camiu.i D'Abvillb will reappear on the 
stage, after an absence of several years, In a 
new musical play, at Newark, EyjgjiJfr 1 
under the management of the snuoerts. 
Stanislaus* Stange and Julian Edwards have 
written the offering. «■«-■*• 

Henut Kills* h« bought "On Firolt* 
from Louts Evan Sblpman, and will Bend it 
on the road with Charlotte Walker In tha 
leading role. Mr. Miller has signed a three 
years' contract with MIbs Walker. 

C T. K. Millbb, It Is reported, will leave 
the services of Joe Weber at tbe conclusion 
of the mad tour of the Weber A.I1 Star Stock 
Co. He has been a raluable aid to- Mr. 
Weber for two years. 

"Tire Rosr or thr Ranciio" will have Ita 
premier In Boston Nov. 12. 

Notks pbom Geo. F. Clark's "Down Bast ' 
Co. — We opened our season Aug. 23, at 
Strong City, Kan. Business so far haa been 
very good, and tbe show has been giving the 
best of satisfaction. Tns roiter 7i ai fol- 
lows: Geo. F. Clark, owner and manager; 
Jack Gllaes, agent: B4ck Bosanko, stage 
manager: R. A. Bonelr. carpenter; Harry 
Melrose. property man; Jack UKfcwood, Mar- 
jorle Mason Clark. Winona Addlngton, 
Gladdys Crockett and Maay Delacey- The 
show Is booked solid to May 1, 1907. 

MmSBKS. BwtELT, BB1PHAM ft CO., who 

are starring Anna Day. In "When 
Knighthood Waa In Flower," are relating 
an amusing experience of their company 
manager when Miss Day waa playing; the 
West tind Theatre, New York. The pro- 
duction Is an elaborate one, and In addi- 
tion to a unique and handsome historical 
drop, beautiful plush tableaux curtains have 
beea provided. On each of these curtains 
the letter "A" and "D" are Interwoven In 
gold embroidery. Shortly before the rlae 
ot the curtain two excited Italians ap- 
proached Manager Vernon, and demanded 
the return of their money. He declined to 
do this unlesa a good reason was given, and 
after much roluole explanation by the two 
men, who persisted In talking at the same 
time In their native tongue. Manager Ver- 
non finally threw up his hands In despair. 
At that moment a third aon of Italy took 
part In the excitement, and explained : 
"Miater-a Manager, dea men bave-a come 
to see 'When Knlght-a-hood-a Waa-a in 
Flower,' they bave-a seen 'A-ye D-ye* on-a 
de curtnln, and dey sny-a den show-a Is l In*a 
de years of our Lord," and not dls-a 
'Knlght-a-bood-a' show." Manager Vernon 
lulcKly explained that the letters on the 
curtain were the Initials of Anna Day, the 
atar, and that the name of the play was 
"When Knighthood Was In Flower," after 
which the two excited Latins returned quiet- 
ly to their seats. 

Matt Nashbb, In advance of Florence 
Bindley, In "The flirt and the Gambler," 
** lil oh 13 being exploited under the direction 
of B. K. Forrester, writes: "Being a favorite 
with the patrons of the Park Theatre, Phila- 
delphia, Miss Bindley played a two -weeks' 
engagement at that house,- to larger busi- 
ness than ever before done by her at any 
previous engagement there. Her new play 
proved a most decided Buccesa, and the 
press of Philadelphia was unanimous In 
claiming It tbe> best play she has ever been 
seen In. She Is supported by one of tbe 
strongest companies she has ever been sur- 
rounded with, and with the excellent scenic 
Sroduetlon carried, she baa one of the big 
Its of her career.'* 

Jessie Eenest has signed with the "Twlrly- 

Grace Montbll, who has been seriously HI 
since July IS, has undergone a severe sur- 
gical operation, and Is now convalescing; at 
the Fen t2 1 off Sanitarium, 620 Lexington Ave- 
nue, this city, and would be pleased to see 
her friends. 

Ben J. Lamdbb Is playing the title role of 
the Parson, In the elaborate production of 
"The Village Parson." and his wife (Lottie 
Klsce'deu) Is doing the character Dutch sou- 
brette part of Gretchen. Both are under 
contract for three years with this manage- 
ment Business Is reported as being uni- 
versally good, only tbe beat city time la being 
played, with occasionally a week of one night 
b tends. 

Notbb from thb Biu Herald Squako Com- 
idy Co. — This Is tbe fourth week of this 
season, and we are playing to big buBlnesx, 
giving the very best of satisfaction, also play- 
ing some return dates. We are playing three 
days and week stands. The repertory of 

Slays: "Dixie's Land." "In Old Kentucky 
tate." "La Belle Marie," "Man of Mystery." 
"Jeasle James" and "Dora Thome." We 
have a strong list of vaudeville features, In- 
cluding: Frank and F.thel Burke, whose new 
act Is a big success ; Fries Sisters, aongs and 
dances; Ralph Barton, songs and stories. 
and K. P. Walker, in songa. All are In good 
health and spirits, and The Old Reliable; 
and the "gentleman In white" are weekly 
visitors. The company played Atlanta. Qa., 
week of Oct. 28. Following la the complete 
roster: Adgey A. Wall, proprietor and man- 
ager; Trannle Morton, leading woman : Hilly 
De Wltte, leading man: Mrs. Billy De Wltte. 
lonbrette; Joe A. Oliver, characters: Frank 
Burke, comedian ; Ralph Barton, heavies ; 
Ethel Burke, general business ; George 
Loose, advance : Louts Lumanlan, Juveniles ; 
Tred Dm lcken miller, .properties : H. K. 
Walker, Becond comedian ; Ethel Fries, sec- 
ond soubrette ; Edith Fries, child characters ; 
Kbbe Hassan, second advance. The company 
Is booked solid, all Southern time. In the best 
houses. Special scenery Is carried for each 

Elay. The Eldorado Theatre, at Atlanta, Ga., 
as changed from a permanent stock to reper- 
tory bookings. 

Maboaret Bthbubdob, a graduate from 
the Sargent School of Dramatic Art, who. we 
are informed, gives a picturesque portrayal 
of "The Boy Chatterton," In her pathetic 
little one act play, has also scored In the 
soclsllstic drama, "Life a Dream," In which 
■be again essayed a boy, 'The Prluce Seg 

Obacb Albbbciit. prima donna contralto, 
recently returned from her tour abroad In 
grand opera. We are Informed that she has 
bad the good fortune to be made the benefi- 
ciary In the will of a distant relative In Ger- 
many, whereby she falls heir to a splendid 
estate just outside of Bremen. She Intends 
to fulfill ber contracts -to appear In grand 
opera abroad for the Winter. 

Maudh Fulton, who appeared In "Mam'- 
zelle Champagne, on the Madison Square 
Roof, New York, tbe paat Summer, Is rapidly 
recovering from a severe HlneBH. She was to 
have gone to Baltimore as tbe feature In a 
prominent stock company, when prevented by 
her illness. 

Geobob A. Wood, a young actor who will 
be remembered for his good wort In "A 
Pair of Country Klda," "The Claybaker" and 
other plays. Ib playing Teddy In B. J. Car- 
penter's "A Little Outcast/' and" meeting 
with success. This Is Mr. Wood's second 
season with the Carpenter show. 

Notes vbom Bebcbbb k Mate's Come- 
dians. — We are In our fourth week, playing 
to good business and giving satisfaction. 
Return dates are asked for by managers for 
whom we have played. Our comedies go 
well with the public, and our apeelaltlea are 
of a reitned order. The full roster of the 
company : Beecher & Maye. owners and 
managers ; Will S. Beecher, business mana- 
ger: Carrie M. Beecher, treasurer: John 
Davis, atnge manager; Fred Q. Clifton, mu- 
sical director; Billy 8tevena, Blunor West- 
ern, Howard Connor, John Dnvls, Nellie 
Owens and May Montgomery. The "ghost" 
appears every Wednesdnv, and Tiiat Clippbb 
Is always a welcome visitor. 

EnouABD Tsout Is with "The Missouri Qlrl" 
Co. (Kaatern). as musical director. 

Albert Dashinoton Is In his tenth week 
with the "A Trip to Egypt" Co., and reports 
meeting with big success. _ 

Notes b-rom the Millbb Mat Comedt Co. 
—We are doing a big business, and everybody 
Is feeling flne. nave been offered return dates 
In all the towns we played In. Arthur Mann, 
known as "tbe upside down piano player," is 
doing a new stunt with the piano; be lays 
backwards serosa the top of a piano, and 

flays a popular air. He alio has a few other 
rlcka, of which he ia the originator. 

Edward Waldmasn has returned to Chi- 
cago from the Pacific coast, to organue a 
company for hia regular Winter tour. Has 
principal plays this season will be "The Mer- 
chant of Venice" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. 
Hyde." Mr. Waldmann will be undar the 
management of Henry Marks this season. 

Tiie "Qi'iNcr Adamb Sawyeb" Co., West- 
ern, opened tbe New Grand Opera House, 
at Pierre, 8. D., Oct 26. to S. R. O. This 
theatre's large stage, nine dressing rooms, 
etc., and Its seating capacity of 1,000, make 
it one of the prettiest theatres Id that Stale. 
Seats sold at from one to five dollars on the 
opening night _ , 

B. S, AitDBBSoy writes from Henderson, 
N, C. : "The New Grand Theatre here, will 
be completed the last week In November. The 
Grand Is a ground floor theatre, modern In 
all respects, with dressing rooms, steam heat, 
electric Light* and water"' - 

Johh MTLir. akd Mabt Ohtu are In tbelr 
seventh successful week with "The Iile of 
nplce," Eastern Co. 

jiwii-L HEXI.BT, manager oi ine 
Kelley Stock Co., writes : "My big e 
ttoo, 'Jesao James,' opened at the Itlio 
atre, Montgomery, Ala., Monday, Oct. 

Jbwell Kbllbt, manager of the Jewell 
■■■-•- produc* 
lou The- 
... 22, to 
the largest receipts In the history of the 
house. Hundreds of people were turned away 
during the engagement My repertory at* 
traction has this season played to the largest 
business In Its history for a Southern tour. 
Tha company holds the record for the open- 
ing, and also for a week's business. In the 
following cities: Farls, Lexington and Somer- 
set Ky. ; Chattanooga and KnoxvlIIc, Tcnn. ; 
Portsmouth. O. ; Mobile, Ala.; Pensacola, 
Fla. ; Meridian, Miss,, and Columuui, Ga, 
My 'adV In a p ecent Issue of The CLirrea 
should have given the business nt Columbus, 
on the week, a-. $ i.70«, instead of $1,400. 
The company Is conceded by managers, the 
press and public to be the moat progressive 
and sncccasful popular priced attract ion which 
has ever toured the South. Time Is booked 
solid in alt the Klaw A Brlanger houses of 
the South. I will have three popular priced 
shows on the road next season ; olso two big 
sensational successes In tbe popular priced 
city houses." 

Notbb tslou the National stock Co., 
under the management of Al. II. Fox. — Tula 
attraction baa been reorganized, and will be- 
gin a tour of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana 
and Kentucky, playing three nights' stands, 
carrying all special acenery and electrical 
effects. Our paper Is the best tbnt money 
can procure, and we look forward to n pros- 
perous season. Our roster Is: J. F. Walters, 
sole owner; Al. II. Fox, business manager; 
Geo. O. (1 renter, secretary and treasurer; Vic- 
toria Montgomery, leads: Geo. (1. Grimier. 
juvenile lead; Wilbur De nouge, heavy; Lys- 
ribeth Le Roy, character heavy ; Nello Car- 
ber, souhrettes ; Robert Warner, characters : 
Jack Gleason, characters and Illustrated 
songs ; Cnrvln Bush, general business and 
properties; Geo. WlnBlow, atage carpenter and 
electrician, and Alvln Bender, musical direc- 

Amt Ash has been engoged for the lead. 
In "A Trip to Man." .. _ 

Cato B. Kbith is with the My rkle- Harder 
Co. (Eastern). _ _ _ 

Jackie Smith, late of the Broadway torn* 
exlv Trio, has signed with Crnmlcll k Mlt 
chell. In "Tho Man From the West." 

Xetta McColkmas (formerly known na 
SSrtfa Kecd. In vsudevlltel, la meeting wlih 
ruccess on the dramatic stage, this being her 
second season with Isabelle Snellen's ttepcr- 

O. L. Klsleb has replaced Ira J. La 
Motte as manager of the Majestic Theatre, 
Washington. D. C < 

music and Song. 

From the New York Mubic Pub. Co. — 
Lottie Gllaon has Just Introduced o new song, 
entitled "I'm Keeping My Love Lamp A 
Burning For You," and It looks like a big hit. 
Misa QllBon is also singing "Since Nelllo Went 
Away." Gertrude Flake nan mode a tremen- 
dous hit flinging "My Moki Maid," "I Love 
You For Yourself Alone" and "Dear Old 
Dixie." Ray W. Conner, who Is hend of the 
orchestra department, has again shown his 
brilliant efforts I i an Arabian intermezzo, en- 
titled "Nlnlta." This number has only been 
Issued a abort time, and la selling remarkably 
well. Tbe Thrse Troubadoura. touring through 
the West, are meeting with big success. Binn- 
ing "I Love You For Yourself Alone" and 
"Take a Trip to Merrylnnd." Tommy Dunn 
and bis Messenger Both are alnulng "Dear Old 
Dixie," the big march hit. The New York 
Comedy Four write In that "Take A Trip To 
Mcrryland" is the best waltz song they have 
aver used. May Rollins Is singing "Good-bye 
My Soldier Lad." and "Take a Trip to Merry- 
land." John V. Abbott Is featuring "Since 
Nellie Went Away" and "Dear Old Dlxlo." 
Rcaale Babb, who lo In vaudeville, pronounces 
"Since Nellie Went Away" tbe hit or her 
act, The Hobs Slaters, who are touring 
through tbe West, write that "Take A Trip To 
Merrvland" Is going big with them, and they 
Intend to use It all season. Clarence Prouty. 
of Walters and l'routy, who la flinging "I 
Love Yon For Yourself Alone," soys it Is the 
biggest bit he has ever used. "Nlnlta," the 
Arabian intermexro, by Ruy W. Conner, Ib 
being used by ninny of tbe acrobatic acts In 
vaudeville. Some of the musical acts who are 
also using this splendid number, are : Geo. 
Reno and company, Charley Semon, Gray and 
Graham, and a number of others. 

Chab. K. IlAiiBis' Notes. — Professional 
copies are now rvtidy for the moat beautiful 
baby song ever written by Chas, K. Harris, 
entitled "And A Little Child Shall Lead 
Them." This Bong will undoubtedly create aa 
big a sensation ns his famous "Always In the 
Way." An entirely new, unique and original 
story, wedded to music as only Harris can 
write. If you are playing New York, come up 
to the office and our pianists will be pleased 
to teach it to you, and our arrangers will 
make you an orraeatratlon In any key to fit 
your voice. Mr. Harris Is In receipt of a 
newspaper which has a column devoted to 
James Aldrlcb L:bbey'B rendition of Mr. Har- 
ris' famous song, "Somewhere," In which they 
aay that no song In the history of tbe the- 
atre haa eror rewired such enthusiastic ap- 
plause, and Mr. Llbbey was compelled to 
make a speech after the rendition of the song, 
"Somewhere," they say. Is destined to be- 
come as famous as "After tbe Ball," whlcb 
Mr. Llbbey first Introduced. Gloria Dare la 
creating a favo ruble Impression la and around 
New York with her singing of "Some- 
where." Misa Dtrc says "Somewhere" con- 
tains everything necessary with which a 
vocalist muy make a success, Wilbur 
Held reports succeia with "Just One Word 
of Consolation" and "Somewhere." Ma- 
rie Laurent, tho clever soprano, who Is In 
great demand for Sunday concerts, la meeting 
with success slutting "Somewhere*- and "Just 
One Word of Couiolatlon," nud will Introduce 
the new ballad. "And A Little Child Shall 
Lead Them." The Buster Brown Quartette 
Is making a feature of "Somewhere," Tbe 
Victoria Ladles* Quartette harmonize "Some- 
where" and "Dreaming Love of Yon," In a 
manner that brings forth rounds of applause 
at each performance. Pauline Moran and ber 
pickaninnies have their audiences happy at 
each performance singing "Is Everybody 
IloppyV" Ibe International Trio are using 
"Somewhere." and havo In rehearsal "And 
A Little Child Shall Lead Them," which song 
they 'predict will be a great success, Miss 
Klckford, with the "Twlrly Whirly" Co., re-' 
ports a big fait with "Somewhere." Ray 
Marsh, with "The Weary Willie Walker" Co., 
has been ro:elvi;ig very favorable press no- 
tices on ber rendition of "The Tale of a 

Recent Rbmick RBTDnNfl. — "Won't You 
Come Over To My Home?" the great Heralck 
aong bit. Is being used as a 'cello solo by J. 
Buyer West, of West and Van Siclcn, who 
writes the publishers (hat It Is tbe biggest 
hit be and Lis partner bavc ever had. This 
team Is also featuring "Alice, Where Art 
Thou Going?" another successful Kemlck vo- 
cal number. Tbe Century Comedy Four are 
using tbe big n*w Kemlck eong, ''Won't You 
Come Over To My House?" for the first time, 
and report an emuhatlc success with It. Clar- 
ice Vance, "Tho Southern Nightingale," be- 
gan her regular season land, Incidentally 
opened the bouse) at tho Alhambra, New 
York, for this ataaon, using tbe song publi- 
cations of Jerome II. Reraick It Co., exclu- 
sively. Madge Dorr Is winning applause and 
many sew friends by her e'erer rendition of 
"Won't You Throw a Kiss To Me" (Linda)? 
The new song publication, "Alice, Where 
Art Thou Going?" not only pronlaes to 

firore the winning ditty of the season, but 
ii absolute success seems already assured. 
The melody la in march tempo, Instead of 
following the hackneyed waits moTement A 

large number of leading vaudeville ilngirs 
have espouaed tha cause of "Alice," and ore 
speeding her mt-rrity on her way to fame. 
Among these are: C. Court AJbcrtaon and 
the Three Troubadours. The latter are Alio 
using effectively "Why Don't You Try V Tom 
Kelly Is featuring the Jerome II. Kemlck A 
Co. s songs cxclnrlvely, besides serving that 
thriving house In the capacity of outside 
representative The Spook Minstrels ire 
greatly enhancing their unique entertainment - 
by their rendition of "Why Don't You Try?" 
and "When Tho Mocking Birds Are Singing 
In the Wild wood," "Cheyenne" has taken 
vaudeville audiences by storm, imd the iuccoss 
of this spirited Remlck number Is aa lr- 
resistible aa a ti.lnl wave. Among the many 
vocalists who nro featuring It arc : The Six 
Musical Cuttyi, Van Alatyne and Henry, 
Trask and Uownrl, and Louise Montrose. Tola 
last menttoned entertainer Is nalng the aon* . 
In conjunction with her Auto airli, .and Is 
also featuring "Why Don't You Try?" Like 
"Cheyenne," the latter la fait winning its 
way to popularity, according to Indications, 

CoNCHRtfiNii tub Witmabk S0NO8.— Flo- 
rence Ashley will me Anita Owen's brilliant 
waits song. "Invitation," nnd Caro Roma's 

Sometimes "au-I "Jewels." Vbo International 
Trio, with the Williams Heal Co., are mak- 
ing good with tha popular Wltmnrk numbers, 

-Oooit-NIght, Beloved" and "Win You Love 
Me In December Ah You Do In May?" The 
Tiger Lilies Co. la having tremendous success 
with tho songs, "On tho Shady Side of Broad- 
w »Kl m ' c,,pIlJ *■ Captain of the Army" nnd 

Kill Simmons." Truly Shnttuck Is featuring 
'Lovo Me And The World II Mine," "Those 
Songa My Mother Used To Bing" and "On 
tbe Shady Bid* of Kroadwny," ail of which 
are going exceedingly well. Florence Hnnn- 
dera is also using these aongs to her advan- 
tage, as well as "Smile On Me," "My Little 
[five Bird," etc. Tho Manhattan Comedy 
tour are using WItraark publications, includ- 
ing the Dudlcr. "On the Uhady Bide." "In 
My Merry Oldsniohile" nnd "Will You Love 
Me In December As You Do In May?" be- 
sides Only a Manage Krom Home, Sweet 
Home,, "I Could Lenrn To Love A Boldler" 

Love Me And The World Is Mine" and 

Those Songs My Mother Used To Sing." 
..« nn3 L l 5 l0 '- el wrlt0B ,hat hrr aongs Include 
"On tho Shady Bide of Broadway." *'J,orc Mo 
And The World Is Vine" and "/mile On Me!" 
La Belle Leonora is doing well with her illus- 
trated son™ "The Stars and Stripes and 
Yon" and ^'Stnlle On Mr." The ilroadway 
Quartet Is making hendllners of "Will You 
Lure Me In December As You Do In May?" 
and ''Love Me And Tho World la Mine," two 
of the most tureful and melodioup -ballads 
published. Tho orchestra at Kinney's The- 
ntre. 1'lttsburg, h offering u variety of Wlt- 
mnrk musical uumhers, ainung them W. C, 

Hare's mnrch, "I Feel 8o Sleepy." "The 
HtarB, the Strlpea nnd You, ' that great Wit* 
mark number, Is sweeping on Us victorious 
course. It Is a headline* with Frank Mul- 
lane, Burt West and Ihe Alhambra Otmrtnt. 
"On the Shady Side," which Is micb n hit In 

Brown of Harvard," Is winning Inureta for 
lie Vera and De Vere, Helen A. Johnson anil 
Bose DAIbe. There Is no abatement to tho 
popularity of "BUI Simmons," but rather the 
mem. Harry torts, Henry Carnegie and 
Philips and I'hlilus hive added It to their re- 
pertory. The non--s that roado tho biggest hits 
!i- '7 he , UeA «"I M ar «- "llecBUBD You'ro 
You," "You Never Can Tell About A Woman," 
"Byory Day Is Indies' Day** and "Whlitle It." 
which were hummed by llio audience, while 
their feet kept time to the music. "The 
Bed Mill" wns written especially for 
Montgomery and Btone, who hare never 
had a better vehicle to dUp-lny their 
tnlmita, aui who iiovor Appeared to greater 
advantage. It goea without saying that n 
long season Is ahead of "The Bed Mill," for 
tho public lias come to look nt a new produc- 
tion from Herbert 4 Blossom as an event, as 
something that has coma to slay, which al- 
wnya pleases and never disappoints. 

Kbom tub Hocbb or haviland.— Bailey 
and Fletcher, AMies and l'atterson, and tho 
Roble Sisters .u-e singing "The Good Old V. 
S, A." and "Crocodile Isle.*' Sulllran and 
1'asn.uelena ais featuring -'You Never Can 
Tell By the Label." Orth and Fern will 
shortly add "Crocodile Isle" to their act. 
The Cbadwlck Trio are fenturlng "Policy 
Pete." MWfl ind Morris are very successful 
with "Ob 1 What a Night to tipooa" and "Cro- 
codile Isle." Cooper and Uoblnaon are doing 
well with Dr!*lajie and Morse's big march 
song. "The Good Old U. 8. A." Wynn nnd 
Washburn are featuring "Crocodile Isle," Cad 
Porter and Gonevlevo Homer continue to use 
"Ohl What a Night To Spoon" and "Girlie, 

1 Love You." Auric Dagwoll Ib making a 
special feature of tho great march song. "The 
Good Old U. 8. A." John P. Clarke will ilog 
"Arrab-Wanna," tbe new novelty song, Car 
ney and Wagnur, Homer and Potter and the 
Kllte Four have added "The Good Old TJ. H. 
A." and "Arrflh Wanna" to their act, and 
write us that both songs are going big, Tom 
GUlen in reh^ardng "Arrah- Wanna," nnd will 
feature it during bin tour In vaudeville 
through tho Knit. Kethryn Mlley was tho 

Special attraction at the Madison Square Gar- 
en, recently, where she feutured lf Tbo flood 
Old U. B. A.," assisted by a chorus of DOO 


Wku.'h Bawd, during H» Summer season, 
which closed Hept, 16, at Fair Hank Park, In- 
(DannpollB, received very fuvorablo comment 
from the press of the cities' In which tho band 
played. The Bummer aenHon marks the first 
year of Well' aud his band In the national 
Held, and judging from the buccgib thui fnr 
achieved thin organization la destined shortly 
to bo one of America's leading concert bands. . 


— Jeanne Krootci. who lint* been playing the 
lending vaudavllle bouses out West for the 
past two seaman, writes that one of the big- 

Seat Til t h she han ever bad is "Come Take A 
kate With Me." Frances Clare, soubrette. 
with the Bon Ton tturlewj iters, lias scored a 
phenomenal hit with Cobb and Kdwardu' 
waltz song, on tilled "I'll Do Anything In 
Tho WorloT For You," Von Klein and Gibson 
have scored a lilt with that novel uong, "Yau 
Can't Give Your Heart To Somebody El at?, 
And Still Hold Hands With Me" and also 
with "I'll Do Anything In Tho World For 
You." They will keep these nongn on all sea- 
son. They uro strong admlrere of the "lloiiao 
Melodious." Julius Marks, the boy so- 
prano. Is scoring l-cavily with many numbers 
from the flus KdwArdi Music Pub. Co., 
namely: "I'll Vo Anything In The World For 
You," "You Can't Give Your Heart To Some- 
body Klie And Still Hold Hands With Me," 
"1 Miss You In A Thousand Different Ways" 
and "HomelKidy'A Hweethenrt I Want To lie," 
Young Marks Is with "The Man of Her 
Choice" Co, Nat Wills hns scored one of his 
blKgest hits wiih Qua Edwards' new comic 
song. "It Win A Lemon." He has to Bing 
ten verses every night, 

IlniJiN Mat Kuti.kb write* : "I finished my 
Summer engagement In Piienlo. Col. This haw 
been a long seanoii. My Imnil opened In At- 
lanta. Ga., April 1ft, Ihen idling through Bir- 
mingham, HclriM nnd Mobile, Aln.. back to 
Kelmn for a' second return date, then through 
Mississippi. Tcniiisaee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, 
KunKftH. MlHiourl, lown nnd Colorado, playing 
a Summer sia^o'i of twenty-two weeka. Next 
Rummer we expect to play tbe l'aclflc coast 
for twenty-nvn v/t.ekn." 

K. A. CifABLi, the gifted young musician. 
has signed u cuntrnct to collaborate with 
Mflasrs. Chorion L. Young nnd Welter Mon- 
tague, whereby ho nic-.i-s to write the muilc 
to the book and lyric*! of all opera* and musl- 
caI comedies wh'cb they mat write during 
the next Ave year*. Mr. Cliarlt Is a muiiclan 
of international reputation, several of his 
compoaltlom finding great fnvor with royal 
orchestras, lie will peraonnlly nupervlse tbe 
music for the forthcoming production of a 
new musical comedy, "Tbe Pride of New 
York," tbe book, lyrics iud music by Messrs. 
Young aod Montugue. 



November 10. 



i JFo.r IaM* Barrel. 
■.Triple Sicke! Fl.l.h. 

Tills HOPKIH8 & ALLEN ham 

mer pattern revolver Ib a marked favor- 
ite with acton) on account or Its ftntcerul 
appearance and the fact ttiat It HEVIH 
SPOIL* A BIESK. The hammer strlk 
Ins the empty certrldKe for boilneea In strong 
acenet, may be heard all over the hoUBe— KK V 

TIOHi— Aatomatlc Action, RebonndlDg Safety AUTOMATIC ACTIOH. 
Hannier(neTerreacheitnrlnirplneiceptirhentlred).Bar- , a ,.-„,,„, «,„,,. .h-t, 
rel and Frame of Drop Forged Steel (hl B h tenille strength) »«^i, 1 r £ , _ *?.!.;.. 
. triple nickeled, hard checkered rnbocr handle, 4 Inch 3 ° «■•'*»■■ ° »=•••• 
I1..1.T.-. COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED, If not fonnd Innearest store. Mention calibre wanted. Slnch 
enoiguna, barrel 60 cw. extra; c inch barrel II extra; » Inch barrel 60 eta. less; Bleed Finish 60 eta. extra. Pearl 
Rifle. «d Handle, extra,,.*, hopkim * A1.I.E1. An«.co..Th.».ri«.II».p...I.OIlWIC Hu C0 HB . 
Largest Firearm Mannfactarers la the World. rroperi j Hen Write Us. 

UauacPiiic and minsrrei 

Ross B. Git an VILLI*, Informs us that abe 
has Just closed n very successful tea weeks' 
engagement at the Grand Theatre, Toledo, 
O. lira. Wise, wife of tbe proprietor, pre- 
Minted Miss Granvlllla with a pair of very 
beautiful vases. febe will remain at her hone 
In Cnnandalgua, N. Y., until after the holi- 

Authub Layinb, of La vine and Leonard, 
writes: "We are rehearsing, and expect to 
open, on or about Nor. 15, with Bedlnt's 
.•fleven Jays Co.. doing our act and playing 
two comedy parts. There are twenty weeks 
already booked on tbe Keith circuit. We 
don't go back to Europe until July, 1007." 

Loots Haluctt, formerly connected with 
Hollows & Gregory's Theatrical Exchange, lo 
New York, has established a vaudeville 
Kketch bureau for the purchase and sale of 
sketches, and tbe revising and staging of 

Hanaqbr Jab. A. Dakin writes : "Olympla 
Park, at Chattanooga, Tean., closed the sea- 
son Oct. 1. Tbe season hsB been the most 
profitable In the history of the park. Every- 
thing has done big business, except the the- 
atre, which did not do ao well. When this 
popular amusement resort opens for the sea- 
son of 11107, its patrons will hardly know the 
place. Thousands of dollars will bave been 
npent In various Improvements, chief of 
which will be doubling tho size of the the- 
atre, which will be operated next season by 
myself. When finished, Olympla will have, 
without doubt, the finest park theatre In the 
South, wltb tbe best possible scenic and stnee 
nrrangementf. The house will seat 1,500. 
High class vaudeville will prevail, and no act 
playing the South will be too good Cor Olym- 
pla. Other Improvements Include a oew 
miniature railway, old mill, bump the bumps, 
a new depot, etc. Several thousand addi- 
tional tights will add to tbe beauty of the 
already beautiful park." 

Wm. J. 1>ool Is with Elliott. Belalr and 
KUIott, and reports success In their comedy 
acrobatic sketch. They were nt the Qrand 
Opera House, Grand Rapids, Mlcb., Oct. 15- 
20, and are on a seven months' tour la the 

Atollo arrived from Europe last week to 
fill American engagements. 

Tom BiUNTKoiiD, Just returned from a long 
stay abroad. Is filling American dates In his 
unique specialty as the Band. 

Martin Ij. ormon writes: "Owing to the 
closing of Elmer Walters' 'Bow Hopper Was 
Side Tracked' Co., the Bcmone will return to 
vaudeville. They are being booked by the 
Western Vaudeville Association. Little Trim-, 
rose Semon made a big hit as Mollle, In 'Side 
Tracked,' her specialty being a big feature." 

Mabk and Lacha Davis write that they 
ure not with the Cooke Comedy Co., as re- 
ivorted, but arc meeting with big success on 
the New England vaudeville circuit, with 
i heir neat German comedy, singing and rou- 
ting act, entitled "Hans, the Grocery Boy." 

Captain Elbib Becks will soon start out 
with her United States Navy Girls In vaude- 
ville. It Is an entirely new act, and promises 

to prove a winner. 


Pottki. and IlAftTWKLL write: "Our art la 
doing very nicely, under tbe management of 
Maurice Jacobs. We are one of the feature 
acts with his Champagne Girls Co. The bUow 
has been out eight weeks, playing to fine 

Mabel Lock hart has severed her connec- 
tion with the Martin and Buckley act. and 
will continue to work alone. 

Apqih and hhr lions played their first 
week'a engagement at Sheedy's Theatre. Kail 
River, Mass., and broke all records so far 
(his season, tills being her first engagement 
since her arrival from Franco. Weeks of 
Nov. 5 and 12 they will be at the Gotham 
nud Novelty Theatres, Brooklyn, respectively. 

Matmb Qcinct writes: "After playing 

seven weeks In Summer parka, through Colo- 
rado. I booked over the Crystal circuit for 
Geo. I. Adams, playing his houses, with an 
offer of a return engagement, where I made a 
decided success, answering curtain calls la 
each house In vocal selections. After play- 
log this engagement I take the Jackson cir- 
cuit, opening In Sioux City, la., 28. Tub Old 
Reliable Is an ever welcome companion." 

Ted Galfuhith, general agent for Donnelly 
& Hatfield's Magnificent Minstrels, writes 
that their business in the South Is Immense. 
'We played Rome, Ga., Oct. IS, day and date 
with the Barnum 4 Bailey Show, and at 
Oreengood, Miss., Oct 30, we were day and 
date with the Wallace Show, and at Green- 
ville, Miss., Oct. 31, we were day and date 
with tbe Hagenbeck Show. We like circus 

Casad and De Vkbnb write that they have 
been booked up for twenty-two weeks by the 
Western Vaudeville Association, opening at 
Hopkins', Memphis, Teen., with all of their 
best time to follow. Including the Kohl & 
Castle circuit, opening at tbe Haymarket, 
Chicago, Nov. 12. 

Haunks, "Tbe Human Horn," Is laying 
off this season, on account of a severe throat 

Jack W.vbd Kerr has been engaged by 
Thomas Q. Seabrooke to play the Chevalier 
De Talmay, in vaudeville, this season, pre- 
senting "A Footllght Favorite." Mr. Bea- 
brooke la supported by Pauline Hall. Tbe 
sketch, Mr. Kett writes, la a big success. 

Louise; Allen Collier has engaged John 
Terrlss and Cbas. E. Conway to support 
her In her vaudeville production, "Not Far 
From Broadway," a one- act comedy. In 
which she has already appeared. Three 
widely different characters will be enacted 
by Miss Collier. 

The Ahrrnb, novelty acrobats, sailed 
Saturday, Oct. 27. for Havana, Cuba, where 
they open Nov. 3, at Theatre Payret, for 
four weeks, after which they go on tour for 
five months through Cuba. They will return 
to America In April, 1007, to play the Sum- 
mer parks. 

FiiVsK and Catherine McKenzib bave 
Joined hands with Fred Snow, and will soon 
produce their new sketch, under the team 
name of McKenzle, Snow and McKenzle. 

Jobei'hink Sahel closed at the Olympla, 
Paris, Fr., Oct. 30. where her act was a big 
success, and will return later for an extended 
engagemcut. From Nov. 1 to 30 she will 
appear at the Ilansn Theatre, Hamburg, Ger. 

Leslie and Williams, after eighteen con- 
secutive weeks In the middle West, are booked 
on the International circuit for twenty weeks, 
opening at the Empire, Des Moines, la., Dec 

Gkobciib Lee Wood, soubrette, 1b In vaude- 
ville wltb Fay La ituc, and reports scoring 
heavily wltb their black and white face spe- 
cialties. They are known as the Wood-La 
Hue Sisters. 

Job Ujlny, Hinging comedian and rapid pic- 
ture artist, writes; "I have been engaged to 
paint the scenery at tbe New Flremen'a Hall, 
at Hlllburn. N. Y. Wbca I finish this con- 
tract. I will again play dates, producing my 
rapid artist net and Introducing comedy, 
Bii.glujj, talking and •.■harncter changes." 

Jab. A. and '.'eh a Welch write : "Our new 
act, "Tim Ftanlgan's Flirtation,' Is a 'knock- 
out.* " 

Lydia Yeamans Titos writes from Syd- 
ney, Australia, as follows, under date of 
Sept. 12: "Mr. Titus and myself leave on 
Sept. 15 for England, to fill dates made there 
prior to our departure. Our trip through 
the Antipodes and New Zealand has been 
most successful. The laat friends to say 
good-bye to in were Mr. and Mrs. Bland 
Ylolr. Mr. Holt was a member of Harrlgan 
& Hart's Comany, In their theatre on Broad- 
way. Mr. Holt has made a fortune, and baa 
taken up his permanent abode here. George 
Hignold la also living here, and Is as cbarm- 

where Miss Adgle will put on a new act that "B « ever: ,\ e had the pleasure of meet 

ibe brought from Kurope. 

Fitosxo. female Impersonator, closed with 
the 11. & II. Minstrels Sept. £7, and has 
entered vaudeville again, opening at the 
HIJou Theatre, Omaha. Sept 30, with Wichi- 
ta to follow, lie " write* ; "My act 1b a big 
lilt, and managers pronounce ft the best act 
of its kind they ever played," 

Chas. L. Gkovi, after a two weeks' en- 

fogement ot Rradcnburgb's, Philadelphia, 
olncd tbe Kathryn Purneu Co. 

Tub Great Ilbwaan writes: "This la my the American people. Mr. Tltua will return 
twenty-eighth week with the Zulella Co. My to mercantile life." 

Impersonations of famous actresses Is being 
highly praised. I am making five complete 
changes, closing with my old maid make-up, 
which keeps the audience in a roar from Btart 
to finish. I have signed with this company 
until after Christmas." 

Wvgand and Del Wont, muBlcal comedi- 
ans, state they are still getting eighteen 
minutes of solid applause and laughter. They 
tire booked solid. 

Mas. Davb Fkrouhon has been playing In 
the West for the past sevcu montha. After 
a week's rest ahc opened at the Howard, 
Boston, Oct. 'JO. 

Bryant and Saville write that they bare 
added another lilt to their act by Introducing 
it il Illustrated song sheet. 

Ai.KXAM.iFit. female impersonator, writes: 
"Owing to the breaking of my arm in Provi- 
dence, I was compelled to cancel my Keith 
time. Hoik to be able lo resume work 


American Llllputlaus," cloned a successful 
Hcaautt of five mouths at White City. Chicago, 
on Oct. 14. They opened at Philadelphia on 
Oct. 27, for n leiiirlhy cugOKenieut, Commo- 
dore Footo wns Initiated into Hamilton Park 
I.odgc, No. BTO, Knights of Pythias, on Oct. 
18. He claims to ba the smallest "kulgbt" 
In this country. 

GunuoiA Thomas, who has met with suc- 
cess during Beven months' work In Southern 
parks and theatres, opened at the Colonnade 
Theatre. Baltimore, Oct 20, 

Al. K. Hutchinson, bnnlolst, writes from 
liOMlon, Can., as follows: ''My partner, Bert 
Unit, la resting in Detroit, Mlcb. Wc go out 
again soon. We are doing a double turn, con- 
sisting of duetts aud talking." 

Mb, and Mrs. Job. K. Watson (Toinnllnn- 
<on>, of the Twentieth Century Maids Co., 
Mtont the week of Oct. 28 In Philadelphia, 
Mr. Watson's home town. In honor of their 
first visit since their marriage, their friends 
there have arranged several social entertain- 
ments for then. 

Flo and IIarrt La Yam* have separated. 
The latter has joined the Al. Warts Co., 
nnd Flo La Vardo Is working alone la a new 
act, using the paper tearing for the finish. 
She has aome good lime booked ahead. 

lief; Beaumont Hoed, the tenor, whom you 
will remember was such a favorite with 
Birch, Warabold, Bernard & Backus* Min- 
strels. He Is living In retirement la Ade- 
laide, and wished to be remembered to all 
friends who knew him In the good old daya 
gone by. About myself, after we fill our 
dates In England, Mr. Titus and myself 
separate. 1 will continue to appear In tbe 
footsteps of my mother, appearing la sev- 
eral sketches, which, I feel aure, will please 

Tub Paytokb report continued success In 
tbelr singing and dancing act 

Billy moorb, "The Ebony Comedian," 
writes : "I am meeting wltb success on tbe 
Sulllvnn & Consldlne circuit, and they cer- 
tainly treat all tbelr people finely out here 
on tho coast. I also am glad to say that 
Tub Old Kei.iadle reaches me every week. 
I would not be without It" 

Notes fuou A, G. Cummlngs' Museum 
and Marlon Beauty Show. — This show 
(-(irrl"H ten people. Business Is up to the 
standard. Sadie Cummlngs Is In Boston, 
nnd will return to the show Nov. S. Show 
will piny week stands In Connecticut and 
New York State. The Old Reliable gets 
bero every week. 

Thh Misbks Hanson and Nelson write 
that they are a decided hit at every house 
played, and are compelled to respond to 
tlirce and four encores at every perform- 

Francis J. McCarthy writes : "Have just 
closed one of tbe most pleasant engagements 
of my experience with the Clifford Reeves 
Metropolitan Stock Co., to accept tbe offer 
of Bob Itomoln aud company, to play one of 
the partners la the vaudeville sketch of that 
n i in" " 

Feed F. Benedict writes: "I have signed 
with Barlow & Wilson's Greater New York 
Minstrels, and bave been making a big hit 
wltb my eccentric back dancing, closing the 
first part While playing Lewlstown, Pa., 
tbe Elks of that city invited me to their 
beautiful club rooms, where I spent a pleas- 
ant evening singing and dancing for the 
boya. This season I will be known as the 
Blograph Buck Dancer, In a new, original 
act of my own." 

Notes feom the Baltimore Beauties 
Show, under the management of T. W. 
Dlnklns and Charles E. Taylor. — This show 
will close its season at Detroit Saturday, 
Nor. 24. This Is one of the best shows play- 
ing the Empire circuit Mr. Taylor has sev- 
eral offers to take the management of shows. 
He will put on the aame burlesque and mu- 
sical numbers as used with the Baltimore 
Beauties, and will open with another show, 
us manager and producer, on Nov. 25. Sev- 
eral of the acts with tbe Baltimore Beauties 
are under bis personal management, and he 
will see that they are well taken care of. 

Mlle. TnrsoL, of Genaro and Theol, was 
compelled to undergo a serious surgical oper- 
ation for appendicitis, at the St Marks Hos- 
pital. New York, on Oct 4. She has left the 
rospital and Is recovering fast but will not 
attempt to resume work this season. She will 
go to her home In California. Thos. Genaro 
Tb producing the act with ao understudy, at 
tbe New York Hippodrome, and will salt for 
England on Nor. 28, to opes on the Moss & 
Stall tour. 

Notes proh Db Bdb Bros.' Ideal Min- 
strels. — We bave just finished our eighteenth 
week of this season, which has been a most 
prosperous one for our company. We have 
been playing to capacity houses all along, 
breaking several records, and S. R. 0. slims 
bave been a common occurrence for us. We 
tire cacrylug the strongest company we ever 
had, and pleasing the people at erery stand. 
Our new scenic first part "The Garden of 
Flowers," Is a sure applause winner, and is 
without doubt n magnificent stage setting. Tbe 
only change In our company has been In our 
vocal department where we have added the 
tenor soloist Wm. R. Fattle, who Is a valu- 
able addition, aod gives ua an ideal quintette. 
Our solo band la a feature, and Is unques- 
tionably one of the finest musical organiza- 
tions of Its kind now touring. We are booked 
solid for a long season, with a prosperous 
outlook ahead. Roster: De Rue Bros., sole 
owners and managers; Harry Frank, advance 
representative : ft. P. Burtls, programmer 
and Lithographer; Billy De Rue, Bobby De 
Rue, Sawln De Rue, Harry Frank, il. P. 
Burtls, William R. Fattle, Walter J. Hearn, 
Frank Graham, John J. Lane. Charlie Lampe, 
William Delano, Fred Hill, John Bar, George 
J. Adams, tbe Great Dunn, Leon Stanford, 
Henry Tyler, Raymond St Clair, Master 
John J. Lambert, Fred Lampe. Edward Ap- 
j>legate, Gilbert Orson, James Parkman, Wil- 
liam G. Jackson, Charles Archdale, John Lee, 
Paul Kennon and Bert Whitney. 

Harry Van Fosses, black face comedian, 
reports success this season with At G. 
Field's Minstrels 

Tom Mack, black face monologlst, played 
Mahanoy City and Sbamokln, Fa., week of 
Oct. 22-27. three daya in each place. Week 
of Oct. 20-Nov. 3, be appeared at the Lyric 
Theatre, Easton, Fa., with other good dates 
to follow. 

Rogers and Lavinb write: "After a five 
upeks' vacation, which we spent In a trip to 
Colorado, visiting relatives and friends, were 
greeted at Atlanta, Ga., by a large audience 
at our reappearance on Oct 22." 

Notes from the Grand Family Theatre of 
Fargo, X. Dak., Fargo Amusement Co., pro- 
prietors: Harry It. Moore, general manager. 
— ThlB Is the latest In the amusement world. 
This beautiful new S4&.000 playhouse Is to 
open December, 1006. with high class vaude- 
ville, new American and European moving 
pictures and Illustrated songs, with prices 
within the reach of all — 10, 20, 30 and SO 
cents, Tlie Grand Ib situated opposite the post 
office, and Is being built of brick, stone and 
iron, a strictly fireproof theatre, with seat- 
ing capacity of 1,000. The front and lobby will 
be a blaze of original lights, something new 
here in the electrical line. The stage will 
have all modern improrements, and will be 
large enough to play a circus on. Fargo 
people ore very proud of their new Family 
Theatre. The International Theatrical Co., 
of New York, will attend to the bookings. 

Jack Burkb disposed of his cafe at Bridge- 
port Conn., nnd has joined handa wltb his 
old partner, Steve Finn. They will present 
ti new act In vaudeville, consisting of sing- 
ing, dancing, boxing and bag punching. 

j. MoNrnouERY Crane, comedian and 
character changes. Informs us that he has 
added a Chinese specialty to his act and it 
Is being well received. He Is writing some 
new dialect songs that will be a feature. 

Tub Phila. vaudeville Artists* Asso- 
ciation was organized on Sunday, Oct 28, 
with a membership of forty-six vaudeville 
performers, living In the city of Philadel- 
phia and vicinity. The object of the asso- 
ciation Is sociability and the advancement 
of tbe vaudeville people. Any vaudeville 
performer Is eligible to membersblp. 

Stanley and Scanlon, who closed with 
(he Fay Foster Co., at Washington, D. C, 
week of Oct. 8, will play vaudeville dates 
during the rest of tbe season. They open 
Oct 28 on tbe Jackson circuit They are 
meeting with great success In a sketch, en- 
titled ,T Dld You See Gladys?" 

Tun HinsHitonNs havo twenty weeks wltb 
the Western Vaudeville Association, and 
opened at the Industrial Theatre, Molluc, 
111., week of Oct 22. They report that their 






-, and a universal demand for them. Their flavor w 
and aroma have never been equalled before, «*] 
nor offered in such perfect harmony. • 


10 for 15 cents 

S. ANARGYROS. Manufacturer, 111 Fifth Avenue, New York 

~~ Jos. Doyle and Mollie Geanoeb have con- 
cluded tours of the Wm. Morris, Western 
Vaudeville Association, Fulgora-Barnes, Lang 
& Hodklns clrcuitB, and while playing Paw- 
huska, Okla., were entertained by Miss 
flranger'B brother, at his ranch, near Paw- 
LuRka. . . 

Bbtant and Savillb have Introduced a 
new dnish to their act which, they say, 1b 
making a hit. It was one of tbe features at 
the Family Theatre, Elmlra. N. Y., last week. 

Tub La Tour Sisters report meeting wltb 
treat success la vaudeville, playing alt tbe 
best time, and are booked Bolldfor the season, 

Dollie Lb Gray, who was at the Bijou 
Theatre, Oshkosh, Wis., week of Oct 20, 
is la her twenty-eighth week on Jones- 
O'Brien Bijou circuit singing illustrated 

Sanford and Bebly hare Joined bands, 
after being separated for eight years, and 
will introduce a comedy black face act 
known as "Nan Itley'a Party." 

Fox and Du Ball write : "We have closed 
six successful weeks over the Majestic cir- 
cuit, and met wltb great success. We are 
booked Bolld by the Western vaudeville Mana- 
gers' Association until 1907.** 

Elliott and Xetp, who are still with 
Roble's Knickerbockers, report that they are 
making one of the big hits of the show, both 
In parts and their specialty. 

Sau J. Klein, for the past five years man- 
ager of Erbe's Casino, North Beach, N. Y., 
nud Ben Hobson are now In their sixth suc- 
cessful week, playing through Pennsylvania, 
with their own company, known as Klein A 
Hobson's Ideals. Al. Burke left week of Oct. 
8, to tin In bis vaudeville time. 

Roofiits and Ralston were week of Oct. 
20 at tbe Family Theatre, Hornellsvllle, N. 

Ring and Williams write : "After clos- 
ing a successful Summer season at tbe Audi- 
torium, Keansburg, N. J., we are working 
West to the coast We play Hannibal, Mo., 
next w?ek, wltb Jackson circuit to follow. 
Then Novelty circuit, opening Dec. 24, at 
the Novelty Theatre, Denver, Col. This Is 
our third time over this work, and we ex- 
pect to be as successful this trip as in the 

Campbell and Johnson, after finishing a 
month's cngngemeatat tbe Olympla, In Paris, 
ure at present playing at tbe Melltnl Thentre, 
Hanover, Germany, closing the show. They 
write that their act Is a big hit. 

The prettiest piano piece since "Nuxjmui." 


Bead the Opinions of Lead Ids' Critical 

"The most pleasing piece we bave received In 
years. H — Wm, Moeblua, Musical Director IiUoofe 

"Onlr a master, and be In bis happiest mood, 
could have written IL 1 '— Paul Schoesstlcg. Cello 
Soloist, Ale tropolltn n Orchestra, 

"A delightful number to play." — W, C. E. 
Seeboeck, Pianist. 

"Shows tbe unmistakable stamp of genius. High- 
ly musical, and truly charming in Its melody,"'— 
Htldlnx Anderson, Musical Director, La Salle 

For ttUby maile d ultra mrywhert. Poblljittl by 


Hake Up for profes- 
Bionais and amateurs, sent on 
_ application. 

DICK ft FPTZO EU ALU, 20 Ann St, New York. 


trated); Actress' Photos. Catalogue free on re- 

.y »*i"*> * vuaab wi\7.i Home/, Abuvao' a in_ a 1 .', vvui 

act Is meeting with great success at every celptof 5 cents (letter postage). 

performance. • A. DE HULLE, Villa Iris, 4 Rne de Sews, Paris. 

Spangles, ILOO Per Pound. 

Cotton Tlgbts, pair •■•*. 

wonted llgtiia, pair. i.w 

Plaited silk TlBlita, pair... 
Beat Silk TlBtm.l 
e lock cottoo topa, J 
Oall, TWgl and Hip Padding,. 
Bold and SUier Trlmrilnn- 
Bead Deposit with order. 
TO BOBTOH Ra?»JaiX» oc 
»n Waatlnalon St. Bourn, Maae. 


CllDCTITIITCC may be offered you to 









5s r omniEit;i0._ ... 


■ »; iVm 




. tUlll the grtateit ''JI«rf' long .over written, and W. have th. moil h.antlfal .11.1., over mad* for » «nng, Er.ry plctur. a work of »II. 11.1. long naa the. red Dp »vny "dairy, lluml», Janata, 
Jo.l«, and girl, bjrer.ry^ta.raam.. l.Him'i hat. t. tine the choral of <hla lor.g: y.ur audience aing. it for you. 


Saw (omti the Gnat Big Novelty Sem.mi.oii, by the same taoya who wrote "Sympathy," but a murli greater song.- flsili— fan yon kn p a itrrel. 

Did yoo ever flad o lUoniand (foliar* art tell a Mend oi yours on the Q. T., nml that friend of your* (old r« friend of hU. and tttat fri.-nJ of hU told a frUn.l of hi*, and thai friend was the 
fellow that lost the money ! Well, yon hcic sorry that yen told a friend of years. ft* Ad this chorus and *ve how It hit* home. 






. Refined, dainty novelty. Great dnot or aextetto nnnber, 

"How Could You?" 

Great aetnl high rlaia ballad. 



Pathetic child ballad, by the writer of ".Ion for the Ha Up; 
of Koelety." . 


I'D LOVE tohme YOU LOVE yi" 

P;t-iiy walta ion|. 


* roon ton.g Mm* If ■<ia.mi from lift tare, 


Orchestra Leaders send 95 cents In stamps for 
our latest medley march and two-step. 

Sand Lai. Program and Stamps, Profaaalonal Oopias to Raoosnixad Parformara, only. 



OHIO. .-•,'* 

Cincinnati.— Enough people aw. turned 
av.-av frntn Cincinnati p lajl i n a w lost a-oek 
to flit another theatre of good. size. L'nless. 
there .-nouiri he an unexpected drop, this 
reason of luort-'OT will mark tan top. notch 
of theatrical attendance In the 1 Queen. city 
of I he West. The musical outpojtrtoss.havo 
till hcea iintahle. ■ ■ "... • ' 

.Crand Oi'EKA llnirsn (Harry Ruloforlh h 
John H. Ilavllh, maaaecrs).— Wilton I.aeltajc 
3»vr. n, In his U* MUirablcn play, .'The 
FjtV and the Man," .under the. direction of 
W. A llradv, latst week Ijawrenro D'Orsay 
land*- nn emphatically favorable • lialll IWIMM 
■in Augustus Tboma« '-The .Embassy Ball. 
lt"was bls'llrsl Cincinnati appearance, and 
the culture of the city took. him at once into 
the place reserved for favorite*. Hlo. euc- 
oesa was Immediate, and he voiced his thanks 
tor hia enthusiastic Rreetlng In a little iKlnre- 
Hia-curtaln -talk that was a s«-jn. Ilnrty 
Howard, Alnrloa Barney and I-'orrestllehijisoj 
wore- strong In support. Iluainess was" Im- 
mense. •■The Proa Lance" i 2-17: . ■ . - 

:robinso.\'s tarant Horse.' (GoorRC ,.l-. 
Fish. * Luclla Forepaugh Plsb,'.tonnai;ets|. 
— ,f Mra. Kline's ricfcnse," Henry Arthur 
Jones' play. In which Margaret Anglin was 
xn-ailceeasfnl, hns been chosen, for interpre- 
tation hy lb. 1'orcpouch Stork; Co. I-IO. 
Ijiat week the crowds . that snw "Old Heldcl- 
h.rg'' were ao great that the capacity of 
the Jinuse was tested at every performance-, 
nnjf people, were t.nrned away "In droves. 
The udvance'sale was the greatest In .tho 
Itlslorv .of the house, .under . Its present 
plie-nomennllr svii'iesstul manattMacnt. Hit' 
scboll Mnvnlra Ptlncc. Karl ,woft:mauly and 
wJlolo'aonled, waBalrta KntHjfDJ Ida Adslr 
Krlpped. the hearts of thdse fllio '.heard with 
symlinthy. "The week' will rant-as .one, of 
the raoat rintablfi-of the seasop. Tnoer J. 
Alhort Schehl the Mozart Cliih.sang the col- 
lego tiongswlth vim. Nelson nWllllla, Harry 
h'eowlct. . liouert Kly and Waller Gilbert 
all: save valued nld In a . delightful Ijijer- 
pretafion. ' "Zazn" lr. . ..- _ _J_. 

ESc (Henck Opera House Co.& Lee 8bu- 
hort, directors).— Eddie Koy eomea .12,' to 
open the new. house, in "The. Earl and the 
-Cfirl." The SnlRlitng touches are bnlng-pnt 
oji.-wllh all possible haste, and nit will t« in 
readiness for the dedication of • the. second 
netv tlienlro itlveu to clnelnuatlats this year. 

. CoiuaalA (It C. Anderson & Heory : M. 
Zlevrler, uianaeers).-— Til'! Zlngnrn. Troupe. In 
"(Jjlttv Life;" the Klebl Vassnr Girls, Jessl* 
Oree. Coram. Illncbrfs. nags -mil inoukhys, 
Swpr Drothers. Ihc Mimic Kqov, and Jtw.ijnr- 
telfe Brothers ac due 4. Anna- Lrd Fay wna 
Ul-herselt a rani Hint tlic. liotise. all 
WiCweek. i T'lui White MahntmaTs RMMk« 
.'.amliforof mrsleiy. anil.wlll remain iinoHii-r 
we*k: ■ N'ed Wajburti's novelty. .'The 1- utiirBy 
Wlauer"' made, a- Mi, and L|n» PoalWi e 
cjarltig was apploudrd. .■ ■ . • ■• ±31 1 . 

.".wiiSii'T siai.rT iM.C. Anderson & rianry 
MpegW, ronnaucrai.— W.-F. pnllen Intto. 
•"flic Tewiorfooli'. 4.10, .with Oscar 

Blgmaii as Ihe.adar. -The sojoiira last week 
orVfeorite Sidney. In "Biiay lKf:.«--Y«»i5 ■. 
wa« Hioth tJMIlJll and; profltabla The _a_udl- 
.•acen \ 


UtfXVX Olein'ri. Slflir A; r'^nnewy, mana- 
piswV.— Al. W. MHrlln's rpvivnl of '.Tnolrt 
'rtun's Ciihln" b^jsinft -I. The frDpnx^ioonL of 
ihr- raolodi-nma, "Uosj lloitri.* Ar*v llcokrn." d»o<i pro^ic rous. Itu^oli llrothcrs 1 1- 

ST.\ (Ch.trlcs n. Arnold. maDQRCr). 
— llvde's Blue RlblKm Olrls are due 4. Last 
wwlc 1 Hvdo'fi Show nnd 1'rsuk D. 'nryan'ri 
Aiarricah Olrls made a Wb hit, and business 
iKrora-Ml despite the riosinj; dnjs of ihtt Coa- 

' jri-epslonal rarnnaipn. Urner fc ituuli'^ i'a.- 
rlninn Widows 11-17. 

■ Pwvi'Lt;'*. (Heiihert Umiet, manncor). — 
IJeiKr & Wood's Sbow comes 4- 10. Tvlth Pat 
lUlllj'. The Bohemian ttirls nml .Tiw Cans 
ji:iTjraod the bouse to the doors all last week. 

. Cherxv Itfowoms; 11. 

t.nHsit* np ntn Ijorby. — Jp«sc Stavmatj. 
of rhf Miisien! SteTrnrts, nnd linma iltnufh- 
t.rd, a choniP jjlrl, v.'ere mnrriod bj Sq»lrc 

J^innUifi Oei. JJO llelea Merci Schuster, 

u't'H known In lowil TheaptflB i-|r.lfn, heenmc 
the bride of William Martin Oct. 3f». .:..-. 
Carroll Jolinaon, tb<- minstrel, nt t hi* «>lym- 
uk tast week, enoyed a week with old frlondB, 

David ladwln, of the Foropaugh Stock. 

[fioyerl tonai-d the ffonr ihnugh au. ahlo 
•.hiirarterlzailon of Poeior .luttaer. tin* tutor. 
. . m< . .Kdwiu W. Oinver haw founded the 
Iratkal Art Society, composed wholly of pro-- 
ft-gtilonal*. and It in nrorinff the ('horns nov-- 
pltv* neiisailon of the »eflnoc. Three con- 
ce«R Hf to ho plvon at the Auditorium, the 

first on l»ec. 13 J.rftt.lR SchuoM, planlfit, 

imro a reclinl at confiervn tory Hail a'ov. 1. 
ilelltra Silvio Is to give :a rMtnl at tht- 

^Oiieon Into Ui November.. 
■ j « 
Cleveland.— At the Grand Opera f Harry 
D.iKllni'.<rnnaRer) JMntym and IMinj In 
'■ThP Ham, Trte.t' .-week or Nov.- fl..' -.'Forty- 
five Minutes irnm Broadway" liptt n jrreat run 
103t week. ."Mnntaud Superman" week nf 1'/. 
Coi-o.n'al tUro* & Campion,- managers 1 .— 
"The Prlnep Chap" week, of 0. Uenrj- K. 
Ducot. in "The Man na the Bo*," had splen- 
did . houiff* .Inst week. ■ We«k of* 12, •'The 
Stulcn Story." . ' * ** . *• J - 

■ Lyceum' (CJeo. M. Todd, manager}. — "Bed- 
fordTs Hope" week of . r >. , K«»llar had line 
liousea last -wet-'k. Week of 12, ■ Katherlne 
Osterman..- ■ rr . „ ^..' 

C'LF.VEr.iNP fflco. M. ToiW. mannger).— 

. "The Cnr* of Drink" week, of B. *pm Ey^ 
Witness" had good ryplpts Inst w*»ek. "Hinv 
Baxter Butted. in" IMC . 

KprTH'K (H. A. JMtiiel-v mnnnK"T>.-r-I.Ill 
Wff'k.of 5 Includes: Mr. nad Mrs. (iardner 
t'nuii\"JuIlaii .Itohc. Emrtlre Couicdj- Four. 
(.'rant and Iloag. nerzae> OlrciiK, Mr. and 
lIlV. Joseph Adelmnnn.. tbi- OelhK. -Kllnorv 
SistLr?. Oooper and RoMnson, amt George 

. ; : tivHK fc-iH. reVkhnm,' manager).— Bill 

, week of l-.-ihelnde-.: Lw I»omin>i Itoiig*'. 

liorskv. Borjrere amt eimipuajvlhrr Wchmldi, 

Birrnato add. War, and other*.-; ■ ■-, ■ 

' War (l>rew. & Campbell; managTB). — 

'Tom Mloer'ti BoUeralann nidJne «mih will 

■ draw bis Uonses week of B "A fwfllT 

had good hpuionlnst week.' Rffflp ft' Wood (« 

* ' EMPiae '(Cbris. W. Dewfoger, 'manager). 
— Tl»e Jersey Lilies nxtiarafrahia Co. week 
nf 5. Ffed. IrWln'? Co. hnd- good rcrelpt>j 

-last week.Ilose Hill Eugllsh Folly Co. 1*J*17. 

Htfiit Sti'.^kt (('hns. W. Ilarnor.*eri. 
— "Srvrotfc (,f ihi' Polh-"" and "Aeronf. tin; 
I'm-lik" iilvlil-d Ihe past w.-efc. f- oxifllrm 
luislntffis. Miissfll Bros., lit "The (Jrcat Jewel 
Mvslrrv." 5-7; Lillian Mo,*tlm^r, In "No 
Mother to (laid* Her." s-io. 

Notes. — t.eflnenrn!lo and his ordieslrii, 
under ih«* auspice* of tho Cnliimhm Sym- 
phonv Orehesirn. entertained a jiooil erowd 

ai Jlomorlal Hall Orr. .10 The Jnngl* 

Imps, a prominent local ami welal club. 
will give their annual minstrel sbow nt tho 

Great Southern Nor. 21. 22 Bonnie Hale. 

a member of the chorus of "Tb« filnger- 
hread Man." U HI ai. the Grand Ilnsphnl 
hero with ppi-!tniili!ji. She l» being cared 
for by tho local branch of tb*» Actors* Cliurnh 

Alliance <». 1'. liiegi'l has remodeled the 

Auditorium, nnd has opened It a» n -•<katlag > 
rlnc with the lnrg*»hi. s!»nllns surface In the 

HflK|er)i>, iln> '.!-..■.-, Jut, Fulton •■'■I <i»rt 
rude Wii-tni. wlili IHw-lniled map* :tiid wn 
tlon {)l.-i ur>'s. liara] bntliK>M l;t.i* wveL. 

.'■vces were' big. Carrie Weber,. as Broncho 

>>JL nroa-ed ■ a valued aIdo ; to- the star*. 

■h" Word 11-17. ". ■ ■ ; ■ 

Oeorgo-F. Oolden- comes 4, an4 with i hun. 
MDtrV'Dog. Monkey apd Pony Hfaow Vlnnlo 
Daly. .Prlraro^e',. Ulght liluglUh DaoclDg 
*Tlrh«. liaves ami neafey. In "Tbe Clerk nnd 
(hn Bell Boy:" Kelly and Rena. and Una 
Luhv. "Tbe Hextoa'i. l>ream." Paul Clnaue- 
«•» MaiiJ Rockwell and Ceor«o h. For- 
ie«cue. In "Mv Sis Uttle Wlvea," 'wert 
among the cards who parked tho ho»!»e an 
* HrrcK's Oppba IIotse (Kfuck-Fenncsay 

&• 8talr, monag?rB>.— A. II.- Woods prjiftits B*7"J77r{(d : --br- sloclric ''Vanulta,*' one of 
■Secreta o( &$&?. *l\,iX r a ^i, ■ ">«'r wmpoalttona whfch- "orrt "a big bit. 
• hi^cr'o-w^all^t «& "I'MWS F« -«k of 0, 'Brown of Harvard." 

Columlms— Ai the tlreat Souther* HI m. 
Sanders, innnager) "The (ilDgcrbreafi Man" 
.inter talned. fairly good bnuse* Orl. 2D. ,J«. 
"The Prince of Pllsen" pPttm a gooil bouse 
311 Kirn Kifodall drew fairly M Nov. 1 
Wilton lJ\(kaye, In "The Law and the. Man." 
pleased Rood houses **- 
lcs**' ."», «. "Bin Vfln 

3. "Caplaln Care 

■ pleased good houses «, 

■cslt ,, ."», «. "Bin vnn nlnbiR .... 
SriuiiMiT {F. O. Mlllfh manogerl.— Tha 

second \yeek of vaudeville pro"Vrd a flnanclnl 
nueceRfl. drawing good hoHseB. \ mule Paly 
lionoreii two local compound, Ned Reese and 

ii__ 9l.a»V..kv atnninn " Vd/lll It a '* nfaC flf 

>nniiKntoM«.- -At the Park Thenlre (M. 
V, (■|*aK'*nlielm» i r. manng«*r> John llenshnw 
nnd- company, in "Capialn r-irelenrt." dii*w 
well Ocl. 20. Majestic Vnii*t'*vllle i'.n. 
>j*ih>i1 satisfaction Nov. t-!i. Moving pl'ture-i 
4. "Tim Virginian" 8. "Tbe Stolen Story" ''• 

Gbanp (.Toe Si-hagrin. manager). — Week of 
Orl. 2ft the Chicago Stock Co. drew well and 
highly pleased. W. II. Crane nnd Mills Jrf- 
fr.'vs. in "She Stoopn to C<iii'|iier," :i", highly 
witiHiiwl n good sired tmiP'M**. "l-ncle Josli 
Spruceby" Nov. .". "Too Proud to lleg"' iL . 
Llherty moving pictures 7. H, "Thn laM '»f 
Splue" 10. Melntyre nnd Heath 12. Ireny 
Myers Co, 1.1-17. 

NmT-s. — Charles Bo-.-.knm, manager of -Hie 
Chicago Stock Co, eiitcr|uine*l the niemltirs 
of his <*ompany with n hanqu.t aL the Savoy 
flntel, Svinduy uight, . u i 28, the occa»l')0 
hi-lng the thfrty-foi.rtli anniversary of Ms 

l.lrlli. The •Wfulng vim ly **nJoyw! 

May Ten Biaeek, during her eiigagement here, 
In' "Captain Cnrelens," became amlcied with 
niiiflcnlar displacement, nnd It was feared 
Mic could not appenr, hut fortunately Mana- 
Ki-rCuggepUelm huggested n treiitment with 
"Boneserter" IteaKe. of this cily. which treat- 
ment wns a sueceKR, nnd Mna T'eu Broeek 
appeared In her rnh- aa usual. 

. . ,. ... — ..« 

Akron.— At the Colonial fl-ly S, Hill, 
ratt.i 1 !{er) ■ "The Sonaw Mnn" had a lil« 
huiiae Oct. 3D. .lolin K, HeashRW. In "Capt. 
< , ar*V'l("<'. 1 " made n dellnhtful Impress Ion 31. 
Bllery's llnnd i'nno Nor. li. 'Too. Proud, -o 
Beg*-' r>, fierirv V. TUxey. In "Tho Man on 
tiie Box." ft : Mme. Schumf-nn-Ileliik 7. "Thn 
Vlrglnlito" ft, "Kud'dpb and Adniph" -10. 
Vaugha'ri fHaaer mid company 12. "The 
Morning After" 13, "Ah 1> Mow" 14, "Tim 
BU»v Boy*/ 'If.. .'. " 

Pxiouh /Achille T'liillnn. mnnaBer).— The 
Higb l-'lyerahad good bouses last week. The 
BurMj-h Cash stock Co., formerly I In* Arl- 
ington Stock Co. will open fl, for a P>«r 
n-eek's engagjemeut. ' 

Note— Ground Is being broken for lha 
erecllon of a new thenlrc on tho a|ie of (he 
Oratid Opera House; which' was destroyed 
I'vAre a iw ni-o. ' If will be known as tho 
SVw (Jrand. and will- be mnnaKM hy T/ K. 
All)3iigh. ■ •. ", 


Canton. ~.v ; tir- t'.nwiA . Opera .House 
(Fred H. f.ove, resident manager i Crane and. 
Jeffrey!* came Oct. 20. to tine audleDt-is. 
Rzra Kendall, iu "Swell Uh'gnnt .rones." 
TA had a fair ho'iH". "Thi' Squaw Man." 
31. came to-good i>atr->nage. Frnnklleaialsli. 
In "A Straniter In Toirii.'***!fc*T. 1, Dad fnir 
reiurne, while John R. Ifphshaft*.' Ih ""Copt. 
Careless." had gooil prosirects far 3. "Vero- 
liiqne" (I, "The Blue Moon" 7. Peter F. IJflBy 
S. "The Ir.Ie of Spire" ft. Majestic Vaudeville 
12. 13. Hilda Spong 14, "The Morning After" 
lfi. "IVhcn Knighthood Wan In "-Tower" in, 
Da^ld Coraon" 17. 

rr-Tot* (PoUs 4 Thomas, manage!**). — 
For o and week : Jacques Bros., Leonard and 

Tol*r*dn.--At, the Viiloiiilne TUfnlrn (Olio 
K II vert, innnflgi'rt for Aov. t mid week ihi< 
lilll tnclmies : Cliff Iterzar, J. K. .Murray run I 
Clara Lane, Mr. uud iirs. Murk Miit|»h.v. Wil 
He Xlminennan, AH', t'rant nnd IHIi'M llnau, 
Slajestlc Munlcal Four. I'lizgemhl and Olldii.v. 
Werdon nnd 'ilHddlnh. Week of Orl. 2H was 
u good one, nnd hustnesn wan large 
. i,vn'.i TnuATttl. (B. ii. Kelsey. mnna- 
geri.— "The Mummy nnd the Humming Bird" 
2r.-27, "lil't Last Hollar," 2*31, were 
gpnd nlinirtlotis. nnd recelve-J jmlirni 
agr. "The. One Woman" coines 1-3, "A Mes- 
saut* from Mars" -1 nnd we.*k. 

KMriiu: Ttn:trHK IAJjb Slin|>iro. mnnngfri. 
-HBosc Hill's Mngllsb Folly t.'o. Orl. 'JW mid 
week. TIic Nigh I owU Nov. i and week. 

.Aur.MrK .TiiKATiti! (H. II. fwirnkln,.innnn 
ptjri. — "Fiinliiiiii" 28-1(0. The siiwk coinpuny 
opens Nov, ::, In "Wtn-n Wo Wore Twenty- 

,'IJrnT's 'Piie-itbi: (.loo pentlsilne, inann- 
g*er).- -"Across I In* Ph<'11Ic" Ocl, 2r»-27, and 
**A Cro-fu of Thorns," 28-31, had eapmlty 
housea. "Too I'roud tn rit'g'* Nov. 1-3. How 
ord Hall, la "The Mllllonorro ricteollvo," 4-7. 

■Dayton. — At the Niillonnl Theatre (0111 
Burrows, mnmiRer) *'A.-n'ss the I'mHIJi" 
played, Oct 2ft:M. lo K«od reinnm "He.n'ia 

of ■'ilia I'ollfe," Nov. L-V. dhl very hlj 
Wptlier to (Julih *' 
Drft^'ctlve" 8-l|). 

ilpther to Uiildc Her" T.-7, "The iH.llrtnalre 


Vii'xoitiA (Claude Miller, mnnpger). — 'Tho 
Prince of Pllsen/' Oei. 20. luid biiNlnoss-. 
"■'Way Down l-Jasi." 30, did fairly wHJ. 
•'The tjlngfrlirend Man." Nov. 2. Imd an nd- 
■vance sale that was very large. . John lien- 
ahttw, lii "Captain OwHena," 7. 

Nbw iJiland (Dick Trncy, manager). — Hill 
week of A: Sinpletnn nnd Chaney, llcrilan 
juiiI Mackln, John and Mnnole Conroy, Lula 
Thlea and Crnntloseope, 
•■ ■' 

ZancMTllle. -At. Hie WelOr Tbealre I J, 
G. Knglnnd. mannger' Paul fillmore, 'afier- 
noon and night, Ocl. 27. had uond houses. 
"The Mayor u Tokln," 2d, did tulr hiislness. 
Mlidrea llolhinfl, 2ri, had n large Hiidieucc 
Adelaide 'TliiirMlnn, 'l'i, crtmo to fair l>ii:.|- 
liess. The Jreno Mv-tk Nlis-k Co, for wei'k of 
i'lt, "When KnlghllioiKl Win* hi Flower" Nm 1 , 
0, "Verojilqite" 7, .fohn ■ R Hr-risliiiw S, the 
Ji'lfi*rsona 0. 

• '• 


I.os Anftelea. — At Hi" Mason Opera llon'in 
(If. C. Wyait, moniiKt-ri "Clu ckers" iilnyecl 
iD.good'hiislliess week eliding Oct. 27. "Tin- 
Mnld nnd f h** *.f'iinmy" 21>-';l, mid "Arlximn" 
Nov. J- 3. 

JlELAttro Tiikatiii: (.Tobn If. Hlaekwood, 
msuagcr).- : -"Mli.ti , ehr*-Neil," presented by iho 
stock coinpanv, drew well wort swing Oct. 

27. ."Brothor Ofllcers" p and a-eeL. with 
"TIic Prisoner of Zenrta" for Nov.. ft nurt tveek. 

Monofiio'H Btmn.\.sK (Ollvei- Morosvo. inan- 
aKCI'i.---^'h' , Burniiwk Stock On. prenentMl 
"Lady Wlndormere's Fau" lo jtood i>uslnen«. 
Jan) week. A revival of "If I Wen* King." by 
th*i mock company, 20 and week. . wlili "The 
Thr<-*> Miwkflicom for Nov. I nnd wi-ck. 

'ttiANi* OrmtA llnusi: (Clfirence nrowo. 
minagi; - *. — "Sorrels nf the Police," hy tli'r 
I'Irhh Sln-.4t C«».. dfi-w well v**ok eiidlnu 

28. "the Burglar V l>nugliter.".h>* llio sl/irk 
company, 2ft ind weel;. For Not, I and week, 
"CMnatnivn diarlle." 

OnriiKiM TiicATar. fMftrlln Beck, grnernl 
man«i*fr). — Keaiiires Oct.. W . and week : . 
Joule McCree, ta/*TJrt Itone Fiend:" Water- 
hnr*. Bro«. nnd Tennny, Breslnn. Fred W«l* 
hor'and Morrlscy SlHti-rs, Four Hardr., Willi" 
I**kste|n; Jam-w Tho-rnlon, and Orphctiro rao- 
l.on pictures. 

Unioit (Hentz k Znllce, proprletore).— 

1-Yiiiur.M 2.) nnd WH*k: Lviu*, nml Cullum, 
dnirhiK nml dan.tiicr: Ali'in Q lu-tte, lilnr>- 
lial.-'d '.mm-. ; 'Vi'inrmv nml Ji'iuntfe, uov- 
.-1I.V JiiKKlcrAUjivi- M.i'rils. Hie l.'nbpie Plny- 
i-ns. iirc-eiiilrig:' Tla« Vlniiiint; After," nnd 

Ihti ill kis.^ Tiu:..Tiii; ••'. F. Uamllloii. 
m.iimgi'ri.— r'Thi' I "riizv Id'-ii," which proved 
n poimiiir orTei-ltiK .\,<-p|< ii.illiig CM. 2m, nm 
held over fur nii.ither woi-k. ls>|tli)iilng 211. 

Fiarni.i. 1 .. ia\. K. FIhiIu'c. inaiiugert. — 
New ucU In (lie I'liildeville olio, new motion 
pli'iures. iiud FUt'herVi All Star Comedy 
Cnmimuy,' |iVe-'.e|ltll|f; '"yhe Trouper:., " for 
20 nml wiek. Thn iifivt ■'Hpnln>> I (own 
hrdli't I.i renenlfd hy <uicVliil rei|iiest, 

i:ui'iiit^ Ttir.i-Kti t Billy Banlts, renldeur, 
nmimL'fci.- -I'l'illiU'cs 2U nnd week : Lawrence 
nnd Shci-Idim. In "lllm-k and VVlille:" llnppy 
Juc Hngg.'i*iv, riuiolnulwi : l,ooinird and 
Inrakt*, Hiii'ki' oti'i vrluat, auituuoliiie vM\- -. 
Artluir Thnnomi; A). Fratihs, 'IINMiflNl 
so nm : the Kijiphv -Sineh t'oiitpjinv, iireseni- 
ini* "Thf TimhWcsOiiii- Peddler," mid tin- 

-•lnemiit'"i*riirili: , 

. pM«*i.r.'s 'Tioia'-iik ■ (K. A. ItosOoe. mano- 
-riM-l." - Moili't* ' week beginning 28, IHctlNI'dH 
& I'l'lngln'.H i'aiiioiis Ociiruln .MhtKlit'lM. 

NffTRN. — Hurry .Olnzlcr Is n welcome nddl 
lion lo i hi ltfliir.*o 'Tlii'uh'* fnrees, opening 
Oei. 2H nn Tlnhott IlitlUin, in "Brother tub 

cei-H." Hilly •Afllri'gti.ii, the nld-ilme mhi- 

Micl, hnx I. >u-[ii j.i*f»|ietry, iimljiecoine a resi 
di'iil of 1^-s • .\ngcl''r-. Ih* appmired, lo ;ll|i-- 
ndviiutnge ui -Hliri|iH»n Aiidlturlum '2d. 27, 
hi n iH'iielll Pir Mht Lor. Aiik.'|.>« 1'ulli" Itelli'i 
Asuoilntlop. . .". ,,J. C, N'ldhrui. chl"f djpOt- 
keeper ul ;lie MliMitn. ('ui-ni llmr-t'. !*• awuy 

on nli minuti)' vncntlnn The .I'lvniie*.- 

;.n|e i.r mcdis for Hie LHrnbnrill 0|s>rn i.v>. 
season at Hie- AiHlltoi-lnni, iinulunlng Nov. S, 
Ih niiwrreii a's' very Iticge. The Auditorium 
!.. !/»*. AMrHeV ncwo'it nml li.rgest itmlr*. 

and in n illo'luW .Uidlllou m our |ilncn •■•' 
aiutisetm-nl. ' Thn- sf'.ailii|[ cnpiieity is ntftiM 
10 he Mi .-■'■■ Ujnii'. mil, -iijiI thf pluce tn Iwiie 
llfuilv llnished :md fiiinlrthed. Spnrks M 
Herrj, fornn'rly *">i l^en ntmfwv* Hinff, b 
iniinnfjer. * ■ - . 

. i ■ . ■ ' ■' •' " ■ ' *** * * * 

Oultlimil,— At the Marrl'ni'nigh (Clins. P 
Hall, innn«K<-ri "I'lit* Mnld nrtd liie Mummy' 
drew eaccHcni out-lness Oil. 21-21. -"Arl- 
zona" piickMl ilie.lnoise «*4t-2ft, 'Peggy from 
i'dils" 211-31. J^tilH .la in'*, in "The Merri 
Wln-sof Windsor" Nor. 1-3." 

Linr.iiTV ( H- W.. Illsliop, mimngeri.— 
BlshopV I'oijiniiin- iff l'Jityf*rii drew well week 
Midlllg tki, 2*.In."Mme. Sai^-tlcne." "Tin- 
IThKre of LIioh". li'.J-Nftv. 4. "'Hie Admiral)!'- 
rrlcliion" uudevlloMl. 

iiioiiA 1'Aiiic III. W. HI>nI)o.i. malinger).— 
The Mnn Opera Co., in "lol'inthi-." drew 
■>ji* k'-rl hnll"l-s -ivi'ek ending Oct. 28. "Thi- 

Tnr nnd the" '"i-Nov. t. "lion Cmar 
l»e Ilii/Jin" ncit,, - "• 

Bam. (I'd. Homnu; iuniing>-rj. — Al-lmcnons 
Nov. .*> iiHdweek: The* llcrrv Tmiipe. aero- 
hot*., the 'f'HlK, 111 eOincdy: O'N'ell. Itunsf'll 
it ml Carter ttlio IrapiuUi Trim. In '■Wanted. 
A Wife ;" Cartpf'TliornliHI nnd company, 

ipnny, pre 
:ntlug the miiflcil rorrmiy, "MllplinV Jus 
tice," nml Hie blogrnph. Iiuslnes- '■ 

last wp* 1 !: 
tvni to S. It. o. 

Novri.Tr (Toa.v Liihpl.*kl, moiinger).- 

— inn 

Koltlus .I'nl Kliflon, liiiD.kdsli: Lew Pair.. 
nniunlogli.1 : Tlnmaiirr-.'.Iai'iHii'M- Ttuape ai 
iicrolmis nnd Jugglers; Kulnion and i'h»'Sh*r. 
< haute pi-rfof ije rs. .and Ihc liiieni ■ Novliy 
liiolhiit |il'*Mirea7l|c;iiry hllMim-li Inst week 

-• a t ■ » <! > 

■ . -".VKHMftrVT. . 

Hiirllnicton. - A) Iho Strong Tliealr" 
(Calm A (Iraiit. (naiiaKers* Nance Nell in 
"Tho Sorcerers." Oct. m did well. "When 
the Horvpkt Days Are Over," SI. PWUR4. 
"A Message frowMnrri." Nov. 1, was well re. 
reived. r -r>arlil +Iamm" r.. "A Runaway 
Mnlch" II. "The Collego Widow ' 10, "The 
Utugerbread Man" 20, 

.- ; ; ■■■.+ ■- 









r»ok ot» .olr.H -c'oir'BnsroMDEm. 


. WMlM-BllHK-no 

of tke ,*«* J™*S JgBWi 

A.Mtind Block, Chicago. 

br five, important ofHililBg* at 

ihu ilotrti (own theatres next week. . 
_ Hud. who .will nmjhir at uio llltnuln Tlick- 
...„.,,.„ vf-ivrunctj in idiu> ,n In "Tho Parisian Moilel :" "Tint Embull 

BMUitDAX, JfOVEllBEB 10, 1B0.C n,n- tomci tjv powers', "Tlio Son-in-law'' 

- trill Im- tbo attritrtliilV.aft Ihlt NrW rholtM. 
"Thf n«Btffi DlmglllM" trill lie ruvltcii 
!iv tli-! Clilcaio Dramatic Co.. lit Iba till- 
i-ag*> upora Ilottfit ; ' "On Parole" 1,111 open 

(U ,thtt HtttOcljpNnr Tlmalrc. Tlie holOov«rl 
Arc: Klcuqril MaiMlMd, In "JVer oynt/; nt 
tbo (Irani- Opera Iltnilc! "Little JoUnay 
Junes," at McVlcRor'il - Tltcatnt ; "OeotKO 
Wmlilnjton Jr.," »t the Colonial r t)o Wilt 
Homier, lu "HnptiTlanil." nt Hie -Oarrlck, 
odd -Tlit Time, Euo Mace nnd the Olrl, - ' 
Btttlle La Sriui>. ' 

lUINoin Tneatm. (Will J. I.nivK minis. 
•jer).— Anna Held will nupear Tor a limited 
aUWim at, In llnrrj- b. Hntitli'a :"Ih» 
IMi-lslau Moilei." M!s» Held *lll be assisted 
liy-OliarleH lllgolow. Tiniv Simmies. Henry 
Looiil, Kuittin .Motile lluker, Etnel Ullmoor, 
Madeline Hummers. Allele Carion. Edward 
Dure ml ami n tmmbur of oilier,. "Tbo 
rtogero HvulliPM in Irelayd" closed n very 
ptiMetafdl eiiftniteinerit here Hntiuds,, N0.Y4. 
■ l'uwi:aii' Tilltt'lltlt (Hurry J. l'owem, man- 
aal'rl. — Lnv;rehee D'Ufmiy will oiien mi en- 


adfirUietcents— 12.50 pot Inch, single col- 

Adfortlsemenri let wltb bordor, 10 per 
cent oilra. 


One year. In idtucc, M : ■" nonUit, *S '. 
Ibrw months, 4l. foreign postage eitra. 
Single copies will lie Soat, pMtpaid, on ro- 
cclpt of ID c*n t«- 

Onr Tern* are Ca.ti. 

THE CMPi'EH Is tssusd etef} Wedaesaay 

luornlnc. Tbo hat tour ( idre(tM.Bkl pagaa 

no to PRESS on, Saturday at 11 n. a., and 

the otbor p.-i.-cs mi Mux DA V and TOESDAT. 

The Forro.Clo.lng l»ron,r.tly, T»e.- 

dity, »t m o'clock A. M. 

1'Jeaso remit by cxpresa, money order, cheek, 

I». O. oriler or registered letter. -All caab en- 

closed with letter U at the risk of sender. 

Addrca. All Communion Hon. <o 

Tills WKW vtitm < Lirrrcu. 

- 47 West 28tb Street, New York. 

JCedl'lercil tmlile Adtlress, "Auxaotif tV" 

irsRPliienL here .\lnnilay, A,' In "The Klubfltxy 
Ball.". Clni-it ; Hlnwlitood, In "tlie Truth,'' 
•-maul n rortiilgbt'H vmjii^euu-llt Iihi-0 4.: -• 

'(JAitiiiciv JMuiATiti; (lli-ruert c, Dune. man. 
itKerJ. — lie -Wolf numer, '. In ' "HBpuyliiinl;" 
will -rcjnqliu for olle more week. "The Head 
lo-Yeittrrdiiy" fullowK. ■ **: ' .. ':■'■■ 

..CdLoyut. . TUiaTHi-: (Rcoige W. Led'-ror, 
niunilHerJ.r-WUh rnpacltyv.bustni'srt, cOhtl^b- 
Iriit nigllt aitir titubt .the current, enr 

^edlalercd <JnBl« Adtlress, " juinoaiu. ItiK niallt afttr utiibt .the current, eninigk. 

. »«mmwmma« niiBbAii ii(etit-|j( -Qeot^e M. Cohan, In ('George woah. 

THE WESTERN BUREAU l,i,t„„ .Jr.," enters utmn Its elgutb.wtek 

i Tira ri.ippm In located at Room 604, HMitay, 4 : 

of Thb Ci.ipi'kb la located at noom B04 
Adilaml Block, ilhlcano, wlnre ■tfertlle- 
inenti and aubacrlptions are rccelred nt out 
regular rates. 


Located at 4S C'raahourno St., London, W. C, 
John H. Carney, munuger and correspondent, 
where advertisements uud bubscrlptloni arc 
rueclycd at our regular rates. 

Thb CLirPEB can bb obtaikbi>, wnoLav 
S.M.B Ann, bbtaii., at our agents, Breutano'a 
nows depot 87 Avenue do 1'Opera, Paris, 
Vranee; M. Llllentbal, Frederick Strnsse 
101 (Tormlutia Hotel), Uorllu, N. W., Ger- 
many: Diamond Newu Co.. 97 Prado, Ha- 
vana : Manila Book and Btnthipory Co., 128 
Kacnlla, Manila, P. I. : Albcrl & Sou, 1117- 
188 King St., Sydney, Australia. 

THE IIIIW lOUK t IIIM'Ult poMliliea 
only one edition, una (ball Is dated 
rrum Neve York. 

qUEttl l^H iNSV VEKKD, 

Na Hoplluti hy Wfitl or Tvleatupk, 


laUnWI Post OFriCE. All lbtxid3 will 


bl Mi.iL, OH ii:i.L:o»irn. 


VT. B.. ficRttlf. — Wu ltiivc no knowledge 

o£ tlio m-csent wlicttf.-iboi)lH uf tlie , party, 

A{Wri.'Hs a kll""- lu wur riin; imd wo will 

liilTertlne 11 lu Tni: rLimsn It* tier list. 

A RE.u»En, Xnnbrllk* ■ 

Mbh. g. »., Minot, 

,1. V. », t Uocbwtcr, .. , 

Mpb. C. S„ Cli.cKso, 

R M H J'-iiroidi. liliU . ■ ■ 

R W., Alirou.— Sim) anHWPr to W. S.. above. 

Jt. C. D- Victor.— Ai1iln.'83 the Cws«i>nt 
^ubllsUlnfi Co,. .H'i West.Tlilrty-sevoiith 
Street. Xw yorfc City.. ■ , 
■II. F. II., Juulaia.-J.euci- Is utlll ls.tliU 
ofllce. ,.._-._.'." ... r 

L. TV, V. .Co,, East 1'ltUburg.— If* litive 
no menus of knotting, .... 

(j; 8.. nrooklyn.— ^!uko npuUqutiou (it nuv 
of the locnl cotitlmioiiK lioimea tor tlie privi- 
lege 0/ glvlntr a Irlnl nttfonnaucv. 

II. J.H.. HrliI«i.'ui>tf.--Ad<Uertu tlie Actors' 
Sot-lety, 114 W'ubI Voirltth Btr'eel, New Xork 

R. IC. B., New BedTord.*— The rompnoy Is 
etlll on tbc rood. A letter smt in our enna 
will bo lorvvoi'tlcil. 

\l. U 11., New YotK. — It Is usunlly mode 
from red paint. „ _ 

H. T.. \Vtst lloboltcii. — Bw answer to G. S. 

T. J. W-i TnuDlon— lie did not. 

A. C K., Clilcuuo.— >Vutili our vniuleTlllo 
route Met cftdi we«k. 

T, U., l'blludptpbhi.— No couinauy plny- 
lofj New V»>rk tlila acasou up to the imrscut 
baa carried one. 

c. m. r:.. iioi'bcster, — w c uever imswer 
quptitlous couteniius i lie reliability ol auy- 


P. V>\, NasliTllle.— A man cuu cnll out the 
moment ho Is out : that In, Hie uuiuu-ut ha 
takes a trick whlcb i-ltber puts bhu out In 
itself or puts bhu out With Ibe niri of any 
wvld ho uioy make with It, pruvhllng, of 
roijrfie, Jio duelnwH oni. uad doi-B not play 
.•mother caid. *i'lIv*l■L•^ , ol'*•. b,<* due« nut liuve 
10 toko RUullicr trlek. If. liowevur, be ne«« 
h>et6 tn uuike 11m deilm'Jitlim, and pluys nn- 
«i<her em'il. tiii'n ln> miu uut duclnru uut until 
lie taken imollior trkk. 

A. U. Car— A. wlus with low. 


C. B.. IVutlUMoa.— la oil BnuiM of Aca 
the six Is tin: hlgbest tllv. and Ibe ace, or 
one, Is the lucttl. coiiseiuii'iilly live tl s la 
blrUor than live rcch. 

D. McA.. Qiilney. — 8m nnbwcr to C. B-» 

11 fc., ObiniihiTlaln. — Our record--- tw not 
show It, "Tbo B|iortn of ilio Tlmib" may 
be able to gtvr. jou Ibo inlonootlon. 


Portlund At (lie JefterAon (Cuba ft 

Grunt, uiamiRersl James KenuMly aud iX>uy 
itiuy nrene'Mi-.l ifueriory, ti> very (rood busl- 
ncBtv, Out. Df»-Ni>v. « Tho nlnya MleeiPd were: 
■M.iem. I'li'k. t*. K. A.'. "J^irry fruni Ire* 
!nud" "Hy Word of Commnnd,' "therldun 
Kcene, UeteeUv«." end "Oryi-iul llxm -Tarm." 
A lino of pleaflup Kv-eehiitlea w«ro Intro- 
du-il Clint Tu»-«ipr Stoek Co. G-lll. 

POBTLand (J. E. Moove. umnnuer.. — Julia 
ftedniond uud I'Oinpauy. tbo Doar V'ordK. and 
ntbor po"d tiilont uindi* u|i u nlenalra' bill 
loet wcok. LlttlQ Metu MltcacU O^can 
(•(""■ed i**t v no "dtl^d nl-trnpflnn. T>'iO 5 
and woel:: Col. Oauon Uordovorry. Ulmur 
ieWey, tbo Arllnpton l-'our, Charlotte Ravens* 
,"• rr tbo Mu^iiiLe, ttud Xiuwreouo uud Hot* 

City U.aL.«— Osslji OobrllovcltBcb opens bli 
American tour Iieri* P.' 

MiTCiiKt.T. jks-n.Bn'<iW»TNfl Imvo Binned with 
Siivllle'u "Ilumplv Dunirtlr" Co. for-thn oca. 
MrfL nnil nvo Inlroducliiff Uiolr comedy net, 
•»ntlttc<l "His Last Ow," In the eecoud act, 
iv «ood fldrimtn^'. 

SttiDEOAitnu ' TUEATftB .(It. E. -. Harmeyer, 
__.jn«K(irj.-r;'Un raw* will begin aU'In- 
detlnlti* enjiiiKeiueat here Muudny, uiitbt,. 0. 
Tliei'i' In ii vyrv rjunriff HiipportlnK compauy, 
iticludlrn; Chut lotto AVaIk«>r and \"neeiit Her- ■ 
MliiO.' "'Hie 'Grenttir I.<JVt>" cloned it three 
weeks' enn-ntreiiient here Huturdpy, fl. . ,;; 

Nkw TmATitt: (Bam 1*. Oersou. inaaagcr).. 
— "Th,c 8oir-lu-law." by Kiulle AoKler, will 
roplacu "Tin! Hlndcn ^U Night" and "Tin; 
flreut Onleoto" nt this house. The cost Jn- 
■Jiiiden: Jfiiucri Durliln. Anue Hlit-Iduu Luwltf. 
Mary«liton, SlaKglb Itolloway Fisher, 
<3erald (irhiln nud Oeuiitle iSolr. "Tim SbadeH 
of NlRbt", bud "The CJrent Oaleoto" closed 
u vepysuceesufnl fortnight hero ». 

, CKIfAOh OPKIU IJOL'Hli-a>. fl, llilDt, tnfUi- 

agpr). — "Tho Urinkt'i-'n pautrhlor" will bo re- 
vlVeJ QtttB by the CblctiL'o Pruumtlc Co., for 
uue wo«k, ii^miiu'iudng'rtniidjty. 4. Tluj Ktuui; 
Is .i ,c:ipalili' one. iilld liielutles: William 
llrmnwell, Jolm Duly Miirpbv. Trcdcrrck 
I'nuldlnt:. ■ I'li'id; Iii'ttluuiwi-o ■ Ben .GrxlinAi, 
Olmiies ItruJcntr.llarry Kngllsli. June Oaker, 
Mlenuor Oor«l"«i, .Inm- •liufvvnl. lt«*ltHBr, 
IJolii Huwuiun. I.ottle Alter. Adelle Ifyrd 
ubd KiUli':i'ini' Hatidlcy. "The l>auctut{ 
GIW" .ekiuetl- 1* woek ol tiood buidueaa Satur- 
<lay nUlit. ::. . , * *■ ■ ? : . .. 

- UiUnd Ow:nA- Hol'si: (Harry. Askln, niaii- 
aWi-.i.-^-niehurd ManKflald will appear ; two 
>veelta more here, lu. "Jh*f Cljtif." The;play 
lias .(rniml fnycrt* here. "The Triumph of Old 
Olory't fylluwi*. 

■ At'uirwitiinf • Tnii.vnin (Mllvrhrd Adnmti, 
maoitger). — "lien,' Hur'' contlouex to* draw 
lurgu lilidlifiices. TJie play ' reuiaius here 1U- 
.ktfuftely. ■ ,., w , ■ ■■ 

MoVtcfctu'B Tn]3ATnR {Oeorgrj C. Warren, 
luiiiiagor). — "Lit He JohMny Jou*™" reunllus 
hero. one nioru weel;. "'Way Uowa L T S8t" 
follows. ' , • i ? Mi -v 

:.i..v SAf.r.r Turarar: (itort. II. .Singer, man- 
atfer);«*.fl'ho Tlnle, the JMfice and the Olrl'* 
Ktlll enjoys eupaclty ijoiiHos. > ., 

OftEAT Kontiichs Tni:AlhK (jri-edC. EWrts. 
m.afiiige'r). — "{Jelilm.. . the Musk" will' autro lijri 
an .the atlrttClloli for week of 4.' ''TexaH" rtt.i 

-PtOPLE'S TllfiATIir, (Joseph VllgrUB, lUOIi- 

aktei'li— Wjm. 1>j.ii»''jL Oefentjo^ ■.wIlKbc/e- 
VtSff -here by .the People's :»{oelt Co. .for 
weelt'cffliJinori.lriff wtiir-ihe raallile* Mf-ndfly, 
K ,'Lilit.week, ^Oltl Uuiton's -Mill ons" hod 
o ! brairpBrouB .week. "The t>ancii>g. OCrl'* 
f tftftw*. ■ 

to^toN UIMH Mcsei« (Wlllhun 3. SweS- 
tiey. msmacr). — The following., nre Inthc 
chri^ijijl /of week of[ 4 : clove Otll.Ktnnt««; 
"""ite-'-<iwy, . Jonii- holfed womftb ; VnldL*rn, 
iftdaa; !tewmjn P Clown Juggler;- Harney 
nrtoieM t-iaiii dnd the one lady band. 
;K Btrbct MI'sei; (Looit M. Hodger 
tor).->--Afl en*.Ift» new bill will l>c of- 
.1)1 th* inrlo,«nll for next week, la 
lefltri] there will also be a new raudc- 

_ii ; 3iB0M)r TiiEA^feR (JoA- Brftn»ky toan- 
flger).— "t'ornv-fl'' will be tho attraction for 
week of 4. 1'hlo fill introduce May Uo«> 
Itiet*,- the 4t»*w lead Ine woinau, iand Fritncls 

JtoggB, tlie octr leading matt, "Beyood the 
tocki^H" cloinSl n weex Of. good bufllDou4 3. 
"The Finnic. Wrecker" foIlowB. 

AftpIimatii.— Little Johnny. Bunch, of tile 
BukcIi J-'fitnlly, oqo of the -youngewt- cOaicdlahB 
Wtore the, iluUlIe, wa* a CLifptn .Bureau 
calk-r^ 1, •with hlR' father.' lie is noi nl- 
lowt-U. '.o perform, in. Chicago, on aocuuut of 
liU^Cg'), 'so lie dad hi-* stunt* up in Tiin 
OurPKn Bun-riu, olHce. The Buucb family 
vplIlHbortty upt/ear over .theSulllvan At Coo- 
Mdliw elrruK, opi/ntug' at La l-'rusHf. Wis., 19. 
.•.'./. .BlilIc'KcKney, with libs mlitgetn. was 
a CLU't'f.A Bureau caBer.l. lie reports a 
moKt- sftieccs>'ftir toiir of lac Wertt. aad, will 

shorGy tlpui-ur lu the Kaht Auioii}<Tiin 

rMprttn Hnrenu enllen. were: Tho 1 >«>von ,Bl»- 
trfs,/Snm J. Ilya'n. ClinHes tirleli, Frank H. 
Buek; HniC' JUuuldo. Walter. MtuiituTi; Mary 
raiktusoii, -Ii l ni iletiii.. VriimiH HuuKf'rf'utid 

t«wrvtn-o M^uije . Walter ;II. BeynolilB. 

Well kiimvu lu thi'fttrlt'fll clndeH. hn 1 -' re^vntk 
hdugbi the Bt-Ducti Uraniutle KtLhaugif,-, of 
nilca:gij. Mr- Jtoyuold-fhuft-biten-roiltiagliis 
febllett's IVruuiatK 1 . Exchange for tuts /part 
*ljj|ht lflOwthR aud hnn been atiVji'lfltefl -with 
ttte thefllrlcal urof^stiun for n ' uiiuibrr of 
years: ,. .. . A t!aaiiKc lu the booklpgn of the 
flnrrlek Thi-ntre IhubHtltute-; "The Koad to 
Vi-Rterday" for "Lights Out." after the De 
Wolf Hopper engugL-nieutiiaH nin Its eoursf. 
ln-th^cnst of tu4s play are: Xlluble iMiprir, 
Miriam N.^blU. Allc-r Jale. White WhlttiHriey, 
Itelob Ware. Durothy Kveretl, Julia Black, 
Hall Mi'AIII-ittf, and others. 

■ «4 » 



mriiccrj.-tn Jauuary, will be Btgnallred byrrhc 
debut of her daOgbter. Btells Cofflpbeli, .WHO 
hflrf been anxldhs^for »6mo yean M#kU 
ndOiit the twigeafi fl l)rof( , 3^1t^^. Her coHlcR 
pntis Will be Kllcan, In "The HeeoUd Mrs. 
Tarigupray;" nnd Harle, 1« ''Mrigda,.''^ * 
Icing, l-'dwnrd waa : present at Bi*ury hatte 
cne night ibla week, to ftitnem the peHorm- 
mice of. "The - Bondntau,". , The king, sent 
word to'the tlipntre tiat: the cdrtsia 
t\*£ nt tjis usual hour. Whether lie had art 
Uvod or aot/but ex*ct!y r ilt- the adr^rtlsMl 
tlttW tb'.' klntr -ehtered t ltd royal box, greatly 
td the dellcht of the crowdod house. A short . 
t jtisi' ago trie curtain was delayed nlmou au iftcc 
honr waiting for .one of the royal fatnily.v. I^tj 

"Tha- Mentor's Tale" wilt clone to-n.gbt 
flt'.'Hli iyajesty;«.- In the ; oioontirao Bitcn 

T6fry r will ' re^l until 

i-bised a week »f excellent huslhess 3. "The 
Hilltnu of ■KmUi" follows. - ■*■ 

Bt'^y Tcwfu: TiitsATUo (Elisabeth Scuo- 
lier, ttumai-Vr). — ".The MM of Jenulra'* Will 
It ' revived', hy Hie Players Btock Cu.' hero 
week of 4. "The Belle of Klclunond" cieBftd 
u weijk of oxeolJi'&t' bustuess. 

Majestic TiiEUyau (Lymaa B. Glover, 
laaiiuger).— K.'"G. Knowles and "Thv. ' Fu* 
turliy Wlnin.'f"' lire billed us Hie beudlluers 
of tbo bill tni week of L. The bill «Isq lu- 
ejudn, :' Wilfred Clarke aud ' eboipaiiy.- Ca- 
nillto Comi'dy Trio, l.lllhin Hhav, Vernou, 
the Tbtee Iflckuiau BrolherG, Ltudeu' Bpck- 
wlth. the Tbrce VVefltVaa, "Lu Tby Hrothery, 
uud Lydell and Bntterwortb. 

Oi.rMi'ii.' TutATKi: (Abe Jacobs, manager). 
— "Stenutekel" u billed as Hit beddTlDir 
here for noek of 0. Ned Waybitru's "Haiti 
T>earH" and Neva Aymar, Ed. V. Beyuard, 
Wltnon'H trained monkey, "Jessie;" Claude 
nod Tannic Csher. Work. aud Over, Morgan 
and McGurry. Ijiurn Buckley, VoutlUo aud 
Nina, Uedvvond and Hnrvey, Pearl Eveiya 
are also on the hill. 

Uavmaukct Thijatius (William Nowklrk, 
inaiinger).— Paul Kpudoul Is tho <<he«dllner 
jn'Xt week. 1'he hill also ineluden ; NJta 
Allen and eompauy. Curllu uud Otto, the 
Four Itlmios, Sum WntKou's Buriiyurtl Cir- 
cus, Billy Van. iht* Two ■ Vivians, Black and 
Jones. Tlari-y aud May Howard, Tntvolle iiad 
1/iiuders. Lenu - Ifcivouport. SSimfretta. and 
Mauslletd, uiKl .the kluodiMuie. 

LvnjHNAnovAi, Tin;.\Tku (Cliarles Gllck- 
iQltii, niunayeri.~-Gilekmuira" Vlddlsh Plny- 
its, appen flus ulnhtiy lu repertury, uro 
uaeetlog with M e ePH a at thin house. Next 
week's repertory Includes ; "Tbo Poor. Mu* 
t>telau," "The. Golden Wedding," "The 'Sler- 
rliant of Venice" aud "Thu Jewish World." 
Lust week, business was jnod. 

lti.rot ! TaBATtn .(William Hoehc. mana- 
gei - ) — "A Man's Hroki'ii Promlsu" will serve 
ns Hie atlra'i'tinn at this houiie for week -of 
■1. "Oh- Dnugei-oiis Ground" ehwd u buc- 
ifssful wVek -1. "SeerelK of the l'o"ce" fdl- 
Iowb. -Thi:aiiim (Wllllaui Bocbc,. nitm- 
(igen.— irj&ke o'lluni. lu "Mr. Dlnruey fmtu 
IretH'itl." 'euiui's for one week coin in cueing 
Suutliiy, n. "The CurKe of l>iluk" el wed u 
good week .1. "MeFiiildeli'n Flats" follows, 

Ai.ilAMitnA TiiKVTiu: (John B, llugnn. 
luaiiaKci'). — "Ilow Hearts Are Broken" ceiues 
to. -this playhouse for one week ekimmciuiuK 
Siimhiy. -I. "At the Wurtd'tj Mercy" closed 
a I'h'st prolltnhli' week H. 

C'.Li-wni'i Tur.AruE (Weber Brothers, man- 
ngiTsi. — "Mi'Fudden'is Fhits" will hpttS as 
i lie ittlractlim here week eonmicuelug 4. 
■Qufirn of ilic iMn-iif" rlosed u good week 
;t. The tjumt't Set fullowtf. 

CutTRBiox TiiEWitv (John B. Jlogon, 
miinucer).— "Tlu> Cuoe of Drink" cumea 
for week coniuii<nelu^ 4. ".V Man's Brokcu 
Promise'* closed en psrelteut week 3. . "The 
House of Mysiery" follows. 

l'OLl.y Tuihtri: (.leh'i A. Vi»i«r««y. Tti*n- 
uger).— Sinn T»oveio't> Own Company of bar* 
lussouevs will bo tbc uttractloti at tula huuuo 
for week of 4. Tbero will he two now bur- 
lOHiiuea. rntltleri "Fun at the Seashore" uud 
"The Hebrew Klna." Vni week, the Broad< 
way Gaiety Girls closed a week of capacity 
houses "-. 

Trocji'UHO TiirATitu (I. M. Welngarten. 
ui.iuagcr). — Boso SSydell'b London Belles will 
be here wwk of 4. "Tho Prlnc* or Pam- 
coats" is. the title of this seasonla offotiag. 
Last week, Itobhi'u 'Knickerbockers plajcjj to 
blu hoviseit. • 

sin J J£cw>x*a Tiicvtbi; (Sid 3, .Knson, 
tuunager).— The Mnehclor ■: Club Borleac,ULTs 
will servv us 'tlio utiractlon hero -for w«ek 
ronitiuuciiii; with the Suuuar matlnoe, 1. 
Tuen* lat srrrtog support I tig rotnpnny. uoao 
Sydell'^ London Belles closed a week - of 
crowded hnuwv'S. 

Clipper Ilurcan. 

" tt8 Cranlmnrne Street, 
LelccRter Miionre, 

, London, W. C. 

' ■ - ' ' ■ t»CT. 2T. . 

: *Vo are having record weather fdt* this time 
of thb. year., J n place of the cold and chilly 
days-fiflil 'ulglils Oi/tcAier, usually' brings, we 
iire-belug favored with mild 'and delightful 
i-;.cath"p. .What dot* It mean?. It ineatts.thftt 
the tniolfr'ari' I14 «ouu vpliits rud are inihgry 
I"-)]' cutertalumeiit.. Uesiilt : H. U. O. at Jill 
tbo. atniisenieiit places. ■ On TuesUay. two new 
pUiyjs.werc done for the first time -"In the 
attctiiooii ^The Cbsrlty That Botun -at 
Itirnie," ' l>v Si.- John -Haaklas,- was-put 
tlie Court, -while la the eveulug "Tins virgin 
Gbdde«w," a Uireo act plsiv, la blank vcyle, 
una.' produced, at Uie'AdelpliI. 

A .brief btoryof "Tbc 'Virgin Goddess:" 
Ci^ephontes, King of Artis, 1h a.-.poUroon. 
The" enemy have surrounded the city, and should be lighting he puts ou the 
Kuruiehti of' = a priest, and, suvroutideu ' hy 
myu and vesttils. uffera hit father's sword, to 
tbo co<ldessi Jlrteuila, Ufa queen, Althra, 
bus : . the uiftti'K hcurt. iiml. despairing of her 
busJiimd. she,. has sent for jils broths^, Ila.e- 

KhtU'stlou, who. luid left ujUrhoiue hefiausc of 
is love for Ms slHtcr-lp-law, aud for ton 
vests JiUr, . lived. uuiong-. the uiouutaius. a celj- 
u«te vvwed to the Virgin goddess. ■HaephaeF- 
tiun ret a run, -mid urged on bv Allbea kills 
bjrj brother to save,. the city frofti -lils'-ieeble 
rule, :111s" ntothv'r calls down the vpugeuoeo 
of pic- gods upon bbu. and , Arteaite, who, 
with laiuiortal.kuowlcdge. realizes that It Is 
lore for the' woman nud. not ©uly '.love'of 
eountry that has Inspired Huepliueat.eii's baud 
tifiiuiL's through' the mouth .of lier prlesti'ss 
that (he .citv t-hull not be wived until he 
hiuisejf him killed Altbea. Fur a long time 
the tnsu heftltiiu^. The people threaten, his 
mother upbriilds. Althea offers heisclf eladly 
for -tlie sn'erlfji'f, and at .last- lie steels, his 
be&rt arid agrees to ho her executioner. And 
with lier den'h i/aivatlou comes to" Artis. The 
piay tnM'wBh a -great 'reception on its open- 
ing night, the player's be|ng called several 
times ot the final ruilatn. Shrill 'whistles, 
which arc . the KnglWh gallery's bjghest' ex- 
nresslou of approval, were given. In . the 
leading characters Lily Bruyton, unit 
Asche nud Genevieve Ward do excellent 
work, while the less Important parts arc 
-will handled by Madge Mcintosh .' Alfred 
Brvdooe, Cburles Rock uud Walter Hampden. 

"SSi Charity that Bogau at Home' did 
pot laeet with the tatiiii Approval that was 
accorded "The Vlnjtu Gnddess." The Rtoty : 
laftdy Dcnlsmi Is an elderly lady, with n 
daughter Margery, who Is admirably en- 
tbusinstlc in doing good to other*. Both 
luutber and dansbter are under the luflueaeo 
of into t her otitlinnljiyt, one Basil Hylton, aud 
he has persuaded theui to, engage servants 
who hare lest tbWr eharacterB, and to (ill 
their house with guests ho 111- mannered, so 
undesirable, or audi deadly bores that no 
oil" . elt?e -will have them within tlivlr doors. 
Hylton's theory Is that one should sot In- 
vite the people one wants to see, but the 
people io whom It would be the greatest 
pleasure, to come, that everybody should bo 
given Innumerable chances, aud that every- 
thing should bo forgiven and forgotten. The 
result In that to'itpltcuHoiis ensue betweeu 
the Imtler and the lady s nmld, that the 
self •opinionated colonel nuarrela with tbo 
or,ber gneslM, tbnt Lady ueulsuu Is obliged 
to -take .a course of' German, lessons" to please 
a .middle iiged .governess, and that Miirgory 
beeoines engaged to a detrimental who has 
liwn klckexl out of the army for approprl- 
utlu^ the inesK funds. The comedy tlulencs 
with ' the -deh'liiH'iihil'H discovering that tho 
wmrrhiKH with so perfect a young lady us 
Margery would be unbearably tiresome. 11-: 
^urtvuuers his cIuIiuk on ber, uud alrongly 
ndvlaw lun- to marry Hylton, who, .by tlio 
way, 1h m> hitult-raUli.' prig. 

Auiile llugbrs will producu on Nov. 20, at 
tin- Midland Hotel Theatre, Muueln-ster, a 
new play, ea tilled "Tommy," bgr Jerome K. 
Ji-roine. The piece Is lu three nets, and uuty 
be doscrlbed us a comedv druiun. The story 
h largely eooeeniud with Journalistic life, 
the churuetor selected hy Mi.--- llugaes being 
that of the daughter of a gentlemun. who, 
to bis owu uadolug, uttempts to ruu a London 
paper. Mr. •Tvroim- published a uovel. named 
•■Tommy & Co.." dealing with the samo sub- 
ji'et.' However, It In luterestlnp to aole that 
the book, was founded on the pluy. uud not 
.the play ou the boi>b. Af u-v u week ut Mau- 
ehester. Mis* Hughes will eoaie to one ot ibe 
liondou suburban liousei, uitb the play, 

Mrs. D'uyly Cortc Imr,. In eouseoueuec of 
a strongly CKpre^bed desire of the public, de- 
cided to revive home of the opurus by-yW. S. 
Gllhefl aud Arthur Sullivan. The .revivals 
will eoiuracni'C with "Tb'- Yeomun of tho 
Guard." which will probably he produced at 
the Savoy, about Dec. 8. 

"The Man from BianklcyV will, ou Oct. 
31. hiaL'b the two hundredth performaaea 
mark .at .the Haymarket. It will probably 
continue mUll CbrlKinSus, -when "Iadv Hii"i. 
worth'ti Lxbertmcaf' will m revived, -with 
.GiofullQwluK ow! Charles Uiwrar, IV'eedou 
Oriwiinltli, Cliafifs .CrnuforiL.nolman Clark, 
>]]■• wu-ti.-, P.-Ul.' Km. iy,,. Mrs- Clouieo tvi- 
vtrt and Mlss'Comptou. . , *, ■•• ; 

Jin. Patrick Campbell's tour, wjilch' com- 

ber departure) 
_j0 'fttuteji. Her Amerlcab tour, uuuer 
Mtv Vrnhirtttfl's/trifinngeinent, will begin" Id 
Mm Vorlt . on Jan, 28. Afcordlns to prcB- 
eiit arrangtmentg she will mn<e her.sp* 
peara/lte lit .Bcrnanl SLaw's comedy, "C«p- 
ialK Bt-unsbiJiuid's Conversion," taking with 
her, however, a iiember of olhcr plays, 
anwng whlcb "The Mei-chabt of Venice" will 
flgnre. ■ . ,'•.-• ■• ■ r ■ 

Lewis ;W:iller seents to have struek a wtu- his dramatic version.' of "Robin Hood," 
which he dld-for the nrst^tlmc at thc-Lyrle 
one. iiignt tast week. There ■ was- a . sever 
endlirg enthusiasm fit the.'first night that 
whs wholly' Infectious, and' almost the en- 
tire? rrcdlt of- thc-suecWis' was duetto Mr. 
Waller for his. unflagging spirit and good 
humor '.'Bobln Jlootf' ls-Just to Mr. V\'&\- 
leij's -style -of sdeflng.' and every indication 
paints to. a prosperous afid lenktty nic. 

The two plsjyK,\'*Toddlcs"- abd '-ItuffleH"— 
the first it, the I)bke of i'6rk'ji.,tlie temdin 
the Cojnedy— nte evidently iiidlsUtiguI^lmble 
to.people Who have seen 'beillicr and want to 
so*- one. ,"Wd.cOiHtaiitiy^— ever/ night, in 
fait— rhavc. people in here," .jiald the" muaa- 
ge'l bTthtj Uhke ol" Vork'ft, "who, tliirilt they 
are'eattiiag- to 'Rallle'e ;' atioYliot OBly thUt. 
but Rouleoi thPia think tntfv ore xolhg to see? 
Cyril Maude In that plar. Over nt tb'c 
Comedy in.iich.the- same thing happeas.--! 
hUjipoMt the eotifualou'urlse^ liecmiselfl-eaeh 
ease the title in of one wurd only,- has the 
sstee liiimbcr of letters, nud exactly tiie same 
terminal svllnbic." The confusion In tbe 
caw "of thflse plnys draws uttebtlon to tlie 
intich-vexed cjuentlon of titles for plays. Over 
arid:, over again, In" theatrical circles, in- 
stances arc quoted of pluys thnt have snf- 
tiTi'd because , of ill-chosen ■ uanies. -atid just 
nn often- ari^. Instances given of plays, par- 
ticularly musical comedies, that owed Heine 
of tbelr .success to the happy -choice of a title. 

Rome of the local . newspapers have been 
so overcome by the marriage of < 'anil!'. 'Clif- 
ford to Henry Lyndhurst Bruce that they 
have reproduced tlie. cerUiledte.of marriage 
In nil its details, for tbe Beuetit of their 
readers, and, -as u result of the union, the 
Vaudeville Is turning hundreds nw-ay ufghtly". 
i It is, rep j r ted here that Charles FroTmiRn 
Ishelplng to uiyanize a fund for strutting 
piny writers, eiiiiblltig theni. to get a htaxing 
uy.proiluelag Uielr' playsV 1'aui Ilubeafl ah- 
Hdunees thht wu will *ooti have the long- 
loolcd-for pi-oduiiion'of "3Hbs Hjdk.-ofHoi- 
mnd,"ttltlj G- P. Huntley In the leudiug. 
role.. ..Frank Carzou will make the produc- 
tion r : 

u The Water Hats will bold tbetr annual 

matinee at-tue PnvlIIob;.ou'tlie afternoon Of 
Nov. 19...'- The principal feature will be" a 
btirlcEque, ; written and coniposcd .by Wal 
Pink aud J. S. Baker, entitled -liobln Hood." 
In this Little rich- (King Hall will appear 
In the tltlf role, with Wilkie Bard as .duld 
Marian. Other > burlesjuei ■ to be .■done arc 
"Orand Ord^r-wf :Bloc -jVlgeuus" and "The 
(.''. l ^ehratid'.8paL'bet'ti'Trol1pe.'■ i- 

Ada Ttcefco rHJfotniW nrepireEcaWtlve of a 
London, paper, hi Bristol, early in the week. 
Halt she.bad just offer en- 
g.igement- lb' America, at hetter tfrms than 
nlie hud In her recent South African cngagp- 
ru'fbt, .when, It is claimetVBhe received £o.tnw 
for- tight weeks. .(la ■American ■money that 
menus Just a. Utile Ic*s thbii JUG.OOO). i The 
pi'ojwsed American toiir. will begin about 
chtistmim. MIhh Reeve .soW: "I was Intend- 
ing, to.. rest, after my prcfibnt-tout of dIdc 
liroAiitclnl jhu hallB,. but this offer-Is so 
goiKl that iI.uid . lialf. Inclined -tu -accept." •'-, 

Lti .. Mlio, the statuestiue beautv, .and 
Crulksbank, the : caricaturist, flalah -to-u'ght 
their engagement ut. the- Pavilion, -where 
they have .had. a. record run of two hundred 
and Jlfty performances. -After a tour lit the 
pjovlncia-ilicywlll probably be- •wea- again lu 
itie.w:cst i"j.d h. tho euriv Spring. 

At the Palace utxt' Monday Alfred Butt 
will produce. 'i(nder-.U,e .name of -'itJalntea," 
b. novelty, described us--".Iji Statde Hotualfie." 
-On tbe same ulgbt. Billle Binko'wlll make 
his Qrst' appen ranee ut . tbe lUtt, She will 
alng two iiopgri, and. will be assisted by the 
PaliK-e Oliis. Oue of the son as Is entitled 
"1'uddlnK," by Paul A. Bubcns. "*- 

Joseph Lyons, the chairman of the great 
catering firm of ' Lyons & Company, Lim- 
ited, is-nt the head of a new company, with 
practically unlimited capital, formed for the 
purpose of opening up u Xresb field In re- 
gard to tbc music hall bualnesH In this coun- 
try. Mr. -Lyons, Interviewed, baB the fol- 
lowing , to say tegurdlng the details Of iba 
scheme : "The fact Ik," be said, "that there 
Is a curtain class of tbe public unentered 
to. by the present day music hall?/ For In- 
stance, the tradesman will .take bis children 
to a Httnuo or a theatre, but not to a 
music hall, wbrre the * entertainment.' -al- 
though very clever and very beautiful. Is 
not oue which young people can always be 
shown. lu udditiou to this, no doubt tbo 
balls arc- losing -a great deal 'of money from 
the fnct that they arc -grontly dependent 
upon the weather. You will not -And a very 
long line outside llient on a wet or muddy 
night, us people will not stand about and 
have the rain trk-klbu down their necks off 
nomttbody else's umbrella. Mv scheme' Is to 
build new music halls, with Winter gardens 
iioxt door -to each oue of theru. There will 
be no charge for admission to these latter, 
nud a good orciiestra will be provided, while 
refreshments .will he supplied at popular 
prices on the same dines as In the ordinary 
Lyons .-depots. We wnut no licenses either 
fur the Winter gardens or for lim hulls, uud 
would not accept them 'even If they were 
offered to us. We recognise the . power of 
the MMlUn party, and tho.mau who eo^ 
(its to.tunt puny will be the man who will 
luuke the success." 

Asked If the scheme Is to be worked in 
connection with Lyons tc Co.. Mr. Lyons 
said : "Messrs. Lyons have nothing whatever 
to do with It. it has cmnuaied eutlreH* froia 
me. and although Individually- my 'fellow- 
directors are prepared to support it, the only 
beuetit .the old company .(vilf d,rlve from It 
will be from the supply of relrefebmtnts. on 
terms which will have to be mutually agreed 
upon. 1 propose to construct tbe Winter 

furdens so that they will be exuetlv suited 
or uuy seat-on of the j-var. Wheu the ordi- 
nary music balls have u dlineuby In holdlnc 
their own, I hope we ahull have a oliettel 
who will Uud pleasure In having their light 
rL-freslimeute, wltb music Included, amid 
garden-like burroundlngs. and a reasonable 
percentage may be expected to patronise tbe 
udjolulug uaurdc halt. 

''As tor tbe muulc ball entertainment." 
Mr. Lyaub continued, "we mean to provide i 
different cluw. of thlug to that of Ihe present 
time. ir. Is pm .iff n«»»ij," , A*' *^ -i t- *■*<■ 
opposition to the. existing music nails, -wold. 
are so .excellently conducted, but our eater- 
tuiumeots will be on a different lidij. Tbera 
will be humorous and , serious items, t bi]t -wa 
tliall have a great number of Innovations, 
whleb J.-Un not want to givoftwny^at iiresent. 
\y*bcrever there Is compotUIon the-pulUcgeti 
.the bemfit. and If wo happen to go to th-j 
sittmibfi;- where .Lhero -Kro .'already, iiiuslc httlli 
In a qu»stlon of tba^ur* 
^rlvAl ofthc'Utbcat." 


- .*'. f-.* •*!'' 3 - — — * ,. ■ 

Urnahed lefties From Face Like Poit- 
il er-( nder Physicians Gt ew Worse 

: - > —4'nticOra "Work* Wonders. 

"I suffered with ec2cma six months. I 

hud tried ih ree decors, but did not get 
aliy bcltet, tt'.'mt on mv, botJy.^rid on 
rtiy f«c£sd\tliick that I ctJuld^rdly ta-a 
pin oit ire without tone lung "eczema. ! My 
,«ce wis &)Varifdi iny eyebrows cafhe.out, 
r ahd then it got in my eye. 1 then^fthtto 
Jiiiotlier tloctor. He asked Me .whit 1 was 
taking for-it, nnJ I told hini'Cuticurt, He 
?aid that 'was a -Very good tHingi but that 
He tho«ght,tliat my face woiilcLbe ntarked 
tdft li/tf.. Hut Cutftura did.its wdrfe, And 
my , face is. now as clear as it ever;. was. 
I told all my friends about my remark- 
able cure '-rieel sothatiltfullwant every- 
budy .£ar and. wide to know what.Cuticiira 
c;n co. It is a : sure cdre= for- cczemi— 
Sirs. Emma White, 64I Cherricr Place, 
Cairulcii, N.-J., «April 35. loog/' .- -... . 

■Mi*. Lyons had no fear of his new company 
— get performers of the; first, abilltV 
aud -In EiitHeUnt ouantlty. .','MusIc balla ,tij- get tierrbrmersot the; first, abilltV 
aud -In BiimeUnt (tunntlty. '.'Music balls ^v 
ttay.*: Kb remarked, i-dre.very^stroujf In one 

nspec't -nnd" very-. weak .In. another. -They are 
SHUg because tliey. .have, booked talent for 
venrs In .idtniJce; they are. weak because i t'ae'v 
cannot liispijiv their ^talent to . tlie. best ad- 
vLuttige,. offing lb the 1 length of tlie,.pre- 
gnimiafH. A great artist eanjuot do;jnhtlo: 
to^hlmst'lf by going on..'tne sfr.gc atid elbgltlt; 
dh; or p'. | rhiipB'-twp,'soueM. - - - 

■■.'*We-arc;iu,;nerotlatfo!i for a number of 
■ltefA,"'Mr..-Ly»i» MMfrmt have code 'to no 
arranejemenlh yet. »\s soon a* We haye 
settled we «hali.go ahead with the building. 
CapltU' Is a. "secondary coil si deration, and 
we shall -open' a^ruany holla as the-priijllc 
will support. We have sufficient backidg 
to open twenty If we want to. By eOlertaln- 
meats of tbc must reftbed character we shall 
lip a fresh snurce. add cater for a Urge 
proportion of th? iiubllc hitherto nntoucaed. 
if we can get only five per cent, of tbeiu 
we will have n forttuio . before as. It Is 
a. very different thing, giving .the ' public 
what they really want, ironi giving tr/em 
wbai you,,want tto -give theui.. We recognize 
\ihut the uewwpapL'rs have tuught m*; ■tarty. 
that : the; public. I* becumltig..morc reflued 
atid more educated every duy. In, our Win- 
ter, gardens and halls the workliigiman will 
fiid A' place where he cab bring his xife 
and children Instead of taking- them to a 
jiHt-k. .where shelter is souinty.refresbtnfrits 
'.Utflci.Hi to get; bad music crfiiy occaslondllv 
hPai'd. Then we shall eater for the huddle- 
class .womnu. who Is quite uhbrovided for 
at the ordinary music halls. In Dad weitb- 
■ r she will be able to rait lu the Wlater 
enrcleiu until the -etiterUlmneiit commence*, 
I'Ld.whCre the ladles -go, their mi-n folks a hj 
likely to follow. For our ilrst hall we menu 
to:hnv^a central posltluii.". ' '■' l 

Though uultojsniigulqe that thet-e was a. 
sreat future before his. scheme,'- Mr. Lyons 
admitted that death and quarter-day trere 
tbe^ only -things that were certain. "Bar," 
He webt on.- "I have tried to give tbe public 
what they wanted in the past, nhd I tlllab 
1 have succeeded fairly. I have consulted 
wltb .some of tbe cleverest men Iv.btiow, 
Iro'tu-ln bUd-outibf the th'ealflral -profession. 
and bey ceenl td think I Have struck a cllord 
jviilch 'tbey: woudiif fata . never lAeil struck 
before. We shall begin to look out for 
lutein almost InimciUatcIy in Eugidhd, on the 
routlni nt, aud in America. We have no doubt 
tiie re Is 41 dy umoutit of It to be obtained." 
; ■ Joe 1 >Vetermahi>-wllo- has bee'tf' l-eailng for 
ionic: tine;, will -reutfw Uld.tolB- of the-lialls 
oil Nov. 3D, with ..blB- series of sdccejsfnl 
sketches. ..anoelil scenery has been mum 
tortlie .productions;, likewise. some nbw eos- 
tUmeH- Mr. Ri'termau , bu recently taken 
Into eollaboratloji with blm ChHs Davis, a 

writer of much ability. •.. *: -T- 

.At the. law moment on, Monday 1 net Wal- 
ter Globuns ,w:m prevented from ypculug the 
l rljtou Hippodrome, owing to a .hitch lu 
the llceiisllig o(. the. theatre,. Jlawever. -it 
is. eipected that the bouse will be owned 
very -shortly. .Meantime, a petition -against 
the.tameBbKg.'of'the theatre as'n 4ini$la:ball, 
sigui'd by .tlirfcC.tboiislYnd-.per8one. 1 ha* bewi 
ferwarded .to rJic^XoudonCountj':. Council, 
and has been placed oeforc- the theatres aad 
nitudc ball committee.. • *. ■ -:* 

. Derciida .and tJreen nrrlred at rtvmouth 
t-n V edueadav. .Tlicy Immediately proceeded 
ti j London. Warner hale booked the 
following performers for Atuei lea : Maurice 
l-ai'koa, Cisale Loftua, Willie Edouln, Mac- 
imughtoufi.- Alice Lloyd, Edwin Boyde. Ernest 
Bhttcd, Will Kvaua, George Mozart, Tom 
Wooiwell uud Siiawlcue. ... 

In the Westminster County Court the cose 
H Sain L. Bury, ugeni versus Billy Mc- 
clain, to recover too sum of £4 15s.. la- re- 
spect of Commission due for urocuring en- 
gogemebts. for the defendant and. bib troupe 
['S e1 *, colored ptuple on the Moss Empires. 
Wm. -Collins, one of the district- munagers of 
the M. and B. tour, said his own feeling was 
tjiat-the contracts were given direct, ludg- 
Wtnt.-fnr the defendant Was.glvet). 

O. K. Sato llalahes to-night his four 
weeks' engagement at the Hippodrome, He 
h-bs ro .have go»ie to Paris to play the Follcs 
BerRere, hut Manager Stelner," of the Win- 
tergardon. wanted tlie N'o. 10O juggler, so 
he persuaded tlie Paris management to let 
eato play lils house during the month of 
November. The Jaris time will be fulfilled 
during December. 

On tbe hill this month at the AnoUo. Dus- 
seldorf, arc Frpbcl and Buge, and the Gotham 
Oiuirtette. Bo*h acts "ore, of coarse, doing 
'"Ic^ly. -The former are booked solid for 
the next two' years in England aud Germany. 
The .two-houses-a'-nlirbt plan of theatrical 
entertainments is making i distinct progress 
•"the provinces of this couutry. FredtHck 
Mouillot, wTio owns lnauv jirovlnelal the- 
ntres apil iilppcHlromps. lias taken the lead 
in lutroduelug the Innovation, and bus even 
converted luauy of his theatres luto liltluo- 
tiroiues. He cxplulns bis course by saying 
tliat the eountry public Is tired orthe ordi- 
nnry shows sent out from London. "Our 
provinces," he said, "are growing .wore pud 
more l|ke the great cities of Amerleu. wlilch 
the stars visit regularly, pluy Ins for only n 
short session each year In New York. -So It 
will be In England. Tho London theatrical 
season, la growing shorler aud shorter, and 
Importaut actors will itnd It to their bencrit 
to piny regularly In the provinces. At pres- 
ent thefc ate not enough stars to go 'round, 
ux(l ,th* jotervuls ace filled., with medicare 
copies of the Londoo successes. So the. pub- 
llcjiots to Oie music halls lustead." ' 

The Zauelgs gave a nrivatc perforttancQ 
yi«terdnv Ifterooon at tbo Alhambra, where 
they oprtii 60 Monday next for. a long 'en- 
mom Representatives Of all the local 
papers, nerve cperla lints. • and mnny others 
wfttie*fed ; tbe marvellous pcrfo nuance of .tbo 

"The Oloi* of Life*' has been seeur*d for 
a feature attraction at the -London Hlflpf" 
drome, coipaienclug July 20. Tbe Jlobe will 
b* suspended" from tb» dotfl*. .aod astr* 
liglinng fiiCllltlea w|H be employed. At 
prenent the sensational act Is meeting with 
phe'ioiue-unl, success Io tbo provinces. . . 
Mar'o . Moyd Is to b»- nmiTled to-diy t6 
Alec Hdrley, by special liceni-e. o,t the R*jta- 
tfAt's- office, fowp HalJ. ' llaVors^bck Hill- 
Attjrt^c.wijddlqxii. reception wfll be held 
by MV.-.'nnil lM Tlurlcj- ut Ibli Otftt N rc'- 
isuriBt. Tlie-lvlde U at prewut the MN 1 
Hber -at th.e.-Ttvoil, and a big receptloc- b 




lirnnil&orl liar .whimNtie-makea hor npnaar- 

1 iiaro, tills inftorprvin '•■ . . 

. Offing ■trtiuv^fl">«l' hri.lno..,, niolinrti,Wfir- 

" :■«? dnil L'nrapap)- ' liftvovtakoiii Iftrpr nfflcr* 

. nf 'Lj-l'le .ChftniDcr.. snaftMhury Awmi^. 

' 'i'Kpj" will* remoVf there early hy the new 
year. 1 hflvejust been informed that'CUurle 
*CV Eartratn, b£ 1A] bnrtitw And Drrrtram. ■ has 
bean appdlfit>d editor ot Tp< Performer, blr. 
llarttanr will, take up bit. new work nest 
weik. •;.' -,:.i i. =. . 

. .. »■»■■ ■ 


Beaton— E S. Tvillird, In "Colonel New 
come," at the Colonial, aad "Mnni'selle SaUle, ' 

• c. - ., ■ ' .. ' .. — - — r- : — 7—r. — - 

pie's TMrtm In Lowell. lMi.. and will- pre- 
sent ' vaudeville nntl • Durlowuo, nt popular 
price.. : . . ■ 

- !NleKttotaOK,.(« - . II. WnlrTe. mnnjutcr}.— 
nnlbero maldelan : lbs ZUk... marvel, nf 
atrenetti. and Montana Jack and Prairie Hoae 
■arc curio ball ifenture*. 5-10. In too tnealre 
ate: Bertha Caret's BurlcwnteT'. with Edith and'Th 
Knrrragton. Gora F.lllt. _Plor(nce Steele. Lll 

ffptftij advance aalc« /for -.. 
*_ThrV Mairtr' of- lltitichhiittl 

i, and'niMinee,, 
. .....{•■• S -HiiSan 

n,«ru "- ;,iMn& Mc.itje.ka. 6V 'The Voludtwr 
Orknni^.". 9, lo., and maalaee, , ' ■ • . ■■■• 
iabKal of .Mraic UHehaftl T. Murpliv, 
maoaiter). — "floietlale" waa ttle oBellne, of 
the i Severln-De uftn Stock Co.. in<*t week. 

tim* 'thn ...l..- ... I'ltin^.,!..!.!. to .ht» 

pl«/ wni'thtfronahlr eWojrHl, to;Mg 
liiiMpest. Jtoc piim,.were.'wr,l.l tAJRpa. Mm 

In orfl.r to n.r.,,1 ml. lake. «md to 
in.ore tho prombl ■ dellrert «t IM 
letter. t»Jvertl.e3 it. tut* Hat. .a 
envelope plalulr Idawuia nt»"t be 

1. _. j__ ^ £ ilij.. JaSJKi _ u.lll«n 

lltin Learned,- Allle Bcrkman. May Lincoln, Wile SMelt* hftd'thCal"ndiar feminine role, 
Edward nise, ind th? Faiton*. Sunday nJgbt and her clrrer work" won hor well UeserTcd 
concerts will be siren here commencing i. 

CnOQCt lW. ■!- Allen. n-aouzer).— Thomne 
Hullock, Frank Cohan. Herbert . Clinton, 
Fred Towle, Lillian Chesley. Grace Mordaunt 

Oofxttwu-. r..te 
dnm-j BetftUM 

ife KB 

MfrV. C>Cr. ■ F. 

luwtin A Lamb 
QrtBn, '0«. 
Qr«y. Coper 
Ootftc* A % 
.»... . Clincm 
OerJcn. Lflwin- 

and otbern will he the soloists with the' Il- 
lustrated song* for this *wli There rill 

Scburannn-Helnk will give a song recital at 
Srtnphonv Hall, on Friday afteroooo, Not. 9. 

" Colonial (Cha»- Frohmao. Rich St Harris, 
mfloreers). — B. 3. Willird Is her* for a two 
week* atav. "Colonel Newcome" will be pre* 
tinted tme week, end next week will be de- 
voted to a repni-tory, whlchwlll include "The 
Man Who WnV *'l>avW (jftrrlck." "The 
I r rofi*9i<or'n Lovo Story,'* "The .Middleman," 
"A Pair of Speofncles.'* "Tom Plnah" and 
•Colflnel Newcome." -Marie Cahlll. In "Mar- 
ryin" Marj'." closed a prowTous forinldit, a. 

' lioatoN (Lawrence .McCarty. innniiEer). — 
'LMant'fl^ilP SalUe," with Knile Barry ami 
John Blnvlo feaHircd. I* the nfrcrina hi?re for 

ntjplrt\i»e. Mr. l>e Doyn. Cam«iou Clemens, 
ftiepfi S. Olllow. Frederic ourt, Atthyr 
jhictinjian, Marie C-Jrti* and Sadie, RadcUlt+ 

fare escellent support. "Madame Snnt-Getia" 
orthe.aurent week. . ..-, 

HatrawaVs (aoha I. Sbahnon. »?ldeht 
mapaptr;i.--Ttir bill laat week wa» up to 
tbehleb, nandara ot tbls home, ahd wai 
unjoyed by capacity buaintal Ba Hora 
proved herself to be a ferr clever entertain* . 
cr, Ihfl Harry CctWd Clirto nnd eottDanf BHr M ° r b( .i 
presented a comedy playlet, "Strateiry, Aletnnd« jiuic 
that was «ot hu^lnsttvftl ly recelT«d. Cur* 
teat: 'Four Lavadors. Torn and Edith Al- 
mond. Bairn' Bros., Four . Walton, Grade 
Emmett and company, Dorothy Kenton, Oer 

acnt for each lrttrr, BUda written 

oroir for toe lett* r, alu'ied with ch« 

fall nim« and qddr*» and tke line ' UrVt lle>o: 

of bualoeM follo*nr#d Ity th« aender, ~~ 

mM»t alio be enclo*»?d 

Pleaac mention the dnt« (or num- 
ber) of the CLltTElR In whfeh th« 
letters • rut for vrerc ndTerUaed* 

unins- LIST. 

ACtoo, Laura 
Aicatr. T. M. 
Aort'-rwu Btleu 
Buicd, Boy 

l.ynn, Kaye and Young, Josephine Qaaaman, mlnal, Miss RnQia'i luonkeys, find the tlta* 
pare Nowlln, andCherry and BatM. £oit>- graph. 

iloln ffqwsrc — Lewis McCord and eonpanr, 
Adam«i and Brev, Adam3 and Mnek. MlUon 
and May, Clneres (3), Anno Chandler, 
Iiryant and Carter, Le Clnlr and Went, Crlm- 

mins and Doyle, and Butler Ilnvllnnd 

Oljtu yamaron' will give a nlano recital la 
Clilrkerlni; [lull. Monday auernooa, &. 
....— . „ ■■,...>■ . i 

SprluRflelil. — At the Court Square Th"- 
atrt ID. 0. Gllmorrv rnun.ijter) Andrew Mack 
was aeen Oct. '27, In "Arruli-na-Pngne.'* No 

J. II. Tehbetts, narjager).— Al- 
i« of^cnterjAlners ot,t h [f P°P- 

■Sn-cnt fortnik'lii. Andrew Mack nud wtrmer rewptlnn rould he ncooi-ded any star 
■'•-I greeting thnn-wns Rlvon hlin. Krltzl SchelT, In J-Mlle. 

; 'Arrah-na-Pogiie" rpcelve<l a cordial greeting 
uitrlag the pas*t wevk. 

Tjibmont Urio. R. Schoeffel, manager), — 
"Mndnm Bntterlly," presented by -SaTace's 
Grand Opera Co.. scored a decided success 
laat wees, to tlie utmost , capacity of the 
hoiisc. ; It will remain, during- the current 
$ek, ftnd wlll-b3 followed by "The .College 

Hollis 9T2F.ET (Isoac B. Blch, mnnacer). 
-Maude Adams, in "PoterFan," Ik now in 

Modiste," 30-;! 1, carried the house with her. 
It. C. Herz and Walter Perclval were not 
without recognition, A grand oration was 
given Mme. Mndieska, Not. 1, by a fair sized 
house.' Her. Lndy Mocli^th wan moat favor* 
ably commented upon. The others of the com* 
pany wore good, and gave the star able sup* 

Sort. Jefferson De Ancells Not. 2, "The 
tudent- King"' .1, Mnrie Cahlll fi, Nnt C. 
Goodwin 8. "DnbeMn Toylaud" 7, "TlicShep. 

bUS TON (J. 

Tflya. a jjooa Uu - 

ular house. T-rn'hfe Kcnney and Marten 
Flaherty, athletic exhibition,, wont big, n.n 
did the Todn^n-Itodney' Trio, and the %tock 
.-■orntmny ,lri "A* the Paciflc.*' Current : 
IrUmfl and MM-nn, Parv<4n and Orl»er, 
AIM Wilson. Uny and Taylor, Knrl ttttmrh, 
tlie Hostnn UloscuiH 1 feat urluic "'Thn lndlan'H 
Hevenge,"' nnd Hork i'oiupimy. In "Unclu 
TOni'a i:abid." Cnpaeit* Uufliue*^. 

Nute. — I'tinnyliind («i*»n. W. ; Carey, man- 
ager) ba9 been filled to orcrDowlni: all the 

XrxaoN* TiiKimn (Geo. n. Miller, resi- 
dent mnnnpen.— "The Social Whirl." Oct, 

the third week of her Indefinite engagement. " e *„, 1 1 Vil: 

Uusiliwi.'i is excellent, nnd the stnr and play ™- ond HU 

fcaTO been fnvorahly received. ■ ■krt«nx 

PaBK (Cha.o. I-Vohinan, Rteh & Harris, ^Jf""^ 

aan " B ^^^T^rUwKr«mnS a ^ §5. .rired a decided surresa. It« rmifll lor 

Fall niver.— At the Academy, of iiuslo 

(W. F. Miaon. resident manager) ,"A Trip 

to Egypt," .Oct. 29-31, played to fair return*. 

and gave satisfaction. The musical turn o( 

Fredericks Bros, and Burns,- the dancing ot 

riidebe Cardownte, the ucrobatlcs of Albert 

Dashlngton and the glutting of Daisy '-ng 

wero grod, nud worthy of mention. "Ruled 

herd King" $-10, "Twiddle TW riddle" 14, Rayjvoit the Turf," with (leor-de Mack, Nov. 1*3, 

"■"hcoek in, "Under Southern Skies" •ployed to jood business, and greatly pleased. 

Frank J. Harvey Stock Co- ivio, -Tlie 

Shadow Behind the Throne" lli-14, "The 

MaHter Workman" Kelt. 

i Savov (W. F. Mason, resident innnager). 

—Weight JUPriner. in "The Shepherd Klugi" 

gnvc a splendid nrodurlion, to go«l Inialnewc. 

-■ S-flpV. :.'.; -Cape Cud I-'olks" 5-10, "Cndfir 

„ the southern ^kles" 1* ' :. 

Before ffTntnwt'i (CIia«. &, Cook, manager). -r- 



A I roi. Ml la. 
Arnold, Mn. 
Aaiea, Ac- 
Aaki-r. .Mme. 
Beteotte, B-tbe 
Biaan** t*. 
Burns, Of>rtru>iti 
Ueosy, Clnlre 
Burke, Carrie 
Blnml. Adele 
liflin-it. Juhp 
Boyd. IJUInn 
Blnk-e. isalicl 
llobeock, iHM 
Iirnnr-tt, Arllne 
Barm?* Kntlierln 
Hot;, Lrdis J. 
I'.tjrCiT. Kurnlc* 
Bnttetle, NHIlo 
Burton, Roy, Lily 
Bep^on. Cryf tail 



Kdmund F.lton. Geo. C. Boniface Jr; nnd 
Tlmmns Thnriii' dl<l tlmlr Bhftre townwl the 
MetSM of the jpfttee. L«»iils Maim ami .Clam 
f.lpniau (ri'tnrn ilate) Nov. 2. 3, BesseM o' 
the Barn Bund fi, R H. Smhem nnd Julia 
Mnrlowe IJ.vriie.Prldt' of New.Vork"- 7. 8. 
"Mrs. Temple's Telegram" 0, 10, "My I,ndy"s 
Mft'fd'MT. ■<■■ ■ '.>- ■ '■ .- ■..•'•■ 

Poli's {Gordon' Wrlghter, mlueilt mana- 
ger).— Will ■> 3[.-„Ci'e«v*.ntid rBlanche^Dayiio 

time IH -Boston, will tw the attraction hefe 
dnrliic the current weel;. the second nnd final 
one of the engnjeement. Joseph Coyne and 
Mndge r Cricliti>n heed the capable company. 
"Tiny Rose of t.ip.;H*iiiebo'*. will have its 
preitiliic here on Monday even Ins, 12. 

UUIH (titnlr.' Wllhui*. •« ,-Nieolnl, mint 
jM ra ) ; _Tlic .tonjincy of i thlB.'hbtise.will bfl 
iftkert-up^on'-Moiidaj.- nftemoou..r»-hy John 
ahd EiitronrRny, Ihr 'Dotrn< tke.-Plkr." Bui* 
lilff the. past. WLVk ."Pninjtln^L the-Towii," with 
Ho)Hflay<-arid Ledbard,: amused /bi;t;_audl- 
eocei.'-c ' •*. - - b -' J »>. r, «a i »*".'> -•%' ■ -.-*b> 

. ailvD Opeha- Horst: »' (Geo. ■ W. Mngee. 
m'anfe*rh*"*--As'.ri-.j»uece»^r'in vThevQuoon-of 
jli^'IilchhlnderKrT.wliU'li .•utincte^'tinc i*h*^dB 

last week; v "Whch-,,thi;.'.- World Sleeps"'-.wlll JSftr^S-elnctiRtAiSr. !■'■ ... 
beijhe.nft-oriua: here; nine il>y<VhW ; wreIj.. r ^, L M,",^: -UVF. .Slua. Itnapacr).— ''BJUy.'; 
ViV.I(Ui-'.Pl , C8COLt;,,in iVA ; Chi!d->ofithe:,IlrtJI.. ni(i KWl " stilted the iiiatM0!«-&(;t.-Vi-27.-'r«e' 

" lloston!!tfHrt-^-31.^hwl:.Blt'**t , WH n ?l t ^ 
becu-said In praise of .them. Frnnkie^ifti fly 
Su reatuivd.. Clarence -Wilbur received Ills 
usual. rewptfon.. "A Trip tovKtfVrtt ^ v -:,?- 
X the Cracker. Jacks 0-7, Dan Sully 8-10, the 
Transatlantic* tMPL ■ ... , „ . -s,. 

Iv tub StAfin Rbai.sis.— Frlt?.l Scheff is 
cnloylng her tour through New BoghUM by 
iravelliiK entirely In her motor car, anil tak- 

luc In the benutlfiit Fall sceuery Many 

Sprlnglicld frlenda of Wm. M. Crew Mg 
ninpriici Dnyne Crewy, who have made their 

wotc- ttft:J>Ic.nttrai^tnns-oC.thc*itn&tftWeek'. 
Hat? Har.v.nrt ; -and /.Howard and ; II ward 
were otlio'r ciw<i; neln' nii-ili^ jiilll. . Card -wtfek 

Irving, Joui*.'. 

FOSterj. ami' 

■ were-otlifr co«i;aet>! nrx-xn^ jijuj. . c 
of .Tfc-a.V-Y*' ■ tSfrdilht "Septott'e.- lrvjn 
MWroIlp-LatwIe TrJo; Jennie -Veataan 
■indi.Gnrduer.'-tho .r.aker .Trio, fFfl 

I.usluexs last, week -wa« to cnpaelty. Jolini 
too and I-fartT, and Florenee Saunuera mnda 
tremendous hitR, Bill wc«"k of Nov. fi : Edwin 
Keotigh and company, In "A Hit of nianiey ; ' 
Chrlpt. Richards. Hat Ban's Beven Jnpanene. 
llogora nnd Deelry, Imlley- ltrothro, Ida 
(ilailBtone, iSumfiiiS. I-Imersou nnd iOmmous. 
and eaineragraph. . * t "•*--*. 

Bokton" (Chns. ■ achlPfllnKPi-..mannKer).— 
Bustaeaa- tit. ibbi-nonae m nlwnys up, to high 
otandnrd. ,nlll..wp*k i of,.Nov..f5 I-.J* ClfllMnfl ur „pp r( «■ 
\Ve*(,-'Dnni.Walniid)yhUiid UrtttletDlxl^. Thin Jm \2 i .jiioBo 
Jirvnrit.tMnvtWaldimri.-Rlrhajd Ilnnlon,: Una-, \iastiii\e Fnitttf-. 
tonecope. .and siockirrtvlowitit.' • -j - -.,-».* rieftman.:.Mrc*, 

N'|t<ii,l- l ;t.ifi.fJoN.--Wee|l i(t-*Nor L ,.r.:;Balloy. neaii " 

Brnntley. eorpln 
Bowers, Ka.e 

CatUerlih 1 
.._ y, Peat" 
hiiriia.', lewto 
Ittirne, dei-tle 
Cohen. THUe 
ChathRTn, Ktta 
Connor*, Unue 
(JhlWer*, flfscv 
CtnilJe, Tub> 

.May Fls(.r 
Cook, I/ivmn 
OWniM, Polore* 
OMfloTi. Cornlle 
Cury, Iloie 
Ptiyln, IMt'D 
Cnrnoy, Mse 
Crinvfnnt. lUa- 
Cinivroll, Mary 
('.due, MUdted 
Italy, te r se r 
BIsey. MndifO 

. - : 7 * -.Klttb* 
Dafrneau, Cldrn 
Umper,. Veiua 

1 i-~.\Wn Esitella MsnittrlJ. 
Fietdlnu. Qtrtrad* 

Mrs. Harry McD&naU. 
Fubruiau ili«.K -, Dolboii 

n«her. Minnie MeTlue, Olive 
mama. Tcarl Marten. Mm- 
(-'otter, Vclela Cjnii H. 

Farley. Dot McDonald, 
Otcer, Mettle . , Ja=*r B. 

Oravo, LILHou MkSo». Krlfie 
tirtffory, Busle MltcLcIl, 
Orantley, Belch , Ada Iitnf 

flivircf, Lll' LNor.'oo, Mnud 
<lilin»r«, litn <iruuc Carinilli 
Ulnditoue, Adu packird, Alice 
(llbcit rjcrtrude Post, Middiae 
Ullbort* t'itese. M«r. 
ni-a*»n. May Prewott. NeUJ* 
llnrrhy sl-arr-i Pieach Mre.O.A 
danldi'i', Ne.tle 1'mierniii, Flo. 
(l)trdt)M-. Ml'. & riiUbronli. 

Mrs. Jn.-k lln. l»ouLs 

Oaeiwtt.l, Belli' rngi*. Klwti 
UHlwt. Alll<* t'li'HixK Zolu 
Urtty, SI<M1« Ru»*ell. A. i'. 
Itliks, Klennor .-told, Helen A, 
Han-I j, Hohlpsea, Anna 

. Miiy He-1!' itnnaldo, F.ra 
HUBtaes. .liiwll, IdJ 

Mi-, Will II .tholrihatdt. 
Unary drnci* I Mpiula 

llanter, tlumford, Mlllto 

atrs. J. ft Rich, ftlnri 
Hrlem, Kdlth tehnn. MltklU 
jlorne, Mary .{o.i*m>M«*. Mr.i. 
llownrd, Jit-flte- Chive 11. 

Ilnrrtsoil. Mill' teoe-ts. WlUli 
JaysMwl IBanlo 
llowanl, Flo .tu»M*U Adelaide 
Hour}. >fnrle Jtntiultfn, Km 
HouhIou, Beniti* flhewell. Kinuto 
Joyce MftFnddy Hl.Ckilr Awlroy 
Jewell, l.ottln BpeuiH-r. MlW 
Manwn, MnUd sbivk. Mae ., 
JttckMui HuretM flarneita 

.lob. (loldle JUi-wart, .Murxi'i 

dronedr Mlasft' Hlory. Martoa 
Kelly Mr*. Tlio* stnvardnU-. 
Kt^liy. Mlllf-u Mrs. Jack 

Kelsef. Virginia fltvllle DeHaclu 
Kllue, Loulw .Htanky. 
Kiau, miik , . mmJX M- 

Ki-lU' Ihx<niond Hliori-n*li Mrs. M 
hfJa, l^la 'dll'-rlnail, 

l.n dn-cla, .Stoll \erono 

La Tfiiv. Clam Matt. 31m, o.M 
l.nnniiit!, Hhlekls. Miiiln 

KniiipcHu" Sniltl*. Itnttlu 
LlcdRnyi . . Hbnw. (DnilM - 

' ItfTtM i>- HkeMon . l.*;s*! la 

lAx«,' Jde 
AW, C, 

leo. H.J>by 

iiiitf Atrial i 
a it"y,,Kat 
Mack,' Fred 
Mann. ;ll. A. 
M- -.aillir, 3. 
Ma i(i hy & 

Martin ftMnrtlo 
Mack. BntU 
Meeker, Win. 
Moiber, F. il. 
Mtq»c*ttn A. It 
Miller. Caw 
Mnli-n. WRIi 
Mumefl, Clias*. 
Mef(, John 
MacA»oy, C. 3. 
Mack, Wm. 


Attrr" Co 
Monte.', O, T. 
Mi-nulug, W. C 

Mclean Itftr. f. 
Marshnlt, Jack 
Mnui-onf, Mnrlo 
Morlmcli. >M. 
Ma retail, Krrd 

Ul.'Cr*. B. 0. 

Mogw, Wm. 
llnrui Vln«-nt C MoC-y. <'. I. 
(luy Miililnml, I'tiUU 

J«rry My lie. John 
" II. Martin. Goo. 
McOlorle * , 

ami lb 
MeTiKi A Cnhlll 
Metii-y, Arthur 

Iftrjef J. 

Montana Co. 
Mlniey, Frank 
McCwv, HNW 
slaidinil Frank 
M^riieiKui Malt 
Mm-kiui.' W. K. 

.... II 

Gbi'l^mytbe A - 
Or^cne, Francis 
GotRtaud *lVd 
Creeoc, Geo, II. 
Harris, A\\t*& 
HyiatiJi, l'rca 
Heibst, Arthor 
MatriMu, It. C. 
Boesca, Nrd J. 
ftunUey, J. II. 
Hcd.Vh. B«rt 
UuDiuhrey Jn.'i: 

ileod. cut*: 

Baj.Uis. lien. 
Hammond J. H. 
Uuiikfii, Jeho 
HeumiDS Tbree 
UoT\e. Soynoar 
Itarlan, U. M. 
Beffron, THB 
Llarlej, SeEten 
ItiiBvc, Dick 
llKtttlng. Lents 
& Itcimlng 
ItelM-rt, W. C. 
BtM/key, Win. 
LlernaON, Mr. 
BliiehCllffe, A 

m fWatVr M«iiii*rr 
lias, I;. leUUfMC 

Kehwerln,- M. P 
ttimL 'rheo. 


ii hf 

jnnilen, I Wail * 

.*■" San.ieii 

SnlUtnn, lore 

urielty uitreto 

SnOrtey, Clark 

"tein<*r. Albert 
iiflMC, Mik* 
lieMon, Li 
Jblth. Frank 
httkue, E&. 
wteiii. too 

Sivor Bros. 

Sangren. 9nm 

SchTrnmky. Mr. 


^if c nirue.'.iTJ?flUN-At)iUitiLV.'l , i:lb.'. AuoJo DalW; Bahe 
i. Itiith-. Clarke,. "anil #1 IsceUc-* Bust- Brirtbar, fcdilk 

nineiiiraes-Tni'T -wi'L***.* 
ViVlnn ;i Prtacoiti' ."A Child -otvthei t tu& ■ 
■ meint." wm'Coolftil2^r..1w . '*• *"'-^. 
.:CASfLi:'- SOCAun-.tfinstoTi iSiase. Soeicty. 
mnnafeera).— "Trllby", ,: wlfh Ih'nls LaMon In 
The title role, is the Rtfiot company bill for 
week of 5, followiniz "Julius Cwfrtr." -which 
was fliiclv. prcsenlcd, nod drew out the usual 
;*ood pnh'hiinjje last week. "Jlonsleiu Bcnu- 
calre" tiext. 

Bijol' (John Crab, manager). — John 
Craig" and his stock associates,- In "A Trip 
to Chinatown," -enjoyed Hue business last 
week"! niid will continue/ Hint fare* ns the 
ofl'crinic for the current days. "Young Mr*. 
Wirtthrop" is in preparation 

nequilntnn.e nl their Summer 
Siiiiunre. N. H.. ael-'ed '»•* or 

home, Lake 

•rtiitiUy of 

Bowboib Squabr <G. E. I^thrnp mana- hanniieting; them at the Illshlnnd Hotel Oct. 

ger). — An unnamed play, by Mildred Cham- 
pagne, will be pitneniea by the Lothrop Stock 
Co-thl» week.. The title of the play will be 
decided" bv vote of the nudlences diiHhg th* 1 
week. "'The Life that Kllla," last week. 
"Hearts Adrift" next.. : - - -. ■ . . ■ 

KEftn'a (B. "P. Keith, .mshager).— A Mil 
of .even balance, for week jtt S^ .Includes; 


Ahout thirty sat down to a .«bb» 
menu, and a most enjoynhle time was had 
uhtll the small honn* oi morning. .....Pew 

ueopW in ibe audience at "Mile. Modltte. 
Oct 30, knew, of the trouble the orchestra 
wrttfrotttoudlnS with. Their music had gone 
astray, and they, were Obliged to play 'by 
„ car.. .R^tore the second act started the vrnn : 
Cecilia Loftua and company. Electric Crlckeis, d p madL* 4ts. app*?arnce from Worcester, 

Foir Fords, naasnnBca Alt's Arabi, Quitiey gn(1 harwon v wns restored "The Lion 

and the, Mouse" Ib to play a three_daya en- 

and • 
WnWl. . 

nom.lw n.\:t;l!enc.- ■ .: .. .■>«>■'. a*-"*- 

NOirBS.-^w; 'K-QiiInhffLoiad Oct.. Sfi,- with 
"Mv/Dlxey.Glir; Co..,anUMs homo i resting. 
. .'.fi: -...'Grace'- Cnthernn' -was* DP town list 
week, -visiting, bcr.brotrier.C. .11. ; Kerr,, pi 
•'ATrlp-td'KcvpfVW..': . . .UteHfl.ShoiweU, 
of "The Khophord-Klns" Co., cloaed ^T, flt 

lirocktori-. Dr.' Mart :i. -LmvIh. ona ot 

illc owners ot" the Academy of Music, died 
Oct 20.- 

i. i ■ • >■■■■ i ■■■»■ 

M'orceatef.— At the Worcester Theatre 
(Alf.-T. .Wilton, resident manager) "A Bo- 
ron nee of Coon Hollow" Not. &, rt. Bouuhh 
nnd Matlowe, la "Jeanne D'Arc, 7 : Leo 
Dcltrichsteln, in "Before nnd After." 0. ll». 
Loula Monn ami Cinm Lipman, in "Julie 
Bon Bon," played a return engngolnrnt Oci. 
20. "The Social Whirl," 30* had good re- 

he iTu nr. . Helen 
Boy. My riii*.* 

IViiiulnf. M.i'i-l 


Male, Jo 
Iinney r*'ibi 
Holt. Alf. 

Hoi.llHoti. J. 
Hunt. Ctinv 0. 
Howtird. II. B. 
Hrrberl, i.^nii 
Hole, ilea. a. \V, ft. 

Hill, Then. M. 

HSnet, Alf. T. 

Hutk'ii. Jack 

BnrrlaKl->n, Hal MmifileM A 

Humplirry, I Wllbm- 

.in-i. White MnrUnof. .!**. 
Unit, lull)' Mftiiii.-w*. C. 

Bo*itM. Jin-1: Metlratli B.nan 
lEoiinmi, IM. Mnn-ny, J. K. 
IleiiU-j, .!*»• iMi'Wntorn. A. 

IlaJara, Got. l*. Mltdieli, l- 

Manpy, FnlX IMnnl^n, Win. 
Hiillcj, J, H. iMftlllnnwa AHh 

Hdiigeroa t'.M.J Mivdann *- 

UftCfoy. Hsrry 
Hoey, ilwi. 


ltohnea, O. N. 
Hale. Hiinoy'iil. IXrti 
Urnrv, W.AL 

M.iore. De«'. Au*» 
\'.i -.-[■•'. K< ' 
Mnek, Wm 
Murphy & 

Morion, J. J. 


.•Jltiddeu litis- lh(i 

Tomi>i* k , Lii''lo 
■riioycr Gfrrirwl 
Thorndyke, , 

Lilian T. 

«*p.- Murieii .■ 'Miiuwrjui .... 
aBrMir,' -Atfirk* Tllltiloii, IRM 

lo-nr, Mn.'.' . Tinv, i-cnh. 

Lawmvei d. 

| i-n'ti^r, .NJiin 
],*fni). i llnl'y . 1 
loekli-irl.* ■ . 

Pliutlra 'ThonpMan. - 
l.nWlati, 1 ' Mirtu- « ■•■ Mhl>l.H. 
UfldOeo. THcllon Vao, -Fnuiiln ,- 
MtOlllh Fvelyh Vprliou, Little, 
Mait'inui, Mil* VauMra MaMi 
MernlUb,* '• ." Vk)«Wit,.'.Gl«w 
Mrirry -' Maraaiet Van SmmK ' 

iv alar niw Harlan, .Dim ' Marie 

Karle OomtliyK Minor. Mrs. W. yed.ler„H«dle 
liniiuy. Miw. Murihn; 1. 1* '.Vernon. Mr-v. 
FveRMD. Isabdll -IBM Le»y Wleman, Kasle 
Ktiurne, Maud itfwm .„ , hMnicliw 
SrtsaM Rose ! Balsy WM* nana. Mrs.W 
KmerrVon Mre.M'Mclvln. Fell* -Whit*. Gora 
Firemen IMniixHed, iWnodliUT, Qftra 

¥m M?,'. Frank! dertrude! V.mer, Mar 

1'ck LUllun. tilacOreiair Altr^iWlaMaoi Juliet 

Chick Mnnlnmiv. WfteAWAJA . 

FeatliOrlr Ber(h«! tmllle C. 

Vvelyn O.'MaiilwIi. Manrle'tfnihnnrn Allew 
ForalicrL-. Mai'"' 11 - Mlriam.Wheeler, 

lleWrlcl UlllHira, May I 

Bnj*.'Hnrv«\vC». Miiiflilm, Ram 
Horari, rkMla Mumtft, Tokl 

llitrdey, Urn- [Maeiil, Mu*i<-nl 
luW i'.;F. . Martin. -HI.- R. 
lii«rnra,i W' D. 'MllttVi-.- F.' W 

Iir«Rv Chan. did. .il./lok. Al... 


Irvw.u. J"Liu - 

itMco, cii-h. n. 
J^uo. iQwi 

lack -Mn ,«Mr* 



Mnm0i i 

Wabroaki.* :, 

Thos. Q. 
Sheldon. Will H 

Usntoa, Bngh 
'inn. MaBet 
■ hcL^sril AiiTiia 
3 torch, Cliff 
.brock A lUrt 
leeley, G.AV. 
uro, Al. Paul 

Ilarrr W, 
ntlon lUKllty 
horaWl. Jos.C 
holly Garret C 
olrer, Kiucefle 
lull-m A Sultan 
huiih. J. II. 
right*, J. W. 
.iilllvnn Jon. J* 
lldmnu, Hnm 
ttahl, I viiii 
Onvui, II. A. 
Swan Aj . , 
M tabard 

Willi* P. 
luUlrnn. J. R. 
Hi-.M. I ten 
• tn-'.c. Daa 
•nyiler A^ 

twlndel* ArcUlu 
Mi-ii.i,-. It. C. 
ytnnrt A 


rtenmnion, A. Q- 
!4ti-li'k«*r, Wm. 
Smliii. Olia*. 
Mlrar. H..L. 
Muni-or-l. limy 
t'-sfftirtP. The*. 
r*|HMi«»r, Lew 
ttylreiter, ■ . 

V minor, Wm. 
Tn.iii. Wm. 
hn, Uliaa. L. 
Tviuiey, K. 

Taylor, T«l. 
Thnmiignn. B. 
Terrell, P. R., 
TroKler. P. .T. 
M .(lea. M.; r 
Tt.ulmnun, ■„•!'« 
rowt-cit Krjmry 

Tentey. .■*?.!«« i 
rnolflfv'on.,. •,. ', 
.iwrr SI. 
Tally ' 

..., He .MJto 

.inlrtVi.Juno . , 
Jnlklut.*' llpmcr Miller.' r: 


Mnlniiey,-,U'iii. .'fhnrberiPItU 
Mutrhy fom. Co Turner, '" 
. MffMrtalp-. 
"Mnikrtftod, ■ 

" -.Ml-'kii 

jickkuii, Kd. 

..1 , ! iM I'. . Jftlll 

Jnlin'aon <:ar. 


turua.- Darld Wftrfield. In "The Music Mas- >[(,»,*. j.uiiaa UidtleiL.TneWwhw*-., J. . 

ler,'.' Nov. 1, came to «. a. G.. nml groat on- 'T^ I 'tt'hrtte..t. Marin 

tluislnsm. lTie Blf.ek Dyke Hand, of. Queens- OEWTLRMEN'S LI«T. 

hotf ll BnirMnd A toB^;oitronng_5 ( 3 ! _, :1 ^ fc i^ BUlf | W rbW. ■ IWennort, r. U 

■lir.ii, .I'iH, I n.l 

Joiicm. Irvimf 

,'ft.:i>n*, John 

JnM-iil'.i, doo. 
Jolinnione, Thro 
J nan. Chris 
Kelli-r, 11, 

John Jr 
Kcnney, Jick 

Barry II 
Krai**, Win, 
Knlll, N. J. 

.Mfimi T. <'. 

I. Mcllnnlli. Armrt'l 

»ffihais'S«.«a¥ (|f 'R°Bntk#, reslJerit 4*5itt .^'ft, 
maiwgarl,— JeStwon Ot AagMIs, In "Tlia «"PiW»«! 
(llrl ana th. Oov-ernnr," S; firewnl, nppcar- 
nnc* oi Mme. UoOJ^ikn, In "Matbetb,"' 1, 
••Undfr Soutncrn. Skies" S-ll). ■Trlt*l SrhoJ, 

Bros., ■ Welch, SEcirlev and Montl'ow. 9am 
Kllton. Havrr Brown, CoUimWa Comcilr Pour, 
L^lla Taylor, Dark anil ftartli'tt, will Mend 
and '"SparKle," Prampln Trio. Noble Slstjrs, 
aadatir motion pictures. Busiaeas contlaufls 
a: Si capacity mark. _ ;■ 

Obphkuii , (Percy Williams, managor).— 
'J'ho fr'aya and Josephine Cohan nnu company 
are headliners on this weeks excellent bill. 
Others or note Are : l-'red Nlblo, Tom Na*n 
and company. Era Sludge, A. O. Duncan, 

casement « the Court Sonaro Theatre In 
Dercmber. . ..Rmce. Edwards, general man- 
ager ot C. B. Ullllnt-bam's enterprlsw. waa 
here In the enrly part of the pfsl week.... 
At a meeting of Local 15. Billets and Bill 
Posters of America, held Sumta)-, Oct. 28, 
the following otflrers were elected : g m. 
Allen, preildont: Tony Luta. \. 1'-: Paul 
Davis, secretary and treasurer: "erbert 
Hu . w.„,-w,., r .« „___.,_. -- . pisher, sergeant at arms. Mr. Davis wm 

Three Delreck Ul-0B„ Valonl, and the Tlta- nlg0 act ng b U3 i neRfl manager and recording 

israph. Excellent bills keep this near house 
crowded twice dally. , 

Howard (Jay Hunt, business manager).—- 
A first class vaudeville offering for week of 
6 Includes: Oans-Nelson fight pictures (fourth 
and final week), Carroll Johnson, Tnnner and 
(lllbert, Buckevc State Four, JMmore. and 
Darren, Banaotta and Lyman, Musical ^Mod- 

leaqners, In 
neas prevails. 

1'alm.e (C. II. Waldron, manager).— Phil 
Sheridan'. City Sporls are here r.-10, pre- 
senting two lively burlettas nnd an olio, which 
emiiloys: Levlne and Alma, Mina Stanley, 
llvde 1-amlly, and Bold and (iold. lllco & 
Barton'. Bin Co. fared well during Mat week. 

Columbia (II. X. rnrrcn, manager).— The 
Wine, Women and Song Co., one ot the best 

secretory. .One new member, .Chas. riaBp 
lugs, wa"s t aken In. 

Lynn. — At the Lynn Theatre (Frank G. 
Harrison, manager) "The Student King 
opened last week, playing to good business. 
On Oct. 3i) the Elmer Stock Co. played a 
tnlng houses with 

2) Two i-'nnttis, Butler llavlland, the return engagement, owapolng houses nitn mnW S „fiy, In 'Thi 
•dscooe and the popular house bur- -.he Salem Theatre, "The Student King ThK plnr or egtnl mu 
rah? "Right There?" S II. O. butl- solng to that city. "Ilntaa.) leans'' did c 1 irr | P S „ oc eonut of fair bnslnes. 31, and on Jhe evening of Nov. „ r0 p. O'Brien, a lo._. 

of the principal parts. The advance sale was 
large. "The Prince of Egypt" B. "Holly- 

] Mills' Blsck Dyke Bnnd played, Tom 
Waters, In "The Mayor of Lnaghland. en- 
tertained Nov. 2, 3, dohiK n good business. 
Tlie Bennrtt ci Mnulton Co.. Ira Newell, man- 
ager. Is the attraction this week. "l.npe 
Cod Folks" 12-11, "The Shepherd King 

Acnnonmi (Harry Katies, jnanflger).— 

'Under' Southern. Skies" 8*tl>. - 
In "Mile. Modlnte," Oct. 20. came to 8. H. 0. 
"The Student Klnt" had good patronage 
Nov 2. 

Pott's C.t. C. Crlddle. resident mnnaser).— 
Week of ?>~. Bolntld West, In "The Criminal.; ' 
BohM North. Duffln-HcdcAy Tponpe, Donas 
nnd llmmell. Chan, nnd Fannlo Van. Kreisel a 
docs, rats and monkeys. Daisy Harcourt, and 
the elect rogrnpL. Buslnesn continues excel- 
lent; _„ ' 

PAM TutATar. (Alf. T. Wlllon, mannger). 
— Week of 6, die Jolly Graai \Mdow». In* „ 
ciiidlnit tae Sfarrow Trio, Oardcp and Somers. Aroi#teciiB, 
Gruot and Gruet, Ruth Ererott, Arthur Clam. . Clrfe 

ugc, Tillle Htorke. Mnlda Bnpree, nnd Gcoige Alexander U.1I. 
Gubi. Business la very good. 

nO, . | ' ' ■ — 

Noriii A-lnm**.— At the Empire (John F. 
Sullivan, mannifor, "A Metwape from Mars. 
Oft. 2R. pleaaed nn nppi-eclatlre audlena*, 
' "The Ulntcli Maker." Nor. 3. 
much Interest in theatrical 
>f the appenmnee of Rich- 
ard R O'Brien, a local hoy,' who take* on> 

Apfletwn. Chat. 
Adams, CUflr*. 
Anderson* Pear 
AreWf, Roht, 
Aleiamler, ■ 

- RnfiMll 
AJfltarlor, Wm. 
Archer ACrocker 
ArJpli & Shi« 
Andrn-i, 'Lewis 
ArCjier ATuckei 
Aflker. Clco. 
Adams, Cnas. 

YAA\r 6: Co. 
Aihl.y, HI. Geo. 

•IkWir. ' 
^I.nwrence Paloy,. J. 
6li«s'mL L; Pouwlly. Jas.B 

Corl^tt, Jaa. J, IFAnilaii Client. 
CarlJn, ktobr. , iPcreiido, l**> 
Crotty Trio - Rfrto, P...' -- 
Cross, tiM R. 'Rlllott, .0. L. 
"allnnau VVultcr ljt»en*»r, Fr*d 

linn. Geo. 
;,fiwfl) [*.i. 

- W 

Mnrry, lnarj 
Mrtriiw. . T. "' 

ire, mu 

fie i urn, Jos. 

iolro, ,lus. 

'o'.iwuiii rimi.F 
N'ewmon. Hurry 
\p\vmiili, Garry 
Xonnun Bnt-v.B 
Nevnrro. (UIW 
f)*»l.»rn, W. 11. 
OlllilH. F..I, 

week. Bonltn heads the company 
luirlcsQuca, nnd vaudeville Is presented by 
lcnrrnoiul nnd Clnytaii, Allan Cooean and 
comnanv, -Alexander Cam ArmsnouK n pony 
hallet, nnd Fern. Hem. Mull In Unci Llebert 
ttHo copjodv quartet), the Jolly Grnsunld- 
owi were In profit nbte evidence last week. 

LvtkuM (G. H. Batcheller. ronnnper).— 
Good entortalnmettt is promlicd by the Itniw- 
atmntiea, wno are here on rhai ac-eoml Bos- 
ton visit thla season. "The Fluid) Dunn Con- 
spiracy;' ft two act burle«i!H. cnanaes tko 
ctunpany,. nnd meniloncd hi the olio are: 
Ilfrkfiis and Eniewou. Smith unit Ardo, Co- 
fouli nud Dovk*. Friend nnd Unwulmr, »«« 
llownrd Bros. The Cracker Jiiuka i-epcntwl 
former Rncec*«es during tlio i>nsr «'pck. 

AL'STIS & STUXE'H Ml-HEfSI (A. «• J™ f* 

mapngof)."— Col. White h novelty, 'Little 
Codcv lalitml," holds over CM nnotlier wert 
in crivlo hall. Amonp the fen lures nrc : Two 
Klnnt oxcu. Louis Uenuvnln. . cornedy one urn 
athlete; James Mauajr. Irob skull nuirvcl; 
Flunk LetiUni. Ilirto leyesd Adonis. Ma- 
thllde, giotchque woman jugfrlef : W« Tin *< 
iniirlonettcs. Trlile, queen of miakc gutp- 
ers, abd Bi'n Hur. the hlB,J l «w»»' l" m ,°, 
theatre arc : Mlnatifl Mtld*. Inti-nducluK 
Violet Bale. Ida CaniphejL firaeo Tnlcdo. 
Cl»r*a"Blci>le. Viola; Crawford, Cassia Vreuch, 
Allco Berwick, Marie Peplta ubd lereeitu 
Bolhr, Frhnk Cook. Harry, Fn*tt*r. IK'ury 
Myera. and «tar vaitdoTdle hy floury Mai *j, 
Baruoy and Ikilly Flyuo. tolley mid lifllc. 
MfUTrlce HamrclL and uew laovlnit plctniee, 

., Snyder and 
Buckley, 1'imt/ei- Trio. Kennedy and Wil- 
kin". LewlH McCord nnd compauy. MH the 
vltnsrnpb plernrej. A large picture of lie 
delrmiti's to the recent national eon vent ion 
of uentrlral Htnee eiuployw. held In Boaton, 
now ndorus I he wnlls of the green room 
of (Ida theatre. „ . 

Oem (Charles \V. Sheafe. raapaficr).— 
Dtialneaa It* blR nl every perforManre. The 
current bill Includes: Foster nnd lltiRhrK. 
IMdlo nnd Bollv Mcelians lilsle Weal. Travis 
Mid BurklMilm. the lleiittles nud Slicnfen 
uiuvlmv pictureH. . 

PnUNbAkn (Lord A Bowulnc, mnnnserfi). 
— BuslnesK la reported to lie pwnl. Manager 
Dowulmt 1m* H'V'n-ed the serrlcw. of George 
!■'. Bansolt, lu NhiMtratod sougu. .A ioue list 
of movIiiK pictures h uunlu ami here. 

S\le.m TJiEATCi;. Union H»**orgo 11. Cheet- 
dhc niounniT).— The niwlnir Pictures of the 
Luna-NeNoa llajtj »**■ eihlhlu-d. hero r.. 
■■The'Mavor At Lumrliland" «. "The Volun- 
teer Organist" 7. Tlie Klmer Btuek Co. did 
;i bl« biSnM last tWt 

Xtrtiik.— The Frauklt* Carncuter llertcrtor>* 
Co. parted ofl It's tour of the Now Kti Bland 
circuit r»; opeulDK in VTcit tarry, N. IJ,, und 

will make an cxleuded netlaoii Iho E. 

V. Pbeliiii Co. will commence luhcarninj; thla 
week for the New BajrBM circuit. 
i ■ 

Lowell. — At tho Lowell Opera LIouho 
(Cahn A (Iran}, roanauers). laat .week. L $/p 

To-fit" Q. 

(ticiiMoiiD (M. B. Taylor, resident mana- 
err). — Business nt this hoiiMe. under the new 
nmnncetnant. eonilmics lo be ituinc-iipe, on nc* 
count of (Lib exceptionally lliir» bills presented. 
Bill week of Oct. 2» Included Mnrphy awl 
uuiiii, AAnlr and Ilenny. DMtarf ninnlkiiiH. 
Flwood and cDinpaby. .1. F. Dooley and com- 
pany, nnd the vltngrnnb. 

Lnwrenee.— At tho Opern Ilmiao (OrAnt 
& Ctihii. mnnnsers) Die Bennelt & Monlion 
Co. ItnUI tlir* boards week of Oct. •an, to fair 
huslnenB. Sliepard'i; ntovlnir nmturea- did 
gerwi buslne". Nov i, lucludln(t matinee, 
I ton not I A Mmilton Co, I"*, moving nlviure* 
(i. Oann nnd Nelson ilahl pIclureH .. "Thi* 
Vnlunieer iirsntilst" K Mme. Modleskn, In 
"Mai-bcth," 0: •'Human Heart a" 10. 

CruoniAL. (J. l^ml Lees, iponajrorl.— -The 
[lopnlni-liy of this vattdftTluO bouse Is Iwlnir BS ltot )crt 
KiHplfoated unci, ihiy hy the aU-ad ly mdreaj*- KOfi, olota 
limlmsIucKs._ Bill we*dt.of 5: Tliebe,, ylh - 


Ariiinr, (lua 
A-lnm** A Alack 
AL-m-Iln, Hino 
AmWion, I). A. 
Aiexaifier Noble 
Areljw i , 

Barrett. Albnt 
Bradford*.. Tlie 
Urook<. Ilanej 
Bern le, Lew It 

W. R, 
BIJou Com. Co. 
Blieknnnn, Rob. 
Bali*;, A 


Ben son. 

j; t. (duo 

Boyd. Wm. II. 
llnrron, (leq 
1 1 ■- - * *-■ 1 1 >■ . Arllutr 
Ihchmxiin CM, 
Brown, Ken; K 
Bra.d«han R, F. 
Ilcnuelt, \V. J. 

ll"!,'^'.!!', / E 

Barton, Jnllnn 
BtnhkK, Kd. M. 
Bli'.r, .-■ M. 
Ben ton. I"n 
Bcun, F. IL 

tf Vf*t n't MriiKvii (L. B.' Walker. waoB; Oafla-Nolson flght pictures were received with 

ier).— nrcellent ebtcrialnmcut, i« Mrnlpjied r r>inu**iii*" lit i«*a.h'»* vrowdr, Oct. ^9. mntl- 

Top- week nf n, In tta curio liail, hy Beatrlco uoo ao d night.' Direction, JtinW Ne 1 ; ciirl*. 

OIM. rrpllln c-ontiut-ror-; Ell .Bowen, 1 Ihe || C j fln annouhcet, and V. k^Westbeld, opr-ta ; 

Orf-Bt -Balhroun, Unu.of tOBgltf : • Muntoim tor. Daniel Sully nwclved hh usual Jordlo 

Joe, and l'rof. Lnicb's rubcli ind Judy. The wHcomo. SO. ..11. Ib ."The Matcb Maker.''' 

r*MN "hn-i ' K pVen. W Mariln nnd.Do, o, -The amdant King" dellehted nb eudleno 

Dinting Freda. Will Beverly* Howard'* Mn* f .'goodly alto Nov. l. the cotapfloy btlng 

s.*one. and Nellie HartfordA Burlwauer*. TfPJ cipuhle. and all the musical numbers 

Manager Walker has purcrsttBn the old Feo* f ;e]05 encored. "Under Southern Skies" has 

lt-f Black mid i-omnnny, Milt Wood, Johnnie 
-loftus, I'n-d and Fiuili-y. Aluxls und Hchull, 
Brimtlnll r*f**tcr>*. nnd moving plclure*.. 
.— . i ■■■* 

New Bedicrd.— \\ the SVtv Bedford 
Then t re (Wnl. B. Croat", maouger) "Under 
Moniberf Hklen'-* camu Oct. flO. The Gnne- 
Niton i'lgUt Fktnres Co, was forced to dis- 
miss the omtluw! audience, owlua to low 
voltLiKL', but hud u hir«n and uuibUBlaatle 
houiL night of ad. Week or Nor. 0, Adam 
Good Co., beaded by Beeala Overton and 
bunny HlimuiJii**. - - *' 

HtTitAWAV (T. B- Bnylic*. mabmrer).— 
Buklnesi la Bond at this house in spite of 
bad weather. Til* hill for week .or ft in- 
cludeu: Cnttiell.J'owfrs, Troupe, Ed, Kngor'a 
Twelve Cntton HloswtJs, Kobe. Welsh. aBd 
^ffttttiaV, »»*ir»». nit**y nod Koi, llohln. the 
Juftltr,, and tlUgrapb,.- ■ ■-,,,,. -». 

■Kwi (Wm. it, Maine, raknitgAr).-=-The 
* *-ee too ' " 

mdoaiiement la nadllig. the place trio ajnnll 
ror.tho Uualnew being ittb , ft* week 
moving plctureft flmf Algflt and Havli. 

Jamks A. Hrt.funi* is In hlil. twelfth 
wrok at principal comedlab, nllo doing his 
moMnfue, in one, with the Cbauncty Kelf- 
fer Co. 

iirletun L.tismtf 
Boyd, Itnynvmu 
Iiyroil, Frank 
mMsWatj Four 
BhIor, ft, 8. 
Motane, If, ,\. 
Ik'iiun. f»»l* 
UCBiird Oaiton 
Biirwi., AL II. 
llmltnril**. , r ru<! 
ttn.ui). lint w. 

»Wu. ti. 

Mcowu 0. Will 

fljo*;n, Geo. E. 
luuii-ori llfiitotl 
Pen llmnadJ, A. 

lil. urlfll. IM. 
|w..--:i-.:f. AJ. 
liraditwk, »'. 
B-jOIomu, B; II 
Mw>y. Weal"" 

Rohfliwwo & 
,: ,-- 0>rer 
hrowti. r. e. 
Hry.%1. jm . 

Mf-iui' v, Millled 

itMhmnl. Jcs.t 
Ihirwi). Ertrl d 
nellflatl- Bear? 
Hlalr AMfNollv 
Benneti, Maw 

Norway, Terry 
Jrocker, Jobs 
Clifton, II. H. 
rdltfvrd. Frank 
3aawtsn, w. 9 
'Jllnton, Ben F. 

Cox. Sidney 
Crawford. Lew 
Clayton Frank 
■Jsrter, Mr. ft 

Hrs, Curl 
Ctonlon, B. • 
:.'arey Harry B 
?tMe, Warren 
Tolliuro, IL L. 
DlniTifin. IS. T. 
Cirlewn k 


inrinc '• c. 

ClainH'iH, C. 
CUlfonl. Ja*. 
Cnril**, floM J. 
Colby Family 
JlDmnti, '-'■ D> 
Carroll, tea 
Cmniorty, .Ins. F 
-,'lyil.-, Jcliti 
fWCfJPf 0*0, ™ 
I'n vii nnnrli Jn"' 
ColtOiiV, Th* 
'f!M,i,ly. John 
'Visitor, 0*0. 
jsJimngA A*a 
;Vi||iiiiii A 

Collins, iieo. H. 

CllffiTrl. P. 
rjfUfAi Will 

Clark, Harry V, 
Connor. Jhh. J. 

Ociulijp. Kddlt 

oer. Bay 

'Jel Cifcula.-'A. 
no Cnrto 1U1|iIi 
bads, J. I*. 

nil'ksoti Alt. r. 
r>u law, c. 
Oe Xj,tik, R. 
Ocaeuea. A. 
QtBUV. Peter 
TMroy -A Miller 

r.iliol. Cd. 

Ksfobar, A. 

nils, ft. 

InifDi't,* He 

:moiet, Ixsonurd 

•; a babe 
Rranaett. Oh as. 
Klwood. I'rlnro 

bdk'k, Vic. 

'*•»;. K. . 

:ii:i*»r. Fred 


htosftaan The 

Miuufj'lw:) W.J 

;>\x<\T<fo, ciiasi' 

Hck. Tom 
Karle, Ira B. 

grans, iiom-y 
".lmilKb. miiy 
Foni-i-r, Leon 
Natcher. rieoj. 
Flint, Bouglas 

in*.* Chan. H. 
rands 'Oat' II 
•*he\t, Wsi. I. 

'•MOi-cur*. Kd. 
-"rlquH, Jules 

'ittgwaM. Js*. 
Frlek*, Wm. 
r-'rwieilfki 0-wq 
Fox A Wanl 

■■.■■,|-.r, A. 0. 

FrJwfsTi Tiia 

icirdscy, B, J. 
Fljiley. Klmer 

Ferantos Barry 
Fyi*e, Uj CJnym 
Foster, Leon 
FJao.1. F. A. 
Fay. Robbie 
L-'crikin, Jan. 

FrMkl, maanH 

FerTlH, IL 
Fern. Harry 
fwncfi F.'V. 
Fslknir, FrW 
Ftoioeu & MUrr 
Fly.. John II. 
Fn-K-li, Mr. 
Fritter A Urif-lien 

wwm fnv 

Hi. John 
pair. Wm. Ft^od, F. A. 

r )eVondr*> Thret.Fletjk, Frank .T. 
rwior. Mr. Franu, Brio 

fitrciida, L'*o- IFtaiici*. . 0. 
Burn** IinlU-T'l FflrrelL Cliff 
tihii f*-,ii.ti. 

Sin in, i-.ii, 
elrich, C. R. 
Oleotts, Joa Vf L 
Ofrlllo A L'riuk 
l>rr, -Will 
Oniramler Rntnl 
Ohl, ffhikk 
OriUlc A. Frank 
Orill. Frank 
Oill*oi tl 
■ TrouliS'lones 
Ontel, FriWldle 
O'ltrleii, Nell 
(JjWUi, O. K. 

Phiys, Th* 
oiile, Bobeit 
llelier. I'rci 
PBkarde A 

Came i 
Potter, II. Il 
Purvb*, Bob 
Pnrnoqt *■ 

Peltier. Kugenc 
Paul, Frank 
ferry Frank V. 
Poulter, Walt. 
PHMer, Wm. 
Price, Ooo, 
f > oniiner,.A. J. 
Pierce. Krnmll 
Powell. W. 0. 
Park. P. F. 
IvmliKT, A. J. 
Filller, Win. ' 
i-i.f-i'i^, F.iUttne 

Piltskow, f.nill* 

Pearse, Disk 
Hmw. o. 


KfU c 'buatrelll 
(Earn, AVn 

Kane, Leounrd 
Keop/dy i~ 

Broi.' fluon* 
King *t Ballsy 
W«n, f. M, 
k si, i! v Cbst. 
Krpoikn, Tbeo. 
Kirniry, Arnold 
Kaoly. On. 
KtliDcdy ,a 

: will* ns 

Kelly, O*o. 
Kolls, Pst 
Krulse, Win. 
Kelly flnraey at. 
Kay, Ohm 

Klmor B, 
KalK J- W. 
Kir by, Jo» 
Kelly. ChnH. J. 
La Vaiuo, 
Lnhlng Arth. 11 
Ldlolti, Hurry 
Lsvlae, Arlbur 
Lotard, Lilly 

.Francis W 
LmHi Billy 
Laird, If. 0. 
La yard, Wm. 

Lriflit/Hi.Ja*. a UiUjUf, KinuK 
Lflflwo llutry A ilnfeaj, pat 

bertha (fc.i ilic'Iuti curtu 
Uke. cjlmidf Tciley, Will, Him RuMiiliainu. 
Lavirnle a- I Mlilme 

Lavarnte BeRse, Hartey 
LarrMt. Jul* * Unae, Jack 
Ltffln Plotitcyll tlthiinnln. (In 

rrui*i , ll,.C^.O., 
t'lis-'niio, nris , 
TuMrtr.-O: D/ 
Vniiy.' 'J'^fNli .»■:.. 
vefid. 0." •- 

VlijHr.* CUiyot 
Varllln, Paul- 
Vinhur. Ih. m. , 
Vmi, ■ Qaa*u- 
Van nam w.-c. 

' rurlellesi The 
. iiitmann, wm. 

>Vn|rn|l, JlrQ f 

Wllllnms Jno. r 
Welsh, .1. 0. : 
"Weyl'iu-n N*«l" 
Whaln Oil rilli 
Werner, 8. . 

A'HlECl, Jss. 
Will*. A.jyV* ' 
Wtniiwortll, v , 

' ' liahy 

.Vhllelioad Jrx* 

*Vali»rinipy. . O.N 
Ward A CO., - 

Woitlhtun, fllfrl 
Waldorf A. 

Mendei (2c.) 
iVIUlp, Fred 
y-ilcn. W1IIU 
.Vlllls, Tlie*. 
Wkalley A„ (i . 

Laraen, II. O. 

u-ai*. I'm nk 

Lit Veeu, 
i^», Bcnry 


John II 



1,1 it. 

iliniK.i, c:t-e. 

Lnselifllpr J. F 
iJlinre, Kruost 
le lloy t , 

1>: Favflr Bros, 

l^Wf. |11«rnr 

t.kcsii ,■ Wltfred lilvelo, Hmiki 
r.f^.rJto Ik-rmin tbu^lon, llllly 

i.-siicr. (n.'.v. w.HiiK'u, Bert 

Lt lllAtir,]|»x, Balph 

LsrHTimah im.f, "■'*■■•'* •--" 

Lumback, P. 
).s Itos*', iieft 
lean Hall Louli 
Lfiovntra, J, ' 
Latldry, Nni 

.Vhlte, Larpy- 

.Vii-rf Family 
Vnlioa Irwin B 
Vrvt A Benry 

Volte Sloe I: <> 
Vllllnma, Joe 
Vllli.'on Herbrt 
Volt, Adijer 
Vllllsiai, Boh 
'Vcnriek. n. li- 
ves). Al Bert 
Vard, Ilappr 
Vllber, «ryl. 
Vrtfi, Wiln-r 

vidie, Bay* 
Vci.b Walter 
Vmi MinSt. Co. 
Vrayer Colonel 
Valel. E, C- 
Vlltvr, Oainrl, 
Wsii "i. FtM 
Vlllfl. Arth W. 
Tel*lrr llowatd 

vlliiams FrhlH 
'liner, Walter 
virh, f/w 
'esion. Bam 
/fitpiiiph, tl,. 

■ Mr-. ,Jpa- 

Vfiaii. iVnttlf 

Vlllimii,,, 'foni 1 
\Vr.wla'ariI, ■ . 

«jil.», Jrik {?.' 
Blillalaw, ia,. A 
mi o. Trail 
• I). IT.I.l 



llu^K-lt. l/mlh J . Ti,uhd, t. 
J sj, rnl ftrMav .* 

KaWn, Jr,.,, lliinwrll 

BnliWn., dial 1. YAUtilf. C 

i. . . J*vf.»iij,rflii<Ml h imaitil. 

llaijr.1, Jack iZllnm.rrrt'11' 
?r<..r.ljti«,_Wlfi Wlllj 


M«!j MKllVl 

r>l.rf->, llrl'J' 
tlatlloc N. 1! 
,>atl>, fll". 
*>c. fjiatlut 


, r il. Mil 
riFiilla, o*i. 

iU«ln, I'latl 
-, ", . , Pairlll-S 
rl.r.tJ. rtfilik 
.1ol5«o. Matt 


uwklnMn W'.C. <lr)M»in, J.ek M,.r inr**ii, nn 
Ta#a., It.naln ulfcry liaftry 
niirrlaf, Arllrn Ullta Mark r. 

nrotWr.- II., .M H Claii. H, 
nHSttm 9!Jua: lafrllnfif. ■ w\ 
filll.Ciitia wo. 'i*..! 

Dill h Watrl I iijnor, N, 1!. 
IVlMlor.-, - . . fjohUH-f. 7t»V» 


^'1.. 'Caih 
Orlirtinnr,, 1-'. 
D.rli. El 

f.ow^aw'0aillrarirr» .Arth. 
» 1 rnnaii;, ci»r> 

nr>lav>,, ) Itiroian. Wlrrt k 

fttr* .AH 

rr.flhllf, Cl.t-K 

— n; In*. ™ 

, flllllrn. Arehl. 
loarliirl, A.'E. 

W.K I'd rlOlllUA AMI 

111*1,111 H Or' Till: 

iocrn. ; 

■]1j.! Dontiiatn Ilnllway iinilr.ntir'r.i. tui- ap*ft 
n« nf ibo wlntfir tr.nrlhi iK-r,.po by dip plar- 
la,/, on .nlo a( U'iuinr Kictualan 'I'lclralnf ta 
ilia r.aoru »[ III.! Carrilina.,, ilonrnln, Viritlm 
nnA Cilia, 'fit*.? tl':ii'.tH iro nn vol.! Nov, 1.1 
nnrl JtArtrl tA rntiirri mull Mav ,'ll.t, f.Q.I al-o 
WM Of »l'«atl,f rMniwI rltasr.' TBa rutlllllu 
nlTrrart r-.y thlK^rartr. I.lithw-av cf travrl v.i 
; i« .Nam ii fni' th» cninl.ii .aawin.«'ill to- "I 
hn-hlrjlie.t .Btnil.lnirl, r.p>il»jf Hi.,- inni-.L ft,- 
lt<ii:tlv.l «'Mi||i>l on,l..itirn|i,ii. I'nllmat. 
iliawloB-rnntn, .Irpjihir. fMn ami rllnlnij Bfi 
jahTrp lutuMti Maw Vnrk a'nl Dia H<i.i|i'. 
urerllpllv.. Hinlli'r nf IM rllfforanl NwiMA 
wftwlulaa ntirl (till- liifr-rmnllni. ftlnilh 1 ' Mi- 
ill.hiiil l-rnil finrllrallnn in Ali-v, H.' ihwon" 
nn.lnrll I'awr.irjr'r Alinlll. I'.W ni'r.nd»ai. 
enr, ^Plb Ht.. or ill 271 llrriailivoj, , gur Chun-, York. 

■f -', 




" ■ ; • - •■ r- a ■*■•"' I - ■ - - — ■■ , : . ■ -. - • 'jliz "■-•- • 


fflmmon h'hoti rat 

BKrwRJTios ,uf i!ii)f;piisrDIiri, wEBiTEn wkoii ths v MMUni " Mtzti Wbon- wrotb*mo»»- for" MoMdy,' 

,. -/, ■ ;?,■.«' ; v ;^ •Bvic-iiowre Ann drmlahe wiuwb / ■ ;■■■ ^V;V"r ' 


It's Published by HAVI L. A M D, I 


k INIv Y. 


: Philadelphia.— Flwt-nlghtcrs wilt bent; 
trie-Jump to. sec rill l!ie new; aUracllonn .In 
I own the wurentwwk. Thr moat Itnportfiol, 
from a local standpoint," icilHie EiaTld W'»r- 
flelil, -In .'*T*Jii? Jli^k'MaRler," at the Lyric. 
The othcts are "The Daughters of Men, ' at 
the Chestnut: ami Mary Mannering. In '.'Glori- 
ous- Betsy/ at tlic Broad. 

XT«tc (IImpis. SMibert, maDBgera).— After 
j watt of tliti-e veur*. local audience* will 
Lave 1 their flrat Hew. Not. ,", of Parld Wui- 
r>Jd. In "The Music -Master." The- cngage- 
fl'«ntTvlll be'for'fotir' wccki. . *G..H. isotheiu 
Mid j Jalla Marl&we cuntliMlctl, a, an un- 
usmlly successful -three weeks'- engage-meal. 
The rfnal wuek. with" the excrpUoo of tie 
urlft night, lfim devoted to lli-rniau Hudcr- 
maon** "Jolih: the .Baptist." ■ in which the 
stflfjvntlded luioilie'r to their llMT.of -tvUnnpnu. 

Hjioai'- iMiuiD & Zimmerman.; rohuBg^Ht. 
-r-Mary Mannering. In her .mw.ploy, "Uw- 
rloup Betsy,". IfKloa 11 fortnight's .engage 
iue«r;;r». Anul6 Unwell, In » riqmptuotiK pro- 
duction or "A Midsummer Night's .Dream " 

Iiqr :i smi rnnl such proportions, that nearly and 11 noblc-KIk. -was- drowned In Krlc Bn 
even arnlliinlo hall 1. In file city is .- briny' Oct. a5, and war- burled ~" 

Kought-for thr wime purpose. 

Pltt»i.or«.— At llie.Nlson (Tho*. F. Kirk. 
Manager)' Winv IiY Crane njn Kills .reffrew. 

Ir. ItfcM.i. Blnaiiij ».. l*1r..,n., . m " V',.. -. 1 r"l 1 <7o . 

___ Nov: t, with lilgh^t 
honors, by Btib) and -I. O. O. K 
• ■ — ■■ — 
Scraiiton — At the Lyceum- (A. J. Duffy, 
maniiger? "Art' You a Mason?" Not. u. | 
'SSe Stoop* to" Conquer."! Nov." 5-10.; Law ".£rlie also of tbe, Uo,ur" 0, vVork State 
irtek Jame* K. Uackctt. la "Tbe VTalUMf-" EgS* ■'• "BuHtcr Urown"- 9,-10. "The 
Jericho." played togoort bualnws. - .-■—-* iMUsbtom of Men, 2 t 3, came: to g0 od 

HaUftcn ij. a. lteod. aianoger).— "Jobn boofes. 
Jnikeft«'4 -Witt," with Hilda Spong. 3-J0.*Iiaif- ' Acadkut (A. J. Dufly. manager).— *Tbo 
n'eek ■ "Krown of Ilarvaid" r-'ayed-topverr. }Vay of tbe n-aassreaaor*' o-7. "My 1\ Ifc h 
good biiitncK*, ' ■ ■ - ■ ..':l , nmlly* S-10. ••The- Kerry Gov.' 1-3, wa-J 

1 (IkA» (Ilarry .Darin, manager)-.'— Tlilti mg rccoIVt-d. . - - 

week's bill Includef.: Hamdln r electric bab -Hwr. ^(«. Nelson Teeta, mana|er).— Tbe 
let. . n 8tipllgUti"'Kltamura'*-Jap»i.-I*ol«, - CW- Empire Burlcaquern week of Nov. o. Miners 
lias and Conaen Hlstarn, Nat HalileB.kBey- Hmy bui-lesquers, last week, drew largo 
monr and Ulll. pPdrlx, and I'rcwdtu Baliy bouisea. ■•„■■'' ^ ' ,■ 
Dumont..M T nlter Daniels, Vc lU.-y anjl Miller,. T.amiw (II. -H. Smith, manager).— Ar- 
Duboin aud hi* monk, "Adam." : . ■ t,,-^ -/haldoR.- leopards, >lcheiu«te nnd Shannon, 
-Ai.vik <R.:ar.'Onllck 1 Co.. nanag«rs)<- Collins 4wl Colllna. I%lljrIlo«e; niid.TOin- 
•1W Fpflthci-", 5-lu, otoiik Monday, "tast pan?.- Fareb-Crrlrew, FraniTWatlenDd laiolly- 
.woek "Afl-YoISoti- 1 ' played to ■capacity b^lr;- «»pc.' ■Jturiaess'.contlnties'-good, ■■ 
iu*ri .Week of 12,-"lii© Pit." '- ■ • ■' ' .'-Note.— Lotrivere purclmsed ob Pcnn Ave- 
' DiflJV^IL'lU. (iallek &-Co,. .maoagef^'rr^ W(e -tb n past Mh .for new theatre to Iw 

yantasuift" openfi" ; MonclnvT v , *.'0|d' elected .durlnR the neat year. 

SwJllrtlb.-fl warm welcome, to 'well plMaod [vanc«.t>f tluiltowcry" played 'lor"" 

pdlenewj, last Hfitlt ' Viola Alien, nest. business and fileaRcrl. - Week nf 'I 


,io patlBfaetoj 

,nct xVcaRk Howe Jr., manager) .-r- „ 
iv Maes, lc ■■Arr«h-Na.»P6gw. ibis ni 
."The' Man of tbe Hour" wbleb QUad fi, 

k ^[nimerman. nianfigei-R). — II. B. Irving aqd 
Ooroiliv. Itdlrd. laat week, were greeted by 
Isrge and apjti-ccia;(Vc avidlftiUd- Ita their 
■eeopd and iinat^iwc-ek, beginning '>, tbey 
wilt be.8»en ; ln "Tbe i.yonit Mall." "Klflg 
Itehfl's Dauiriitei-." "Maitrieettc." "Markbelro! 
"Klog Cbsrlps I" MM "I'aola and FinnccBcai ' 
ITrljzT Hclteff Best. ■" ..■■*■" "S 

'CnBST>CT (Nlxou' i -Zimmerman, manii- 
MttV.- i "The-DflnBhter3 of Men., hae.ltn flrct 
local- view, ,0,for a ' two weeka' . atay. Tlie 
east' Ib -'fl atronv "one,' and includes: Orrln 
JobUfQn. Ddrolliy ■ Doonelly, Qrace I'llklaa 
■»d Ualph- Deimore. "Tbe College Widow" 
drew.hla; orowdH durlnc Its .two weeks' atny, 
fttidibg 3. - •"•'.' ■■,-.. ! 

OaimiCK (Frank llowa Jr., manager).-- 
KlsleJsnlR.ln "The VanderbUt Cup,'' Is bene 
for three weeks; bcfilDnlng T». "BrewMer'e 
MIltlonB** proved -n oTvcrtlng conledy . and at- 
tracted eitcollont househ lost week,, tlie play 
enabling Edward Abeles to dlaplay bis abili- 
ties to. exreilent effect. 


Andmif M 

week. ."The Man of the Hour" wbleb tilled 
iu'tlie aecottd-. tfeek of tbe time ori^laulLv 
btokedfor "Tiic CUinscflDn," co^oyed a- week 
of-Rood -ImHliicaK'Oci. -Jll-Nov. 3. 

Pan* (f. O. NUon-NIrdJluger. manager).— 
CieHtoO Clarke, a prime local favorite.- opens 
oYiu "The Icagjted'Meascnger.". Barney. Bar- 
catd bad-tiro BBccesetol weeks, In "The Rol- 
licking Girl." ennlDif.3. ■ ... - ■'■ , ... .V 
, (in and Orsiu Uoimt: iO!-A.. Wegefartb. 
maoager).— The mr Mortons, In VBreaklug 
into !&srtely,", 5.- "Votk State. .Fo|kf»" wm 
enjoyed by Qne boa*CH-laHt week. '' ■ ■ ■, 

OinARti (Millcv & Kaufman, managers).— 
"I^e ■■Ninety and' Nine" ."-and week; "The 
Tfnll Itooni -Boyii" did lilcftbu^iacHB last week. 
■*Tho Pbartlom Detective" 12.' , ; - '• 

Vti>tT.t'ii tK ti. Niton -Nird linger. ma«4- 

ib.),—- "A .Jfldnigbt KKcapc," 5dU. following 
week of cxcnllent liUKlreaiidoou b.V'Bertba. 
tbe Sew lii « Machine Glfl.' v "CuBtcr't- Laat 
FSBhA".i"oltowS.', ■„■'•<■■•." ■- ''■ . 

BWNBVa M. P. Bckhardt,, manager). -- 
'■HUM Bell**' ■ 5. Helms Ifernian. : la "Qucon 
of foe iCoiivlcla." '-liad -crowded bouses Wat 
wrifc. "(let first -Kal«c Slop" 1^; . ■ ' >' 

.■NATicyatfJ.M. Kelly, managert. — "From 
Ttanp .to Millionaire'.*, is the"' -offering, for 
tbe ^arrcnit week,. 5. "Tile MDUonolrc'a Re- 
veojjo" ' atttact'ed crowded bouses last week. 
"The-;, BUrglai^s^Daugbier" nejil.- '■ 

HAR^'fi: (.ttfha ■■W.t.llaru manager),.— The 
FoJrchauib Stock Co;, will fu>.',s#rn-st Ibw 
hbilhc wefk Of- H, In n revival of "I'awn. xwnt 
•ilO.'*;' *tTbfe (Sypsy yirl'* played to anttsfSc- 
tory 'rfetuNS'liiv DmUa w,«k 
-' . TokWAinjii's (Miller 't kaufinfln,- mana- 
gtrb).^-'1'bc iArtlval o( ■ Kltly." . tula- week. 
Aiina'.DiSr; lA.V.Wlira KhlgJjtbood..>Vna' i .ln 
HNnr. Insnguratcd tlie. now ..combtB«t Ion 
Hu£f! of.tJie'boiiiie.UM week, and' wah greet- 
ed', by Hijie-sUdlenceH., JesMe Mae Hall, lb 
"A-flputoern VflndotTH." next.. 
■'SfaNcAVb 'Ibsioy & Speck,: mauagei-ai-i- 
The. stock will produce, week of u, On tbe 
Kuwanpe Itlvcf ■ ' "TI>p Wtlle Cbarcb Around 
the Coi-uer" pM«sfd';tlie patrone,' who turned 
Owl la. lar«e ankWrKjast week. ' . - 

.ICWTtrs (11. .T.'iJorOan, . niauagcrV— Mrs. 

t;3ftftlrv,:i» vlletwceu the Nlghtmll and (,He 

l.lgiiV." in, 1 her nrorinrt and final •• week, ron- 

i iiTpf a us tbt* leading feniui-o. lu tbe bill. 

Vance, Franco 

- l.sneft»( cr,- ,it the ' I'ul ton Opera Ilause 
the Sewing Jlnebhie Girl.'* (Cba$. A. Yecker. -rdanager) f'Everynian" 

HtAyBv"s EiU'iiu; (N. C. Wagner, uiana- drew a large house Oct. 'M. Kd. Harilcan. 
6cr).-rtLAi- the Old Oiosk ItoaiU" opons Mop- in "OKI. Lavender." did well SO- "Hw 
day." ■l-:t»t week the UukmoII Bros*, packed "tbe Poalber" had. Ma bwlwMI Nov. '1. Itiograpw 
bouse. Week of l"l',."Why tilrls Leave -Uttme)*'" Co. »,. "Tb* Bo-llicklnsGirr* 0. Helen (Trant 

Oaiftv (Jas. E. Orr. laano'gCi*).— The^few ly, In. "The Little -Gray Lndy," 7 : "Tbe .Man 
Xwk «i'W ."-10. A very entertain Ing olio Is of the Hour" 9, 10. . 

put ou berween the flrat and second purts. I-'imilv (Ed nttaTb maoager). — Currenft 
i.Kst week the PfirlRlan Wld-iwt*' playttl fo atirfaetlcvoa. Include: Archie Boyd and com- 
satisfactory business. The Lid Lifters 12-17. pan?. iuV'Afttr Many Veurs,'* and sin other cir Mcsir (II. W. wnilaxas- Ji;, -acta: ntiio sn electric- rccsIc production, eu- 
m.-ttiaacr).— The Jolly Ulrls, jlu *-o»l miction, titled "Ifoouaday." Basinet continues vevy 
"~io ■^V.Ise-.Gtiy,?. $• ' larger • ' r 'i •''-> ' ■' . -■ 

with, tdmnpd JInyeoi 1" ".The , 

10., -Last 'week the Bvlgadlccs playet? to the 

usual hit' business, Minor's; Bohemians 13- 

37. -• • . v . - : ■*■ ■ . -•■-'■ 

■rge: ■ 

4 j ■ ,i ii i i n «■■■— — wp— - 

Jobnitovrn.-'At the -Cambria Theatre 
( IT . W-'.-'fcbercr. junaAger) "Fast ■ Lynne" 
Dftd fair bnelneas, afternoon nnd erening. 
Qet 20.- "Peiertori at the Altar" bad faJfr 
returns 30,' -The Merry Makers gave a good 
bnflesque. to-vety-good business, *J1. "Thornii 
and Orange Bloseyms" gave a pleaslag per- 
■— -*Bnee, to-'s fair house. Nov, 1. Paid 

Atturftiia.— At Hie Eleventh -Avenue Opora 
House' (L C. Mlsbler. manager) "Deserted 
at Ihe'Altsr/'.-Oct. 20: "K«at. Lynne," 30, 

and tUo. Merry Makers Bnr.lescruevs, Nov. 1, and 

all did -well. Duatln Farhum, In "The Vlr- 'SEE 

glnlau." drew a big liouac L'; . Paul .(Mlmarc. «lto»orei In "At -Ynle. gave a .vei? good per- 

In '"At Yale," 3; "Thorne and Orange Bios- ngMufe jW .nnc. buslnwa 2. /Dustin Far- 

sornB" j-. "Tile --College Widow" 0, "Lens nntf.-ln "The Virginian.'- had good buainesp. 

"tlvem" 7. Stetson's 'X*. T. "C." 8. Ba'rncy 'Th^ CoIlCRe -Widow" Nov. C. ':Lena Klvera" 

Jernard, In "The Bolllcklng Olrh" y, 10.: C.. 'The Country Jay" 7, Joseph Santley. in 

Crcston Clarke, lu "The IUgged,M«89engcr,^ "Bl fy ..the-KHI.' 3: Stetaon'a ''Lnele. Tom's 

1'J; "Vcrk State Folks" 13, " T rhc Hem Tree" Ca-Wn niatioee and ulgbtO. "Along, the Ken- 

M. Bcsnea o' the Barn Band l5; "Tho Clans- nebec' •matinee' and night 10. .\ . - - 

man",! 1* '.■ - ' •« • ■ '■ ■•• - :•- v-' 1 ? -Vllliftmsport.— At the Lycoming Opers 

. Xbw :Li-»ic TiteuxBE. (Uarrls, Burke 4 Honse. fL. J.- FIsk, manager) Crestou Clarke, 

Forben'.-lef'SeeVaod L. G. Cool, resident -man- in*."' a. urfM Mesnenger," gave a tine per- 

ager) -was opened to the .public Oct. 20. f&riaanc^. to » good bouse. Nov. 1. 

wltJi-au hiulieuco, that tested -the. capacKy *finl«. Sip" " 

* - ■ 


B K5^y?!i 

'A- ■ BV< ■■:*'. y^jBiaf 

B'BI:t : ^^^B 

Ea^^agt l ''.''^8il8 

Pf^^PT'— "'r 

SrS^S^a. 1 . .^hI 

S ■ : f j-.r'T. 

K. K. . KlflEKBARTH. 

Win close November K i he MOST PROSPRK- 
OL's season In iticbisiorycf this amusement 
enterprise. A half a hundred return d a u- 
plsyeii this season— over two thirds of same is 
increased business over Qrai night. So Float 
ingTieatre hasever hada like record. Se». 
son of 190T srjll open about April 1, much en- 
larged, rcmode ed and improved/ Wc nave 
nothing to comiaer. nnthine to surpais, noih- 
In^td improve upon btitoimclves-thc PW:R 
I Permanent address, ■ 


The following, a part of tbe urcacat com- 
pany, not having signed (some of whom have 
. been here two to five yeare), 1 can cheerfully 

. rei-ommcud.— E..E. E. - ' . 

AT liUBBRVT— Address, Nov. lo. to bbawncetown, I|t.;.Kor.H Cannclton, Ind. 



Ju v. L««di, Light 

Coined v, 
6. *I».S|>.i'ialllM, 
Reliable arid c^pc^leiiced wlth'tbc wardrobe; "E\- 
perlencc -.and. ability. ■ Oucplc^e or permanent 
s'ock-nrefcrredt for single or joint engagement.. 

Leads, , Ingenae-, 



And Producers of Farce Comedle?, Huricsqnes 
and Afterpieces, itotb do strong singles and 

Slay rosponslltle part li in- Urania*- ■ - v '■ 

GEli.'L UiSINKss. | HOT F VHT>. 

tf Ihe-botise, 
eotlrcly. iiuiBiiL-d, 
tlon for tbe/'opet _ 

Is to be coogratoipited for getting It ready 
In suL-b h Klinrt time, This theatre la in 
the building «l Twelfth Avenne.and 1 Eleventh 
Htri-ri, in ■ wbleb was. at one .time, -the 
Mountain City Theatre, destroyed by,, lire 
Mftrrli u. -188(f. 'flic owner, Louts VMkj 
remodeled nrtd .practically, rebuilt tlie' bulla- 
Ipg.fAr, tiro ptRsctit'lesaees.-' The mcatre ^ts 

Btetsrm's- "U: .T.-C." ,6. "The 

While "the theatre was. not ltolllcklng, CilM" " V.' "Thorns "dud Orsngc 

It was in OvBl class condb Blosaqroa" 10,-*:Tbc Beauty and the Beast'' 

Ming, and the tnaaagtment l't. Bosmcs o* the Bam' Baud 14. "Babes In 

feyh Hw P T* W « t» Way Down Eaif'i". 

m:w ji:rm;\. 

5lcwnvW. --ChBunccy 'Olcott ,1s at tbe 

Newark Tbeati-e .( Otlolcngiil. manager) 
wlth.^blg new play., 'Eileen Aelbore the 


"L RHI *.V^?.^ n " a . aD .".. n r' l,0 ™ u ejnphiM cMt. ust «»>*>l- ti,n<- i* i« do .;,-«,.* 

Olcojt lb..a,grcal favor- 

ntri..fll iaaaffinii rtmUMhsc las'oaflhf foinrimr ?. ,lU . •WjeMM;;Brlcft Harry - Conner and 

l5H»o«.»re: , «lvevfaKltb |iu ^Motive de- M^M\^tJA«V^ aj ' ' rek - Ito " 

liiet-r jjrrtfc. (lie ■c^lllujj. mid,' n'bca 
a buudjoitii- I'liau'dcllpl- ,- ! " 

aei>;-rrTbe'.rfctlirh of Valerie" Bergerc and 

Japanese i fWfe* ajves 

-_ arlhatlc tourb.- Kelly 

loletfe, -s-Jiilgz, Mack ay :md Nlckerson 


I/KAn>i .ml tiEAVIKS. 

Aildrcss Tilt: KlLf BOAKlli- ' 



"JliVBfllJ.ES." DOI1 111. K BARlTV.tE 
»r 4UflOB TltOJLBO.IK. 

CHA8. L. 8TEVEN8, 







Clarinet. Band and Orchestra. 

'■ . Long Exp.rl.n~e,. 


vio-,iif "LKADKH'- alto 

- -BBS* K. HCDQ.BS, 

Clarinetist. E-Flat In Band. 

Bass and Tvitoo. 





in gold, .wllh a Laiidsuuu- piiliillDK over '.th'e 

stata?, : .v rlrV mn carpet eOVM-s the sWc* n+Sfc 

■- 'ruiilbis-'.tn (lie lial^ftrir. jin.l till- -'STSt?] 

inues gopd. 

CtfLUM&TA '.(31. J, i-JacobB.-nianagcr).— "The 

l(<MIII. IU uci -!'i' ■ , 

t.tnjr-j us t.b(* Icadinc; fenluro 

Qrhor cards ate; Clarlue Vi 

Piper. Lew Sully.. Kmil Hay and roinpauy, 

fho lunneiinH phone, tilllett'fi dogsy the l*ecry 

Palania Olrlx. Mlldii Clark. Krcmta Droth- 

m* nnd the blHOlogi-nph. t\ust .week's' butl- 

•mwa eipiiclty mUr * . ■ .■' .' ■ -:' 

.'BUOL'- (Ctanftt. W.-Wft. tnan»ger).— TU ; 
llama* Imiierlals occupy the hoaras. week of 
-&.'--The tWnlal. Belfw i*uraWtk^--Y)teBty- , ol* 
fiiiertalnmeut, 1 lo big haiiaos.'laat Week. Tbe 
WoMduijijOii H^clet.v-lJlvlri licxl. "- . • ■- ; 
.'-LYfcnuW i/John-tt. Jeroioii. .manager ).,-rrTbe 
TrOeadeiu Burl^siiueiH will be. In,- .ittcudaDre 
week ■ of r, watb ".tbo Mlalit 'Kanilly"- uotl 
"Ifotrl Astovbltt" as (he fuu iHttkfug vehicles, 
'tbe Gay Moraine Olorlos bloouifd upou Unv 
bbiiaes lUe pwlous ,w*ck.. *', •J-- 

■ '.Casino ' tWIna -k LUoculg.. uiauagcvsji-f- 
At.'Kecroa' -Ueaiit'y Sliow thja week., Tbi' 
olio .liumbursi jaiv furnished b) , .'tlie"'T.08i'uu 
CttT, Oimrlelto. Lillian Hoover. Frank Wake- 
ilcId.'Aliaeda Fowltr and Mae.-Fowers. ' Harry 
RrMh'i compauy had I weak- of .good ■ bus.- 
ncas Oct. .liOsKov. a. ■ '• 

'. . Ti:ot'..ut;«o .fr-i-ed' willsoj. —rouuu^c-i). — 
Carr'n Tliorontthbreds -5, fop twelee penona- 
sm-eR. ' The Twentieth Century Maids play oil 
i'O ■' capacity IbhI week. Miner's ■Amcrleanii 
next,-- ■ " •"' ..,'.-. 

:Khjvi!ntii tJTSKUT-JU'bnAi tfbtfKE iVrauk 
limhout,, msnttgirl. — The three', burlesque?. 
'^ Thr Great WlliCoiitCht," '"JlbeBtoadStreot 
Gbost" awl '|THc Mountcf) Co>ijl" cootlnue 
to-be hlaf drawing cards, and ate continued 
for the -current .week. In addition to the regs* 
lar Urat OM. — ' * ■ \- •• 

!lliiApcxiiiJmiii'N Dun MustlL-M- (T.- •!■'. 
HopktOfi. -aiiiuttg6i'\.—- Terra rrs- Hobs sro the 
feature lu the curio liall week- of Nr.4 
hi- addition to A.tas, Franks SUters, Nora 
tUbsoo.-- the- ■■Whallcyfl, aud Sultana hud 
• ouaoru. lu the theatre arc : tlmcrson and 
.1'ao -H»rh t WSk 'Jaekwn; Will and' May 
ir?n.\ victor Vauiont. Larklb aid I>ily and 
Xubln's clppogrilpb. * ■ '. - 

:"MoTi*H.- : - ;r nic dtamallf editor* of the morn* 
lug aud aftQl'Uoon ncw*>-pjpcr.s ivefo tht' gucets 

Sf.ilaBajrer Miller. o( Korepaugb'? and the 
.irard" Avenue ■ Toeiltroi*. ■ at the Mercantlli: 
<1ut, u>n - Not. X ..... Zii Tbe Klioendorf lec- 
wirra b«*ln at;tJie'AeadeuiT'of Muulc oft Nor. 
1 Ik. -and -Include sIfo^'ov. Ul. 1'S, Dec 3'Aud 
1i.-. : ., .'!•;. * K* Riiiest. hhsluCBs -laslnagfir 'or 
Hit) "Avrlral uf Ultty;" has clobfd with that 

<onipaiir .'I'wo more ttkatlujjr rlhkt* will 

in* opened lu till?' cltyncxt 'week, wnklug nuw 
alisnt't diwirla neflvi- operatlou. - The rots 

rooms, fully equipped, and everything lu con- 
nection with Cue b/itise is strict iv up lo'date. 
The 'following" JjWi'actloiiB arft due' week: bf 
"SPV.-3: -l»npibtSj - hui:c uad : Luqc, • Mr. oiit'J 
Mrs. ' Allb'on. Alliuel arid bis ,inouks. Haw- 
\\\ov\\ti ' and' BmL ' Kllaubcth Murruys "pi.- 
Qw; '.Viola., aud; Thigel. and thfe vitUBiIvb 
itfcjju , ta v ^. , »L.i ' "■ , '.-- ■'■ 

iwR. — Hy "ri'CpusuH recently taV.ou byi:tUe 
I'opl.'Dlrevtory . people, .\l (ooua -and .suhusb's 
now.bas- a. popniatlou_of 0,1.0(1(1 people^ -ajt 

. iiiirriMinira, -Ai (be Lyceum .Theatre 

tlniionsly . idled -'he nbove position to' th 
satisfaction' of all, . . .-. .-J. •. A. WlWM Is ■-. 
frequent visitor- lo blfe '.bijou of atiinssmcat 
In this city.. It. has proven a" veritable mli-t 
A rtew Mfole.t. under the . lfynes eianig" 
own t.. was. upencd. at Ke* IJnyen. Conu..- last 

^ week Ketth , &-I*j'O l --Loi*'s oppnlug.ddl^hSs 

Daughter." this week, presents. a bccn'Mianpcd .•.ttt-Ko,y.:lD;;.,.;, , .Irfopold Wlnk- 

■ ler, pianist,' is. booked'ktJlastwlck-'Upll Nov', 
2v.-.-..'..'Fnp-.lerseyClfr Blks nrfliLa- rratcc- 
ual visit to -Kllxabelli Lodge 'Nov." f. Jnold 

time t» J oeiar'aeBibn-"niiriii.n^iirr" 
■ -*--.*'.. ■ • -.-" • S, " ^-^i- 

Holiskvii.— At 'the LyHc (IL P. Soulier, 
mansger- , - 
mOr r * 
night .Escape-" ■Lid.. 

iCi'l'ini-: ( A. . Ji: Bi*UBgcnia,uii.- proprietor)' 
— -Business-. hers' Is very .'satlsfaefgtv.. An. 
ndled athiactlon. last ! week were I'easr^dT's — i-Liue i^yric I tL v.- Soulier. 
my-KMUNS has been -fair. lJavney-Gir- 
Nov. .-IT. .-In- ''A -Itocky Hoad -ty'Dub'. 
■■-"The^Nrneiy. and Xibo^il-H. -K Mld- 

pmmlses Bucccw. Tlic annual en 
liHIjcuU'Ut of Thohion ! K. " Shi-a. last week. 
brotight the awe hoarly Iiidorsement". by 
c»p\eded houses, wbieli it always received. 
"*f|ic Queen .of tlie Highbluderk"' 12-17. ' 
,W.\r;i>MAr;'sfW..S. Clark. dnnager>— Tlie beirt.' for week of :>:' Sheau and -•Warren 

tjaj- >la«ctucradcrs this 'week," with rollick lu^, 
coiaedy'-Biid csttby. mosle. and, as )r fea'tiire 
the oi'lgloal Watermelon Tnist.'- The Ma3c«- 
tli's. Mnlrotlucett, several new, features lasi 
weak- .iiii'ludlpfc the 15as?bflll Chorus, They 
drtw, good, holms, . ,-'.;. 

MiilU-n -slid Cc*Vrelli; -StantOB' and-'Modenn. 
Sfsrtr;*. IWnn*^. -ATdell and- Crouch: -Latel 
KfOthers uyd Hflmllto;i -IWKT- .- '■'"' ~ % ~. ' 
. Note*..— J. - Louie -'Ungerer. .of -"Ciisier> 
\av\ right,"' deserves mention for bls-'Verv 
fhver 'worb a*:' Bounding M3IS ."?.'. . ..-If Is 
stmed en good- antTabrltv ■theft -'Mqriager Gut 
Hill (.'ill -control "lho> new.- lions?, •formerlv 
Qunrtttt Unli.-'wiiea'. the reioodellug ■ 1? eoni- 
pletwl. ■ ,"'•;;?. ,:'/■.■:■ . . 

. 1UIODI". 1M-A\D. 

fceuson. -Ibe mA closed to excel lent bus! - ■ Uvct;r>r (P.* J. Gilbert, maoagerl.— Janiss 

was .for -£J estop C urke. in "The ; IIsjuhI ,T. t.'orbett, In "Tbe Ubrglav and tb? I^dr." 

MOSvepger. .Lya ■ laniruaj; ;, In. r*kagB gm splendUl performances, to crowded 
■• l 'u! lt> S :.'* .W**-^ ... F. 1 * 1, JmLi ^'■tyj&K Uoi»e B . ,Oct. S»M Edward > Uarrlgaa rfe- 

K n?Oh.'.-i: lb'- Upllickln^OIt ' T. ''The KW ,ted »OM .Luvander." to large returns 

Man - si .■ the Hour' fti. Joe Weber k couipaily Nov' 1-3 "Citater'* " 

P, • "York .State |*olka** t«. ■!-•;. \ iim . R^uthers'-'Veiidftifl"- 

ProTi.tlf.nce:— At; -the Providence .Opera 
lloifrc' (lt"cll_f It. "X\*.>udfefecnacfea-. 'uiouacer) 
crowded houscM-forlhiec-itlgliU and ru after- 
MBV ■peiTonailai.v greet cd^Diiv.Id *v,*arlleld.ln 
"The .'MuhIc 'Master.** '.Oct.- SO-Sl.' 'the,, week 
was,- lined,' old '.wltir,."Tbe Social, Whirl," -.,oc 
lis seqimil ,VL->If Kore." 

■ ? S-1.) "The Mldnlahi *k£ ' ^ «oln|kiiiy. ^ in r-"beforo utid. After." ---?m,v, 

Nlnetv ami \lic" n i: 'l 7 : *****' « U M' Marlyw*-.. 'S -■ ■•.'Jeoi.ii'e 

* mnno^rJ-The ft'tf f£ Q l : W&**r. Iw*Llp*In; : Ylddlah 

mm crediubir C0 ^--*T,*,i. 1 ,v..c. , .u- .,;v--;i.._;j : ^-- *^*'i 

— «s- to-Well QUed bouseB. week of 
Oft. iSV AVllllarns Ideals week of .Nov.' 5, 
.wltb the ITmiiire Tiurleeriuers to follow. . 

VEkiK's <Jobn A. Mack, ranjaaarer).— -Bnsl- 
■»SbS.Hss week Tvns very good. Offer! njes for 
week of ■ Nqv. 3: Font) Bond Bros., Carrie 
Mack, Mr. nnd Mrs. G*orge Hnssey.-Marlba 

Co. Is "pnuhuneod for Week %f% 
. Ninit.— AlRie Ih'wces. of 'thts eliy.-w-hn 
ha* jolhcd- "The KolUeklag I Olrl" Co;, will 
niakcher first unpen rtiucc here ?. A warm 
wclcoaft awaits 'her, */.•„■ 

- -V ■ » '■■ ' . . " >■ . 

t'.rle. - At* the "New Majestic .TUWtrc BriAtfL.Mr.-'dpd Mrs. Larry Soaw/'a'od the 
il'ranl; M. Olarli." manager) the -bill for NM. cOnJidy-giaplu 

'< 'aud . *"ttk : I'ulI Cluouevallt. tbe. Pcudle- - ■ i ■-.. ' pi s . ■ -— ■ 

tods, Bhrtffrs Deftrella. Mautroy.'Maud.ttotU- JWaey <"$tjr.— "From 'Tramp to, Million- 
well. *aise,y l^oylc, ;C'bilB. Mclivoy.'and TUbrtfe alPjS'' 'ycored a flc. week .at tbe Academy, 

uud Carlton. -, Manager Clark is* giving g|V»t elosthjr'Xov, 3.. the Washington Society 

witWtflction to- the vaudeville public, -.with Gii<l«hsd L large eud-cpprecintlye ntsawua 

QfeMtoT eatet'ttilniuent. ':■'. .- ■• -. al'the B.on Ton,' •* "• '• ' 

• Pi*E OM:a* "HWrae (Jobo'l.. ,Glle&n,-mua- ' AtAocMv (l*rank F.. Henderson. manageM. .^SSS&g; APfts V- ',.' " - • '"-v ite* 

uger).-,OBt; 'LO. Madatoc' Schumaba-Helok - -aaRjLcft i^Sm^ E. Saea. - .Cbauijcey OI- x 3 5fflP ; ^SvS*fe *&&&££. &^SA 

cOnwU i-as fsvored with a packefl hotfjif. c^Wfl^r^po^^Jv 3 . } ^ w ->' ntury Gllis ■ * }° IboColooUTBelle^ 

ISMPikCviSpltzi: Noibansou..aiaqa8txs)'.- 
The roiir,.Vortons. Ip- "Broking ■ lutb"SQ- 
eluty,: .pliycd. tu good business last week, 
*' I lie. Girl Undies;': 5-10: the Itoys.Mu "Dowd 
the I»lkc."' ]2-l*i. , ' y-- 

l\BiTjii"s (Cltarle« l^jvcnlierg.-niiinBgerY;^ 
"A- Xlflht in. .KnclhJi- Vaudeville 1 ' -beods 
tLe bill weekof .".' .Others. are :-Nora Ba'yes, 
Krerhurt. thuRlalto Oomedv Quartette Mjuj 
Dupout, .irh"Le(t- at- the Post :" -the Three 
Donate, -$eoil. and..AV*lls6n., Dave Nowlin. 
Baker and ■.Carroll, the' Siutrllffe ^ii-tera,- 
isaoim.- (tippy Jack Lyle-und- tie; Luci'dOs,-' 

\VEBTOciN-«TE«.'.(Geo.'-H: 9$6l£i&&A3i3tt* 
ger).— r'rho. Uunaway- Glrls-uilO, tbe Rcnti- 
aaiilloy 'Co. Ji-1" 

nt advanced iHc'eu. ' Mailanio HetuK was tn 
ilbe violce. riii'l w-if mr 
it pea ted 'eu that la frtlc calls, 

Box. Ton (T, W. Dlbkln*, nanarer).— 

lllie vj>lce. ami w.m obliged to rsfspend to Tlie \veuu* Girls week of 5. Williams' 
' r.eathAeUHtlc calls. "JWuiuf Wise." Ideal? to follow. 
<»r Pita- -aid 


■*»•*! »ieHe*^-'4 X«Ws7PH uMfgC ni 


KOR *AI*K-Haadcuff Act, Trunk Myslerr, 

Second bight Act, Spirit Cabinet. Black Art OiiJ- 

flt, LegirooK, Qnlstea. Aga, Cantly KlosaMaclitue. 

and 1 to other bargains. Clreularsfur^TAJIP. ' 

OKO. A. KICK. 4 Cndcrwiwl St.. AnhUrn S, \. 

AT LIUEHTY-I doScroentlucDacclngatid 
Persian Posing, me wardrobe. Can work in 
acts . Write MRS. IDA HKtt O. I'erhaui, MU b. 

■MM- Youug man, wit bout *taj(c c.Npcrl- 
f-nce. wonhl Ilkeeugagesiout. State alt UeUttis !u 
arat letter. Addre«s FRBV. cat* of 0LIPPBH-. 

YVARTEO-Lady Musiclaua, Trombone. Tubs 
Trap Drummer,- UiarlolicL and' Vjuiia;' sluo Per 
formers In a'l nnrs. ■ swwsrt .t Rajoxind, plea-..- 
write. Addrusv \f: ll.-uiiiK' Hgr., lfcalvas Col- 
lege Ulrls Co., Fo nCo vlng Uiti, y. f.' •' 

WAHTKO^ilcd. People.. Cliaoge tofdveor. 

•viu not aeeept ■ boozer ror iii> board. Ho wore, 
sutc-all you do. In Urat letter.: Money sure. 
llotels.' (flkdUl Address :.-?*.•' 

L II. OOUPKR. bid W. Water St., P.tjUs. Ohio . 

Comedian, Black and Irish: XI years. t\\p. organ 
fakir, -also Silent and conicdr. Wire, Jatrg'inc: 
Clubs Ucx>p>. Ariroijilicetu. Bpliriu seu*. Sal. 
ilinli; rdvs if lodg Jump. Musi be sure. AUdrtai 
Cbas. Jj£ Xctcair,- Oeu . Del., Kut l uod. Vt. 

KICK I W |[Qie"ataud, $20; SSSlM Fig- 
ures.Xanctte, Black Art,Teiia»,.UrgaD-,.l'ulntlii^^ 
LsUKblogUlrrors, Indian aud Qvpey lortuud'eil 1 
era Wax. Flgur. 9', etc. W..H; J, sua w, victor! a, 5Io. 

OPE\ TIMK-WbatedTOr, HriL 3«a., "Feb.. 

Maiili and April, Good Hup., I'arce" Comedy iibd 
Minstrel. Newlv equipped. ■_ Eleetrioliy, uU*. . id- 
dress LEE TTlONPSbN, MaT.,.'New Colanlal 
Theatre. Canal Faltou, 0. . • '--.-' ' 

If, Caprou.-uiaiiogprl.— -Tbe.bill forweek of 
4:..PSa'e>- and ' Thqpo,ton, Charles -Mllllaarj, 
tbe ClevelnndV; Clcni 'Magee, T; - It.' Muj^unn. 
Belle Hill, Dlcits and Moiln and nicliob: pic- 
tures. ■ 

WooHNockel.— A|'tbc, Woousa'ckct Opera 
House (F. K. . Barry, resident aiouagti 1 
Wi-ight Lo rimer. .In "The Shepherd Kin?." 
Nor. 0-7. "inm Hearts" S; Hoe Stock to. 
was well received last wees. 'W'iiilain Klrby 
bcadcil a pleasing list of specialties. "The 
Voluniccr Organist" was weir presented 31, 
to fair business. Dot KarrOll' and company 
Nov, 12 and Week. "- ■' ..-.. 

Hub TiiEAirii; (Jas. w/Conkllu, aaangerK 
— Tbo nraaeut season is- opening up well ■ at 
thlj popqlar vaudeville house. Following 1? 
the list- of- offerings (or week bt 5:, Dynes 
and Dynes. '• Francis ! -and Rogers. Jlark-ano- 
lauro' Davis, Cora Uvelya, Jeannotte Liu- 
ford and -."Fonantl." All .were* well satisfied 
with last week's attractions, asd bnalacs? 
was cycellept.; - - -,- \ ;.""-" - i *2. U K ■ 

yV9hft£t irAT-tbe Tinliilir Opera llouse 
iCdhn Si Close. Co'. -managers ):"T"ndiir Booih- 
erti Stles/'f'OeC 2J». '.ind "The. Vol tin tw Or 
gnnlst/: N'ov.,1 ' ltoili had: fair altnmlftnff 
Week of :►. frcKptlngii.tb'la hohae la ttgUfi* 
l.vl*reH.-«'lle. ' Mndnm M'uljeiKa nppi»ars «. 

.,h . ■ | 1 y ■%<'%', 



iS T bvEMBEB-10r 




MM CUpper'a Aaecdoto, ■ nto, . . 
Oar AwUtUtn- Letter. 

restarts -ot the F-etkJy Straw 

reder-the Tata 

old rr«ti»Dia»» 

fforkl.ot MM.i 

MttslO and har.i.;... 

Vaudeville and SHsstrel 

g«rt» Am*wfii ... 

QS ftilesjo letter 

Oar London i Letter. ......... 

amir Fo*t om«. .. .. . . 

Oa it" Bond 

VtMffttH Route List.,., 

»w York «nr..- *. 

MW'W Tenti. ....;.„ 

Bw-nMiii ■ 


:: SSI 

. 908 

Swfe fflW N ""i tool" Harrison scored 
• -Kit In "Th; Ftoiver Olrl.". . 8. Mil- 
ler Kent, in' -'RrrnlM." opened to a seod Sun 
day matlnre, and had an S. a 0. nliht 
{Ma. at the Grind. ......Two big ttanday 



1001. 1011 

.-./ 1001 

.-..-. 1003, 1011 

..... .'.... ..i. i 10M 



ioo8.'iooB.'i'oi'<C 1M7 

.......... 1007, 100S 

101!, 1013 

.......;....... 1000 

-..; ioio 

1 wl»» lo tb< Profession. ....... ...'... 10H 

Mlacrilanmits — ~ ,..■.. 1011 


jojjjta^;.^..;-..; ..•....■.;..r...M«, ioio 

iSIW ,*■" 

"™w «>. uib uhbq. ..... iwo nig Sunday 

Kruani saw a good vaudeville bill at tie Or- 
g»un». .-. . .."Young BlBalo" thrlllsd tn 

§ilwi»w at the oTllls.. ..*. TO«, Woodward 

Kanaaa ..••■•;. ••-. 

TMtHMt. ....:.'...'..-■'. ... 


io*yr.... v ..- 

Als/iffa ......-.:;'.... 


Virginia ' 


Waslrinflon . 

ciatta.; '•• 


caiuarnli ...... 



Majfctcfaiuwtt i 


Sew jots., 

Rbode Island 

Nmv Ilamr*hire. 

New-York State.... 



MlnneMta . .., 

South Carolina, Indiana.... 

Connecticut. Texas 

ilr^itpn. Kentucky 

Mississippi "• 

IKstriM ol Columbia 

-- »M 
. . 0M, 1007 
. . 898, 1010 
...... ,!X*I 

. . »», 1010 
. . 90S, 1010 

...... nos 


...... 1000 


. 1009, 1021 
...... 100.1 

...... 100" 

...... 1003 


. 1005, 1010 
. 1006, 1010 

...... loon 


...... 1017 




. 1009 




..; ... ioio 









Sjtotfl Dlmatchet to Tire New Yobk Ct-irptn. 
Hkv FltAXCHCO, Nov. 6. — At the Davis 
Theatre Monday, Nov. 6, narked the begin- 
ning of Ihe stock season, with Robert Pown- 
Insr and company, 'me bill (or Monday, Toes 
day end Wednesday Is "I'lmnlog for aovor- 
oor." Rent of the week, and mUmm,~TB» 
llfVlldge of the Kt k „ . ' _ _ ' 

CFtNTHAl. THEATER. — Monday, >OT. 5, KOlb 

ami Dill, in "Lonesome Town." 

Coi-OMAL Theatre. — "Out of the Fold Is 
thfa week's bill. „,„ , 

OMtrlEliM.— (At the Chutes)— Bill opening 
Sundii imatlnei), Nov. 4: Wilson Bros.. Col- 
lins and Hart, Mai Mllllan, Augusts Close. 
tB?'£n»lre City Quartette. Vasco, Alexan- 
der and Bertie, Frances D'Arcy nnd the Or- 
tihputn -motion pictures. 

Ik'OTBB— Theatrical stars from nearly every 
Playhouse about the bay volunteered their 
services- for the benefit arranged for I* B. 
Htocbwell, the veteran actor, who Is recover- 
ing front n serious abscess of the Jaw at Fa- 
hl'ln Hospital, Oakland. The management of 
Y« Liberty donated tho use of Its theatre tor 
ili'«mwaslon. . The date for the benefit was 
Nov. 2. The committee In charge of the event 
follows: J. J. Oottlob, MflvMe Marx, M. 
.Vpay«rfeld. Charles P. Hall, M.M. Dodge, 
John Morrlsey, F. Belasco, M. F. hJurttTg, 
V? B Uahy, it. W. Bishop. Joseph Oottlob, 
Frank II. Orahan, S. I. Arkerman, Ernest 
llowtll, M. Mayer, M. and 8 Dayls. Mrs. 
Krellajiand the managers of Mora Earl. ^ 
Mrs. rfertrude Toland, daughter of Mrs. (,yn- 
thlaKeellnj, of Berkeley, was granted a di- 
vorce on (fct. 2JS, by Judge Gransttl, from 
Hugo Tolnfd, the w ell known acto r. , 


Hu.lne.a Bepartol Ooo* All Along 

PllrtAWttPHli. Nov.' 0— David Warneld, 

•it •W Music Master;" was greeted bi ■ n 

ratine Ity audience at the Lyric. . . ....Mary 

M»ono.rlng, In "Olorlous Betsy,' at the 
ItriiK'nno IClsle Janls, In "The Vandertm 
SEf '.at the Garrlck. opened to crowded 
Itousea. - -H. B. Irving and Dorothea Bilrd 

and Andrew Mack, g •■.Irrahrna-I'ogne, . at 
■ ho 'Walnut, nttracted s<«d tSZS"nXAZ. 
The 'Four Mortons, at the Qrand, I restoti 
Clarke ' at the Park, the other combination 
aWbtirlesriue hon«3 »"u Kelti's htid plenty 
of, patronage. . -. _ ; 

XfklcAoo. Nov. 6.— "Tie Banker's paiigu- 
IttCrSt the Chicago Opera House, and Anna 
Held, at lh« III no s, were the /only Sunday 
'.nSfijiM. ... . . .'The Sriolters." at Ibe New 

r!h«t»;."TUc F.mbassy Bail." at Powers : 
"(ir Parole." at tbe Studebaker, and Bo- 
K}ndV the' Mnsk," at the Great NorHisrri, 
vffro 'tlie Monday openings, nil liar ni ca- 

fltv hon«e9. .... .The attractions 'holding 
f 'wore: "George Washington Jr. 'vat 
Oolohlo.1 : ••ilapoyland," at the Garrlck . 
hird. Msnsfield\ at the Orand Opera 
WB i "Ben Ilor." at the Auditorium, and 
■••littta-Jolinny Jones," at McVlcker's, , all 

iWlt! n spite of tna .ante-elect|on eidte- 
r«ln*.':.:..-.K. 8. Wlllard successfully pre- 
wntfd -'Colonel Newcome" at the .Colonial. 
■:"". : ."Itoci'aelle Soilie" was well received 
..nt t*» Boston. ,. . . .Strong coutlnttei attrsc- 

lions were: "Mndam Butterfly." nt. lie Tre- 
n'ont:' MsuJeAdalns. In "Peter Pan. ' at the 
Mill.: Francis Wilson, In • The Mountain 
rTiffibor," it Ihe Park, and "Sly Lady s 
ngSr M the M0le9tl.'......Popul«r priced 

sUowawero: TIib Il«v». in ''Down the Pike, 
<ltJ"i» <"<><x- awl "When the World ileeps 
Slip Grand Opera House ...... The oOie 

lionses orTered new bills sud facea, to llicr 
iisiAl good, Mondny patronage. i 

■tVASfllNOrox, Kov. 0.— "The Belle of May- 
'fSlr^liaJ nllneopenlneat the Saw r^flwtal- 
.-.■'.■S:j.'m» Strident Kin*" was well rccjltcd 

at ihe Columbia Virginia Harned, In 

V& ■ Xor» 7uS*L' had a large house nt-th;. 
TleStlro ;,.."The Gambler of Hie WeM 
ridflied tho Academy...- Vauilevllle, AM 
rTf-Nat M. Wills,- canceled, hail a good house 
ntitlie Jlalfatlc. .. . ..The Merry fiaketshad 

j*rj"^H)J i.ou«ea:at Ihe ''Vcfuni . . .Clins. 
B..Evaila niuLcomnany headed a great .Mil, 
st'CTlnst's, tilling the house twice. 
' 'fcrrsfclK-iAT!. Nov. (1. — Krery attracllon 
r.oeried to cnnacltv Tremendous luter- 

*K», in "The Ijiw and tho Man," at the 
'-flSSd.:: ...'•The Tonderf.wt." at the, Wal- 
■guT.Str«t: vaudeville ,at the Coliiinbta and . 
0|j>n}pln: "Mrs. Dines Hefenae. „'"«'; 
Au»t Block, at Robinsons : ""eorets 
^lYollei." at Ileuc-k'a. At MnrHna 
(■Tom's Cabin," it ^tiie Lyceum : ReJ"? 
siwd'a Show, at the People's, and Hyde i 
Vilue'RlMxin Girls, at the Stnndnrd. all turned 
•neSple -awiy. a repetition of last, week s phe- 
.tlomenal record. ' , 

iKAnSAll Cltr. Nov. B.— Maline Klllott. In 
tfEm Owat Match," opened a ihree ni«lits mo. Willis Wood last n'ght. 
to a patlted bnniie. which thoroughly enjoyed 
, MIM^Rtllotl. the plav and the t-ompany... . 
"*>Uii Shnbert Tneatro, Snnday night, 

S»T"!r" a* 1 "" uiuis.. ..\. tbo, woodward 
3^ k SftW,,* 1 * 10 RT'onnances of "Bar- 

wta Filetchle" at Bie Audltotlnm 

SSRJKSB'sLSS*' nt ,h « Century, and 
Ihe Dainty Dncllsas. nt the Majestic, drew 
wen... .At the I'eople'a Theatre, west side, 
aLJW"" s i oct l0 - P«t on "Monte 
SSE-*^S,"«i:™! Mhrply opens at the 
Wltlia Wood Thtrsday night. 
„Ji?y* VB **>J,N»»..«!.— "'Way Down East" 
opehed a week's engagement ot Mncnuley... 

to a good home "Not Yet, But Moon," 

at the -Masonic, attracted a large audience. 

"How Baxter Butted In," at the Ave 

rule: the Cherry Blossoms, at the Bucking- 
ham, and vaiiderllle, at Hopkins', plaved to 
capacltj Sunday. '•' •»»•• 

a) is 
•y- . . OKOROIA. 

«,' 9 * T """ h — Since the destruction of the 
Savannah Theatre by "re, all the attractions 
that were booked there for the season are 
belne played at the Mutual Skating Rink, t lie management of Ihe old theatre 
have arranged a nice and comfortable tem- 
poral quarters. Yorke and Adams, la 
"Bankers and Brokers," had a splendid audi- 
ence Oct. im. The stars and company made 
a most favorable Impression. Laura Burt 
apd a superb company, 30. 111. followed, and 
did a One business. "The Little Joker," wluh 
Arthur Dunn as the chief attraction, wis 
seen Nov. 1, and greeted by a large audi- 

■ GiLDBA'a Music Hall. — Kd. Lowry con- 
tinues ss amusement director here," and- his 
productions are ■ meeting with great favor 
at this popular little house. "The Smug- 
glers," for week of \jct 29, was a hit In every 
S articular. Those In the cast include : John 
aeobs, Ed. Lowt-y, Harrv Austin, Md. Law- 
rence. Jnmes Woodvllle, A. Gonzales, A. ln- 
liulsen, John Crosby, Daisy llleger, Lucille 
Lowry and Basle St. Clair. All tie memhers 
gave a good account of themselves. Tbe 
others in the company Include: Marguerite 
Maxwell and Mlsle Russell, who do some 
clever ■ turns ; Dot St. Claire, Etta Wells, 
Myrtle Verdler, are also popular with the 
patrons cL this house. The performance con- 
cludes with some very Interesting moving pic- 
tures and Illustrated songs, by Lucille 

Note. — Barnam & llalley's Big Circua was 
extensively billed for Nov. 3. 

Atlanta. — At the Grand (H. L. * J. L. 
De Give, managers) Amelia Bingham, In 
"The Lilac Room," Nov. .1-3. "In Her Own 
Way" was the bill Oct. 2«, 21, to good busi- 
ness. "It Happened In Nordlann" followed 
■-:>, to big returns. Mclntyre and Heath, in 
"The Ham Tree." came to capacity Imnlness 
30. "Dorothy Vernon of Hnddon Hail" u, II. 

Bl.tou (Jake Wclla, manager). — "Lovers 
and Lunatics'- was the bill Oct. 29-Nor. 8, 
to. S. B. O. BIckel, Watson and Wroth? 
Xov: Bi for one week, 

Eldorado (TV. E. Thompson, manager). — 
Herald Square Comedy Co. was the offering 
Oct. 22 and week, to fair returns. 

ST4n (J. B. Thompson, manager). — A 
clever bill was presented by the Star stock 
Co.. -to most satisfactory returns. 

Norse— Fairnce Hill's Wild West Show 

Nov, 5 Walter 3. Baldwin has leased 

the Eldorado Theatre. The Bnldwln-Melvll'e 
Stock Co. will oku with "At Plney Ridge" 
0-7, and -. "Thelraa" 8-10, 

Anffuatn. — At the Opera House (Win. 
F. ■ Schwelgert, manager) "Zflza" ailed the 
bouse night of Oct. 26. "Dorothy Vernon 
of Haddaa Hall" had fine audiences 20. 
Yorke and Adams, in "Bankers and Brokers," 
drew a good house night of 31; missed their 
matinee on account of not getting here ' in 
time. May. Irwluy In "Mrs. Wilson, That's 
All," bad S. R. O., and pleased them. Geo. 
Primrose's Mlastrcls, matinee and night Nov, 
3: Amelia Rluglism, In "The Lilac Room," 8. 

'Notes. — Rarnum k Bailey's Circus Nov. P. 
......The Georgia-Carolina Fair was on all 

the week of Oct. 29, with fine attendance and 
splendid weather. All departments were 
full to oversowing with good displays of 
agricultural products, stock, etc. Racing 
every. «av. with, hill entries of good horses. 
Amusements On the ground Included some 
forty odd shows: rain's "Destruction of 
Pompelr" every right: Francis Farrari's 
Shows, Capt. Sarcbo, the deep sea diver, and 
countless other attractions^ The fair was 
a big success, and will become an aonuol 
event hereafter. 


Mncon. — At tbe Grand (D. G. Phillips, 
manager) "Bankers and Brokers," Oct. 20, 
and "The Little Joker," 27, drew goodhouses. 
"The Countv Chalrmau" came to fair returns 
29. "Xaaa" drew well 30. May Irwin, lu 
"Mrs. Wilson. That's All," entertained a 
large audience 31. Otis Skinner Nov. 1, 
"Dorothy Vernon ot Haddon Hall" 3, Amelia 
Bingham r>. 


wwm Row* m 

This Hit la made «p am a*«lr «r- 
«frat« a* It !• possible to make ft Hat 
o| raadrtvrllle booklntn. To« In. 
■ertloa in thla depart meal tft« ana* 
ortbe theat r e or park, as tt«1| aa the 
S>*7 or town, MiSr aeaonpanr **ea 
oooklms aoat n*. 

Abdtllah Em flimfdl Trio, Oljrnplc,, 

Ackfr 4 Colllni, Lima, C-, MO: Colaatmi, 12.1T. 
Adtljn, EmrliT. Dff Moi&M, U,, G-10, 
Adjlt, iqu i,[ca^. NotehT. Biln.. B-10. 
AtMauno, Mr. & Mm., Kelti's, Owl ind, 9-10; 

Trinple. D«tri>lt,-12-1?. 
Ad»lr A Dttia, SBiplie, Pitrtwn. N. J.. B-l«; 

funMiv, Hohoken, n. |„ 12-1'. 
Addlt. L*. FlM&'N, M«11»d. Win., 5-10; Bl'oi. 
' U'Cwwe, 18-17. . . 

Adimi ft Mock, Puitor'*, N. T. 0.. 5-10. 


nf-the PO 


aiemiiliiH — Ar. the New Lyceum (Frnnk 
Orny, lenaeoi 'WHlfam FaverBiiam, In • Tlie 
>qLuiw.ja«n." packed the hmtce Oct. 20, ST. 
Mr. Fttverslwtn recelTed a moat cordial wel- 

mtte. A political mecrlnir occupied the hou>*e 
W. Oili? Hkinner presented "TDq Duel to 
^ood burineisTfCtcnioonaart night 30. "PW. 
jTafflf Poufl VI" matinee and night Oct. si, 
Xov. i, came to fair bwelneas "SergeaD!- 

,'Kltt>'" N"ov. 3. "Her Own Way" _«, J~fg£f* 
Ave lUiiutw from Broadway' r 7,-h, "The 
l.llt hrxi tin Prince" 1), "Around the Town 

-..Hopkins' (A. B. Morrison, manager).— 
Cpowdeil hotiM-s jireviiHi'tJ <7ntlrn week of Oct. 
21». The pr.;(.ramtne IBVOJOM : IIS'. Oreen- 
■vay. Mortrnn and McC.arry. Olwrfrf. Serrn, 
Oeorce K. Spoor's Co., In-'Tbo rhriainfla 
Oift?* MunaV K. Hill. Wilfred Clarke, lu 
•■What 'Will" Happen?"' Mnalcal Korn*at» and 
tho klii.idrcrinp.- 

Hwod t.lHu M. Htnlnback, manner).— 
'•Thorns aiU Ornnpte Wormmui.," en tin' week 
«f Qt-t. L'O. cam': to Hpleudld husloesa, and 
itif aianagcnj'riii. oa uminl. deserved ancceus. 
'."Pli* AwakBDlng «f Mr. Plpp" Nnv. 010. 

Hagmmiixk'b OnFATEa Hhowh gnve two 
nerforisflucn hern on the circus grounds, to 
otSonMNM ttmt* Oct. 20. Tbe entertain- 
ment offered wa « of a. high order . 

. Knoxrllle.— At StaoVa Tlieatro (Fritz 
Rtault. Uiatuiaer) Keonedy'a I'lujera, Oct.-J^- 
-l!7 rnnic In good hmi90!<. "Her Own Way, 
iit. dad a fair houBc. Amelia Bingham, In 
vTbf Lilac Uoom, 1 ' guve s Due perforniBnce io 
Mg iMfllttpn. ill. Iteht. Wnyne. In "B.v Klgbt 
of'Sw-urd.-.Nov. 5-7. lie will Dreseot-'Prlpro 
Otto" 8-10, "The lale of Wtr IS. Wg.a 
Kl ill alHai la "TW Hcinaw Man." 13 : "Tbo 
Black ..'rook 1 ' 14. Onmn ami Ohanee. In 
■The Awaheolng of Mr. Plpn," »" I Prim- 
rose's Mlnalrcla 10- 

— 4-*-»> ■ 

. KmupShmk am* Vwom .write: "Wo arc piny, 
fni: iho Trsymore. Baltimore, Md., ihl« week. 
Will Hat two weeks II <W homo In Hntil- 
more. After thnt we. resume work Wh. 
We htivc net .with m w Wlffl "Wty 1 * 3™ 
talk'nr act : Mlao our wMaffltv-phw dancins; 
hRR been a Mg.hlt." (it ^'* *-,,.**« 

■ Pvi.toh ju* .lAiftix write: "We wegroii* 
to strengthen thn "bill at the Bon Ton Tliea- 
tre. Phlladolphlfl, Vot. 2. and were engaged 
after Ihe Hrst abnw for the rest of the week. 
and week of £ After th la-ootagWDrtit wo 
join. Oreen's B'g ygiidetl le Wioji for the 
aeaJoo.' TU' •«" 1 la rnepllng with' blg'stic- 
ceas ccerjwliere. 

,,—> at WhltP, Bijou. Maikfgon, Mich., 3-10. 
ArtUm*. Mabelle. Sbei'a. Boffiilo. 0-10. 
Adablol A Tajlor. Orpheum. Silt Lake, P.. 5-10; 

Orpbenn, D*nter. Col., 18-1T. 
*rg! ,6n * 'Lhlagatoo, Palmetto B«ca, T«.rop«. 

Pla.; 3-17. 
UtM The, "Ihentre Pnyrtt, Birana, Cuba, 5-17. 
AlAx. Br>deoburfth>, Phlla,. r.-io, 
Allison, .Mr. A Mrs.. Lyric. Altoons, Pa., 5-10. 
A 1 then TttlDii, Ooihnm, Bkln., r>-10. 
AlU)off». The. Hliipwlrome. S. X. 0., B-10. 
Alnaoder A Bertie, Chutn, San Frao., Cal., 5- 

Allecel'* Monkey. Ltrlc. Altoona, Pi., fl-10. 
kmnA Tom it ifclftb, Hathaway's, Lowell, Mass., 

Aivln k K'niiry, K. & r. Union »c., X. T. C., 


Alblom, Tbe. Star, Donors, Pa., 3-10 ; Stir, 

Hontsmon, 12-17. 
Altuirtiir. ft Millar, Umpire Tour, Rnt., C-Dec. 31. 
•Allen, Kits, ft Co., Haimnrket, Chicaico, ft-10. 
AUnrabl, Rndl, Colonial, N. Y. C. fi-10. 
■ AllOti & Dalton, 11. ft S.. N. Y. C, 6-10; W«t- 

■ulniter, ProTldeoec 12-17. 
Allen ft Keelcy. i*«»1or'p, N. Y. C, B-10. 
Aimont A Dninoat, NoTPitj 1 , BUn., *-10. 
Albt-oe & 1a Brant. B1>ju. Anderson. Intl., C-10; 

Kllte. DaTenport, la., 12-17. 
Amp* ft FpBiher.H. Star, hlolinc. ill,, G-10; Tro- 

ide'i, Otar Rapid-, la., 12-17. 
American Xevraborsi' Ounrtette, Blaney'i>, Bilto., 

B-10; Oil-aid Ave., l'hllo., 12-17. 
Anirln ft Peters. Majeatlr, Dallas, T»., r.-io; 

Majpatlc, Itooston, J-17. 
Andfrion, Chas. V., Acme, Norfolk, Vs., s-io. 
Andale's Animals, Bennett's, Lonilov, Cati., 0-1O. 
Apollo Quartet tc, Ilou'tun, Tex., 510; Sin An- 
tonio, 12-17. 
. Ardellf A Leslie. Milter'*, T.Iran, 0.. r.-lO; 1'honl.x, 

Columbus, 12-17. 
Arilnw. Orphmro, dt. Paul. 5-10. 
Arllnttoa Coiuedj Pour, Moore'a, l'ortlind. Me., 

fl-10; Keith's, Manchester, N. H, 1M7. 
Arnold., Orjerita, Majestic, Little Rock, Ark., 3- 

10; Majestic. Dallas, Th,. 12-17. 
Arouirong ft Davis, St. 1'aul, Minn., 6-10; Min- 
neapolis. 12-17. 
Ardcll?. Jeanne, & Co., Proctor's, Kewarh, N. J., 

Anlelle k Crouch, Empire, Hoboken, N. J., r.-io. 
Armlnta A Hurtie, AcadcmT. Fall Blver, Mass,, 

Armsirona. Oc. P., Vnlqne, MInneapot]<i. fi-10. 
Archer ft Crocker, Proctor's, Trnj*. !*• 1*-, ■'■-l - 
Artois Brna., Poll's, Wnt*rbnrr. Cono., 3-l«; 

Poll's, Worcester, Mass., 12-17. 
Arnold ft Onrdser, Cr.TKtal, Detroit, .Via. 
Ashtiio ft Mertine, Inrtfna Mu.Mc Hall, Havana, 

Cuba, 3-17. 
Asher A Pnternon, Rocheatpr, S. Y., 0-10. 
Austin, Claude, Parally. Slonx Cllj, In., 3-10; 

Lyric Lincoln, Meb.. 12-17. 
Ante, Edna. Victoria, K. Y, C, S-llt. 
Austins, ToKRlns, Trent, Trenton. N, J., 5-10; 

Colonial. Lawrence, Mass., 12-17. 
Avery A Pearl, Colonial, N. t, C, B-10. 
Avolos, Mu.lcal (4), HopklDs', Memrhls, Tmn., 

Avon Comeily Four, Orpheittn, Kansas Cltj, Mo,, 

B-]0. . 
Baker "ft Carroll, Keith's, l'rovideiioe. r»-10. 
Baker Trio, Poll's, .Springfield, Mass., 3-10. 
Bailey ft Austin, Keith'?, Jersey City, IS. J., fi-10; 

K. « P. ,'th Ave., N. Y. C. 12-17. 
Barth Bros. A Walton, Hathaway'a, Lowell, 

Mass.. o-io. 
Barry, Mr. ft Mrs. Jimmy, Orpneam, L'tloa, N. Y.. 

Barnes, Paul. G. O. H., Indlanaitolls, 0-1O. 
Bates. Louie \\\, Bijou, Oskosli. Wis., r.-io. 
BaaderLa Velle Trio, Industrial, ilollne, III.. 

."•10. ■ 
Barlboldl's Cockatoos, Bliea's, Toronto, 0-10 ; 

Cook's, Bocbestcr. 12-1 7. 
BarixnTn-Lancanter Co., II. A B., Bkln., 0-10. 
Ban y ft Hal vers, II. & II., Bkln., R-IO. 
Baycs, Nora, Keith's, Providence, 0-to. 
Baker Troupe, Poll's. HprtnirOeM, Mass., 5-10; 

, roll's. Brldireport, Conn., 12-17. 
Bell' Trio, Mohank, acUenectady, N. Y., 5-10; 

Armory. Blngbamton, 12-17. 
Beattlee. The, Oem. I.ynn, Mass., B-10. 
Be«kwlthi Lillian, Majestic. Chlcajn), 0-10. 
Ballooy Broi*., Temple, Detroit, B-10, 
Berry ft Berry, Bijou, Decator. HI., 3-10; Crys- 

til, MHtrankee, Wis.. 12-17. 
Beisy. Cla'.re, Sbea'M, Buffalo, 3-10. 
Belforl. Miy, K. ft P. BOtb St., K. Y. 0., S-10. 
Berol, Wm., Olympic, Chlcaeo, fi-lOl Columbia, 

-sr. Tjonii. 1217. 
Beirorr), AI. O. * Mamie, BIJou. Jacktonvllie, 

III.. 6-10; Bijou, Kewanee. 12-17. 
Be-lell Bra*., S B., Norwich, Oomi., 5-10; O. 

U-. Woousocket, B. 1., 12-17. 
Fertlna A Brockwar, Pastor'*, S. Y. a, D-10. 
Beebe, Rlleshcrfa, Newark, O.. S-10; Wbeellnjt, 

W. Va.,1217. 
Besneit, Laura, N'oToIty, Bkln., B-10. 
Bellmao A Moore, Urplieum, Kansas City, Mo., 

Bedlnl, Donnt, Orpbeum, MlDnearolls, 5-10. 
lit* rol-Kenorafl, Max, Olymiilc, Chicago, B-10 ; Co- 
lumbia. St. Louts, 12-17., Ben. Harlem O. II.. N. Y. C. 3d0. 
Bedouin Arabs <»>, Majentic, UlrailughBUl, Ala., 

i>-10: Majeatic, Little Hock, Ark., 12-17. 
Bellclalre Bros,. Hopkins', Loulirllle, K/., S-10; 

Honklnt'. Memtthls, Teno., 12-17. 
HMural". Arthur, ft Co.. Pamlly. Hailetos, Pa., 

0-10; Family, Carbondale, 12-17. 
Berrlan-A Mackln, Urand Dayton, u. 0>11). 
Betitlce A Maacot, Marvin, Plodlar. O..-3-10; 

Temple. Tt. Wayne. Ind.. 12-17. ' 

Bfrgere,' Valerie, A Co., Proctor')*, Newark, N. J., 

Bernato A t>ieg. Lyric, Cleveland. B-10. 
Btu All's, ll:i9riuri, Arabs, Keith's, Boston, D-10. 
Beraac's Circus. Valentine, Toledo, fi-m. 
Blaiify AChupmnn, BIJou, Itockf^rd. III., 3-10, 
Bison City Trio, Klwood. Ind.. s'-lO. 
nimtn. Borntn, B-rr-r, Majestic, Dallas, Tex., 5- 

10; M'njp«tli\ Houston, 12-17. 
HIJoi) (\viiciiy Trio, Kinplre, luiilsiisiiolls, B-10;' 

BucUIniihnm. 'IrOillsvlIIe, 12-17. 
Blr.kc A La Bcdo, Armory, Blnslinrnlon, N. Y., 

Blsrnphlri A Hehr, Orplilum, Lima, O., B-10; Or- 

phltiin, Newark. 12-17. 
Ulaek Hiimin. (14), Alhamtra, N, Y, C, B-10; 

Oiyhe'm. Boxtoti, 12-17. 
Illock A Junes, Hiyiiiaikct, Clik-iij,o, 3-10; Olym- 
pic Cliicsico, 12-17. 
ISirilcverry, Onhlon, Col., Mooro'u, I'ortlaud, &le., 
Btrvd,- Archie, A Co., Fioilty, Lnucaster, Pa., 

AJO. . 
Bowprs. Walters A Criwker, Doric, Youkars, N. 
! Y„ 12-17- 

Boa, Ted K„ Tlmll, Cape Town. Bi A,. 6-1H; 
Arn, alflPKoiv, Sv-t,, Dec. 18-13; Tower, Liter- 
pool, riinf-. 17-22. 
Iloruiil A Nevurrn. Proctor'a, Newark. IN. J., B- 

1"; MiiiylBji.l. Itnlt.,.. 12-17. 
K«y.d, Harry, Ul.fou. qulncy. III.. CIO. 
Koylan, Arthur A.- SIHdrcd. Mohnwk, Hi'licncitaily, 

m Y„ S-IOj HUea, 12-17.' 
;<-■■■ li/v. Mm;-. Or:<li'."ij;i, MliincapoilH, 5-10. 
Briinlns, les,. Urnbvuin. Iteo'lliiu, Pa., 0-10. 
Itrnall A llratil. U<*»mi-lfn. Loudon, Can., B-10. 
[ A Iliissell. (L O. II., Iml.auapt>>li<, B-10. 
Hrjaut A Ituvrll. Family, I'itlnton, Pa.. 3-10; 
■(■'arnlly. Potlsvllic, 12-17. 
Ur-idlpv. A Davii, Crytul, Mnrfui, Iird., 3-10; 

Crystal. TaMat, 1217. 
Rr;uui ft 1,'iraiMi. 1II]<>1]. Qnilnr, III., ft- 10. 
Itrirht Bros.. Kirn».. Dudlt-y. V.u%., B-1V; Pal.. 

.Norths inj»ton, 12-17; lliji., IbiM-omlie, 10-21; 
,- HJii,, K'ortstuotitii. 26-Dee. 1. 
Hrooks *- Vcrldcr, Proctor's, Albany. >', Y., fi-10. 
Blown, <UK BIJoil. Marlon, Ind., S-1A; 0. 0- II., 

Orand Rapids. Mtrh.. 12-17. 
OrtwAr, Oscar, Acme, Norfolk, Vi., 3-10, 
Brind Ulsters, O. n.. Oreenvllle. AM.. CIO. 
Bradford-, The, O. H., Hharoo. Pi., 6-10; 0. If.. 

HcKresporf, 12-17. 
Breen. Ifarry, Orpheum. Plica, R. J., ti-10. 
Orovrnhp, Artbnr. Btar, Mooesren, Pa., S-10; 
' Orpblnm. HprlnBflMd. O.. 12-17. 
Bviwn, Harris A Brown'. Pforlrtr's,' Alhniiy,'N*. T., 


Dllltona "Hie, Kmplre, London, Kna., 3-23. 
Brymr, Hartaa. PerlnV Patfraon, N. J., 3-10. 
Brobat^Ho, Family. Hailcton. Pt.. 3-10. 
Brandt A Larsno. Bljoti, Qulncy, HI., B-10 ; Gaiety. 

ISmSE 12-17- 
Brooks, Jesane, Majestic. Dallas. Tex., B-10; Ma- 

. Jeatl?, ilw«ton. 12-17. 
Bretn. Freddie, Combinitlon, Dead wood. S. D,. 

• C-10. 

Brown, Harry, "Orislnal," Keith's, Boston. 3-10. 
BfOTtn * Delores, 1'oU's, BrianrNrt, Coon., 0-10. 
Burke, Dan, She*'*, Buffslo, B-lO. 
jBuHnrt, Tbe. Harlem 0. P.. N. Y. C, 6-10. 
Bottfiti ft Brooks, Orphrom. Los Arjrstes. Oil., 

Dnrrorne, Rarry, K. A p, L'nlon Sq., S. Y. 0., 

Suth. Fraak, K. ft p.. 23d St„ N. T. 0.. «-IO. 

Boscb, lisrl, BostoP, Lowell, Mnsa,, B-io. 

Bntkfey, Lnora, 0);rnpl>:. Chicago, 0>10. 

Butfce a Dentpsey, Hbea's, Toronto, B-10. 

Buckeye State Four, Howard, Boston, 6-10. 

Butkeya Trio, DLJou, La Crosse, Wis., 8-10 ; 
L-nlqne. Claire. 12-17. 

Bn-lrlrys. Musical, Hprlngdeld, 0.. 9-10; Hamil- 
ton, 12-17. 

Darke A Prllno, San Dteso. Cal., 3-10 ; San Ber- 
tumllno, 12-ti. 

Byron 4 Alanrli, Olympic, So. Bend, Jnd., 3-10; 
BUOo. U Crosse, Wis., 12-17. 

Byron, A Lnnffdon, nmnlre, Palerson, N. J., B-tO; 
Kmplre, Hotioken, 12-17, 
jrpe Kenyon Four, BIJou, _._ 

CarTerr A Orant, Kmplre, Ashtannla, O., 3-10; 

Byrne Kenyon Four. BIJou. Diiluth. Hlnn., 3-2i. 
"afferj' A Orant, Er 

Plevpland. 12-17. 
Carter A Blufonl, (1. 0. 11., Indianapolis, rv-io ; 

Columlda. Clirlvnnll. 12-11. 
Curitownlf Sisters, Keenpy's, Bkln. 6-10. 
Carlin A Otto. Hojmnrkel. Chlcapo. 0-10: O. 0. 

II., Indianapolis. 12-17. 
.Canada tSV-i), Crystal. Trinidad, Col., 6-10. 
CamJI]e Comedy Trio. MaJcsllc. Chlciao, 3-10. 
Caiod A IV Verne, Family , Lafayette, Inil., ti- 

1Q; Uiyroarket. Cblcajw, 12-17. 
Cartfrt. 'ITie, Hlloii, Marionette, Wli.. B-10; 111- 

jou, .Calumet. Mich.. 12-17. 
Carmen, Sisters, 0. 0. ft., rittahnrar. B-10. 
Cirrotl A Doyle, Hlouv City, Is., B-10 : Omaha. 

Neb., 12-17. 
Carlisle. Ferris, Orand, Vaneotrrer, Can., B-10; 

OrMid. Tacooin, Wash., 12-17. 
Cirdownle Rlsten*, Ilathaway's, Idwell, Mass., 

f.-JO; Andliorlara, Lynn. 12-17. 
Civsaa,- Cbasc's, Wnnuinj.'soii. U. C, 6-10. 
Oile Family, Noeelty, Hlockton, cal., 3-10; Na- 

tlonal, »sn Fran.. 12/17. 
Cmwroa & l<'lanafuu, Toiuplc, Detroit, B-10. 
CiLiwroti, <!raue, Orpheum, Bkln.. B-lo. 
O'tplrini'f Lions. Jcircrs, Saginaw, Mlrli... R-10. 
OniBobaJl A Brady, BIJou, Kvanavllle, Ind., B-10; 

Bfloi.. Lafayette, 12-17, 
CirritM'* Bears, Htar, Mononjrahell. Pa., fl-10: 

Sur, Jeanetic, 12-17. 
C^rleton A Doitacy. Manbattan, Norfolk, Va., 8- 

io. Z 

Oaraonttllt, Leo. Windsor, St. Paul, 6-10. 
i.'trlBrc".. B'wsy. Unite, Blont., 3-10, 
carpenter. J- Fred., ScoLtibunr, ind., 0-10; Mlt 

cfitll. 12-17. 
Caron A Uerhcrt. Kmplre. 1'aterson, N. J., B-10; 

KnaplK, Hoboken, 12-17. 
Calvia, Jim, New. Omaba, Neb.. 6-10. 
•JacUttan ft Tern*. Family, Davenport, la., 6-10; 

Cidar Ranlils, 12-17. 
campDells. The, Majestic, (Itlnesvllle, Tex., 3-10. 
I'arrolltou ft ll<xik'ct>. Orind, jHuiiticgion, Ind., fl- 
10. , 
("Xrletoti. Al„ K. Jt P. SM Street, N. Y. 0.. B-10. 
cherry ft Bates. Family, Passaic, N. J.. B-10. 
t'brlatopl'er, Btjoti. DnDTllle, 111,, 6-10; Kleclrlc. 

Waterloo, la., 12-17. 
Cbtiik*. Oiplieunj, Kansas City, Mo.. 6-10. 
r;[iKjnevani, Paul, Majeailc. Krle, Pa., fi-10. 
•'lay dialers. BIJou, Norfolk, Va., 6-10. 
(.'toy. Oto., Yales, Kansas City, Mo., 3-10. 
(llrlord, Billy 3.. Aloambrs, N, Y. 0., B-10. 
'Ilutke, Qeorgiarifi. jfevoy, Ilamlltnii, Can., B-10. 
CHVe. Henry. Mohawk, Bcheaectnur, N. Y-. B-10. 
Clifford ft Ortb, Cryatal. St. Joseph, Mo., 0-10. Claude ft Marlon, New, Pawtuckct. 

B. 1.. fi.10. 
Olalre A I* Van, Frerck's.Bt. Paol, fi-10, 
Clifford ft Burke. O. 0. II.. Syracure, N. V.. B-10 ; 

Keith's, Columhua, 12-17. 
Clayton, Ollle. Dewey, Ctlva, N. Y.. 0-10. 
Clatke A- Temple, Castle. BloomlnaWn. 111.. B-10. 
Uiarke, Wilfred. A Co., Majestic, Cfclcnio, 0-10. 
Clarke. Hilda, Keith's, Plilfa., B-10. 
Cotton, Lola, Orphlmn, MonsQeld, 0., 6-10; Or- 
plilum, Chilllcotbe, 12-17. 
Cook. Prank, A. ft ft., Boston, B-10. 
Conn AConrao, Q. 0. II., Pittsburg, 12-17. 
Connelly, Httgli, O. 11., I'ottavlllo. 1'a., 6-10. 
Corwey, Ferry, Keith's, Manchester, N. il., 6-10. 
Conrad. Rdlth. If. A P. 6Nth Ht., N, Y. C, B-10; 

K. * P. Union Sq-, N. Y. C, 12-17. 
Coliimlltt Four. Keltu'n, Boston. 5-10; Kallh's, 

Providence. 12-17. 
Con wells, Cycling. Touring- Meileo, 6-17. 
Collins, Sam. Paator's, N. Y. C. 6-10. 
Colby Pacntly, Poll's, Hprlaiiaeld, Man., B-lo ; 

Poll's, WoMMltT, 1217. 
r.'oit-per, Jlmmle, Jefferson, Portland. Me., B-10. 
Columbiana (6),. Empire, Pateraou, N. J., 3-10. 
Cox Family Quartette, KIpuX Knknmo, Intl., B-IO. 
Coram. Columbia, Cincinnati. A-ID. 
Cole, Bertie. Bllon, Dviluth, Minn., B-10. 
Conalr's Doas, Atlantic Onnlen, N. Y. 0., B-10. i 
Collins A Hart, Chutes, Man Fran.. Cal., B-10; 

5-10; Orphenm. Los Anpeles, 12-17- 
Cole, 8am, Dewey, IJtica, K Y., fl-10. 
Cola a Coleman, Crystal, Kokomo, ind., 6-10; 

Cry*t*1, Loaansport. 12-17. 
Cooko ft Sylvia, Temple, Detroit, 3-10. 
Cenlon A Hartlnrfa, BIJoti, Ditluth, Minn., ft-io. 
Collim A Brovrn, Armory, Ulngbimton, N. v., 

B-10, ■ . «*■ 

CoghJan. Hose A Co., Orpheiitn, 8t. Paul, fi-10, 
Colonial Beptette, Ye, Pvll'a, SprlnitOeld, Mana., 

Conroy. John 'ft Mamie, Orand, Dayton, 0., 5-10, 
Cooke A 'Stevens, Audltorlnm. Lynn, Mass., B-10, 
Cowlet Family. .lefTtjrs, Haglnn*. Mleh.. B-10. 
Cooper A nchlason, Keith's, Clcreland, fi-10. 
Cre«a>' A Duyne. llarleu O. •II., N, Y. C, 6>lfl. 
Cr«o, Phillips. Richmond, ]ud„ 6-10, Htar, Mun- 

cle. 12-17. 
Crawford ft Dc l^nccy, BIJou. Davenport, la., fl- 
Crickets, Electric, Keltb'i, Boston, fl-10. 
Cruie, Bonnie, Windsor, rlt. Paul, B-10. 
Crane, Mr. A Mrs. Gardner, Keith's, Clcveliud, 

3-10. - - 

Crev, Jeialca, Columbia, Cincinnati, 3-10. 
(>a|ne, Lou; ft Cralne. Wllaon'a, Ilelolt, Wis,, 

B-ID; Towle'a, llaiunvoml, Ind., 12-17. 
Cutty-. Musical (0), K. A P. Oth Ave., N. Y. O, 

Oullen," Jaa,' H,, Proctor's, Albany, N, Y„ 040. ' 
runniDjtliiitti A Hmlth, LllsTty, Merldeu, Conn.; 

Paers, I^ulte, Majestic, Illrmlnclum, Ala., B-10; 

Udjcstlc. Little Rock, Ark., 12<17, 
Daniels, Waller, (1. O, IL. Plttsbury. C-10; 

Keith's. Pawtuoket, R. 1., 12-17. 
Davis. Mark A Laura, Hub, Woonaocket, R. L, 

UtiTli, I'M ward- A Co., II. A II., Dklu., 3-10. 
Oavll A Walker. McKeeaitort, I'a„ fi-10. 
Day, Oco. iv*., ttea-s, liiiffalo, G-10. 
QoilfT Bros., Kheedy's, Fall River, Mass., fi-JO. 
IiaetQii'-ri. lectin, lfayinurltet, Ctilcajru, 0-10. 
Dawson * lUwtli, Armory. Cbllllcutbe, 0.. .1 10. 
D'Arcy. Frnuces, Cliules, Ban Fran., Cal., fl-10. 
Davl,-. Tom, Trio, IllntKKlmme, N. Y. ft, 3-1*1, 
D'Aivllle Slstera, Chkauu. Ml 
Uomtn "iron,. fj)rpiicuui. sow Orleans, fill), 
Davis, P. Rlchurd, I'ortfiiviiitl), N. M., 6-10; La- 
. conlii, 12-17. 

Dale A Knssl, Allaallc OarJen, N, Y. ft, fl-10. . 
Oily, Vhile, Olymjilc, Cincinnati, S-10. 
Dattircl). Auric, Poll's, Hartford, Ctsni., 6-10; 

Poll's; Bjtrlnaflvld, Mass., 12-17. 
naniraor. Hippodrome, N. Y. C, ri-10. 
Dnh. Arnold, K, & V. 6tb Ave., N. Y. ft, B-W». 
Dell, ft (''Miidn, People's, r^nvcnworth. Kan.. .1- 

lli; Novelty. Toiruka, 12-17. 
De .Vllt, Iluru» A Torraiu.'.', Olymyla, Paris, Fr., 

f-elfio. Ori'lilino, MatisOeld. 0,, fi-10; Ornhium, 

C¥llllc.ittis>. 12-17. 
Devcri-. Lillian, D<:wey, IMIco. N. Y., fi-10, 
Dee, Roy. Ai-fidemj, Wllmliijttvin. N. C., fi-10. 
Uc Uoy ft Miller, U. 0. IL. PlltHtnirui, fi-jo. . 
Or Miindk' ft JJinsioorc, Novelty, Topokii, Kan., 

0-fO; Itlto.1, fhs'irord, PL, 12-17. 
Do Bnta. d»mn, ft Bro.. KelthV Jii—y Cliy, N. 

.1,. 6-10: M.-ire's. PortUnd, Me., 12-17. 
D.> Item-oft I.h Due, Fiinlly, ICltnlra, N. Y.. fl-l*. 
DfuiofiUi A Relic, Kslili'a, Manchester, N, II. , 

De Bmtillr, Prliiee-s Kulrlle, t'olonlal, N. Y. C, 

Oe Vflde A 7xlda, Lrrlc. Joplln, Mo., 12-17. 
Deltti'-ire A ftarrell, llorvurd, Il'tsloa, 3-10. 
Dijimore Sillers, Umpire. Hoboken, N. J., fi-10. 
Dn>trella Hlitera. Majestic. Krle. Pa.. 6-10. 
Delmnr. Jennie, Star, Atlanta, fin., 3-17. 
DKntelln HlnUra, Savor. Hamilton, Can., fl-10. 
Dee, Roy, Armory, ITayette villa, N, ft, fi-lfl. 
D« Bbmc'stjDjVs.. Marietta, 0„ B-10; Ynunis- 

town. 12-f7. 
Del-A-Phoue, B.Jon, Deratur, 111.; C-10. 

Domini. Artbnr, Ornbeum, Kansav city. Vo., .-- 

^10;.OrpbeitiTi, New Orleans, Ij»., 12-17. 

De Vere, Pauline, Lyric. Terre Hmtp, Ind., 3-10; 
Qllety, Snrlngncld. III., 12-17. 

De Bnta, Count, ft Ore.. K. A P. 3th Ave., N. Y- 
C.. 8-10; K. ft P. BStb St., N. Y. C, 12-17. 

Dewey ft Thornton, Capron's, l'awtuckit, R. I., 

De Coe. Harry. Majestic, San Antonio, Tex., fi- 
10 ; Majestic. Shrsreport. 12-17. 

He Orla, Mar*el«w, Tremont. Pt. Scott. Kan., 

Uletts ft Motln. Carron's. Patetncket. R. L, 3-10. 

Uumoml Conjeiljr Four, Lyric, San Fran., Cil . 

Dlion Bros., Orphenro, New Orleans, La., 6-10. ' 

Ulerlckx Bros.. Orpbeum. Bostoo, .*10. 

Diamond A Smith. Harlem O. IL, N. Y. C, -'-10. 

Diamond A Mack, Orand. Careen, Mo.. 6-10, 

Dolores. Mile., empire, noise CHy,, fi-10. 

Dnneherly, Jaa. Witt, ft Co., Printer"*. N. Y. 0.. 

Dortala (3>, Keith's. Providence. MO. 

Don, F.mroa. ral., Sunderland, Kna.. 6-10; Pol.. 

Dondee, Scot., 12-17; Pol., Aberdeen, 10-24; 
' Kedii.. areenalcb 2fl-Der. I. 
Bona A Haisell. roll's. Worcester, Mass.. 3-10; 

m Waterbnry, 12-17. 
Doyle A Granger, Cryatal. St. Joseph, Me,, BIO. 
"Domino Hoop*,* Lyric, Cleveland, C-10. 
Doyle, Fatsy. Majeittc, Erie, P«„ i-10. 
Drew, Dorothy. Hansa. Damhurif. Oer.. 300. 
Urocula. A.. OrysiBl, Peiiver. Col., 0-10; Crystal. 

Pueblo, 1S-1T. 
Dnobirs, Fljlnjj. Armory, Singh fi ml on, N. Y., 3- 

.Mincin, A. 0.. Orj>hcnm. Boston, B-10. 
Ddiin, Francis, k Co,, Crystal. St. Joseph. Mo„ 

fi-10- . 

Dupont. Mary, ft Co.. Keith's. Providence, fi-lfl. • 
Dumont. Daisy, 0. O. IL, Plrtahurir. >1-10. 
Dubois ft Mimfc. f). tX IL, Plttslittiit, fi-10. 
Dynes A Dynes, lint*. W<Hvi>iock<>i. R. I., 6-10. 
Karle, Mfim, Krerck's, .St. I'atil. MO. 
Karl ft Burtleit. Keith's, Hoston, ft-in. 
Ilckhofr ft Ooribn, Oridtcum, Kan* in City, Mo.,' 13- 

Kckei ft Wame*. .laeobs', Fllaaheih. N. J., 121L 
lidouln ft Kd wards, Slien's. Tornnio, 6-10. 
iMwnrds. Maude A Tom, K. ft p. aW Ht., N. Y, 

t V 3-10 ; Ori.lwtra. Allenlovrn, Pa.. 12-17. 
RahjHtoaa, The, Novell v. Bkln., '6-10, 
Klllolt, llelalr ft Flllntt, Lyric, Tetre Hante. Ind.. 

fi-10; Lyric, Diuivlllc, 111,. 12.17. 
L.lltwre aistors, K, A P. fllh Are.. N. Y. C„ fl- 
ic, 0. O. H„ hymniae. N. Y.. 12*17. 
Kldorn, Family. Chester, Pa„ 3-1(1. 
r.lloit, Anw. Keith's, ■ifo.tiui, fi-lii; 1'oU's, McW 

llnven, Oinn., 12-17. 
Kldon. Ilowitil, Boston. 12-17. ' 

Kmetsnn A Van I Mm, Uradenlmrfrh's, Phlla.. .1-1,0. 
Kiiimrni*, Fltnwersoii A Kltiinons. Sheedj's, Fall 

River, nlasa., 2-10. 
Fmnvelt, Oracle. A Cn„ Hathawni's, Lowell. 

Mass., .1 Hi; Ne«>- Reilftivd, 13-17. 
Knnnett. Kuaene, Fanilly, MulTalo, 6-10.. 
• Kmierors nf Musle (*), tl. o. IL. Jollet. 111., 

Kmplre City Qitortclte, Cantos, Han Fran.. Cal.. 

Umpire Cntneily Four. |l. ft 11.. Bkln., B-lfi: II, 

i) IL, I'ltiabutr, 18-17. 
Kthardn, Naomi, K, A p. Union So., N, Y, ft, 

' Kveretts (4), CliascV. Wnililniitou. P. ft. 3- 10. 
Evans. Chas. R., & Co., Cliaso's, WsahlnKtoii, D. 

ft. 6*10. 
f!veJyn, I'enrl, Olympic, Chicago, 310, 
KvjDt, Mr. A Mrs- Kdvnnls, * Co., Pnitor's, N. 

Y. ft, B-10, 
F.vers, do., W., Lyi-iV. Danrllle, 111,. 6-10; Ls- 

.-■die. 'Keokuk, la,, 12-17. ■ 

Fviiua Trlr.. Hhoedj'e, Fall Illver. Mass.. K-10; 

llailiawayy New liedford, 12-17. 
P.veljm, Oho, llilli, Woonsrs'lrot, It. I„ 3-10. . 
Kvhiis, Heiirje, llnrJern O. II. . N, Y. C, 0-I0. 
Kverhin, n. O. IL, Myracuaf, B-10 ; Kallu's, 

Plillu., 12-17. 
lixposltlnn four, Pn-elor's, A litany, N, Yi, fl.10. 
Pay, Anna Kvn, c-nlninhla. Clivclitnall, .fl-lO. 
Fanlas |2I. HnwaM, Bostnti, tVtl), 
I'mlerle Orchestra, ■ Puli'a, Mart Card, ConB,, fi-IC: 

IMll's. Hunlngflfld, Mnss., 12-17. 
(•'ays. The, (Inibctim, llostnit, H-lit. .« 

Fiirniiai, Hii.1, I,a Hlllo, Konknk, la., 3-10; 

dr>Mal, Rack island, ill., 12-17. 

Ptmsl Knmlly. K. A P, -AM Ht., N, Y, (!., fi-l»i 
, Ffllk. .Kleiner. Clinse's, Washliiittoii, D. C, 3- 10 
Vtiji, John, Oeuvy, Utlcn, N. V., fi-lfl. 
Fernando May Dtw, Marrlu, KIndlny, O., fi-io. 
I'erirtisuu ft Hack, Orpl/titm, Allentotvn. Pa., .'■ I". 
Ferguson A Pnn*in.-rc, litaney's, Phlla., fi-10. ' 
Ferry, Ortilieutn, SI. Paul, 3-10; Domlalun, Win 

IlltK-g. I'HII., 12-17, 

Ferrnnll, Hub, Woonsocket, 11. L, 6-10. 
, Ferrnril'M Ib-Iiih, Rradefilnirftli's, Phlla., 3-10, 
Fields ami llntiKdit, Kmp1n>, PlftaSebl, Mais., -1- 

Flsli'er. 'Mr. It Mm, Perkins, Family. Ilulte, Mont., 

6-10; Wnshliutttiii, ' H|iokniis, Wash., 12-17. 
blske & HcDonmtali, Orpluintu, New Orlein*. La., 

Ft.XKi.-rnM A Ollday, Valenlhie, Tnledli. .1-10; 

Bennctt'n, Loininn, Can., 12-17, 
First. Hnrnrv. llnwerj', N. Y. ft, 3-10; lllfeii, 

Phlla., 12-17. ..... 

F luxe mid *,- Trailer,. 'Proctor's, Newark, N. J., 

Fluk, Unrry./JlMoii. I.anilDK, Sllch., 5J0;.HIJnu, 

Pontine, 13-17. 
Plslier A Johnson, Oriiheiim, Rockford, 111,, a.lli. 
l*'lske, Ilsrilo, JSropirft, St. Pnnl, 6-10. 
Florence Hlsters fri), Cryatal Palace, Warsaw, 

No*., 6-16; Apoilo. St. PiftenlsirK. Ifl-Dec. IS, 
Plynn, Harney A .Dolly, A. A h\, Dosfon. 6-10. 
Floods, The. Mohawk, fVkeneetady, N. Y„ 6-in, 
Fleim-n A Miller. Keltli'a. Phlla., fi-10. 
Flood lli-ris,., K. A P. 68tli St., N, Y. ft, 3. 10. 
Porter. 0. IL. Nawiwrt. IL I., 310; 0. IL, New 

Hedrord. MaHH., .la-lT. 
l-'itrd A (Jelirue, K. A I'. I.'nlmi n,i„ N. Y. ft, B-lo, 
Ford rlUitn. A Br.itllen, Keith's, llnaton, 3-10. 
boater A Hiia/hCM, (inin, Lynn, ilnas., ft-10. 
I'nx A Du Ball. Temple, (•'(. Wayne. Ind., 3*10, 
I'd*. Mad**, Psator's, N. Y. ft, B-10. 
Fosler, Harry, A, A ft,, Boston, 0-10. 
Fnrrests, Musical, Lyric. Moldle. Ala., 3-10. 
*oim D,ntl Urns.. Porrln'B, Pnterson, N. J.,3-10. 
Portuue A Davis, Orpbeum, Minneapolis, Minn., 

Poster A Pouter. Poll'a, SprlnffleM, Haas,. 3-Ui. 
Foreman. Kdjjar, ft Co., flarrlek, Wilmington. 

Del.. 0>1(l ; Cheater, i'a., 1217. 
>on, Ab UM PilLiJiy. Ohniter, l»a., R*H. 
Ford, l)ori X Dot, Colonotle, Hallo., 3-10. 
Fnt ft Ward, llth St., Phlla.. 6-10. 
Vox. will IL, Mlou, Kvanavllle, iml„ 3-17, 
i'rttlo A Dare, 0. 0. II., (Irand Rapids, MIcu., 

Frauds ft Boteri, Huh, Woomocket, It. I., 3-10. 
rrankUti ft Wattaco, BeonctL'a, Londou, Can., 

I'red A I'inly, Colonial. Liwrence, Mam., 5-10: 

Keith's. Matiebeiter, X. 11.. 12-17. 
Frank. Marvetoua A Boh, Majevlh', UJmilUfriiaiii. 

Ala., 13-17. • 
('ranks ft Franks, Bradeuburgli's, Phlla.. 12-17. 
I' red crick, llolenn. Or|jli«uin, HL.Panl, fi-lfl; t>r- 

l>heum. Oniuliu. ia-j *. 
I'ranculll k Lewis. JctTers, Mnajlhqw, Mich,, 0-10. 
Ki-eetiiun. nimiclie. , Rlinn, Jltilmime, In,, 5.10: 

Industrial, Mnlliie, 1)1.. 12-17. 
FrlcnriKa, Trl>lc Kceiiiry'a, Bkln., 6-10, 
"Futurll.v Winner," MnJestlr, Ch lenao, 3-10. 
I'liltdu, Jus., mi, .11, Canton. 0„ .'t-10^ i 
(ItmhlcT A Mmlderii, Orpbetnu. Kansis City, fl- 
10; oriitifmii. New Orleans. 12-17.' 
U-nrdner A KlnsJilnnl.. Majcsll-:, Norfolk,' Va„ fi-lu. 
Cunlricr. I(M|>pr Jack, Kliea's, 'I'nruiitw, 3-10 ; 

Keith's; Cleveland, J2-17. 
fJulirlel. Master, A Co., K. A P. 'Ilnlnji Hii., X. 

Y. 0.. 6-10. , H 

Um-nmriu, J'Menhlne, Keith's, Manchester, N. 11., 


fismrr, Once, Castle,, Bbsi/ulngton, III., 5.10, 
(lalllmitt-c. Arthur, Colonial. Lawrence, Mass., fl- 
ic : Keith's, Mum-heater, S, IL. 12-17. 

Cnylont. Hitunie, Itcflli's, I'rorldeitce, Btft; Raroy, 

Fall Illver. .Mhs>„ 12-17. 
CagMIE, 'Hie. K. ft IVGlli Ave- N, Y. O., 5-10: 

PK-ii/i!'*, Newark, K, J„ 12-17. 

Ciylor A flraff, Ufjou, WIh-cIIhk, W, Va., 3-|u ; 
OriibhiiN. MhmsIIcI-L O.. 12-17. 

fiariiinev ciiihiren (»), Dn.-»iiir. III.. 5-ic. 

(lerinlniil, Mods., Iltitlis way's, I^wcll, Mass,, fi- 
JO. . 

• Jems, The, Keltb'x, Olcrelaud. kVI0, 

MenMM A 'rheol, Ill|i|sa1rnue, N. Y. C. 6-10, 

Oerdlngs, Tli*>, Crystal. Aiiderwni, Ind., 3-h>; 
Cryatal. Kokomo, 12-17. 

fjtsarfjk Htk Innvllnit's, Limamport, lud., 8-10; 
Traled, Mlabawaka, 12-17. 

Oermau Hlslers, Dewey, llilin, N, 7.. 3-10. 

Ollbert. John I)., IL i II.. Willi.. 510. 

Gibson, Nora, IlrndenhiirKli's, Phils., 6-10. 

01 1 more A Carroll, Crystal. Milwaukee, 3>10; n. 
O. II.. Grand Rapids. Mich.. 12:17. 

Otrard * Oardiit-r, Poll's, H|irlnn(li-M, Mims., 3.10, 

(lllllhiij A Perry, frriiheinn. Denver, Cul., 6-10. 

Of been k Nash, PUIe, MemiihU. Tenn., r.-J 7. 

'lllrny, Haines A. MoplBomery, HlJnti, Hii(s.i|.,r, 
Wis.. 5-1D, , 

Gllfoll, Harry, Barletn 0. II., N. Y. ft, 310. 

' % **> 


??w® wjgyjjtfiB^ 


"Oltl Brklml III. Oil.," K. * P. Urilo. *1.. N. r. 

c;. Mo. 

OIIIKM'i JloalcM Do|«. Kellb'a. Pblli.. MO, 
UIIiKirf, JlllOreXI.: Allentl,! <]ar*a»,.N:.T. 0., 

G"-ro; ' • ' . ■■'■.'■* .- ■ 

cliov. .Acs»,t«. Cliutw. Son Fran.. CI.. 5-10. 

filiilltono. ld«. 8hre,l*>. fall T.lvpr., Uc... 6-10. 

OoTi>n Out* Quintette. Ke,,er',, Bfclnv. MO. 

OolllM, Mr. ft Eh.'. Hl)„n. l-aMIn*-. Mitt,., 0-10: 
BIJoi. Aliwtifi.. 12-17. ; ■ _ ' . . ' . 

r.orOoli. Cllir. Keltu'a. Mane»n*ttr. N. n., S-10. 

CoHrlt * &njle. I.Tcenm. HceM.. t-l«. . 

(WllroT A: ' lltD<ler,«n. Araiorr, Blllfuatnton. N. 
Y, 6-1H. • • -' ■ 

Korlpli, Virtual 'ft Klyiiu. Uniiiue. lllunenpoll,, 
&l?0. ■• ' ■ 

Cc'nVm ft Chacon. Empire. Cletcumil. MO; Co- 
rinthian. ,8r>clie>ter, BitT. .' ' ., l '. 

ntfin * ilwhea. roll',. J)ri.ig,;>urt, conn., so. 

aSBaMk. t n«M*. MMK u«ic». >>■ I., mo. 

fl'Mill- l!m«le. 7nlU. Clitw'i, ! WhUKPob; JD. 

leri!-Heo. Knll.r. Qlymiilc, qiicUinatl. MO. 
ft Werner, QrrMwum. ukjn^ B-10. 

fiol'Jer,. Besslr. Empire. Ht: Ptnl.MO 


~ rene ft Werner, Ori'l'cum. _ 

inl. A H6a*. VlleirUlie. .Toledo. MO. 
U.-.M., tfrlc. AltKonn. l'n„ MO, 

-1MB*. Hr. Tom. Ulrwl-a. Loolwllle. kr.. 1317. 

drait- Moakoje. K. * v. WML «• *• O" 

r;r» : .ir.:.n. Ha. Oryueum. ivilnnennnl!.. MO. 
Iracle * ttirnolil.. Imperial. Win.. Slo. 
(•rinillle ft gifnour, Trcwonl. Ft. *»n. Kan., 

lt*I7 ■ '■", 

Hint*. Iknnt Crnlll. Dcltnlt. Hlcb'.. 6- 

10: Olvmnle. fin. Beml. Iml.. 12-1.. - 
Gw ft 'ir«Um. lrocaoero, Pnlla.. MO; Hmt, 

Harden. Virginia. Frew*-,. .11. r«ul. o-lo. 
Hil»«. Nit. G. 0. II.. J>ltlihir»v O-IO. 
li».w ft Ileal,. Olrrnplf. Chlealo. ill 

Hjrllan'l. Hutler. Ilo*ar,l, Boaton. G-10. 
Hurvinl. Conrnj & Uirir.uil. Orplieora. Deo»er, 

IlaVft AMbV K. ft I'. Colon Sq.. S. T. C, 

Ht'rMIr ft McCm. PnollJ. CUMler. Pi-. MO 
Barm, Bd"l> ft I*n. Bljon. Kiluuno, HI*., 

ukfi Hnrlr. Crmlol. " Frinkforl, Iml,, 5-10; 

Ctjtllil. Elwood. 12-17. . 
Hnivet & tx*n«. rirlor. York. P«.. MO ; F>m- 

Hr. LaMnttfT, !'»., 12-17. 
Hirrli-BcMurrcnnte ft Co., »-n a, Krcanana. 

mjjc! FJ1. C.,'u«rvln. M»rl',n, O.. MO ; 0. 0. H„ 

lnnJnnnpolkR. 12-17. ' • 

mrnW. Electric Ballet, 0. 0. n.. rillakarf, 

rlaKHorne ft Bnrt. I.jriC;Alltmia. Pa;. MO. 
mrUO t ITiitlaia BIJoo. vrheella*. W. Va., MO. 
Harms ft . rnitllo. Orojilep. Umtan, !»«■•»■ 

10; Hip.. II««llii«a. 12-17; neOfoW, iMdOU. 

19-24 ; (••»., Unrton. 20l>ec. 81. 
Hitler. F.. F., ft Co., C. 0. II.. nrnnd Bapldl. 

ll«ii*in'ft Kel^oft, Ori'lieuin, lxj« Angeles, Oil-, 

Il.nraii ft -Tame.", Keith'", railtjcket, R. 7., MO. 
Ilirtlaon. I*e. Kellli'a, Jerjej Cltr. N. J.. MO; 
' K ft V. Uukm an.. X. \. 0.. .12-17. 
IImu.IIt™ at nil,-;.-, Kmiilre. S],rlnsOelil. III. jjl.. 
Hlrlach ft Harris. S»% Plina, O., MO; Tam- 
il}. MMiUetomi. 12-17 „.,.,. 
mrcbnrt. Frank, Kmplre, Tale,lo. B-10; Oaletr. 

i;:r'„n.!S. 5 rX; 1 e.*J:"s^i&^ i & 5 - , °- 

,(el«?Dii. K-llth. Urrlieum. New Orlwria, MO. 
llMir k Ciirran. Thleln., Auron. "U6-W; 

!H). Knp.. IxpiVil, Kuk.. lh-c. S^tl. 
Jl«I<y. Joff ft L««rm', 'uHtor-p, N. *. 0-, B-10. 
UftiMiiKs. I*wl» & Menultigs. Oiylirnin. St. V«ul. 

MO: Orph«?uio, Mlnneaw»JU, Js-it. Trio, Oniiieuu.. Kkjii.. ^-10. 
Hk5ow. dm. ft Marie. Bijou. B»j City, [Hi 
■ MO; BUou. AiteJia. 114$. ^.,.. __■ ,.-• 
Heilrts A T'MHCott. 0. O. H.. Pitlrtnrg. MO. 

■Mia ft Rom.. 0. 0. H.. Grind tUpld», Mich.. 

Bit'ien * WiillDs. 3*tt*rt. SmImiw. Mich., G-10. 

Hfi-Iwrt. MflA*.. Em tMbTllle, 1U., MO. 

R^lclte..'rue, Aluitrtr.. p«B«r. Cot. 5-VT. 
iftberi; Curl, K. ft V. fnlon Sfl v >• 1- p.. MO, 

Kllllutd, Robt., ft Co....Vllittinbri. ( N. T. C, M«. 

■5*10. Bijou. Anlmore. . I. T-, 12-17. 
niriwhhornii. The. Bijou. Clliton. !■.. 8-10. 
HloKpun Uroi. (.■*>. Waje-tlc, CUIcaao, MO; 
HiTRiBrUet, CUicuro. wl, . - , ft . -_ 
gBnft Mix. Oirheoui, Onubi, MO, or- 

Hulnan. 'Oen.; -WkMit!|, Tcorl*. III-. o»0. 
Ulll, Hamlllau. Kmidre, Hobokeo. N. J.. B-10. 
Hill. Belle. CaDroii'JV pawtuclwt. «- I.. HJ- 
Holcoml), CurlU ft Co., Artirtrr, BlnfhlMton. N. 

V.. 510: Sdimecudy, .1M7* ■■ ?_ . ._ ... 
Uoln* 1 * ft HoWiMi.. Cryittl. Klkbirt. tad., MO; 

Crvdtrtl, OOBlicu, 12-17, «_•■•— _" - - 

Hoch. R*«. * *»•• *•"'*• BrUgeiwrt, Conn.. 5- 

Tb; Trent. Tienton. N. J.. 13-17. 
UMpiirn, Al. p. A Utnle, CollBeam, Munich, Ger., 

Hpiidlul. IhRT, Shea'*, Toronto. MO- ' 

IIoll. Alf., «. U. li.,- Omul Ilaptdt, Mich., MO. 
llolmeii Htm.. AJhUghV BaUii.._MO. - 

J)o«»rrti<. KntrrlMr Proctor'u, Troy, N. T., »• 

10; K. ft V. .%«th St.. N. V. 0.. 12-17. 
BWf*. Dunclnt Hajitiathet, Chlcuo. 8'»0; 

.MijMllr. Cli'.cito. J21T, .- .: 
BjHfj' a HoiYiitd. Polls, New Harcn, Conn., 

G-10; Poll'iC Brlflrtport. 12-U. ■ 

jSS, Sim, lATrlc. Biker City. Mi., MO; Or- 
pbfUin. M 12-17. ' . . ...» A Blwanli.. Cup 111 , Delrolt. MO. 

nwWliftnillp t^>., I.yrlc, ClcreUod, 0-10; Ui- 
•jeBtlr. Kric. fa.. 13-17. ' '■ l. : . •: 

nowwrd ft Sm I Hi, Krrrrk'a, St. Tiol, 8-10. 
Humes ft LrVhk Fnmll/. I'otWvlUo, l'a... 5-10; 

Qinlep. HufTiIo. 12-17. -jM *lf _L_ 
Hiirtn. Mmlcnl. I'wrli, 111.. MO; Qulncy. 12-17. 
Iliitsc*-. Mr. ft Mm. Ucorit*. Pcrlu't*, t'lierbon. 

N. J., 310. 
HuntreM. Nowtty, Topeka. Kan.. MO. 
IHBbtv. Mr. A Mr*. Gene, lduplrc, Pateraon, 

K J.. 5-10. 
lliicbe* ABrotrn, KVltL's, I'hila.. 5-10. 
lha>, 1MB A \VaUli, ilwy.iu, l)ei ItcLei, la., 

5.10. " 

"lAniensflrhone." Kellh'i. Plilla., 5-10. 
Iiitr-rratlDMl Musical Trio. Itljou. 1'itersoa, N. J., 
■ 3-10; Bon Ton. Jep**T City. 12-17. 
ntiffa ft R.farj. Dom! ' 

Cryptal. MUwankw, .._ 
!t*~ ft Itlchard, f>.v*tal. Muik*?sc4i. Mlcli.; 5-17. 
Jiroef A Datll. Lyceum. St..J(«ci»h. "Ho.. 5-10. 
Jacobs' Don. Hamilton. Can.. 5-10; Utlca. N. T.. 

Jac-iuca, Great. Broa., BIJon. Cautoa. o,. 0-10. 
J»rt;pOD, Kthcl. Bra-leu burth'f. I'htla.. fi-10. 
JICUUCR Bruh.. Hijou, Oaiiloii. O.. 1,-10. 
jjrV>oi,, Harry A Kit*?, Bijou, Evauitille. tnd., 

MO- ,,:... 

Jick. Mr. ft Mrs., K. A P. Dth At«.. N T. C , 

Jerome. FremoDr A Jerome. Orand. Tacooii, 

Wash., -MO: Grand, Victoria. B, C. 13-17. 
JeT.ell'i Rlertrle Manikins, floiliam, .Btelo.V 5-10. 
JniDi»e« A Jewell.- Uatety, Detroit, MO; Enplr*, 

Toledo. 12-17. ' • ■ 
John-ton. Carroll, nowanl, Boston, 6-10. 
Joliuaon- Carrie. H.-wunl. BoHton, Ma 
Julil.*m ft: Wvlla, 1'alala V'i'u: Urutt-H'U. lit-:; , 


Jthurun, Guy. G. U. l!.. Oraml Rui'l'l*. Sikh., 

Jubuator.p. Muxtcal. llansa. llarulutrg, Oi-r.. C-:tO. 
Ji.linttono. laorlmcr, ft Co., ibpklua', Luulirlllc, 

Ky„ MO. 
Johph ft rtUTrUfiid. Qbrapjft So. Bend, hul., B-10. 
Jtrnri * Wte, K. ft p. 2:td St.. N. V. C, B-10. 
Joncu, IrTlnv. Poll's, SprlunUeld, M. >..-., B-lv. 
Juuiwr ft llayc*. Acmlemy. 11a verb UI, Mass., 5- 

10; Knrll>oro. 12-1T. 
Julian, ltoiw. Teoii'lc. Detroit. 5-10. 
Julian, MarToloun. BUou. Wheellnff. \v. Va., 3- 

10, Orphlun. MaHstK-ld. O.. 1MT. 
KHlea Br*'.-,. Du-tululou. >Vlatilr«er. Cm.. 5-10. 
Kaliito, Chu. ft Ada, Gran Clrco Bell. Mexico, 

KsiitniaB, Minnie, Orpbcmn, Kacsaa City, Mo., 

6-10. -^ 

tntmm Troupe. Proctor's. Albany, N. T-. 3*10; 

Temple. Drtrolt. 12*17. 

Kartelll Orpbcutu. B.idj;v-'. Aus,, 6-30. >F<<uui 

IrataV Bro*..: State 1'alr, ftna. Via.. 5.-20. McOta 

Korter. Abdul, Ooloty. luillahapalti. -B-10. McKlAi 

Kelly, tVilterC, Oiymplc, Chlcojo. 5-10; Cola 

Mb.'BL.LouIb. 12-177; •' j 
Kelly, Ha ft Ml, Family, Bete. Mont., M7. 
Kellf'ft Kcl-y. IIoUCV/N. T. C. MO. 
Kelly t iihtT.-'MfQ, ntocttliolm. Hwed,, 6-80; 
-MrrH-.A «.oll Tolif, Fhk., Uec.,,1-20. . 

rKI iiaii, a. ft «., .itum,».i;:5iio," 
Kelly* iM : nnrntii Cincinnati. 5-10. 
Ivelly* Vfc.kf, C. ft I'. f.tivAteVX. t. C 6-1(1. 
Kendnir ft Wllfcen^.- Xovclty. HUb.. 5-10. 
Keouid. lvdnlh. A Cu., Shft-dyK. Fall Bi»*r, 

Maa*.. 5-10. " ■■'■• fT ■• .■ V. 

Keorli. TlUaa;, A Co.. K. ft P. 58tb St.. N. T. 0-. 

5-H-. . , • .:..;. 

K*'.w.'p:"I*eli:i 1 :on.. liiterniit'nnal. Oblcago, 12-17. 
KMO$ * Hidlle. PyllS, Brt-t«po", Cvna.,.5-W. 
KM, Jaw,' l'oiirs. tuiiMx Caou., C j io ; 

l^llk's'Tnivliltfyree, I2-1T; ' ■■ ■ " '■ - 
Kitw, :/*(*,. ■Cry*ta),*,8t- Joiwph. Mo., fi-10. 
KliTO»r;ft' U^lrf.-^roiMorV. Alhajjy, X. Y., 5- 

:!«;,'«. O.-'lL, Hyrajftt-e, tPtt^i'- ''.- £ 
KMWS A Bar, Dewey. I'iKj. -V. Y.. 5-ltf. 
KJfafnara Jam. :'rj.'(J, j|..- Plttnbn-j!,-6-lft. 

tfjbi.twr. uati., .12-17., '■■' -..,-.: -- 
Kitij'-* Kil-jiy-- i;*it.|iir.- MinfeaMU.«. -*-10. 
Klrflhasr* VMw»an,.'0:Tl.'. >*ew*»rt. R- C. 6-10. 
Klclri ■A.-.CJlfli'iT, ■ 0.-0. II.. ln-llauapolrs, 5-10; 
• C\,icmhi*:-Ci(icmh4ti.'i2-1T." ':•>*•*• . 1 
Kit In. On IImb. A- [Haridilh. ffpii|plA«r. Loiilstllle, 

l^.r*0-H>.v. - ••« "■■"-'•.'; 
kicIh ft Kwin. remilr. Mmb :Clty. la.. 5.10, 

Klf>lljt.' 3[fla)cnl. Oi^'fi. \Yi.*l,lnKt0B, D, C. C-10. 

BffiK U. .0.. Majeajlc. CiWifo. 5-10. 

Kit lib t Br**. * Saattlle. Oypheuu}, New Orleans. 

lil.-MO.*' V.. '.-.~ -", -': ,5^.- - 

KolsSr* ■(.■;). .CrjhMl. Detroit. 'B-10. 

HU Cfratnl. Kokotoo;-.lDd..--MO; Crystal, 

i liganipott, 12-tT. , . - ' ■*■ ' "■ - : 

KrjBi Brb*.. Kflth'*. riilla.-'S-ln. 
Kf-attt A Myrtle. Lyric. .KOkomiV t»d., 5-10. 
Lt'Clilr ft Wpft, Boston. nDaraWV: Mass.. C-10, 
U i ISbmvWv Tom." Family,' UtKafter, Pi.,'*V 

HH.FaiiilL-. Klmlra; S.Y:. J?-IT. - ■ 
l.a^i'hr, WayiierLrrle. Pan Frtii.. Cil.. S-lft. 
i..i .\.; c Br<la.. Clrco robllMon, nayana, Cuba, 

' .i''!i'-i i« 'm .Grathl. TncohJa. Wrwhlt 5 ; 10; 

iQAsE Vieloria, B..C, 12-17. ■ 

lAfUMi. ToMlh; ■ (ij>, Bflrtu. Linalns, Mlcb., 

S-'li; BJJou. Alnena. 12-17., . . . 

Li'WkOiw,, VtiVK Bfldiieport, Conn., 6-10 J 

-ttfifc Trenton. N.,J.. I2 ; f7. . . _ m 
Lt.*ler. T. Trnat. t'ortMwmfh. at. H.. 3-10; Li- 

cofila. 12-17. ' .: '. 

/.aMty-Rnifty Qolntette. Armcry, ■ Blnshamton, "H, 

r.'Mo; -. .... 

IVTny Dm*.. MajMtlc,*Cntea*>.' MO. 
La'Tior Rlaiern. Ortibeura, Jrafa. I*. "T., 6-10. 
U .T.«.lra. Phil.. Cryatal, Dearer, Col;, B-10; 
TThjB TtuMii l«t " -j J - 

La Bell. Gu-nle. Acme, "Norfolk. Va.. MO. 
lifcihir. tha\_ 0. O. H...Syracu9e. N. Y.. 5- 

10; flbeaV. 'Riiffatd. 12 ; 17. ..." 
bmm ft nartlnaton, Moore's, Porllnad. Me?., 
. Mit. 

I.alte. Arlliur. Manbuttan, Norfolk. W. Vs.. 510. 
La Vlne-Clpirtron Trk>. U. O. II.. Sjraeuic. N. 

.Y., 510 ; dodiaai. Bklu.. 18*17. 
Lanptry. Mrs!. KHlli'a. Mills., MO. 
Ladolcrii". The. Cryvtnl. MUtraitkcc. .'-IT. 
l,nfu;ptlt\ f'reat, OrnheuiD. Bfcln.. G-10, 
Larkln ft Italy, Briilentmrcb'e. PhlLo,, 5-10. 
;,n Croix, Paul. Goltiatn, Ekln , 6-10. , . 
Ln Tell Brba., Kmplre. Hnbokeii, N. S.,_ 0-10; 

Poll's, \tsterbury, C«iin., 15-17. 
Laajdoa, Ilardle. flarrlck. Uurllnifton, la., B-10; 

Bltou, Quince. III.. 12-17.. 
T.a'.Toy Bros.. Muleatlc. Chicago. B-10. 
Man Pairor'p, N. Y. C. B-io. 
I-eli-tlK, Nate, Joliuuneeburs, b". A., 5-17; Cape 

Totvii, 21-Dee. 8. 
U Clair, Jlayry, (iarrlck, Wllmlu-toD. Del.. 5-10; 

Tttat Treolou. N. J.. 12-17. 
Krrlir, D«T0. K. ft V. 5Sth St., S. Y. C, C-10. 
Leonard A plilllliw. JnMnhjL-X Y. C...B-1T. 
Le<le;ar. Cbas., MsJeKtk'. lloiiston, Tci.. 5-10. 
I-Wn-rd A Bartedo.. HIJou. Cantor:, 0., 5-10. 
Pt En ft Lre Mm Ltyrlc, Clevelind, 5-10. . 
Lerin-rulls,' Majeatle. ClQClnnatl d-10, 
I < Cray, DoUlc. BUOti. Osnto»t, Vis.. 3-17. 
f.efgh. Lenlle. Tremont, Ft. Hcutt. Kao.. 12-17. 
Le Hi>y ft Wwdford, Un>lieuii., DcnTtr. Col., 0- 

10. .. - - 
Le Hoy Sinter*. AlLmtlc Garden, N. Y. C, 6-10. 
l.trorurd ft UMtedo. Bijou. Cantou. O., 5-10. 
Ufjtt ft Willlami. Mu-cogee, I.T.. 3-10; Lyric, 

IK Ml Ark.. 12-17. v ■■ .' 
t>tibon. Berf. Jeffcrt. mmmK, Mlcb.. B-iO. 
Leulk ft Aplta. Cryvtfll, Ut. Josjli, Ho.,: 6-10. 
Lewis ft Thompagn, Ljceum, Lawrence, Maai., 

0:10; BoKtwi; Lowell;, 12-17. - ^ *'"' 

i.^iet- 'ft- Acitr, Treutofi. N. J., B-10; Balti- 
more, 13-4.7;- 
I.calle. Boct, & Sailor ft Burbaretto, Albambri, 

N. Y. C, n-10. -.,.-:.. , -ij. 

LtwU 4 T^.ilngton.'Flom's. Mfidlson. Wta., G-10; 

Bl)ou. Belolt, 12-17.. , Tuor Foo, Teuiple, Detroit. B-10; G. O. II., 

9yraco>e, N. Y., 11M7. . - 
Liillford. Jeanette, Hub. WoouBOCkct R. I., 3-10. 
Llnil, .Proctor;*. ; Newark,. G- 10. 
LlehlB. Anna M.iy. Hljou, Culrtey, 111., 5-10. 
Uwrincotts.'Tbe. Orystal. .Anderson, Ioil-, 6-10; 

Crretal. Kokoaia.IS-17.JV 
IJvI*m;<3). .KCfney'a; Bklo.. MO. 
Itilul'ey & Pell. Criital; Losansport, Iod., 6-10; 

Crista!, Frankfort. 1317. 
IXlM A Cotton. OJTjiicuiu. - New Orleans.' 5-10. 
Loti'dops (■{). -Vrostor's. Ncirari.." 5. 4,. 6-10. 
I.oreoe,.C«lo[iun.<li'.-pulttu*ofr. T'-1j." '.- '.'" 
l.of,t-s. CeclHir. * Co., K'. l ft'l'.;B')f.t6n, 5-10. 
Ijoos, Brow., family Daretii»brt,.ra., MO. 
Lukcas (4). New Circle. N.'YiC:. MO. 

12-17. . 
Luc. -it Lucler. G. U. II., Syracuse. C-10 i Temple, 

Detroit, 1217. , . 

i.OW A una, Lyric, Alloona, Pa., 5-10. ■ 
Lnby, icdnu. Olympic. Cioclunail, d-iu. 
I.ucoa. Jhnrule, Calumet. -Bb. Chirojo, 111.. 6-10. 
i.ucmiio Trio Columbia, St. Louis, 5-10; Uly tuple, 

'Chleaco, 12-17. ." ' ' * '■ •:' * 
I.ilcudoi The, Keltirfi. Protldeoce. 5-10. 
Lyle. Happy Jack, Keith's. Providence, B-lw. 
Lydell A ButlervonH. MaJ^tlc, CUlci£o,- G-IO-. 
Lynctto Sisters, Bijou. Phlla.. G-10. 
LyHter ft pmk, CnHJe, Bloomlu»ton, 111., 6*10; 

nirmplc. Sprlnafleld. 1217. V '-- 

Majors. The Albauibra. . N. Y. C. 6-10. 
Muvk ft livid. Bijou, Battle Creek, Ulcb., 5-10; 

Bijou, KtUiiraaop. 12;1T. *"; 

MaJaVdc Trio. Olympic, Cincinnati. 194% " 
USm Clem. -Oipvou's. Pawtucbet. U. 1.. 5-10. 
Mack*. f2>. Cryatnl. Detrult, 3-10; BljOn; 'Oelalr, 

O:, 12-17: - : * 

Mini. Carrie. Pertn'i. PaLvrson. X. J, 5-10. : 
Majnvtk Musical Fvnr. Valenilue. Tolwlo. G-10. 
Mk-fo ft Vox. Benin's. LontkHi. Cau.. 5-10. 
Mat'.cts ft Ashley, Ilatlein O. II.. X. V. 0.. S- 

MarwlIIep. i~liiilil'sj T Y. C, 3-10. 
Mstw.icy ft Lake. btur. Muucle. Iod.. MO; Or- 

likeuoi. Llrtu. 0.. 12-17. 
Slsmt T-Tltl^. Ornlieiii,., St. Paul. D-10; OrpLoutn, 

^IIunfMiwUa, 12'IT 

Martjiie. Ureal,. Bljon. Dnluttt. Mlun.. B-10. 
Mhrtlimettle ft Sylreitcr. Grand. Nsrloii,' Ud., 

MO j Bijou; Det*)b, III., ir-17. 
liskpt. . J. R.. Caprou'a. Pantucket, R. L, B- 

Maybiird, Clnra. Unique, MlnueanollT!, 5>10. 
Manilla ft Millay, K. A I*. Union So.. V. Y. 

C. 5-10. . 
Martlere. Laura. O. IT.. GrecuTlUe. Ala.. G-10. 
Mayue, Prank, ft Ov, Gotlmui. Bbln.. 5-10, 
MRce-l ft lot. Bcnueit'K, ' I-ondoH. Can.: B-10- 
MounhiirV UcaUrtalners, '', Lonlsvilie, 

Ky., 3-10. -* - ■ 

Maaltattiui Comedy Four, Bennett'o, London, 

Can.. Mo; . 

Mnriult Twhit. C.rao Clrco Bell. Mexico. M7. 
Mafl.iwe-l'lunfcelt Co.. G. 0. II., Syracuse, N. T., 

B-lO: Kmplre, l'atefwm, N. J.. 12-17; 
M">"ileld ft H'IUiut. Cbase'w, WoBhlneton. D. 0., 

■ MO. :' 

Mareeline. Hippodrome. N. Y.'C; 5-10. ' 
Mh.iii A Matette. 0. 0. II.. Indianapolis. B-10. 
Maer A Hill. Oniheiim. Bklu... G-IO. ' 
Matnrt'B Doi;« ft MonkcyiV; Columbia. Claclanatl. 

B-10; EvRiisrille. lad.. 12-17.- ' 
Marlon ft ■pearl. UK Demtur, 111.. G-10: Bljon, 

]>uUi>iue, 1h.. 12-17. 
Matblcil. JucetiiUt. KM.ii'a, Pblla.. 5-10; Kclth't, 

Uyltton. Me., 12-17. 
MM'.ee A- Crtllius. BIJou. Ilasnlbal, Mo.. B-10; 

WJou, Qjiincy. 111.. 12-17. 
McA-roy. Chas.. MnJeslk*. Erie. Pa.. 6-10. 
McVMirh ft Daly. Kcoep.v'b. Bkln., 0-10. 1 
McDenuolt, Jeffera, Najlnow. illch-. 5-tO.' 
MeOWUn- Jss...HlJpa. Dnlutb.' MIuo;; 3-10. 
M<:V. r atteru-A Tyson Co.; Columbia. St. Louis, 3- 
- W;-o. o. H., ■■sTajiiifii ITIT 

MvCuuley ft ponovalt."L];i-lr. Blou'c Olty. la., 3-10. 

MtJdabOBB ■J'ulUwi. l'c;i« Jlai'J?. 
"^a>- 11-10. 

A Ciuprwltt. Orpiieum. Omaha, 12-1S. 
.„,,', JTA,, Mknliiatan, Nojioj|. VaL. fi-l 
■Ftny.' Mrl^,;TP>pkint\aoal«Tllle'. Ky:; 

Ketc>, Mr. & Mrs. Alfrwl, Miijeatlc, Ft; Worth, 
Tex., G-lO: Majestic, pur. Antonio, -13-17.' 

Kelly. John TV ft Co.. Novelty. Bkln., MO. 

Kemps. The, Gotham, Bklu.. 3-10. 

Heao. Wulsh ft Mcllvse, Hitliar.-sy's. New Bed- 
ford. Ma**., G-10. 

Kenton. IWothT, Haihaway's. towell, Mas*., 5- 
10; Yoitnc's Pier. AtlauHc Clly. N. J.. I2-1T. 

Kelly A Kent, O. O. H-, InUluauolls, MO.- 

McOntk. A Pan, Bv r Uv>tt;s.. Uudou.'Can.. MO. 

Mcf/ord, LewU ^ i^,_ Audl(ortBlu, Ly. B n, M»ia.. 

.Ucrialu. Hilly. Casino. Purls, Fr., D-30 ; fcoplr* 
f TouK Ug., Dec. 1*31.* 
MeKlbiftp ftlletd. cty*tal. B«ck Island. 111., fi. 

ll>; atletj'.'.liiletbnTi.'- 12-17.' . 
McGiolii .ft Kmllh. GaViy. T luOUnapolIs, " B-10; 

Staudarfl. Clnciiirtall, 13-lT. 

Uiiiii 4 lahUl, Uowftrtf, Bbflloo,«lM7,' - ! 

OJ7ii r T ' hiii MpTi 1 liTT 

— HT, JasiSM.. t.j»lc, LlncoliL Neb.. G-10. 
t- A Grunt, iiljott. Cilotou. la., .•Vpj. 
L'TheV.'K. *:P. Md^t.,- N. -7. Cs- MO- 
Aidlen. JHrtwdroaie, K.-Y..-0.. 5-1Q,-., 
„_HaaT"lll bTTF i*MrsjB> 6-10 i OolaoWa, 
-J0t'.VUQl«,-.12-17,f '.-' :i.- i- ... . 

alout. .Win, 1M.-H1. #, Aohtisi.-G-lO. 
Mei-Ditl*. ' liMlt,' fttwlly. Gets. Lyiie. Ma-*,, 3-10. 
MsMdith HLitey.'IIarltiii U. U.. N. Y. C, 5-10. 
Mfll br- - gA-iv. .xpHDjCeld, 111., G-10. ' , 

MJHljgjiii Q— i ji 1 1 1 MlwaalU It X.:C.. 5-10. 

HnWwff Natje- Tyld. .l^>,,.Spriat«eiId, Mus.. 

^fsferll!'(3). ; 'Vl«orlB l ^ Y.C-. 5-1 0.' ■- ' -^ 
MUIiflQii.Trlo, U'luierfc-arieij- UerllB. Ger., 5-30; 
■.WiHhmub, FraokTprt. Dec. -l*.H .* , . 

Mrlljirj. Max, Clintci, Han Frufla. Cal., MO.-' 
aiittob.- C«J. A lWle,.8tar..AtTauU,-Ga., 6-17. 
Mlllnruu, ■ diaries.; •I'spron's, l>w10>cteu- B. I.. 

■ ,fc '4n! Octette, Cook. O." a., nwdieater, St. Y., 
s« . . ..-"■-..-... '-> . 

vRdwartU/.Weaat's. Peotla, III., *-10; 

fmBSi . ' ifat jm ijtklmi?t\ i i.. s-io. 

»«A-f\:lla>«B*r.'BjJvfl.' Bnllith. Mlao;, 5-10. 
iffiSWy. Matnle, Jncpte', PeorU.'Ill., B-10. 
uEBBn Utieite. TrnJple,- IMfcilt. MO. '" . 
JJUlS, Ilotit. B„ 'Grand. Victor, Col., G-10; Crya- 
-ta). Depter, '->2.J.7.'» " '■ , - 

Mitchell* U*. H.'*-B.. Bkln.; 3-10; Park, Wor- 

£Are-r.'MBH..-.18'n. *■ - 

lQUaro Crtr*. (BUI ft Bob). Toiir:ur So. Anaerlci. 
Mltr^'Finr. Colirnilla. Cincinnati. 5-10. -. 
mm ft *> tswSffWaiam Cirtle, K. V- C. 5-10. 
MfnML Beta, KfUa**, Hancbester. >'. II., 5-10. 
MHi»rtl,;p.8l!>ietr«. Imi>orlaI.' Brooklyn." N. Y., 0- 

'10; Miner's Hll' 'Ave..; N. Y. C. 12-17.. 
Myfran ft MtGsrry. Oiympic. OliU-ako. G-10. 
Mwrt6u Phil. Hnvoy. -New Beillortl. MaBd., *-10; 

Doyle, yoiikew. N- Y., 1217. - - . 
MJflii' Jaaie* J..K. Si V. Lnlon So... N. Y. C, 

SJotJaVy ft Holbein, K. ft P. 23d St., N. Y. C, 

3:10. > , , 

LVfoWweaafa OmSami Occjis. Family, mmdm* 

City. Pn„ 7: l-'fttaily^Shftmokln. 8-10; Family, 

BBhaslii. 12-1T. ' ■ „_ 

Mort*. Bou. Atullrorlr.m. Quebec, ' Can., 5-10; 

-Wtor'rf. S. X. 0.. 12-17.. . M 

Mo tat Is. The, Moore's. Portlaml. Me., C-10; 
"KiTuh's; Msneliester, X. n., 12-17... 
laaMa I»oi3 ft Vouies. Olymple. Oncinnatl, G-10. 
Mopretv Tlic. Bljnru Canton; 0., MO. 
Motoilrl, l.i. llarry Blekard'a Toiir, Australia, 

.V(Vc. -1li - '. 
Mrthtroy. MajesMc. Erie, Ta.. 5-10. 
Morris- ft KtniTier. Grami. Voncouter, Can., 5-10; 

Mask Betllaarbaai. Wash.. 12-lT. 
Moulicr SI'terr, Siies'n, Toronto, G-10; Keith's, 

Cleveland. 12-17. 
"MOtorlnar," Colonial, N. Y. C, 5-10. ' 
"MotorlrE," Orpheani, 8t. Paul. MO. 
Moore, Tom.K. ft P. Gth Ave., N. Y. C. G-10. 
Mom. L. Jeroftte, ClrcIevlIM!, O., B-10; Maa*ll- 

llftr *' Shellburp, rroctor'a, Albany, K X., 

Mhrpfty, Mr. ft Mrs. Mark, Valentine. Toledo, 

-..10: Bklu., 12-17. 
MttMCal Nfhiiurcits: t2). Hbwanl. Boatoit. G-10. 
MitrpHy SrWlllaril. ■ Poll's, Unrtford. Conn., 5-10. 
Muri'hy vt FriincU, K. ft P. 5tb Ave, N. I. O. 

MO; KtltH's: Provlilencc. 12-17. 
Murray, Claytor. ft' Drew. Family. Chester, Pa., 

J ,S10. '.: 

Hurray, Ellxabeth. Lyric. Altoona, Pa., G-10. 
MuH'.t. Chuun ft Motley, Clrco Bell, Mexico, 5-17. 
Hurray ft- Lime. Valentine. Toledo, 6-10. 
.CilM«a (31. riuplre. Holyoke, Mass., 8-10; 

PaUCC. , Boelon. . 1>T7. | ' ; " 
Mddcy. )^a.. Orptienm. Boston. 5-10. 
Utlllert ft Corel II. Kmplre, Ilobokea, N. ]., 5- 

.10; K. A R'H. 0. U-.,N. Y. a. 12-17. 
Myers, Henry. A. & S„ Bopton; B-10. 
Notii, Tool, ft Co., Oivbcdto. Bofetoo. MO. 
Xftyahilto. Blljy.' Acme. NorfUk, Va., G-10. 
NcjStn, Iiilntcr ft Nesien, Ooos'a, Bocbeater, N. 

-Yi. 3-10. 
Xevlha ft" Arnold. Victoria, N. Y. C, 5-10. 
XeireU ft Nlblo. Tlvoli, Cai* Town. 8. A., MO. 
Nirhtous {4), Wheals. BntTalo. MO. - 
N'iblb. hat Orjfbc'flin; Boston. SUA 
"Nltbt In ; ItoeiiBh VumJcvlHt," Keith's, Provl- 

..defice, 5rlO: KeMt , n l : .Laiereijce." Mass.. 12-17. 
"Mfifit in the aiuihrt tfrlion'don," Vletona, ». Y. 

a. mo. 

Nichols outers. Allunibrs. N.' Y. OU G-10. 
Nortouft NJcholson, orpbefim. Kaisaa Ciiy, 12-17. 
Nuwliu, Dave -Keltii's,' ProTltJecce. 5-10; Hat- 

lein Q. H,'. X.:V. c:, 12'17. 
Noble SI Biers. Keltltd. Boston. 5-10. 
Nome, Robert, Majestic. ChlcoBC, 5-10; Colum- 

W4. St/Louis, I5t7. ' 'T'Z ■ 
Norhmn Family. PRUton. Pa., MO; Family, 

PottavllleT 12-17. 
Nobles, Mlltoft ft. Dolly, BcriDett's, London, Can.. 

Mo. ■:*'.•'. 

Ncrworth. 'Jack, Orpht-iim, Bkln.. 5-10. 
NaE ilii.- Phillips', 
filar, Aluncle, 1217. 
NUkent, KatlicrLie, OrpUenui,. Minneapolis, 5-10. 
O'Brienft Mavel. K;- t' P. 5th Am. H. X- C 

■ vio. r'-y •/ : "■ ' n! 

Brtfn A Bockley K A P G6U St, , 1 Y. 0., 

O'BrTeii, Mr, ft Mrf.,'K."&P.'Bai Arc, N. Y. 0., 

5:10. ;,'■ ■..',,. 

O'Day. Ida, Hopkins*. Memphis, Tena., G-10; 

Majestic Clilcacoi 12-17. . 
Olivetti Troooadours, Harlem O. II. , >v X. C. 

B-io. '■-r" . - 

-OH.erla Trio, Orpbeum. Mlcneapolls, 6-10; Or* 

nheum. 81. Paul. 12 ; L7^ t ,. 

O'Mwrs SUlers, Harlem O. n., N. T. C- MO. 
Gnrl. Adtle Purvis. Auditorium, Quebec, Cat., 

6-10. . ; . ■; " 

O'Nell. Jib. H-. ft Co., Bijou, MirihBlltown, li., 

MO. i - 

Gnley ft Cunnlrujharo. Bijou, Alpena, alfco., 3-10 ; 

Bljoa, Jackson. 12-17.. / . 

Orpbeu* Comedy Poor, Colonial, X. Y. C 5*10. 
O'ftourke A GilllaiD, G. O. H . Pou»hlteeps:e, 

N. Y.. MO. :- ,: 

Ortb ft Vtn, K. A P. Union Ko... N. Y. C, 5-1); 

Empire. Patersoci, N. J., 12-17.. ... 
Osborne ft Wall see, Puitor's. >\ Y d M.O. 
G'TopJe, Jack. Bijou, Duluth-.- Mien., MO. 
ntara •Family. Bljon. Moskeaop. Mich., 0-10. 
OTerioc Trio, Memphis, Tehir.. 5-10. - 
Owley.* "Randall, Keenpy's.' Bkln.. MO. 
Owes, The; Ca)o.ue. Akron. Ct.»0-10. 
I'srry. Charlotte. & Co.. Utlca. "N. Y.. B-10. 
MfMi ft Clifton. Bijou. Wheeling, W. Va., 5- 

10; Orpheum. Muuefleld, O., 12-17. 
Pnnteer Trio. Andltorir.m. L,vnn. -Jlass.. MO. 
I'sttr-Fretik Twoi-.-. Ulpinxlromc, N. Y. C, 3-10. 
L'arlsh. B'way, Mlddletoini, C. G-10; Orpheum, 

Colomtua, Hid.. 12-17. 
Patty Bro*-. Dominion, Winnipeg. Can.. 12-17. 
rapinta." Lyric, Altoona. Ps.. MO. 
['atchlu llros.. Bljoa, LluCuln, Neb., 5-1Q; Bljoa. 

-SlreatoT. 111.. m*tti 
Tan-Amerlcau Four, People'*?, Cedar Baplila, la., 

*m .. 

Pero ft Wilson. MaJesUc. Dallas. Tex.. MO. 
Perry, Prank L., Bijou. JJacksou. Mich., 5-10. 
lorry's Pujama Girls. Keith's, i'hllo.. 5-10. 
Petidlct'.ati.-Thc. Majestic, Krie. Pa.; 5-10. - 
Pelot, Fjeil ft Anale, Vouus's Pier. Atlantic City, 

Te j.. p-io. 

Pear*on». Crystal. St. .1o*ppl». Mo., 5-10. 
I'iiMlip* ft Farlurdeau. Trctnout, Ft, Scott, Kao., 

12 17. 
Pii.lllpB. Bertlin, Hippodrome, N. Y. C, 5-10; 
Piccolo Mldi-ets, Vktorla, N. Y. C, 5-10 ; Colon- 
• 111. N. T C.,1317. 
Pierce ft Maliec. Metropolitan, Loudon, En;., 

Pierce, Klorcnee. <srond, Jollet, HI., J-10 ; Em. 

.plre. Freeport. 12 17. 
Pli*r. Franco, Keith's, Pblla.. 510. 
Pomp & Orphenui. TJtlca. X. Y.. G-10. 
Pnlk/Colllnt A Carmen Kleters. O. O. H., Pitta- 
- Wire. MO.- -' • 
Pollard. *iV..p._... Novelty. Denver Col., _E-J0. 


^T-sacerx"' 6lymple. Cincinnati. 5-10. 
Praniplo Trie. Keith V. BostoD. 6-10. 
Elltt ft; Pierce, standard. Davenmrt, la., G-10. 
Pmtf The. K. ft P. 'ISStta'St., N. Y. C 5-10; 

Harlera D. H..N. Y, C. 12-17. - 
Provpaalw. M'*J*^lIc. Cbfeaxo, 3-Dcc. 13. 
PorceViii 4 Orben. Keith's, Piwtocket. R. I., 3- 

'101 Colonist. Lawrence, Muss.. -12-17.- 
Mara, Mack America us, Twcudero. Chtcazu, 

flTtr; HuBon*B.'..ChI<tibb, • 18*17. ' " - " 
Cdaker Cttv QuaK-ttv, K. A -aVfltb Arc., K. Y. 

. o.. is-il-., --■ ?•- 

Qul-tiay Uimj., K-ltli , u. , Bob*od. 3-10. 
Qauit. Mochey ft Nlrkersot), proctor's, Newark, 
" ST J.. MO: ■Proctor'*. Troy. V. 'T.. lj-iT. 
Ra.v,.l^ed, ft. Co., Keith's. I'wh.'.O-llJ; 'Kelli's, 
"•rot (deuce, J3-1T. 

»tatta ; Waters. fftttmlpBter.I'rov'dcnee, 5-10. 
-cwtti ft Lyman. Howard, Boston, G-iO; Pit- 
1 tor. 1 York. Pa.. 12-17." ;■ .,' ■ A1 -"■ . V;. 
Rirfl-Dears. WaybnttiX Olymptc. Chlcaio. 5-10. 
Uastus A BsnkJi. I'.tL. Lincoln, i: «., 5-10; Fat, 
' OfltlitlC. 12-17; Albert 118,11. Jarro*. 10-2-1; 
Iflp., llaalHMt. fc"t., 26-D»-t. i. " : . .'T 
PwtjVwatifl'' Cbarlutie'. Moore's. PsduukL- We., 
"ft! Kef:iTB-, , Mfiftchesier," K t IL. 12-lt :.„ 

Tsitor..LeIJa. Keith's, Boatou. 3-10. 

Tlflpr ' Tttlt' 'Slferffs, ' Hippodrome, Nulirille 

,T«mn., H7- : "■ ''.-■ "- ' -. '' ! -' ■ 

TMlfSBBymolid, MaJesUr, Little Rock, Art, G-10: 
;. JjI«JentJc. DstiaK, Tex- 12-lt- 

rtsciMfs Sffi; FHuMlyV CheatPT, nu:Mft 

ItatW-'ft Beftrdtu.'- l-OIl's,. Wttetbdrr. Coor 

10; K. ft P. 1231b Kt.. H. Y. C> 12*17. 

RA0it , a-Mnn'lii-ys t '.IUtha r ruy*a, "Lowell. Muts.. 5- 

10. •' ." '" * " '.'' 

Itsflfurd ft Valentin*-. Tirol!, tondon, Cnj., 5-2*5; 

Tcppip Trlo.'.cryatal, Milwaukee, MO; Oalely 
iBMC 12/-1T. - ' " 

UK irircer, ilrto;-'*, P..rtl;.nd.- \lc. 3-:o. 

■' XNrjiAh.A * Wtiffi .Proctor '«, Troy. K Y.. 3- 
tp;.J'JWrfpp>: Newnrk, 1 N.' J.. x2-». : 

Hey, rjoytln^'. Memi'TiU. Tenn., j-10; Orpheum 
Xpw.Ot leans. -I*a.. 12-lT. , 

ieyiwn, Ann.,; Dec.^l-ai.. 

. 'Ai -L ■ Vu,.„. 

IuXjjd- Hlatetu. Colonial,' N.-Y-C. 5-10. 

jtao?.- Claude: KiltK [fyffmmt la., fi-10. 

U-mi;eUc'tJ Do^s.. OrVTi'-irt], 'Ua Atjeles, Cal., 

K«wls;V ro»"Kaitfnian. , .0. : -0. H.^ Grand - Roptds, 

Inib s-iaj. ; : . *•."-■ 

Ilce-t-. Alnekal. Jeffers. Saelnaw, Xllcb.,' 5-10. 
Uctrf-Bro?.. JiopklUH'. Loulivlllc, Kx.,;G-lU. 
fie-Siriord.-'Jiillj, A^Co., KelthVs, MsLCbesier, N. 

Bi. .Mo.-. •'! '.- ■-•-■_. 

Ittoo, A.'Atorn. La Bnlle. Keokak, to:, MO; Bijou. 
' Branjisnllf, ■lnd..M«,*l7.- r ., -.-,.,'_ '-, . A 
Itild winters. O-ok'i'. Hocheater, K. Y., 5-10; 

Khea'n. Buffalo,' -18- IT." •:'*"''" ' 
Ittttick. Cstl 1'., '* CO., Majestic, Shreveport, 

T3T t 5-io. " ■•• - 
B-fTfT- ft'KeiineJr.K. ft P. Unton-S*].. K- Y. C, 

Mo. . •'•'■ . .- ', -• 1 .. - ' , - 
BmHH ft 'Winchester.* Keith's. Mrihchefter, R. II., 

3 t lC: Kelth'ft. ProvideJice, 12*17. - , :, 

RtM Hlllft Mnr.-BrmlenLnrali'n, Pliiln.. MO; 
neflimWlK'(3> K. A'P.L'nfouJSq.. N. Y. C„ 6-10; 

Plo<(i,r's, ■ Albany, N. Y... 12-17. " -' - 

Rcifl'.ugtdn; Mayme. Orpheum. Kansas City, Mo., 
.,3*10, MajesUc CblcapJ. 12-17. 
Bejif. TlMesp. Orplieim. Minneapolis. MO. 
ttSmvL FA. V.. Hsyoiarket, Chicago, MU; Co- 

Iffmlht. 8t- L<m!s, 12-17. ■ - 

Bsilvrowl ft Ilirrey. Olympic. Oilcajo, G-10. 
BtiltUfltv, B-?rt. PeopIe'H,. Cclar Itanlds, la-, MO. 
His*..' Jcbnny, Kmplre, St.'Pnnl, 5'M. . 

BW ft Cohen. Colnmbm O., G-10; Detroit, Mich., 

Rlet.ivtls. Harry K., Atlantic Garden, K. Y. 0., 


Rtee ft FJawr. C. 0- IT-. Grand Rapids, illch., 
:r>iO; Temple, Ft.-Wa»ne, Ind.. 12-17. 

Ulcbnrda, Cbrla., Sbeedy'w, Fall River, Mass., 5- 
10. - '• - - -' ; "'- V ■ . 

Rice. Fanny, H. ft B.. Bkln., 5-10. 

l;lriM>s (4), Haymatket, Chtcsgo, 6-10 ; UaJesUe, 
'Olaai 12-17. 

ninaUhA (2). Bljoa. Qulney. III.. G-10. 

jjjSifla 0w .f u -W-* i™** * 1 ' Mich- C-10; 

Lld/^DuoJ'Famlly'.Plttston, Pa., G-10; Family, 
Pottstntrn. 12-17. , _ 

Bitll, John ft' Bertha. Toll's, nartford. Conn,, 

SIO. " " . - 
judsfln. I^vemler. ft Co., Bljob, KaUmacoo, 

;Mlch.. 5-10. 
P.Ietto Qusrtette. Keith's. Providence. r,-10. 
Roode. Mnrrelom.. Main St.. Peoria, 111., MO; 

Orvstal. ■ Mllwflnkce. Wlsu 1MT. 
Cqby. Dun. Klem'B. Mudltwn. WU-. MO. 
llockwell. Msnd, Mnjeatle. Eric, Pa.. 5-10. 
Rose. Jtdlan, Keltira. Cleveland. Mi). 
KBm. Mrs. Stuart, ft C0.,^8atoy, namllton, 

<kii.. PM 
Roberrt, Hdycs ft Robcrls. Empire Tour, Enj., 

3U£ ■ , 

lloWu. iiatlmway's, Lowell. Mass*.. ,i-10, 
Itosaires. The. Main St., Peotla, 111.. 6-10; New 

■.Madb-nji, Wis.. 12-17. 
HoVkway ft Conway. JBlJou. Kalaniaico. Mich., -5- 

'10: G. O. IL, Gr»!Hl Rapids. 12-17. 
no:\atdo« (a». Bijou. Bay City, Mich., 3-10; Bt- 

-**1. AlpetU. 12-17. 
r;o';'n.->'i, n-.--- i'-ii. F-a RaJle. Keokuk, la., 5 10; 

Ohrrlck. nurllnglou. 12-17. 
BSJU ft Denly. i'oli'B. Sprlrrfleld. Mass., 5-10. 
Koottey ft Bent. Colonls), N. Y. 0-. 5-10. 
Kousell, Marreloua. Hllou.Kal.itnaroo, Mich., 5-10. 
Itogprt, Gene. Weast's. Vxxtu III., U% 
Roouey Bisters. Kinplrc. 1'nter-son, N.J., MO. 
RaftW .(Si, Qridieum, Salt Lake,. 5-10; Orpbeum. 

Denver. 12-17. ' 
How. Mile, r-mlio. C. O. H.. Icdlooanolls, G-10. 
koV?ris ft RaiStou, Family, Hornnng, N. Y., MO. 
Uuttell' ft . Durls, Family. Habaooy City, Pa., 

-rJJjtO.-- - ■- « '- l : 

Rusaell ft Held. L.\t|c. Danville. 111.. G-10; Grand. 

Marlon. ln.T..- l2-I7r Mimical. 55th St.. Cleveland, 0.. 3-10. 
hysa A- RichOeld, Colonial, N. Y. C, 3-14. - 
Sanson ft Zaceho. Lyric: Danvlile, III., G-10; 

tyrie, Tefre Hante, Ind.. 12-17. 
fandfrtkii c Bowman, Gurrlclf, Burlington, la, 

MO; Bljcu; Diioufpie,- 12-17. 
Sato; O. K.\ FolkH Beryere, Paris, Fr., G-30. 
Kaona, Keith's. Providence. G-lv. 
Su-HtraH, Ttte, Auditorium. Mass., 3-10. 
8itnda'3 Japs. Slu-edy's. Fall River. Mass., MO, 
.-^mdora i4'. Ilatflawar'B, Lowell. Mass.. G-10, 
Snnford, Florella. Crystal. Detroit, MO. 
Pirdtrs. Dean 'A Sauders, Faiaily, Sioux City, 

la., MO. 
Sobel. ■ Joseplitne. llonsa. Hnmlnirs. Ger.,'5-SD. 
Scblrliait. Apson. CrysuL Detroit.- 5-10, 
Schiller Tronpc, Iljppodronw. K. Y. O.; G-10. 
Brjiaiidt, IJerr. Lyric. Ctevelond. 5-10; - ■ 
Ht ft Wilson, Keith's. Proridenee, G-10. ■ 
Pe*nr..irir A Duoree.' Chr.Bt Church,' W...Z.. 5*0; 
■ l)unedlu. 13-17.: . .--■-*:" 
Seltiinl ft Gibvinl, ProctorV, Alhany, M. Y-, 5-10. 
Keyhiour ft Hill, 11. o. II.. PlttebUEE. 5-10. 
Seville, LUr. 0. 0. II.; Syracuse, N. Y« 5-10; 

Empire, PatersoD, -N. - J.,- 12-17. ■ -■ 
Soaftrr. KmeBt. BIJou. Norfolk, Va.. 3-10. ' 
Seftou ft DTBgle, Comigne. Spokane, Wash., 5-17. 
Sk»jh. Cbas. F.. HHkeaf. Louisville, Ky., G-10; 

Ilopblnt.'. Memphis." Trim:, I»;i7. 
fhaw, Lllllaa. Majesile. Chicago. 6-10. 
Sbebnft Warred, Kmplre, Hobokeo, N. J., 6-10; 

AHoona. Pa., 12-17. 
Slrfraan ft D> Forest, U. ft B., Bkln., 5-10; Tcm- 

p|ei-' Detroit. 12-17. 
Shane, ;MBdelluc, - 'Trenont. Ft, Scott, Kao., 12- 

Short ft Slmrty. PJllli;^', Richmond, Ind., MO; 

Craud, Dayton, O., 12-17. 
SlumoiH (4), Blfop, Lanslnf. MIc'j.. 3-10. 
Siiuvi-, Mr. ft Mrs. Larry, Perlu's, Piten,oa, N. J„ 

MO. - •'-'-- -j 

Sbx!json ft Straw. Industrial, Moline, III., 3-10; 

Mantle. Chlcaao. 12-17. 
Skchir. Mane'l.ifoTth" Adams, Mass., B-10; Jcr- 

t*3 City. N.' J.." 12-17. 
BHHri If. ft'Ferd.v Bijoo.- Llucoln, Neb., 5-10; 

Elite, Davenport. Is'.-. 12-17. 
SI Jin:?. Wlllard ft Co.. K. ft P. 38tb St., N. Y. C, 

5-10; Ki ft P. Union S>j., N. Y. 0., 12-17. 
Pltopson,' J. Kdn-iird, Empire, - Boise. Ida.; 5-17. 
isii-clslr ft Carlisle, Atlantic Ganlen. N. Y. C, 

Slater ft Finch. DL^ie. Memphis. Term., C-17. 
Swedes, The, Alliambra, N. V. C-. 5-10. 
Smyilie, W. llepry. HIJou, Lincoln,- Neb., MO. 
Bsiit'j, Peter J., Lyric. St. Joseph. Mo., M7. 
Smith ft Campbell, Orpbeuni. Minneapolis, 5-10. 
Snr.ler * Buckley,' Aodllorloirt. Lyan, Mais., G- 

lOi'Hatluiway's. Uwell. 12-17. 
Spencer ft Dill.- Dewey, Uttca. X. Y., 5-10. 
Rpatlonf, Pint. Ilsyinarket. Clik-ago. 3-10. 
S]ill)er Musical Bumpcra, Saroy, Hamilton, Can., 

S|>tH*el Bros, ft Mack. Melllnl, Hnnovcr, Ger., G* 

15; l 1 ;. l.i.i D'Kte, Brnssels, Dels,, 10-30; Moss 

Tour. Ent., Dec 1-31. 
Stlth ft gtlth, Eurl. paeblo. Col., MO; Crystal. 

SI, JoKeift. Mo.. 12-17. *^ 

Stclwu ft Thomas. Doric, Yonkcrs, K. Y.. MO. 
SUtA-ton ft (maney. OiTind. Dayton, 0.. Q-10. 
Hfntflimii ft CruM-K-rd, fliloj, 'Osbkosb. Wis.. 5- 

10. ' 

Slanlbu ft Modeoa. Empire. Bobokea, X. J. 6-10. 
tJlevens, Etlwlu. Victoria. N. Y. C, MO. 
Steyeiis, Kitty. K. A P. Cth Ave., N. Y. a, 

Stuitrr, Atthnr. ft Keclcy Slslers. Lyric, Terra 
Haute, Did.. 5-10: Lyric. Danville. 1IL. 1M7. 

fetan^y ft Le Roy. Majestic, CinelituaU.' G-10. 

Stanley ft Leonard, lull's, Crldsenort, Conn., 
G-10. " ' 

Stesyr. .Tnlius. ft Co., O. O. H.. lEdlanonollB, 5- 
10; Columbia, Clncinaoll. 12-17. - . 

St. Leon A McCnslck. Alcatar h Deaver, Col,, 5- 

St, Once Bros.. Keeoey's. Bklu. 3-10. 

Knlly. tacw. Keith's. Pblla;. G-10. 

Sully ft Phelps, 0. II.; Atbol, Mass., 5-10; O. 

II.. Maycard 12-17. * 

Scrotcl A JUaU. .Crystal. Roe_k Uland. DJ., 5- 

Suluas A Conieora. Bradenburth's, rhUa.; 5.10. 
^ully (3;. P.aatarV. X. V. C. 3-10. 
tiotcllffe 'Sisters. ' Keltli's. Provldenee. G-10. 
Sutton, Larry R.. Empire. "Col. Bbrlues, CoL. B- 
r l0: NoTrliyr Denver. I2:i7. ^* -r?r» ** 
"Uooav South.*' vtctorid. N. y.a'-fl-io 
%B3£ti££JSBSl ^w*B, , G-10.: 
Ira * Virion. Tvtnpi!-. Fl. Wayne,- Ind., MO: 
^/Lsyrle, T>rr* Hante. 12-17. 7 ,- , 
Swap A Bauabanl.- virioria. H. Y. C.. MO. 

thoriic, Mr", ft Mrs. Marry Family, Catboadale 
.. I*j|.;. 5-fo. • 

Tn-jrrie ft Carleton. Majestic; Erie, Pa.. G-IO, 
'JL*ynp^n, Wm.JI... Orpheum,, HklB., MP. 
Thnr^iop ft, Grey. .i;n»f>fte. St. Paul, MO. 

nit guarietic Temple.- Defrolt, Wt). 
hW»j.(. : nr0i CJrand; Driyton. O..'-3-10.. 

" " ->'Klepbii0l3. CvfoblM. Ki.X C^ MO, 

, Grand; Driyton. O..:s-10.: 

'ib'WrSotrs'Klepbmlls. 'CaMtW. 1* Y. ... 
nmtf, l-t-ons, jtrplienm.'L'tlcn.'X. -Y., 5-10. 

" »• tff« 111, MO; 

'ttOt: MaawSt, Famjlr. B. ijf. 
.IjIvN;. St.'Loals, -12-17. 
TowX/fnrVy.Trlo.' I'artor, Port ADaeles, Tub., 

To'lHln' ft Price. PrapM?; Ger/. "3-13. . 
TjBM.i Topsy, Gran Clrco Bell, Mexico. 3-17. 
Trsvelle A Lunrters. Ijeytoarket. Chlcajo. Mo. 
TraTeri:. Roland. "iTnltide, Ehn Claire, Wis.. 5-10. 
TTavlfi'ft .Burkh'olni. Oern. Lthri. llauw., '5-10; 
MMMR {'<). Mnjeatle, ClUcatd. 6-10; Olya- 

'fiid, ' OaiW-. 12-1,7. • : :'- - : 

n«i'c-r...CIaudo ft Faijnle, Olympic, Cbicaro, 8-10. 
Van'ee, .-Clarice. .-KelUi'n. Phlla., S-10; -Etnplrt 
Jersey CltriX-T.VlM^—*. " •.-* ! ?" 
VaJldlog ft Daris, Vtxte?. Oloncester, Mast., 0-10. 
Valorle, Ortriiriim. Bof.on. MO. 
fS, Ctiarlee ft Fanuie, Poll's.' Worcester. Mbh„ 
;-M h : T?eJit. Trcuton, N."J., 1MJV | 
Van,. Billy. Haymnrket. Chicago, 3-10; 0. 0. B.. 

-Indianapolis, 12-17. ' " 

Vatrlon, Perry A Wilbur, Younaj'a "Plor, Atlantic 

City. N. J- 5-10. 
VnriboehoTe. Dijon. Kaliim.vxf>, Mich,', 7 " MO. 
Vajmont, Victor. Braflen burgh's, Phlla.. 6-10. 
Valois, Harry. K.. BIJchVL* Crowe, Wls.,M0; 

-L'fllque. Ka« Clalw*. 12-17. *■ ' - ' . 
Vsjseo; amtw, San Fran., Cal., B-10. 
VaHir G!rl=. Columbia. Cluclnnftl. 5-10. 
Vctnon. jjajtw, Chicago,' MO ; Haynjsrkri. 

Chlcaco. ,:2-lT. '-" 
Vcotttte -ft Old. Majestic, Son Antonio. Ttl., |. 

_ 17. 

VlTlans (2). Haymarket, Chleago, G-10. 
Vice, Fred, Windsor, St. Paul. 3-10. 
Village Uiolr. K. ft P. 58th St., N. Y. C. MO. 
Viola. Kmily E.. Windsor. St. Paul. MO. 
Viola, ft Enwl. Lyric. Alloona, Pa- S-W. 
Voiitc)la ft Niuo. tilytnnic, Chicago, 5-10. 
Vyhos., The. I'nmlly, Cliefller, Pa., "MO. 
iVahl ft Outran. Victoria. N. Y." C, G-10. 
Wftterbary Bros. 4 Tenny. Orphean, Los Aa- 
' taw, Cal., G-10; Orpbeum, Salt Lake.' U.. 1S- 

17. * 

Waller ft -Slaglll, Orphlom. PoriirmoBth, O., M#; 

tftaml. Plqon. 12-17. 
mm Unify, A. ft'S., Boston. WO. 
Watson's Farmyard. Keith's. Altoona, Pa., 6-10; 

G. 0. IL, Plttslmrg. 11-17; 
Ward. Cbas. B., Gaiety, Hpringfeld, HI.. G-10. 
Warner. Geo.. Majestic. Greenville. Tes., 5-10. 
Wiihr>urn ft Wblraey. Norwich,. N. Y.. 6-10. 
Watson, Grnce. Dewey, Ullca. N. Y.. G-lO. 
Wskcfield, Wllla Holt, Orpheum, New Orleans, 
' MO. •- 

Way-dell. ' Fred' ft Mae, Bijou, Decatur, UI., MO; 

Weast's. Peoria, 12-17. 
Wesious (31; MajestJc. Chicago, 6-10; Temple. 

Ft. Wayne. Ind.. 12-li. 
TVlber, Oha*. D., II. ft H., N. Y. C, B-10; West* 

■minuter, Provldeuee, R. I.. 12-17. 
Welch. . Mealey 4 Moutrow. Keith's. Boston, 5-10. 
w«n. Sato Gem. Lynn. Mass.. M.O. 
Weller. Llrile. BIJou. CUntoo, la.. 5-10 j Lyric. 

Llucoln. Neb.. 12-17. 
Westou, Eddie. Atlmitlc Garden. X. Y. C, B-10. 
Went worth,' Row, Hippodrome. N. Y. C, MO. 
Welch. Lem. , Rleard's Tour. Fr.. 5-30. 
We'n'iea ft Gledlsb. -Valentine, Toledo, MO. 
Welch. Joe. Keeney's, Bkln.. G-10. 
We+don'n Lions, Hippodrome, N. Y. C, MO. 
Weiss ft Welsz, La GrnuEe. Ind., 5-10. 
Wballeys, ■ The. Bradenburuh^. Plilla., MO. 
White.- Lee, Otuiti*. Hau Krsn.. Cal.. 12-17. 
Wi.tdey ft Bell. Family, GloTersville. N, Y., 5- 
- 10. 

Whipple, Wst«lo. 0. II.. Norwich, Cona.. MO. 
WIlH'O. ■Gertrude, BIJou. Canton, 0.. 0-10. 
WnsjVf -Monkev, Olrniple. Cbkaro 5-10. - 
Willi" FarolTy. K. ft P. 23d St., N. Y. C, 5-10; 
-. Slfra'B.- Buffalo, 12-17." 
Wilson, Alei.., Iteston, lowell. Mass.. 5-10.' 
Wilson Broa.. Clmtes, Saa Fran.. Cal., M7. 
Window, Wm.. Bljon, Duluth. Mlun.. G-10. 
wtton A Baton. 11 A 8.. N. Y. C, MO; Weit- 

TOlfirvler, PrOYidence, 12-17. 
WJlwo, Jack, ft Co.; K. ft P. 5$tb SL, N.'Y. 

Co G-10. * ' 

WlH- A Milton, K. ftP. tjolon Sq., N. Y. C, 3- 

Witt's Slnelng Colleens. Proctor's. Newark, N. 

•12 b-io: 

Wilson. Geo.. • KVliii's. Cleveland. 5-10. 
Williams, Gas.- Colonial. N." Y. C 5-10. ' 
Wll]lBru5'"fc:Wininms. BIJou, Norfgllf. Vt, B-10. 
WiHhuBs Duo. EUanaq. N. J.. 5-10. 
Wiirinms 'ft P'llliiuin. Olympic. Chicago. 5-10; 

Industrial. Mollcc; III.. -12 17. ' ' ' ' 
Winaps,. A'Ca*sler. Pastor's, N. Y. 0.. B-10. 
Wlllard, -.Ch/is,', Dlsle, Memphis, Teiin., 3-17. 
WlQdon). -.'CoiMit aiicc; .Keith's, phlla., MO; 

Ke4lb'B, Provldetice. 12-17: -- •■ '-•-■' 

W.Uso'o ft Mufsji. Eoaion; I^well, Mans., 510. 
Wqrk & Owcr, Olympic.'. Chicago. 5-10. 
Wurld ft:KlDtnton. K.'&P. 23dSt.,N. Y. C. B> 
' 10; Proctor's. Troy. N. Y.. 12-17. 
Wood Bros.. Keith'tf,- Phlla.. B-D).- - 
Woltes;' Musical. 0. H-. Lexington, Ky„ 5-10; 

0/ n., Paducab, 12-17. 
Wdblfrled Sextette, Lyceum, Wisblngion, D. 0., 

M7/- ■>■'-'-*. 
WqStr Bros., Gran Clrco Bell, Mexico, M 7. ' 
Woodward' *;, Seals, Alhambra. N. Y. p., 5-10. 
■Wright Horace K. ftp. 5th Ave., N. T.'c 8 10. 
T-sebley ft Bunnell, o. H-.^NorwIch, N. Y., CIO. 
Yc-amaoa. Jennie. Potl's. Spriogtieid, Maas., G-10. 
Yc-nger. Jessie, DewcT. Utlca. N. Y„ B-IO. . -. 
YorBe Comedy Foot. Star, St. Paul. 5-10 ;. Metro- 
"'pelican, Duluth. 12-17. ,'■ 

Young. A. T.. Mnrray Hill. N. Y. C, 5-10; Ly 
. cenm.BoBton, 12-17. 

Ka't'-Zam ft Mora, Jacobs', reoria. III.. G-10. ■ 
Ziihorae, Cycling. II.&M.. N. Y. C, MO; West- 

oln8"tpr, Provldeoce, '12.17."- - 
Jciifrettd ft Mansfield. Ilav'ruarket. CUIc.igo, G-IO. 
Zlmmermao. Willy. Vatenrioe. Toledo, O., G-10; 
■■■ Lyrie, Altoona, Pa., 12-17. • 
Zlnjrarl Tt-jupe. Columbia, Cinclnntal, 6-10; Ma- 
. -Jestlc, -Gblesgo. 12-17, 
Zlnfc. --AflOlf, Orpheum. Bkln- 5-10. 
Ziocar! Troupe. Colimihla, Cloclnnatl. 6-10; Ma- 

Grand, TTacbma, Wash., 12-17. 
ZflnhouiufctH. Tnte's. Kanajsaj city . Mo.. B-10. 

.... . QlV T TOB~li6ft P. 

Supplemental List— Her*.-!-* eil Too Late 
for ClrtNNlflefttlon. 

Ansell's Comodlaus— Heiingtou.Ksn., 5-10, Ells- 
worth 12-17. 

Ainer'K Band— N. Y. City MO. . 

Cariow Bros.'. Minstrels (J. A. Coburn, mgr.)— 
Brookhsven. Miss., 0. McCoinb 7. Magnolia S, 
Amite. -La., 9, IJatoo Rouge 12. Ngtchci; 'Mis*., 
RJ. Jackson 14. . 

Crawfot>l'K Cymcliaas (Crawford & noscleist, 

. lafnB lf B W ajIpg. Ind. Ter.. 5-7, HolduiiTlile 

M S-10, Krelw 12-14. IlnrtKhome 13-17. • •- 

Cutter Sitock (Wnllace R. Cotter, mgr.) — Warren, 
"0..-.-.-W.: Nile* 12-17. ■ ' ~?" 

Ciinmliau Jubilee Singers (W. T. Gary, mgr.l— 
Oaaue. Bask.. Cai., 8. Beglna 0, Uxsden 10, 
Cralk 12, Oavhlsoa V., Ilanley 14, finkatoon 
1j. Wanna'n 10, VancU 17-'"' "• 

Crclkajjaiil;— CanUrhurv, N. H., S, Birnstead 0, 
Bovcowen lo. ' 

Colo Bros/ Circus— Ashhnrn. Ga.. 8, Moid tree 10. 

"Caiitnln Curclesb" (K. C. Whitney, mgr.)—- Day- 
r tou.0..'7. Zancsvllle 8. Newark oTlrsllanai'o- 
llB. Ind.. 12.-13. Kokoitio'14, Marloa 15, Lafa- 
yette 1G, Logansport 17. 

Davidson Stock t Prank. Davidson, mgr-)— Mount 
de«etl. Pa., 5-10, Kldrwl 12-17. 

"Dora Tlwrne," ltowton-l ft Clifford's, Coaat IL- 
K Potv.. mgr.l— Vancouver. Wash.. 11. We** 
.Ore.; 12, Th6 Dallss 13. La Grande 14. WeJjcr, 

, Ida-., 15, CaldweU 10. Boise CltT' IT. 

'Olrl Patsy"- (A. G. Kelly, losr-T)-- Sircreport, 
-M.v 7, Beatiniont. TcS,. ». ■ ■■■•. .'■ . - a . 

Eaictscn. Nary (Xlwo ft Jtlmttwinna, mgrl.l — 
Suliabury, £ a, 12,- Concord IS. Aihevillc II, 
.S^irtanbnrj, 3. C, 1,3, Grcentlllo 10, ***• 

"Xt. Ji^priied In yordUni"— Wjller, Tax., 10, 

"isle' of BpiCe" IB." 0. Whither. mgT.J— Boa- 

.'noke;- Va.,' 7, - UIueQeld. W. Va..-|>. "Bristol, 
-T.*ati. l T-ft*-(ireftcTiito 10,- rTnoxrille ■12,-ftsbe. 
tl|to.rTJ.-C'. 13, BpartuJuiHirg. K.-C 14, Qn*"' 

vllto 13, Atlanta. Ga.. 10 

Aay-ft- TarW. IJo«ton. Lorfell, 

,.l»k^^;J.,:i5'17. - } .• 

Sfor ,Brpft, Columbis. Clnduaatl. G-10 

. k -a ■ n S{ lT ' n <,S 5/ffi Auditorium,- Quebec, Cab.. MO. 

Mass., 5-10; Ho. TaueetdU ft lUdcflffe. Lrric, Lincoln r>"b 5-10 

VJsle Jif dyice;* (JI., C-. Whlmey. OfiT.)— Ash- 
lantl.-O., 7,' Woostef S. Canton n, 'VoungslJwn 
IB, Salem 12. New l'hlljdelplils IS.' Co*hW™ 

• L'h SCT"S"*W* ia - Neirart 18, Heiaos- 


sitf**i6n ftsVpfi nwsSifc W.— ImM Ksm.. 

7^-rirtfb-irls-S,. aprlftW-, Uo.. »i j*Min-n<« 5 
JcuA* Stars Comedy (This. Alton, boa. m-jr.)— 
" Median I «b6rg, Pa,, -7. Steettort 8, Hiimmels- 

i^Wi~0. Palmyra 10, Mjerstown 12, Aor.?iu> 
' -IS, Wonielsdorf 14..Newmanstovrn 15, Werners- 

* uiwn,lfl,'«inltlnt SftMnj; it. 

nS8S»raiM «; Mercer ,&, > vhT»o>r*rm w 

• ifflHtsWIle lU, w lodia»a.l:i, 0«^rt*Mirit .14. Secu- 
■SueJ.*, pMUttw 10, I'nfoniown IT.; .-.-. 

"litlijr''Oi-Tfflni^," WHt»rn t|*«n Allen. Oft.) 

- m&mwmmmm. 


( wk 

9. Gainesville- 'P- 
"Blag- -of ThffljV' Southern 

wnitewrignt S, Snerenia 

fc (Rdoie 'Deliner, 
a. ;DoQ*lctson»iue 

OUT')' — 

lii/ Idaqoernlofe -1 1, St. Francusvlue 13. Uarks- 

cJlleli*. . l_; ■• • - -■-.-■■ ' 
l-owls" Stock (W. r. Lewis, mgr.)— *9uiton,_N.ebr., 

8-10, Harvard 12-17. 
I "-e:s-MrfTlflg.rietiirei ana VmtfevMe RhtHrGftalk 

H, Lee. Mgr.)-- SOuth Warehain, Mi"*., 7„ilid- 

.IkrWro 8Y tt'h,liierii.ap &. A»I«boro 10. Natlcfc, 

fir-TS If. Berkley 12, 'Fraokilo, Mass.. ft 

Ilapklndon 14. 
Mc*>Ak« (Julwi -Murry.- mjf.)— Wutcwter; Miss:, 

t. invreoef ?•*#*.-. 
M'frtls' A Thnr-iton — Stratford, Ont., Can., R-10, 

Cbatbaniiiirlt- « . v - » * 

-vunlkbt Wyer." Northern (Ans--* Vira»; tflgt.) 

— w'omiw, wis., ii, Prairio rt» ouiTSg 

DyersTlHe.vla.. 18. DnlXKpw 14, Lament lfi, 
CXlw^ln ]fl - - .- • .. -i 

'•MUJnlrM nkr/* W t U m» [W* Anderson, fc«f.) 
— Aspea.. CftIo,V 11.' Graflil Junction IB; price. 
n„ ISz-rairvlew 14; Moont I'h-tt-nnt 14, Spring 
jJltT.lOv.EphEaW-17. f ' '■ - ..'.. 

'■Millionaire Tramp" (Al« Power*. mgMr^Colum- 
bus, Oa„-7, -Atterlcu* 8, Coalpit 0. BalnbridKe 
lj ThMi'nifllle in, .Voldnsta 14, Wayoross K>, 
JkL-kMavlUe.'Fla., IB. ilrarf4*icK, Oi., IT. 

"UmnHI Boy" fQeo. D. Sweet," bncr. )— Can* 
set ton, , N7 Pak.. 10. LWwrlS. Oakes 13, Aoer- 
dmi, S. Dit. 11,-HwWrtd 13. ! 

rmtllriP.-Krt'nrh. Itj-piwitNt (Dirk Collins, roar.)— 
WesUJrHV.Mss*.. 310, Jtmland, Vt..-13-lT;- 

"PUT. -PaiT. .I'ouf** <B. -C. .W Mfaar . mgr.)— 
rinrlnsflett, 111.. A OlMbNa, Ky., 0. Jsraaa- 
"vilhY lath. 1". I^inpmn, Ky.. Ill, Paris II!, 

• Win Chester 14. Hftvstille 13, IIudILdsios, W, 

vie:, iff. "\We*Uw .«.-.'. ,.- -„ 

cohlcttile.iiu-b:. 3-I0.' ' 

"Itaigfsl Hero." L«-rm<1frr> O wwi C«.'b (J. II. 
RhoW, ra?r.)«-B>Ue*iHe. III.. 7, lUnnlbtl, 

■ Mo.. -8, l^ulaiann P, lloberly 10, Sedalla 11. 

•■■■'Clint*- IS. Trenton 13, Ctatlilcottie 14.. Law- 

"''rbrff, 'Kah.v IS.' AtchUftn ML UMttMt !»■ 

MUftaV Jowph J-— Nutipitiirlr, Ctonn.. t. J«»- 
Clf OHy S,-.»oJth- Slanetiwler 0, Wlllinunilc 
in.' Winflw -l^k* 12, Slielb;in FnlU. Mni=.-.. 
13 "TurttfT FnlU -14, Kerne. X. II.. I. 1 ., Oflnl- 
dff^Miv.: K.^CIInton 17. 

"Saltan -of, Snlo". (Madt™ Corey, msr.)— Du- 
tafl.' Tm- 7i'.0ol0ft**Jll« 8, Dent'ion .0. Boer- 
loan 10, P»rU 12, Banhani KL McKtonei .14, 
CmsTllfe .13. :Ty)tr IC. PaKstlpp 17. . 

TlLo'taJlS, l*U*nbei!i iOhn. -R. Ilnlfth, .nusr.)— Al- 
hW : M1rfv.,5-lO, IIuilfon-12-17. 

"Twtj Merry Tramps" (M*\>nn A ntM, mgw.) 
--Aitiirlllo,'. 'fesi, '10, Canmllnn 12. Woodward, 
OWa.V 11. Al« 14. Arkansa-s City; Kan., 13, 
jknUM.jM«.<l4rflM 17. 

"Vfilaw Grocer" <Wm. I-flpoint. mgr.)— 
too7A*t., 7, Berlin, S. Y-. S, Sonlh- Dwrflelrt, 
llitfi- wl frlaifcTl-r 12. ,MoBf»nn U,;BMi 
1L I:. -14,-*U>stlc,.Conn., 13,-Klantlc 16, -Clin- 

"Vltlaftpv ^ V^rtbO'Kl," RoW.' Shenimnff. fC..-U. 
Stofl«mltb, -mit;)— CnmbTijIf. . mo.. 7, Ciadn- 
i!nH;"(ff.v R. -MjttU 0, •Burllogton lO;-,Ultie 

i<iawi.-uf..:ii •- ^.. .. '-■- ; :-;' J _ 

War/wV-.Comffly-.'Befl R :\Varncr.--mrr.)— -Lady- 


*itwi ; : AVK./ MO, nhlnolrfnrfci* 15-17. 
llH-Ma*MtC«twdy -^<"' T « R- WIW mgr-)— 

like 'cii^Vi'i;- " ii*H' -'.diHf-sVHlel.Vl'. t 
WhE, -tJoVrtr, Pernale Nt-E*ir«l-^Miil*«nr' Kan. 

SffrrirtrtoSn'-Pa:', -3*7.:.WUke.s-Barre' 8]1 

DDdgP Cttj-.lfli. 

1 t.vl'alfi— 

10L K.*S. 

Under the Cents. 


KftiEs'f itp*M riiB . Sklls-I-'loto ,Snowf*,-r- 
TWf Wfltfflttu baiKKcti-Aatloa-toiralrorniiy 
bWaW^Bbvlth, tltls 8pftp.',\aDd iBehorBC- 
bhof-or^oiflncU 'Is : «v!(lvhily over ilicdoor 
to rQinolo,' or has It bo«ii due to thft able jind 
B fpfo& IVt policy of tin execfitlvc'r "Thot'! 
Jh FOmfrlbiDg; you are nccorapllshing," said 
theioaaaecr of another big show who visited 
as at San Antonio, ."t&at has made us ail 
sit -dp n nd look around,'* and la«r, after 
v.tofcjs'Bff the perf*»rfU*xiico and rvvle«-ing 
the mettrttferie, -you h'nve a spiendU show, 
and ■' CetHlnly -imve nhe^circua beaurlfut , 
At EM'flso. Tes., we tvlaenUj btoki e nbow 
famliteV. *nfl ♦,-ere tothpilled to open ticket 
wagon ''fliul' do»>r« abend of iiiri-i. '. Mlaiber 
yards- nearby were depleted of planks, extra 
beats eroetod tin to i*lnsj curbs, ana thea we 
■ ouldn't hoia: rfftrii."". At flight Aljiosj a riot 
orcufred among the mawes'to J;et In. at 
the. doors- tor ctab. ^"c conld havejmec. fi. 
ihlnt ■ pv-rfcrmancc and ngaln. duplicated the 
bouHii ■ The week following we went 
throitgb. Tnxfcj, to exce.leht biiBfnegp.' inclml- 
Jng San -Antonio <al» tbelrflrst tig snr>w 
of the seu^oni: and had" two" more "turn. 
flw.iVK." A good;- week- followed tj Corpus 
Vhrlstl, where ajnict wo broke anotiit-r *hcw 
i amine,- to BtaLdine room., only, with Spu 
Dlftfto .{he next day, to-thc Kane thin*. Kopr 
lnOre.hlg daya follpwed. .'.nd then Acstin, 
whers business came close to. a season a 
record. Tbe show, by thrt^way, looks as 
bright as It did the opening week. This is at 
least compliment nrv to the dejiarrment beadfl, 
and the perfornianie. never went better. . The 
Eddy's. new wire act, as well as their great 
ocrdbdtlc one. is winning golden laurels; 
they really comuence where others leave off, 
and the Peerless Potters make them cheer 
with their thrilling and beautiful work. The 
ftlet, too. retnolbs undisputed that the Mar- 
tell Family bicycle a«- atand? at the -top of 
elrcufc features. Visitors from our show to 
other big ones tell tw that they haven't seen 
one that has outclassed- the Tybells. Uela- 
voye and Frit*, Stokea and De. Carlo, (be 
DM SflfiMrias, Hilda and nethett, aara 
Huel or Cecil Forluha In their re»peci lve acts, 
and hot an elepnant lyrthat approQcbes the 
work of -our wonderful herd. Speaking of the 
abow. as a whole, ahother prominent 
circus- manager (our visitor last, week) 
frankly said: -Ton have the essence of 
all that in good, exceptionally good, In. 
baimt, equipment.: parade, menagerie and 
a great circus, without any ruperflnily, »n<l 
-In. -my opinion It Is the coming real .clrru-j 
Idea, that. .when, more genernHy- conformed 
to, . will have come to stay." Our i coming 
Kbl tour of Mexico (the nrst.eter imder- 
taWn-b*ia circus of Its- angnHude). is, of 
course, the reigning loplc on all ride* -and 
Mexico sets nearer every day. Advance Alaii- 
ouvx W. H.;.Muf«u« and Special Agents C. 
irpredaricks, K.J.. coattey^ snit C. H. Ogg 
man, are now lalhe.Cliy of Mesico, mnkiug 
Una! preparations for our extendert ecgage* 
ment' . from all -ludlratlon**, aud they nre 
putbcntlc. Hie Hells-Klofo SIiowh by hprlng 
will have opened ari entirely new and enor- 
mously prodtictlve ilcld foe the big Amerk-on 
liinuMftricBt enterprlMR. Shoutd not wo then 
bo entitled to .the ilrat basket of plums-' 
Piihltr-oblnlon nays so. - . ■■•• • 

AflTlnr: ltoneLU writes: "I am no longer 
connected with; ibe 'I#b. Hose Kleutrlc loun- 
tnlu. baring dlspanwl of my Interest to my 
bartftbr, O.'o. La Hose, nt Cinelnnoll, lost 
■inutiarv. <I-nn at present, and have been 
flDce'tiie onmiltwof tho season at SIMlftnn 
Rousre Oarfleu. N*. Y.. last. Uareh, with the 
Darbiim 4 lialley Show, meeting with kuc- 
cetta,.and'om re-cngaeed for next season . 

'Jack SUttox; ninuager of tlie TaBmaniaB 
Troupe, called,. nod -rerorts " mori siiccm«hi 
pnaso^a wftb the Kraok A. Itohblus Circus. 
The ladles will take a week's rest, then take 
uprtBDlr. Winter work. c , al1 - 

CitA«. V. Watsos baa Joined the Sells- 
FlDlq- 8hoif.. .-^- ' 



■toHroifE: prcr mi;s to the mm- 
H* .ilNlVM '« fOB CUPPKtt Will *• 
WMNl Ht tfael* nrlrea i a ■ - ' 


SlnBcle Co In tan .fM5 

UofefcU CoUbob, ....... 9111.0.1 

BajtuhawAt the Star Theatre (P. C. 
SgjMmH "Tia h(oo acdJbe Mouse" 
aMear»Hfeek-oY X«r. 6. Wartr Cfthtll. In 
'Marrying Mary,;' 1M4; w. u; Crana 1C- 
17. Jiary Mannerlpg, la her new nisv, la 
rout icta, ■••Olotlona Cetsy." drew Unmeoao 
?«*<«; ood. delighted .all (last week. u.,9. 
Wlllara .ab»o did weil,. ptodurlsg "Colonel 

■' Ltbic (J. Lrftiglillti, ■■■■ajT) paaajii'tj 
Mte al fftflar »tMa week....CyrU Scott, -la 
•The. PtLace Chap." repeated his marked 
lucceis of laat year, 

3Rsk*s,--BooklngB for week of 5: ItX.VM 
sin. Gardner Crane, Dan Rirke 'and bla 
School G\M, CAree W. * Paly, ' MatwII* 
Adams; aoiar^s^a rata, and the Four 
Mtbtons.- Bnalneaa la large. ■ 

^p-Nyt-jtiox llAu, (H. L. Aleech, coato- 
alAttV.rrTh.tA'iire [*ood 9bow la prorrtaaiflf 
with prosperity. Gad^kl comes 2U. . 

A&nmt tP. C. Cornell, manager).— 
'.The Cowboy CJrl"-we*k of B, '^hedaaKile* 
°f PLT m '£*& v k " Tb * J'nantom Detec- 
tlce ! ,dld a :falr businea* tnit week. . 

- titAjkTTB (C. H. Hogg, manager).— TBeJ 
Parlalm Belles week of &. New. Oentary 
Ultli l'J-17. . The lnuncent Molds proved 
corflelj. and entertaining. . : 

• T«»:k. (P.- c*. Cornell, mnnngerj: — F/ngehle 
Blair this week. .r.'rnest-Ilogan did well., 

LUrt^s MrsftCM A\n tnRA-rkE.— Current : 
Leonard hod JtaaMfc ■ '/,. Zeao, Harry L 
Reed, and moving pictures. 

QiEpEK.— The Columbia Amnaement Co. 
hns obtained Mr. Sheu'a lease, of this thea- 
tre und will InnuciirMte Its season fi, with 
the'^ Parisian. WldmVa,. with nmateur nights 
Friday, aa muni. Ia«r season, 

Noth. — A most distressliig andembarraas- 
ing view was presented to Star patrons algiit 
of 31j when Mary Mannerlng was producing 
her. new piny. In the third art llatry R. 
HadfieUl wka Ptrlckfn with apoplexy.. While 
he-s^as apeaklng his lines, as a messetiger 
from Napoleon in tb* piny, bfl staggpred and 
acrid: In -a most pitiable roanaer. He was 
removed to a hospital, where he is improv- 

.. ■ • . »■■■■>- 

- Roehester. — At (he fivceum (SI. B. 
wolir. rnnnnier). ITios. \V. llylev presented, 
for I be Ilrst tiini> in America,' Oct. 3*Jfar. 
1. a. n«»w mualral rome«lr. In two acts, en- 
titled "The Itelle of Mnyfalr." by C. II. K. 
Brookleld and Cosmo Ilnmllton. with- mualc 
by Leslie. Suiart. -The Belle of Mnyfalr" 
Is really a modfrnlzed "Ilomeo and Juliet,'* 
sot .to music, which Is th«;Uest and shortest 
synop.ds .that; can -.lie given. Cost ns fol- 
lows : The Rarl of flit, lllghgate. Harry*. 
Hurcheri-t Hon: Raymond Flni-hle*** Van 
ItenAsHaer . Wueejer ; Sir . John . Chaldlcot, 
ttlch.ird F. Carroll; Cotnte-de Ferrler, Ig- 
oacjo Martjnetfi ; Hugh Meredith, Jack 
Gardner; Sir Geo. Cheatham. J. Louis. 
MlntR: , Charlie- 'Jpodyear, liyrll. OnVge; 
Hatiflmastet/J.jCoaiTllaho's: •fWi" r . Frank 
\v: Offai, Jlrajnley, -\V, Freeman ;.,H.. 3; f IU- 
J'ribcess CiltU-, -Bentley; Tlie. Countess 
of- 3ft.; : Hajnatfej . Hotiore rroflch : . IiSdy. 
ChaldlcDtfi' Jennie' Onle :JtiIla,.Chrtstla-Mac- 
DaMM ; .rjneort. Bessfc' Clayton ; iAfly 
Kosalte Hockeslcy, vlaiesfca 'Stiratt; Lady 
Violet .Gnssoj). I Anabelle ^"hitford; l^dy 
Jay; * Mny.: ildbson : Lady- ■• Fafaahi, -- -Violet 
Bow'er-t::,Lndy r^ujse. Hlfnora^Pe-idletoa.; 
!*&■ -X,aclltt; Uuttio For.s.TtUO'r Lady Peter 
HobJniOii , , < ySfgl)aate > ardsley: J ;.udyiiIay.Ward, 
OUSm* .Caacelles ;;i.adv "^wari, ■ Gene . 'Cole; 
L'ady.liijgar. Beatrice .Winters i Sophie, Heleu, 
Ctilantt. '-The-. Belle bf >-MkyflnI- ! ',\ (^likely 
to\t>rtveia'i.bJg jauece?^. ' '-The; notably . flhe 
ctist^-did'< good/ work ab'o opening, hiihr, 1 and 
all ,ruembers of, It-deservo "unstinteo pralfee. 
Chriaile, MacDotraid. scored heatilj". In ^the 
tlt!6 -role.'. JTao'inii&icrla catchy. and of the 
popular. kind:.-. The two sets used, in the pro- 
duc'tloa are-iui good tflpte. BiLsiness through- 
out- the engagement was very large. .Paula 
Edwardes, in "The- Princess Beggar," had a 
fietterlnB recej>tloo 2, giving an excellent 
perfotmance. Mary Mannerlog, la "Glorious 
Betsy," dirt.S...ll^ O. buiiac«-3. Star and 
play scored a great big success. Dossenbaeh 
Orchestra (local) Xov. D, i'ance O'Neill 8, 7, 
In. "The Sorceress;" German, Stock Coy of 
cleveianiL 8; .Frank Daniels 0. 10.. . •-.. 

Na;ignal (Max Ilurjljf,- manager).*— Eu- 
genie Blair and n good supporting company 
had '.good returns Oct. U0-3I*In-."Tn6 Woaaan 
In the Caw." "Chinatown Charlie,"- Nov. 
1-3,. provj^ a itbrlller. Business was 
gtod. ' Harry Fields In-hls specialty, made 
good. . Ernest Ilogan, in "Rufus Bastes," 3- 
TrBUiv-B. Van Co. 8-10.- _ 

JiAKEk. (J. II. Moore.' manager),— The 
Moora Htoek Co., in "Woaaan Against Wo- 
maa," week of Oct. 20, did Its usual big 
business. For 5 and week, "The Man from 
Mexico." ' *■■'..." ' j , 

. CootOprEu Ilousn (J..H. Moore, mana- 
ger) .—Last week's bill was the best, go. far. 
of the jireRCht seaeon. Cooper and Robinson 
made' usual big hit, as lliey arc great 
favorites here- Bill Nor. 6 and week : j^ouls 
Simon and Grace Gardner, Four Hnrveya, 
Toby Cauda, Ned Nye and his Bolllcklng 
Girls. Iiarrlgan, Belie -Veola, Nessen, Hunter 
and Nessen, Asher and Taterson, and klneto- 

CoaiMiiiiN (Henry C. Jacobs, manager). 
--The Golden Crook Burlesquer." ended a line 
week's business 3. The show "* "till up to Its 
last season's excellent standard. The dancing 
of La Belle Alvoraz andihe.i'altos proved to 
be n decided feature. For 3 and week. Irwln'a 
Big Show. 

. Albany.— At Harmanus Bleeckerdlall (H. 
1L Jacobs, manager) "Dtughten* of Men. 
Oet'-Zft 30, drew ajprecInUve.nndlences, en- 
tJnislastlc orer Its flue rendering by a strong 
caeL . "Hoiiy-Tolty." Nov. KL was enjoyed 
by very large audiences. "Mrs. Wtggs of the 
Cabtatfo a»atch" Nov. 5, "His Honor, the 
Mayor," 7 ; Jas. J- Corbett, In "The Burglar 
and the I.ady," 8-lft. 

PaocTOB'a (Howard Grahani, resident man- 
agvr).— I'artlcularly large audiences orowtled 
this tbeairo to wltoeBs h strong ^bl"- Most 
applause was given .to Tbos. J. Keougb and 
cDCjpary, Jaa J. Morton and ihe lyoudons, 
Thc bill for Nov. S and week: Kaufman 
Troupe, Belbinl and Grovinl, Klngflley And 
Lewis, Morrow aud Shelberg. .Tas. II. Cullen. 
Brooks and redder, Brown. Harris and 
Brown, imrl LheKxptisltlon Four. 

tSmpnm (Thos. it. Henry, resident mann- 
gery.— Iturlesoue of a high order entertained 
thentreenera hero during the past week. Phil 
yheriduo'g City Sports. Oct. 20-31. was 
strong in tlie olio. Applause was directed to 
the- La Mojits. rk-cly and Austin. Hnd Victor 
and Nettle Hyde Ituatun Belles Nov. 1-3, 
with Frauklc Bailey, ..rowded this tbeatre 
to tije doors and gave a good abow. I atsy 
Bollviir'n Vnoittioa" and "At the Circus 
wei-e full of laughs, and well put on. Goldci 
Crook C«. "*-7, Cmckerjacbs 8-10. 

oaiktt in, B. Niciioi*. mm&zfiS! 

Show Glrla furnished the entertainment Oct. 
9UUr (o Ike dellglitof « largt; following. 
The Krtplrt Show followwl, Nov 1-3, with 
iillPhdalice up ro the nverage. The liiirli'Snues, 
•"I'De Bead & Sunshine" and "Casey I Atta- 
ints.* tiuli," wor« well nuderea Champaign 
Gtrli-C-7. lilectlon..reluras on Tucsdriy will 
be jglvep over a speclol wire, and read from 
the stage. ; 

i . 

CTUai^At-Uie >UJeaulc (B. LvKonefco; 
ralldaot. manager! the Rays, lo"-Dotm.-tbe 
™kr," drew welf Oct. X "P» u * ht *» ^ 
Men" met a good house 31. Nanee O Nfll, 
ii ■ •The Sorriress," *£MJJ *g* M 
Sot,- -i. **Tbe -Buritlttr and the UoT 
drought out (be sporting; element 3-„_*™,?k 
Daniels.. In "Sergeant «"**•' ? : . Ht LtHS 
iitidge nt inoDlgfif C 7. "A Trip to Egypt" 
"Sabes In Tovland" 10. " ■ ■ '; .. 
'6rpiicl'U (E. I- Koneke. resident mana- 
*» x , -^-p.ualoess It very good. Bill thii 
week : Charlotte Parry and company. I*ona 

thuxber,. Mr. fi;nl Mrs. Jlrainy Surry. P^n- 
gh ami T>a\ OnWiinltb hfld Hoppc, La Tour 
Sisters, Harry Breen, and tha kloetogtapb. 
■ Prwct Snwc Hall (Darld Barry, man^ 
aa*et).---ThIs week: apencer and bill, fier- 
nran Sisters. John ray. Otlle Clatton, Oraeo 
wllmn.:'Llllik&. Deararre^ Sam Cole*. Jessie 
Tea«*r. rfiil Klrigslcy nod Bar. ■ . « 

.Notm.— Leo stinbert bw| in/thp city % 
few oars ngoi and U-plensedwith..tbe work 
opitj^ N>w l QatrJcU.,ThNltre,; A lnrg* num- 
ber of attractions are boolted. Mr. Hldred, 
wAe ,la-43ow in Rnrope, will probaAly be the 
manager.. ... .Mart Mannerlng. In "GIoxl- 

0113 .Betsy." was -witnessed by James K. 
Hackeju hnr husband, and the authoress. 
Red* Johnson Vounc, at the.produrtlon here. 
Mr. *ftack*"tt set aside "i"be Walls of Jeri- 
cho-" for a week, so he might be able to wit- 
ness the pr.Hturtiqn of .."Gioclous Betsy." 

;" ■' ■'■ ' —♦■'■ " ■■; ' 

BtltiflchjaniiAh.— At jb>' Ston^Ope'ra nous* 
I J J*. Ij. Clark, maaagrrl Jvithrvr. Purnelt 
Co. -drew, gDod-haslncas. Oct. ^o»Nov. a..ex» 
cept Nnv. 2. when Frank [hinl*-l<«. in "Ser» 
gesnt Bruc.' 1 aitpearetk to big buslnMi, "Vorat 
at/te Folk.s" B, Itoabeile Leslie. In tepertory, 

- AtWftM fCTfher-ft B«*h. manlgersL— 
Last week. .Jacobs* doss. Bertie. Ueron,. Fos- 
ter, a«d Foster, Charlotl* Paarv and coxa- 
bany. Avpry nnd Hart. Will Archie, and the* 
HecKer-I.eatet.-TrlQ.appoflred to good busi- 
ness ,U1U we,*k of-ri: Idaky-Wolfe Quin- 
tette, Godfrey and Henderson, Henrv tilve. 
Collins aid Brown, Pink** nnd La Redo. Four 
Casting lumbar.--, and Ilolcomb, CiiriLs and 

Sjrnoas.'.- At the Welting Opera House 
(John L. Kerr, mibngeri "Thp Belle of .May- 
rtlr" Nov: 2. Frank Daniels. In "Sergeant 
Brut*" «; "The Jungle" 10-12., 

BaStatilb . (Harry. A. .Hurtle:, oannger). 
— V:upenle Blair, , In "The Woman In 'the 
Citae.V 1-S, "Patsy In PollUca" 6*7, "Rufui 
naMus': g-in.. . .. . 

G«iNP Oi'RRA Ilmiatn (Cbaa. H. Plummer, 
mannker). — Keiih'n vaudeville* week of B. 
Including the Hungarian Boys' Band, and 
other, nets. , ,. 

'-..... ■ ' ■■ ' 0" 

Ta*oy«-r-At i'roctor's (William IL Qn- 
fcom, resident manager), the. Mil for Nov. -It 
■oil .t/pnk: Fred Walton, James II: Cullen. 
I ■ Iclda -nnd Wooley, Tom Meegan and com- 
pnBY. TexafkapA--ond VValby,- Mile. NadJI, 
the rryor«., and Myrif-rlous llowanls. 

RAN'lt'l) t'll y.T.x Ho. s-: Jl. T. Tbnmpson, 
waWnrii -WMWffaf), — Nance 0'Nell;-In ''The 
Sbrreress,'' had g-iod business Oct. :;o. Pauln 
ndward* 1 *; lu "Frlpoess. Beggar." did well 31. 
Frank IJanlrlp, in' "S^rgeflnt Btue," had a 
big house. Nov. 3. James J. Corbett, ln,"Tha 
Burglar and:tho'tjidy," B; "His Honor the 
Mayor" 7 (redirh vfalt), "llolty Tolty" 8, 
Jefferson De Anaells, In "The Girl and tha 
Governor," t». 

Licgtrsr . (B.. II. Keller, manafterv. — The 
Umpire Jliirlesfl'uers Olled-thp, house Oct-. 20- 
31; -.The' Star Sbnw.Olrl.s-liad .BOod:ho\!sPs 
Not., 1-3, . -Fay* Foster, Co. 5-7, Champaign 
Girls' SilO. -*. . t -■..;. .. ■-.. . ' • ■ 

the n nest Mmctura.of-Ka kind hereabout a, • 
wM'opW'for business. Xov.- 12, .wltb-the -fol- . 
lowing- as the inliUl ftttrnetlon V Mrs. Stuart 
rtpbMri.^o.. DTlte lie. Slsterj.. 'Tafay Ddyie, 
Thte* -Musical vpltlem. Georgtafin Clarke. 
Lea flrnnlu s. t , . ; , t ^ ,■/"•; ~. m 

', WimMneax-— At the^ Aujiltarluffi: (6.. I*. 

Wnlker.jtoonagytt Jai. O'Neill came* Oct. 53- 
2,7. preiientlna "Monte CMstfc"'tQ blfibtial- 
Bess..- Mannter Walker engaged. Albert 
Chevalier andi Yvftte Onllbm for Nor, 3, 
and sernred the drill hall forjbe occasion. 

AVisNir-Ko TnrATBB iW. K Lawrence, 
manncer}.— Good business week of Oct 22. 
Weeik-.ot 20, "The Man from Mealco." 

DoMixjtoN Thratre (l>. Dmm mana- 
a*r).-Hl»lg attendance week pMi'. Follow- 
ing fnr. week of 29 : Howard and Bland, 
Karl Watson- and company. Morris and Hyan, 
Grftoe Arnold, tho Lnncdons, Jos. Gaya, ana 
the kinodromr. . ■ 

BlJoti TufLATHg (Nesh.Ac Burrow", pro. 
prietor.*;).--TBuslnr i .s was good week of 22. 
Bill for. week of !f); Cqoke and Boihett. 
l^ffell Trio. Chns. McDonald, Sam and Ida 
Kelly. -liable Gage, taoddre Silver, and mor 
Ing" tiiriurf .«., ... '...- 

. GweipUi— At.the. UoyaL.Opera IIo'ibo (C. 
L IILgglnn, mnnager) Boselie Knott. In Trap 
Itnel-esw of Ltevon^hlrp/' hail :* re«-nrd H. B. 
|L bouse. "The Hell Boy" Nov. 2. Fdwrrd 
Pnrlovltz, pianist, and his coficert com- 
pany, H. .u. :^.....;-... v. . 
. *)»> ' . 

A-nlniF*.— At ifbe Burtls -Auditorium (E. 
R. .New.tdn-vfnnnattctl Mnje* Flgmhn. Oct. .22, 
pleased -.'ii , fair. si*W- aildjeticc. » Scbinnnbh- 
ileirik', 24, drcw.Ti.lai^e : :audlence.- .Peter -F. 
Dalley,.-. 20, crtaceled.* - Frank Daniels .7,,. VA 
Mcesaje ,f rom Mars". 8,*. "The' Greater. Love" 
O'V ■•»*■ - - -..,-.-•'.. i >-■■'■■.. 

Biintia ..OPint. Ilorss" (E.. S. J . Newton, 
monaalert ■.---■ Marks Br64.' Co.,' Oct.:22-S7, 
had crowded bouses. E/ \V; Hubbard, -an 
Aubnrni .boy. wis-. with the ■company;. VThe 
Irish, Pavnnrokera", 29. Porter J: White Not. 
1, Kflthryn'Purnell Co.\fM4*> ■ -;. " - • . y^ 
/VdTKS: — Jl ■■£.. HenUfcEsy„ ls^ rob car sing 
W|Hard.,S^ncer'3 'id't'e 'Fyegon';..;for Frl- 
dnyMNoy. 30j- T *at,the-;Dlg Acdifdrliim: This 
i-oup&ny , numbers .on*-' b'utfdretl 'people. . . . 
Burtls Skating Blab is crowded nightly. . - 

H i > ' 


Una i real — At Hid ■ Majesty's (H. Q. 
Brooks, manager) "Jnat Out ,of College'' 
tmme to good houses Oct. 20-Nov. 3. Paula 
Cdwardes, In "The Princess Beggar," B-1U; 
It.JJ. trviBL'. In repertory. 12-17. . . 

ACApKwy o> Mvaic (Walter Greaves, man- 
ager). — Florence Bindley, In "Tm Girl and 
tea Oanabler," pleaded fair atteadancfl week 
of .Oct. 2D: "Palntlngr: the tows" Nov. 5-10, 
the. Pollard Juvenile Opera Co. 12.17. ■ - ■ 

Roi-AL ill. C. Egortoa, d-;:;fige.-;.— Go^d 
houses yreexed- too .Baltimore Beauties last 
week. The Star Saow GirlB B-lO, the Cham- 
pagne Gliis 12-17." " L. . 

FaAS'cais AV. W. , to Clair, manager). — 
"Settle, the -Newsglri,"" had ftlr. bWMMH 
week of Oct. 2P. "Font Corners of the Earth" 
Not. B-10, "Chinatown Chartiu" 12-17.' 

Natiokax. FRANCAfa ( VM, Cateneuvi, man* 
agff).-*-The permanent French stock com- 
piay. In. "La Tokca," bad good houses- laat 
week. "Shei'lock Holmes'* if- 19. 

Dta Not)\ r BAtiTER (IE. Baveux, manager). 
—The permanent French t*tock company. In 
"l.'Honneuv," had fair attendnnce week of 
Oct. 20. -CamMe" nMt.week- 

- " ■ ■ . ■■»» — "-T- i 

■London. —At the Grand <J. R Stewart, 
mannger) the White Stock Co., Oct. 26. 27, 
bad spUndld houses. - "Uncle Dudley from 
Missouri," Nov. 3: Qeo. F. Hall 5, 0, Boa* 
tcck'a aalmais 12-17, - * -. 

BtKNrrr's (Geo, F, Drlscoll, manager).— 
Bualnesa kept Up week of Oct. 20. Week of 
Nov 5: Frnhk'in and Eva Wallace, Brntil 
nnd BrnzJl. McOrnth and Page,. Moceo and 
Fox Manhattan Comedy Four. Apdate'a nal- 
mals.acd Milton .nnd Dolly Nobles. 

Notes. — General Manager Bennett Is In 

New Vork Geo. F. DTlaco)! will leave 

6. for. Ottawa, where be will aupervlae tbe 
final work on Bennett'a Theatre, lie will 
be there about a month, when be goes to 
Hamilton to nasume.the same dutlea on tbe 
new theatre building at that place. ....'. 
J." n. Aloz arrived in London Inst week from 
Ottawa to take Mr. DUhcoM's place o<< bunl- 
neas manager of BennetCa house. Having 
been here laat season, many friends . ire 
pleased nt bis appointment to the position 
in this cltv. Manager Drlacolt, while only 
here some two months), was very popular, 
and bin friends would have liked to have 
had him remain, bete for the entire aeaidn, 
but his removal Is oue of extra responsi- 

— ■ ' ■ ♦ ■■— 

Toronto.— A; the 'Princess (O. B. Shep- 
pard. manager) Robert ManlelL week of Oct 
20. had rair bualneai. KdHOlle Knott, la 
•The Dtichess nf Devonshire," Nov. B-10. 

Cuasu (A. J. Small, manager), — Billy B. 
Van, In "Palav In Politics." drew well last 
week. "GUIs Will Be fllrla" 0-l«. 

Majkstic (A. J. Hmall, loanager). — "Tbe 
Four Comers of tbe Earth" did big business. 
"Chinatown Charlie" B-10. 

Shi:a'h .(J; Shea, manager).— Big biiBloess. 
Tbe card for week of 0: Houdlal, Amelia 
SoDierville. tbe Mouller Slaters. Jock Gard- 
ner, Bartholin's cockatoos, Burk and Demp- 
*>y, Kdotilu nod Edwards, and the klneto- 
grnph. - ' 

rfrAH (K. W, p , tair,..tnanamr).— Parlelan 
Belles drew the capacity. Baltimore Beauties 
5-10. -'v: . 

; ■■ ■■ ■ ■ i * i ' -■' — 

tittiiiiif on. — At. tlie Grand Opera House 
(A; --it/. Loudon; maaiger) lto*#Il9 Knott, ■ 
"Tho Duchess of B^vonsblre," Oct. -27, m« 
with &■ mn«flincent petwinat 'lurceaa. aided 
by a atrong company anfl. splendid fvcenlc 
e-ji'lPinettt. Houae* ware crowded, e. a. 
wllhird, In. lepertoryi 20-31, .drew Im- 
mense audlencen. add ntfongtheaw his groat 
told here. "Bnbe* In Toylaft-1,v Nov. 1, 
bad a jood alr.ed Imuw. 'The Cnwboy.GIri" 
2. 3, "The Man of Utr Choice" 7. «-, ''Nellie, 
Hie Newagirl," ft, 10. - -. 

Savav Ii. 0. Anpleton, mana-jert. — This, 
the newest vaudeville house In II ami lion, and 

Detroit.— At tbe Detroit Opera flouaa 
(&. C tVhltnev, nianager) Anna Held, la 

"1'be Parisian Model," entertained large and 
appreciative audiences week of Oct. 20. 
Kobert Lotalne: In "Hon and Snperman," 
week of , Not.' b\. . • 

Ltrxuu Ii. D. Stair, maoagor).— "Bed- 
ford* •Hope.** presented by an excellent rom- 
Kany,' played to crowded houses last week. 
»lflr, tbe rnnglelnn- '1-10. - - . 

I-vfAVETTE (Ur. Campbell, manager). — 
Daniel Ityau iiid bin capable company were 
area Inat. we#k. la "The Way of a Woman,'' 
and drew good houses. Tbo came company, 
in rnji Bells" 4-.10. ... ., • 

WHUNSf "(E. T>. Stair, manager).— How- 
ard Hal), In "The Millionaire Detective," 
met, w^h ■ the usual reception and crowded 
boufi'ea last week. "Ths Eye Wlinesa" 4-10. 

TiajPtE (J.- II. Moore,- ronmigcr). — Laat 
week's bill wax unusually good, and 9. ft- 
O. was the rule. AttrnctionH for week of 
&: That Quartette. Military Octette, Julian 
Rose, Cameron and Flanagan, Cook and 
Sylvia, Belfony Brothers, Leo Tung Foo, and 
the ktnetograpb. 

(ijrai ill. II. Hedges, manager). — The 
New Night Owls Co. presented a good enter- 
tainment, and good attendance was the rula 
afternoon and evening. Boble's K nicker- 
■OfBfca. 4-10. r -■ ■ 

AtBKCB (Brew k Campbell, manager).--- 
Mis* Jii-w. Vurk- Jr. Co. pleased good sized 
bouses l^stwee'k. .Innocent Maids. 4-10. 

'CflvwTAL (J. .J...Naah,-manBfa*o). — Another 
gaodb|U drew- packed. huiu^exaAKt-WL-ek. At- 
tretttoiis for. week. nc :. Include: -.Howe -and 
Edwatils. -; Majrgnret . Grayce, Arnold'' and 
Gardner. FUirella Saodfnrtl, tho'Twb/Macki, 
Anson, Schlrjiart, oii(l tlte-klnodrome;. ■ ■•■ 

Bar C(t>v— At -the' W'asin'tncton { W.- J. 

Dahtt.imanaSe'rr- 'The -.Tames' Boya in- Ills- 
soori" did n paving busluesis Oct. 2S..27.' 
The 1 Cutter Stock ; co., In repertory, at pop- 
ular pricey .did 'fair- business- 2R-Not, 2. 
"Datld'HlsgUis" 3,-"'11ie , New-Minliter"l0 ( 
<-8w<et Clovet'^. 11'.. 18. *4 -■'. i 

■-; At\"Atuoo :(Hr.m Marks, ^ manager).— BUI 
week of Oct. 28: IJo,Moro 1 and'Gracota„acfO- 
oata; BUlte-Bltie, mOnologifef, and four other 
mSV.'. .--'- "^ ; / "■■_.' 

Buou (J. D. -lilmore,. manager). — Tha 
following excellent bill was.nrcBented week 
of Oct. 20 : The Five Musical Lovelaada, 
Olney and Cunningham, Sw&In and Powers, 
Lew Knlttfcnls, Robert Tnilb and the bla- 
acope. This theatre was one year old Oct. 
19, and Manager Pilmore reports that busi- 
ness Is most satisfactory. . ■ .' 

. Notts— Wallace U. cutter, manager and 
owner of the Cutter Stock Co., anov Myrtle 
V. Blcden, of the sama componj, were mat- 

rleflln this city Oct. 31... George Fuller 

Golden, of Now York City, spent the weea 
of Oct. 30 with h!a parents and old frlenda, 
who g/ove bin a rdnalng reception. 

; fc w ■ " '" e ■ ' v "* ; 

Jnckaon.— At the AUiinaeum (H. J. 
Portar, resident manager) "Alice In wonder- 
land," Oct 28, 2", played to crowded houaea. 
"Tha Yankee Conaul,' 1 20, pleased. Bobett 
Loralne, In "Man and Superman," SO, de- 
llgnted ft large audience. "Fantana'* Nor. 3, 
Adelaide Thurston 3, "Out. New Minister" tt, 
Howe'e movlag plcturea 10, 11, "Dolly Var- 
den" 13, "A Message from Mare" 14, Aoicllo 
Knott Id. 

Huoii (W. S. : Butterfleld, manager).— 
Bill for tbo week: Itoaa Slaters, Florence 
Filch. Hflnry Fink, Devlne and Kelly, Adama 
and White, feature moving plcturea and tbe 
Ciintescope. ..- .... ... •■ 

■■ ■ e .2 

•acrlaaw. — At the Academy (Chat. w. 
Porter, mahaffer) . "Tbe James Boys In Mis- 
ttcrL'.' Oct. &. drew a fair houae. Robert 
Lorolne, In "Man and Hupernan," Nov, 2 ; 
"We Are King" 5, "Tho yank«e Consul" 4. 

JKPFXR8 (C. B. -Sargent, manager).— Bill 
week of Oct. 2S Included: Clans and Ttad- 
cllffe, Jessie Coutboul nnd company, Black 
nnd Jones, and- Robert lie Mont- Trip, 
drew crowded bouses. Bill weak of Not...4j 
Tbt Mnalral Bceds, Bert I^nnon, Cowles and 
Family, MoPeimolt, comedian ; Frsncellland 
Lewla. "Hallyhoo." Herbert and Willing, and 
Benor Cardona's lions, ..;: 
--■ » 

Kalnninsoo— At the Academy of Music 
*B. A. \WmKt manager) Edlsop moving pic- 
tures exhibited to. good housi'S Oct. 2H, i7. 
•The Yankee Consul" had a fair MM 30. 
"Man ami ftupermon" did big business 31, 
"Faatanfi".ha(i a big house Nov. 1. Adelaide "The Girl from Ont Yonder," 2; 
"The Sriuow Man" 7. „ ± i 

BUou 111. W. Crall, manager).— No break 
In the. good run of business. Attractions last 

week were first maaaav- _ „ . , 

. Note. — Wonderland (F. D. McCormlek, 
maaaaer), after tbe little rnlshnp to the pro- 
leotlcg.niaciilne, destruction of films, He., 
Ihe liouso Is a fain ruonlng, and la attrnctlnr 
the cuetomnry crowds. Only iho audltcrlutu 
was -closed for a week, but barines* In the 
arcade was not Interrupted, 

i ' ' - ■ 

Grand Bnnida. — At the New Powers 
(Hirrv-G. Sommera k Co., mauugers) Rob- 
ert Loralne. In "Man nnd Superman," playad 
to a crowdod houae. "The ■gjMW Man'* Not. 
0,. Well* Gnllbert nnd Albert Chevalier 7. 
Adelaide 1 Tburstou. In "The Girl from Out 
YdtKier" ft, 10. 

JI.umtic (Orin Htalr. manager). — "A 
Wiftt'e Secret," Oct. 39-31. 'drew fairly ML 

,1 ' J. 1 ' ^^ ■ , ■ " ■ . ' — ;■■. ,!' '., . .'. . . ; ,,,-,, J 1 ; 

i.T&iiou*. i (*it. ..'&# Buklctffeid,;, manNgerj.^*- 
.BaU foe Int week : CUnetnecor* tbe Haner*, 
a'arlT .and Lite. .Marveioui. JloaiKl. JaV I.. 

Earrttt, tbeGottlleia and rnovlng pictures. 

I ■*,,!■■ 'P ) " " " - " --*■ " ' . 1 I? " ■ . 

■ i Laj»slnaj,^-i\r BalM's Oaera, ttonty ,(F, J> 
Williams, tnanngeri tbe Americans c.ioe> to 
fill .■■faaea fti T i -7 aad-wefki -Our New 

Ul&Jater" Nor. 6, -Tbe Yankee Comul" Q, 

IP Tatdan" £ :. . :;.w ' 

' Bijou \l\ J. ltobson,, manager.).— - Tlte.foi- 
lbwlntbllV came to crowded houses week of 
Oct. .20: Mualt-al Jteeds, West nnd Benton, 
Muck and Held, and Lnveadnr Rlchordsoa 
aad company. i ...... . 

. a. | 


.J»ew 0*leaaa^-At the Tulane 'Dw-itt* 
(T. C. Campbell, manager) large nnd apptv 
olatlve audiences gotbered we.<k of Oct. &, 
to wltnasa the spLeudld pr<xluottou of "Tha 
Sous tt Man," wllh Wm. FawHbnaa as toe 
•tar. Uacb, and every member nf the com- 
pany shared lu tbe honors, and. won well 
deserved applause; Otla Skinner week.-ef 
Nov, 4, to be followed. 1 L by Blanche Walsh, 

Chehccvc IT. C. CanipbOll, inour.gori.t- 
*la:uld -Ktttuckt". opened us. to tfcn 
capacity, mnd draw Mg crowds during the 
week. -The (-ompany,. an. evenly balanced 
one, gave satlsfu-tlon. "Human Henrta" 
Week uf 4/AI. 11. Wilton 11*17. 

£t.raiuM |W. S. Baldwin, manager).— 
Ibla down town theatre will remain ilaik 
for awhile after Nov. It, a* tlu lliildwlhjflei- 
fills Stock' Co,; temporarily housed here, 
Uftvei for Atlanta, On., t, uud will remain 
there until the new Baldwin Theatre. I* 
i.aiibeJ, which tnuy he nliom Dec. I. For 
ihe farewell week Mannger Baldwin's com- 
pany wna seen to advantage lit "Thelma." 

Libiu (Davis k Lehmann, mnunger).— 
Tha Biown-Bakor Slock. Co, played to- big 
bajIneH laat week, presenting "Driven frou 
Home." The compniiy gnvo the usual big 
satlafnctlon. and wua appreciated by the 
lovers of Inelodrnmn. "The Bowery After 
Bark" is tiie bill for week at Nov. n. 

UftEfiswALO (lly, flreeuwald. manager).— 
lbo Bon Ton n scored a hflnvy week'rt busl- 
cois at tbU popular burle^iue hutite iakc 
week. Tlie otlu acts pleased nnd won nt«- 
nlButte. Mancb/ster'H'Vnnliy Fair Co, opened 
li>ra week 4, beginning with a Sunday mali- 

-inriici'M (Martin Heck, aenrrnl mnnr.gcr). 

■llie vaudeville hill •Irered wvt»k of (in. at 

iUil tbe Week. The bill tor week of 5 b> 
'Uidee; MM Helena, %/agf' t$fm; 

of ri to 

1 cottoii, 
it WaUe- 

nleA«ed, aud drew, large atidlenvcri through 
- 'ill tor a * 

i l.»»ng 

e and McDonougb will.-i Holt .. 
, Damm Brothers, Knight Brutbera and 
Handle, nnd the Dixon Brothers, • . 

Bbooxr'h WiNTKU Gawuin (Thomaa Irfld- 
ton HrooHe. mannaer).— This new Winter adr- 
den, altuntedon Ilaronne^Strt-et, near Poyilra* 
Streets, lust opposite Abiipjier'a New -The 
atf* 1 , opened IfA doora Nov. 1, buvltlg as Ihe 
aitnu'tloii "Brook'e'a Famous Chicago .Mnrtiu- 
littiid. The rejMhn , l» ■ ne* mm'm 
Crescent OHv.-liUt'Mnnnter .Hfcmke.-find ,hls 
aasoclHlc's ferlHiinKuliu'or big .^uccewl. " ., . f 

NOTr-s.-iiie rnrtnngeinent of Carl Hn'geji- 
heCk's TrolnM AnlnVnl KltiffOon have lensM 
tUe.otd Athlrilr Park, and .will Winter h*re. 
turning tne' pnth- Into^B ihuch noe<lL-d ^n*. 
.... rTThe Fprepifiigli-Sells.Clrcjw b MIW 

to .appear.- here Nov. .11 ..... .Thp. Ilfcgep- 

beck Shown will exhibit". nt-Audiibon ■.Prtfit 
Nov.. 4. ..;.... tula Werner, formerly, tremifr 

of 'We. OrpbeUh. 'Theatre, as-well, as -tllo'N. 
u. BaNe-Uftll Association, lin.- been. .aelecMd 
■a-. treasurer of HmibeH's i ne.v , thentre„' i Mr. 
Wfnterj hns inouy frlenda' here, .woo, wilt 
gladly Welcome bis return to.the CrJjfCW city. 
...... Chaa. G. .Kllpatrlck, the rleveroni- 

laggid akdter and nlcyellst,' scored Marm 
Wek of OctMoBtrthb-rAurtohon.rpatWf 
Sink: la hle.hofel act... ;..Tho lncai'toHe 
of f'Jks, us usual, -will illstrlhute Ttannkigft- 
lag dl&uer bosketa (o the poor of the city or* 
Thankiglrlng Day. ,. 


St. Paul. — At the Metropolitan Opera 
House (L. N. Scott, manager) Maalni filllOit 
bad very good business ,(Jct. MU ln";Hir 
Oreat Maub," The piece took well, and 
she n .popular, hare, but the Increase, I* 
price* must. have.. bod n tendency, to Jecreaie 
attendaneo. -.. 'The Wlarl of 6i'' *W±& 
fair business 'Nov. 1-3. "The Vanderbllt 
Cr.p" 4-7, and from the reputation of tlie 
place aud all nther lodlcallonJ, It. Will it/" 
b-lg. Olghr Bell, In "The Kducatlon of * 

big. Olghr Bell, In "Tha Kducatlon of M 
Inpp" 8-liT: 'The Gingerbread Man'' ll-f 
" Hm Rngeis Brothers in Ireland' ■ l&'l- ■ 
UaoagtrScott returned from a trip to New 

York Tm go. . . ; . v- i-'.i 

Bbamd (Theodore L. Jam managw)^- 
Itoao Molvlllc, l& "Sli Ilppkloa," driw a» of 
Tore, weak of Oct. 89, which waablg. Cb4ff. 
T Aldrloh. in "Secret Service Sam,". Ween. 
of 4 i "Sunday" week of 11, "Texis" week 
of 18. 

Ofct'HBCii (Martin Beck, general manager). 
—Capacity business marked tho *m;oad weak 
of this popular theatre. The bill loeladod : 
Doant Bedlnl and bis dog, Jim | . Torley, 
Provollo, the Diimoi Broa., May Boley, Ben 
Wolcb, Mile. Tbereso lions and the kino- 
drome. Tho bill week of 4 will Include : 
Rose Cogblan, Harry Tate's English eotoe- 

Slana, In "Motoring;" Helena Frederick, the 
Enrco Tnrlna, Hie Atlbos, Ferry. In Fairyland 
and tb* kloodrome. The resident manager bs 
Jules F. Blstea, formerly manager of tbr 
Bait Lako City bouse, nnd who nuperlnlenuii 

■Tbr Yottkeo ConmH," Nov. 1-8, -played tn 
.-.sHteil )ioua*«. i.avM Illgglns. In "ills L*Mt 
Uolinr." 4-7; "We Are King" 8- JO, and "Be- 

hind the Mask" n-t I. 

mum oiTdii iim-M. (Cburchin k ravis, 
matuagerf). --- Attractions for week:- of- 4 : 
Vtm flpd Dpr*. £. Frederick UaWllT^kofl 
cODpafay,. Ifendefton and Boss, AIL- Holt, 
GuT -Johnafti; -DawIs and Ton Kaufmann, 
anil nice and- Elmef.-- -•■.* ;. sre.. . . 

Jules F. Blstea, formerly manager of the 
Bolt Lako City bouse, nnd who Nuperlntenuid 
the construction of the St. l'nul tbsatre. 

WiNpfton (Smllta It. Hall, manager).— 
BubIhohh conilnucd big Inat; week. NSW 
people for week or fi; l,n Cnrmnutelln, Fred 
Vleo and Kinlly K. Viola, Bonule Ca sjie. Har- 
old Moran and Mousler nad Seymour's col- 
ored troul"idMir*. ■ *-■ ?■*.> 

Stab (J. C. Van Boo, manager),— The 
rigor i.llifK camit lu for g.iod pruiynnk'o. last 
week. For week of 4, Campbell's NlBjltlh- 
galeit. Ilrondway Galetv Girls weak of 11. 

FnnarK'H TityjATUB (Charli-s Fronde, raun- 
iirt),- This variety houm ikih cbaoROd It* 
name from that of the Orpheum tn FiercTf 
Theatre, but the management will contlnje 
tbe name. New people for wc-k of B - (ilAII'a 
and U< Van, Mona 18am, Virgin lu llayden, 
Howard and Smith. TAmm Isoftllocg ovac.: 
Mlidtcd Burrclt, Ncoln, Grnci' Nelsoo, Kmlly 

{'arrester. Slay Cleveland und Bob liny wood, 
lualrtess was goMliast weak. . ■ ., ., - 

KlfHlH (Sain link, inniingor).— BiisIdcas 
wae fair u> vM wi*k «.f pk New people 
for- week of fi: 'lanrainn-nUd Grey. Jubnny 
Ulggs. Bessie GuldiMi. and Bertie pink. .. 
SftNTiox.— The .laliiipiiirt nf tlift Tiltn- 
venin. Ht. Paul, -..asm-Id In the Turner 
Huitdlitg, fit. Wn*.ftniiit and Huinmlt Avcnuex, 
week of Oct. '2H, rtud drew big, Tlie bill tfrfa 
of- the cnrtilfnl and varlely order. totWlstiijg 
of n kangnnin murt. Prof., A. Paakurr, in bw 
egg tlsnce and characicr reclin 11'jiik ; Mi. I It. 
Ivuniman; In nma aud dance, aii|wi:tcd . by 
eight Jlltle girls; KwlolAh Itodefl. In cobilc 
r-cltntlMis If? Germbil, fitnulttlT'inaietim, etc., 
and selection* by. lb':: Arlnn Sinning Hoelety.. 
— ■■' ■■■' , '■ " > ' ' 

Mln ueau'ollit.— -A t the Metropolitan Opera 
House JL. N. Scitt, uiHdflger) Dlgby Bell, 
In "Tlrt l^lucatlon of Mr. Plop;" Vov. 4-7: 
•■The ■vanderfilll Cun" 8-10. ift i*li# Wuaril.df 
Gk"-j)layed.t« good hounes Oct. 28*31, •srUaj 
Alatlne Klllotl, in rflaf Great Match," Nw. 
lX "tlogeifi BtotberM lu Ireland" 11-14), 
•■The Gingerbread Man" 1(1-17; ; .■'[ 

Atinnpnirit (P V. Bnnaon, maaaieMj-— 
Mile., Gti11nerl ( and Albert Ckttaller Vfldiy 

y9S& Ore** Hot'^t: (Theodore r^flay-j, 
wE5JKt)s~eO0! Melville. In.'.'Sls Mgfv^ 
4 *nd week, v Behind tbe Mask" MsVed N 
falrtv good IsnsJsMi last we*. CWlca-T. 
Alartcb, in "Sflcrat Service Urn," is booKH 
tor Nov. f Laud wet*; «J '^' 

fwtVa ri. C. Bprerit. mnnageH.— The "Bide Jean*,** (or-* abd-week. 




This same 'company. In "Northern LlghiC" 
last week, und bosinesH was good. "Jaiiko 
Meredith," wit!) same company, 11 tad week. 

ORt'HBOM (Martin Beck, gcuerul manager ). 
—Voi 4 (ind week: MmevThcrese Hen-/, May 
Bolcy, Smith anil Cnmpbell. Katborlne Nu- 
gent. Ida Grpoaon, Three Olivelrne nnd Do- 
na t Bedtol. Ooofl hotiaon here. 

Dewbv <W. A. Winger, muuager). — High 
School Girls 4 ami week. The Yankee Doodle 
Olrls played io good inmincHH last week. The 
Tiger Lllieti 11 nod. week. 

Unique ( Jotin Elliott, manager).— Bill for 
n and week : Ktnp and Klppy, Oeorga V. 
Armstrong, Clara Hayaord, nod flordou, VI- 
docrj and Klynn. flood bUBlnesfl. 

DnliHli.— At the Lyceum (C. A. Marshall, 
manager) I tober t Edeson mndo Ms first ap- 
pearance here In ten yenra, Oct. HO, 31, in 
"Slrougheart." The play pleased tho Urge 
audience*. Alberta Oallallo, In "Dorothy 
Vernon of Haddon Hall," Nov. 1; Florence 
Roberts -',. a. Albert -Chevnller and; Yvetlc 
Oullbert 5, "The Wizard of Ok" 0, Leonca- 
vallo 8, Rogers Bros. 9, 10, "The Vanrterbllc 
Cnp'M2. "BIb Hopkins" 18, 14. 

UETiioroLiTAN (W. H. Longatreet mana- 
txT).— The High School GlrTa last week. 
Business was large. C. H. and J. F. Burke 
were the clever fun makem. and the girls 

tare en elaborate drill very nicely.. The Tiger 
IHm week of 4. , l_ .< 

Bijou (Joe Maltlaad. manager).-— -BubI- 
oeifi-. Is good. Gllroy. IIayn«n and Montgom* 
rry were n big feature, last week. PfHM 
for D and week I The Oreet Mortynne, Mills 
and Beeeher. Wra. Wlndora. Miss Bert Cole, 
Conlon and Huntings, tlif? Three Porlcru, Jack 
OToole, Jsh. McCfellan and the moving pic- 
tu ten. < 

a ■ » 


ludlaunpollM. — At fcSugllsb'a Opera House 
(Ad. 1'. Sillier, manager* "'way Dowa 4 ; 
Kast," Oct. -'.J. 'St, scored its usual aucceaa. 
wilton Lackaye, ln"Thc Law and the Mao," 
i!9-:ii, gave au urtbitle perforioaucc, to mod- 
erate luHlaesw. "Blister Brown" Nor, .It 
"The I'rlnco of PIlBen" 'A, Thomas Jefferson. 
In "Rip Van Winkle," 5; "The Ginger- 
bread Man" «, 7. ' ZtTp.K* 

I'aiik (Dickson & Talbott. mnnnjera),-*- 
"QttHD of the Oirciu, ■'' Oct. y5-27,** fared 
well. Harry Clny Blaney played "The Boy 
Behind the Gun/ 1 2t»-31. which abounded In 
plenty of thrills, and nt nod them up. ..Hilda 
Thomas nnd Lou Hall, In 1 "The HhoV Olrir 
Nov. 1-I1; "Across the Pacific" 5-7. 

(in ami OFEnA HoraH (Stmfer Zlcjjler, 
manager),-— Coram,- Manning's Knterfiafaecs,' 1 
Charles I'. Bemon and others drew capacity 
business list week. Bill for week -of 5: 
J ni In* Steger and company, Bruno and Rub- 
.sell, mmm and Mnzette, Carter and Blttfonl, 
Kelly and Kent. Klein and Cllfion, Mile, 
Kmlla Rose, Paul Barnes, and tbe bioscope. 

i'.Mi'(nr (('hut-. Zimmerman, manaaerjg-m 
Cherry Blossoms BnrlcB<|ueru Rnd tyrf^Sv; 
soD-tiuns fight pictures, lost week, furnntiSVi 
a diversified entertainment and pleased ttir^n 
crowds, Dreamland Burlewnjera week of 
Nov. 3. ■•■■t I .'■ 

OAYKTr (Edward fihayoe, manager.)---- 
Tho Behmnn Show, Oct. 25-27, filled the 
brume every night, und drew big. majijy*eH. 
being llberallv applauded. Jersey" JUHes. 
20-31. did Wf l)iislTiess,"ond made good. BiUe 
Blblwm nit Is Nov. 1*11, Ruse Hill HugUsh 
Folic T.-7. Parisian WldftWH 8-10, tiBMWKjt 
Owtti 12-14. OftoUt New York Stawr.13-17. 
The large number of ladles nnd children 
that attend the performances Is a;taitmo 

,\f Mm f'.iiinl v'u L<n-iur>n . " '"• 





People In All Lines. Heavy Man to Direct, Comsdtnn with Itf.l Hot Specialty, two General 
Haiinens Men; mn«t donhle la bnnd; yoiina;, snod looking L«ndlriK Woman w ho «n.n n)ay 
Ilnavles. cJeTer Snubrette with Simclfti'los.aUo tharsct«r WMMi AU must h»vr At ward- 
robe and eiperlenr« f as itil.'ls POSITFvr-l-V HOT a school or Acting. Slate lowest, send photo. 
.which will he returned) and fall particulars fn first letter. TOM SUJL&IVAZV, wire your address. ' ,',_ 

MHQIfilANQ EAR R anrl 11 '«^'°»" W^j^sss^tspss^jsg 

inusiiuiAiio run d. ana u. Bz^jsss^h^^^r^^^ 3 ^ 

'•ilk FfrtgTUI^ II tWiUrnH In Ke» Tork, Penu;lvuiln, Indians, Welt 7.., Hd.,aend Immedlato open lime ror iim i«i 
M. v in. V U W«a BI/IH A«IMI>0 Three Night Repcrlolre (All Rnyaltj Bills), tminrinic Band and Urehestra an tho road, addrws 

THE IMPERIAL PLAYERS CO., 206 Wllloughby flve., Brooklyn, H. Y. (Lew Plstel, Wgr.) 

of tli« Onyely'a ceoson. 

IV. ' 

Khomiim City — At the Sam 8. SMiubert 
Theatre (Walter Sanford, manager l t last 
wrek. Mrs. Klskc, nfter an absence of three 
wessons, opened an engogcincnt here Moudav 
ovenlog. Cfet. 20. In an ^nthuKlastle audi- 
ence, which thoronghly enjoyed both star 
and piny, "The New York Idea." Mrs. flaw 
hos o character whkh tltormishly ■»!• her 
terupeinment, nnd »lie Is very nhly aupi>orted 
by Uorotliy Dorr. Ida Vernon. .Ino. Vinson, 
(AU. Hoi-burv, Oer. Arllss onil Dudley Ollh- 
Tod: Tills week. I.mils Harrison nnd uOQJH 
Ounnlng, in "Xbo Flower Girl ;" next week, 
the-- new Hhuticrt star, Jno, 13. Kellurd, In 

ivin.iH WOOD Tiieathb (Woodward & Bur- 
cesH Amuse. Cti..n]on«Kers).— Last week "The 
Miin from Now" opened Hnnday night, to tbe 
'Inritest house of tJio seaion. and the other 
tfereo nlBlits liuslness was fair. The prodne- 
tiwi HurT cdHlumes were eleaaul. Hurry Bui- 
uir scored his usual lilt. The latter part of 
ttm week Fred Mncc, In "The Umpire," 
' limtftd and drew well. Tills week. Muxlun 
HttioH null Tim Mur-pliy will divide the lime. 
Next week "The Heir to the lloornti" will 
ciime tin.* tlrsl part, and Mm Kendall tho 
Jut tor pnri. „ . „ _ . , 

UnASti Oi'BKA House (Hudson &. .fudali, 
nuus»rH),— Lut week "Hnnday * ifare sol- 
rhfucilou to fair it l tendance. The cast was 
exutUeoL Noni O'Brien, in the mime purl, 
doliiK ciccUeiiMy Rood work. Frank (Jreeh, 
, .los. K. Whltlua. Rimer Uramllu. UUtM. Old- 
"ney. Fruak Kchtlrlck. H. Ogden l-'rame. Rfflfl 
(Joimpn timllivn Monlford -jatTll uplcndld 
siiiipurt. This weak, ». Miller Keni.Ii 
"lUillles." Next week. Mary Marble aud L,lt- 
lie Chip, In "Wanderlimd." * 

OiU'iiHCM (Mitrllu Beclt,. i«tf rtl maungev). 
—Mist week's bill drew good Imslnesa. The 
'headllnem were Nick Luiik ami Muleuo Col- 
iou, In "My Wife's Diamonds." Other gooil 
CMH on the bill were: Tlio DtitDB Btn».. the 
tlnitMles. Vain and MrUonoiinh. Max Mllder- 
bi'and. I'Mlth Hclenii. Kulghl. Ilros. nod Haw- 
idle, nnd' tho khindrome. Tu now movlug plr- 

i k. Bill thlx week: Chlnlto, llellman anil 

Monro, Gardner nud Mnddern, Avon romedy 
Four. Mnyme Uemliigtou, Arthur iK'inlng. 
Minnie KiiurTnum. and the kiiioilroiiie. 

HIU.IH OruiiA Huiimh (tft H. Urlichiiiu, man- 
npcrj. — |,ust www "A -Haee tor Life, one of 
llicodoiu Krunter's best meludraittuH, drew 
ivell nnd pli'MHuil. etatB. UnrihluK, AllueCllf- 
inf,, Mnv rimi'Mton ami .lohniilo WljUltm ilhl 
■DM WflVa. This week. "Yotiiif; llnffnlo." and 
next wwtt, "The May Behind the ilun." 
' AuuiioiiiUM (.Woodward *e Buraesa Aw. 
Co.,. mumiHvn;).— Jsist week the Woodward 
rjloek Co. nave 'The Little oray Lady,' la 
mi entirely witisfuotftry mauner. Mury Horn, 
Mondo (llendower, Ueo. Aivlne and liva Lain: 
ilirwrvc special mention. Thl« week, "Hni- 
bsra Vrletchlc." "Zlru" nexl. 

M.v.irsm' t'K Q, Ottvltisoii. uinuaKfll'l.— 
Irfist week, J. llorlMirt Muck's World UoutsrB, 
with .Mabel l>rew aud Jolm (lansou ns a 
special fen lure. Gnat, performum-eH. This 
week, the Dainty DuchesM Co. Next week, 
tho Bon Tons. . _ . 

OtNTCiir (Jos. Donegnn. manager). — Last 
week.' the Merry Maidens, with Fruuk tluteli, 
tin* wrestler, as a special feature, drew well, 
'this weak, the Kentucky Belles, Next week, 
tho Yankee Doodle (Jlrls. • 

hxHWH, Vati Side.*— I-«t week the llaj- 
ward Slock Co, u;nr» "(Iraiulsrk," to cood 
»i tendance. Ornco Mayward, Frunk M. lien- 
dick and JlmnJe Burrel did good work. This 
week. "Ttielnw." , .„ - 

. 'Cliweuisob.— yvetteUiilllii'it aud Albert 
■rh"valter npnetired In Cunveiitlon Halt, nlalit 
"I Oct. 110. nnd ou account «r u doluyed Ivaln. 
did not api'ii liere uu>tll 1> o'clock, hut ,w 
oudlence path'iitly awnllcd thcin, anil were 
more titan i-vpaW Iff « very line nud llulshou 
per tor ma nti*. Both "tars wore imtlii.aJnst.i** 

niiy received and Miearau Old nmlllnr 

Malt Smith la In tho city, telling a lot of 
now stories nud doing work for "Uatlles." 

- r.eonviivatlo's Urche.ilrn. whluli w«s 

booked at Convention Hull next week, hns 
vii I ice led. 

St. Jus«|»h.— At Tootles' (C. V. i'lilllcy. 

manager) Walker Whiteside Oct. 'Jf.. pUiywl 
io good business!. Williams and Walker, 'JU. 
nt). had fair baalncsa '"Shi Umpire" vlensed 
a good slmt hawse Ul, "The nan from 
Now", had Urge ami well pleaaed imdleiice 
'Nov.'l. Etotort Bdesou ft, Maxlne KUIott S. 
The' Heh' 1 tu the lloornh" M, "Wontleilaml" 
It, "The Girl and the Bandit" 12, TIdj M,ur- 
'iy 14. "The Mayor of Toklo" 16. 
Iatkom «.\ II. rhllley. manager).— 'Vay 
•New Yovs;" dot. 2Q.2T, curao to fair Mildness. 
"Tlie House uf'MyBterj'," 28. 211. did well. 
"Yoiiiig Huffnlo" Nov, 1-11. Colo nud Johiisifi 
4. 5, "The Utile Homestead" «, 7. tho 
Yankee Pnudle-'Olrla 8-10, "Ou the Bridge 
M Mldulght" 1.1, lit, "My Wife's l-'iiuilly" 
V.\; .14. ' . , 

OitrsrAL (I'red Coinian. mnmiger).— 1-arga 
Audiences last week. 1)111 for week ot 4- 
nuiTord and Orth. .lock King, Ihiylr and 
GTtioger, llu< Penrtions, IjpsuIk nud Aulla, 
Duhn. Francis and conipauy ami Comian's 
inovlug pictures. ' . 

l.Yiin: (Fnink I)e Alley, msnngvr).— Iluisl- 
nexis continues good. Fulton Htcck Co. open 
seek of 4. 

4 i a 

l-'ort Wsyae.- At the Majestic '. (St % 
Itlce, manager)' "The Yankee ConsnV." 'Oct. 
28. played to caparlty. ns did AI. W- -Mar- 
tin's "Uncle Tom's CabtB.V matlnan - And 
night a<>. Arthur Fryor's Band Ndv. <3, 
" AVny IWwn Rasr." 2. did fair imsltics«. 
"A Crown of ThornH" ». "The Kerry'-Gow" 
4, "James Bovs la Missouri" W, BlM Ken- 
dall d, "A Despernte Chance" 7, "Across 
the raelllc" matinee and night IB* "The 
Tenderfoot" IS. ,■ iv ..... . 

Tumplb (K IB. Stouder. mnnager)., — (Joed 
liuslne«s coutlnuea. I.nwt week, thr .bill ln- 
elnrted: Hlekey nnd Nelson, KlllaU, Bcl- 
lalre and Klllott. Mclntyre and Beniieti. 
Ilendersoa and Boas, Joe Golden, Bertha 
Meyer, and tho klnoloncope. BUI week of 
Nov. Or Dudley. Shoslyn and Bums. Kfl- ha- 
viw. Fox DM DnaaDj Sulton and Snttoii, 
Mnster Slater, Bertha. Meyer, and the klaeto- 

I'kixcksh (.John A.' Hcott, maaageO. — 
Do Wolf Hopper, in "Hnppyland," Oct,. 27. 
gnve a pleasing performance. -viiijghn 
({laser opened tho season, 2H,- 29. In .VPrlnce 
Karl." "Faiitsnn" a, 4; week of 13,: I«eo_ & 
Jewetl's Winter ■:.".<■ ■-: 

NriTK.— The Crestou t.ongfleld School of 
Acting has opened in the New .North. -Amer- 
ican Building. .'V* 
» ••• • 

Anderson.— At the Urand Theatre' v (Jos. 
K. Helming*. mHiisgcr) "How IlourCs Are 
Broken." Oct. 27. matinee and night, bad 
large andlenivs. "Bnwter Brown," Ul.,drew 
rupaclty. Wlltonl-ncknye. In -Tbe Daw- aud 
.tlio'Miiu." 1. pleiiHWl u large audience- ''The 
Fnol IIoumg :i. "Tli.! l-'ust >mll" 8. "TltoGov- 
eruor's 1'anlun" P. I'^m Kendull. lu "Hwnll 
Klegaut .tones" 10; Myrkle-Ilardcr Stock 
Co. 12-17. 

Ciuhtai. (W. .W. McKwon. mauager). — 
Vaudeville to mmnt large crowds. 

Nhw 1H.10II (Iloyt & Dnvls,, uianugcrs). — 
Vaudeville spcclaUles to large haalnetN.'""' ' 

-♦♦«. — 

i o\m;< in i i 

and Hose, Mae Chester, Willis Fessenden, J. 
i;. Green. Fannie Woods and iMaud Gray- 
son. Uuslueas was satisfactory^ 
■ ■•-■ > 

Anstln.—At the Hancock Opera House 
"Happy Hooligan," Oct. 22, played to n good 
bouse. Albert Chevalier nnd Yvette Unllbcrt 
ployed to'good business 34: AJ. II. Wilson 21, 
"The Boyal Tramp" 30, "The Sultan of Sulu'* 
Nov. 1, "Vloletry* 2, AI. R. Fleld'a Min- 
strels ». Blanche V.'nlsli 6, "The Toast of the 
Town" 9. "The Girl Hatty? 14. 

Rixglixo BnoTHEiis' OtRCDS Xor. 2. 

..,— , m p ... " ■'■ '■ 

Waeo. — At Ura Auditorium (Jake Bar- 
linkle, mnnaBer) "Forty-live Mlnutea from 
Brondwny." Oct. 20, cnlertaineil one of tho 
laj-gesi nudlences'of the senaon. Murray 
and Mack, 2i». did fair hnslness. "The Sul- 
tan of Sulu" Nov. 2, Rianebe Walsh. In 
"Tlie Woman In tho OaHe," 3 : "A Bun* 
away Match" r.. AI. O." Fleld'tT lMlnstrels B, 
Corlnile Francis.- In "Vlolette,'^ 7 : tarklrd 
8. "In Old Kentucky" ft. "Simple Simon 
Hlmple" Id, Jane Kennark, In "The Toant of 
the Town" 11. 

• « ■ 

audiences. In the olio were: Berge's Merry 
Girls, lllnshaw and Francloll, Williams 
nnd Aleene, Daly, and Cunningham and 
Coveney. All . were well received and en* 
cored. For week of 4, the Cherry Blossoms. 
HorKiNS' (Wm. Relchioan. manager j. — 
Tlie.Klgbt VnsBdr Girls were the headlines 
last week aod met with the approval of the 
audiences. All the others oa the bill proved 
good eDtertalners, ' and received applause. 
Rill for week of 4: Klein. Ott. Bros, and 
Nlcborson, Manning's Entertainers, Relff 
Bros.. Myles McCarthy and company. Belle* 
lair Bros., Lorimer Johnstone and company, 
Chni. Semon, nnd tlie klnodrome. 

fn .hi. -nil — At the Kentucky (T. W. Bob- 
orts, manager) Sylvia Lyndcn, In "Her Own 
Way,". Nov. 2. Tiff I Taff!! PoofllP 3, 
matinee und night, had excellent hinilness. 
"A Ragged Hero" 5. Mildred Holland,- In 
"The Lily. and the Prince." .. ft ; "Forty-flve 
Minutes from Broadway" X8* "A Crown of 
Thorns" 16, "A Girl or the. Streets" if. 



Bridttemirt. ai Smith's Theatre (Hd- 
ward C. Smith, mnnager) Jefferson He An- 
gVllH, in "Tho Girl aud Hie Governor." --Oct. 
2't, played Io' the cniincliy of the *behtre. 
Mme. Modjenka, IW. Its "Mucbctli." jIsk did 

big btibmrbH. "At O'liil'le Creek,' .31, Nov. 

,1. hud big returns, which was also the case tlie .blogroph. 

with Krlhcl Schoff, 'J. aud "Ten TKruajM t.*...-.-^- *'r 

Dnllnrs Beward." 3. Nat C. .Goodwin. In 

'The Gcnlna," r>; "Wild Nell, the Child of 

I'ortiiimt — At the Hclllg iW, T. l'anglc, 
Uknaftf) "Tbe College Widow" played to the 
capacity al every perrormajif-e Oct. 22-".'4. 
Louis James did very good busluesa ^5-'J7. 
In "The Merry Wives of Windsor." "In the 
HIsbop's Ciirrlnge". had a flno opening L'S. 
Klcbard'a moving' pictures of the. Neleon- 
(Jiins fight Nov. 2. :i, 'The Devil's Auction" 
4->i, 111 len Ueneli Yaw, undor dlKCtloa of Lois 
Htren and Wy-nn Coman. 7: "Arkoaa" V, 
XV, fut lowed by ."The Won and the Mouse." 

Uakri: (i. eo. L. Htf. managorO.-r-'Xhc 
linker Theatre Co.'twn cnpnclly houses 
. to irtCnuH "The Sorceress" Oft'. iS. "Up 
York Ktntc did koikI bwlnm wee* of 21, 
"At I'incy Itldgc" Jfby. 4, "A Temperance 
,'Town" II. "The Merchant of Venice IS. 

r-Jti'iiiK (Milton yv. Seftmau. manager). — 
"Dora Thome" hud two packed houses Oct. 
.','8. "Thv lluiy Cllv" did cnpiu-lty UOalMM 
i-J(e "enrire'Sveek of \11. "A Boyal Stare" 
AP*. •*• "I lie'" Josh Spruccby" 11. 1. 1. urn's 11. KrrlcUnnii. manager). — ■ 
J. C Nugent.. aNHlsted by Grace Kertlg, In 
™fta Itound-r ;" J. Buyer West and Ida Van 
Sitlen. in "The College Gymnasium ;" Billy 
Clark, .Su nv.aers' nuif Mullancy, Josephine 
Slimmer*, Master tilllotl, Muster Harold 
..M.M^.ynin.dlBconi*. ; 

Ktah (JiimeH II: Errlckson. mnaager). — 
The Allen Stock Co., week of Oct. i!9, pre- 
M.'iitiiiif "The Princes* of Patches." 

' I.TtUK' (Keatliiu * llood, managers). — 
The I.yrlr Stock 'To., week of Oct. 20, pre- 
hciiiihk "lluutan lleurls." 

t'.w i.m;i;s (John A. Johnson, inunngur). 
r*rVh.f. Wehep'pV Dog, Pony nnd Monkey 
Circus, Unticc KmlUi. Tanby, Beverly ntiil 
Danvers. T.eo White. Iloylo and Davis, and 

JackMon.—At the Century Theatre (W. 
(". Marshall, manager:) Helen Byron, In "Ser- 

S?ant Kitty," made a pleaslog impression 
ct. 30. Joseph and William Jefferson, la 
"Playing tbe Gauie," No*f. 2| ^*An ArlatO- 
cratU: Tramp" 2. 

Auuiucvn TiiEATnn (it, K. Atwood, mana- 
ger).— The Babbit Foot Minstrel Co. woek of 
Oct. '22. 
FonEPAuon-8r.Li.s Bkos.' Circus Xov. 13. 
. —.,..-. i » i 

IVtitclieK^—At the Baker Grand Theatre 
(Saint, 3. Myers, manager) (lie fight over the 

f traduction of "The Clansman" was - decided 
n favor of the piny, which drew the' ca- 
pacity. It Is needless io my that local Man- 
ager Sam Myers wns very much pleased at 
ihedeilBion. Blanche Walsh, In "Tuc Woman 
In tho .Cose," enme to capacity 20. Miss 
Woltdi, as Margaret Bolfe : Mamie, Gordon, 
r.s Cuba Foster, and George Sumner, aa Mr. 
Thompson, were encored ugnlu and again. 
The cast was nil that could have been de- 
.sired. "The Millionaire Tramp" '£0. "Ser- 
genat Kirty" lolloweri "The 'Girl Patsy," 
Nov. 0. Iloyt's Company 6. "Lost lu New 
York" it. muck Pattl 1*J, BarlpT's MlnstrclB 
1H. Annie Busscll 17, Mildred Holland 21. 

ii.Ti.iiiui.Ai the Grahd Opera House 
tL. Itothenberg, manager) I'Human Hearts" 
npiieared Oct, 2:i, to satisfactory bhslness, 
"Scargeant Kitry," L'B matinee and n!ghl, large houses. "The Wttlc Duchess" 
Nov. 1, "It Happened In, Nordlnnd" 2. "An 
Aristocratic Tramp" :;, Shepnrd's ptcturen n, 
Tho County Chairman" 8. "Znaa" {), "Do- 
rothy Vernon" in, "Her Own Way" It, "Fin- 
nlgan's Ball" 15, Barlow's Mtastrcla .17. 

«i » , ■ 

ins i in. i of columhia. 

and McCauley, Mr. and Mra. Frances Bacon 
Al. Carlisle's educated ponies, najmooii 
Teale, Inei McCauley, in "The Unexpected ■ 
Noteh.— Forepangh & Sells Bros. Nov 9 
Kingllng Bros. 1.7. •■ 

■■' ■■■ ■' Si 

Hot Sprlunrs.— At the Auditorium (Drla- 
ham t Head, managers) "Simple Simon 
Simple" came Oct. 20. "Aa Told In the HIIK- 
20. "The Clansman," 30, packed the douki 
Daudy Dixie Minstrels (colored) Nor. 2 

Note. — Carl Hagenbeck's Cifcus, billed i«» 
appear Oct. 23, owing to a railroad wreck 
cewq not reach here. At. a matinee mi 
nl^ht performance, 20, It is estimated thnt 
lij.OW people attended the two performances 

• i» 


. ivoriu.— At the Grand (Cbamberlln. Har- 
rington k Cu.. managers) 1 Maxlne Blllott, in 
"Her Great Match," Oct. 23, bad flne busi- 
ness. Gnns-Xelson light pictures 2(1. "Wlndv 
Sum from Amsterdam" 27. "The 8hop Lift- 
er," 28, hud o crowded housed "McFadden's 
r J*fttl ,*?°'.. uad ? ?^ business. "The Lanil 
of Nod," 31, had S. It. o. "The Heir * 
the lloomh" Xov. 1, "Nobody's Claim" 4 
1'ryor's Bund u, Low Dockstader fl, "Tlie 
Umpire" 10.- 

SUiir Srincer ( Frank : B: "Weston, resldeut 
maiiarer).---l.nst week large houses wen* 

Blessed with: Leonard aad Lonle, Fill 
ench, Marlon and Pearl, ran-Amerlcmi 
Four, Three Weston*; -Del-A-Fhonc, Eight 
OKalie Jap Troupe, and the kjnodromc. 

WeAst'h (Charles V. Bnrtson, mannaer) — • 
week of 2B.: Blanche Freeman, Brandt and 
Larano, Casad IMW Verne: Shannon And 
Straw. Gene Begem and moving* pictures. 

.iacobs'- (A. F. Jacobs, mnnagcrL — Lawt 
week's bill : Crawford 'and De Lancy, 1'rli- 
and Pierce Hat, Zom and Morra, Mamlo 
Mldglcv, and moving pictures. 

Srogg Hill Gahpbk (Frank. Grave, iitan- 
agcn.-"Th« Slgnnl of Hlberty" was glvm 
by the stock company last wees. 

— , > .. , . 

•j Jnekmiai villi- — A: th6. Grnml Opera 
house (p. W. Cbaterton, manager) 'The 
Land vt ftod." Oct. 2'J, gave a good perform- 
ance, to good business. Thos, JefTersoo, tO, 
gave a good performnnce. "Hooligan In New- 
York. Nov. 1, gave a fair. performance, to 
fair business. Stetson's "Uncle Tom's Cab- 
Iri hod good returns Nov. 2. Norlb Bros. 
Co. 5-7, Arthur .Pryor's Band 0, "OleOlcson" 

■ +.» • ■ i , ; ■■ 


Fiii'i/.'« i '1'in.iiriH Booncy, uiHiiager).-- -Ml- 

■■■-- 'il " 

the Boglmeni." «: "Mrs. Wlggs of the Cab- 
linae 1'" ., Murle Calilll. In "Muirylup 
Mary," s ; "The Master Workmou" 9. t0. : 

lyibi'H (15. H. Mitchell, mnnager),— Big 
htiMlncHH nmrked tho past week. Hooked 
week of 0: Gold on und Hughes, Drown sod 
DelorcH, Hinll Hock und compnny, Kctiney 
vim HiiIIIh, Mabel McKlnley. Stanley, nnd 
Leonard, nnd i.;i Mnxe Iti-os. , .-. 

NotVh — Tho Faditte Onhestra i.fcmalei 
appeared ut I'oli'u -Theatre night, of 4. to t 
laziness wlilch . tiixed the house." Tbe en- 
toitulinuent WAV given under the ailrip|fH of 

the Bridgeport Press Club Juke rintt: 

has returned with the ItulTalu (ill) Miov, and 
Ik now engaged nt the' Winter quni'ters m 1 
•his eltv. with Hen Dowell and other- mem- . 
ben of (he executive force of Die show, 

lliirtronl.— At 1 'arsons' TtHUll* 4H.-.t- 
I'araons, mluingert t'ritzl SchelT. Nov. El. In 
"Mill'. Modtste,'- "iiimit to stundlpg room only. 
•Mine. Modjrnkii. in "Mury Stuurt" and "Lude 
Machrth," ;). had fair hitMnaw. Nat C. 
Gooilwlu, la "The t'leuhis." 7. ■ , 

ttAUTWUP OfKiiA IDMSli (II. H. JciiiiiliXH, 
iiuinagen.— "Why tllrls Lmitv Home," Oct. 
20. *tl>. proved to In* highly sutlsfuitin*-.Anil 
the box ofllro ninn wore a smile. "Jl'i.Hou 
Beivnrd." ill, plensed. Tlio Buys, in "Down 
tin- Pfift** jntckwl Hie bouse matinee -mid 
evening Nov. I. Dave WttrlMtl. nt«lU>eij «)»1 
evetitug, ennie lo i-apttt'lty It. 
» INim'k ffjfMHl. K. KBhy. manager). --An 
sfoelianl nil 'round vaudeville cntnrtaloiaenr 
drew Inige bnslncHS Inst week. 

■ ■ * ' :. ,..,, 

SF«w London. — Al the Lyceum Theatre 
-( Irn W, Jackson, uianngcr) "Princcas Beg- 
gar" lind the cnpuclty Oct. 2d. "Thf/Vfilun- 
tatT OrKaiilai" 27. Dot lvarroll Co. vllaXglr 
business 2h nnu week, Mme. Modjeska, In 
■Marie Stnart," Not. fi ; ,I«ff .De Auceila. Ill 
"The Girl aud the Governor." 0. '.-.-•. 

Hun lltnek. Hoiiulc Bonnie. Blehnru Man- 
rett lis. Mou<-rl»r and Smith. Booney and 
Forrester. Murle Oltlui-d, Mae N. Vernon, Vlr- 
glnln Vt-rnon. Jones and Itavelle, Frances 
Flnier. .Mai- Stanley, Jessie Stewart, Boao 
Stullard niitl Bertha Garland. 






- Columbia — -At the .New Columbia Tho- 
atr^ (F. L. Browu, niauageri "l»orolhy Ver- 
IllOU," Oct, 22--1. lmd full' proceeds. Alice 
Ndllseu,' 23, aaog to S. it. 0, May Irwin 
came to uapuclty 20. "tbUM." also hung out 
I ho S. n. O. sign 27. "The Uaufttnaa/' 2I», 
HO, and Mrs. Leslie Curler, houked for III, 
canceled. Yorko and Adams Nov. 1, Primrose 
Mlni'tiels 2. "Tho One Woman" S. 

Baiini-m & BAituv ClkCPH d. ■ 

NoTK.---Tho South tlnrolina Agricultural 
■nnd M'-clinnlrsl Society held Its ituniuil State 
fair week ot Oct. 22. Among the many *i- 
fUncUMiK. Harkool'R Carnival Co. on the city 
rrrMte nnd «l fair groundy, ami Ferrari's 
Aa'nml Show. All did nrshlng business. 

Ft. Worth.-- At Givenwall's Opera .Ijouoo 
(Phil W. Green wiill, manager) "Happy Huull- 
jwii" had a fair hourft' Del. 2tl. ''Forly-tlve 
MiaitlcH from Droiulwiiy' dn«w a big house 
27. "The Countv ('hulruiau" did wull ."-P. 
Blanche Walsh, In "The Wonitin In thcrOaae." 
did big uutantBsa, mnllnee and night, al., , ■Mur- 
ray and Mack Nov. I, "Diider Ninttheru 
HkU»n" 2. "Simple Slruoi) Hlmple" .1. VThe 
Sultan of Sulu' 1 «. Al. G. Fluid's Mj^'reh; 
■T. 8, '"Ihe Toast of the Town" fl. l *m Old 
Kcntuckv" 10. "A Itnnawuy Mntirh" LA "Ibo 
.ltoynl Clmf" 1.1. "The Mho from K<Mt*Jj#< 

Majkhtji' (Waul S. Harris. mantfgtT).— 
Bill week uoenlug -t» was a good one, and 
inidndml: Will 11. Fos. Haws Sisters. Goo. 
A. Uoaue mid Kdlth Forrest, lu their sketch. 
"A Wonum'a ; Way :" August SuowbnlL. the 
:Lndy Bneeanesrs, mid; Mai Mllllau. InpflglW 
whs satisfactory. 

StanpaiiP (Frank De Beaue. mnnager). — 
."Belter Skelter" whk the title of tho open- 
ing act week of 'i\y In the olio were: 
Baker and Floreucc, Dan nud I^eouti O'Neill. 
I'iiimv Weir, Hose KBIott. Cooiier .Sisters, 
.Grace Lester Uuseell, Uoy Wood. Jdlia^Foi. 
Hilt nnd ndiiiundc Dnby FlorenceV Vm\v\ 
Gllmore, London Illtiut. Fay Ilelniu r, Lulu 
De Mnr ami Lulu Lawlon. Biulneus was 


Crown (Frederick Lorrniue,,nianuBer). — 
"A Southern llomaiui" wub utti'd ns a fore- 
runner for n- good hill week opi'iilug 20. 
■In Ihe olio: Tlie Great Hunker. Five JMu- 
«elteH, 'ITielina Klngsley, Dnby Dot, Cnrtoii 

f t '..'tin i* itapidu — At tHreene's Opera House 
■(Will S. Collier, manager) tho Chicago Mndrt- 
snl Cluh. Oct. HO, opeocd the Y. M. C. A. 
course, before » I urge and pleased midJcnce. 
Tim Murpliy, 27, In "Old Innucence," drew 
Ida usual < big houai!. "The Convlet'o Duugh* 
ler.' 28. httd good business. "Windy Sain 
from AiUKlerdaiii," Nov. 1, drew a top heavy 
house. Bobert KdeuouMn "Stiougbeart," 3; 
• "A Slsler'K Saeritlce" 4, "Mnyor of Toklo" 0, 
. ''Humiin Ih'iirtH" 7, "Dad'H Side Fnrlmsr" U, 
•Sunday" I*. Howe's moving pictures 10, 11, 
'"J'hc Land of Noil" 13, "Tbe fllrl from Hap* 
pytond" Dl, "We Are King" 14. "The Prlnco 
«! Pllseu" 19, "The VaotlerMlt Cup" 1(1, 
"Dnuffliter of Colorado" IT, "Tho Shoplifter'' 

, . I'Kuri.ii's (Vie. Hugo, ntunager). — Full 
.tontam greeted thlsUnc bill wbek of Oct. 20: 
.Sanderson and Bosvman, Schci-k Jiro* , Bohert 
Nome. M.ii'une stid Grant, Bay W. Fay. and 
the ktneluxr.opc. 

■ ■ '■■' 'i 
. IIiirlliiKtan, — Al'iiieX<ri(nd (Chainbcrtln, 
Harrington & Co.. iiuinugem), "BulUeN" drew 
n fiilr liouno Oct. 1(5, "At Costy Corners" 
lileased 2b. M'esi's Minstrel* hud good re- 
ilirns 27. Itohcrtson's plcturea -H. CIiuh. 
B. Hunfiint delighted his many friends here 
.,"0. A political meeting packed tlio housu 
ol, A polltlcnl meeting Nov. \i, "A Slater's 
Sacrifice." 7. CMCMM; "The . Arrival, of 
Kitty", S. "The Village Vogubond" 10, "A 
Man** Broken Proratflc" 1-*, Stelson's "II. 
,T. C." IS. 

Council niuri'fi At the Now Theatre 

'(ChriB. Manthor, resident niuiiHger) Ferris' 
roinc'llinis week of Nov, ,". "Over Nlatfari 
l-'alU," Oct . 28. hud ' standing room. ■ "'On 
flie Hi-ldgi! at Midnight," 20. did fair busi- 
ness. -'Thu Arrival of Kitty." 31, dtd fairly 
well. Society Vaudeville (local), Nov. ' 1. 
targe buslncsH. Joseph De tlmattt, In "The 
Merchant i>f Venice," Nov.- ".', "The Mayor of 
Toklo" 11, "Windy Sam from Aninterdam" 
IB. "Af Cripple Creek" 18, "Why She Was 
Sacrltlccd" St 

♦ »» 


Wash) niitoii.— At the New Xallonal The- 
ativ (\V. H. Kapley, mnnuger) thin week 
"The Belle of Mayfuir." Last week, "Mam- 
xi'lle Sallle" hnd excellent bitnlnesn. Bthel 
'BnrrviDorc. In "Alice SU-liy-the-FIre,'* Nov. 

Coi.iMnn.v (I,i|ckett4 Dwyer, managorB),-- 
This week, "The Student King." Lust week. 
Ittiymond llltelicock. in "The Galloper," had 
full houses. "Mr. Hopklnaon" 12-17. 

Bklauco TinsATitR (L, Stoddard Taylor, 
inminger).— Thl* week Virginia Harned, In 
"The Love r.etter." Lust week Hilda Suong, 
la "loun .tudson's Wife," played to good 
business. Sotliero and Marlowe lfi-17. ' 

Ciiajib'm [Wm 11. Winnlfred Do Witt, 
raoungpi*).— This week : Charles K. Kvuns unit 
compnny, Sadie Juliti Rompers, MAnntleld 
and Wlfhur, Paul Klelsr. lOlennor Kalke, Four 
IJvorctls. (?nvana ami tlie vltagrauh. Last 
week, the Rlectrlc Ballet headed. ft tiuo bill, 
.to standing worn only, a I every performunce. 

AcanKUY ok Mvmc (J. W. rivoiifi. muna- 
IM) .—This week,' "The Gambler of iheWost." 
hast weak, Byrnes "Illght Bells'* had: Its 
tiannl capacity biidiuesa. Lottie WililumH, 
in "My Toin-fiaj mnr 12-lt. ' 

' Majknth: TiiUATiir, (0. L. Klslcr, mana- 
»rt.- Nat M. Willi, In "A Luckv Bog." 
Last week, "The Arrival of Kitty" woa well 
received.'-iiIh Ululr; Il "Tho Woniii In 
the (use," 12-17. 

Lycbihi TiiBiThB' n.uiiene Kemau, tsuun- 
geri.— This mat the VVhulleu * Maftoll 
Merry Mukers. I.ust week, tho Amerleanx 
scored a succcsaful date. Tho' .Tolly ?T>ln 

' N * o ^-r" 0,ir -popular, uriced houiea an 
now billing Ihe city heavily, after a tempor- 
ary closing down In that uoi-t of advertising, 

1 — «* » ".•"■ 


., ll ,V,l? uk *. — At tue Opera Douse (Jumes 
II. OConnell, manager) "Down the Pike," 
Oct. .11, come to fair business Dan Sullv 
Nov. l. Mine. . Modjtwku, la "Muebeth," •}. 
am to full capacity. Jnffecjoii Do Angells 
J, "Mm. Wlggs of the Csblwgc l'uteh" 8. 

fcMi-mr (T. F. Murray maunger).— "Buled 
Off the Turf," Oct. -ao-ai. and Hherldan's 
Clly SportH, Nov. 1*3, came to first l-Ihbs IuhI 
niaw. "The Shadow BebindUie Throne" 5-7, 
m Ooldcn Crook' Co. 8-10, Uurnev Gllmore, 
hi "A Rocky Bead to Dublin" 12-14 ; I mln's 
Big Show 15-17. . 

Taunton.— At tho Taunton Theatre (Calin 
ft CroBr. managers) the Farl. Burgess Co,,, 
w , c ? k » '*L 5 '. P Iei «Hed. "Under Souttiern 
Skies" tilled In 31. to fair buslneas. "Tli" 
Volunteer Organist" Nov. C. Oans-Netsoi. 
tight pictured «, "The.Mayor of Luughland" 7. 
a- » 


IN Olalro. — At the Grand (I'. D. Moon, 
manager ) M. Rosenthal, Oct. 20, came io a 
large und appreciative audience. Rose Mel- 
ylllp, 27, bud good business. Alberta Oil* 
latlp iU, Robt. Edcsou, in "Strouahcarl," 
So¥. 1, 

I'mOuh (Win. A rinond, resident manager). 
—People for Ort. 21) und week: Qlga Gron 
mjtot klpp und Ktppy, Wm. Arinond. Geo 
P, Armatrou^. (lonton. Vldecq und Vllun. and 
John Harrington; Biisldesu'eoatlniiuH good." 

«♦» -— - 

ci:>nsvi.v AMI. 

Louisville. — Mucauley's (John T. Ma- 
caulcy. manager) reraaJtied dark until Nor. 
■i. 'when Mclntyre and llealh opened a two 
nights' cajjngenent, presenting "The Ham 
Tree." Large mullcnc<>» WW present at 
each perlovtnaiicc. and enjoyed the play. 
" 'Way llown Kssf Nov. u-IO, - 
,".' M.vhoxn: (ClmH. A. Shaw, manager). — 
"The I'll." lint week, attracted crowded 
lioiwes. ■ This being the first time the play 
hua been Keen here at popular prices, theatre- 
goers took advuatnge of it. Vor week of l>, 
''Hup" Ward, in "Not Vet. But goon." 

AVKXui-i- A, Shaw, manager). — "Big 
Hearted Jim" vms preHeutcd last week. The 
title caught the (intruns, anil they tilled tho 
house, nt I'very peiforainnce. For week of 
■1. "Mow Baxter Butted III." - 

BI'ckim.iiam (Whnllen Bros., mnnager). 
— ItelUy k WuimJ'b Co., last week, drew phc- 
nomeiml business throughout the engage- 
ment. The two fa relent comedies, "A Nlarlit 
.In Atlnntlc City" nnd "A Suui>er for Tr*j," 
RU given In a lively spirit,' nnd pleaded the 

Honttf nu.eryv— At the Montttomei-v The- 
atm, (Ulnwher Bros., inniiagera) ■•Human 
Hcnits,*' Oct. 31; had fair returns, "It Hap- 
peiied In Nordland," Nqv. 1, did oxcllent 
busineae. . "The County Chairman," 2, hud 
large attendance. "Znssa" p, 
■ Biiou • (0.""A.-' Neoi. mauagdr).— ""Jeaae 
.lames." Oct, 30-81, had fair business. "Tracy 
the Outlaw" had good results Nov. 1-3. . 

Notb.s. — Bnrnuin- jfc Bailey's ClrciiB, 21). 
gav.' twj peiTormom-es. to capacity... . , 
'he Stute FuJr, ^2-27, drew .-large crowds 
dally. Parker Amusemeat Co. was featured. 

' HeiuiA.— At Hie Academy of' Music (Long 
k Bees, mnnugtrs) "Huuiah Hearts" cantu 
'-V"^?. lr b . u s'n«8 Oct. i!u, "It 'Happened hi 
■Nordlnnd piuyed to B. W, O.. ol. "Flnnl- 
iaa s Ba,ll" Nov. l, otla Sktuucr 2, "A ItoyaJ 

Istern^hiW^ °* "•*»»■» Vernon of 
Itnddoii Hall 10 
Noj-BH.— Swi Ih-othci-H' . Circus gave two 2 The Central Alabama 

!• air opened Oct.- ai. to largo crowds. 

— i .♦■«» . 


Wllhew-Uurre.— At tlie Hraud Opera 
House (1|. A. Brown, manager) "Kerry Cow" 
mid "The Burglar's Haughtcr" played to 
.fair bnaluMs,.. "My Wife's FamUv'. Nov. 
B-Ti "The Way of the Transgi-eaaor? 8-10, 

NiiBiurr Xiibatrm in, A. Urowu, iuuiju- 
Her).— *"Dnugbtei*8 of Men";gave an excel 
lent perform rfnee. "Are Youa Mason V" hs'l 
n good house "Buster Brown" S Besses o' 
Hie Bam Band 7, "York State Folks'* S, 
" I he Jungle" 0. . ■ 

■ -.- ■« *» sW- 

\ . NKllItASK.l. 

Little Hock. —At. the Capital Theatre 
(Chaa. r. Taylor, mauagen "Simple Slmc-a 
Hlmple" cnuie Oct. 27, to fair business 
Hoyt Comedy- Co; enme week- or '29,- to aood 
husinesH, "The Political Boss" Ki>v. Ti. J Sar- 
ntttt Kitty" IL Murray and Mack 8, Mil- 
dred Holland 10, "Uirl of the Stteeta" 12, 
Al. G. Held 14. 

Majentic fFred B. Crow, mnnaicer).— 
Week of Oct. 20:-Pero and Wilson. Joanne 
irpoks. Leatcr-end QiUtm, ■ Cnnnlag. the 
Jail breaker: Harry, Antrim nud. Yetta 
Voters. Blnim. Bn-iatb, Br-r-r, nnd Davit. 'and 
Dnvhi. III! week bf Not: 4: Franqeltlaii. 
-'Morivrn Herciilee ;", Hat' Davis, of Davla 

Hnotluirii — At the Kerr Opera Hoiikc 
(Tom Kerr, maungel-) Walker Whltcaldc, Oc'. 
30, plnyed Io a. packed house nnd gave excel- 
lent Batlflfflclion. -Howe's Ufvorama Nov. 2, 
•'HIp nighnoMLMnc-Bey.". 'Q: W. B. Patten 
In "The Slow Poke," 8: Ila'vel-ly'e Minitreh 
14. "Kor.Tlar Sake"' 19, "Tlie Xicvll'a Aac- 
•tion".27 l -"Af Cripple Creek" 22. ' 
wmmmtMMt^0tMftM Wam^M wmWmMWmMWtMtwa tft 

HlQPina Pictures, 


the. title of a hew Edison dim. abowlag the 
liuinorou« tind Bentiin'entnl side of u iirlilul 
tour. ■ .. 

■ T«K. Vitaubai'it have basiled .'The Auto- 
mobile. Thief." .which shows u hold-up and 
tbe nutotriohlle chime, a« well an the burutnj.' 
of the machine. It U. (horoughlv tiensatlonut. 

"Tub Bank Dckaultbbv id the latest l.u- 
Lin seller. . . - * . . ■ , ' 

The Blogranh people '• have just secured 
fioino moving pteturea which were thought to 
be impORidble— Lc„ thomurvelous englueerlnn 
leac of -lunuellng heneatli tbe inland of Mao- 
luiltuh nnd tho North and East inters by 
the Pennaylvanla lMllroud. Up to this time 
tbe work ha*i.beoa conducted with tlie utmost 
uea-ecy, aod armed watchmen have been at 
every gale to keep out lntrudero. The bio- 
graph tunnel pictures are a part of a big 
Mw production, to -he . enlled "The Tunnel 
WorterB," In which u ktorY ot y Intense dm- 
mutie Intercut Is'Iriterwoviin with the tun- 
neling operations above nud..beueHtii ground 

QatpHQfft «- 'Co., the blogrnph English reo- 
reucnlatlvea. report Hull "The For Hunt" Is 
!n treinendoiit* v-ngue In the London luilla* 


November 10. 




* * 



Jerom e & S c h w art 
The One domic Bong Worth 8 i ngi ng 

If you alng comic songs and are not singing 

FARM," you are making a great mistake 

It Will 




■1} W. **!h KTHBIBT 



J Die KfM'U. 

JtfUB KHR9t, one of the earliest of German. 
dUWcC cfHncdIanB. aod for twenty years 
iiesaiirer of Huflfalo Bill's Wild West Show, 
tiled Oct. :|1. In his room in the Ashland 
House, New Yortc City, while bis life's fune- 
ral w'us Inking place at St. .lames' Baptist 
Church. Mrs. Keen died Oct. lift, from dropay 
of thp heart, and at the very hour her fune- 
ral wan being held, 10.30, Mr Keeu passed 
away. Juts Keen was born in New York 
City. In. 1840. where he way educated In the 
High Schools for an. accountant, being a 
prize scholar In matbcmutlca. lie war an. 
actor as fnr hack as the days of Barnard's 
Museum, before Woods' time, und played 
comedy In the original "Devir* Auction," 

Produced by the famous De Pols European 
'antomlibe Troupe, the ballet being led by 
the peerless Monacbl. Mr. Keen'*, drat wife 
was SaUle Adams, ami with her he starred 
In ftaker * Farren's "Chris and Lena." He 
was a general performer of marked versa- 
tility and ability, being at homo as mi end 
man, dinger, dancer, banjolst, "cackle" and 
('•e Linau comedian, or ex teraporn neons talker. 
In his early days bo played clown with a 
circus, and did a turn In the concerr. Later 
lie was a contemporaneous star with Geo, s. 
Knhjht, (Jus Williams, "Dutch" Morris and 
.1. h. Bromett, In their palmy days. He ue- 
caine associated with Col. Codys dramatic 
company about thirty years ago, nnd became 
famous as "Buffalo Dill's Dutchman." Their 
friendship was of tbe lasting kind, and be 
remained with <'oi. Cody ujt to his death. 
He was treasurer of the wild Weft from 
i lie time or Its Iiiccptlot), In 1883, being par- 
ticularly lltted for this difficult position, 
which he ho capably filled at home und In 
foreign lands. Ills engaging and affab'e 
ptrsoqullty made him very popular In a social 
way. He was a thirty-second degree Mason, 
Mecca Hlu'lner, was n member of B. 1», O. 
Niks. No. - f Philadelphia, and was grand 
treasurer of the B. I\ O. Tigers. Mr. and 
Mrs. Keeu nro survived by their son, 
Jab Keen. Jr., aged seventeen years. The 
funeral wus held at Masonic Temple. 
M*w York- City, Nov. 4, the services 
being very- beautiful und Impressive. Thu 
floral offerings were profuse, nnd there was 
a . larar. attendance of profesaloaals, both 
troia home and ubrond, among whom were: 
Jije Mayer.. Johnny [faker, \V. \V. <'ole, Major 
John If, Ilurke, ('bus. I-:. (irllTlii. Gilbert Rob- 
inson and wife, Frank A. Hinnll, Tom Clare, 
Jolt Callan, Win. Hweeney, "Pop" Semon. 
w nl. The pallbearer* wei*e Geo. W. Miller 
aiidMamw McUee, thirty-third degree Ma- 
*on* : \V. U. Myers, past irrand exulted ruler 
<ir ibe ivlkw; Geo. I,, l'blillps, secretary No. 
SI Lodge of Blks, Philadelphia; Johnny Baker 
nod .lOHepb Mayer, representing- the Mecca 
Hhrlno mill prufeoalooal associates. 

''tiAiirAK Swain, u well known comedian, 
died Nov. 4, in a Denver, Col., hospital, 
from appendicitis. * The* deceased had up- 
poarcd In uiuoy of the leading road attrac- 
tions, and was considered one of tbe best 

■ omedians In his line. At tbe time be was 
■tiken lit in' was n member of tho "t'oralujr 
Thro' the Hye" Co. He was a member of 
ihe Lambs' and tbe Players' Clubs. 

ruAut.r.K t;. i.HVKi.i,, well known through 
I he Now IDnglaud States us a singer, died 
Nov. 1, aged fifty years. 

Tuohab OnnitLK, a well known actor, 
died Nov. 0, at bis home lu Lou Angeles. 
'"hL. from tuberculosis. IIo was tnlrty- 
t>even years of age. 

Charles Wrav. general manager < of the 
Nulllvah & Comidlno circuit on the Pacific 
const, died Nov. 5, In Seattle. Wash. 

William ttEvxoiiDS, musical director of 
the Kiilb and Dill Co., died aftornoon of Oct. 
■It), at tbe tune Hospital, Sun Francisco, 
COd,; after a h1h.ii Illness. He was forced 
lo give. up his work nt the Central riieatrc 
"wing to a severe cold, which developed into 

■ vjiliold pn.M.pouIa. Mr. Reynolds mil born 
■'■» hOBland forty-eight, years ugo, nnd flrat 
ruined prominence lm a "boy planlsl" of 
London. . 1Mb first Introduction to tin Amer- 
ican u'tdtencf was In the capacity of musl- 
[fll director for 'The Mikado," with the Gil- 
bert and Hulllviui Coinlc Opera Oft BJnn* 
than, he bus .n) led eugageracatu with iunny ot 
the. fyrtimcst Opera companies, but for the 
Jwht few yviirs beiias been Identllied with 
I he Kelt, and Dill productions He also was 
■ 'uraposcr of note, not only of popular 
Hoiip-s, i.ut biph clnss opera music us well, 
'tis latest opera was "Violctte." Mr. Key- 
nottw was working on the music of Judncn 
«.. nrunra new wck "lu Cuba," at the 

"mi. of hit 

GiiAoio Ham.iuat, recently a member of 
MaUon nrotliors and IlrooVs, musical per- 
formers, died at her home lu Jacksonville. 111.. 
on Oqt. HO, Her last appearance on the stage 
was at tbe Majestic Theatre, Chicago. l>ar- 
Ipff her career she -hod been u member of 
WIIMhbis & Walker*! Co. and the Kenborg 
Ntock-Co.. The funeral was held on Tuura- 
dav, Nov, l. ■ '; . 

Maohib EVKXt), character performer, died 
» U«nd Itnplils. Midi., Oct. 20, from upo- 
Pltxy. she had retired from the stage sev- 
eral years hho: ■ • 

Saw Miuk, advance' man for the Wal- 
'ftrp (Jtcus, was klllefl at Peyton, uear At- 
lanta, On., early on the morning of Oct. 30. 
■»y a train on the Southern Hallway. 

liIB ruN'Biuj, of M'fANiii:]. Kbkeu, known 
«ii lh» stage an Mannl" Ucrnnrd, who wa*< 
Allied la the train disaster near Atlantic 
' Ity. N; ,L, on Oct.' Its, and who was a 
''"phew of Sam am! Dick Bernard, took place 
Wednesday afternoon, Oct. Ht. from the Lome 
<>f hie father. 1 i'^27 Madison Avenue,, New 
York 'City, Many theatrical people attended 
tqi! services and a' laigo number of floral 
■offer ldga completely covered tho cofhn. 

Map. MAirvm Makion Glaks Pund. widow 
0* Major .Utnes B, Pond, lecturer and mana- 

f:er of lecturer*, died ou 'JTinruilay. Nov. 1, 
u a sanltiiruim m West Slxty.flrst Street. 
Nfijv York City, after one dor a lllncw and 
lollowlng nil opet-ation. Major Poud died 
■Jhrec years ago, since which time' Mrs. Pond 
ii'id be>id ciiuducMng the business he estab- 
lished' » room in the cZvorett lloust, this 
i'lty.' She Is survived by a sou. Jnmes K. 
Pond. - i 

John F. Dockmli., wlio was house mana- 
ger of the Opera House. St. John, Canada. 
Mince It was opened. In 18»'i, was taken sud- 
denly III. on Oct. M, and dle<I ^H. Mr. Dock- 
nil warn born In St. John slrty-four years 
ago. Funeral services were held 30. 

Da. ItonaiT T. I>avib, pin of the owners 
rt t the Acudetnv of Mnsli-, I'nll River, Muss., 
died Oct: 2fl. 

Mmo Kaknt MMWKfKL ri well known 
actreae, died last weeic In .Naples, Italy, nun! 
eighty years. She retired Yrom the stare 
thirty-five years ago. 


Notes fbomtre Golpkn Nertinb COtfCMX 
AXu CoMKhv Co.— We are meeting .with tho 
most phenomenal ma:cess In rhe history of 
this company through the State of Wisconsin, 
parking them to the doors, nod managers ar*? 
iisklnif lor return dates. Through the In- 
deffttlgable exertions of our manager, Dr. 
W. J. Clark, this company Is making a repu- 
tiitlon second to none, and is conceded l>v 
munnKers und patrons to be about (he best 
medicine show on the road. Che roster has 
ncjatned the same for two consecutive sea- 
sons. Mrs. Ida Clarke, in her Japanese 
itbgic and black art, continues to mystify 
and amuse. Tbe Wallaces are a strong draw- 
lug card, nnd receive round< of applause 
nightly. Pearl Wallace, la character HlnglOK 
nnd Illustrated songs, k a strong feature, 
and Arthur Wallace is a great favorite, mid 
dots some strong specialties Prof. F. J. 
1'lcod la' the capable musical director, and 
pluys.the Iat€Ht popular and standard music. 
"Tbe man In while" appears oa schedule 
time weekly, and The Old Hei.iabix reaches 
us on Saturday. All are well and happy, 
nnd look - forward to a contlnuntlou of oar 
unprecedented popularity and prosperity. 

Mf,LE. Carmko lias added three leopards 
to her collection of animals. They arrived 
at the training quarters, la Philadelphia, 
Oct. 20, and were put Into training nt once, 
This will make seven acts and forty-twu 
animals, wl'd und domestic, that Mile. Car- 
rlno la sole owner of. Four men ore busy 
nt training quarters training animals. All 
the actR arc working with carnival com- 
panies or In vaudeville. Mile. Carrlno her- 
self Is pertorrolng In a den of bears, and 
Is meeting with utirceBs, as her bears are 
conceded by all competent Judges to be very 
hannsome and quick workers. J, B. Uuber 
la manager. 

Barhy GiLDGRTi Irish comedian and 
darner, writes : "I played matinee and night. 
Oct iy, at tho Itiverton (N. J;) Lyceum, to 
n packed house. Followlug this engagement. 
wn a iv playing Ilurllngton, Trenton and 
Mount Holly. Our company, which Is tne 
New York 1'nshlonablc Vaudeville Co., lo- 
cludeH i The Wcnlock Sisters, In song and 
dunclng; the Three tlltberta, musical act; 
Kiiir and Vr'illlo Harry, Flnley and Harrer, ec- 
centric singers end talking comedians; IXj- 
land it. piiaw, Jennie Clair, Joe Porlln, 
wooden shoe dancer; William Cuullffo. feiaalo 
Impersonator; diaries Powell, mqnologulot; 
Barry Gilbert, vocalist and dancer ;~ Ken 
Rose. Hebrew comedian ; (Tina. C. Cole, har- 
monica player ; Karl W. Koch and Clara M. 
Wodward." • • 

Notes tiiom Lester's Comedians. — We 
closed a very successful Reason under can- 
vas, Seven weeks ago, and have been doing 
fine business In the halla. Wo have the fol- 
lowing people: Tbe Hermans (Harry and 
Alii"). Harry McAvoy, Uxcetld. contortion- 
ist ; Ilarlrett C. Nhclley, Lester and Mack. 
tin- llogana, and the Lesteroscoue- Dr. Lester 
In doing the lecturing and office work. The 
Hermans will close on account of the lllaess 
of 'Mr. lleriimii, who Is going; to rest at-frav- 
ton, O, Iixcello leaves to fill contracts made 
before Joining ns. 

A, i,, manager of the Fierce Amuse- 
ment Co., Is In. New York, making arrunne- 
rucnta for next: season. The show la lu win- 
ter tjiurtei-H ut Uoldsboro, N. c. 

Caimcso'n PEUi'oitMiya (Joats, presented 
by Prof. Harry dcheetn, have signed with 
tbe Cotton Camlval Co. 

UaudePilk and ttlinscrcl. 


Kiniir.ii, well known In vaudeville In the 
South, wero' married In Dallas, Tex., on Oct. 
10, by Iter. Cdward K. BSrcua. Belle Gor- 
don wua bridesmaid, and Harry De Coe tvsi 
beBt man. 

THU Tnimi (JaihjjnliiChiu.ubn are booked 
with the Western Vaudeville , Association, 
ami have been held over In a number at 
houses, owing to Lbelr big success. 

Gift Sta.nlbv writes : '%fter twenty-thrca 
consecutive weuks of work through lower 
Michigan, the upper Peninsula and Wiscon- 
sin) on Oct. '22 I was called to my home In 
Buffalo, K.'Y., by a telegram, stating that 
my mother was very 111, and to come hone 
nt once'. Upon mv arrival home I found that 
my mother bad passed away on tbe evening 
of the day tho telegram come. Tlio phy- 
sician In attendance gave henrt failure as 
the cause ot death. Although lier death was 
a heavy blow to ub, still, wc are thankful 
that, she was taken from us so peacefully, 
and without tbe least particle of pain. I 
thank my friends la the profession for their 
kind letters nnd words of sympathy. Although 
I had fourteen more consecutive weeks of 
work, 1 have canceled It all, and In all prob- 
ability will remain at home thin Winter." 

it oi' ku ami I'iniNCii Inform us that they 
were headliners at tbe Lyric Theatre, Lin- 
coln, Nell., week of Oct. 15. They were at 
the Olympic Theatre, Chicago, tbe week of 
Oct. L'L', and the Majestic Theatre week of 
Oct. 2fi. . ■ ; 

CAhDwaxi; and Wj3Ni worth -opened on lhe 
Connors & Stradllng circuit (Family Thea- 
tre! Oct. 22, nt Hornoll, N, Tf.,-wlth Corning 
and Jamealown to follow. Their novelty 
wooden shoe dancing Is a big success, they 
report. . . V'* 

Tbe 'Cmmmo Bbu.vxttes write : " wo made 
our professional debut as comedy 'cyclists at 
the Dowdoln Squftro Theatre, Boston. Mais., 
uii Sunday evening, Oct. v. and were Imine- 
dlntoly booked to open at White's Opera 
House, Concord, N. H., week of Nov. 12, with 
other bookings to follow. -We are also 
bonked for twelve weeks on lhe Flynct cir- 
cuit for next Hummer. Our original 'skldW 
wheel Is a .'scream,' and promises to he quite 
a novelty lu our act." 

ISddie Lamoxt, musical expert, jumped 
from the Pacific coast, Oct. H. to Chicago, 
and commenced work for the Western Vaude- 
ville Managers Aisociatlon. He was at Bock 
Island, III., week of. Oct. m-Sov. 3, 
■ Tayliii anii Crawkoro write: "Our little 
:'ox terrier, Gyp. died In Llmbertoo, S. C, 
from aeiito pheuuionlii, tteuiorrages- bringing 
(.u death oufcklv, The dog was well known 
In the r-ru(essioti. mid was greatly petted by 
all. lie whn burletl In a church ynril'la'tbe 
above 'towiL'* *. '. ', ' -r y, ^ 

Cmvkw, tho high wire performer, stlir 
contluuea his very succewftil tour of Eng- 
Innd. Ills work In theatres la considered 
raarveloui, but, when opportunity offers, Cal- 
cedo gives open air pBrformaneeB at the high- 
ret possible elevation, and It Is at these per- 
formances that his wonderful somersault 
work, etc., causes : unbounded enthusiasm. His 
Kitropean engagementa run- to Feb, o, 1007, 
when he will likely return to America to'AII 
Important engagement 1 !. 

IIow\iiu ThuivStov writes: "We have Just 
pjena Snlgon, a nmall city in Cochin. China, 
between Hongkong und Slagapore. It Is 
called the Paris of the East. It surely Js n 
nilnliture Purls, with its boulevard*. cnte», 
music anil beautiful women. Hverytblng Is 
French, not oven an Aoierlcnn consul. There 
are only three thousand French Inhabitants 
lit Hil«on, the rest of the population bring 
Chinese and natives,- cnlled Aaamttes, -Tile 
Opera ' House Ih tho handitomeat ihealre In 
1 in- Kti*i, costing four million franca. It 
Is owned and controlled' by the government, 
an opera company being ssnl out from Vnrin 
yearly at a cost of three hundred nnd sixty 
thousand frnncn for a six months' engage- 
ment. Very few foreign cpmpanlfS visit 
Kalgon. As a special inducement, we were 
given the theatre and nil advertisements In 
the two dally papers free of charge. Our 
business lor five ntgbta was exceptional. 
The performance bwus at .ten o'clock, as 
dinner Is nor. served until elght-.tnlrly. Hpeak- 
niir of performances nt ■ unusual noarn- wc 
never atart befom.nlno o'clock in the i;nst. 
L:ihi weel:, In Hatavlu, Java, we gavb a chil- 
dren's matinee at seven In the morning, to n 
crowded house. All btislnesii Is transacted 
liotwecn seven and eleven In the morning, 
'Hill four nnd six In the afternoon. Sleep 
Is the -proper thing from one till four, with 
a nativ.j boy worslag tbe 'punkah',' or fan. 
>Ve have Just Inarm Java,, and play Kan- 
goon Burma next, thence to Calcutta^ Busi- 
ness Is great"- 

Tiih ko(.ia>winq people appeared at Uar- 
rlson's Garden, I.lmu, 0. ( - week of Oct. 29: 
Caffery and Grant, Beecker and Collins, 
lloso Sisters, Agnes Atherton. Ureat Dalley, 
Carrie Uell and Franklu Bouaer. A bur- 
lesque was given by the Atherton Htock Co, 

Kiour members of tho Dreamland Bur- 
ieftuue Co. have formed a club, and enter 
mined at a birthday party Hallowe'en ulgbt. 
Id honor ot Corney JaraisoriV twenty-nrst 
lilrrhdnj. Among those present, non-mem- 
li*r*. were Addle Fell, Lydla Fbx and Jennie 
JcniiloBn. Members are: Corney 'Jamison, 
Miiud iJorsey, Arllno BUbh, Marie Harrington, 
JIabel Worth. Miriam Wheeler. Lottie wager 
and Clara Brink. ' ' -, • ■ / . , '■ 

UV Dockstadbu and his minstrels will be 
seen at the New York Tbeairo for - three 
weeks, commencing Dec. -It}. Mr. Pocksto- 
del h new monologue, "The Udltor," Is an id 
to be a laugh evoxer. of the class A order. 
\« il - O'Grlep, Kddle' Lconurd, John King, 
Ifeeso V. Proaser, and itlltlie other black 
face celebrities, are with tha orgaolKHttonl 
j CiiAui.nk) B. Ward writes: 'i am Just tin- 
ixhlng on the Majestic olrcult, thfougb Texas, 
my last house being the new Lyric Theatre, 
Mobile, Ala., which Is a beautiful place. I 
Jump from here to Hprlnglleld, III., having 
u i. v time booked up until next May. playing 
all the Interstate line, also including Kohl 4 
Castle. and the Orpheum circuit. _________ 

World of Players. 

A VKiioJCT or - ?a»,00M damages for the 
killing of Baiuucl H, -Sliubert, who died ob 
May 12, IflOo, iiH the result of tbe Injuries 
lustbtned In tho wreck at Harrlsburg,- Ps. 
on the preceding day, was returned attalact 
the. Pennaylvanhi Ilallroad Company by a 
Jory In the United Biates Circuit Court before 
Judge Holt on Nov, 1. The suit was brought 
try David nhd'Catherluo Khubert, tbe pnrentt. 
and was for •'.•OO.OOb. EsM Shubert wan the 
principal witness. He told the story of bis 
brother'* rise In the itbeqtrlrul profnsvlon 
from the time bo began' life as a call boy 
In Syracuse. CdunBCi-'«Akod tbe wltntsa to 
reckon the naomey making abilities of hh* 
dead -brother. Lea Hhubert icstlucd In »- 

&ly that ut tho time- of hi* death Ham »bu- 
ert was drawing n stipulated salary 'of 
t:ir.,i'K!,i a year, hut. that bit total laconie 
amounted lo not less ' then 190,000 a year. 
Mora Shubert testified to Sam's generpally, 
and etie said that he contributed between 
fy 12.001! and Jlo.OOO yearly toward the' sup. 
port of bis parents. David Belosco was Tb*» 
only otber witness called. Ho said that the 
buslnesH ability of Hani Hhubm wnn re- 
markable, and that lits youth, his Ideas of 
art, hie ability anil his knowledge of dm* 
rjiatlct! made Mm uu" Ideal theatrical manu- 

Kir. The railroad' comjiauy, repi-esented by 
oblnHou, Riddle aud Ward, made practically 
no defense. Tho details of the wreck bad 
been agreed upon by stipulation, and! th>* 
dofenne contented Its-rif witb putting In evi- 
dence Hhubert's will,' which left everything 
to bis brother Lee, - nnd brovlded that the 
Utter sthould vnpport Uls -father, mother and 
Mister "as their proper position nnd station 
In life "demanded.' Ta charging the Jury 
Judge ' Holt simply reviewed the evidence 
that 'had been put in. When the verdict 
was announced i&wyer Wollmau moved fo 
iiavo It set afllde'iis Insufflcleilt. and the rall- 
rhad- lawyers thought It eicesslre. .The tda- 
tlone were denied. ' 

:*' *"t'irii ituHu ov'tui; tiisimo" wai given a 
copyright prodilctlon 'In bondon, Uug., .Nor, 
~J. It's seaKu here will, open t.'i. at tbe Ma- 
iestle. Theatre, the "cast hirludlpg: .CbarJes 
Tllrtioinn: Hamilton . BevVlle, Frank L,owe. 
John Vf.. Cpix,_l If, itenr/mo. William' Kl- 
llott. Prances uayler Clarke, Maria' Davis, 
France-* Hlart and Jane Cowl- 

J, C. MArrtiKws, mamger of Hoht. V_b 
Simmons, writem.'Tbe report concerning the 
slight Injury received 'by Bob FUxslmmobs, 
nt Terre Haute, Qol 'JW.-was grossly exagger- 
.ited. Mr. FltzslraiDons has not lost a pvr- 
forrnsoe*', and does not pfopos* lo." 1 . ' 

Knwis Patiei(mon wrlt«>: ''J closed lhe 
Herbert Lahadle "Fausf CO., Oct. M. at 
^UuheovlIK O., with receipts : lo full from 
nll.cdDcerned, and will devote my attention 
to uoriIc opera IntheWost. •■•■■■■ ■? 

Aii.Ji.-FfTA in;<,i„'wbo) bin .until recenlli 
lieeD. lu vartdevllle, writes thjit.ybe w till* 
iH'flMiii playing with great Monw the. pin 
<>f Daisy, thte title rolu In KrAl-Ilaynioiifl'rf 

"The MlPHr.url Uiri." ' "Miss lh-ll I* 
iifieen yearn old. 4bd-ls tbe ]-oiidgest- HcthJfM 
.who. has ever played the patt. and' Is plest*- 
Iiig the xaaitaieft* and public alike. . Tier 
MnicluK Kpeclaltylfmaklni; a hit, stld 1m r<- 
celvlng floe-jirevi notitfea.' ■■ ,•* *■ - ' 

WAmrKj>- Veraatlo Vaudevillo Performem. 
Must obsnge for olio week, rp-to-date, sober 
and reliable people, troth male nnd fuinalo, for 
one week stands. 
BrUMPONS Q1LT BOOT HIlow. Iius se y. Iowa, 

jrj0<'i<KIlK< OV1DB, 4S TRICKS, NO 

skill; balanelng. xplnnlng, etc.. i'-c 

B F. OpWR AW, flgfl N. <th St . I'hlU. 

WANTED- Petformers for tned, show, ladles 
and gents, ftalery mast be low; it's auro. Join 
ai once. No Uckou. Doc Thomas. VI ntoo dole , Pa, 

WAntbb ■ iv, formers for ModiolneCo. Hu«t 
bo well up in Acta and able to change for week. 
Prefer those wlto can fake organ. Tel all In first. 
Salary low, as you get It. Answer at oaco. 

R GORDON', OUrcnionl ■ Ontario, Oanadj, 

WANTED— Clover ft. uud I>. Corned inn that 
can du good airalgbt part audsomo obaraotors 
(or rarer coined* and -vaudeville- show, making 
Snlghtitand*, will send ticket. Other good 'Peo- 
ple, write. Geo. Lavette, ftmtth Ceutro, Kan., 
Nor. i a. la, 14 1 Athol, Kan., Nov 1MS.1T, 

playa Hf- brass InsUarnent and does apfcUlilos. 
■fiioios exobaitged.' 1 Address ARTHUR W. 
ffiLt-H. Piano and Corniltlst, caro of Pope'a Rip 
Tan \f Inkle Co., Sioux City, Iowa. 

BtAOIOIARS. Fakirs and tltrect Men, a long 
felt want at lait realhsod. A iiook that wlil catch 
'em all. Contains aauretaof muglu, ventriloquism, 
bypnotlnm, fortune telling, mind reading, hand 
cair secrets,^ songs, etc. : Oniv is.hi per thou- 
sand. Samples, 10c. None Tree. ft. V, Flodran, 
02 K. Obialon St.. Ohlcago, III. j - 

Black Voce Singing anil-Datming OomedUu, np 
In acta. Change for weok. I pay all after Join- 
ing, alooey sure. No sketch teams. Dr. I'. II. 
Miller, Modern Remedy Co., Topton, Berks Co., Pa. 

ful Rep. Men, Those doing spsolaltles pre- 
ferred. Must have wstd'Oi* nnd ability. Join 
on wire. Bend full partlonlara. ItonM mlirep- 
reienu Management pars all. 


PUB BtMB — (iroat Novelty Animal Act, 
(Ponim, i togs, Steer, donkeys, uto.i, all accortiorlOH 
oomi>l«i«; to be sold together or separate. A lure 
aoldMInc toraSliowman. Caabotfen. 

"OliiCUB SAMS," oare of ULIPPKR. 


- JIM n Allan 
Piayii anything oast for 
exeopt Juveniles. Prefer 
Characters or Comedy. 
AlDlreotor, Have scrips 

notii tiavo Ai Wardroue on aod oil. Qttlok 
stbdlci. Uobor and tellable. Stock, Hep. or one 
nlgtitera: Addreis Jim Btugh, ia.'4 K. llth St., 
Davenport, it. 

HAZEL MflORiralB. 

Versatile, Kuiptlonal 

Leadlug Lady. Cau play 

miiing except onsr- 



' LADY will sell lisudsomo street au<l Hvmum 
Dreaoea. t;> to llo; Onora Coat, 1'eralan Lamb 
jaokat, taft. OEBBAP, aw W. Hlw si., oho filgr ' 

AT liiihhtv. Thomas Family will rent my 
oar to i-o. I work for salary and rent rt-aaouutile. 
Mrs. fugle Thomas, nTsmallo box. Bntrolt, Miob. 

HiEJic SHOW MauNi-n Eyed caiauouka and 
hxio pslntlng, luJli Indian Women and Child, *fti; 
Working World, !To. Anything you want lu mum- 
mined gooda. WW. nRLHON, 

%__n Norden St.. No, tiamorioge, Moas., 

WANTED, Experienced Piano Playor. Prefer 
oue who rcadrt and takes. If you oan doapoolal- 
ties aud work In one faroe em-ii night, you get paid 
for It. Also single performers all braaotier. Htato 
all la letter. Week stands, only. Big i Comedians, 
ElkOreek, Neb. 

tjrs! lotier exactly wbat you do and what you are 
worth, not what you want. Saury, auro with me, 
and tins heeli for twenty years. 

W. p. oa m_%_ MBDItHHK CO.. Converse. Ind. 

AT lilBKKTV, AOtCNT. Strluti; Ai.soher, 
rcliille. Can Join fit omic. Add. 

THEATRICAL, ____ HqOaro, P«. 


1'tiBtiaND, Oup., Notes.— On Tuesday, Oct. 
I'ii. -Mr: and Mra. 'l*hi>mas Booney cslebruted 
tbolr llfteenth wedding, annlversiiry at the 
residence of- Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Miller.